Tenshi no Tamago: A Retrospective Look

Welcome to RandomC’s first foray into video content! We considered a wide range of topics to go for and decided upon a retrospective look at an old classic: Angel’s Egg (or Tenshi no Tamago). We hope you enjoy the production and feel free to provide constructive feedback in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to like and subscribe to our brand new YouTube channel! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Writer Credits: Raphiel
Edited and Voiced by: FJ Freeman

Producer Credits: Zaiden, Pancakes
Special Thanks to: Guardian Enzo

Introduction – You Have Failed This Community

My name is Raphiel (ラフィエル) or Raphi (ラフィ) for short. After five years in gacha hell, I have come back home for one goal, to save my community. Now, I hope others join my crusade. To them I’m Raphiel but to the rest of the community I’m someone else. I am something else…

If you have yet to get it by now, I won’t be doing any written content for this website. Instead, my focus will be in producing video content for it recording videos, researching topics, writing scripts or editing.

Nowadays I don’t really watch much anime as I used to outside of the standout hits like Attack on Titan or Re: Zero and other miscellaneous titles. I’m more of a manga person rather than an anime man. Stuff like Munou na Nana, Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint or Shinju no Nectar. In that case, you can expect more content geared to various Japanese otaku subculture in general rather than just anime. But I will try to dedicate some to anime as well!