「僕と君の罪と罰」 (Boku to Kimi no Tsumi to Batsu)
“Our Crime and Punishment”

Hmm, it sounds like someone wants to try and fight against the Attractor Field in Mawaru Penguindrum. Evidently, Sanetoshi hasn’t seen the endless hell that Kyouma went through when he unknowingly tried to do the same. Someone should really tell him that the secret lies in fooling the world. *uses a deep badass voice* 「最初のお前を騙せ。世界を騙せ!」 (Saisho no omae wo damase. Sekai wo damase!)

Change the world. El Psy Congroo ▼

So anyway, it doesn’t come as any real surprise that Himari would be revived once again. The show would kind of suck if she just passed away halfway through, so the real questions lie with Sanetoshi and the identity of his first love who “sees the world like he does”. He alluded to the possibility that the penguin hat contains her consciousness when he spoke to it, and also tasked Kanba and Shouma to retrieve the Penguin Drum just like “Himari” did, which suggests they have common goals in mind. From what I gather, Masako is just be another person he’s coaxed into searching for the Penguin Drum in exchange for keeping Mario alive. However, I still have absolutely no idea what the Penguin Drum is nor what Sanetoshi plans to do with it, so once again I’m left with more questions than answers. Not that I mind of course, as I’ve gotten pretty used to it.

For now, the story about Mary and her three lambs still seems to parallel the Takakuras, where Kenzan is Mary like I mentioned last time. He committed a sin with his attack on the Tokyo subway and now the Goddess (i.e. Sanetoshi) is tormenting them by playing with Himari’s life. She’s allowed to live longer so that Kanba and Shouma become more attached to her, making the eventual punishment of taking her life as painful as possible. So far, they’ve gone through such an ordeal twice already, and Kanba in particular has been giving up his own life to prolong Himari’s life in what is arguably a fruitless cause. If I’ve learned anything from the past two episodes, it’s that Sanetoshi can pull the plug on Himari on a whim and won’t hesitate to do so to see what the Takakuras will do against fate. It’s almost as if he knew from the very beginning that Himari was going to die and purposely let Kanba and Shouma experience it to see how they’ll struggle to save her.

I don’t really care to speculate any further at this point, but I am opening up to the idea that Yuri has the other half of the diary. There aren’t many other suspects after all, unless a new character is going to be introduced down the stretch. What I’m more curious about is the story behind Keiju’s hand, which they made even more apparent this time around. I’m also happy to see that Ringo’s given up on becoming her sister in an attempt to bring her parents back together. That part of the story was fun for a while, but now I’d much rather see the new developments surrounding the Takakura siblings’ parents and Sanetoshi.

* The inclusion of a Triple H ending theme “Gray Wednesday” is nice, but I don’t see what called for it when there was little to no focus on Himari after she was revived.


ED3 Sequence

ED3: 「灰色の水曜日」 (Hai-iro no Suiyoubi) by トリプルH (Triple H)
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Preview & End Card


  1. Hat/Sanetoshi’s Lover/Penguin Entity/Whatever other term you wanna use = Momoka. It’s basically spelled out visually between last episode and this one (look at her funeral image and look at the girl running through the library). I don’t know what’s going on outside of some hazy ideas about whether or not we’re bound by fate, but this is fairly evident. 🙂

    1. My thought as well.
      If Sanetoshi has a special ability to see/interfere with fate it seems to follow that the person he is attracted to is someone who can also see fate since he spoke of being alone until he saw someone who saw things as he does.

      Perhaps Momoka’s diary is proof of her ability to see/interfere with fate and is directly related to Sanetoshi’s attraction to her.
      Perhaps she was able to create a fate version of death note (a fate diary), as implied by the phrase written on it (roughly “write in here and it will become true”) or she was able to see her fate and wrote it down. Don’t forget, we saw a certain percentage of the fate diary did come true (even if not in the way which appeared intended).
      I know some expect the diary will ultimately be unimportant but it might be tangible proof of her connection to fate vision/manipulation.

      If either is true, she became even more of a victim than most realize as she not only did she lose her life (assumed) but her very FATE was violated.

      Taking wild speculation a step closer: Would Ringo shit a brick if it turns out Himari is Momoka’s reincarnation? Perhaps rigged by Sanetoshi to punish those responsible for her death? Thus the Penguin Hat = Sanetoshi’s love = Momoka = Himari. This would tie Himari to Sanetoshi. Remember, Himari was born after the attacks thus her very birth could have been intended (by a manipulator of fate) to be punishment.

      1. Oh yeah, sorry to have forgotten, but if Momoka’s fate was violated in the attacks, it implies that not only does Sanetoshi have the ability to manipulate fate, so does the perpetrators of the attack.

        Naturally, it calls into question the very nature of fate (if it can be manipulated how can it even exist?) but it also suggests more ideas of what the corporation logos might represent. Dueling companies each researching fate manipulation? Are the Takakura parents members or leaders of a company conducting such research? Is Masako (and/or perhaps Yuri…) tied to a competitor?

      2. Very interesting that you mention a company. We do see the penguin label of a company everywhere. I always just assume it’s a fun but irrelevant tidbit, but you never know with this show.

      3. “Taking wild speculation a step closer: Would Ringo shit a brick if it turns out Himari is Momoka’s reincarnation?”

        I think Himari is Momoka’s reincarnation as well. I posted a longish comment over at 8thsinfansubs last week where the topics trended toward cloning (wtf, right?) but I think the Rock Over Japan scene and the first ED hinted pretty strongly that that Himari was a re-creation of Momoka.

        It _would be_ pretty over the top if Himari was an actual copy of Momoka and until they show Momoka’s face, that’s always a possibility. Ringo never met Momoka, and I bet her folks kept the photos out of sight since they didn’t want to traumatize Ringo (that worked well).

      4. I totally agree; I definitely think Momoka is the Princess of the Crystal, as this fandom is calling the Penguin Hat Entity, or whatever it is. Her ability to be able to determine the END of fate (thus her coming from it as a destined point in time/location rather than an intangible concept) may or may not clash with Sanetoshi’s ability which seems like he can forsee the things that will directly happen afterwards, but not the end conclusion (though I speculate that he also has an ability to do this as well.) It almost seems like the Penguindrum is in fact, nothing more than a mere game between Momoka/Princess and Sanetoshi to see who wins in the struggle against fate- Sanetoshi sides with the idea that fate is inevitable and conclusive and cannot be fought against, while the Princess is doing everything she can to prove Sanetoshi that he’s wrong. I don’t know the exact details of why this is happening, or what caused it to be so, but I do agree that the fact that Momoka’s fate being in violation- she probably predicted her own fate in the diary but Sanetoshi saved her from it because he loved her- has something to do with it.

        I’m not sure about the whole “Himari is a reincarnation of Momoka” though- I think Himari is Himari, and she is also violated by fate (ironically) due to Momoka’s tampering as well as Sanetoshi’s now. The idea that while Sanetoshi can pull the plug out on Himari at any moment due to his pleasure of power, and what his idea of ‘punishment’ will be frightens me, really. In the meantime, I wonder why Sanetoshi feels the need to keep all these players going. He not only demanded for Kanba to give a price, but Natsume as well. Which brings me to think how Sanetoshi is connected to the Sarin Gas Attacks, and namely, the Takahura parents.

        Ringo was also born the moment Momoka died, so if anything, Ringo should be the ‘reincarnation’ of Momoka if we were to follow that logic- which is hugely ironic because up until now, Ringo truly believed that her fate WAS to become Momoka. Sounds like something Ikuhara would totally pull on us, to be honest. What I wonder is why Momoka had that ability in the first place.

        Also can anyone tell me what the whole symbol was behind the three cats and apples? As well as Sanetoshi standing in that little sign thing- I understand numerology is important in this show but I still don’t get those. And lastly, just a thought- Sanetoshi reminds me a lot like Akio from Utena, so self imposing and dominating that he can’t help but be a part of everything (aka contacting Natsume about the diary).

      5. The three Cats, three Company logo KIGA Apples and the Tiple-H are all just reflection of out three siblings and their ties to other people and there parents choices. I don’t think it’s a coincidence now with the whole penguin motif is reflection on Kenzan self-interest Environmental Defense trip to Antarctica and the possibility that the company he works for deals with food on ice and imported KIGA Apple. ^_^

        I think that Kenzan “survival strategy” is very much at the heart of what’s going to be revealed to not be the “EVIL” it’s perceived to be.

        Himari is only channeling Momoka at the moment but either her or Ringo might contain her reincarnation spirit is still a possibility but I’m not banking on it just yet. I’m starting to think that Momoka diary wasn’t a map for her life’s fate but rather for the people that fallow her in life to change their own fate or the EVIL the siblings have to carry on their shoulder’s. I also think the contents of the diary would change based on the “owner” it’s something to watch out for.

        I’m not sure what to make of Sanetoshi yet but I don’t feel the need to simultaneously bitch slap, strangle and kiss him like when Akio enters the scene. lol Akio overinflated ego makes you detest his character but love him at the same time.

  2. I really like the new ED. The red strings of fate was a nice touch.

    Anyways, as always each episode gets me super excited for the next installment. I love how the series doesn’t just spoon feed us viewers the answers or just plainly explain the symbols – you just have to figure it out as you go along. As for right now, I’m just excited to learn more about the mystery of the hats.

    1. Think Tabuki has the other half of the diary. We assume he’s a hapless victim in all this but I don’t think he’s given up on Momoka and her fate that he could not except as a dear friend of his.

      1. Tabuki was 10 years old when Momoka died, I don’t think at that time he could possibly have know or understand what was going on to realize the value of Momoka’s diary. Also the Oginome’s probably valued it as there only keepsake of Momoka being the only thing found of her.

  3. nice inclusion of steins gate clip 🙂
    what I found interesting is the two penguin hats. If Sanetoshi placed the soul of his love into one of the penguin hat, then what is the significance in the other penguin hat (one with crown)? It seems there has to be a reason for the two different hats though…
    For some reason, I have a urge to think that maybe penguin drum might not even exist (since Shouma in the narration keep saying they will just realize they can’t do anything)… it could be just an empty device to have people struggle against their fate… That would be pretty sad, but just another possibility…
    I love this show more and more now.

    1. I don’t t think Sanetoshi had anything to do with Himari’s hat actually and may have been set up by Momoka. The male counterpart that Mario wear’s has not spoken yet and maybe a part of Sanetoshi to foil what Momoka is trying to do.

  4. I genuinely felt bad for the Takakuras this episode and they certainly had it rough.
    The new ending theme fits very well with the gloomy mood at the end of the episode. Poor chibi-Kanba 🙁

    Seishun Otoko
  5. El Psy Congroo!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. 🙂
    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. @Divine: there is also little focused on the other H members. Just a photo shoot or something.
    I called it twice, Momoka did not save the Takakura’s mum & Sanetoshi is not a grim reaper but a help. (at least for now)
    Was wrong that he loves Himari though

    And Agreed! i’ve been on the Yuri-has-the-diary boat for a while now.
    Rewatching that Steins;Gate clip made Penguidrum seem less interesting.

  7. All is well, Himari lives! (at least for the moment…) Another mad experiment at work!(Blood-C, anyone?) I wonder if Ringo x Shouma can survive the revelations about his parents…

  8. Was I the only one hoping that Ringo would hug Sho when he was moping on the ground at the beginning of the episode?

    Otherwise, great tie-in with Steins.. Loved that series. El Psy Congroo

  9. Every time there’s one of these ampules in anime, it always seems to be made from someone’s blood (Togainu no Chi (lameness!) and Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan being the ones I can think of right now). Is this Momoka’s blood? Project M? Will Himari be changed as a result?


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