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I haven’t been as harsh on Guilty Crown as some viewers who may or may not be trying to find faults with it simply because it’s popular, but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking at it objectively either. If there’s something that I find irksome, you can be rest assured that I’ll bring it up, much like in this sixth episode where I felt there was a serious discontinuity in the characters’ behavior from the previous week. I’m not one to dwell on plot devices that can be explained in future episodes, but I do value the immediate believability of characters’ behavior. While I don’t expect to agree with all their decisions, I do expect to be able see where they’re coming from. Shuu’s sudden turnaround in support of Gai felt terribly lacking in that regard, as did the events leading up to that where Inori approached Shuu to give him an opportunity to understand Gai better. Inori conveniently forgetting that she told Shuu to stay away from her and doing whatever she can to get him to help Gai rubbed me the wrong way. Also, her willingness to try and convince Shuu conveniently made light of the cold shoulder that she gave him last time. It would’ve made much more sense if someone like Ayase stepped in instead, because this has done nothing but contradict Inori’s behavior, even if I were to still believe that she only distanced herself because she actually cares about Shuu and doesn’t want to manipulate him.

The other inconsistency comes from Shuu himself, who returned the cold-shoulder favor by addressing Inori with honorifics, only to wind up apologizing for troubling her. I figured he would have hardened his emotions after learning that she manipulated him, but he continued on with the self-pity approach instead. The only positive thing I took away was Inori telling him to stop talking like that, but only because I feel that Shuu doesn’t owe Gai or Inori a damn thing. As far as Shuu should be concerned, they rescued him to use him — that’s it. Until he’s given indication to believe otherwise, I don’t see any reason why he should feel sorry about not taking part in their operation. I could chalk it up to his kindness — a willingness to trust again so soon after being betrayed — but that’s really stretching it when he still has the wrong idea about Inori’s relationship with Gai. What’s more, Gai purposely used that to provoke Shuu into punching him for the death of Kyou, yet Shuu for whatever reason still feels sorry for Gai and decides to support him in his cause. From Gai’s confession to whom he believed was Inori and the way he called Shuu an idiot, it sounded like he had already resigned to the idea that Shuu wouldn’t willing cooperate with him anymore, which is why I find it even more jarring that Shuu magically fixed the situation by deciding to help. That completely negated the positive impression he left me with when he didn’t accept Funeral Parlor’s original invitation to join them. This was ultimately my main gripe with this episode. All the time spent establishing the characters and their personalities was largely disregarded, leading to what I strongly felt were inconsistencies in their behavior. I really wanted to give the writers the benefit of the doubt, but it was hard to when I found myself inexplicably “rediscovering” all the characters.

I tried to take the operation to stop the Leucocyte Quazi-Zenith Satellite System at face value, but was unfortunately met with a lot of head-scratching developments along the way. The first goes all the way back to the first episode, and involves how Endlaves transmit pain back to the pilot. What seemed like a sensory overload from getting bumped is now getting a bit out of hand with how specific the pain is experienced. It makes me wonder whose bright idea it was to transmit pain back in the first place. Sure it adds a degree of danger to the pilot, but does so in what’s arguably the technologically dumbest way possible. If the way Gai took out Daryl’s Endlave was any indication, even handguns can hurt the pilot. The second is concerning the elaborate system used to control the satellites. From a security standpoint, the inability for outsiders to touch the cores in the “float cage” may be ingenious, but I’d hardly consider it a great system if damage to it can result in one of the satellites falling from orbit. Evidently, whoever designed this didn’t really care to put some fail safes for that scenario. To make matters worse, the satellite that falls is conveniently headed toward Tokyo, adding a rather convenient layer of suspense. (I facepalmed a bit when Tsugumi said it.) The third involves the combined Void Weapon created from Kenji and Inori, which just sort of happened and saved the day. I normally wouldn’t mind a sudden development like this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t get any explanation in this case, given how little focus the combination was given. The last is the need to wait for the satellites to align before Shuu fired his new Void Weapon. I already had some doubts about the satellites lining up where Gai just so happened to be, but at least it made sense how he was going to sacrifice himself to destroy the falling one. With Shuu shooting it down, there wasn’t any need to destroy the one in orbit too. One could argue that it was Funeral Parlor’s way of achieving their original goal, but I really don’t think that was the immediate concern when they were all going to die.

Amidst all my qualms with this episode, there were still some positives to take away, like Inori’s outfit, Inori’s outfit, Inori’s outfit, and Inori’s gangster-style dual-wielding. In all seriousness, it was the continuity to episodes prior with Gai knowing all along that Shuu had the GHQ transmitter on him and that it would signal an attack from the Leucocyte to wipe them out. I had suspected as much, so it was nice to see something foreseeable actually happen. There was also the sight of the girl who resembles Inori, which sort of jogged Shuu’s childhood memories with Gai. I anticipate that their past will serve as the major overarching plot, so it was good to see it get some attention here. The same goes for the foreshadowing surrounding Shuuichirou and “Cocytus”, where we were introduced to a new character named Yuu (Nishigaki Yuka). I’m looking forward to seeing where that’s headed, so hopefully this episode was just a one-off from trying to fit too much material in one showing — as suggested by how the scenes extended into the credits — and things improve from hereon in. Next time, we finally see the introduction of the student council president, Kuhouin Arisa (Endou Aya).

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* Supercell released a PV for the opening theme “My Dearest”, which surprisingly, features the actual members for what I believe is the first time ever. Up until now, their faces were never been revealed. No Nagi though, as the vocalist is 15-year-old Koeda. See below.

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  1. Shuu’s getting lucky here.. He’s laying with Tsugumi, Ayase, Inori, and FUNNEL!.. But mainly Funnel. :p

    I can’t wait to see if commenters will kill each other with the like/dislike feature here. Start a war guys! XD
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    1. https://randomc.net/image/Guilty%20Crown/Guilty%20Crown%20-%2006%20-%20Large%20End%20Card%2001.jpg

      According to this picture, something is wrong here! It appears that Inori’s boobs is bigger than Ayase’s which we all know is not true. Her is Ayase’s size at a better angle:


      Then a minute later, this!


      The same was with Inori’s:

      EP #1 look at Inroi’s size:


      Here is EP #6 looks:



      This goddamn anime needs to pick its girls boobs proportion and stick with it. Either make them big or make them small. JUST STICK WITH IT!!! I swear to god their boobs size change with every episode. So it won’t be long until Inori get an upgrade to THESE BABIES!


    1. Call it common sense on how one would expect someone to behave in their situations.

      Inori doesn’t let Shuu touch her one day, but goes to him the next. Shuu is all pissed off about being used and now wants to help.

      I found that incredibly jarring given the short time frame between episode five and six.

      1. I thought that whole Gai monologue was just an act because it was totally out of his character to do something like that. I could only make sense out of it if Gai told Inori to let Shu eavesdrop on his little monologue. Then everything makes sense again. Gai knows everything of course, uses Inori to manipulate the gullible Shu who is a sucker for her, and gets Shu to continue with the operation. I mean… Why else would he tell the team to proceed with the operation with no changes. He planned to manipulate Shu just how he planned to have Inori flying from the sky to rescue Shu in that other episode.

        Maybe I’m giving the show more credit than it deserves. whatever

      2. That thought did cross my mind, but flashbacks are always interesting when it comes to anime. When something’s shown to the viewer as a flashback, it’s usually (but not always) intended to be an established truth. Had they not shown Kyou, I would’ve really questioned if it was all an act again. For now, I’m inclined to believe there’s an element of truth to what Gai said.

      3. When Shu apologised to Inori, to me, it came off as a largely sarcastic apology. I got the sense he was saying ‘Sorry for always having to comfort unwillingly due to Gai’s orders’.

        Haven’t read all the comments, so forgive me if someone already mentioned this train of thought.

      4. Maybe Inori has some kind of personality disorder. She is hinted to be possibly artificial. Like she has the soul of the girl in Shuu’s memories or something. She reminds me of Kasumi from Muv-Luv(except Kasumi is a consistent character).

        Episode 1: you think that she might be some kind of inspiring Lacus archetype.
        Episode 2: She turns into a doll.
        Episode 4: she is passionate about saving Shuu.
        Episode 5: Treats Shuu like a nuisance.
        Episode 6: Back to a normal girl.

        I don’t really believe she is manipulative and I don’t think Gai asked her to do everything.

    2. It really doesn’t help that there was potential build-up and direction for any given character here last episode, and then a 180-degree turn this one… I see your point, but it’s frustrating nonetheless. If we get some sort of explanation next episode, fine, but if I see some angsty self-pity pariah crap, I’m going to pretend I don’t hear anything and fill in my own words for the dialogue in this show.

    3. With that being said, I wonder what is actually the point in showing them doing anything at all if we cannot get absolutely nothing from it. Hell, apart from looking flashy, what is the point of this whole series?

    4. Seriously, though, do we really know enough about these characters for anything to be a 180? I’ll buy common sense as a common denominator, and if you believe they have it I agree they didn’t exactly use it this week. But I really don’t think their behavior generally holds up to the common sense standard anyway, and I would argue that this isn’t the first time the main cast has acted in a ways that directly contradicted their earlier behavior.

      That’s why I’d argue that the problem isn’t a symptom – inconsistent behavior this time – but a cause. These characters are so generic and so poorly developed that they could do almost anything and it would be halfway believable.

      1. Well, I’d argue that they did behave pretty predictably and generically, because what the characters on GC generally do is behave in whatever way is necessary to get the plot to wherever it needs to go by the end of the episode. I wasn’t really surprised by anything that happened because it seemed telegraphed that that’s where the episode was going to go. That’s the thread I see – the characters are manipulated to suit the needs of the plot, rather than driving the plot with actually development. In that context, consistent or not, everything they did seems pretty predictable.

      2. That sounds more like you’re coming in with the expectation that the characters will conform to the plot. If that’s the case, that doesn’t necessarily mean the characters themselves are generic. If anything, that would mean they’re completely unpredictable since they’ll potentially do anything that the plot calls for, in which case, I definitely agree.

        There’s no conformance to a generic character type, unless there’s a “plot tool character” or something along those lines.

    5. I would like to interject my thought on this matter. Has anyone here thought of the possibility that Gai planned it all? Would explain away they why’s on Inori and we know enough about Gai’s character to know that he has done that before and he can act very well (and make stubble disappear by taking off glasses). Shu’s still a failure point though but it’s not like I haven’t seen people with fickle personalities whom will change their mind simply because they feel bad for someone while the issue they were previously on gets wiped from their mind.

      1. I thought exactly the same, all this is Gai’s acting skills and the only point where things go out of control is when Shu take off the cross from Gai, because whenever Inori is doing a mission she doesn’t have a doubt (remember her “disobeying” the orders from the jail rescue) and this was the case when she take Shu to Gai.

    6. Ok, to be honest I’m quite surprised at the lack of depth in some of the analysis at Randomc for this post. So let me provide my interpretation of the latest episodes of GC from my perspective. One of the biggest issues on episode 5 was the Shu-Inori development that did not go as we expected. Yes, Inori said she was ordered by Gai to manipulate Shu into convincing him to help participate in the mission and join the Funeral Parlor. But, seriously…if you rewatch the Inori-Shu moment carefully, you will notice that Inori first ask this question. “Why did you come here?” Shu in his own way manage to let Inori know that it was her that made him join the Funeral Parlor (he said “Well..there are many reasons..but..” but this is just him being a coward and not being able to say directly at first). So Inori was why he came to Funeral Parlor. From what we can tell, Inori does not have a happy past. She was picked up by Gai and the Funeral Parlor, which she probably considers it her home and ideologically the embodiment of her beliefs. But you can tell just by the way Shu answers the question regarding why he joined F.P. that Shu is (apart from a person who just runs away when faced to an obstacle) has not an ounce of conviction as opposed to the rest of the F.P. I rather not going to continue with what other aspects Shu lacks in in terms of his personality and beliefs, many have already pointed out already. The point I want to bring forth is that, Shu is still a baby when it comes to character development and Inori will not and cannot accept and embrace Shu with open arms while he is still like that.
      The next part contains some speculation but, I believe Inori is not that cold-manipulative bit*h she portrayed last week. There are signs that are everywhere (altho many will argue that she was faking it), for instance, when she comes to Shu’s rescue this was NOT Gai’s order. It wasn’t a scheme to let Shu think that Inori was not complying Gai’s order to stay put so that he’ll have no other choice to participate. In a sense, Inori is doing what Shu has done in the past (saving Inori’s ass in the first few episodes). The next point is kinda important, Inori is therefore opening herself and providing trust into Shu when Shu is either willing to fight and stand for himself. It’s a give and take kind of a situation. “Can I trust you Inori?” “Yes” This is not an understatement because it was her will to come to Shu’s rescue. So ok, what was Gai’s order? We ASSUME that it was everything Inori did up until now. But that’s not true. Shu’s value went up after he got the Genome Virus AND declined Gai’s offer. Inori’s infiltration to the school and keeping an eye on him at his house and stuff, now that’s Gai’s order. So when Inori said it was Gai’s order, she was referring to this. She says this because she is passive, indirect, submissive and introverted. She isn’t going to reply “ Yes Shu, it was all because of you and now im starting to like you” Nor will she agree with Shu when Shu is like, let’s run away together because I don’t care about your past and I don’t care about the problem the world is facing. Inori knows that Shu as of now has much to learn, experience and grow. And there goes the reason for which she refuses to let Shu see the intimate part of herself and just turns Shu down “for now” by referring to some orders Gai gave. (*remember, the show does like to mislead the main character AND the audience i.e. Gai and Inori coitus implication).
      With Gai, I thought it was good to see some of his problems as well. No matter who you are, all human beings (outside anime) are not completely immune against death of a comrade. His crazy gambling personality is just part of his attempt to maintain a leader’s role. Therefore you can’t judge him by face value. If you think Gai planned all this, then this show has managed to do one thing for sure: make the audience completely paranoid of plot twists and uncertainties.

      1. I thought I covered your concerns pretty well with this statement,

        …even if I were to still believe that she only distanced herself because she actually cares about Shuu and doesn’t want to manipulate him.

        which is actually an “analysis” I made in a comment of the previous post:

        There’s always the possibility that Inori told Shuu to stay away from her because she’s been ordered by Gai to manipulate him and deep-down inside she doesn’t want to.

    7. I honestly have nothing to add about this show, just felt I should put in an appearance and mention that fighting with Oblivion mods was really a less stupid way to spend 24 minutes than watching this episode.

      I’m truly awestruck by how amazingly horrible the writing here was.

  2. I really am trying my best to continue liking this series, but the developments between these “characters” are making me groan, rage and facepalm repeatedly.
    There are redeeming qualities to this episode, but it’s really starting to test my nerves.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Ayase put on Inori’s outfit?
    Wouldn’t it be nice if Ayase started supporting Shuu and helping him develop… I don’t know… a spine? *sigh*
    Because Inori isn’t going to do it, Gai sure as hell isn’t….
    It’ll be either Ayase or Funnel at this rate.

    1. Yeah I thought the episode before where Ayase helped him man up and win the challenge was great and actually good story writing. But in this episode she’s completely out of the equation again.

      Cause Inori doesn’t seem to be helping character development. All that she’s got going for her is her outfit.

  3. Was rather disappointed with the character inconsistencies, which really took away from the characters themselves.

    I feel like Shuu really should’ve outbursted or something when Inori tried to get a favor out of him. I know he’s passive and a bit easy-to-sway, but him just accepting Inori’s request after what happened in episode 5 just feels like over stretching that quality about him.

    I’ll at least admit though. Inori’s outfit, Ayase’s Endlave pain, and Tsugumi’s control paneling are at least fun.

    1. Yeah, I thought it was stupid how he wasn’t mad at Inori, and even more stupid how he was mad at Gai the episode before (and was always hesitant in joining his side) and then all of a sudden he decides to risk his life for him.

      Compared to the character interactions and developments in Chihayafuru, GC fails. The reasons why the new club members decided to join the Karuta club felt a lot more natural and less forced.

  4. fffffi- *slaps self* no. not allowed. I’m only here for the preview anyways o3o.

    Good note on the inconsistencies, but OOH SHINY + technobabble = I’m guessing the writers are hoping we’re not paying too much attention.

    Apologizing for being a bother is a sign of closeness to you? Hunh. In my book its a cinderblock in the separation wall, as you’re solidifying yourself as a hassle, opposed to a friend or something worth that person’s time. *shrugs*

    Interestingly enough, the Gangsta dual wield was facepalm worthy to me. Aaand you expect to be accurate, how? *rolls eyes*

    Engineers just make it work, it’s hard to plan for failsafes when the cause should never happen in the first place. I can guarantee the engineers who designed that thing were probably ready to kill someone when the Military let an Endlave into their Control Room…

    Shuu you lucky bastard. Enjoy your end card position more, Enjoy it dammit. *arghfist* Until next week!

    1. “Interestingly enough, the Gangsta dual wield was facepalm worthy to me. Aaand you expect to be accurate, how? *rolls eyes*”

      I found it interesting enough that the guards just stood there and let themselves get shot. Inori’s outfit that distracting?

    2. If Shuu said something like, “Sorry, I don’t want to talk”, it would’ve been a much obvious sign of separation. Apologizing for being a bother makes it sound like he feels responsible for doing something wrong.

      1. “Sorry, I don’t want to talk” means he doesn’t want to talk to her, while apologizing for being a bother means he thinks she doesn’t want to talk to him. Both are signs of distance.

      2. From my post further down below – Something from the “My Anime List” Forum. “Nope, Shu was kinda angry toward Inori; at first he was talking to Inori in keigo, the formal tone in Japanese speech. This is why Inori told Shu to stop. She didn’t like the distance that Shu was imposing onto their relationship.”

        Jared Drake
  5. I find it funny how people always treat GC nicely and look at all the terrible nonsense in the best possible way, yet, they totally shit-talk Horizon even thought is pretty similar to this(mediocre plot badly executed, with lots of fan-service).

    Being totally honest, the only good things about this show right now is the animation and the music(only reason why I keep watching it) and without those people would probably forget GC existed.

    1. There is a reason: a show that has so many opportunities – like HUGE budget, great looking characters, good studio, action scenes, etc. happens rarely, so they have yet to accept that it all went to naught, down the gutter. All because it turned out stupid. Stupid, shallow, generic, random and temporary.

      That means we will have to wait another year or two for a show that will have all what I wrote in the beginning plus great story and characterisation (=a really epic show) and we don’t want it, we don’t want to wait as we are hedonistic pussies that clinge to last bit of hope that it will provide some proper and proportional to resources plot and entertainment next week, this year.

      Well, it doesn’t. It’s still stupid, but it’s flashy. And if it’s flashy, in act of self-defence you can project your own fantasies and hopes onto the world from the show, ignoring existing plot and making it bearable for some short time. However, when the show reaches the point when you suddenly realise and guilty accept it won’t turn well (and each person realises this at some different point in time), you reject it with hatred and disappointment stronger than ever. You find your hopes betrayed and invested time – wasted.

      For me, the time in which I can fool myself ended. I put it on hiatus and will probably skim through it after it completes. I don’t want to waste time for it now. Also, fortunately, there are many surprisingly great shows that almost no one had any expectations from.

  6. The GHQ seriously gave away that pen to destroy everything in the pen’s location? They could just blow up a whole enemy base without any difficulty… oh man, that’s just plain stupid…

  7. One thing I can say about this show is that its slowly improving. VERY slowly.

    Its nice to see some genuine emotion from Gai. At least he has a little depth now. His survival from a satellite canon is suspicious though. And I’m still calling BS on his “know it all” stance when it comes to his plans.

    I’m not sure what’s going on with Shu. Its like he just keeps bouncing from being hesitant to having resolve. At least he seems to be developing some sort of bromance with Gai. Maybe.

    And there is still absolutely no depth in Inori, other than her huge Rule 34 potential. (Daaaamn thats hot).

  8. Yeah, this episode is quite awful.
    After basically taking over the show last week(and I like that very much), Ayase looks like pretty much nobody this week, that’s bad too.

    I am wondering if Inori is actually Shu’s sister or equivalent(DNA-wise). Her “I wanna stay close but not in that way” attitude makes the relationship between her and Shu look like a sister and a brother’s one.

    At least yet another good looking girl(Arisa) will show up next week as Shu apparently goes back to school.

  9. I have to say even though I’ve been enjoying GC immensely the past weeks, this episode was a bit of a let down particularly with the character inconsistent actions. Kind of feels like the developments in the last episode went to waste. I’m really interested in finding out the back story on “Cocytus” and the whole deal about “finding her King”.

    Next week’s preview looks like it’ll be more to my liking. Arisa is finally here 😀

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Inori is a clone and ‘Cocytus’ is her original. I bet that ‘Cocytus’ had a relationship with either Gai or Shuu(If he really doesn’t have memories of his past).

      The Story You Don't Know
      1. That’s one of the theories. I don’t really want her to be a clone though just because we don’t need any more parallels to Rei Ayanami 😛 I think might have had a relationship with both of them. Divine pointed out Younger Gai’s Seiyuu in one of the previous episodes, hinting that Shuu and Gai perhaps knew each other from long ago. IIRC, weren’t there people confused in the first episode that Gai already knew Shuu’s name? Don’t remember if that was explained or not.

  10. @Divine
    I’m somewhat surprised at your statement; Yeah Gai manipulated and screwed him over and there’s no reason for Shu to help them in their operation… Except maybe that giant death ray up in space that could wipe them all out?

    I thought that kinda warrant the setting aside of differences, at least for the time being.

  11. I still don’t get why the Undertakers follow Gai. Shuu’s argument was perfectly sound and they all looked like he was the one that told them to all die.

    Gai surviving the Leukocyte attack was total BS also. The aftermath looked like that of Freya from Geass in creating an artificial lake. “They were unlucky…” WTF Gai!! What super lucky spot were you standing that you got away from a ground flattening aerial bombardment with just a scratched up arm and some dirt on your face.

    1. It is also interesting to note Gai knows the exact spot the satellites will align. That man must be a demi-god blessed with knowledge, reflexes and physical invulerability. One day he will take the red pill and unplug himself from the matrix.

  12. I’m not all that sure about how Inori was able to make up with Shuu so suddenly, besides her loyalty to Gai and such. As for Shuu well…we’ve all seen Inori’s outfit so that’s a given. But as for the matter of Shuu and Gai … it just fits right into the old anime guys speak with their fist mechanic, a punch here and a punch there…all is well with the world.

  13. The whole relation thing seems poorly written. The characters barely known each other. Does Shuu turn into an emotional wreck every time he finds out a girl he has a crush on is in an existing relationship? But that’s okay, the next day, he’s cool with it. Not sure what Inori’s problem is. Bad writing or schizophrenia…

  14. “It makes me wonder whose bright idea it was to transmit pain back in the first place.”

    Uhh… Maybe it was because pain is part of the sense of touch, and without that being transmitted to the pilots, the Endlaves would be pretty useless. They’d barely be able to walk without looking at their feet because they wouldn’t be able to feel when their feet touch the ground.
    In theory they could have had a cutoff – transmitting tactile sensation at low levels that you need to function, but not send through high levels of sensation (pain). But then there’s the whole “pain tells you something is wrong” issue. The easiest way to let a pilot know they’ve been shot in the back is to let them feel a shot in their back. An onscreen damage display or something similar would be needlessly complicated when they already have a functioning tactile sensation-transmitting system.

    1. That’s what I initially thought actually. I was expecting that whole episode, to see a moment where Gai smirks and knows he has everything under control . . . cause that’s the sort of character they’ve made him out to be.

    2. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought this; the whole scene seems just a little TOO convenient. While it is perfectly sensible for Gai to feel that way, the scenes just don’t flow. And given Gai and Inori’s history of manipulating Shuu, it’s not a stretch to think the vulnerability was just another tool to get him to cooperate (I hope it isn’t, because that’ll be another point against the show).

      1. I definitely agree… although I suppose it’s well within his established characterization. To put it harshly, he has absolutely no spine; so it’s not really surprising he did whatever Inori told him to do. Again.

    3. I honestly think he was remorseful about surviving the Leucocyte, otherwise there would be no point for a flashback scene. Everything else about him is still suspicious. Like how he even survived, or how he instantly knew about the pen being a transmitter, or the fact that he disabled an Endlave on foot.

  15. As pretty as this series is. As cool as some of the ideas behind it are. Divine, your beef with the characters definitely mirrors my own. Every damn thing about almost all the characters feels contrived. It feels like I’m watching a watered down version of Code Geass with a layer of make up to cover the blemishes.

    Another detail, don’t know about others but I groaned at Inori going Akimbo with hand guns while still dressed as a pop star. This may be anime and they may take liberties for the sake of style. But when you have a kid like Kyou dying earlier, it’s hard to swallow that and Inori’s character in the same episode. Cowboy Bebop had some of the best gun fights in anime and they did so in a very visceral, real feeling manner.

    I want to like this series, I really do, but the way these characters are written and the whole “Japan is the victim vs the world” premise makes it a real challenge to like this series.

  16. I’ll just copy and paste my post from Guardian Enzo’s site with a small change:
    The character development is really lacking because it just doesn’t feel like any of them have a vested interest with what they are doing. I’ll bring up Code Geass since both are similar. For example, with Lelouch we had a good understanding why he wanted to do what he did. The rebellion had a goal or at least a direction it was taking. As far as I can understand Funeral Parlor doesn’t have one beyond the “rebel against the establishment”. There was little to no info as to why any of the characters are doing what they are doing other than they are in a rebel group and that’s what rebel groups do.

  17. yeah….. I would grab someone void and wreck it up in the meeting if I were Shu and said “STFU, you guys can’t do shit without my help anyway. Someone lick my dick already????”

  18. huh…why use Endlaves when the pilots can still get hurt from normal hand-gun fire? o_0 I wonder, if I threw a rock on an Endlave’s head, will the pilot get knocked out? Animation was as expected this episode but character/story-wise…

    How long is this anime supposed to be again? 13eps? 24?

    And, how the heck does one survive a satellite cannon while standing in ground zero? we’ve seen its area of effect, and Gai wasn’t underground. Sure he was injured, but those looked more like scrapes and bruises than actual lost limbs. Heck, the heat from that laser should’ve at least left him with severe burns. The main character armor is strong with that one o_-

    1. The only thing that I can think off (For the pilot/Endlave damage thing) was that Gai was aiming at a vulnerable point. It looked like he was aiming for the inside that black hole where the head is connected from instead of the head directly.

      Merely speculating here to make more sense of what happened. 😛

      1. I actually found that to be the better/more logical part of the episode lol. It’s more of a display of quick-thinking and resourcefulness than plot hax armor. At the very least, I’d have more of that than the nonsensical ‘Gai survives nuclear missile thing with nary a serious injury’ bullshit.

  19. The only thing that I hate on this anime is “Inori’s Lips”. They should removed that PINK LIPSTICK because it ruined her cuteness and having that “pink lips” makes her look like a slut. OVERALL GOOD ANIME! 10/10 for me 🙂

    Guilty Geass
  20. The eye candy keeps coming. That’s mostly what I care about for this one XD. As for the supposed inconsistencies about Shuu in this episode, I don’t think it is really that bad. It feels a little rushed, but I think many misunderstand how Shuu looks at the world around him. He may feel like he was being used by them, but after his encounter with Ayase, he has started to care for them as a group as well. The only thing he couldn’t accept was Gai. Not so much because of what Gai did, but because of his impression of Gai (he seem to have something against idealized charismatic characters XD). Once that was cleared up, he had no trouble giving a hand. Well as I mentioned earlier, I don’t really care. Just keep the eye candy coming :p. I’ll probably stick around, as long as the story doesn’t start to mess with my head.

  21. I would have agreed with you Divine on the discontinuity in character behavior if I haven’t read the comments on the previous episode. Someone among who wrote comments last episode has predicted last episode that the Undertakers knew from the beginning that the pen was a tracking device, and that Inori was just being disgusted from this (by always avoiding him). Back then, I said that what supported this theory is the fact that the pen was taken from him at the beginning of the training and until the end (to make sure that he doesn’t make anything stupid).

    For me, this episode explained and wrapped up the very much strange behavior of characters last week, and everything strange in the previous episode seemed to make sense as I was watching yesterday’s episode.

    Also, the character development had a much better turn this episode, with Shu turning his back to his despicable behavior (by carrying that pen of his around). And our main characters seemed to open a new page.

    With this episode, I’m now quite confident to say that this is my favorite show of the season. And with the fast pace, I’m always eagerly waiting for next episode. Though, there is no guarantee that the show will be able to maintain this excitement for another 16 episodes, but I hope for the best.

  22. Wait, so Shu listening in on Gai’s inner thoughts and then changing his mind does not count as actual development? Things are still simmering here, but they took kind of a backseat to “There’s a giant death-ray satelite which we need to take care of *now*”. And that’s okay, the series has two couers and can take a bit of time for character build-up.

    I think you guys are being massively overcritical here. Shu cannot stay in wimp-mode forever and it’s a good thing that they are moving things forward. Another good thing is that the “pen of doom” plot was finished, too.

    BTW, the head scientist’s name is “Shuichiro”. That may mean nothing, but with a show which heavily implies that there is a complex backstory to some characters of which we aren’t aware of, I wouldn’t be too surprised if the guy has some connection to Shu, too.

  23. I will be honest, when Inori stood in the rain and talking to Shu, i was ready to hear her sing her song and see him get all soft and tamed. Now good surprise is she did not sing (although i love this track, the whole Inori sings-Shu is awestruck become cliche in the anime)
    Now as female viewer, Inori’s outfit doesnt do much for me, but i still liked the episode overall, even if it had a few hits and misses :/

    Now who’s that other girl, i wonder.

  24. @Divine
    “like Inori’s outfit, Inori’s outfit, Inori’s outfit, and Inori’s gangster-style dual-wielding.”

    Yes, you are very objective. Comparing GC to Fate/Zero for example (which seems like your favorite show this season), I see while the whole world changed here in GC, seven episodes in Fate Zero are promising nothing more than yet another 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 fight next episode. It’s a matter of tastes, but the way you put your remarks seem to be a insulting to people who are into GC. Had they been a comment by a reader (like the ones who can’t differentiate the show from Code Geass), it would have been understandable. But coming from the one who covers the show, would really make one consider reading for a different person who really appreciates what he writes about.

    Also, the things you called discontinuity/inconsistency of character behavior was already explained by some people who expected that the whole mess last episode was caused by the pen, which the show tried to explain this episode, but you didn’t take note of that (the word pen is not even mentioned in your original post, though how crucial this was from my point of view).

    1. What makes you think that I don’t like this show? By my count, this is the first time I’ve said anything disagreeable about it.

      Also, I referred to the pen as the “GHQ transmitter” and I anticipated the mess with it in my previous posts like I mentioned above. The feelings of inconsistency weren’t because I didn’t see that coming.

      Here’s a quote from my previous post:

      Kenji was also reintroduced and seems aware that Shuu is carrying a GHQ transmitter, judging from his accusation that their new member is only pretending to be an ally. What’s interesting is that Ayase’s in the dark about it, even when Kenji clearly implied that Gai isn’t. … Again, I wouldn’t put it past Gai that he anticipated a potential betrayal from Shuu and still decided to leave the transmitter with him in order to shape Shuu into the determined resistance fighter he wants him to be. The question is, whether Gai anticipated that GHQ would strike first with their Leucocyte orbital satellite weapon before they could steal it. Odds are yes, since the preview confirms that he survived (not like there was any doubt about that).

      (I don’t know if that “objective” remark was meant to be sarcastic, but the “Inori outfit” stuff was clearly a joke.)

      1. I see your point. Just wanted to point out that certain remarks that might seem funny to some people (especially to the ones that can’t get enough from watching a show that they don’t like), for people who are very much into the show such comments can be very disturbing (especially if the are done by a person who covers the show). Regards.

      2. Sorry to break it to you but people need to learn how to take constructive criticism, whether it be their own person or of something they like. No one is without flaws and we must learn to accept the ones that are pointed out to us and wither actively work to change them or reduce their impact on others. For a story that is trying to sell itself with great music, art, and storytelling then it should suffice to say that they should keep to the characterizations of the characters and have them move as the characters created instead of whatever is easier for the plot. Instead of bashing the writer for having an opposing view to you and hurting fans feelings then why don’t you offer up an explanation as to why that scene actually could make sense. I have, where is yours?

      3. @KoroshiyaKi

        My friend, don’t turn it into a writer bashing issue. I accept criticism, and fine with it, you can read my previous comments on any show. And if you accept criticism, you wouldn’t call what I wrote “writer bashing”.

        I wasn’t talking about Divine’s criticism of the show, but rather about phrases like this “there were still some positives to take away, like Inori’s outfit, Inori’s outfit”.

      4. Ah but see here, your initial post compares GC to Fate/Zero and all you say that the world has changed for GC but Fate is only promising more of the same. That in and of itself is an over exaggeration as Fate’s “1v1’s and 2v2’s” are not true 1v1’s or 2v2’s as it’s clearly obvious that any time a servant squares off against another there is another waiting in the wings to take advantage of the situation, the third dog rule making it a far more strategic game than you are portraying it as let along the various tactical applications that have been shown where as GC’s response to this has always been “Shuu pulls out a void weapon and saves the day.” I feel that GC has a lot to explain for itself but I am quite willing to wait for those explanations and will eventually decide if this was worth watching or not when it’s finished because these types of animes tend to only allow that method to be fair to them but from what we’ve been given so far it has been shown that GC isn’t doing as good a job as Fate. The writing for the most part has been shown to be fairly well done as the characters keep to what has been shown of them or implied of them where as there are characterization problems with GC as described. It’s not a matter of taste, how much you enjoy something is a matter of taste but evaluating the quality of the writing is decidedly less so. In effect you are arguing points that are not pertaining to what Divine was talking about nor are you being fair in your comparison arguments and the only conclusion that can be drawn from this is that you are doing so whether it be unwittingly or knowingly to bash the writer’s thoughts.

        Then we have to get to your second statement where you say that the entire mess is because of the pen, which it is not. The entire mess per say was because the core got damaged and thus caused a lock down of the systems and dropped a satellite from orbit which the pen was being used as a means to solve said problem at the cost of Gai’s life in actuality. What Divine argued against was the incredible folly of having a core that would be so easily damaged along side taking such drastic measures without varying fail safe mechanisms which would make more sense if that is the core of your orbital laser system along side the relative ease of getting to said core though I will give them the benefit of the doubt on this one and say a bunch of the travel time was cut out but I feel I am just deluding myself at the same time I say it. Another misrepresentation of the argument along side the point that Divine made.

        I’m not about to search for your other posts as that would be rather difficult for me but I do not judge people simply from one interaction with them, I give people more credit than that and believe them to be multi-facited individuals whom for various life experiences brought them to take whatever action they have done. But I judge the action that they have taken at the time and move on my conclusion. Sure, the Inori’s cloths part might have been a point you were making but then why didn’t it end there? Why did it have to continue with varying oversimplifications of another series and a exaggeration of this one? While it may seem unfunny to a few it’s still a valid point as one of the plus sides to GC is indeed Inori’s outfit along side the rest of the stunning visuals and soundtrack. If they found it unfunny that the truth is state then well, we can just walk back to my post about how people need to learn how to take constructive criticism and face the truth.

      1. A troll remark. Just watch a show that you like, instead of wasting your time torturing yourself on a show that you don’t like (or waiting for six episodes for something to happen, and being continuously disappointed, like you said previously).

    2. Since I don’t have an avatar, I’m trolling? And you’re contradicting yourself. You said it yourself that I’ve been watching for six episodes for something to happen YET you say I don’t like this show? Sorry to disappoint you but I’m not dumb of a person to watch something just to waste my time like you think.

      I’d really love to see GC live up to its hype!

      That’s what I said, and yes I love this show that’s why I even bother wasting my time giving feedbacks, as you said.

      The Story You Don't Know
      1. “I’d really love to see GC live up to its hype!”

        You’re in for total disappointment. I think the point of the show was make Shuu angsty, make him do things he doesn’t like, make him regret it and make him even more angsty than Sasuke.

        All because I cannot see him doing the typical shounen hero routine.

        The Moondoggie
  25. All that tension that they built up in episode 5 went into waste. I completely agree with you Divine on how inconsistent they can be. First, he gets dumped, manipulated and then get NTR’d(well, at least on Shuu’s POV) and then the very next episode he’s willing to talk to that heartless girl? Another thing is that last episode Shuu discovered that he was tricked into joining, pulled out of that normal life that he wanted and then after listening to a Gai’s rant he’s suddenly willing to give up your life for him? I was hoping Shuu would get a better character development but it turns out for the worse. He has no resolution or whatsoever at all, he just goes with the flow.

    And yes, that endlave system is pretty darn useless. I never imagined a handgun taking down something that big. At least let Gai use a rocket launcher or something that can ‘hurt’ that large thing. Instead of being an advantage, it turns out to be a bigger disadvantage. You’re bigger means you’re larger of a target. And if a handgun can take you down even in an endlave, I’d rather fight on foot.

    One more thing for me to complain is that WTF was Gai doing, “sacrificing” himself? I don’t really mind him dying but the whole situation was messed up. He was willing to be the target for that satellite weapon, with all the members of Funeral Parlor around/near him. Isn’t that plain stupid? At least tell the Funeral Parlor to at least move away from him so they don’t all wind up dead like him but he didn’t even tell his group a single thing at all about what’s happening.

    Okay I’m done on ranting. Honestly I still hope that Shuu and Inori will get more character developments, I don’t really care about Gai. And more screen time for Ayase, and more non-generic stuff(yeah right). When I watched GC’s trailer/teaser I thought it would be damn so epic, but then again I’m still waiting for something big to happen. I’d really love to see GC live up to its hype!

    The Story You Don't Know
    1. All that tension that they built up in episode 5 went into waste. I completely agree with you Divine on how inconsistent they can be. First, he gets dumped, manipulated and then get NTR’d(well, at least on Shuu’s POV) and then the very next episode he’s willing to talk to that heartless girl? Another thing is that last episode Shuu discovered that he was tricked into joining, pulled out of that normal life that he wanted and then after listening to a Gai’s rant he’s suddenly willing to give up your life for him? I was hoping Shuu would get a better character development but it turns out for the worse. He has no resolution or whatsoever at all, he just goes with the flow.

      Yes, that’s what he is. Going the opposite way on how everyone expects a shounen hero out of Shuu, he is gullible, inconsistent and prone to mood swings. This is how a deconstruction of a shounen hero starts.

      And yes, that endlave system is pretty darn useless. I never imagined a handgun taking down something that big. At least let Gai use a rocket launcher or something that can ‘hurt’ that large thing. Instead of being an advantage, it turns out to be a bigger disadvantage. You’re bigger means you’re larger of a target. And if a handgun can take you down even in an endlave, I’d rather fight on foot.

      He shot it at the back of the head. Multiple times. The endlave system isn’t weak: it lack armor. Think of a more mobile version of a tank: same firepower, sacrifices armor for mobility. And you can bring it anywhere: A tank will hardly be of any use at all inside the core.

      The Moondoggie
  26. I have to say, I didn’t mind Inori using two guns simultaneously. It’s been established that she has superhuman strength. But shooting sideways? Even with super strength, that’s just silly.

  27. i think this episode is pretty good. IMO the inconsistency of character’s behavior maybe happen because of poor story line and bad introduction of character’s behavior. But i’m not so sure, maybe it looks inconsistent because of the character’s character itself for example Shu who i think can’t stand up and say no to Inori because he trust and like her too much. I think that’s Shu for you, too kind and forgetful.
    Btw, i’m really interested to see the development of the story and Shuu chara development.

      1. I think you’re judging this show too harshly. I actually liked this episode.

        I think the supposed “Character inconsistencies” that you’ve noticed was due to your reasoning that Shu is like everyone else. I get the feeling that most of the people who commented negatively on this issue are fairly confident people who haven’t experienced what it’s like to have bad self-esteem. While I’m not exactly like him, I can understand the guy.

        The guy is socially awkward. He’s anti-social, a wall-flower, introspective, and is apparently guilty for something that has happened in the past. (I’m thinking somebody sacrificed themselves to save him.) Despite this, Shu cares for people and doesn’t want anyone to get hurt because of him. He’s a normal guy who’s been thrown into the deep end. After episode 4 , both factions have shown him their sides of the story. He’s confused and doesn’t fully understand the situation.

        As for the whole Inori thing… He’s in awe of her. A beautiful girl comes up to an average guy with low self-esteem. Then breaks his heart. Maybe?

        I didn’t get the feeling that they were really “anything”. He’s likes to think that Inori likes him but at the same time he’s thinking… “Why would she like me? Why me? I don’t have anything to offer”. Then there’s his comments after seeing Inori with a shirtless Gai. He realizes that he’s been an idiot and that his hopes were for nothing. How would we act after this?

        Shu isn’t the type of person to hold a grudge. It’s a bit iffy given the emotional blow that she gave him in the last episode. But the way Shu was acting isn’t farfetched. He wasn’t looking at her until she took his hand, and even then he was surprised. A more confident person would yell or glare at her. Telling Inori to go away. But that isn’t Shu. He’s meek and a geek.

        Jared Drake
      2. I felt like I covered my bases pretty well with this statement:

        I’m not one to dwell on plot devices that can be explained in future episodes, but I do value the immediate believability of characters’ behavior. While I don’t expect to agree with all their decisions, I do expect to be able see where they’re coming from.

        but just to clarify, my remark about inconsistencies stems from the way Shuu’s been portrayed and the believability behind his actions (or lack thereof). I may not have had low self-esteem like yourself and have that mindset to draw from to understand what’s going through Shuu’s mind, but that doesn’t mean I’m incapable of understanding him if the screenplay depicted his character better.

        Ultimately, my problem lies with the lackluster depiction of the characters. I want to understand Shuu better, but I feel that the writers are leaving too much up to viewer interpretation. I’d like to believe that I’m pretty perceptive about this kind of stuff too, since I’ve been looking at anime fairly in-depth and blogging about it for 3+ years, but thus far, I’m still finding it hard to give Guilty Crown the complete benefit of the doubt.

  28. Shu seem to care for Inori less. When she call him. he said oh it’s you and she a little shock. For Shu that punch is enough for he to help Gai?. I really want Shu to stand up in third faction with his school friend or someone snatch from FP and GHG then he will suit a title of king.

  29. Without the sensory overload, the Endlave system would be overkill. The system has to have sort of some weakness, right? 😛 and I’m not sure anyone is going to speculate why Gai killed Kyo (besides the theory that Gai did it to give a quick end to the pain. Some people on the Chinese BBS speculate Kyo probably saw something he/she(?) was not supposed to see (related to Gai and his mystery “powers”).

      1. I would assume so too – but since the writers are sort-of trolls, I keep thinking about “is that really what it seems to be?”. Just like Ep 5 revealed the “truth” that Inori didn’t really mean to be Shu’s thing forever, or how preview comments suggested Gai’s confession is whole/part of another trap for Shu. Or maybe I’m reading in too much 🙂

    1. You;ve got my vote
      But I doubt that they will cover it again :/
      Too bad cause things will get serious probably around episode 10
      Though the anime is just following the LN

      It’s pretty hard to believe that a lot of people is confuse about the story :/
      The only thing that can made the anime quite confusing is the term they are using

      But wikia can cover that one

  30. Not sure what I can say at this point. I did find it a bit jarring, yes, but I’ve learned to turn my brain off and just enjoy the pretty colors.

    Kenji intrigues me, mainly because he’s very similar to another White Haired Pretty Boy mass murderer voice by Nobuhiko Okamoto. The part where he tells Shu to hurry up and take his void triggered my BL radar a little, and it seems they’re possibly trying to use anything to rake in sales.

  31. If you think about it, Shu has no choice but to join Gai/the Undertakers. Having escaped from GHQ, he’s become a fugitive. You think he can just go back to his normal life acting like nothing’s happened?

  32. i really like GC, but this episode simply just had too many weird/huhwtf moments. The amount of plot armor here is distasteful =____=
    1. Gai survived Ion Cannon Blast
    2. Inori san took down 3 trained GHQ soldiers(armed with SMGs), while she simply stands there out in plain sight holding the handguns THAT way 0.0 i can accept it if we are shown with some 10/10 acrobatics….
    3. Daryl is supposed to be a very skilled pilot? at episode 2 he took out Ayase with ease while he is faraway, but for this episode he missed Gai+Shu almost at point blank rage…..
    4. Oh come on Shu~ i know you are a geeky meeky boy, but i was expecting something a little bit more, perhaps like, “You are here to use me again?”. And Inori san looking hurt/troubled.

    1. I find the Plot Armor just fine. If you compare it to some show like Book of Bantorra or Madoka Magica where plot armor is nonexistent and those with uber-plot armor like Code Geass, I never find it annoying in Guilty Crown.

      The Moondoggie
  33. Poor Kyo 🙁 I was hoping to see more of her.

    The brown pigtail girl (I don’t know how to link to images) showed up more than once. I may be reading too much into that but I hope she becomes a larger character, or at least recurring. On a similar note, I love how Tsugumi seems to dance when she moves around in her little tech bubble!

    Every episode so far seems to have been “Shu hears the plan and decides to back out, someone has a heart-to-heart with him, he decides to help, everything goes according to plan.” I can understand him hesitating the first couple of times, but he should have realised by now that he can’t back out every time he finds out someone might die.

    I know the end card probably doesn’t mean anything, but I can’t help but hope Tsugumi, Ayase and Inori are slowly going to start siding more with Shu than Gai as the series progresses.

    By the way, what was the point of the little gizmo Gai held up when he was explaining the plan that apparently raised the estimated casualties for no reason?

  34. The thing keeping this show afloat is the fanservice and CGI galore. The pacing seems a little too fast with new characters popping up then disappearing. Like that ‘sugar’ guy. Character development is clearly not a strong point in this show. Of course, GHQ knows shu is part of funeral parlour, so they will just let him waltz back into school without detaining him. Hmmmmmm

    Logic not working out well.
    And nobody likes a wussy male protagonist =)

  35. Wow, they killed off Kyo just like that…

    Well, at least Shuu is on the track for the generic shounen hero (which I like). I just hope that the confession scene is not actually one of Gai’s acting again…

  36. Ok, to be honest I don’t think there were major character discontinuity as you proclaim

    For Inori, when she gave him the cold shoulder, I assumed that she got scolded by Gai for being so reckless and trying to rescue Shu from the prison. Then when Shu confronted her, I still think Inori still has some legitimate feelings towards Shu but she felt disappointed and confused for disobeying Gai who “give her her life”

    In this episode, what I inferred was that Inori was suppose to ‘spoil’ Gai, (instead of having any intimate relations, Inori was suppose to listen and relieve the burden on Gai’s shoulders.) but instead she told Shu to go in her place so he could understand Gai’s full character.

    For Gai, it might be considered a ‘huge shift’ in his character, but I enjoyed it and thought it wasn’t too far fetched. The reason is simple. Most people in real life ‘act’ in front of their peers to create an image/perception that fits their setting, hiding their inner/weaker side from outsiders. Since I was making references to CG prior, Lelouch who is much like Gai, also acts mighty/confident when he is speaking to his rebel gang, but also had several ‘meltdowns’ after traumatic moments with C.C as well (IE losing a loved one/friend). Overall I felt that showing this side of Gai was well done and atm makes me wish that Gai was the male lead.

    As for Shu, he still acted this naive ways earlier in the episode. Obviously Gai’s confession changed his mind. Prior, Shu thought Gai only cared about the missions and not the lives at stake, but after realizing that Gai felt the same way he did, and the fact Gai allowed Shu to punch him into the face, Shu had a change of heart. It’s as simple as that…

    Overall I felt this episode was ok. Although everyone in the Parlor seems to be on the same page through the character development, there were many “wtf” moments in this episode.

    Gai’s Survival: It was a decent way to explain the power of the Lucocyte System, but the fact he was the only survivor and that the communication still worked was…

    Inori vs Soldiers: I don’t know if the soldiers were out of ammo or what, but Inori was standing still, and straight up killed both of them as they ran towards her…

    The Open Chest: We already know that Shu can extract the void through clothing, so what in the world made Kenji expose his chest?

    Dat Void Fusion: I already thought that the Sword alone was pretty over powering, but this new void is just beast. With this fusion weapon revealed so early in the series however, I don’t know how any future weapons will one up this(Maybe Gai x Inori or maybe Shu can extract his own void). At this point, I’m pretty sure that this fusion is limited/one time deal, cuz it’s pretty much like a mini lucocyte system…

    1. Please see my comment here.

      Also, I purposely didn’t say anything about Gai revealing his own weaknesses, as I didn’t have any problems believing it. In fact, I found that development providing an extra dimension to his character, hence why I’d like to believe it wasn’t all just an act again.

      As for Kenji opening his shirt, I thought it was pretty evident that he was just teasing Shuu, just like how he told him to get used to killing people.

  37. Soldiers that attacked Inori were obviously attending Stormtroopers academy of tactics…
    Also, who had the brilliant idea to house command center for the kill sat network aimed at Japan, inside the country?????

    1. From my understanding, the Leucocyte satellite system is intended to provide complete military control over Japan — not to destroy the country. It acts as a deterrent to terrorism, since GHQ could wipe them out from space and there’d be nothing they can do about it.

  38. What is mainly getting at me is the combined Void weapon at the end.

    Beyond the fact that it was a conveniently written deus ex machina, it also guarantees that the future episodes are going to firmly grab the idiot ball. When you have a weapon that can shoot down not only a falling satellite, but also pierce the atmosphere and destroy another in orbit, you cannot simply ignore the possibilities later. With that weapon, you can single-handedly wipe out an entire army of Endlaves and a heavily guarded fortress, all from a safe distance.

    But how much are you willing to bet that they will not exploit the weapon to its full potential later? This is especially going to be idiotic since we have established Gai as such a master strategist.

    This is supposed to be the kind of weapon that you pull out at the end of a series, not towards the beginning. If anything, they should have had Shuu pull another shield-based Void and protect Gai from the beam when he fires the satellite cannon.

    1. Interesting that you mention that, because wouldn’t it be more concerning if Funeral Parlor didn’t exploit it with someone like Gai commanding them? I’m actually kind of wary that they’ll conveniently overlook this since it could single-handedly reshape the entire plot like you’ve alluded to.

      1. Precisely.

        They will most likely overlook the potential of this weapon, or place some convenient restriction on it (like with how Voids can only be drawn from people under 17). The viewers will simply be expected to accept this suspense of disbelief.

        I hate to keep comparing Guilty Crown to Code Geass, and try to let the series stand on its own. But if you look at the Power of the Kings for Lelouch, it was established early on that it can only be used once per person, BEFORE it was used in an over-the-top display. If they now suggest that the combined Void weapon can only be used once, it would feel more like a retcon to conveniently tie up loose ends.

        I sincerely hope that I am wrong about this, and that they series will do a decent job of explaining things now.

      2. They won’t have access to it immediately. From what I understand, from the little information available, Inori isn’t normally capable of starting a Fusion between two void weapons. Maybe when the that other girl has been fully awakened? (The two scientists alluded to that)

        Right now that fusion between Inori’s blade and Kenji’s gun is just a teaser of the full potential of the void weaponry. We won’t be seeing that for a while. Hopefully. ‘Cause that shit is just a game breaker.

        Jared Drake
  39. Based on my opinion together with all the comments I’ve read, I believe we have one of two situations here.

    Either we have a couple of awesome actors/manipulators in Gai and Inori that would put Lulouch to shame (and he was already stretching the boundaries of belief) and this will all be revealed to have sense, purpose and direction in due time, or we have plot-driven actions that outright break the minimal but previously established characterization.

    Actually, thinking about it, I suppose there’s a third possibility: Gai and Inori are trying to set up an act, but they’re really terrible at it and Shu notices. They are good enough though, that we as viewers can’t tell any better than Shu was is and isn’t an act, just that something is wrong. If this was what the writers were going for, I think they’ve fallen flat on the execution, because this explanation feels like it’s grasping at straws too.

    Any which way, the writing is pushing it; mostly because we don’t really see anyone’s true motivations. Without understanding enough of their motivations, based on the little we know, their behavior appears inconsistent or purely where-we-want-the-plot-to-go driven. We can only accept and analyze their behavior at face value without understanding the motivations. We don’t know what is an act, and what isn’t. We aren’t given enough non-dialog clues to discern for ourselves what is and isn’t deception. All of this makes it difficult to empathize, sympathize or care a whole lot about the cast. Shu is transparent enough, but Gai and Inori are real mysteries.

    At the end of the day, what it comes down to is that GC hasn’t given enough clues to viewers to draw any conclusions, and unfortunately, except for the pretty visuals, there isn’t a whole lot compelling viewers to continue to care about the characters or the show in general. Maybe the writers don’t know where they want to go with yet.

    I really wish Shu would just confront Gai and Inori directly, and ask a few key and pointed questions:

    Why are you here?
    What are you fighting for?
    What do you hope to accomplish?
    What is your ultimate mission/goal?

    Those would probably be the first few questions I’d ask if I were Shu, to both Gui and Inori. If they answer or not is another story, but their reactions and how they handle the questions should be telling enough, and will give us some much-needed insight into who they really are.

    1. To add to your train of thought, all those flashbacks (as well the “illusion” of the girl in the OP and when the 2 void data were combined…somehow) are still haven’t been explained. As of now, we are still only being told indirectly that Shuu, Gai, and Inori…
      Show Spoiler ▼

      …have a history before and during the Christmas Massacre event …

  40. Something from the “My Anime List” Forum. “Nope, Shu was kinda angry toward Inori; at first he was talking to Inori in keigo, the formal tone in Japanese speech. This is why Inori told Shu to stop. She didn’t like the distance that Shu was imposing onto their relationship.”

    Huh. Interesting. I saw that scene again and she did look surprised for a bit.

    Jared Drake
    1. Just watched the scene again and true that she seems surprised by the way he is talking, now is that because she cares for him or does she realize that the same mannerisms as before might not work? Actually another possibility is that she shares her consciousness with cocytus and that is what is coming out when she indicates caring for Shu.

      Oh and if getting yor void ripped out leaves you unprotected why doesn’t segai just pop one into kenji’s brain? So if the pen isn’t a listening device, is segai actually part of FP? He agreed rather easily to Gai’s request.

    2. Just for the record, I did mention this in my post:

      The other inconsistency comes from Shuu himself, who returned the cold-shoulder favor by addressing Inori with honorifics, only to wind up apologizing for troubling her.

  41. Hmm there we go again with the pain thing when piloting the Englaves >.>

    Well, do you really think that you can easily pilot that thing with 2 joysticks and a pair of paralyzed legs?

    Somehow those things are connected to the nerves in order to control them properly and do some bullsh!t like that. Maybe even connected directly at the brain…. since you can pilot them even though your legs are paralyzed.

    Yea there are wires connected to the helmet, maybe that is the reason why they can see things while their eyes are closed…..

    And I think that when “nerves” are involved… it always involves “Pain” and I think people die from pain alone

    Well I could be wrong anyway

    1. I think it’s pretty clear now that Endlaves are controlled by the pilot’s brain waves and thus their nervous system, otherwise Tsugumi wouldn’t have disconnected Ayase just as Daryl destroyed her Endlave in episode two. It’s similar to The Matrix, where pain experienced in the virtual world transfer back to real one (unless you’re The One of course). My remark was simply in regards to how flawed that design is, given that the pilot is so easily injured — and remotely no less — in what should be protecting them like a tank.

      1. Well, it does offer better protection compared to a tank

        1) Englaves explode. You recovering the body is easy. Body stays intact.
        2) 1 destroyed Englave = 1 dead pilot. 1 destroyed tank = 3 or 4 tank crew dead.
        3) Bail Out from Englaves > [getting out of tank] [ejecting from a jet fighter] [jumping out from a helicopter]

        And judging by the design of the Englaves… its priority is Mobility and Firepower. Pilot protection is just secondary. Just look at the Zero.

  42. IIRC, no one who is actually a ‘member’ of Supercell has ever been shown in a music video. Nagi was in the Sayonara Memories PV (the girl singing, not the actress), but she was always technically a guest singer. Koeda and Chelly are also listed as only guest vocalists for the next album.

    The bands in the videos are hired musicians as well, as Ryo is to date the only listed musical member of the band, and he seems extremely reticent to show himself in public, even in interviews. The only other members are the crew of artists and animators who make the animated PVs, and to my knowledge, they haven’t appeared either.

    1. Actually Supercell is made up of one composer and numerous Illustrators like Shirow Miwa and my favorite, redjuice. I’ve been following Ryo and Supercell since their NicoNico-slash-Hatsune Miku days, when Ryo made Gazelle/Yanagi Nagi famous, up until the present when they made Koeda and Chelly guest singers. Personally I still prefer Nagi over the other 3 (Koeda, Chelly and Miku).

      The Story You Don't Know
    2. Although not in music videos, I have seen redjuice’s face. C: The most I’ve seen of the other supercell members namely Ryo, Huke and Shirou Miwa are their hands. WHHRY? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Nagi has photos floating around everywhere though.

      @The Story You Don’t Know: I agree, I prefer Nagi’s voice so much more (don’t know if I’d count Miku in that comparison since I love her too and her voice really depends on the composer :3). I heard the leaked single today and frankly I’m disappointed, I don’t really like Koeda’s voice a whole lot if I’m to be brutally honest, it’s a bit jarring to my ears. “My Dearest” is really the only one worth listening to for me. I have much more hope for Chelly though.

      1. Redjuice has some of his photos uploaded in his fan group in Facebook(search for redjuicegraphics). Meanwhile, Yanagi Nagi has tons of her pictures with her face covered floating everywhere and so far only one half body photo, including her face, has been uploaded and confirmed to be her. I’ve watched My Dearest’s official Music Video and I can say that Koeda’s kinda cute. As for her voice, I’ve yet so hear other songs from her aside from My Dearest. And I love Chelly’s Departures, but to be honest I’m more excited of the idea of Nagi singing it 😛

        The Story You Don't Know
  43. I don’t find much fault with this anime… I’m usually turned-off by “mecha, fanservice, mass-appeal” animes, but I really like one. The storyline’s decent (not stupid, forced, or sophisticated-wannabes with terrible loopholes all over the place…), characters well-designed, animation sleek with mindblowing actions. Nothing wrong with being popular.

    It’s the only anime I’m following this season other than Chihayafuru (THE gem of this season!!) and Mirrai Nikki…

  44. Hoo my.. Lots of lengthy discussion on this episode.
    I gave up predicting with GC.
    Seems like the characters are geared to be – in reality the opposite of what they seems.
    That’s pretty much the premise I have right now. Nothing else.
    Not hoping of anymore fun action.. Nor romantic relationships.. The characters feel as if being thrown around inside a caged cube, not coming together, not coming apart.
    But yes, I also need some plot continuity that ties all the characters together.

    On the other side, it’s realistic that the characters’ emotions doesn’t necessarily show in their face. The problem with this is.. Confusion induced in viewers -_-

  45. what i dont like about this episode is

    How long does it take for the endlave to fire a gun? why can steiner do a back flip pull out the pistol n shoot him when he is already aimming at gai?

    Gai can dodge bullets when fighting the endlave?

    the soldiers when going after inori pull up their gun and didnt shoot at her? She had time to call them fools than pull out the 2 pistols aim at them n shoot.

    1. “Gai can dodge bullets when fighting the endlave?”
      It’s Suzaku, except he’s pretending to be Gai this time.

      As for the soldiers not shooting Inori, as I mentioned previously, DAT outfit.

  46. Your comment on “here was also the sight of the girl who resembles Inori, which sort of jogged Shuu’s childhood memories with Gai.”

    Gai did say in the last episode on how much inori sort resembled her if remember correctly. Could it be the reason behind Shu vs Gai.

    1. The childhood memories remark was actually in reference to the flashback last time, which the credits confirmed was between Shuu and Gai. I get the feeling that Gai remembers, but Shuu for whatever reason has forgotten about both him and the girl whom Inori resembles. In this episode, it looks like Shuu’s starting to remember.

      1. It’s more likely that his mom and Mr. Head Researcher had something to do with it, IMO. His mom was featured a few times in the first flashback in episode one.

        My guess is that much of the characterization problems will be explained by those repressed memories, at the half of the series… it’s normally in episode 13 ( of 26 ) when shit really goes down.

  47. The MC of this anime pisses me off to the extreme. He’s inconsistent and whiny. FOR GOD SAKE HE’S LIKE THE LITTLE KIDS I BABYSIT! Things don’t go his way and he cries like a little kid. I can’t stand watching him, it pisses me off to no extent.

    It was so painful watching his naivety and whiny attitude throughout these last episodes. And seriously what’s the the 180 turn around from hating Gai to accept him. Didn’t really make a whole lot of sense at all!

    Seriously I feel as if the writers of this anime have absolutely no sense of real human interactions at all.

  48. I completely agree with character dynamics being inconsistent this episode. It might make sense if we pretend that the previous episode didn’t exist…but unfortunately we all watched it.

    1. I think this anime is toeing the line between Super Robot and Real Robot. I can’t remember which one it was exactly but I believe Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket highlighted a machine’s weakness against conventional weaponry. That being said – Suzaku dodging gunfire in Code Geass… I think it’s been proven that Gai is one of the superhuman members of this show. Watch that scene again, even Shu was awed. (He went “Wow” with a look of shock in the coalguys version I saw. I translate this to “Holy Shit”)

      Jared Drake
  49. Haha Divine, it’s only been a day and you’re all over this post (which has 150+ comments) with lengthy comments/replies of your own. I think the right word for this is “Dedication.” Haha nice work.

  50. From an AMV maker’s perspective, this is one of the better “filmed” episodes. The angles were nice, it was fast paced, and the colors were nice.
    As a normal audience member, I agree that it had been inconsistent character-wise, yet I still really enjoy this show. I was literally on the edge of my seat. I agree that we need some clear up, but I still want to see this show through til the end.

    1. Yes, the execution was simply of highest level. The simplest things like Tusugmi’s short yet cute prayer, the viewpoint of Gai against the Leucocyte, the strange humor style when Souta did the yatta jump after the baseball match resumed as a result of Leucocyte’s destruction, the smooth change of scenes and music that builds up an epic moment for you to watch. And the tens of small issues that make this anime great.

      Though, most went unnoticed. But to be frank, who cares, as long as the people who appreciate the show the most are glad with what they are having.

      Plot’s inconsistency was never a major problem for me. If the plot moves at a such high pace, inconsistency is only to be expected. If the pace of the plot is so slow, even a high school kid could make the plot consistent enough. Basically, the occasional inconsistency of the plot is the price we are paying for having the story moving too fast, the speed that makes the fan move from a thrill to another every a couple of episodes.

    2. vladrin, you really need to give up on this idea that I’m being biased and trying to slam the show. If you’ve been reading this site since the Fall 2011 Preview, you should know by now that I’ve been one of the biggest advocates for it. I still have the side banners up for it for one thing. Also, all of my posts on the previous five episodes have been very positive, so please stop using my analysis here to generalize my take on the entire series. I somehow get the impression that you didn’t even read any of my other posts on Guilty Crown.

      This particular post is already over 1,200 words, so I had no intention of looking at all the pros and cons in lengthy detail — especially not when I blog about this show on a weekly basis. Each post is focused on talking about the biggest impressions that an episode left on me. If the next one turns out to be really good, you can be sure I’ll just be talking about all the things that GC does well.

      1. I didn’t mean you Divine when I was talking about people not noticing the other parts, rather about people who complain about character development and want all answers now when the show has something like ten aspects to it. And if one tying the whole issue to a single aspect that he/she thinks is weak in the show, and thus makes the show not worth watching, then why keep complaining.

        But as for your posts regarding GC, I read them all, including the fall preview, of course except this one. I wasn’t able to continue past the “there were still some positives to take away, like Inori’s outfit” sentence. While we all try/claim to be objective, our judgement has a subjective in the end. The coverage of this episode was clearly biased as you focused on the bad parts, and the good parts didn’t seem to weigh too much to you (which is fine, but this is subjectivity). When I read your coverage this episode, I was really surprised, because for me, this was arguably the best episode so far. But when I took time to read other comments, I noticed that there are other people who considered this episode the best too. So there was clearly something wrong in the whole situation. Please note that I read RandomC for about 5 years (maybe 7 I never counted), and this is the first time I’m pointing out such issue (which I mean as an advice, rather than anything else).

        P.S. As for the joke part, I could say that the only take away from the previous episode of FZ that I learned about “Gilles De Rais” (a mass murder). But to be frank, not sure if such remarks would do anyone any good.

      2. @vladrin

        Good for you, I guess.. I personally thought the ep was inconsistent so you can see why I’m one of those people who are just seeing fanboys crying when their show gets criticized.

        It’s fair enough that you liked the ep but you really shouldn’t accuse people of being biased when you sound biased yourself.

  51. You are all wrong about Inori. She IS acting inconsistently and I think it actually makes sense – I don’t think she’s entirely HUMAN.. Watch the first minutes of episode 1 – while she runs, she flashes a few times… What can she be? Only time will tell..

  52. This episode felt like a bad edit that the writers did to shorten the story to fit with in the allowed episodes. I’m guess in the original sour material, something happened between Shuu and ‘The Undertakers’ (mainly Gai) that made Shuu trust them again. And in turn have Shuu not see Inori as a manipulative, emotionless, doll girl. However, for ever reason this was cut out and we got ‘this episode’ as a result.

    Now this is just an educated guess. I haven’t read any LN or manga (if there is any) on this series. I’d just hate to think something could be butchered this bad with out a good reason. Then again, there cold be no reason and the writers didn’t want to spend next few episodes on Shuu moping around, only to go back to trusting the Undertakers again anyway.

      1. Oh, is that so? I kinda remember reading it was based on LN or something. Then again i probably got it mixed up with something else.

        Well then cut out the parts about the LN and manga and my point still stands.

  53. I’m so confused by this show and what they are trying to achieve. The dual Void Weapon was too much. I’m a little disappointed this season(LE,Fam needs to kick it up a notch, like make Fam a boy like she should have been! lol), at least Mawaru Penguindrum still has some episodes left…

  54. This show is so fucking generic. Fuck. Not one interesting character. I say kill the whole cast off by the satellite and we start anew. The only reason anyone continues to watch this is because its got Production I.G’s name on it.

    1. LOL, YOU MAD BRO?

      No joke. What are you mad about? If you cannot be interested with them individually try looking at them collectively: Like how Shuu, Gai and Inori are linked from way back.

      The Moondoggie
  55. Hey Divine, Shout out to you for being able to go very in-depth with you analysis.

    I’ve been with you since the Omega days and I have to say that your recent blogs has gotten a lot more mature.

    It’s no longer how i remember most bloggers used to post with all the Pros and Actions and Shounen-ish features. But just a question.

    Is it alright to post the way you are posting? As someone who has grown up along you guys, I wouldn’t mind but let say new children who watches the anime comes and wants to see all that the show has to provide in terms of the action and the shounen style the anime has. I feel like there has been less and less of those in RandomC.net and seemed to have grown more in to exploring the mind and detailed plots of the developers.

    With all due respect this is no complain, and I appreciate all that you guys have down for us.

    1. Did you mean Omni days?

      I think it’s fine, because young children probably wouldn’t be interested in reading blogs anyway. For those who are already mature enough to look at the bigger picture, they probably wouldn’t have any problems with the type of content here.

      1. HAHAHAHAH i have no clue where Omega came from!!

        Yes it was Omni whom i was referring to.

        True, i guess there is some truth, but there are those in their teens that read blogs while hoping to see things that aren’t to political, societal or any thing that gets to serious. I mean when i began reading off of Omni i was just starting high school.

        But then again you guys are doing what you love in your own way, and changing it would be a hassle.

        As long as RandomC keeps the viewers coming and won’t end in the near future I will be satisfied.

  56. Inori’s outfit is certainly visually pleasing, but it annoyed the heck out of me because, seriously, honey, you’re going into a dangerous area where many people will be pointing guns at you and you are wearing an outfit which leaves a good chunk of your chest *totally bare.* May as well write “shoot me here plz” on it. (I know, I know, it’s anime, everyone wears ridiculous outfits, but everyone else was dressed considerably more sensibly so the ridiculousness stands out more.)

    I also feel like this episode was a bad step for GC because it seems to be yet another installment of the show’s underlying storyline “Why This Show Should Really Be About Gai Instead of Whiny McBland.”

    1. Unless she is wearing ballistic armor, it doesn’t matter. But exposing breast does distract male opponent enough that they fail to line up the rear sight to the front. That has been documented to happen.

  57. Who is Gai really?
    a) A ninja (seriously?? bullet dogging??)
    b) A robot (naaah)
    c) Someone from another dimesion or whatever (handsome, strong, intelligent, charismatic, etc.. etc…he just cant’t be that perfect!!!)

    Shu…. you are in serious disadvantage here.

  58. To be honest, all the characters here are just becoming tools to serve the plot, which is really, well, convenient in that some parts of the story have just become absurd or flat out ridiculous. Not to nitpick, but I found it a bit ridiculous that the Leukocyte just happens to fall into Tokyo and that the after Inori shot one of the soldiers, they actually charged her instead of opening fire.

    Guilty Crown writers are probably going for the nonsensical fun-type of anime, but the series doesn’t have nearly enough charisma to pull it off.

  59. @Divine i think you had a misunderstanding about the technology of the Leucocyte control system, it is actually a superior system, Quantum technology.

    first from a military stand point the biggest weakness in a Satellite System is it’s vulnerability to electric jamming, as with any electronics system it need to maintain electronic signal with its chain of command with long range capable wavelength frequency. if the enemy has the right equipment they can easily cut that communication off by interfering with that frequency. (thus there are various ecm and eccm around in today’s military doctrination) However a Satellite System link with Quantum technology can;t not be jammed. Quantum communication uses Quantum property, Quantum entanglement and superposition, we a literately teleporting signals though space!!!!!!!!!!!

    second the core room “inability for outsiders to touch the cores in the “float cage” ” i don;t think that is a security feature it is more cause of again Quantum mechanic. Quantum particles changes its pattern as soon as it is been observed by a third party(don;t ask me how we come to that conclusion) so as soon as some one is in the room with your quantum control system you lose control, therefore i think that shield is there to prevent this effect to the quantum particles in the control room once a operator enters. instead of protection from thief.

    not to be disrespectful or anything here just though you will enjoy the show more if you understand some technological aspect of it

    Leucocyte Core explain
  60. Man, it didnt even take 3 minutes at the episodes start before Shuu’s stupid naive personality once again annoyed me to no end. Its not so much the fact that he refused to help in the operation, but the fact that he acted so know-it-all in that scene when all other Funeral Parlor members were basically telling him to “STFU you dont know anything”, which is true. He was acting like such an idealist, it just rubbed me the wrong way.

    I also WTF’d when he pulled out a big sword gun out of Inori out of nowhere. It made zero sense. Everything just HAPPENS to work out like always instead of having the episode actually build up to some sort of resolution, which is, pretty stupid.

    Other than that, its nice to see more character development on Gai, as it turns out he’s not the big douche we were led to believe (which many of us probably guessed already). As for Inori, as Divine said, I dont know what the deal is with Shuu’s reaction toward her like everything is fine and dandy. But I guess there’s no point dwelling on that.

    Just when I thought this series was finally picking up from the pretty damn good 2 episodes before this, this episode’s bad writing lowers it again. Hopefully the series becomes more consistent in later episodes.

    1. Man, it didnt even take 3 minutes at the episodes start before Shuu’s stupid naive personality once again annoyed me to no end. Its not so much the fact that he refused to help in the operation, but the fact that he acted so know-it-all in that scene when all other Funeral Parlor members were basically telling him to “STFU you dont know anything”, which is true. He was acting like such an idealist, it just rubbed me the wrong way.

      Well that because he’s no soldier, ergo he doesn’t know anything. Also he is an idealist by plot right from the start. He didn’t act like a know-it-all, he acted like “WTF!?! 1 out of 3 will die and if I screwed up it’s my fault they died for nothing!”

      He was correct though. If that truck during the attack was manned, then estimate damage of the whole group would reach 35%, just as Gai said it would.

      The Moondoggie
  61. Yup, it’s final. Inori has multiple-personality disorder!

    She was all like “I’m yours…Use me” at one moment then cold the next with the “Stay away from me, you’re just a tool” and finally she said “Oh, I totally forgot about what I said yesterday. You still like me, right?” Then she change to “I don’t want to killed anybody…(BAM! she shot the guy right between the eyes)”

    She is like Yuno, but cuter…in a non-yandere, crazy kind of way. But still crazy.

  62. I can think of two reasons for Shu´s behavior twards Inori and Gai:
    1) He´s completely in love With Inori and can´t bring himself to reject her or threat her the same way she does. Boys do stupid, ilogical things for the girl they like.

    2) Shu is desperate to trust someone, to make sense in the insane situation he has been drag in, that´s what compiles him to help Gai. Throw the fact that the lives of everyone around him depend of his decision and you can understand how he feels some sort of moral obligation towards them.

    that could explain goes thruogh his mind this time but there always the possibility that Gai is taking advantage of his good nature. Gai could have ordered Inori to let Shu in his room so he could hear all the things he heard; the guy has proven himself as a master in manipulation so anything he says or does are to be distrust. What do you think Divine? gai doesn´t strike me as sensitive or concern for people´s lives as he claims he is.

  63. Gai knowing the pen is a targeting device(how does he know?), yet just let the emo protagonist kept it in his base all these time…brilliant
    They should have just make this one a fan service school comedy instead of trying to write a convoluted serious plot.

  64. About the satellite facepalm.

    not sure if anyone else has said this, but if a satellite at a geocentric orbit (compensating its velocity with the velocity of earth, to stay at an altitude with fixed position on earth (Tokyo)), suddenly loses its propulsion (if that really is necessary to stay in the orbit/altitude(i doubt it)) it would fall approximately in Tokyo. Assuming its mass is great(and we must assume that, otherwise there wouldnt be much reason to worry about tokyo anyway, low mass-> disintegrate and burn up on descent)

    So its not just convenient, it’s logical. I would think that the (japanese) satellite makers would want the satellite to be fixed close to tokyos position to ZAP the living shit of any terrorists.

  65. Er…something bothers me about this episode:

    how does erasing Shu’s records of his involvement with FP help, aside from the blatant excuse to put the focus back on the school-aspect of this show? I mean, at least two of the ‘higher ups’ know he’s part of FP- wouldn’t that mean he’d be heavily under surveillance? and, I can’t imagine GHQ will be too happy about both of their satellites being obliterated; doesn’t that go against the deal Gai made?

    1. It’s a pretty obvious question to ask, innit?

      My best guesses are:

      – Shu’s mother ( if she is his mother in the first place… ) is the chief assistant to the head researcher. They want to keep her happy. This sounds pretty unlikely at this point, though.

      Major speculation upcoming:
      – Shu is not… normal. He never has been, after that incident we saw in the flashbacks in episode one. My best guess is that his personality is a construct after something majorly traumatizing went down during that flashback incident. As such, he has been put under permanent observation by the government and his “mom” is just his government minder. Which would explain why her character model looks way too young for being a 17 year old teenagers mom.
      The government knows by now about Shus acquired powers, but for some reason they find it preferable to keep him under observation, instead of just terminating him or bringing him in completely. They seem to have a pretty broad concept of “acceptable losses” anyway, so maybe they figure they just can take him out whenever.

      That the newly introduced character at the end of this episode seems to be aware of Shu and his returning memories also points in the direction that we are seeing a long-term Xanatos Gambit coming to fruition.

      1. I speculated as much. Isn’t it weird that his mom works for GHQ, and they didn’t know Shu has the Genome ( shown in the episode where he was brought in by GHQ for questioning ) until he used in in their faces, that he cannot remember Gai until they met again? Isn’t it weird agreed to have his records erased? The whole thinh seems like Thirty Xanatos Pile Up.

        The Moondoggie
  66. Shuu is really an irritating character. Yes he is like many of the easily manipulated masses (look at how advertising works) but as a flip flopper he really irks me.

    Its a fuc*ing civil war. Everyone has a sob story in a fuc*ing civil war. Does that mean if Shuu listens to the family member of the soldier Inori shot, he will join the governmental forces? Every leader who is not a sociopath faces the same problem from the non-fatal problem of telling someone he is fired to telling a soldier to charge the enemy position.

    Especially love how Inori says she wants to save everyone and *Gai* and Shuu immediately does whatever she says. The GHQ peeps got it all wrong. Just throw some girl cuter than Inori and more dere than he’s all open for manipulation from the GHQ side.

    This anime is trying to use shonen anime style lines to cover it cracks but its seriously not working

    Zaku Fan
  67. Hmm… I was face-palming all the way throughout the episode. Way to do terrible episode pacing production I.G! What’s with the sudden turnaround from Shu? Did Inori hypnotized him or something? How could you protesting about sacrificing some soldier’s life in one moment and completely change to be okay with it the next instant after hearing a sob story from Gai?

    And that last weapon? How convenient! Need to destroy a satellite? Don’t worry, Inori weapon manufacture company will create a rifle that can shoot to outer space in an instant from the gun in your hand. I was okay with everything up to this episode, but this episode just threw me off-guard. Hope they will clear most the lack of plot explanation in the next few episode.

  68. Is Cocytus that girl that resembles Inori? Also they said “she should awaken anytime now, seeking her beloved king.”

    Could the “beloved king” be Shu? Since he has The Power of “Kings”?

    1. I would assume so, don’t know if that’s her real name though. I linked it back in the previous episode’s post but redjuice has two artworks. They look identical, except for the facial expression. One picture showing the normal old composed Inori. The other one he titled it “Cocytus” which shows the same Inori with a more sinister looking face. I’m guessing that girl from the flashbacks that “resembles” her is somehow part of Inori’s subconscious.

      If you look at the frame when they say that, both Shu and Gai are standing there. And Cocytus seems to have a history with them both given the hints/flashbacks so I guess you don’t really know for sure.

  69. I find it pretty sad that people get downvoted by the fanboys on this website cant accept that others people have different opinions, and anyone who talks bad about this show or Shu in general (such as yourself and I) just because some of us are more educated and can points out obvious flaws in this show.

    Look guys its fine if you like the show and can chose to unconsciously ignore all the flaws in it, but not everyone is gona go “zOMG this show is awesomesauce wee!!!!” If theres blatant obvious flaws in the writing and screenwriting people will point it out.

    Whose’s bright idea was it to even add a comment voting system here anyway? Divine or RC staff can you guys remove this please? All its doing is hurting people who’s actually giving out valid opinions rather than just saying “This show is cool, I like this episode” every week.

    1. I don’t really see your point because the comments that criticise the shows (e.g. Divine’s comments) are voted really high too. So far the only “criticism” comments that are voted down a lot are the ones written by ragers.

      I don’t like the idea of the voting system much either, but it’s really a personal thing. Your reasoning doesn’t really justify removing it because what you’re saying isn’t really happening.


      I knew I wasn’t alone when I was thinking that the voting system is unnecessary.

      “If there are blatant obvious flaws in the writing and screenwriting people will point it out.”

      But the problem is, there isn’t. We cannot find anything that justifies your complains for the show. Bad writing? Where? Cliches? I sure hope they are and that I am wrong on my guess that everything will go downhill later on.

      Because, frankly, this being an original: No one’s gonna put it up on TV if it’s bad. Especially on noitaminA.

      The Moondoggie
  70. Not sure if anyone thought about this or not, but maybe the sensory feedback was so specific here because she was piloting a newer, more advanced suit? I mean, the guy who was piloting it before seemed pretty sadistic too, but w/e.

    I guess it doesn’t explain why the mechs have that kind of sensory feedback in the first place. Seems pretty stupid. And you’d think that a more advanced suit would be better at filtering it out, instead of making the feedback worse.

    Though it may also have something to do with sensory feedback making movements more precise. After all, work is being done to add sensory input to modern prosthetics to enable more precise control of motion by the user.

    Mr. T
  71. You know, I just realized that Inori’s outfit was probably based off of Miku Append’s outfit. There are so much similarities that I’m surprised I didn’t pick up on them before, considering Supercell’s ties with VOCALOID.

    Miku Append:


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