Episode 05

「いつかの夏」 (Itsuka no Natsu)
“One Summer”

As much as I hate to say it, Chizuru’s antics are slowly starting to grow old for me. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed it when he brought some life into what started off as a really slow show. But ever since his introduction, all the other characters have started showing off their own individual personalities which make his over the top antics seem a little out of place. However, I did enjoy it when Chizuru busted out that cooler and calmer side of his. Not only did he look pretty cool as he shot that last bullet to help out Mary Masaki but I was amazed that his small deed actually got him on Masaki’s good side.

Like I said earlier, ever since Chizuru joined the group I’ve felt that everyone else has been talking out more. Be it Yuki and Yuta extorting stall owners through round-about insults or Kaname going crazy when given the chance to take revenge, the humor that I was looking for finally seems to be shining through. And let’s not forget about the possible love triangle that might be forming between Shun, Masaki, and Chizuru. Even though I’m fairly confident that nothing will come out of this since Shun is completely oblivious over Masaki’s feelings, I can’t say the same about Chizuru. If getting that stuffed animal wasn’t evidence enough, the looks he gave her spoke pretty loudly.


Episode 06

「眼鏡とエトセトラ」 (Megane to Etosetora)
“Glasses and Et Cetera”

I think I’ve said this already, but I’m completely in love with all of Kimi to Boku’s flashback scenes. Not only do they provide a unique perspective into the lives of our main characters, but I love how they all play some sort of importance in the overarching story. Starting off as a simple question about when Kaname started to wear glasses, I never expected a story about his glasses could end up being so interesting.

While I did enjoy watching Kaname try to avoid the problems he envisioned wearing glasses would bring him, I loved how Kaname’s kindness was highlighted. While he may come off as well reserved and even at times cold hearted, I had this feeling that he was full of compassion for his friends, which is why I wasn’t even surprised when he leapt straight into action as soon as he thought Yuki was in trouble. As embarrassing as it may have been to get worked up over nothing, Kaname’s actions were a world class example of what a best friend should be.

Besides the great flashback, wouldn’t Shun and Masaki make a great couple? As unlikely as a romantic pairing would be, I think that ending scene really made a statement with how close the two have become. Throw in Shun’s new and a bit more manly haircut and the way the two were blushing at each other, and you could probably confuse them as lovers.




  1. I was waiting for this to be blogged 😀

    I really enjoyed the summer festival episode. I do slightly support the Kaname and his childhood friend after seeing that episode, but I really hope Kimi to Boku won’t focus too much on romance.

    Great episodes, and yay for Shun cutting his hair. He looks so much better 🙂

  2. I can post a comment even while reading mamga 🙂
    I love the flashbacks too for the same reasons, they start because of something stupid or a mundane question and end up being awesome character devellopment. We’re only 6 eps in and I know all the characters names too, that shows how much I like them. I just hope they won’t focus on romance too much either.

    1. You can’t read manga while posting your comment. See? You even wrote Manga wrong… LOL

      Sorry, can’t help it. I really felt like writing a reply after reading your comment (particularly because you are supporting less romance while i on the other hand would want more masaki and shun :P)

      Anime>Sleep Otaku
    1. Isn’t this one of those shows that you say, “yeah, I remember doing the same kind of stuff.” The cat examples are also just too funny.

      This was the underdog show of the season for me, and it became #2 behind UN-GO.

    2. I forget if it was Yuta that said it, but when when he was poking fun at Shun in ep.6 being called behind the gym and envisioning him being gang raped I just couldn’t stop laughing. The whole while I was thinking “THIS is why you can pull off long hair Shun!”.

  3. This show really grew on and reminds me a bit of the light headed comedy and slice of life that K-On was. This group is also fun to watch. The twins being the dry, sarcastic and fun duo, Kaname being interesting, Shun being the gentle kind soul and Chizuru being the hyper member of the group.

  4. I am loving this show except for one thing… Chizuru. I know his character is supposed to be outgoing, annoying, and overly hyper but he is too much. They need to tone him down just a little bit. Maybe one of the guys muzzle him when he gets to hyper. Other then that I love this series.

    I too wanna see Misaki and Shun become a couple but not right away. Let them become really good friends 1st.

    1. Horizon is a mess. I watch it for the fights but have little to no clue about which group or faction is which. Unless you read the manga/light novels already you will find the series very confusing.

  5. 1:1 – In the beginning the mangaka created the Kimi to Boku.
    1:2 – And the Kimi to Boku was without joy, and humour; and cringe-ness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of Yaoi moved upon the face of the episodes.
    1:3 – And the mangaka said, Let there be oestrogen and vaginas: and there were girls.
    1:4 – And the mangaka saw the girls, and it was good: and the mangaka divided the good from the very terribad.

    Hallelujah… I don’t know why I stuck out with this show for as long as I did even though I would painfully recoil from the impact of every episode up to 4. But I’m glad I did because episode 6 was amazing. 5 was good too. But everything before that was hit and miss or worse, hit and pain. I hope it keeps this up…

  6. I look forward to your response to this weeks since Yuta really shined. I still like Chizuru quite a bit and not only as a foil to the others.

    I wonder if he’s aware of his interest in Masaki…


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