Sakura Trick – 11

「会長はスミスミなのじゃ!/桜色の真実」 (Kaichou wa Sumisumi na no ja! / Sakurairo no Shinjitsu)
“The President is Sumisumi! / Cherry Blossom-Colored Truth”

Sumisumi loves oppai! The new pint-sized seitokaichou led to Haruka & Yuu’s secret getting out, but the drama quickly moved from external to internal, and was all the better for it.

Sakura Trick – 10

「雪の日と思い出と衝撃/体育倉庫でお約束/笑って♡理奈ちゃん」 (Yuki no hi to Omoide to Shougeki/ Taiiku Souko de o Yakusoku/ Emi tte ♡ Rina-chan)
“A Snowy Day, Memories, and a Shock / A Promise in the Gymnastics Storage / Smile ♡ Rina-chan!”

A kiss in the snow, a kiss on the ladder. In any other show those would be the highlights of the episode, but it’s what Kaede said that gave me a real shock.

Sakura Trick – 07

「水着でサービス☆ポロリもあるよ♡/優ちゃんとお買い物♡/ポロリのつづき」 (Mizugi de Saabisu ☆ Porori mo aru yo ♡/ Yuu-chan to o Kaimono ♡/ Porori no Tsudzuki)
“Swimsuit Fanservice ☆ Some Crying ♡ / Shopping with Yuu-chan ♡ / Some More Crying”

Swimsuits, woohoo! Wait–and drama? We do that in this series?