Guilty Crown – 21

「羽化 emergence」 (Uka)

Well, I complained about wanting Guilty Crown to step it up a notch last episode, and this week Guilty Crown certainly offers up a lot of things as it heads into its penultimate episode. The conflict gets brought back to Gai, Mana/Inori and Shuu, which is fitting since that’s how ‘Lost Christmas’ came about the last time.

Guilty Crown – 20

「追想 a diary」 (Tsuisou)

This was a pretty ‘quiet’ episode by Guilty Crown‘s standards, which is both a good and a bad thing. First, the good: exposition is never a bad thing. Next, the bad: this is the lead-in to the penultimate episode – not a good time for an info-dump, especially if it’s something viewers can piece together themselves.

Guilty Crown – 18

「流離 Dear…」 (Ryuuri)

“Okay… I’m way too tired to be writing about an episode like this, so you guys can have first crack at it. I’ll have a full write-up tomorrow.”

I didn’t intend to make my original note to be as sarcastic as it ended up sounding — as I was simply too tired from work to put together a coherent post for such an episode full of “interesting” developments — but it does touch upon my ever-changing impression of this series.

Guilty Crown – 17

「革命 exodus」 (Kakumei)

Well if there’s one thing about Guilty Crown that never disappoints, it would be its ability to surprise. Granted, that’s largely because I can’t see where the writers are going with a story that has a severe identity crisis, but hey, I can’t say I’m opposed to the idea that we have a new antihero protagonist and a new heroine to go with him.