「お姉ちゃんとお茶しよう!/魔女とリンゴとお姉ちゃんと」 (Onee-chan to Ocha Shiyou! / Majo to Ringo to Onee-chanto)
“Let’s Have Tea with Onee-chan! / The Witch and The Apple and Onee-chan”

Mitsuki is great for making Yuu jealous, but I’m still shipping the OT3 of Yuu x Haruka x Onee-chan HNNNG!!

Jealous Yuu-chan

Like I said last time, Yuu has gone from uncertain sexuality to absolutely gay. Now we’ve seen a total switch from the first episode, with Yuu being the jealous one! Is this uneven characterization? I’m not sure. Really both Haruka and Yuu act the same way in this…when they feel they’re being ignored by the other, they get jealous…we just didn’t see this from Yuu as quickly as we did from Haruka. No matter–what’s important is that it was adorable. Luring Haruka away with sweets, headbutting her when she got too close to kissing Onee-chan (when it was just a reading play!)…d’aaaww, jealous Yuu-chan is so kawaii!

Onee-chan’s Big Bangs

There were a few gags centered around Mitsuki-kaichou’s oppai, and I’m going to talk about them because a girl’s rocket launchers contain the hopes and dreams of mankind! Exhibit A: Haruka and Onee-chan being too busty (no such things!) to make their way through the crowd at the coffee shop full of high school girls in their uniforms (also a place full of the hopes and dreams of mankind). poor Yuzu-chan! No worries though, some guys like smaller breasts. They’re a status symbol, a rarity!

Other items of note: Mitsuki-kaichou’s fast walking and her being glomped on both sides by Yuu and Haruka!!! I…I need to go lie down.

Rival Witches

What can be said other than these two witches are silly. Personally I’d go with Shizuku because it doesn’t even seem like Yuu is trying to be scary, but then again maybe they’re going for moe Snow White? (That will end up happening anyway because, well, look at them). I did laugh at how popular the witch and the huntsman were. Aren’t girls supposed to want to be Snow White? I for one heartily endorse this change. Play the active, fun roles! Leave the lying-around-and-waiting-passively nonsense to whoever draws the short straw.

Jealous–erh, Disapproving Onee-chan

Misunderstandings in fiction are a double-edged sword. When it’s a Can Not Spit It Out (trope!) situation, ala Nisekoi, it’s not good – that’s a sign of a storyteller stretching out a weak story, and I’d prefer they don’t waste our time. Here though, the misunderstanding is in the service of non-plot critical comedy, and that’s exactly the right way to do it!

To whit, Haruka’s understanding about Onee-chan disapproving of her being with Yuu-chan. This misunderstanding, coupled with Mitsuki-kaichou’s tsundere feelings for Haruka, fueled a lot of the comedy this episode, and I couldn’t be happier! Plus it gave us growling Onee-chan, and oh my, yes. She can growl at me anyday, ifyouknowwhatImean.

Kissing Under The Cape

Hnnnnngggg!! Instead of the lead up we usually get, at the end of the B-part it seemed like the first kiss was more a mistake than anything else. Or not a mistake so much as they were surprised about it themselves…and instinctual action, one that happened before they really realized it. Part of me wonders if this is a sign that their secret will get totally blown sooner rather than later – and I hope it does, because you’re not fooling anyone girls! – but for now I’m going to concentrate on how they were doing that while others were still in the classroom! So bold, these two. You’re definitely going to get found out if you keep that up!

Need More Shizuku x Kotone-chan

One minor gripe: we need more Kotone-chan x Shizuku. No kiss from them since episode 02? What is this crap! *flips table* I want to see more of their refined yuri antics please. I feel we all could use more of that in our lives.

Looking Ahead – Cultural Festival!

Only one real thing to say: there will be a sleepover. My mind cannot wrap itself around how awesome this could be. I…I need to go lie down again.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – So close, sooo close to that kiss with Onee-chan! At least we still have jealous Yuu, & Onee-chan’s Big Bangs #桜Trick 05

Random thoughts:

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    1. This show just keeps getting better and better, and Mitsuki gets more loveable. I really want to see Haruka kiss Mitsuki but I guess the anime is saving that for next week. Oh and Kaede is starting to get really interesting.

      John Hayabusa
      1. I hope it’s next week / ever. I don’t know how Yuu will feel about Haruka cheating on her with her onee-chan, but there’s gotta be some way to make it happen. I want my OT3 to happen >:D

  1. Jesus this show is going to kill me. I don’t know hard I laughed, and then proceeded to get progressively more sh*tfaced, as Yuu became full on lesbian. Haruka is the new form of virus, one that transforms cute, innocent, and dumb girls into raging yuriholics. And kissing, in the classroom, IN THE FULL VIEW of the other students. The yuri temerity here is ruthless, and I’m loving every minute of it.

    Definitely agree too Stilts, I’m disappointed at the lack of yuri sophistication from Kotone and Shizuku. I paid good money to drink at every kiss scene; I feel like I’m being cheated with only one yuri couple doing the thang and all this tasty beverage just sitting here waiting to be drunk. On the bright side though the lack of it means that when they finally get down and dirty it’s going to be passionate and intense. Sophisticated yuri is coming gentleman, brace your jimmies.

  2. Yuu-chan kiss-blocking her sister was hilarious, as were rival witches and tsundere-oneechan…
    But the gem of the episode was using cape as cover for the kiss! Yuri in plain sight!

  3. Regarding Yuu, instead of uneven characterization, I see it more as development, really. Because between the two, Haruka’s been obviously gay since the very beginning. She dreamt of kissing Yuu at the end of her first scene, and was the one to suggest it to begin with. Yuu on the other hand, has been more reserved about it. Feelings can grow in intensity, however, and that’s why she gets bolder and bolder. The results can be seen in this episode. From open jealousy to boldly kissing her underneath a cape in the middle of the classroom. She’s getting more and more crazy about Haruka (and who freaking wouldn’t be) leading to our couple growing ever closer (and riskier). That’s my interpretation anyway.

    And I like the comical misunderstanding as well. Something like that being played for cliché drama over and over gets old real fast, but funny ones are comedy gold. And the situation around Onee-chan is both funny as well as hnnnngg-inducing. Though I wonder if we’ll ever see her realizing or admitting that she totally digs Haruka, because I kind of doubt the show will go too deeply into that. On the other hand, her role is getting bigger and bigger. Almost as big as her…no, wait, mustn’t get distracted.

    Can say I like the recurring story of the school closing down as well. It’s neither a throwaway excuse nor a source of typical drama, but it rather adds a measure of finality to most of the goings on at the school. A lot of the storylines so far revolve around it, and I kind of like how it gives the main chars motivation to do all kinds of things. Not a bad way to use the trope, I suppose.

    And yes, needs more Shizuke and Kotone. They’ve been getting the least amount of attention of all the characters so far, so they deserve their day in the limelight. Because more yuri makes everything better!

  4. I’m afraid that Kotone and Shizuku are considered the B-couple: we know they’re a couple, but they mostly be a couple offscreen while the camera focuses on the antics of the A-couple (Haruka and Yuu).

    Not that there’s anything wrong with seeing lots of Haruka x Yuu (they’re adorable!), but Kotone and Shizuku bring the promise of yuri of another flavor, and one can never object to such a thing. I’m just worried that we’re not going to get much of it.

    1. You’re just noticing? They’ve been there since the first episode. Yet you’ll note not only do all our girls choose to be with other girls, every lunch scene shows girls grouping up with other girls as well. It may be a co-ed school, but there is clearly yuri in the air. :p

      1. Well they are pretty much drawn so they are blending into the background and have no detailed features so i guess i just keep missing them lol. That being said this show actually reminds me a lot of Kiniro Mosaic in that regard (Yuu kind of looks like an older version of Alic) but instead focusing on extremely moe situations with slight yuri undertones this show is full blown moe yuri! ^_^

    2. to be honest… i was like “wow there are boys there too” in this episode too.. NOT MY FAULT.. i got .. distracted.. yeh distracted for all the .. things… going on!

      PS: Yuri overdose .. dangerous for your concentration it seems..

    1. IKR.

      It really feels like there’s noting else into the story except “the gay misadventures of Haruka and Yuu” and serve no real feels other than to excite the viewers with display of lesbian sexuality.

      1. Did you just seriously compare this show to Utena? May I remind you that this is a 4koma-manga comedy? You were expecting some kind of dark, surrealist plot from this?

        Really now, that’s like complaining Nichijou sucked because it wasn’t more like Mawaru Penguindrum. They were never trying to be.

    2. Going in it was clear from the start Sakura Trick was never going to be about storyline, it was going to be purely about the fan service. In this regard it has delivered in spades.

      The better method for judging such a niche show is how well does it retain viewer interest going forward, as trying to judge a softcore fan service-based yuri production on storyline of course going to lead to failure. If Sakura Trick doesn’t get “boring” the closer we get to the finale, it can largely be deemed a success as much as any ecchi production can be deemed a success.

      Like most of the fan service stuff this is one of those shows you’re either going to love to pieces or hate with a passion.

      1. I just wish this show has more substance. Highschool DxD was a fanservice show, but it had substance.

        This show lacks substance(story, conflict, etc.) It’s too sugary: I think since this is an SOL anime it should follow RL portrayal of lesbian relationships. But it doesn’t. It went into “We’re friends, but now we are lesbians. No one is against it and all’s right with the world.” Where’s the “girls can’t love girls” common conservatives shrill? It’s magically gone!

      2. It has substance, but unfortunately you won’t see it because you already dismiss it as ‘has no substance’…
        In other place there are discussions about how Yuu and Haruka see their relationship, the nature of their feeling, and other character relationship…
        I fail to see how this show ‘has no substance’ except that there is not enough soap drama, and to be honest it is a good variation after long list of ‘dramatic’ yuri anime we previously get (which always follow the same formula with some tweak)…

      3. “In other place there are discussions about how Yuu and Haruka see their relationship, the nature of their feeling, and other character relationship…”

        Where is that? There’s no discussion on how society will view them if they came out in the open, how they feel about it and their relationship in the show. It’s just flat out “two horny girls kissing while being in highschool.” Heck the onee-chan isn’t even vehemently against it, or if she is, the show fail to portray it accurately. In fact, it seems she’s gay herself.

        If the plot that you see is just that(“two horny girls kissing while being in highschool”), then, really, that’s just sad, otaku pandering.

      4. IMO you guys are over analyzing this, Sakura Trick was never meant to be an objective analysis of homosexual relations between girls nor is it a good representation of character relationships. There are other (albeit older) yuri productions that tackle these issues like Revolutionary Girl Utena.

        Sakura Trick was always going to be a simple SoL yuri comedy considering it originated as a 4 panel manga. It’s meant to be a cute and lighthearted show whose unique selling point is a showcasing of cute girls kissing.

        Just take it at face value and enjoy the ride. If anything enough popularity might give some studios the push they need to produce yuri series which seriously analyze the issues and concerns lesbianism raises.

      5. Of course Moondoggie, you can only think about two girl have kiss…
        Even though, for example, the development character of Yuu is pretty real (from girl who seems to enjoy Haruka’s attention for granted to character which insecure about that attention), all you can think is how those two girl have kiss…
        About how horny you are…
        Can’t you think their feeling?

        I only join two forums, which is pretty popular so I don’t blame you to miss it as the discussion sometimes burried by other one liner comment like “Oh, how it’s cute!” and flame wars between those who like yuri and those who aren’t…
        But the discussion is there and don’t blame the show for your inability to discuss it or join other people who discuss it…

        Then again, perhaps you just dislike other type of yuri…
        You wish all yuri to be dramatic, tear jerking, and possibly have bad end because ‘true art is angsty’…
        And if such is the case, than I have one sentence for you: Things Aren’t Judge By Your Taste Only…

      6. @MarkSooN

        What character development? What did Yuu ever gain from all that has happened? A realization that she’s gay? That’s it? LOL. Dumb otaku pandering.

        You should back up your claims, son. Which part there is character development? Maybe kissing under some cloth counts as character development? Because, you know, that’s what they only do if given the chance to be alone.

        Maybe the character development here will be “the different ways to express being lesbian in public.” Or maybe there’s none at all and you’re just white knighting for this show since you like yuri. Is one of them your waifu? Sorry son, but what’s the point of this show again?

        At least Pancakes was man enough to admit he enjoys this really pointless show. He nailed it with his post. Simple SOL yuri. In other words: a show with no plot.

        It’s a one-way street. A simple walk. Watching this is as entertaining as walking to the fridge to get a plate of cake. It’s dumb, shallow, otaku pandering that has no point whatsoever.

        0/10. Dropped.

      7. The point of the show is – like every SOL show – how the relationship between character will grow, whether in the way you like or not…
        It maybe not in dramatic way (like many 4Koma SOL), but it is there, yet as I’ve told you, you won’t see it…
        You’ve made up your mind so no matter how much anyone try to convince you, you wont see it…

        Of course some people will keep think it pointless…
        Much like there are people who think Madoka is nothing but garbage which people praise because GenUrobutcher, Penguindrum is weird show with nothing to keep its existance which people praised because incest, and Nichijou is never ever funny at all which people laught at because it is KyoAni…
        Everyone has different opinion but not because such people have that opinion it invalidate other people opinion who see it from different angle…

      8. @MarkSoon

        I see you’d rather use “you have decided so you won’t see” argument ad infinitum instead of pointing out where’s the plot and character development you were saying.

        “You know, there’s a site somewhere in the internet where you can download magic. But if you don’t believe in magic, you won’t find it.”

        That’s how silly your argument sounds.

      9. I can’t even see you from your high horse.
        I’m pretty sure he’s saying that you’re already biased as fuck to think in one direction, so why do you bother trying to get people to spoon-feed you reasons to like a show which you so thoroughly despise.
        Also, you’re seriously asking for plot like in DxD? Like others have said, you really don’t have a grasp of the genre of the show you’re watching.

        Giorno Giovanna
      10. @Giorno:
        I think I know what a show of the yuri genre is. You don’t need to tell me. It’s also SOL, but is failing to look like one.

        “Looking forward to not see your crusade continue next episode then.”

        Don’t compare me with the others, I keep my words.

      11. Honestly speaking, the only development here I care of is the boobies development. I want my cute kissing girls to live a happy life without any problems. There are already too much problems in real life and other animu.

      12. I probably shouldn’t do this, but let’s just roll with it and get at least two development…
        First, Yuu:
        In the beginning of the series Yuu pretty much taken Haruka attention for granted, shown by how she doesn’t look to care whether Haruka is near her or not…
        She also get close to two girl just to put Haruka in jealousy (as she herself stated later in the same skit)…
        This episode show that she weary about that attention, whether Haruka still has the same affection for her or not, and this episode she has two moments that enforce her fear:
        One, Haruka left her behind, something shocked Yuu so much she doesn’t hold back to show it even though previously we can see that Yuu only do something like this (show her emotion freely) when she is around Haruka
        Two, Haruka get close to other girl, something she never has to experience
        Thus her act in super duper rude by the end of episode…
        She develop from a girl who take Haruka’s attention for granted and seems do not care (well because Haruka will always for her) to girl who fear that attention might go away…

        As a bit of personal interpretation, I also suspect Yuu’s rejection for Haruka’s lap last episode comes from the fact Yuu isn’t sure whether their current relationship strengthen their feeling for one another or cheapen it…
        Previously their relationship is something mysterious, something that makes Haruka must go to hell and heaven to get Yuu, but now Haruka seems to content with lure Yuu using just an ice cream, like her presence worth only an ice cream…
        Though this one only my interpretation…

        Second, Haruka:
        Haruka’s development is opposite to Yuu, at first she is the girl who fear that Yuu will lost from her sight when she blink, not something strange because Yuu act carefree…
        However, the experience she and Yuu has for the last four episode, solidify Haruka’s feeling about Yuu’s feel for her…
        I mean, no matter how distance Yuu seems, no matter what act Yuu did to make Haruka jealous, by the end of the day Yuu is hers and she is Yuu’s, so Haruka decide to go boldly this episode, she left Yuu with Shizu (or let’s just say she left Yuu alone with other girl) something she previously fear so much…

        These are the skin of things that you can get from this series if you can step aside the perve nature in your pervy mind…
        These at least what I can get from two site: Animesuki and Myanimelist
        I don’t know whether I should mention other site in another site, somehow like advertising these site by saying I can get something more than here…

      13. @MarkSoon

        One, I applaud you for your effort, even if your grammar is terrible. Second, you’re an idiot.


        Yuu cherished what relationship they have, even at the start of this series. She acts all spoiled a number of times before this episode. So it’s no surprise that she’d cry when she was left by Haruka on this episode to go to a cafe with a few friends.

        More like Yuu’s meteoric and childish nature is what deceived you into thinking she didn’t value their relationship when she actually does. Making her jealous is also a sign that she wanted Haruka to care.


        Haruka has constantly shown affection for Yuu and that didn’t change since the start of the show. I don’t know where you got you far-fetched ideas, you probably made them up like a true chunnibyou. On this episode she tried to persuade Yuu’s elder sister to join their play, so “Yuu can do something with her oneechan on their last cultural festival together”. Even at the end of this weeks episode, she’s all about spoiling Yuu.

        So tell me, with their ultra constant personality, where the hell did you get those ideas that there were actually development? MAL? MAL is a cesspool of pretentious critics. Animesuki? That hugbox of Evangelion fans that would like everything to have the depth of Evangelion?

        If you think that you can get a more decent discussion over there then please leave.

      14. @TheMoonDoggie
        I am not here to impress you nor I am here to convince your…
        I am here to tell you that:
        1) The show has substance which it delivers not in the way you like
        2) To give example of it (which what my previous comment is about which I previously unfortunately miss to give)
        Whether you’ll accept it or you’ll keep blinding yourself, it is your choice so I have no obligation to leave because you asked (or order) me to as you feel disappoint with my comment…
        Is it you who will leave? As you said that you’ve dropped the show…

        Btw, your analogy about my comment, (“You know, there’s a site somewhere in the internet where you can download magic. But if you don’t believe in magic, you won’t find it.”) isn’t correct…
        It more akin to me try to explain to you that quantum mechanic could explain the fall of waterfall, but you deny it simply because the formula is different than Newtonian formula, and when I said the source of my knowledge is a youtube channel, you would dish it as a site of dumb irrational bigot videos where knowledge is impossible to be found…

  5. I just can’t keep up with this series, man the yuri action is strong in this one. And that final kiss under the cape, oh my god, it was just stunning, I just can’t… I don’t I need a break I don’t think my body will be able to keep up with those kissing action, not to mention in a classroom where their classmates are still there. Oh man, it’s just too good!

    My body and mind desires for more yuri action but I don’t think my body will be able to keep this up. XD

  6. Haruka and Yuu’s snogging sessions are getting less and less subtle by the episode. I almost wanted to see someone call out to them at the end of part B just to see what kind of excuse they’d come up with to cover what they were doing.

  7. Onee-chan is sooo funny and kawaiii~~ she never fails to crack me up with her misunderstandings XDDDD

    that aside, am i the only one whos wishing for Kaede X Yuzu’s yuri moment??? XDDD

    onion warrior
    1. Some Kaede x Yuzu would be great, but unless we get a surprise reveal in the last episode that they’ve been gay all the time and are just actually good at hiding it, they’re looking pretty straight. Though for the record, that “Surprise! YURI” reveal would be awesome, and I hope for it greatly.

  8. I’m gonna day for cuteness overload watching this!!

    But’s okay!! I REGRET NOTHING!!!

    And wow, Mitsuki is so cute!! Her reaction when both Yuu and Haruka glomped her was CUTE!!!
    I feel sorry for her… Yuu is NOT SHARING!! Nothing. Nope. Not happening.

    Maybe Rina can cheer her up?


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