「水着でサービス☆ポロリもあるよ♡/優ちゃんとお買い物♡/ポロリのつづき」 (Mizugi de Saabisu ☆ Porori mo aru yo ♡/ Yuu-chan to o Kaimono ♡/ Porori no Tsudzuki)
“Swimsuit Fanservice ☆ Some Crying ♡ / Shopping with Yuu-chan ♡ / Some More Crying”

Swimsuits, woohoo! Wait–and drama? We do that in this series?

Mizugi Paradise!

Blogging is hard when you keep getting distracted mid-sentence by kawaii mizugi onnanokos. Seriously, damn. Also? Damn! And by the way, damn! These girls have nice bodies, but if you’ll allow me to step off into fashion critique for a moment – because why wouldn’t a straight male have opinions on women’s fashion? I mean, other than “The one showing the most skin wins” – Yuzu-chan’s swimsuit was my favorite. Sure, it wasn’t all strings and oppai like some of the others, but that skirt design covers a little extra while letting you peek underneath from time to time. It stimulates the imagination, ya know? And by that I actually mean the imagination, you perverts.

Kotone-chan Drama

Drama, in my Sakura Trick? Le gasp! So I’m torn on whether this drama worked or not. It was out of left field a bit, especially when Kotone’s imouto mentioned an engagement. I feel like drama needs to be appropriately set up and foreshadowed – and it needs to be made known that drama is something this story does – or else when it happens, the viewer will kind of passively let it pass without getting emotionally involved. That’s what happened here, so while I appreciated the attempt, it didn’t strike emotional gold.

What it did though, was help me further refine my opinion on what each relationship’s primary element is. We have:

  • Haruka x Yuu = Lusty
  • Shizuku x Kotone = Refined
  • Kaede x Yuzu = Uncertain
  • Mitsuki x Haruka = Unrequited
  • Imouto x Chappy-kun = Inanimate

…or something like that. So naturally it would be Shizuku x Kotone that would get the drama plot line, while Haruka & Yuu just keep macking on each other. An interesting way to do it if I’m right; look for more Shizuku x Kotone drama plot lines in the future for confirmation. Ohandalso, Chappy-kun was the hero of this episode. Way to save the day for the yuri team, Chappy-kun!

Kaede’s Hinting More & More

I know that when you’re looking for hints, you can find them everywhere. To that effect, Kaede talking to Yuzu about kisses (referring to what Shizuku-chan said in the heat of the moment) could be nothing more than Kaede suspecting that something is up between two of their friends. Buuuuuut, through my shipping goggles (don’t judge me, yuri shipping is what this show is about!!) I saw that as another clue that Kaede may like Yuzu as more than a friend. They’re starting to act a bit like episode one Haruka & Yuu, where Kaede is in Haruka’s role (already realizes she’s in love) and Yuzu is in Yuu’s (isn’t throwing out gay flags yet). I imagine that the tricky Kaede wants to use one of her friends’ relationships to explore Yuzu’s feelings on girl x girl, hoping for a good response so Kaede feels safer in making a move herself. I hope that’s what’s going on, at least. Kaede always comes up with weird ideas after all, right Yuzu? Ufufu~

Buying A Scarf

By contrast, the second half of the episode was a bit dull. Pouty Yuu-chan can be fun and all, but…I don’t know…why? I feel like we’ve seen everything there before, and it didn’t provide enough additional laughs. Fortunately the stronger first half (and the extra swimsuit show at the end) helped to balance this section. Best part was probably Mistuki-kaichou nearly self-destructing when she saw Haruka wearing her scarf. Mitsuki-kaichou is so kawaii!

Kiss, Kiss, Kiss?

One thing I noticed on this one – less climactic kisses. (I mean kisses and the climax of a short story, not… Anyway. Moving on, you perverts.) I guess one happened at the end of the second skit, but it felt lacking, or rather very much tacked on. The other good one was at the beginning of the first skit, and while it was awesome – even if I wished something came of Kotone & Shizuku (presumably) seeing them kissing, instead of it just being a throw-away joke. So much potential, wasted!! – I missed the make up kiss between Shizuku & Kotone. Ahhh well, next time perhaps.

Looking Ahead

Sakura Trick has finally fallen into a rhythm of sorts. I think the reason it started out so great is that it always intended to be a fundamentally different story than we expected it to be, but now that’s we’ve recalibrated for that reality, it’s gone from blow-me-out-of-the-water amazing to merely good (and occasionally great). Nothing wrong with a good shot, but I do feel a little loss there.

Either way, next week is an x-mas daito or something. Heads up: Next week’s post will either be late or it will be double posted the following week (which would be my first I-couldn’t-find-someone-to-cover-for-me double post ;_;). I have a friend coming into town, and while I may find some time to do it at some point, no promises for now. Check my twitter for updates then. Thanks for your understanding!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Swimsuit episode! And some drama and other stuff, but seriously…swimsuits! #桜Trick 07

Random thoughts:

  • Why does Kotone own a whip? o.O
  • You don’t need to lose weight, Haruka. You’re perfect just the way you are. I…what was I talking about? *wipes away drool*
  • Don’t worry Kaedecchi! I think you have a nice body too. I’m sure Yuzu will love it. Fight-o!
  • So many beautiful mizugi full-sizes this episode. Look at all of them! Seriously, look at all of them. It took me forever to stitch them together. BASK IN THEIR GLORY!!

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End Card


    1. Really? Meh oh well, still going to wait for Mezashite to release theirs, better subs for this one imo (and should be done once I actually get some free time to watch this today :P).

  1. I kind of like the idea of Kaede and Yuzu being the straight pair in their group of friends (I know evil thoughts for a yuri series). I mean sure it wouldn’t be bad to hook them up, but kind of adds a different element to the group. Good friends who have suspicion somethings going on with the rest of their friends. Just makes some sense to me that not everyone in the series is all yuri. Makes me appreciate the main pairs a bit more somehow.

    I would like to see more of Kotone & Shizuku actually kissing. The drama isn’t bad and does make their future a bit more interesting. Going to be tough with the whole engagement problems, rich family prejudice, parents who probably aren’t going to get their daughter, etc. But seriously, more of these two. Haruka and Yuu are cute to be sure, but we can give the other couple there a bit of screentime XD.

  2. I didn’t think the drama was that badly done, plotwise. I mean, sure, it didn’t really have much of an emotional punch, but the show’s not a drama anyway. It merely hinted at the reason why Kotone is living together with Shizuku, and the underlying problems in their relationship. Meaning, Shizuku is upset because Kotone hasn’t come out to her parents yet (who are, in typical Japanese rich people fashion, setting up engagements for her) and fears it could put a strain on their bond. Especially due to peer pressure or whatnot. It kinda gave me the background for their relationship, so I got what I wanted out of it.

    The first half, with its background story and lots and lots of…uh…hardcore swimming action, was definitely the stronger one though. The second half was more mundane, though I find that most comedy series can have lulls like that. Seeing Onee-chan freak out never gets old though.

    And yeah, the show has fallen into a rhythm. I suppose it’s because it’s starting to run out of new stuff to introduce, which is what most of the earlier episodes could fill their time with. Then again, if I want to get my mind blown I’ll watch something like Log Horizon or something. As long as this show keeps me entertained (and it still does, my attention never really wavers) I consider it a success. Just a fun little show that gives you the fuzzies. Though I do wish for a satisfying climax to round it off, as next week’s Christmas so they can’t use that anymore.

  3. Maybe the engagement issue will be used in another episode; it would at least bring some flavor to the series.
    The kissing in essence is nice, but it’s like when you’re listening to a great song: for a while you love hearing it time and again, but at some point you’ve heard it too many times and it loses it’s magic.
    What this series really needs is that Haruka and Yuu are caught in the midst of their making out; the conversation between Kaede and Yuzu was hinting that that just might happen. It was also hinted that it would be shocking to the other students. This would be a great way for some drama to kick in…

    1. I’m fully expecting Haruka and Yuu to get caught (again) before this season is finished, would make for a good climax (eradicate those dirty thoughts). Just consider how audacious Yuu has become initiating the kissing. She deliberately ate in her gym clothes to try and get Haruka alone (and wasn’t complaining about Haruka’s attempts to change her either), and kissed her halfway through the change room curtain. Just a matter of time before Yuu’s new found yuri lust translates into a public display of emotion.

    2. Agreed; too much of a good thing becomes boring. The kissing is nice, but they have to keep progressing to keep us entertained, which (un)fortunately means this series should have a finite lifespan. That’s okay, though! Give us some greatness for a short while and we’ll appreciate it all the more. And Yuu x Haruka getting caught kissing by their friends…that could definitely be great >:3

  4. The drama probably seems jarring because there has been none whatsoever up to this point. I agree, it probably could have either been left out entirely or given better foreshadowing as it would have given this show significantly greater staying power. For example, one additional half show segment devoted to Shizuku and Kotone’s friendship (relationship) would have been more than sufficient to fill in the details.

    While this episode was weaker compared to the others and the show is definitely falling into a predictable rhythm, I’ve got no complaints. It’s the sugared, cute yuri SoL that you watch to unwind, not to think. Kind of hard anyways when the first half of the episode involves bouncing breasts in incredibly cute swimsuits. My cold, pragmatic heart has grown three sizes today 😛

    1. Agreed, agreed. A little more foreshadowing – just half of one of the previous episodes – would have strengthened this one a lot more. I can’t really complain much, though…it’s mainly because of our collective (wrong) assumptions that the previous episodes were so amazing. Now that we’re calibrated appropriately, it’s still enjoyable. Hopefully they have something else planned for us, though!

    1. Nice episode!!!

      I loved how Yuu went from shy about kissing to being all touchy now. Atta girl!!
      And they now kiss in the classroom, without covers. Surely by now all of the school knows… except Yuzu, of course. Yuzu one day will step and find Haruka and Yuu naked and having sex and will say that they were changing, slipped and fall in that position for accident.

      Yuu eating in the beginning… so cute!! Onomnomnomnomnomnom!!

      And Kaede, enjoying Mizuki-kaichou’s assets… Kaede, your gay is showing!!

      PD: And Mitsuki went Yurinuclear Meltdown in the end!!

  5. Mitsuki’s near self destruct scene is the best self destruct animated scenes I have seen in anime. It was very Michael Bay like with thundering explosions and lighting flashes. Only thing missing was the fireworks like explosions itself.

  6. Now, placing the comment where it’s belong:

    Nice episode!!!

    I loved how Yuu went from shy about kissing to being all touchy now. Atta girl!!
    And they now kiss in the classroom, without covers. Surely by now all of the school knows… except Yuzu, of course. Yuzu one day will step and find Haruka and Yuu naked and having sex and will say that they were changing, slipped and fall in that position for accident.

    Yuu eating in the beginning… so cute!! Onomnomnomnomnomnom!!

    And Kaede, enjoying Mizuki-kaichou’s assets… Kaede, your gay is showing!!

    PD: And Mitsuki went Yurinuclear Meltdown in the end!!

    1. Yuzu one day will step and find Haruka and Yuu naked and having sex and will say that they were changing, slipped and fall in that position for accident.

      THIS. I can see the scene already in my mind’s eye!

  7. Yuri still going strong in this anime, but I have to agree with stilts, it’s getting a bit dull, as it’s kinda following the same routine and it really caught us off guard at the beginning which lead to us really loving it, but once that initial surge dies down, it becomes a plateau.

    But it’s still alright, yuri yuri everywhere still so I’m fine with that :3 that accidental kiss was definitely the best kiss in this episode, I mean they were kissing beside their friends, so daring :3

    The underwater kiss was also nice, and so much swimsuit, I can’t handle all the HGNNNNS the girls brought with the first part!!

    Mitsuki completely going full blushing/embarrassed mode at the end of the episode only makes me want to ship yuu x haruka x mitsuki that much more, please make it happen! PLEASE!!!!


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