I hate to take away from Oonoki’s heroics since he and Gaara did stop a meteor (the first one anyway), but part of me wondered why the Earth elemental users didn’t simply scramble to get everyone underground instead. If there’s nowhere left to run above ground, going below the Earth’s crust and letting it absorb the impact seems like a pretty good out. They probably didn’t need to rely on the Earth elemental users either, as every ninja could’ve dug their own hole with their technique of choice to take refuge. It worked well in Toriko anyway, to save everyone from getting squished by a gigantic beast.

The end result with a bruised and batted Oonoki amidst a handful of survivors made it look like they were waving the death flag for the old Tsuchikage. Even if he doesn’t get killed, it looks like he’s ready to overexert himself to the point where he’ll die from using up all his chakra. The unknown variable at the moment is Tsunade, who may arrive just in the nick of time for a Kage substitution. There’s Naruto as well, but unless the Nine-Tails is going to keep feeding him chakra just to repel Madara’s attacks, I’d say it’s more likely for someone else to step in and take the spotlight next chapter. (B maybe…?) Either way, it’s getting to the point that a retreat seems to be in order, as I can’t really see Madara getting defeated here. He’s shocked the world with his revival and raised a lot of questions on who the other Madara is, which is a pretty good staging point for the next arc of the story where we learn more about his plan that the fake Madara is likely in on.

As for Madara checking his body for something and revealing that he obtained Hashirama’s powers, it kind of reaffirms my suspicion that the mixing of the Senju and Uchiha bloodlines is key to unlocking the powers of Rikudou Sennin. At the very least, it supports the idea that Harashima’s DNA led to the awakening of his Rinnegan. According to Kabuto, Madara didn’t die in that fight, so that could mean he survived long enough for his Sharingan to evolve. Madara also mentioned that he died not too long after awakening his “new” ability, which I assume is in reference to his Rinnegan that’s been only revealed after his death. So far, everything seems to fit this theory so I’m sticking to it for now.


    1. Naruto really really sucks balls now, why the hell do they just add and add more characters just to give us a surprise twist in the end, wtf! Series is getting WAYYYY TO COMPLICATED FOR ME! Just end this series, its getting WAY TO DRAWN OUT! BORING! ONE PIECE FTW!

      The Story You Don’t Know
      1. and one piece doesn’t “add and add more characters?” it’s what you do when you reach a new arc unless if you like the same bad guys in every single arc. honestly naruto is currently more interesting than the straw hats testing out their new strength to a bunch of weak fishmen. that arc has been prolonged for way too long, hurry up and go to the new world…

      2. Well I agree One Piece comment is kinda random here,
        HOWEVER, I have to disagree with some comments
        First of all, I don’t think one piece is dragging too much as [Seriously] mentioned. It is no surprise to people that one piece usually packs more content in one chapter as opposed to naruto. But that’s just difference in delivery style. If we compare the amount anime covers per chapter, the result is more clearer. Although I share [Seriously]’s urge to get over with the current arc, I believe showing what kind of training and change they underwent is much better than naruto’s 3 yrs time skip just to undergo additional (Senju) training.
        Also I dont think naruto is adding more characters. The main villain has always been “the one with the mask” for many chapters now. With Akatsuki being beaten one by one in the beginning and Madara appearing, I’d say the goal is to slowly “drag out” the identity of the main villain of the story. I find the identity behind Tobi and Madara’s fate curious. As for one piece, the focal point of the arc is less accentuated on beating a “bunch of weak fishmen” but on the arc and the history behind its creation.

  1. one has to wonder how in the world this guy even lost to the same hokage who was sealed rather without any comparable highlights. And more than that one has to wonder who can match up to him now…the same guy that even causes the Kyuubi to panic.

    1. Just like Itachi and Nagato being able to go all out with their new immortal bodies- without repercussions, I don’t think Madara was able to use this much power when he was alive.

    2. Isn’t he just showing such immense power now because he has his Rinnegan. The result of his fight with the first may have turned out differently if he was able to awaken his Rinnegan prior to his fight (since he seems to have only lost by a narrow margin then). Also, the fact that he can just be revived again makes him use techniques that he wouldn’t normally since it would damage him as well.

      1. Actually, the Rinnegan is able to animate dead corpses. All of Pains 6 paths were dead people reanimated. Kabuto has no control over them. Was this too much to remember, though?

      2. @WaterDragon, actually Nagato’s 6 paths were re-animated using chakra receivers so they could function properly, Tobi’s 6 paths was re-animated using Edo Tensei. Although Tobi is controlling them currently, even if Kabuto can’t control them, he can probably dispel Edo Tensei on them

        Rise~N Seraphim
  2. I have a feeling the next arc is going to be about Madara’s full revival.. I’m sure he’s not the type to leave his fate in the hands of Kabuto’s ability to maintain his jutsu. Also, I can’t wait for Sasuke’s reaction when he realizes that Tobi isn’t the real Madara.Things are starting to get really interesting!!

  3. I am wondering, at this point, if Tobi would show anything impressive when fighting Naruto. The real Madara can use a lot of power, but I doubt the fake Madara can do anything impressive.

  4. Didn’t like how the kyuubi part was handled, fair enough it shows how bad madara that the nine tails is cautious of him but what happened to all that venom and malice he had the last time we saw him.

    Hell Disciple
  5. What about One Pie- oh forgot it’s just Naruto and Bleach here….urgh.

    Anyway, great chapter overall, good to see at least at this time Naruto can be even MORE overpowered thanks to Kyuubi.

  6. Many people are complaining Tsunade won’t be able to do much if she does arrive…wtf?

    Sure, she may not be a huge difference in combat, but if I’m correct, she could arrive and basically heal everyone with her Healga or whatever else…In fact, doesn’t her Slug summon give people chakra? She arrives, basically heals Tsuchikage, Kasekage and Naruto and they’re ready to go…

    Also, am I the only one who thinks the spotlight Naruto got in this chapter could make a really really good scene in the anime, added the right BGM and direction?

    I just never get tired of seeing Naruto get acknowledged by everyone now that he is so powerful. We are finally at this point in the manga, where all of Naruto’s efforts are really shining and echoing in the ninja world. This time it was the very Madara that was amused, something which I found very satisfying…What better praise can you get than that right now in the Naruto universe, anyway?!

  7. You use wood element, They use wood element and of course I can use wood element too! 80% off sale on Wood element! take one and you get a free Sharingan!

    Gaara: He can use Wood element!?

    Gaara! In what manga are you in!?

    Lectro Volpi
  8. Ironically, in my lab course last week, we dropped down spheres at different heights in an attempt to derive an equation that models how big the craters are in a sand bucket.

    I don’t think going underground will do them any good. It may reduce some impact, but the problem is that when the meteorite smashes the ground, everything below it will be compressed as well. If they did go underground, they’ll probably need to go far below, very far below in order for it to be effective at all. Then there is the problem of getting out of the compressed dirt after impact.

  9. I cant even imagine what sort of power up Naruto would need to even come close to what Madara is capable of right now. The whole jinchuruuki concept seems so pathetic compared to the godly ocular powers. The way Naruto started off, I always imagined the story would revolve around the powers of the biju but that seems completely secondary now to the Sharingan/Rinnegan. Odd but at least its been interesting to say the least.

  10. Madara faked his death with the real objective was to take a part of Hashihrame’s DNA. Actually Madara sacrificed his life so he can be powerful the next time he gets revived which he hand over to Tobi all those tasks along with Nagato.

  11. I swear, Sharingan, Rinnegan and also the ability to _________????
    Madara is too overpowered (although honestly the hype doesn’t feel as big as Pain’s was but maybe I’m just biased), somehow I hope Tobi still has some tricks up his sleeves (preferably more on the tactical-manipulative-intelligent-side than actual raw firepower) because seriously Madara’s just slowly taking any hype we have for Tobi at the moment. Then again, maybe it’s not so much Madara is “overpowered” as he’s just throwing powerful techniques out randomly, it’s more………how the HELL did Onoki just friggin outgun a huge ass double-burger meteor combo???!!!!! >_>

    Admittedly I think this chapter was saved by the fact that it seems to imply that Tobi has an agenda of his own altogether, not to mention what the Kyuubi did at the end was really cool.

  12. Here’s my two cents.

    I think Kabuto did something to Madara, they keep alluding to it. Its either a powerup for Madara or a leash. We’re starting to see the grand conspiracy that involved Madara, Tobi and Orochimaru. The orochimaru connection is the only way Kabuto could have known (unless it came from Sasori..).

    We know that Edo Tensei was created by the Second Hokage. I keep waiting for someone on the Konoha side to use it in its “true” form. Because I doing the Second Hokage would create someone so evil as Edo Tensei…

  13. Madara is too overpowered and boring in my opinion. At this point i dont care about him and just want to see the fake madara get some action, or sasuke and naruto fight. I think introducing the real madara now is lack luster with so many other lose ends people were dying to see. Fake madara just seems pointless at this point.

  14. When the “fake” Madara said he was just a weakling compared to who he was in his golden age, no one could even think this difference in power. And shelter yourself underground doesn’t work for a meteor, then what about 2?

    And let’s remember that he became THIS right before his death, when he fought against the first he was “just” that guy that was almost cut in half by Naruto, before his Rinnegan. But he as strong as hell. GO Madara GO!!!

  15. Just one question did Nagato ever used Earth, Fire, Water, Lighting and Wind Techniques?
    I meant did he use All for them cause in the Manga i didn’t see it at all.
    Oh yeah also why Sakuke did not use his Sharingan vs Raisakage? Cause he too fast!

    If someone could answer to these question, thanks.

    1. I think Nagato didn’t use them that much though it seems like its implied that he can (he just happened to rely on the effectiveness of the 6 Paths of Pain jutsu).

      Remember he had that rain-chakra technique (I forget the name) that allowed him to watch over Amegakur. Also in his past training with Jiraiya they were using various standard techniques. In the anime, they had Deva Pain use a number of Water techniques (hence the psycho tidal waves in the Kyubi vs. Pain fight) as a homage to Yahiko (since the flashbacks showed that Yahiko primarily used Water techniques during their training with Jiraiya) which in itself, could easily be linked to Nagato’s use of the rain-chakra jutsu.

      If anything, I think the 6 Paths of Pain was a really effective technique especially if you take into account of the surprise element of not knowing how it actually works (Naruto did so he got a bit of an advantage during the fight). So I guess that’s why Nagato never really found a use for the other element techniques, though it somewhat shows how obsessive he is in setting himself up as a god at the time due to his reliance on Rinnegan-only jutsu (which I personally liked as it was twisted in its own cool way).

  16. did anyone else notice that it was one of Naruto’s clones that was given the kyuubi’s chakra and that one clone that created the army which made the great rasengan or whatever… Is the kyuubi’s power supposed to be divided into clones separately like that (now that Naruto controls the powers and it won’t go berserk on him) or does each clone has it’s separate portion of the Kyuubi’s chakra stored already?

    Rise~N Seraphim
  17. Okay, so the current storyline – with the fake Madara/real Madara reveal – completely has me hooked. Nice to know Kishimoto can still provide some genuine, awesome twists this late in the game.

    I’m thinking more and more than “their” plan = a plan hatched by the two brothers, Madara and Izuna.

    Not sure what precisely to make of Madara’s momentary ‘spot check’ but your theories seem as plausible as any, so I’m inclined to agree.

    1. You’re on to something with Izuna. I was debating with someone and realized this. The Fake Madara is someone the real Madara knew while he was alive. So scratch young Obito (who still may be a victim of body switch). Madara’s brother is the only candidate now. I mean everyone thought Itachi killed Shisui in cold blood. Nobody knew Madara lived after the fight with the First Hokage. Who’s to say Madara really killed his brother. Hell they probably started the rumors so they could work in secrecy. No better way to avoid attention than by being dead.

  18. Hey I was thinking something…………..Nagato is a descendant of the Uzumaki Clan since there is a hypothesis out there that speaks about compatibility through DNA, maybe Tobi gave Nagato the rinengan due to the High compatibility……….dont know I am just trying to get somewhere, but there got to be some important to this since the First Hokage was married to a Uzumaki and that Madara gained from the First and mauybe something runs through narutos blood……………..

    I dont know in the first place I just started wrinting what came to my mind if I am wrong please correct me…and if you want to make some sense about this go ahead………………xD

  19. Can someone tell me when it is exactly that madara gave the rinnegan to nagato, it does not make sense at all, I mean we all saw how nagato partially activated it when his parents were killed, and than fully activated it when he and yahiko were attacked, so where the hell does madara fit into the picture?

    Ow and personaly, i dont think hashirama won because he had stronger techniques or better abilities than madara, he was probably just a better strategist, madara was probably overconfident in his abilities, he seems to have had the sasuke type of attitude as seen duriong his flashback conversation with onoki, believing that the sharingan is superior to all and that he should win purely because of his uchiha lineage.

    And is it just me or did kishi rig the Pein vs Naruto battle so that naruto can win?

    At the beginnig of the fight, Pein had preta path rush naruto in a close combat battle and the preta ended up dying from naruto”s invisible attack, and than immediately afterwards Naruto used rasenshuriken and human path died to save animal, isnt that complete nonsense?


    Earlier in the invasion the preta path, instead of fighting against Kiba and his mom, chose to run away because he knew he couldnt win in a taijutsu battle as he is best suited to fight ninjutsu specialist because of his ability to absorb any ninjutsu. Even against Jiraya, Pein had used the human path to attack jiraya in close combat and kept the preta path far from jiraya, choosing to use it to defend his main attacking path, which was animal path, the strategy had been proven effective when jiraya was forced to retreat because he couldnt beat those three paths.

    My question is why would Pein forsake his brilliant strategy against naruto and send the preta into close combat? He ended up losing 2 paths (Human and Preta) when if he had stayed trrue to his already proven strategy, he would have only lost human (who is useless in battle anyway) and Preta would have simply absorbed the rasenshuriken that naruto threw after using the invisible frog kumite attack. I just dont understand, there doesnt seem to be a plausible reason for Pein to do something so UNCHARACTERISTIC, the only way to explain it is that instead of giving naruto the skills and abilities to beat Pein, Kishimoto rather chose to rig the battle and made fools of us.

    There are other issues i have about that battle, like how CONVENIENTLY, the main and strongest Pein, Deva, did n ot have his powers until he was literally the last man standing, too cliche for my liking, or how all the other paths dodged the rasenshuriken easily but animal (The chick pein) was too scared to even move, and Human ended up sacrificing himself-arent they all the same person, are they not all controlled by nagato? so why did that Path behave like that instead of just dodging like the others?

    One blow from Pein’s shinra tensei was enough to put three boss level summons out of commission (Gamabunta, Gamatora, and Gamaken), but naruto received it TWICE from point blank range and was still fine, with nothing but a few scratches? What up with that, ok the second time the clones held him up to stop him from flying away, but question, If i punch you now and you fall on your back, it will hurt right, but if i punch you again and two people hold you up to prevent you from falling, will them holding you up make it hurt any less? Of course not, you’ll still feel the full brunt of the force of my punch, once again, why was Pein”s S rank technique not able to do anything to him?

    The last issue is when Naruto finished off the battle, he had his clones throw him towards Pein to deliver the final blow with rasengan. Ok what the hell? I understand that he couldnt use his gravity jutsu because of the five second window, but come on!!! this guy had just dodged a couplke of resenshuriken”s a few seconds ago and only maybe twenty seconds later, he cant dodge such a slow, predictable and obvious attack which he saw coming a long way!!!? What!!!? I mean at first i thought maybe he was out of chakra or something, but than he goes on to use that obviously chakra extensive kinjutsu to revive everyone, so that means he was clearly not out of chakra at all, so what the hell!!! Sure the technique killed him, nut still he must have had ALOT of chakrsa to even pull that off.

    Oh and one more thing, Naraka was able to ressurrect preta during the battle without naruto even noticing until he was attacked by him, or at least until preta was ready for battle, why didnt Pein just ressurect animal and Asura too, if he could do it without being noticed?

    Its not that i didnt want naruto to win the battle, because i did, but mayn not in a fake way like this!! I think Kishimoto, instead making fools of us should have given naruto the skills to do it instead of orchestrating a fake battle for us, im sorry but i couldnt help but notice these discrepensies.

    Dark Naruto

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