「すっぱい大作戦?/もしかして肝試し!?」 (Suppai dai Sakusen? / Moshikashite Kan Tameshi!?)
“A Sour Plan? / Perhaps a Test of Courage!?”

I knew it! I knew that onee-chan was in love!

Yuu is Totally Gay

First things first – Yuu is totally gay. Not that there was ever a great deal of question there, but there were times where it seemed like she might still be figuring out her sexuality. If so she’s got the question answered through, because this suddenly transformed into Amagami redux. I am not complaining! It just bears noting that if there was ever going to be any complexity in this show, it’s pretty much shot. This is straight, shameless, uninhibited yuri fun. Deal with it!

Spying on Haruka & Yuu

I’ll talk more about Mitsuki in a bit, but for now I’d like to focus on Kaede and Yuzu, because the whole spying-on-Haruka-and-Yuu bit really let us have some more fun with them. For one, it made me realize that Mikan–I mean, Yuzu-chan is at her most hilarious when she’s being abused. She’s just great as the butt of a joke, especially since she’s good-natured and silly enough to not make it seem cruel (usually).

As for Kaede, I didn’t expect her to have the mischievous side necessary to tease Mitsuki like that. Totally not complaining, and it fits in well with her being best friends with Yuzu.

Either way, I enjoyed them spying on Haruka and Yuu, especially since they managed to miss all the hot and heavy stuff in exchange for lighter fare. It was typical but still funny, especially since we got a Yuu sitting on Kotonoe’s lap interlude (seriously, how did they not figure out Haruka & Yuu are gay when they were watching that?) followed by that straddling make out section. I…I need to go lay down.

Spend Some Time With Your Other Friends, Haruka!

It’s funny when Yuzu is the butt of jokes, but come on Haruka, spend some time with your other friends! I know she wanted to do the test of courage (that ended up being a lie…another bit of good misdirection, so good job writers) with Yuu, but poor Yuzu-chan. Which brings me to another point – I would like to see more mixing among the groups, if only to see what kind of comedy would arise when different characters are put together. This ended up working, even if I felt bad for Yuzu.

Onee-chan Loves Haruka

What can I say other than TOLD YOU SO!! Mitsuki is totally crushing on Haruka. Now, I don’t think Mitsuki will pose a serious trhreat to Yuu’s domination of Haruka – Haruka is completely smitten with Yuu and Yuu alone, so the fun Mitsuki brings to the table is mostly in her reactions to Haruka. And that’s enough, because when I realized that Haruka accidentally created a harem of sisters, I realized why she’s so amazing: she’s the male lead we’ve always wished for. She’s funny, perverted, has a way with the ladies, and most of all, she is a girl. (And therefore has boobs.) What more could you want? Nothing, that’s what!

Looking Ahead

Can’t think, I’ve lost too much blood. Quick, someone…help… *dies from the yuri*

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – I knew it! I knew that onee-chan loved Haruka! Now Haruka has a sister harem, ufufu~ #桜Trick 04

Random thoughts:

  • But seriously, they haven’t figured it out yet? Kaede and Yuzu need to get some glasses.

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    1. Finally, some hot tongue kissing action! Yuri is saved! Mitsuki-nee-chan should join Haruka and Yuu. An OT3 is fine.

      Off-topic, I cannot believe that Sakura Trick and Kill la Kill air at the same time.

      John Hayabusa
  1. Yeah, your yuri goggles were spot on this time. This is clearly not mere ‘worrying about her sister’ level anymore. If anything, it’s more like walking into that yuri probably put her mind in overdrive, as it served as a catalyst for all those fantasies. It’s pretty hilarious to see onee-chan going apeshit over her thoughts about Haruka, especially because they seem to get progessively lewder. Yeah, that’s a pretty thick closet she has there. Sister harem for the win, anyway. Haruka truly is a god tier harem protagonist.

    I’m kind of loving the local ‘those two girls’, Kaede and Yuzu, of this show as well. They’re performing the role quite well, given their dynamics with each other and the rest of the cast and their constant snarky observations. I think your yuri goggles were off earlier on about these two though – if they’re living up to the trope, then they’re probably the only straight duo, to set them apart from the rest (not that it stops Haruka from fantasizing, of course). Either way, they’re a funny, if dense, duo that never fails to bring a laugh.

    And woah, Yuu got pretty lewd in this episode. She’s willing to go quite far if she knows nobody’s watching. Hell, not even Haruka’s gone that far yet (though she totally would if given the chance, of course).

    Onwards to the next ep! New character next episode too, given the preview. I wonder if it’s one of Onee-chan’s friends from the student council.

    Goddammit I love this show. Because yuri makes everything better!

    1. Yeah, I don’t think Kaede and Yuzu are gay, or if so, not yet. (I don’t discount a surprise reversal to finish the season off with.) But that’s okay – like you said, they’re funny in their current role : )

    2. I’m fine with Yuzu and Kaede not being a couple. Since this is a romantic comedy they serve as one of the most important and under-appreciated roles in a comedic ensemble: The Straight (Wo)man. No pun intended. This is especially true for Yuzu who is the most down-to-earth of the cast.

  2. Two French kissing sessions and the potential for sister-sister incest with a happy Haruka in the centre–how this show is only rated PG 13+ I have no clue, thankfully I’m too drunk while watching to care 😀

    Best parts hands down were the lap sitting and test of courage. Haruka is literally BPD when it comes to Yuu, she now not only teases the poor girl (yes Yuu, kiss me all over, show me how much you rabu me :D), but obsessively hogs her (no, no, you can only sit on MY lap). Before long she’ll eek out a “touch me there” from Yuu and then it’s all downhill (uphill?) from there.

    Still waiting for an episode focusing on yuri couple #2. They have to make up for that sophistication and mature personality shown in public behind the scenes after all.

  3. the yuri is so strong on this one!

    lol that Haruna! gonna be the middle of a yuri wincest sandwitch! Lucky!

    erm .. erm.. well mmm ep was pretty fun… lol Haruna is so dere for Yuu … i dont know how Kaede and Yuzu missed it!

  4. All this gayness. Haruka is totally in heaven. Is this a reconstruction of lesbian genre after the deconstruction that was MariaHolic?

    Anyway I knew Yuu’s onee-chan was gay too. Especially how she acted last episode. This episode confirms it. Maybe being gay is actually hereditary? Or is this type of gayness is just a girl thing?

  5. Stradling and tongue in one episode! I got nothing. Except maybe quoting George Takei.

    Is anyone keeping tabs on how many kisses there are in this series so far? I don’t think any other series has topped it.

    I realized why she’s so amazing: she’s the male lead we’ve always wished for. She’s funny, perverted, has a way with the ladies, and most of all, she is a girl. (And therefore has boobs.)

    Funny you mention that Stilts because with that description I immediately thought of Dokidoki Pretty Cure’s Mana Aida. And that show makes Nanoha look straight. Is this a growing trend or a flash in the pan? I’m really hoping for the former.

  6. Gosh, this series doesnt ever stop from driving high-speed, from the knee-kissing a la Amagami to deep-kissing and lap-dancing. They are already running out of things that can be shown on TV!
    Also loved when we saw Mitsuki to have her own yuri radar, and it does go off immediately when Yuzu starts to relay news like “holding arms”…
    All the while the series doesnt stop making jokes like lemon-san or about hair antennas. this balances hot stuff exquisitely! The pair of useless detectives were golden too! They are so oblivious to yuri around them that it looks like they could use a good pair of yuri goggles…
    Mitsuki falling prey to her own trick with fluorescent flowers in the hair was just brilliant. As was her not realizing it was her own calling of Yuu’s name that scared her sister… and jumping to conclusions (with which actually she was not far off).

  7. “Can’t think, I’ve lost too much blood. Quick, someone…help… *dies from the yuri*”
    Quick someone save Stilts!! We can’t lose him, we need him to blog this amazing yuri series next episode!!

    And this is just what I was waiting for after my exams are finished. An awesome episode filled with so much action (if you know what I mean) and just the best way to unwind after those stressful days of studying.

    But there’s so much yuri and HGNNNN that I don’t know if my body can take a whole season of it, I need to prepare myself for more moe yuri action for the weeks to come! XD

  8. I agree on you stilts, that it would be quite interesting to see the other characters mix it up and interact.
    that’s one of the reasons for why yuruyuri is one of the best, because each of the other characters have certain chemistry or just connections with each other. keeps it fresh and new instead of the same couple antics.

  9. I love this series.

    Yuu can be so mischievous when she wants. Doing those kind of things knowing how jealous Haruka can be. Pretty impish of her part.

    And the not-so-test of courage was hilarious. Haruka’s aura… the “Something has awakened” moment… and Onee-chan being onee-chan… all was great!

    Another fantastic episode full of yuri!! Can’t wait for the next!

    PD: Lemon… Poor Yuzu-chan… but we all know that It’s always her fault.


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