I’m always a sucker for dramatic speeches and Oonoki’s one almost got me a bit choked up. It’s a testament to the series when I’m that invested in the characters, and rightfully so when I’ve following them for 562 chapters. I’m never opposed to having a flair for the dramatic either, much like we saw here with both A and Tsunade recklessly getting teleported to the battleground. The logical side of me naturally thought about how stupid it would be if the world ended up losing two of five Kages, but the urgency of the situation and the suspense the story was going for made it pretty easy to overlook that. Once the five Kages assembled in front of Madara (and Muu), there was little doubt in my mind that this would translate to an awesome episode in the anime. There have been a few occasions where I’ve strongly felt that way (e.g. Jiraiya’s death), and with the right music to bring out the scenes here, the adaptation of this chapter has the potential to be truly epic. I dare say, “Narutastic”.

It looks like I wasn’t too far off the mark about someone stepping in to take over the spotlight this time around. Granted, I only suspected it was going to be Tsunade and not all five Kages (not that I’m complaining of course). Interestingly enough, Minato’s Hiraishin no Jutsu, a.k.a. Flying Thunder God Technique, is alive and well with Genma and co., albeit in a much more tactical form than before. Also interesting was Tsunade using her Yin Seal to perform her Souzou Saisei, a.k.a. Creation Rebirth, just to get to the battlefield. The seal still remained on her forehead in the cliffhanger shot, so I’m not sure if that was an oversight on Kishimoto’s part or if she really has some chakra left in it. I always figured it’s an all-or-nothing deal and assuming that it is, this means Tsunade’s lacking her trump card, i.e. “get out of death free card”, in this upcoming fight.

Last chapter, I was pretty convinced that Madara wouldn’t be defeated here and sealed away, but now I’m honestly not sure. With the five Kages assembled now, a tactical retreat doesn’t seem like an option unless Kishimoto wants to risk leaving readers disappointed. We’ll find out soon enough.


  1. Perhaps Madara does get sealed here. Perhaps the five Kages exhaust all possible resources but they finally do get Madara sealed. And that’s when Tobi shows him with his Jinchuuriki pals. And then everyone’s worried, “Oh noez, the Kages have no chakra. What ever will we do?” And then BOOM, Naruto steps up to the plate.

      1. Then all Naruto’s friends will “Oh Noez!” Fire Fox mode has faded and he’s all out of chakra. Then Itachi steps on the scene, to put his brother in his place… for the 3rd time.

    1. I thought it was Jiraiya that was resurrected when it first happened. That first panel with the back view only showing the hair threw me off. Dat hair.

      So really, yes, I’m still expecting a Jiraiya resurrection as well.

      And if Orochimaru could go lengths to get the 1st and 2nd Hokages, and Kabuto could get Madara, I wouldn’t doubt that Kabuto can’t reach the body. At least, if it does happen, it wouldn’t be unbelievable.

  2. I think the odds will even out in a few chapters of battle, probably with Tobi and his Six Paths of Pain joining the fray. I home the momentum is retained in the upcoming Kage destruction derby.

  3. “The logical side of me naturally thought about how stupid it would be if the world ended up losing two of five Kages”

    LOL. I didn’t think of this. How awful that would have been!
    Awesome chapter.

    I kinda wanted to hear Genma’s joke.

  4. Mmm. if the Kages lose, there is a very good reason why, first Madara is somewhat all powerful. The Kages have multiple problems. Raikage lost an arm, Oonoki is old and badly injured, Tsunade’s jutsu has a costly side effect, Garra is drained from his previous fights. And, well, that’s that.

  5. “Once the five Kages assembled in front of Madara (and Muu), there was little doubt in my mind that this would translate to an awesome episode in the anime. There have been a few occasions where I’ve strongly felt that way (e.g. Jiraiya’s death), and with the right music to bring out the scenes here, the adaptation of this chapter has the potential to be truly epic. I dare say, “Narutastic”.”

    Too bad the amount of fillers killed the series. I haven’t seen a Naruto episode since Pain ended… and I think that was about a 100 now. I still follow the manga though.

    Its nice to see Minato’s technique being used by the out-of-nowhere-guards-he-had-but-we-never-knew. This will stop people saying its a legendary technique only the 4th and his family can do and that Naruto must learn it.

  6. LOL anyone else take one look at the ultimate team and go from left to right pft… hes missing an arm shes used her best technique already hes beeen in constant battle for the last few hours/days and is tired, hes nearly dead and shes never seemed that special! ?

    frankly id be suprised if one of them isnt dead by the end of chapter 564… (even if the battle isnt over by then)short of a deus ex machina or madara being unplugged from is power source by the mangaka I dont see the battle being as cuddly as the rest

    1. Yeah, the Kages seem pretty underwhelming after Madara’s display of power.

      Btw, I actually looked from left to right and thought wth, he has 2 arms? Medical ninjutsu sure is nice. No wonder he didn’t give a crap about “sacrificing” an arm.

  7. Raikage is still the fastest ninja in the world since Minato is gone..well now I think they proved Naruto is faster…then we haven’t seen if Tsunade is physically stronger than Sage Mode Naruto, but might be.

    The old man is out of chakra i don’t know what he could possibly provide..and Gaara has to be tired after all that fighting..

    If anything this is gonna stall Madara until Naruto gets some chakra back

  8. They will all die, with the exception of Gaara. There is enough foreshadowing in the previous chapters to indicate this, with the respective kage from each village commenting on the younger generation. So in the aftermath of this battle the possibility of all around new kage for each village is possible.

      1. I would agree but she made the mistake of reflecting how strong chou jirou (sp?) has become just before the teleport. I dunno, seems like this battle has a lot of legs and its still the preliminary fights before the main event.

    1. I think clones disappear after being fatally injured or dispelled. The advantage of “Kage” Bunshin is that there can be a physical connection, unlike the regular Bunshin which is just an image clone.

    1. That’s what I thought at first, but she was referring to Mei (Mizukage) in the Japanese dialogue. 「飛雷神の術はあいの為に使ってもらう」 i.e. “We’ll have her use the Hiraishin no Jutsu.”

      Tsunade was referring to getting Mei so that they’ll have her water techniques to counter Madara’s fire ones.

      The mistranslation to “him” affected understanding.

  9. Just a question what do we need for using the ‘Impure World Resurrection’ apart the knowledge that it?

    Do we need the DNA of the person we are going to summon!
    Does Kabuto use a dead corps like Oroshimaru did for the ‘Impure World Resurrection’ technique?

    Does the ‘Impure World Resurrection’ have a weakness? Finally the stroll that the Konoha possess does it contain all forbbiden techniques!

    1. It was confirmed a while back that only a sample of their DNA is required. Its weakness hasn’t been revealed yet. Kabuto claimed there’s no weakness but Itachi implied there has to be one and is headed toward Kabuto to put a stop to the technique.

  10. I can’t see Madara losing to the kages really. His set of weapons is just to large and to deadly. Set of sharingan powers which, i think also includes lethal Susano weapons like Itachi’s and Sasuke’s and Amaterasu. Then there is all pain paths powers, including soul pulling, ashura rocket spamming, all energy attacks absorbing, summoning and etc. On top of that Mokuton and ability to spam battlefield-sized meteors. On top of that no chakra limits and no tireness. On top of that Muu’s company, who will definately try becoming hole and make some Jiton wreck around the battlefield. On top of that Tobi rushing to the battlefield with a set of Sharinganed/Rinnenganed jinchiruki.

    There is nothing, i can imagine happening, that could counter all this.

  11. Tsunade managed to land a kick on Madara but somehow she didn’t send him flying through the mountains? Such a waste and we all know she rarely lands a hit on target.
    Loads of death flags popping up. My bet’s on Onoki and Tsunade. Gaara’s probably the only one who’s safe.

    Seishun Otoko
  12. Guys are greatly underestimating the five kages. You have to look at it like this. A may have lost a arm, but he still almost whooped Bee and Naruto’s asses at the same time. Then take into account that the man is FEARLESS. He chopped off his own arm for gods sakes.

    Tsunade is one of the greatest medical nin alive, and we’ve yet to actually see her fight all out. (She was still having her whole blood issue when she fought Orochimaru, and everyone tried to keep her out of the Pain fight.) Her bag of tricks is vast and is probably the only counter for Kabuto at this stage of the game.

    Gaara is a powerhouse of his own. Even weakened his control over sand and his ability to think on his feet is almost unparalleled. He pretty much never loses his cool and has already adapted his dads sand technique as his own. His sand is still one of the greatest defenses around.

    Oonoki while hurt is obviously pretty fired up over this. Now that he’s doing the “this is probably my last fight” gig we’ll probably see him used some forbidden jutsu if it means beating Madara. If Tsunade can do some quick patching up on him, he will be a force.

    Terumi is a BADASS. Not only can she control three different elements but then she also has two kekkai genkai elements, one of them being LAVA. Her ability to analyze is top notch as she was able to quickly figure out that Ao was posseseed back during the Five kage summit arc.

    You have a lot of battle experience and abilities across those five. And for the most part with the exception of Gaara and Ooniki, we haven’t seen the rest go balls out yet. Madara is strong yes, but he’s no god. Sharingan has holes in its abilities, and these five are the ones who would know best how to interact with it. Madara and Kabuto are cocky and I think that’ll be there downfall. Neither are willing to die for what there doing, the five kage are. Its the same difference that helps Naruto and co win there battles.

    Should be a good fight.

    1. I Can´t be more agree I dont see Madara walking unscarred of this fight, unless Tobi and his Jinchuruki show up early with more godly techniques and still this promises to be one of helluva fight!

    2. Agreed. Give the Kage’s some credit people, they are KAGE’s for godsake. FIVE of them.

      Tsunade is hardly a slouch, and shes practically a kage level medic to boot. Thats a valuable asset right there.

      Hell, the 5 Kages teamed up is probably the perfect team with no weaknesses. A is a close ranged powerhouse. Gaara and Oonoki provides long range defensive and offensive support. Tsunade is the medic that you dont want to get closed to, and Terumi is your long range offensive specialist with brains. You got the perfect party right here. I cant wait to watch them fight together.

      1. Except Madara is all those things packed into one immortal body. GG

        Their only hope is to somehow release Madara from the resurrection spell. It’s probably the most likely scenario because it would be unlikely to team up 5 kages only to have them completely fail.

    3. I agree, but I think you had to back up your claim that much. It almost sounded like Naruto theorycrafting. 😛

      I say let people believe what they want and let them find out next chapter if they’re right or wrong.

  13. Good chapter though not epic as you deem it be. Epic is what many may perceive as the highest tier of compliment. With that in mind, this unfortunately falls short of being epic. Chapters that would qualify as being epic usually hold the answer to key question that have been disputed countlessly. Example: the crow itachi placed in naruto, the 6th coffin, who is tobi, etc. We’ve already seen the crow chapter and the 6th coffin chapter, and I believe that without a doubt we can all agree that those were truly epic chapters. This was just a good chapter, it came together well but lacked the mystery or the importance to keep it as a chapter that will stand out for the rest of the series.

  14. Didn’t you notice how Raikage is dressed? His arms are inside his clothes.
    The drawing is correct. You can’t say that in that angle he has both his arms.
    I think he always put his arms inside his clothes.


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