「冬木の地」 (Fuyuki no Chi)
“The Land of Fuyuki”

Well, I hope I didn’t ruin the enjoyment of too many viewers out there about something that was revealed in just nine minutes of this third episode. Personally, I really didn’t think it was that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. Just so there isn’t any confusion, I don’t know too much about Fate/Zero outside of what I know from Fate/stay night and what I learned during the research for the season preview. I don’t know where things are headed and even less about how things will end, and of all the spoilerish tidbits that I did come across, the true identity of the “Assassins” served as a big teaser to me than a spoiler. Knowing about that felt like a preview for this third episode, which actually gave me something to look forward to, hence why I passed it along.

One of the key differences seen in this prequel is the perceptiveness of the Masters. There’s a lot more scheming and underhanded strategizing going on compared to the Fifth War in Fate/stay night, and Kiritsugu himself is no different with the way he’s trying to trick the other Masters into thinking that Saber is contracted to Iri (which may explain why he feels he’s going to cause her death). In Tokiomi and Kirei’s case, it’s only natural for us as the viewer to suspect that something was up, especially when we have an inside look at what’s going on with all the Masters and their Servants, so I can’t imagine anyone wasn’t the least bit suspicious about the supposed betrayal out of the blue. If you were, then we’re likely watching different shows and there’s little to no reason for you to be reading my impressions anyway.

Clearly, I have to draw the line somewhere about what I can talk about after confirming the details and what’s considered a “major” spoiler, so short of putting my entire post in spoiler tags, I’ll start by saying that I don’t consider telling you that Hiasu Maiya (Tsunematsu Aymi) is Kiritsugu’s coldhearted professional assistant a spoiler, or even how her weapon of choice is a Steyr AUG, as seen in the opening sequence. If you feel that’s already divulging too much, then I’m afraid I’ll have to say that this blogger/reader relationship just isn’t going to work out and we should break ties here. Just close your browser tab now. If you’re okay with knowing that much and wondering about the kiss between them — which I really don’t know the exact reasons for — then it may be worth paying attention to Iri’s conversation with Saber a bit more. If you’re okay with a little more deduction on on my part, then take note of how Show Spoiler ▼

As for some surface-level impressions from the lengthy exposition that isn’t the least bit dull (To Aru Majutsu no Index should take some notes here), it’s interesting to see how Tokiomi will bow his head to Gilgamesh to get him to cooperate (very manipulative), how Waver and Rider get along a lot better than it seems, how Kirei still feels unfulfilled, how convenient it is for Servants to instantly gain some knowledge of the era they’ve been summoned into, and how Saber is truly unlike all the other Servants. Lancer (Midorikawa Hikaru) makes his honorable appearance (no I won’t mention his true identity) and sets the stage for a battle with Saber next time. I’ll even refrain from mentioning why Saber’s weapon is invisible and exactly what Gilgamesh’s Noble Phantasm is, even though both have been explained in Fate/stay night. It’s probably worth mentioning that Saber’s probably dressed up in a black suit to help mask her true identity/gender, though I’m not really sure helps in any way when she transforms back to her armored outfit in battle. Whatever the case, she, Iri, and Kiritsugu have arrived in Fuyuki and the war will probably pick up from hereon in.




  1. I’ll just be over here frantically shipping Iri and Saber.

    Their scenes were just absolutely adorable, and I wish Iri really was Saber’s master. But this is good enough.

    The bit with “Assassin” was pretty awesome (I wonder if Altair is in there somewhere…), and looking forward to our first real servant fight next episode.

    Also totally hadn’t been paying attention to the male seiyuu for this series so hearing Midorikawa Hikaru as Lancer was pretty amusing. Not who I expected.

    1. You’re not the only one shipping Iri and Saber after their scenes in this episode.

      Also, Divine, I was of the opinion that Saber is “suited up” because it matches Kiritsugu’s style more, but that could just be me.

      1. Please don’t remind people of what happened between older men and their apprentices in ancient Greece. Mix it up with Type-Moon’s mana transfers…I’ll stick with Saber x Iri

        Curse Historical Accuracy
  2. haha divine, i swear your Bill Clinton cap made me think

    “I did not have sex with that woman”.

    Assassin guild full of rogues that get one-shotted….Well Gilgamesh’s 100 hit combo still counts as one attack…right?

  3. You what I love about Rider? He’s a genuinely funny guy. No gags, no misfortune, no odd circumstances; he’s just a funny, lovable dude.

    And you know what I love about this series as a whole? All this exposition and explaining doesn’t drag on forever and isn’t at all dull or boring. It’s just absorbs you.

    And you know what’s great about the main characters? The Servants and Masters aren’t totally dull in the mind. There’s plenty of scheming and underhandedness, the most prevalent example obvious being Kirei’s father taking him into the church as a guise.

    I could go on and on about what else this series does so incredibly right, such as the animation and music and the character interactions (primarily between Waver and Rider), but yeah, you guys get the point. It’s just amazing to me that the quality of Fate/Zero has been kept up so high, on both the aesthetics and story.

    And oh yeah, this just a guess, but I’m willing to bet money on Lancer being some kind of legendary Irishman 😛

    1. It’s not the same Lancer from Fate Stay Night… I could tell you who it is, since I read the type moon wikia… but it would spoil the fun and the shock 😛 I don’t say his name in the spoiler, but you get the picture… view at your own peril 😉
      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Well, there’s not many mythical polearms that I can really think of, but most of the few that come into mind are from Celtic legends. Since Cú Chulainn is clearly out, due to his involvement as the Lancer from Fate/Stay Night, I’m putting most of my money on Lugh, Cú Chulainn’s father from Celtic lore. Then again, this Lancer has two spears, while Lugh had one crazy, automatic spear which f**king killed people automatically without needing its wielder, I could be wrong. Personally, I don’t know and have yet to come upon any famous spearman who had the gall to use two goddamn lances. But idk, the dude looks Irish for some reason.

        I just realized that I’ll feel like utter shit if I’m wrong, LOL.

      2. It wouldn’t be Lugh anyway. Figures that could qualify as gods are straight out. Anyway Fate/Zero Lancer is actually an interesting figure even though I wish they had been a bit more imaginative with him.

  4. @divine: I guess the main reason for all the tactics and planning is that as compared to F/SN, Fate Zero has more experienced adults who have their far share of magic training and battles. Fate Stay Night were mostly high schoolers.

    Sorry bout the x2 post

  5. Great character and plot development. The script is very well executed, and it reminds me of the way older animes used to draw me in. There’s a good amount of character and plot development, enough just to keep things interesting.

    Lol, Rider had me laughing the entire time.

    I’ve only watched FSN and read brief summaries on how F-Zero ends, but it really is an eye-opener when you know Show Spoiler ▼

    I think the most difficult thing regarding “spoilers” for F-Zero is the fact that F-Zero is an anime adapted from a LN based off a VN, which also had an anime. Many people have only seen the anime, some have played the VN, even less have read the LN, some only know bits and pieces of all three, and some are new to the universe all together. What might be considered spoilers for a certain group of viewers, is common knowledge to others. Seeing as how there are FSN posts here at RC, I think it’s fair to include FSN(anime) knowledge into F-Zero posts.

    I think beyond the identities of the 7 Servants, there`s not much more that Divine can “tease” about. So I don’t think there’s any good reason for people to avoid reading his posts because of “spoilers”.

    Can’t wait to see some fights animated next week. The quality of this series is just absolutely top-notch.

    1. Well, there are some people that are practically allergic to being spoiled of any information that they haven’t realised themselves. I can’t really understand why they would would ever read a blogg or forum about an ongoing series though.

  6. Ah, now that’s a much better post, thank you.

    And it was a stellar episode for me. The ending had me rolling on the floor, haha.

    And as for why Kiritsugu says he will cause Iri’s death, a little comparison (and my speculation) with Fate/stay night might explain why. This is my speculation but I will put it in spoiler tags anyway. Show Spoiler ▼

  7. I’m trying to get into this show, but it isn’t really working for me because I missed literally all of it’s previous installations- time and again I see stuff that looks like references to the back story, of which I know nothing. It’s as if they expect most people to come in with a certain degree of knowledge about their world- not a bad thing, especially for such a popular franchise, but it leaves new people me rather confused sometimes…

    1. I’m not sure why you’re having a problem. The first episodes give enough exposition to tell you exactly what is going on. The finer details can only be understood by fans, but the overall narrative is easy to understand for first-time viewers.

      1. Hmm… well there’s always the Wiki to check about the terms you need to understand. Watch out for spoilers though.

        If you didn’t want to spend the time looking the for the VN you can try looking at LP’s. Either the Text version or the Videos will do. Those take a long time though, so do it only if you really want to invest the time.

      2. Hmm, the LP version looks pretty much the same as playing the VN, minus voice acting and graphics effects. I guess it will save some time over listing to all the voices, but you can cut that short in the VN as well. Personally so do I prefer the VN but I guess it’s up to personal preference.

    2. Well, the finer details are also slowly being explained at a moderate rate. Things such as the command spells and magical worms were explained already in episodes 2 and 1 respectively. Gradually, the missing details on Type-Moon universe will most likely be filled in.

      And don’t watch the Fate/Stay Night anime, personally, it’s kind of bad and sort of a waste of time. Another option is to read the VN which is great, but that also takes a very long time, even more-so than watching the anime. The best option for now is probably to read Omni’s synopses on the Fate/Stay Night located here. From there you can get most of the knowledge you need from the first few posts.

  8. Rider is such a bro. I love how entertaining his scenes are, especially when you consider that its an exposition scene. This anime can make exposition look dynamic without resorting to talking heads. Its a great way for me to keep attention. (Yet another failing of the F/SN anime)

    Kiritsugu’s guns were sweet. I love how he is the only one who can detect the ruse of Kotomine, because he’s so pragmatic and practical.

    And hooray for Lancer, next episode if going to be great if the LN are any indication..

  9. Reverse trap sabre <3
    Divine's post felt very reserved this time, please don't hold back on your thoughtful insights though. I enjoy teasers as long as it doesn't ruin the ending, and thought the backlash last week was a bit unwarranted but I guess it's hard to please everyone.
    Also thumbs up if you have Oath Sign and Memoria are on endless repeat ;D

    Seishun Otoko
      1. Completely agree with Dial here. Speculation, or at least if you post something to make it seem like speculation, is much different than: “this will happen later on.” Don’t get me wrong, I love your posts and writing style Divine. It’s just the uncharacteristic piece from last week, the fact you kept on not admitting even after legit points were raised (of course not counting the annoying whiners), and the obvious mockery/sarcasm in the posts above that seems very unprofessional. However, it’s your site now, and it’s not our place to tell you how to do your posts, except to maybe point out some things like we did.

    1. I found the tone of some of this post a bit sarcastic (there’s no need to keep stating the things he won’t mention) – its not as if some of the complainers did not have a point. I, for one did not like the spoiler ( though I didn’t comment on it ), even though I already suspected it. Thoughts and insight are different from actual knowledge – If he had been speculating that Assassin wasn’t dead, it would have been perfectly fine.

      I really enjoy reading bloggers thoughts about an episode of a show, and what they __think__ might happen later on – not so much being told about what they already __know__ for a fact will happen, while assuming everyone else does.

      Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen over here ( not counting some commenters who have no self control), so I chalked it up as slip and moved on 🙂

  10. HNNNG so much awesome in this series/ep. I Love Rider. Seriously, too awesome XD. “NOT IN THE HOUSE” XD XD XD. “Best vantage point! Right here!” …meanwhile his master is trying not to wet his pants on top of the bridge. Hahahaha ^_^.

    Lancer, DAT VA. totally fangasmed *is dead* I look forward to the reveal, and it was good to see the “I’d introduce myself, but I’ve been told not to”, again. (At least… I think I remember that from Fate/Stay Night)

    *happy sigh* Mmmn, the Fate series does such a wonderful job of wrapping you up in its lore. Can’t wait for the next ep >).

  11. Food,Sex,Sleep and ….War? [err..Maybe War[Games] & [War]Anime for me]
    Whatever you do,enjoy it to the fullest! -me and rider will get-along just fine!

    Kiritsugu knows how to handle his Guns and Women! Shirou need to learn alot from his father!

      1. Oh,C’mon! he doesn’t look that much of a sissy. He can look cool if he wanted to, with his magic and stuff. And he summon Rider, and if i’m not wrong there is always some sort of similarity (physical or attitude) between master and his summon servant, well according to the FSN lore.

        ….(HAHAHA! This give’s me a weird idea.) Well, maybe over course of the story. Rider will deplete all his mana and Waver will need to replenish it using an Unorthodox way. XD (Just remembering the scene in the VN and how Rin explain it to Shirou in a tsundere way is so funny.)

  12. Why do you care what a bunch of whiny babies think?

    Do they know what an anime blog is? They do know that Omni who MADE this site used to post FULL SUMMARIES of the episodes and people loved those right? Nobody had problems with Omni and people are raging about THIS really?

    Divine you shouldn’t let this stuff get to you if they don’t like it then they can leave LOL

    1. I actually prefer Divine’s impression based posts more than full summaries. As Divine mention numerous times, subs did not come out as fast as it does now, so the summaries are very useful for those who rely on subs and want to know what happened in the episode. With the speed at which subs now come out, summaries are a bit redundant, seeing as how most poeple will have watched the episode before reading the posts at RC.

      It`s more insightful and entertaining to read about other people`s thoughts and opinions of the episode, rather than restating the facts.

  13. I cannot believe I waited until today to start watching this show. Holy fucking shit I’m a retard for thinking this would be boring being a prequel and all. Fate/Zero is better than Fate Stay Night by a huge margin and I fucking loved FSN. Fate/Zero just feels more mature, dark, in depth, and just flat out more interesting with all the different strong personalities and storylines. Great blog divine!

  14. Re: the kiss between Maiya and Kiritsugu, if my impression of the light novel is correct…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Maiya give him some comfort and the way to do that just happen to be kissing. I kind understand why Maiya has affection toward Kiritsugu because… Show Spoiler ▼

      I also thinks Lancer’s team will be more interesting than that of other master’s because of their relationships.

  15. This is a more serious version of Mayo Chiki. Deja vu, the “male” butler guiding her princess.

    Amusing how Clinton is in an anime. I would like to see our Bill Clinton saw that- imagine yourself in an anime, doesn’t happen often. Clinton got lucky.

    Amusing that there is now a fight. This is going to be so juicy.

      1. God Damn this is such a tease…

        I Don’t know any famous err mole-faced lancers… and now i really want to look it up. =\

        Especially since the ED shows him with a cute chick I want to know his story as well. xD

  16. If anyone was curious, Kiritsugu’s “sniper” rifle is a Walther WA 2000, of which less than 200 were made and generally have a going price in the middle 5 figure range.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Nobody would have “whined” if posting spoilers in blog posts were the norm on this site. They aren’t so a lot of ppl, myself included, read something that they didn’t want to know.
      And AFAIK the criticism was stated respectfully, so I don’t seen any problems with that.
      Of course, Divine’s blog post was nothing compared to some users who posted REAL major spoilers in the comments.

  17. I laugh at how Iri made two contrasting statement this episode when she said 1.)“It’s rare that I get to visit Japan” and how she said 2.) “It’s the first time I’ve ventured the outside world”. Well of course she did said that Kiri told her about the outside world thru videos and pictures, but seeing the world thru pictures and videos and visiting it physically are two different things, unless magic did the trick there. XD

    Finally, a fight will be held presumably next week, the lengthy dialogues and expositions are fine by itself since they are pretty entertaining.

    I believe there is still one servant not yet introduced.

  18. Gotta lol at Bill Clinton getting a mention. This would narrow down the scope of this story from between 1992-2000. Though if we assume that FS/N takes place at the time of the game’s release (2004), then we can conclude that Fate Zero takes place in 1994, as well as extrapolate the previous Holy Grail Wars (try not to take this speculation too seriously 🙂 ):

    1st War: 1814 – The Tokugawa Shongunate should still be implementing their Sakoku policy of forbidding contact with the outside world, with the exception of Dutch and Chinese traders in Nagasaki. This would make it difficult for foreign magicians to get to Fuyuki unless they were accompanied by Dutch missionaries (probably members of the Church or Mage Association themselves).

    2nd War: 1874 – Perhaps realizing entering Japan is just too troublesome under the Tokugawas, the foreign mages probably decide to arrange for friends in power to have Commodore Perry to open up Japan, thus making it easier for foreign mages to get to Fuyuki. The Meiji era is one where Japan openly embraces all things western as a result.

    3rd War: 1934 – The dark pre-war years, when Japan is starting to antagonize the entire world. Show Spoiler ▼

    4th War: 1994 – This story

    5th War: 2004 – Fate Stay/night

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Err, Japan didn’t antagonize the entire world during the pre-war era. They had a falling out with the US and UK over racial equality. It didn’t suit the US domestic and the UK colonial policy. This was further aggravated by conflicting interests in China. But Japan was hardly at odds with the world.

  19. The Fall season lineup sure have a whole bunch of shows that I’m very eager to watch. Compare this season from the previous 3 seasons.

    Madoka Magica for me single highhandedly carried the entire Winter lineup and make it a very exciting season (it’s just me),

    Ano Hana and Steins made quite a big impact in my viewing experience for Spring but not really quite that much,

    – I found Summer lineup to be more of the same as spring, but without any really strong series to really crave about.

    – This season has at least 4 huge shows under its belt for me– Guilty Crown, Shana III, Gundam AGE, Fate ZERO, so I’m really very excited again with very huge anticipation on those four aforementioned Fall season titles.

    Hopefully, my experience in watching Madoka Magica last winter season will be repeated this season.

  20. well since you put it in spoiler tags Divine I might as well too I suppose. I don’t know anything really about Zero (I’ve never read any materials or even had to do any research unlike you), and I think info on FSN isn’t really a spoiler at this point. If you put two and two together from Ilya in FSN/UBW/(and if you read/played the visual novel, HF) then you already know what Ilya is and it’s not that hard to imagine that Iri, as her mother, would be the same and would share the same fate…

    [NOTE: I believe the information about Ilya may only have been revealed in the VNs. I can’t quite remember where they talked about Ilya in great detail, but you learn a great deal about her in the UBW and HF routes of the game at least, and it may be there that you learn about her situation, and how tragic it was. Since this may actually be a real spoiler if you didn’t play the game (although it looks like the producers want you to make the connection, since they lay it bare, parallel Iri and Ilya heavily, and take no shame in even using the almost exact same words about ‘alchemist’ and ‘puppet’) I’ll put it in spoiler tags:

    Show Spoiler ▼

  21. On another note I think knowledge the creators expect you to have from the FSN VN (and maybe even it’s squeal) are necessary to fully enjoy all the intricacies, connections, and devices at play here.

    I’m actually pretty surprised at how much knowledge of FSN you are supposed to have. We were already supposed to know Sakura was Rin’s sister (as per the FSN VN Heaven’s feel route). They just non-nonchalantly mentioned that in episode 1. I’m sure that was a surprise (and maybe a WTF?! shock) to people who had only seen the anime and movie, but it really wasn’t meant to be.

    Now, it seems, we are expected to already know all about the Einzbern family.

    I’m not sure if it’s better that Zero continues like this (with this assumption of knowledge) or not, but I can’t say that I have been disappointed so far (and yes I’ve played the VN) .

    I do think you’ll get a lot more mileage out of Zero if you have all the information available from the game about the 5th war. Fate was only one story, and UBW was a movie, and HF never even got animated. I can’t remember what the FSN anime cut out due to it’s own time constraints. UBW was a movie, and since it was relatively short focused mainly on Shiro and cut out most of the very telling other important realizations. Obviously pure-anime viewers have no knowledge from the HF route.

    Much relevant and important information from the game is therefore missed by anime-only viewers and without it the viewer can miss many connections that add an extra layer of understanding and depth, which is a shame.

    1. You don’t need to know what happens to the teenage versions of Rin and Sakura to enjoy F/Z.
      I think that F/Z is perfectly self-sufficient. They layed down all the necessary explanations about the Holy Grail War and the Master/Servant system.

      Son Gohan
  22. Now I am literally scratching my head, curious to death about Lancer’s true identity, yet I don’t want to spoil my head. Damn it! Is it me who doesn’t scrutinize enough while watching the show or the show really doesn’t give enough hints about the identity!?
    This is the first time I feel bad for not receiving world history in school :/
    And damn, I feel sorry for Iri. She has huge death mark on her, while I really really like her interaction with Saber 🙁
    On lighter note, hell yeah for Alexander-Waver interaction!! Awesomeee!! Crossing my fingers later he will be faced with Gilgamesh or Blubebeard. Now that would be pimptastic!

    1. I thinks Lancer’s team will be more interesting than that of other master’s because of their relationships. Lancer’s voice is just how I imagined, good job Hikaru Midorikawa. Also,two spears! This is going to be fun!

  23. I have a question: What’s with the countdown clock at the end of every episode? (Shown with the episode title)

    Including this episode, the clock has been counting down from 269, 172 and 154 hours respectively now, which would be around 11 days, 7 days and 6 days.

    Are they counting down to the official beginning of the war? Surely the war would have commenced already once all Servants are summoned, besides, Lancer is now about to duel with Saber.

    Kinny Riddle
  24. Divine, I just wanted to mention that I got spoiled by Rakkyo’s spoiler comment on the Recent Comments section. Do spoilers get revealed there, or is it just some glitch I encountered? Just thought I’d let you know.

    1. I also got spoiled by it, but because I clicked on it myself, assuming that it was more speculation and a reaction to Delwack’s comment and not a direct spoiler answer to confirm his assumptions. I think it would help if ppl exactly said what kind of spoiler they’re posting (speculation, fact, character, story, etc.).

      Anyways, this episode made me feel sad fo Iri. Really enjoyed the conversation between Tokiomi and Gilgamesh. Looking forward to what kind of surprises Gilgamesh will have in store for us.

  25. I’m normally a spoilerphobe, and I don’t consider anything you’ve posted on the blog about Fate/Zero to be big spoilers. The people commenting are another matter entirely though, especially in the 2nd episode comments. I’ll still keep reading your blog posts, but I think I’ll skip on the comments for now at least.

  26. Can someone answer this question,please – What is exactly the holy grail war or how does it start at first and what is its real purpose?

    Also Can the servant alone or master or both obtain the holy grail?

    That would help me if you could answer to these question.

    1. I’m not sure how to do spoilers on this site so I can’t say much (someone please tell me!). Here’s what I can say. The Grail is definitely not what it’s assumed to be, and even among the people in the know it’s not quite what they think it is. However it can do what they think it can, depending on perspective.
      A Servant on their own wouldn’t last long enough to obtain the Grail and a human Master can’t touch it. You need a Servant for that.

      1. Not really.
        I think Tokiomi mentioned this in the episode that the Archer class has a skill called “Independent Action” where the servant can move and act without a master for a longer period of time.

        So yeah, it is technically possible for a servant to obtain the grail by himself.

    2. The Grail is like a magical wish granting machine, it was designed as a like a war in order to create a contest like situation. The one that wins the war gets the grail and has his wish granted.
      Both the mage and the servant get one wish but all the other servants must be eliminated for that. if the master dies, the servant normally disappears because The servant needs magic granted by the master to keep on fighting.
      It starts when all the 7 servants had been summoned.
      It is supposed to end when there is a victor and the grail appears and grants the wish of the winning team.
      How does it works?
      That is a potential spoiler.
      Show Spoiler ▼

    3. I would avoid thinking about Grant’s explanation too much, because I don’t think it’s what you’re looking for, and it could be an unwanted hint toward major spoilers.

      >What is exactly the holy grail war or how does it start at first and what is its real purpose?

      My understanding is that it’s a game to determine who gets to use the Holy Grail. Basically (this is purely technical/historical, it’s just what I recall from infodumps in the early/middle part of Fate/stay night when I played it recently, and it’s completely removed from major revelations in Fate/stay night, so feel free to click it, seriously) Show Spoiler ▼

  27. This is definitely a much darker prequel than FST ever was and I think it was pointed out correctly that it has to do with the age of the characters that are much older, more savvy and more tricky to understand and to predict.

    For me the 2 best series of the season Fate/Zero and Guilty Crown… the rest do not seem that polished even though they are excellent in their own regard (Shakugan 3, Gundam, etc)

  28. A subset of readers should be careful when dealing with any show they don’t want to be spoiled to. That includes studio originals like Star Driver and Code Geass, because magazines like NewType have articles with tons of “extra info” that gets discussed in forums that Divine could hear from friends and not consider a spoiler.

    This wasn’t as interesting an episode to me as the previous two. The philosophical dialogue and strategy aren’t that entertaining to me–the plot twists and character intrigue are. If the pace doesn’t pick up next episode (likely, if it spends too much time on fights), I’ll drop it.

  29. Probably will be explained later, but I’ll just note it anyways

    Show Spoiler ▼

    I see that now Divine is super reserved. Granted that there is a hint of sarcasm with the part of Saber and Gilgamesh hahaha as well as some other parts that I will not dwell in. It’s hard to find where the thin line is, but the only word of advise I could say is that the major spoilers that no one wants to hear about is noble phantasm other then Sabers, and Archers (Gilgamesh), and also Assassin, since it should have been inferred that the multiple copies is some sort of noble phantasm. Keep up the good work as always though. I know you can do it as a long time fan of yours.

    Sora no Kaze
  30. From the ending sequence, it kinda dawns on me that Lancer could be…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    I havnt never played a game so this is a guess on my part. Could or could not be a spoiler.

    Somehow I am feeling that Fate/Zero is shaping up a lot better than Fate/Stay Night.

    1. I’m not quite sure how you got that one since there’s nothing about that guy’s story to suggest lances or much combat (except a duel or two). Anyway it’s definitely not him.

      Aside from that Fate/Zero is a couple of light novels. If you don’t mind the spoilers you can read them over at Baka Tsuki.

  31. Good ep. As someone who was not very much swayed by the previous 2 eps, I actually liked this ep more, as the characters began to be fleshed out more and things started coming into focus. I guess I felt a little bit overwhelmed at first by the sheer amount of stuff to take in in the first ep.

  32. King of knights, king of kings, he could be king of whatever he wants to be as far as I’m concerned.

    Now I’m imagining Gilgamesh doing a king of the world bit. Wonder if someone did fan art of that?

  33. In the beginning I though Assassin was only 4 or 5 but when they revile themselves, I was like OMG, there is a whole army of them!!
    Plus, where is my Berserker? That Kariya has only about 1/2 month of life left. I wish they could hurry up and give him some screen time before he return to earth or become bug food.

    1. Spoiler about Berserker
      Show Spoiler ▼

      Well, I read spoilers and the wiki, so dont take my word for it…

      1. Actually Show Spoiler ▼

  34. Kritsugu, bringing the WAR into the HGW…
    his arsenal made me salivating as gun geek! Steyr AUG being possibly homage to the bathroom sniping scene in “La Femme Nikita” (the original french)
    also, Rider wanting to buy 10 B-2s and sack nearest capital was lol, and treating Bill Clinton as worthy opponent made me wonder what he would make, of, say, Vladimir Putin?
    Is it me or Ilsveta X Saber yuri doujins are being crafted even as I write this?


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