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OP: 「Light My Fire」by KOTOKO
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「失われた存在」 (Ushinawareta Sonzai)
“Lost Existence”

After re-watching season one and blasting through season two like it was nothing, I was extremely excited that I didn’t have to wait years to witness the beginning of the conclusion to this awesome series. Holding my breath as I clicked play, I was blown away with how spectacular everything looked. That however, was not the best part of the episode. That right probably belongs to the big “WTF” moment that appeared less than two minutes in.

A completely different looking Yuuji, fused together with one of the strongest Lords of Guze, is not at all what I expected. After that rather climatic ending during season two, I’m a little bummed with how things actually turned out. Not only has Yuuji still not picked neither Shana nor Kazumi, but I felt a little robbed when it was revealed that Yuuji had somehow disappeared. This might be because season one and two are still fresh in my mind, but after putting so much effort into hyping the Reijo Maigo in season one and then nearly getting it back in time before Yuuji lost all of his power of existence in season two, I was scratching my head as I tried to figure out how he could lose his existence even though he still exists. The only conclusion that I could come to was maybe, his identity completely changed when he merged with that certain Lord of Guze? It sort of make sense since just like a Flame Haze, Yuuji is technically housing a Lord of Guze, and could have given up his identity, right?

Getting back on track, had the beginning of the episode not revealed the ridiculous twist involving Yuuji, I honestly think that the rest of the episode would have had a lot more of an impact. Even though I knew that Yuuji wasn’t gone, it still bothered me as I watched a world without Yuuji continue to move forward. Combined with everyone’s resolve that Yuuji must be alive somewhere, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be sad or angry that nearly everyone had forgotten about him. I think it ended up getting angrier since I still have trouble grasping the concept that Yuuji openly attacked Shana with a smile on his face.

However, it probably was nice for everyone out there who didn’t rush through the first and second season to see all these familiar faces. Except for a few key characters, I think everyone had a chance to get some of the spotlight. From the lovely Margery Daw to the nearly expressionless Wilhelmina, I’m excited to see just how dramatic the group dynamic is going to change with Yuuji off (almost literally) in space. I’m also excited that Lamies and Khamsin (little kid, who’s actually really old) are hopefully going to make a return. Even as side characters, they were so interesting that it’s a shame they got so little time the first time around. Hopefully, this third season can rectify that!

P.S. For all the light novel readers out there, I’d like to ask that you please use the spoiler tags. Remember that this is an adaptation and while there may be differences here and there, please don’t go on a spoiler rampage. If you really feel the need to talk about it, which I encourage, you can always join the conversation over at our IRC Channel!




    1. ^^^funny. For some reason, every anime I eventually choose to watch has her has a seiyuu, but I really don’t mind. its like the “urusai” thing she says… everytime she says that in a different anime, I remember SnS

  1. It’s been a really long time but it finally came and it starts off good. O how I missed my KugiRie tsudere role as shana! but anyways Yuuji merging with someone sealed in the reiji maigo and becomes the leader of Bal Masque. Too bad no one now remembers Yuuji except Shana and Kazumi!. =[ I couldn’t help but hold the tears back when Kazumi and shana were reminiscing about Yuuji after he erased his existence when he merged. can’t wait for the next episode!

  2. same as takaii, i am confuse about yuuji disappearing reason ,if he had disappear , why the letter still remain. as takaii stated , it will be whole new season without yuuji in daily life, it seem each character is going for own route – yuuji : conquest, shana: journey to find yuuji existences. my only question is , will yuuji’s mom (supporter) continue becoming shana adviser in life seeing the fact that shana have no longer a reason to enter yuuji home knowing the fact he is no longer there?

    1. I think since Yuuji didn’t directly interact with the letters by opening it, but I think Yuuji might have intentionally have left the letters behind as a sign or something to remember him by knowing that if he erased his existence as a torch. No one would remember him. Knowing how much he loves Shana. But i’m not really sure I didn’t spoil myself with the novels just yet.

    2. @ Rayyy
      that is one interesting theory, but if he didnt open the letter then how he know where to me shana?
      i guess we are all on the same , only time could tell what will happen. seriously i hope do more of flashback to clear this but think again doing so will beat the purpose of it. erh~~ one episode is not enough for cant they just release 2 episode at once lol, cant wait till next week to know .

    3. Actually the opening of the episode is the conclusion of the series (I’m guessing). I’m guessing that whatever is in him will slowly convert/possess Yuuji into a bad guy. The twist we saw is showing us whats gonna happen at the conclusion of this series and the season will be about the journey to get there. Other animes have done this as well. Ga-Rei and more recently Steins:Gate.

  3. Lyrics by ryo of Supercell sung by KOTOKO? Oh my gawd!<3

    I know right? Amazing stuff. I wonder if we’ll get a supercell/Kawada Mami team up for the second OP.

    Anyway, I’d long been spoiled on the “Yuuji becomes evil” twist, but I was expecting a bit more buildup than this, but I guess I can see why they did it this way.

    1. kinda miss mami kawada’s sing well is kinda of trandition where she and kotoko would sing either op or ed for shana, hope she will back for the second op /ed. TT it feel different when i watch shana, i guess it become apart from it.

  4. At last the mega-twist spoiler is a spoiler no-more: Yuuji has somehow switched sides, which may or may not improve his GAR-ness.

    The Crimson Lord that managed to persuade Yuuji into joining him is voiced by none other than Hayami Shou, Bleach fans will know him as Aizen the Ridiculously Powerful. Initially I always envision him to be voiced by Nakata Joji, but Hayami’s deep voice is just as villanous and forboding enough for me.

    than nearly getting it back in time before Yuuji lost all of his power of existence in season two

    Try to ignore the last 4 episodes of season 2, they were mindless fillers that just doesn’t fit in with the novels’ continuity. In fact, try to pretend that Yuuji’s Christmas meeting with the girls took place right after the fight with Zabrac, the insanely strong Crimson Lord that required Shana to literally nuke Misaki city (albeit in stasis) just to defeat him.

    For that matter, ignore the last 6 episodes of season 1, the first 8 and last 3-4 episodes of season 2, and you should have a better pacing of the story.

    BTW, did I mention that KOTOKO’s OP rocked?

    Kinny Riddle
  5. yeah people keep the spoilers: I’m one of those who didn’t read the manga… ‘cos the anime is AWESOME!

    wow for episode 1, and for them to link to season two is rather commendable. everything else had better be explained soon, and I guess if there a final conslusion 26 episodes may not even fit. hey, we all want the action, right?

    KOTOKO… was okay in the Opening Theme…

  6. This episode brought tiny tears to my eyes, remembering that Yuji didn’t chose either Kazumi or Shana T_T But considering the start of this ep, epic Shana is epic as always.

    And yes seriously, I freaking love the new OP. XD Seeing Bal Masque is a different story, and to be honest I like that group~ and the Crimson Lord’s seiyuu. I just gotta fall for it. XD *stares on 07-Ghost’s main antagonist*

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

  7. Yay it’s finally here! I think Yuuji chose to disappear by himself and somehow magically return the letters to both Shana and Kazumi. Poor Kazumi though, still having hopes with getting together with Yuuji.

    On a random thought, laughed at the loli fan service in the beginning!

    1. There isn’t an actual 5 minute recap like the ones you get in Bleach but some parts of the episode kind help to jog your memory of where season 2 left off through things like flashbacks. Just watch it and if you seriously can’t remember anything then you can quickly marathon season 2 or at least the last few episodes of it again.

      1. boingman, I wouldn’t bother with the last 2 episodes of season 2 if I were you, as I’ve said above, those episodes were original filler material that simply did not fit in with the overall plot continuity, and were simply intended as a season finale.

        Instead, I’d suggest you start from episode 18 to 22, which covers the last canon arc and ends with Yuuji going off to meet either Shana or Kazumi, the point where this third and final season picks up from.

        Kinny Riddle
      2. Quick Tl;Dr for the End of Season 2
        Show Spoiler ▼

        If you want to get the full effect of this first episode, go re-watch the last two arcs of Shana S2 :p

  8. I’ve so been looking forwardto this series and dreading it at the same time. When I read months ago that Yuuji switched sides and was now the leader of the bad guys I was literally sick to my stomach. Now that its here we will see how it all plays out.

  9. Not only has Yuuji still not picked neither Shana nor Kazumi

    Not entirely correct, Takaii.

    Firstly, the novel clearly says that Yuuji has made a choice, though at first the reader isn’t aware of who he has chosen. Upon subconsciously making that choice, the voice of the Crimson Lord that resides inside his Reiji Maigo all this time began to speak and persuade him to join his cause.

    Second, by going off to see Shana instead of Kazumi before vanishing into thin air, I’m pretty sure that leaves little doubt as to who Yuuji has actually chosen.

    Kinny Riddle
      1. This guy was inside the Reiji Maigo from the beginning, and he started talking to Yuuji pretty early in the series. Sadly, the anime didn’t cover any of it.
        The Silver thingy will surely be explained. Margery doesn’t know everything

      2. What virox said.

        Both the mysterious Crimson Lord as well as “Silver” will both be explained in due time.

        And let’s not forget Johann – the original owner of the Reiji Maigo – is also residing inside Yuuji. Pheles has still not given up on retrieving her eternal lover.

        Kinny Riddle
      3. So basically there is this poor chap, trap inside the Reiji Maigo all along. And he is the boss of the Bal Masque. But the Bal Masque rather capture Yuuji to unleash a tomogora than to free their master…. ?
        And when you mean talk to Yuuji, you meant after Yuuji released he way a torch. Before that he was spending his time, just boring himself to death, trapped in the Reiji Maigo?

      4. I think I may need to clarify a few things, deafvader

        1. The yet-unnamed Crimson Lord is the long lost leader of Bal-Masque. The story will divulge into why he has been out of action for so long (provided JC Staff don’t screw up the interpretations).

        2. He is NOT trapped inside. He was deliberately inserted into the Reiji Maigo by Zabrac, working under Bal Masque and is in a sort of “hibernation” mode. His “awakening” requires certain conditions to be fulfilled, hence Bal Masque would rather leave Yuuji be than stir the pot too much.

        Back in season 2, when Pheles appeared and accidentally forced the Silver guy out, Hecate had to personally intervene and shoved him back inside Yuuji, as she deemed Silver’s emergence as being “too soon”.

        3. As for the reason why he chose to continue residing inside Yuuji rather than manifest himself using the Reiji Maigo at Yuuji’s expense, you’ll have to find out.

        Kinny Riddle
  10. Switching sides doesn’t necessarily mean that hes evil/turned bad.
    The first episode already given us enough hints that there is a good reason why he’s doing it.

    Yuji: “Shana, I will change your fate”
    The whole conversation he had with Lord of Guze about Flame Haze being a tool and fighting endlessly.
    I’m guessing Yuji just wanted to bring a revolution to these so-called eternal conflict between both sides.

  11. Really sad how sad Yuji’s mom doesn’t remember him at all. She was a really interesting side character and I hope she isn’t dusted to the side when all the new ones are introduced

  12. YES! I knew yuji disappeared at the end of season2 due to the footprints leading nowhere~ whee!!

    but damn, this is gonna be great. Should’ve reviewed a bit of season 2 and maybe even 1… I forgot too much;

    1. Reiji Maigo -> Originally owned by Johann, Pheles’ eternal lover, is residing within the thing itself. At the same time there’s this evil thing that’s depicted as suit of armor, known as the Silver, which also resides within the Reiji Maigo.

      If you go watch the first few episodes of season one and the last few of season two, things should start to click.

  13. Not a lot of shows can claim an OMGWTF!?!?! moment in the first two minutes. This is probably the biggest plot twist I’ve seen in a long time and deserves a spot on my personal OMGWTF moment of the year, probably at the top.

    Lamies was probably my favorite side character from season 1. I look forward to seeing him again. I’m so stoked for the next episode.

  14. Uwaaaa~ Shana brings so much memories back…
    The first episode was amazing. I was immediately hooked when I saw the new Yuji.
    ughh… it’ll be pretty awkward to see the show continue on without Yuji being a main chara though. :/

    1. He truly has grown since the begining of the story but I think it´s to early to call him a villian since nobody knows his true intentions or reassons to accept the deal of the Silver. Hell, I have a hunch he has a plan, I can´t belive Yuuji might actualy kill his friends and former comrades, let alone harm Shana.

  15. Finally!!! After more than 3 years of waiting Shana is back in action and ready for the grand finale. The episode itself was so amazing that I was hipnotyzed while whatching, every little detail of the horrible previous season finale were corrected to set in motion the events of the light novels.

    The opening was epic and according with it an incredible war can be seen in the horizon. Also more Flame Hazes will appear soon, don´t get me wrong I love all the characters in the story but it´s nice to see new faces. The final light novel will be out on October 10 so j.C. Staff has no excuse to destroy the story with original crap.

  16. This series is 6years in the making at least for me…

    I remember back in 2006 when I first so Enpatsu no Shakugan no Uchite, I fell instantly in-love with this series.

    As for S3, I’m glad JC Staff decided to animate S3 after the novels are (I haven’t read the novels itself).

    It’s been a long wait since S2, thankfully SnS S OVAs were release in between S2 and S3. This is the Finale, I’m eager to finish this.

  17. I say the series started quite nicely, I’m surprised by the first scene with all the battle going on, maybe I should re-watch the final 2 episodes of SnS S2 because I can’t remember quite well the exact details of what happened there in order to refresh myself with all the events that happen in this first episode.

    For some reason, I felt Shakugan no Shana Finale is a much bigger release for me as compare to Fate/Zero, anticipating this with such eagerness and excitement, hopefully JC Staff do the series properly.

    Now waiting for Gundam AGE.

    The FALL Season series that I’ve decided to follow in a weekly basis:

    Shiryaku Ika Musume
    Fate Zero
    Boku Ha Tomodachi ni Tsukunai
    This Shakugan no Shana Finale

    – MS Gundam AGE
    – Chihayafuru
    – others….

    I’ll probably settle to 8-10 shows, the rest after they finish airing.

  18. Finally!! Seeing all these lovely characters again after such a long time almost brought tears to my eyes. Except for the dreadful Yoshida-san, that is.

    I’m fascinated how Shana’s knee-length black hair looks so good on her. Oh, and I love her with those wings!

  19. DISCLAIMER: Incoming Flaming Rant here! Not meant to offend, but I had to get it off my chest.

    Does anyone know what happens to the Sakai x Shana pairing in Light Novel cannon so far? I’m a really huge fan of that ship, but all of the cock blocking and complete lack of progress in 2 seasons and 50+ episodes has worn my patience completely thin. The first season we get an absolute bullshit conclusion where Shana’s confession was herp derp retconed just to drag out the plot with more annoying wishy-washy uselessness.

    The second season was FILLED with Shana getting cock blocked. Hell, they even summoned a fucking TORNADO with it’s own SUPER POWERED Crimson Denizen at EXACTLY THE RIGHT MOMENT. This shit goes on all the way to the tease at the last ep, where they hint at you that MAYBE, MAYBE, Yuji FINALLY made a choice. (At this point I’d even settle for Yuji x ANYONE) Then in the first ep of season three they give Shana x Yuji fans a big F*CK you in the face.

    JC staff has a history of being absolutely fcktards with obvious pairings, see Zero no Tsukaima. It’s like they’re afraid of advancing the plot after establishing a pairing. Are they so short sighted that they believe that once a couple’s feelings become requited, there is no more potential for growth? That’s totally bull, just look at Clannad. The main pairing got together in one season and the story was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Or is it that JC staff is looking to milk money by keeping 3rd wheel Yoshida a “possible” pairing even though almost everyone knows it’s not going anywhere? Well, if it’s the fault of the source material then that’s more forgivable. JC staff did Toradora’s end properly after all.


    Is there Shana x Yuji in the light novel? If there isn’t, then I won’t even bother to watch anymore since that’s the only worthwhile reason for me to watch this show. I can’t possibly put myself through the pain of another season of HERP DERP “I CONFESS BUT I DON’T”.

  20. I thought the LN was finished! Is there a final volume of it in the making as well and they are just waiting with the release of that to coincide with the end of the anime? It would be rather silly to make a final season and not follow canon.

    1. well if u think you are good then why dont u take his place then. please show some respect others especially the blogger / writers; they have spend so much time to watch the series and done the review on the spot for us. Of cause there some mistake here and there, well no one is perfect. So do not INSULT THEM,of their work and courage to to write and express out their feeling. If you dont like it, Please do not post or view this blog!! and you will have an option to view other blog if you like it done here..

      1. I’m sure that would be true if this weren’t a very popular blog built upon the hard work of writers that came before. This kind of shoddy work is insulting to them, and shouldn’t be allowed here. Do you think that just anybody should be allowed to make posts? I’m fairly certain there are prerequisites one must have to become a writer for Random Curiosity.

    2. well again i apologizes if i really offend u, thou i dont really mean it due angry i cant think straight but it is best to keep it to ourselves rather than cause a fuss here, right? as i know Takaii have blog quite a number of anime, just let by gone by gone.

    1. And because it’s the final season, even the long-dormant fansub group Eclipse has awoken from its supposed eternal slumber in order to see through the series it and Static Subs had worked on since the first season to the very end.

      Kinny Riddle
      1. That’s only natural. SS-Eclipse is the only way Shana needs to be served in the English language. They are undeniably excellent with their detail and speed; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  21. This episode made me feel concerned about the characters – and not Yuji, but all those affected by his disappearance. It also reminded me of the little quirks that made them so charming, from Wilhelmina’s de arimasu and inner dialogue to the Margery’s bottle-hugging. I am really curious how the love dynamic in the main love square will work out now that Kazumi is feeling the weight of class reps confession. This might yet develop inbto everybody gets a pair situation…

  22. Guys, how does the first episode compare to Fate/Zero?
    I haven’t watched Fate/Zero yet because even though I’m a Fate/Stay night fan, I don’t know much about the Fate series itself so I might look into some background first before watching it.
    I’ve heard good stuff about Fate/Zero, but I’m really anticipating this series. Any thoughts?

    1. Well comparing this to Fate/Zero is comparing totally different things. Fate/Zero is dark anime about a hidden war between magi willing to go to any lengths to meet their agenda. While Shana has this whole hidden war between Flame Haze and Crimson Denizens, it’s also laced with happy slice of life and a ridiculously slow romantic side to the plot. Shana III has more in common with Fate/Stay Night then Fate/Zero. If you’ve watched Fate/Stay Night, note that Fate/Zero is a totally different ball game. The participants are all aware of what they are getting into, and they are mostly mature adults.

      If you know Urobuchi Gen (He wrote Madoka, Chaos;Head, Saya no Uta, among other things) you’ll know what your getting into story wise.

      As for the animation department, Fate/Zero has some of the best animation quality I’ve seen. It’s pretty much movie level quality. If you’ve seen the Kara no Kyoukai movies you’ll know what to expect. Thus it far surpasses Shana in that aspect. The 1st ep is mostly exposition though, but it’s very helpful to those not acquainted with the light novels. The faithful adaption has enough nuances that will keep all LN readers satisfied too. Shana 3 on the other handed, started with a 1st ep that was mostly recap and reminder, with a random cold opening which I personally couldn’t care too much about.

      Overall I’d say F/Z is better than SnS Final, but like I said in my opening statement, it’s not really proper to compare the too.

      1. Thanks Flame and ewok for the summary 😀
        Chaos;Head I’m OK – I’m OK with dementia, but not super creepiness like Madoka which made me wanna throw up. Watching Mami getting eaten made me sick already..
        Looks like I should try to jump in straight into Fate/Zero then 🙂 This is gonna be a memorable season.

  23. I’m surprised that no one noted this, at 11:04, they show the letters twirling and then immediately after that, SoF talking to Yuuji, quite obviously hinting the Yuuji returned the letters. I think what might have happened, is before the “merger” Yuuji returned the letters to them because he CHOSE to join SoF. Wilhelmina (SP?) handed the letter back to Shana maybe cause they got it back in the mail?

  24. Maybe I am jaded or something because although I was a rabid fan of the Shana series, I did not enjoy this premier as much. I didn’t have high expectations or anything, nor that I knew the events to come. I think I’m at the point in life that I do not care for such weak school interactions like in season 2. S1 was fine thou, but S2 was hard to stomach. Why is Shana even in school now since Yuuji is gone now?

    Seriously, I extremely dislike that girl that always c-block yuuji whenever he’s approaching Shana. She literally needs to get erased from existence or something; better yet, the new evil Yuuji should eat her existence!

    Still, Shana would always have one thing better than most other shows – that is it’s OP/ED songs.


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