「チューリップの咲いた日」 (Chuurippu no Saita Hi)
“The Day the Tulips Bloomed”

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m having trouble understanding what Kimi to Boku is trying to do here — one episode in and it still seems slow. My biggest complaint is I still don’t understand what kind of vibe it’s trying to give off. Maybe I’ve been spoiled with too many comedies that feature girls doing things that only girls can do?

For example, I really didn’t like how Sato Masaki was introduced. After getting a band-aid from Shun, she started to pull chairs from underneath him, screwed up his selection at vending machines, and started to throw rocks at his head — awfully strange behavior for someone who says she appreciated being cared for, right? Unlike Shun, I wasn’t able to forgive her for all the crap she’d done.

In between Shun getting bullied by a girl who’s about one-third his size, there were still a few good moments with the twins throughout the episode. Starting with Yuki, it’s funny to watch the straight-faced athlete lose his cool composure when he’s tempted with the right things. Not even moving an inch when Kaname mentioned Shun’s name, watching Yuki spring into action only after the words “free manga” were uttered was pretty funny.

In Yuta’s case, it’s nice just to hear the guy talk a little. Instead of being this lifeless character that’s supposed to just take the role of the cool older brother, it’s a bit surprising to see that he actually has some kind of personality hiding inside of him. While he still may not be speaking his mind, the way he internally saw that Shun’s kindness for others hasn’t changed since they were little was rather cute.

I’m still not impressed with this show.There are a few genuinely good moments but there need to be more of them! With one of the main characters still waiting to be introduced, I’m hoping that he brings some much needed flair with him.




  1. I keep having the feeling that the producers aren’t even trying. I mean, at least K-ON and Yuri Yuri put in a pretty good effort to be entertaining. Usually I’m always entertained by something, but this may be the first time in a couple seasons that I’ve been truly bored ;_;.

    1. That’s not a bad thing, though. The number of people on the planet is increasing by many hundreds of millions per decade now. Such a thing was absolutely unheard of before last century.

      History major
    2. Although this herbivore style of thinking is getting more popular I hardly think it is the norm. Hippies were part of the norm in America butno one would say most younger Americans at the time were hippies.

      1. By herbivore men, he didn’t mean vegetarians(or hippies). Rather men who are not aggressive. In US Aggressiveness translate to man. Herbivore men are not aggressive toward sex and money. Hippies, although promote laidback, peace and whatnot(being general here), they are in one way aggressive. I like this show cause it is very laid back. I think the reason many people are not liking this is because there is no fighting, yelling, brute force, over exaggerated stereotypes you would expect from a MAN.

        Jack Vojack
  2. “I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m having trouble understanding what Kimi to Boku is trying to do here; one episode in and it still seems slow.”

    It’s trying to make you fall asleep. The complete lack of proper BGM is further proof of this.

  3. The series is about growing up, going through life and the various people the main characters encounter. It isn’t just a show about “cute boys doing cute things” like the female counterparts(K-On, A-channel etc) without the inevitable girl they’ll get interested in, school hijinks and light drama and so on. Masaki was upset because she’s rather small for a highscooler and thus probably recieves alot of pity/cooing. I knew small people in highscool that hated being treated like that, but Masaki pushes people away. Shun helped her despite her attitutde and that probably struck a cord with her. Anime execution probably left more to be desired since I felt more moved by it in the manga, and that’s still frames.

  4. “one episode in and it still seems slow.”

    But this is supposed to be slow and ordinary.

    This is not an over the top comedy like Yuri Yuri… This is also not a journey growth of love between two people, like Usagi Drop.

    Kimi to Boku is a slow and relaxing slice of life about ordinary people doing ordinary things in a ordinary way.

    There are people who enjoy this, such as myself for example. For me this is being 10 out of 10. It’s absolutely AWESOME. I’m enjoying every minute of this show.

    So is going to be slow and will only show the characters doing what they usually do everyday. Don’t expect more from Kimi to Boku.

    You’re gonna get a more “lively” comedy aspect when the new character arrives, because he’s silly, but it’s still gonna be more or less what it is being now.

    I think you’re just not the right audience for this show.

    1. I don’t mind slow and ordinary but there’s very little that catches my attention in this anime. I guess I’m just spoiled with too many anime to watch this season XD.

      There’s something about the characters that bothered me a little. I can’t put my finger on it, but it feels rather surreal? Maybe that’s not quite the right word…

    2. There’s nothing wrong with (girly boys being) ordinary, but it doesn’t need to be this painfully slow and unlively (and girly).

      For me, the issue seems to be that they’re trying to adapt the anime chapter for chapter, which as others have stated, doesn’t work well because the manga chapters are pretty fast. The childhood scenes for the first few chapters were short, almost like quick thoughts. The anime just seems to be trying to drag them out, to the point where child Shun picking snow off the tulips (2/35 pages) extended to three minutes. (3/22 minutes)

      I’ll wait and see if Chizuru keeps me around. Otherwise, I’ll probably drop this.

    3. i completely agree with what you just said!! XD

      for some reason, i actually enjoy this show more than K-ON! && A Channel…
      though the 2nd episode isn’t as good as the 1st one, i still enjoyed this and would like to see the next one..

    1. I like it to stay the way it is, but I do expect some gay jabs through this show because you can always say something that can be taken the wrong way. I get the same line of bromance humor in Natsume Yujincho that I enjoy int this one. ^_^

      It’s not BL and I’m not against BL but prefer it to be intentional to the story over something that is forced by the fandom.

  5. I think what the staff is doing wrong is that they’re doing 1 chapter per episode. The chapters are really short, and they should at least try to do 2 chapters per ep. I think it’ll still fit in just right, given that it’s a comedy.
    I love the manga, but the anime is going waaaaay slow. One of the things that made me look forward to the anime is that I thought it’ll be a faster, more upbeat version of the series I love so much. 😐

    Still waiting here for Chizuru. Hopefully he’ll be as loud as he has to be.

  6. It’s like I’m watching a bunch or acorns trying to mingle…. Utterly riveting…..

    I suppose this show is for the girls. I mean, you get tons of shows featuring schoolgirls doing “slice-of-life” things… some decent (Minami-ke .. first season, at least) and some bad (that one with a band one, whatever it’s called) that mostly seem to be watched by older male viewers. Maybe this one is for older females (josei) or something?

    1. K-On isn’t necessarily bad. If you’re looking for comedy, then you won’t find it interesting. It’s a “cute girls doing cute things” slice of life and it does its job quite well in that respect. Minami-ke actually does try to go for humor, and as such, is an unfair comparison.

  7. To be honest, I’m loving this series so far. Yes, it’s slow. Yes, there are more “exciting” series than this. However, this is probably the purest slice-of-life this season. No unnecessary drama, no over-the-top randomness, just a group of friends growing up together and their experiences. I find this easier to relate to as well, since I’m a male and not female (the latter of which usually makes up the majority of the main cast in this genre).

  8. Seriously guys.
    Wait for Chizuru.
    He’s the lively one. He brings the life into the group. They just had to use Masaki before he came to get all the basic relationships established. Be patient with it- it’ll get better, honest.

    Don’t drop until you try episode three. That’s when things are going to pick up, if they do it right.

  9. I enjoyed the first episode but then they decided to drop this pile of sulfuric shit all over my face making my eyes bleed. It’s been a while since I’ve been so thoroughly bored. Bromance only works if there is more comedy involved or interesting scenarios… I’ll check out another episode before I decide whether to watch this or not. I hope it gets better.

  10. I like this series because I dunno, unlike other manga it doesn’t try too hard to be entertaining. It’s about real-life and them growing up. So I kinda like it.

    Thank you for blogging this as usual 🙂

  11. I don’t what this series is trying to accomplish either. It’s like someone just created random and odd situations for uncharismatic main characters and expected everyone else to love it instantly. It’s just not an entertaining anime series, imho.

  12. Ok, I’m dropping this. It’s so gayish (in a bad way) that it’s gonna make me cry. No way that a bunch of (male? Ehm…) friends, even if Japanese, will behave like this. Never. Lamest anime of fall 2011 in my opinion.


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