「文化祭だよ☆お泊まりです♡/文化祭だよ☆本番です!」 (Bunkasai da yo ☆ o Tomaridesu ♡/ Bunkasai da yo ☆ Honbandesu!)
“Culture Fest: Sleepover Time! / Culture Fest: Today’s the Day!”

Kiss, kiss, kiss! The B-couple shows up this week, but I’m still waiting for the (unlikely) C-couple to show their cards.

Refined Yuri

I mentioned last week that we needed some more of the refined yuri stylings of Kotone x Shizuku, and lo and behold, Sakura Trick delivers! What is there to say other than how their relationship is much more…adult? Than Yuu and Haruka’s. I’m not sure that’s right, but there’s certainly less lust in it. It’s more familiar, like a couple that has been together for a few years and are now comfortable with each other, but still very much in love. It’s very sweet in a warmer sort of way.

Introvert Shizuku

Stilts is the shepherd of the introverts this season! In Mikakunin de Shinkoukei it’s Hakuya, and here it’s Shizuku. I can very much identify with how she didn’t stay late before her middle school festivals, because it’s something that a younger Stilts may have done. Even more than that though, I appreciate how she’s staying out this time anyway. Yes it’s mostly because Kotone is there, and she’s represents a lifeline of sorts, a familiar face who is always there for her…and yet Shizuku is still trying, and that says a lot. Fight on, Shizuku-chan!

Bonus Kissu!

Normally one bout of yuri per half would be enough, but no, more! As a contrast, Haruka and Yuu are definitely the more “lusty” of the two couples, which is certainly fun to watch, but I get the feeling that they have to move beyond that someday and get to where Shizuku and Kotone are. Keep kissing, though. That’s amazing.

I Want Kaede x Yuzu So Bad!

I had Kaede and Yuzu as those two (straight) guys girls (trope!), but the more this series goes on, the more I suspect that their being gay for each other might be the final reveal of the series. Or is that wishful thinking? I do know they’re teasing us with it with the reason why Kaede is always the class rep. While I certainly appreciate loli Kaede and Yuzu, it’s her wanting to “protect Yuzu” from hurting herself that makes me go HMMMMM. From here it’s a mind game…are the writers screwing with us, or are they really foreshadowing the much vaunted C-couple? I hope it’s the latter, but I’m not putting money either way. My vision is too clouded. Kiss already dammit!!

Sidetail Yuu Is Alright Too

They kept kissing for a while! Not much to say other than how lusty they are. That plus how much I enjoyed sidetail Yuu and Haruka wearing Yuu’s hair accessory. Was it subtle? No. Was it yurilicious? Hells yes!

The Curse of Moving Too Fast

If I have any qualm about this episode, it’s that it appears to have cooled off. This is understandable – they have six more episodes to go and they’ve already run through most of the “big events” that such shows save up for, i.e. the kisses. It’s a bit of a cautionary tale, though. I’m a big fan of going fast, with Mirai Nikki being my ur-example, but that had a lot of plot to work with, whereas Sakura Trick does not. Should they have gone slower in the first few episodes, making them less outstanding but strengthening the latter offerings? I don’t know, but if they don’t turn the heat back up Sakura Trick lose the invulnerable aura it has had until now. It won’t be bad, just not as amazing as it was. It’ll be interesting to see whether they can pull that off.

Looking Ahead – Swimsuits!

Swimsuit episode next time. That is all. Woohoo!!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Lots of kissing from multiple yuri couples, but I’m still hoping for Yuzu x Kaede, for the yuri hat trick #桜Trick 06

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End Card


    1. The scene were Haruka and Yuu had a child together is one of cutest things that I have ever seen in my life. I was hoping for a Mitsuki x Haruka kiss in the play. Anyway more lewd yuri kisses and love the small AKB48/K-On! parodies.

      John Hayabusa
  1. About time sophisticated yuri shows up, muh brandy didn’t get left sitting there sadly to the side this time 😀

    Otherwise Yuu is total homo now, Haruka has successfully broken down her defenses and left her a writhing mass of WANT MORE. Seriously, she was playing the “I’m asleep, kiss me awake” game in the first half, that is some serious character development (switch) for her just within 6 episodes. And Haruka is no slouch either, she’s definitely BPD over how hard she clings to Yuu. Only thing saving poor Yuu from a Haruka mental beratement whenever she wanders off is how simple minded she is, how god like those hair clips must be, and how she likes playing the submissive 😛

    Don’t fear either Stilts, if we get yuri couple #3 (the straight girl deniers denying their denial) then there should be enough gas left in the tank for the remaining 6 episodes go out with a bang. Or if Yuu’s sister gives into her inner yuri call, that would work too.

  2. ok…
    writers-what is thy bidding my master?
    Stilts-B couple having extra screen time and maybe another kiss?
    writers-as you wish!

    other than that, gosh, entire live music gig – hour or two long – of passionate kissing?

    …and that tease with possible Yuzu X Kaede… the thing about wanting to protect someone – is it “only friendship” or something more?

    …swimsuits inbound!

    1. If only all anime producers were this cooperative, the world would be a much better place. Also we’d have Kyoukaisen S3 and Sakurasou S2, and I might have to visit the hospital to recover from all the AWESOME!

      As if all this yuri isn’t close to putting me there as is, hng~

  3. That first kiss was awesome. Haruka just straight up glomped Yuu, hah. That family life bit was another great Haruka fantasy too, and it’s kinda funny how she saw herself as the bredwinner while Yuu was playing the role of housewife/mommy. Guess whe know who wears the pants in this relationship, she’s got it all figured out already. Heh, and the baby has Haruka’s haircolour but Yuu’s eyes (and hairstyling). Hey, who knows, maybe in the future they’ll find a way to make the baby happen.

    And lo and behold, more Shizune and Kotone. Just what the doctor ordered! I’d actually like to see more of these two, as their dynamic is quite different from our main duo. They nicely contrast each other – Yuu and Haruka seem to still be in the ‘madly in love’ stage, whereas these two have a more long-term relationship and who are, technically, already living together.

    Also, while I’ve been wrong before, I still think the Kaede and Yuzu ship is mostly in Haruka’s head. The duo comes off as two friends who’ve known each other for ages to me, causing a closeness that’s more akin to siblings.

    Finally, I share your concern about the future of this show. I can appreciate the fact that it’s not worming in some cliché’d drama though. But while it can still get some story out of developing parts of its cast some more (I wouldn’t mind a full ep about Shizune and Kotone and their past together), I worry about how far they’re willing to go with our main couple. Because while there’s been subtle developments, that can only take them so far and I’d be dissapointed if the show lost steam towards the end because their relationship stopped progressing. I do want some kind of climax, after all, not a slowly fizzling fire.

  4. Ok, Shizune and Kotone! Now that was good yuri! Haruka’s and Yuu’s childishness just doesn’t do much for me. Now I’m with Stilts on the Kaede and Yuzu pairing. That would finish things off perfectly.

  5. Gah, I even prepared my body for this and this episode still made me faint from all the HGNNNS I got!

    Shizune and Kotone pairing is in full sail now! All aboard!!! (and now we wait, for Kaede and Yuzu ship to set sail)

    Yuu and Haruka having children (so much HGNNNNNNN I can’t take it!), OMG mother nature please make it come true!! Two cute girls in love should also be allowed to have children!! Through the power of yuri, we can do it guys, we can make it happen!

    That last scene, why Haruka, WHY!! You could’ve done so much more yuri action with Yuu(if you know what I mean), she said “ANYTHING” you could’ve gone so much farther, so close! But that kiss scene was still too HGNNNNN!

    Yes swimsuit episode next week!

    1. Because straight romance titles normally save the forming of the relationship for the climax, therefore you wouldn’t see anywhere near this level of intimacy from the get go.
      Sakura Trick is saving anime with girls that know what they want and take action instead of moping around, like Onodera in Nisekoi being the best example of that this season.

      Giorno Giovanna

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