「攪乱 election」 (Kakuran)

As much as I love Hare, she does say the darndest things. Shuu can be a king? Come on Hare, you’re just playing right? Right!?

Apparently Hare wasn’t playing, as the ongoing effort to make Shuu the bearer of the “guilty crown” has made him the new student council president of Tennouzu First High School — and not the new leader of Funeral Parlor like myself and many others were expecting. It’s an interesting turn of events given that the fate of Funeral Parlor is still in question, and it places Shuu in an situation that he can sort of handle. Rather than dealing with the Anti Bodies, he’s faced with the same gang of high school punks who think they’re all that because one of them has a gun, and has to quell the frantic mob mentality that they started by bullying Arisa and trying to strip Ayase and Tsugumi (those bastards). Relatively speaking, this undertaking isn’t nearly as demanding as taking on an armed organization that’s usurped control of the entire country, Void Genome or not. However, the direction things are headed with Shuu rallying the student body like they’re his personal army is a different matter, as I already get the feeling we’re in store for a fairytale resolution where Shuu empowers all of them with their Void Weapons so that they can fight back against the Anti Bodies’ oppression.

The way Yahiro categorized all the students according to their Void potential suggests as much anyway, and I wouldn’t put it past Segai that he purposely left them the “Genome Resonance Gauge” to help “cultivate” Shuu’s power. After all, Segai’s already shown his personal fascination in Voids once before — and killed one of their own men in the process — so I already get the impression that he doesn’t care about what happens to GHQ or Japan one way or another. The number of lives that are lost on either side are probably of little to no concern for him, as he’s likely pulling the strings in the background for his own interest. From the look of things, he sent out a rumor to cause campus-wide panic and distress — a Demagogy strategy — primarily to see how Shuu and everyone would react. For me, that fueled further suspicion that the Keidou Shuuichirou whom he’s working with now is nothing but a facade, likely created by Yuu/Daath, seeing as Shuuichirou had given Segai the Void data and cut him out of future activities, and that he was presumably killed by Yuu when Shuu and Gai stopped him from reviving Mana. That data could have very well been used to create the Genome Resonance Gauge, plus the unmanned Endlave “Ghost Unit” that he’s commanding now. While it’s mostly speculation at this point, I’m curious to see if my suspicion is correct since the possibility occurred to me well before Tsugumi whipped out her magical girl-like doll-making Hand Scanner and showed just how easy it would be to fool everyone.

Amidst all that, the most notable tidbits that I took away are 1.) how Haruka is likely being forced into developing the Ghost Unit, 2.) how Daryl is still in the dark about Segai’s intentions and may pull a Heel Face Turn before the series is over, and most importantly 3.) how Inori can become a heartless killing machine with a flick of a switch and even lie to Shuu about it. The former two I’m not too concerned about as I suspect they’ll work their way into the story as we go on, but the last one about Inori is a bit of an eye-opener, raising questions as to whether she’s simply indiscriminate toward anyone who’s hostile to her or if something happened to her during the twisted wedding ceremony/ritual. The way that scene was depicted — particularly the part where she lied to Shuu — is definitely foreshadowing things to come; however, I honestly don’t know what to make of it at the moment. At the very least, I would expect Shuu to voice his disapproval over how easily Inori can take lives, but I really don’t think he can afford to be at odds with his most powerful trump card, especially when the preview is so ominous.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

  • They just had to make forced Void extraction akin to being sexually violated didn’t they? If you ask me, only Aquarion and its over-the-top robot combinations can get away with something like that.
  • I don’t mind the idea that the Anti Bodies set up a massive wall around a huge quarantine area so quickly, but seeing it move inwards and plow down skyscrapers is kind of ridiculous.
  • These male students come off as throwaway characters, seeing as they don’t even have names in the credits.
  • I wonder whose hand is manipulating chess pieces in the preview. Yuu’s?
  • How can anyone not love Hare? “If you get hurt, I’ll heal you with my Void!” Awww… that’s like a confession right there.
  • Obligatory, “IT’S OVER 2000!!!”
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      1. But he still shows that he is still reluctant to make a solid decision for himself and the small sublet of funeral parlor, let alone for the ENTIRE STUDENT BODY….

        at least he’s working to get some confidence…as seen by how he would take the hit next week (or was that the dolls?)

      1. Well it’s your own fault. Did I not say that people who still feel that this show isn’t for them past episode 12 should stop watching already? Now how will you mend that broken face of yours?

        The Moondoggie
      1. Well…Voids are somewhat connected to the Apocalypse Virus since patients can see them. So, it may not be too far a stretch to imagine that the Antibodies developed some type of crystallization measurement device while “treating” patients. It is just a little more of a stretch that the measurement may equivocate to potential Void power.

        All guessing on my part. I agree it’s nonsensical…much like the series in general.

      2. I think you are missing the point, Voids are a “fix all” plot device.
        Need a way to make to make it into a super secure building? Here’s a void that opens all doors
        Need to fool the student body with some grand illusion? here’s a magic wand that can make dolls of anyone.

        Pretty much what I’m saying is voids are just a huge cop out, and they use it to force plot progression.

        1. I don’t really see a problem with that to be honest, because Voids are the main plot device in this series. It only natural that they’ll be used to solve problems, just like the special abilities of a main character in any other series.

        2. I’d agree if the timing in which voids where introduced was not so convenient. The only real void that seems logic in my opinion is the sword. It still relies on the user to wield it, All the other voids pretty much use them self. Even if the actual character did what the void did it would still be the same thing. A random super power that can help in the current plot scenario. It’s just something to make the story move without actually finding a real way to solve it.

        3. I would criticize how they implement Voids though. The better series out there do more foreshadowing of abilities and implement them in a way that doesn’t feel like a Deus Ex style solution.

          As a counterpoint, To Aru Majutsu no Index establishes each character’s unique abilities and presents a problem for characters to overcome. Index uses the powers as a tool to solve problems NOT as the solution to problems like Guilty Crown does with Voids.

          Yeah it’s a difference in the details but one is much more effective in creating tension within story.

        4. Yes, some Voids just don’t make sense. Inori, Hare, Yahiro, Arisa and Ayase’s Voids make sense in terms of their function and character traits.
          HOWEVER, why does a camera open doors/locks? why does a magical girl wand create shadow clones? why did Gai’s gun possess pseudo-king powers? why did random fodder student have a freaking boomerang/frisbee thing? Answer = it was a convenient deus ex machina plot device.
          Hence, why I said this series was nonsensical.

        5. I always thought Souta’s unlocking doors things was related to how he could easily get along with people? He can make people “open up”. Is that too far of a stretch? Aren’t they also part of some film club thing (don’t remember the exact term) that why I thought it was in the shape of the camera.

          Not Sure about Tsugumi seeing as we still don’t know much about her. Gai is just a boss…or a wannabe one. Hence a psuedo-void extractor lol. He’s is wannabe Shu. And random fodder student is random fodder student. I don’t really care about his void.

        6. I think that Tsugumi’s void can create a clone of other people because she’s always lonely, so she wanted people to be around her and with that void she can create as many people as she wanted so she won’t be alone.

        7. @kurochan I can definitely see that. And we saw he flashback with her being surrounded with a few toys. Haha guess we didn’t need a full back story to know why that’s her void then.

        8. Just my theory, but I think Shu’s void is one that mimics the void he is currently using, hence why it didn’t show anything in terms of power (power of the void varies).

          My guess is, near the end, when one BFS is not enough, he’ll whip out another identical copy and proceed to destroy everything.

        9. When I actually think about it, the voids are pretty nicely explained and go pretty well with their matching characters’ traits. I used to think they came off a bit like deus ex machinas as well but now it’s the other way around. More like they decided on the voids first and wrote scenarios where that they could work after.

          They still come off as a bit convenient and could potentially have been written in better but at least the voids used make sense and don’t seem to be conjured completely out of thin air.

      3. HOWEVER, why does a camera open doors/locks? why does a magical girl wand create shadow clones? why did Gai’s gun possess pseudo-king powers? why did random fodder student have a freaking boomerang/frisbee thing? Answer =

        camera opens doors be cause picture reveal truths about the subject, hence opening them up/
        Wand creates dolls because tsugumi was always alone and used to play with dolls as friends so of course her void creates them. Don’t know enough about the random student to connect it, but so far every void has direct link to the personality or history of the person it comes from. So in a way that is the established foreshadowing you’re looking for.

    1. I also agree that the moving bulldozer quarantine walls are rather ridiculous. Pretty sure that would be nearly impossible considering the seismic-foundations most Japanese skyscrapers would have. It’d be nearly impossible to just cleave it off at the base without rigging some sort of anchor hundreds of feet in the ground, and have ungodly amounts of torque.

      1. Seeing as they have giant robots and a kid with the power to pull weapons out of people, I don’t find this too far fetched.

        I do wish though that they gave a small explanation to show how powerful those moving walls are, but I don’t think I needed one.

      1. I agree. The last thing they need over there is a ranking system. It would definitely cause problems later on.

        With the existence of a “void meter”, I’m guessing that we’ll end up with another void user as a final boss.

        On the brightside, Hare just had to show how much she love Shu. I’m rooting for Ayase x Shu, but I just can’t get over the fact that, since Shu knows Hare likes him, there’s just a chance Hare end up winning Shu.

        But of course that also means her mortality rate just got even higher D:

        The Moondoggie
      2. Its retarded really. You don’t rank Army equipment by their power, you classify them by their utility. Like putting Hare’s void in a medic unit, Tsugumi’s void in a recon unit or Ayase’s void in a quick strike unit. Yahiro has no clue what he is talking about. Though I’m not surprised that Shu would listen to that crap because he isn’t the brightest bulb around.

        1. Which is why Yahiro is probably using this to manipulate Shu into completely screwing over everyone. At least, that’s what I hope that he’ll do so that his character can have some consistency.

        2. Nope. That’s why I don’t see any problem rating by firepower.

          This will definitely gonna screw Shu later. But unless Yahiro is with GHQ, I don’t see him trying to screw Shu over with such tactic. Still, he did screw Shu earlier for his brother.

          The Moondoggie
        3. I don’t think they can really classify the type of voids since the “Genome Resonance Gauge” only measures the potential of a void. Besides, It appears like they only know the identify of voids for Shu’s friends at the moment. Oh can’t forget about the random voids he pulled from earlier in the show.

      3. It’s not the ranking itself I would be concerned with; it’s what ranking can possibly lead to. As shown in this episode, the student body is very divided and emotionally weak which is perfect for manipulation but useless for anything productive. Segregating them based on usefulness and Void power would only exacerbate this chaos.

        The plot seems to be heading toward a Battle Royale – highschool students fighting scenario. I can see the low level useless Voids becoming heartlessly used as enemy fodder. Also possible that high level Voids can become corrupted by arrogance and delusional self worth. What if glasses usurper student in this episode turns out to have some awesome game breaking Void?

        1. If the Void matches it’s holder, than I cannot imagine a game breaker coming out of Glasses-Wimp. He looks like he can talk the talk as long as he has a gun. Now that he sees he up against something he can’t intimidate easily, he’ll back down. So….I guess he’ll have a super awesome looking Slap-Chop. Useful, but compared to a real knife wielded by someone that actually gives a damn about cooking, a useless hunk of crap.

        2. If the Void matches it’s holder, than I cannot imagine a game breaker coming out of Glasses-Wimp. He looks like he can talk the talk as long as he has a gun. Now that he sees he up against something he can’t intimidate easily, he’ll back down. So….I guess he’ll have a super awesome looking Slap-Chop. Useful, but compared to a real knife wielded by someone that actually gives a damn about cooking, a useless hunk of crap.

      4. They might not be an army but still they´re going to try to fight GHQ and that´s where the whole idea goes to Hell. As happy as I am to see Shu gain some maturity and make real desicions for himself wiout Gai´s ghost over his shoulder, I don´t see anything coming from a wanna be army highschool students lead by a not so smart boy against a well organized, eqquiped and incredibly ruteless army or mercenaries that won´t even blink while butchering the lot of them. Don´t get me wrong, I loved the episode and the direction the story is headed but Shu sure has it hard this time. By the way, am I the only one that thinks Hare is not gonna make it past the next episode?.

    2. One thing that puzzles me is how Shu drew one of those students’ Void and that made him unconscious. I thought Shu’s power evolved and that wouldn’t happen anymore. Perhaps this has to do with his affinity to the person he is trying to draw Voids from. But still….

      What happened to Inori was interesting. Up until this point, we don’t *really* know who she is. Surely, one may argue that she is 100% a clone of Mana, but honestly that doesn’t say too much.

        1. The voids ability is pretty much all over the place at this point where no one can actually get a clear thought of it. My guess is with Shuu having the new king mode, this gives him the ability to take a void without eye contact. So I think Shuu didn’t extract the voids of Ayase, Yahiro and Tsugumi without letting go of their hands. So my guess is that Shuu must summon up the new king mode ( the bigger void circle that appears below him when he extracts the void) in order to have them remain awake. But when he forces it out in a quick matter they fall unconscious. But this still doesn’t explain the reason for Inori passing out when her void is extracted because he did use the new king mode on episode 13 with Inori. It may also have to do with the power level of the void, cause Inori’s void is very powerful.

          Further more the hand thing doesn’t make sense cause there have been times when Inori held onto Shuu when he extracted her void. And there have been multiple times when Inori was being held by Shuu (Even greater contact) and she remained passed out. But at this point I don’t really care it still looks badass. I wish the void genome were real

      1. Can’t you just take it as fainting from the shock of having your void pulled out for the first time? That was the explanation for the fainting when Shuu still had the lvl 1 king power.

    3. I’m hoping that Yahiro setting up Shu as a savior king and giving a select ranking system is his revenge for killing his brother by orchestrating Shu’s eventual downfall. If not, then this whole show is once again bunk.

      Also, “Hey, I knew we didn’t have a wheelchair kid at this school! And it only took us 5 episodes to figure it out!”

      1. I’m hoping that Yahiro setting up Shu as a savior king and giving a select ranking system is his revenge for killing his brother by orchestrating Shu’s eventual downfall. If not, then this whole show is once again bunk.

        One of the things that did have me guessing the most is why Yahiro let Shu go last time. I was expecting him to take revenge.

        But setting him up as King to orchestrate Shu’s fall seems to roundabout. A total stab in the back, literally, would be more straightforward.

        The Moondoggie
        1. I’d expect that sort of thing from Yahiro. Remember, he entered the series as someone who deceives and strikes when they (in both cases, Shu) expects it. It would certainly explain why he didn’t question Shu during the last few episodes of the first half, and he probably wanted to see exactly how strong he was at manipulating voids, and, based on this ep, new Shu would become a big part of the conflict against GHQ, so he would want to be closer to him during that time to make sure he could take him down. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. The direct backstab will come later…hopefully.

          …but this is all speculation. If it does happen, Yahiro’s my new favorite character. If not…well, I’m gonna need some coverup for all the handprints I’m getting on my face from watching this show.

    4. Since I was expecting to facepalm and laugh at the ridiculousness when they finally decided to give Shuu some balls and step up into a leadership position, this episode wasn’t half bad. Now, I’m not forgetting the trainwreck the first half was or suddenly having a change of heart about our endearing MC, but since I’ve stuck with it this far I’ll be optimistic about any improvements they manage to fit in.

      Suuichirou as the big bad guy of the first half ruined any redeeming qualities GC had for me that Shuu didn’t already. So in that sense, getting rid of him and putting Segai in the role while dialing down on annoying Shuu is a lock-in for a better second half than the first.

    5. The formula is really simple: Less Inori Screentime equals better episodes.

      So Wussy Shu as student council president, is going to lead an army of high school kids against an oppressive force with his superpowers to give other kids superpowers. This premise is so idiotic and ridiculous that I LOVE IT! Why couldn’t this happen earlier instead of wasting episodes on terrible characters like Gai and Inori!?

      Still this episodes is not without its flaws as the writers still seem to be flailing despite the improvements. The acquiring of the “Void-Meter” is stupidly convenient. The scene with the council checking on Tsugumi’s void is immediately followed by a scene with civilians getting slaughtered, creating a jarring change of tone. The school bullies are so sleazy I almost felt like watching a rape hentai.

      Then Daryl is blatantly being set up for redemption when he has shown no indication that he deserves such. Accelerator he is not.

      1. Still this episodes is not without its flaws as the writers still seem to be flailing despite the improvements. The acquiring of the “Void-Meter” is stupidly convenient.

        True, but then we should remember that Shu isn’t the first Void user: The upcoming LN and Yuu has them too. I’m guessing even the final boss will have one as well.

        The school bullies are so sleazy I almost felt like watching a rape hentai.

        IRL school bullies are just as sleazy. Anything new?

        The Moondoggie
        1. No, school bullies come in all kinds, some aren’t even obvious until their abuses are witnessed. These kids hold RAEP FACES, bound and gag women, and strip them in public. If I didn’t know any better I’d say that was hentai.

      1. That’s not good comparison at all.

        Daryl gunned down civilians out of spite. The stupid part was that the writers have COMPLETELY forgotten about it, instead trying to shove his daddy issues to the audience. Its a dumb attempt to make him sympathetic.

        Viral EARNED his redemption. Throughout the series you see him have sense of honor and even expressing regret for not being able to save his superiors. After the time skip, he was shown actually defending the common people from the oppression of the government. Also he is voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama which just makes him awesome.

        1. As much as I enjoy this show, the depth of these characters do not even begin to scratch the surface of the complexity and completeness seen in TTGL’s cast. It’s simply not a fair comparison, by a long shot.

          I’m glad that the show wants to take a stab at resolving moral issues. The beginning of this arc has really been Lord-of-the-Flies-esque in parameterization, and I want to see just how much “evil” stems from Shu’s choices. Inori’s deception really throws a monkey wrench in our perceptions of her, and she clearly has motivations that are independent of Gai’s orders – which makes me want to reevaluate her actions in the first arc.

          A lot of stuff is getting quite interesting, but there is a long way to go before GC can truly deliver that meaningful, “philosophical” punch that really allows its central message to resonate within the heart of the viewer.

    6. You know what’s funny,I had almost exactly the same thoughts about the moving wall, Hare’s confession and Inori’s void gauge rating.

      And Shu really needs dump that empty pink doll and go for Hare. Seriously, if I had the power to jump in and out of anime, I would have stolen Hare a few episodes ago.

      Oh well, at least Shu is getting better at being a main character.

      1. The first half of GC was just letting us taste of what is to come.

        I believe this show is heading towards its turning point, it has had its ups and downs — sure but I do like the way it is headed. Im still not sure on what Segai and Haruka is doing or which side are they on though..

        Shu turns out to be one badass character this episode.

        Is it just me or Inori just killed a few students? Scary stuff right there.

        1. Apart form perhaps Lord of fly wouldn’t have a “all correct” protagonist to herd them all.

          Japanese animation always fall for that: the mass is always mindless, violent & directionless and the story always ends with the protagonist showing them the right way. I think this is a bit in Japanese culture, the way they tend to follow their leader blindly.

          Come to think about it, the only animation bothered with discussing the theme & avoid the pit-full was the conclusion of Ghost in the Shell 2nd gig. At the end, Motoko & Kuze was futilely trying to guide all the refugees into cyber-space before the nuclear strike whilst the Tachikomas made the right call by sacrificing their AI satellite (hence themselves) to block the missile.

          So here, the chief hero failed and the foot soldier who were supposed to follow order blindly saved the day by making an initiative and sacrifice.

          Geeze, if GC failed to achieve anything, it makes me appreciate Ghost in the Shell more.

      1. EPISODE 15

        *Gendo Ikari pose*

        Shit Happened. Goodbye Hare! Your death is but a step toward to raising Shu as king. It will not be in vain, our master will avenge you. Long live the King….

        The Moondoggie
    7. Other than the sleazy sleazeball shenanigans this episode was great. But I really hate that in every movie/show with viruses, they always got to have them stupid violent annoying rioters that you just want to punch in the face. Shu, while I never really disliked him as much as everyone else is really improving as a character. That quick reaction to the guy shooting was pretty awesome too.

      Loved the void reading metre scene, who didn’t actually think of “OVER 9000!” when Inori was read. I wonder what Shu’s XXXX meant. No void? Is he invalid cause he’s a void user? I wish they had more moments like that between the cast just kind of mucking around and “bonding”.

      Inori… lol still so nonchalant even after bloodying some people up.

      Next week looks interesting with dead Shu seems it might be eventful just because of the fact that Kaji Yuki didn’t do the voiceover. Also no change in the ED animation? I was kind of hoping they change it up a bit like the first half, now I have no real reason to watch it.

      1. Oh yeah, are they really pushing for Daryl and Tsugumi? Well it doesn’t surprise me if he eventually ends up as a good guy seeing as I’ve had my suspicions from quite early on but that doesn’t mean we need a to ship him with someone LOL.

    8. I cannot believe that “Kill ‘Em All Daryl” is now having a change of heart. Which is rather interesting in how that guy “just happened to be off of school” when the students were suspecting the “transfer students” of being Funeral Parlor members.

    9. Well, with these GHQ guys nobody will ever complain about the Red Cross again. BTW, is there like no international community in this universe? Nobody minds the genocides?

      Also… there isn’t a single adult in the whole school? Why are these kids left unsupervised? Maybe it’s a Japanese thing.

    10. the pres didnt look all that thrilled that she basically got kicked out

      that said, it really seems like whatever script they had for the series got thrown out during the week off and they are making it up as they go along now

    11. Shu is starting to become like Simon.
      Daryl and Tsugumi does look like a couple(and I’m rooting for that)

      Hmmm… I think the reason why Shu didn’t have a void reading is that the Void Genome turned his void into the ability to pull out other voids.

    12. i would love to see another Inori crazy side! I just love it
      YAY!! more Tsugumi and Shu is finally become a badass !

      if only this kind of epic plot happen earlier in this anime without wasting time with focusing on Gai x Shu x Inori ,i’m sure this will be more awesome

      1. I can agree to that. Inori did something that pleased the audience greatly. Though i felt sorry for those poor suckers that got killed before hearing Inori’s speech. (sigh) I hope no one finds the corpses

    13. Well, at least something interesting did happen, like the mindless killing by Inori. Though we are yet to see where that leads: it might leads to nothing. It might just be a running joke about how seemingly harmless people can have teeth beneath and plain laugh down at those student who fell for Segai’s Demagogy strategy.

      If that is the case, it’s plain bad writing.

      The void rating system is kind of interesting unless it has some retribution, like Shuu masses up his leadership/ becomes detached to his friend or even become the new dictator. Otherwise, it’s pure plot device and another bad writing.

    14. too many twist in this episode,
      1)haruka joining the GHQ? i thought she cut ties knowing the the motif of company
      2)inori start killing , coz unwanted/filthy ppl touch/harass her . Show Spoiler ▼

      3 student die and no one know about it … i thought they do have something like ‘attend list’ or something
      3)the whole school is only fully with student and this keep you wondering WHERE IS THE FUCKING ADULT? it seem the story skip too much plot.
      4)inori genome resonance = over 90000, while shu = xxx Show Spoiler ▼

      about the next coming episode, it seem someone have to ‘die’ as the title mentions, Show Spoiler ▼

      and as shu….https://randomc.net/image/Guilty%20Crown/Guilty%20Crown%20-%2014%20-%20Large%20Preview%2003.jpg, is this some kind of the joke, after he become the president O_0

      1. [i]1)haruka joining the GHQ? i thought she cut ties knowing the the motif of company[/i]
        Just a wild guess: Maybe that thing attached to her head is some sort of mind control or something?

        [i]2)inori start killing , coz unwanted/filthy ppl touch/harass her . [/i]
        yup, the usual plot hole for us

        [i] 3)the whole school is only fully with student and this keep you wondering WHERE IS THE FUCKING ADULT? it seem the story skip too much plot. [/i] Good point there. I just realized that I haven’t seen a single adult in the school. So they mean that they were having classes WITHOUT teachers when they were trapped inside Loop 7? Major major plot hole.

        And last but not the least, I wonder how the real president will react next episode after being thrown out of her position. It sure did not look like she was really happy for Shu being the new president.

        The Story You Don't Know
    15. I don’t know if this is spoiler but
      Show Spoiler ▼

    16. Hah. Nice episode! This is probably one of the better ones to have come out so far. Nothing felt really rushed and that there was a clear progression from start to finish. Also, I’ve seen a lot of comments about the “convenience” of having the pen-meter.

      Didn’t any of you read Divine’s comments?

      I agree with him in that Segai is playing the role of the “Puppetmaster” and that he gave the pen to the attackers in the last episode. Knowing that it’ll eventually find its way to the members of Funeral Parlour. Is it a bit convenient to have it drop from their pocket? Yes. But a lot of shows are like that imo. Stop bitching for the sake of bitching. The village bike has had enough.

      As for the rest of the episode itself. The way Arisa folded to the dissenters was kinda pathetic. However, thinking back, I suppose its not surprising. Her void was all about presenting a facade to the outer world. So having her flounder at the face of adversity didn’t shock me.

      As for Shu becoming the student council president; I easily guessed it even before the opening credits. (Like the rest of you probably did as well) Well, at least I hoped that it would happen and that writers wouldn’t have fucked it up. Given the way this show has gone I wouldn’t have been surprised if they didn’t have him become the leader.

      The best part of this episode was when we finally had some proof of a pair in Ouma Shu. I literally screamed “YEAH” when he interrupted the public humiliation of Tsugumi and Ayase. I liked the build up to that scene. It was well done. I knew it was going to happen but it felt very tense.

      Down points? The Daryl / Tsugumi thing. I wish-to-god that blondie gets eviscerated by Shu but we all know that it isn’t going to happen. Maybe if they gave him more character development? I’ve always gotten the feeling that GC should have had the same amount of episodes as Code Geass. 2 Full Seasons. Or at least 3 cours? Just to have more time explain everything. I mean, episode 6 with the satellite thing felt like an episode 12 moment. The situation between Gai, Shu, and Mana should’ve been given bit more screen time rather than just a few minutes in a single episode. The aforementioned episode would’ve been a good Season 1 ender at Ep 22.

      Bleh. Sorry about that. It’s an old argument that I’ve been having with a friend.

      All in all? I love this show. Sure, it’s let me down quite a few times. And the first half left a lot to be desired at some points. It’s a prized dog that didn’t quite live up to expectations and as such it has been stoned and beaten quite repeatedly. But, despite all the insults on the internet and the face-meet-palm moments, there is something about Guilty Crown that makes me come back. I don’t what it is, but I keep on downloading it every week. Hoping for a good episode.

      I guess I just want it to succeed?

      Well, 14 episodes down. 8 to go. I enjoyed this episode. Let’s see if gets even better.

      Jared Drake
      1. Again, “So Bad, It’s Good”. People come back to each episode hoping for the previous one to be just a bump in the road, but eventually they come for the bumps. It would be great if the show were to succeed in the end, but only if it stops getting in its own way.

        1. He plainly said he enjoyed the episode overall, and tbh you’re one of the few people that are still hammering on the show.

          I can tell you right now, I watch it every week because I enjoy it, not because “its so bad its good”.

          Don’t get me wrong, the start of the show was disappointing, but its getting more and more interesting and I think most people are starting to really enjoy the show, despite its many flaws.

      2. I did I did!

        Yeah when Ayase and Tsugumi were being violated, I was like “SHUU STOP- ” and he already did. So proud, he reacted before I even had the chance to tell him.

        Everything in you’ve said mirrors my own thoughts and feelings. I wish I could like it again.

        What’s wrong with the pen-meter stuff you said? Yeah I wish there was an edit function too. I’m always too eager to press the submit button that I either end up with a whole lot of typos or I forget to say something.

        1. Perhaps. But it’s the internet. We’re meant to be confrontational! Grrrr. Even so they’ll get over it.

          When I said everything I meant it~ The whole way through I was honestly hoping that you wouldn’t say something to stuff it up and you didn’t! hoohoo =3=b

    17. Thx for the additional insight, Divine.

      My thoughts:
      -I really think Yahiro is up to something. Or is it Sei.. hmmm. Still not sure though.
      -Hare and more coming events might trigger “Dark King Shuu”.
      -Why do I see Diethard on Seigai.(*note I already know that GC=/=CG)
      -After “Dark King Shuu” activates, he will understand Dark side Inori.

    18. I have nothing else to say (Divine took all of the tropes…)

      …except that there’s ONLY (approx.) 115 students that have voids…(source: LiA’s picture of the void chart)

      …and the fact that I have a very suspicious feeling about Yahiro and of his proposal of categorizing people according their genome resonance rate (especially after the events in the first half)…

      So who has repeated the OP2 multiple times since its first airing? (it’s way too catchy for me to forget now…)

    19. I don’t really like the idea of Void Rankings. It’ll cause discrimination among the whole student body and problems will surely arise. They basically trying to turn the school into a survival of the fittest zone. On the other hand, as long as it helps Shu build up his “guilt”, I think it’s good enough.

      About Inori, I hope she didn’t really kill those students. She’s now “supposed” to be a cute and harmless girl who’ll stay by Shu’s side, right?

      The Story You Don't Know
    20. Anyone think that the pen-meter is actually a fraud? I can imagine Segai smirked and say “Oh, that’s just your average toy that shows random number…”.
      Yahiro was acting awfully suspicious when he began supporting Shuu.

      Jellyfish Marine
    21. In my eyes Guilty Crown has completely redeemed itself now. Most of my initial complaints is no longer valid/or was already addressed, what I see now is the steady rise of a new power, something like Zero (from Code Geass) and Akira (from higashi no Eden) has accomplished, and Shuu is the center of everything, I just like his development as a character, from a complete wimp and sore loser to something that hopefully manage as a worthy leader in times of crisis.

      Also, that void weapon of Tsugumi is just amazing, something that could affect the entire battlefront.

    22. GC Producer: Hey EP 14 writer you really went all out with this episode eh? With all that Tsugumi and a backstory to boot.
      EP 14 Writer: So does that mean I pack my things now?
      GC Producer: No. Stay here for now. So adding more Tsugumi and Ayase improves our viewer rating eh, interesting. Be sure to add more Tsugumi next episode OR ELSE you’re FIRED!
      EP 14 —->level up—-> EP 15 Writer: awwwwwwwyeeaaaaaaa.jpg

    23. I laughed a lot with this dialogue:

      Tsugumi: Have you ever felt lonely?
      Inori: Only once. One time Shu wasn’t there and I was cold. Gai told me that’s “loniless”.

      The writers must believe that we are idiots or something. So, doll Inori only felt lonely when “Shu wasn’t here”, a guy that she know only a couple of weeks¿?

      So cute Magical Tsugumi and Hare https://randomc.net/image/Guilty%20Crown/Guilty%20Crown%20-%2014%20-%20Large%2008.jpg :3.

      1. Actually, her statement there and the way she killed those students may suggest that she got possessed by Mana on episode 12. In fact, in certain aspects, she *IS* Mana – so it’s probably not that surprising that she likes Shu.

        1. Well, at least Inori’s actually starting to gain some Mana’s traits finally. But based on the way they’re manifesting, this would imply:

          -Mana’s behavior in the Ep 12 flashback is how she was all the time, not just from the virus
          -Inori only “likes” Shu for the same twisted reasons Mana “liked” him
          -Shu should probably watch his back. And wear a chastity belt

          Also, if it weren’t clear enough that Hare is an Expy for Shirley from Geass, it will be if she dies next episode. Hopefully we can get a flashback to explain why in creation she likes Shu and has enough faith in him to tell him “YOU CAN BECOME KING LOL”.

        2. Yes I do think Inori likes Shu for the same reason Mana liked him. Notice the reason Mana liked Shu is not revealed – so I think it’s possible that this will develop through Inori.

          BTW we are actually not sure if Shu was adopted… it’s possible that ShuXInori is no incest.

        3. I think its more like Mana and Inori are artificial humans made to interact with whatever creates those crystals. Mana was created by Shu’s father and raised in his family. Inori was created by the Pedo Keido (whatever his name is…).

          Jared Drake
    24. Ahahah, this show keeps doing the most random things with its plot. I mean, I guess I like it, but there’s so little coherence it’s kind of funny. The soundtrack owns though.

    25. I have exactly zero expectations for the storyline… bunch of teenagers with voids ranging from overpowered to useless in combat is not going to match the military – oh and in reality should such emergency occur the entire area would be probably gassed out (see Hinamizawa…)
      I also find myself at odds with specially sleazing-up the opposition movement. They would be completely reasonable assuming the government would be anything short of genocidal. Oh and should the government really go genocidal, everybody is screwed anyway.
      The slow reduction of the quarantine area reminds me of German liquidation of jewish Ghettos in occupied Poland, btw.

        1. The GHQ do not all wear plugsuits like that. Either it has some sort of significance to her character alone or it’s just pointless eyecandy.

          LOLZ, that’s just nitpicking now.

          Seriously? Your asking why GHQ female researchers now dons that uniform? Have you ever asked why is there a need for a uniform in the first place or why is there such concept?

          No. Because we are told to wear uniform because of policy, specially in private companies and private schools. Are you seriously gonna question GHQ’s unexplained policy, which isn’t really necessary anyway?

          The Moondoggie
        2. Yes. Well frankly, I don’t know is it is just a uniform with no specific functionality. The best we do for now is just put it under “Just a uniform” list.

          And is it even considered an eyecandy anyway? It’s not even that sexy.

          The Moondoggie
    26. Ranking all the student by void power levels is going to be an extremely bad idea, something fit for a dictatorship/ monarchy. I guess they don’t call Shu “King” for nothing.

      Who else had a blast seeing Shu quick-draw a void from the braids guy? It was both funny and bad-ass at the same time.

      1. I’m looking forward to that as well 🙂

        I hope the action picks up soon. This cour, I want real action. Not just some powerful kid overpowering everything in his path. He doesn’t even had a rival in terms of power last cour except for that other guy who can pull out voids. Well, he didn’t really fight Shu but I’d bet he’d kick Shu’s ass any day.

        A hero can’t be a hero without a villain as strong or even stronger than him. Of course this rule does not apply on TTGL’s Simon, he’s the ultimate hero!

        The Story You Don't Know
    27. So, are there no adults at that school? It was kinda driving me nuts all episode. I know it’s a school, but did they ever say what happened to the reachers, or the principal? It just bugged me that there’s a major crsis happening and everyone is taking orders from the *student council president.* (I could’ve sworn we saw non-students last week, too, but I could be wrong.)

      While I liked that Inori killing things means there may finally be something interesting about her, I’ll be disappointed but not surprised if the handful of dead students left lying in a stairwell is never addressed. And Inori x Shuu continues to be one of the worst written romances in anime. “I was lonely once, when Shuu wasn’t there. You know, that guy I’ve known for like a month and had maybe one meaningful conversation with.”

      I am confused about how this series wants me to feel about Darryl. He heartlessly kills mothers in front of their kids! But he has daddy issues! He totally killed his dad! But he’s an adorable tsundere! He dislikes mass slaughters only because there’s no “love” in the killings, not because of the actual slaughtering! But he kinda likes Tsugumi maybe! And how exactly did he get out of the quarantine so easily anyway?

    28. when I was looking at the comment and view count Guilty Crown is pretty high up there.

      Assuming it continues, will it still count as a popular series even though for a good part of it there was mostly the negative kind of criticism? And by “popular series” I mean the RC tag thingamajiggy. hrmm. As you can see I am THAT bored.

      Just a random thought...
    29. Preview + Episode Title + Hare being a more effectual female than our female lead + Hare doesn’t appear in the OP except in one frozen scene + Did I mention Hare bring more a effectual female than out female lead? She’s gonna die. She’s gonna die. Oh how she’s going to die, and this will be the breaking point for Shuu turning into what we see in the OP, and will probably be the catalyst for him to step up and take over Funeral Parlor and/or just take the fight to the Anti-Bodies.

    30. You might wanna re-watch the series if you’ve forgotten how much of a cold-hearted killer Inori really is.

      Though I will grant the fact she lied about it is weird, she never hesitated to take lives before.

    31. HOWEVER, why does a camera open doors/locks? why does a magical girl wand create shadow clones? why did Gai’s gun possess pseudo-king powers? why did random fodder student have a freaking boomerang/frisbee thing? Answer =

      camera opens doors be cause picture reveal truths about the subject, hence opening them up/
      Wand creates dolls because tsugumi was always alone and used to play with dolls as friends so of course her void creates them. Don’t know enough about the random student to connect it, but so far every void has direct link to the personality or history of the person it comes from. So in a way that is the established foreshadowing you’re looking for.

    32. i dont know whether this counts in as joke after rewatch the series
      tsugumi : do you have parents? do you feel lonely?
      inori: i do for a time, that is when shu is not there , and i feel cold. gai told me that is ‘ lonely’.
      tsugumi: thanks for sharing…………. (-_-)

    33. It seems that finally Shuu will start to act like a main character

      There are some crucial points, maybe some can count as plothole, but well:

      1)How come Inori beat those guys bloody and there was not a drop in her clothes?
      And it was really her who did it? I mean, we don’t see the ‘middle’ of the incident, just the beginning and the end

      2)It’s really Haruka wearing a plugsuit in the opening?

      3)I don’t know if I missed it, but can Shuu now see the voids of other people? He just picked pierce-guy void like he knew what it was…

      This show sure looked a lot more promising at first, but I’m not complaining. It sure is better than much shounen show out there, and Inori is actually my number one dream girl, tied in first with Takasaki Natsu, from Baby Steps

        1. You’re acting like this one episode of the characters acting like they should have from the beginning makes up for all the inconsistencies and plot holes that have yet to be explained.

          As far as I’m concerned, this show is like Michael Bay’s Transformers: You come for the action, music and graphics. Nothing else.

        2. Wait I thought we were discussing this episode? My mistake.

          Sure Shu was a bit of a trainwreck earlier but his character has certainly improved. Shu grew some metaphorical balls this episode. I’m sure you noticed this too? In fact someone even commented on the these growing of balls if you could read above.

    34. i dont know if is just me with my destructive thoughts or what , but at the end part of the episode where shuu is shocked to see at the pictures of his partners, i think there might be sacrifices or abandonment judging by the classes of the void genome , i am soooo sorry to say this and you all can hit me all you want , but i just hope that shuu will disagree with the priority of these values and will save all with what he can unlike Gai

    35. People keep blasting the voids as plot holes/deus ex machina, yet compare them to the superpowers in x-men. At least we don’t see hurr durr im a porcupine and across the room hurr durr i can teleport-they actually have an explanation for each persons power.

      1. “Reflection of a person’s heart” is not an explanation unless we know how these things actually correlate to the character’s personalities. If someone can explain why Kenji’s Void is a Gravity Gun, why Kanon’s is a scouter or why Souta’s is a lockpicking camera, then I’ll take it all back.

        And you have to explain all three.

        1. Souta’s has been explained if you look up ahead. Don’t know if you’ll agree though, but I do.

          I don’t think it’s really fair to ask why Kenji and Kanon is a gravity gun or a scouter since we know next to nothing about them. Particularly Kenji who’s still a mystery in the story. I’m still not sure what Kanon’s void even did. Care to refresh my memory?

        2. Yes, but my fear is that we’ll NEVER get anything to explain it. People have said that Kanon’s telescope scouter thing is because she always keeps an eye on everybody, but then that wouldn’t explain why she never noticed Shu was helping terrorists until just recently, or even knew about Yahiro and his situation, even though he’s apparently the guy she likes for no explained reason. And Kenji is just…Kenji. Hell, we haven’t even seen him since Episode 6. How funny would it be if he just never showed up again until the last couple of episodes?

        3. She didn’t know he was helping terrorists because she doesn’t stalk him man. She’s just the class president. She can watch out for them, look over them but she’s not going to know what Shu was doing 7:42pm last night. He was only with the undertakers off campus if you exclude Inori and Aya. And Yahiro is the same, just because she has a little schoolgirl crush on him doesn’t mean she knows every detail about his life. It’s a family issue, it’s none of her business.

          Still don’t know what her scouter/telescope did but I guess her Iinchou personality traits could account for the shape of it. To be honest unless they feature her character and void up close like they did with every elses, I don’t care for a deeper explanation than that.

          They might never explain it but there’s still the possibility that they will. But right now you’re asking for questions to be answered that you know currently can’t be answered since we still lack ‘evidence’. Everyone else but those two were explained or at least implied so I don’t think it’s fair to generalize that voids being a reflection of the person’s heart is total bullshit.

          I agree that it’s questionable that we haven’t seen Kenji for so long and I’m hoping they didn’t forget about him. He probably won’t show up again until the last few episodes or at least until the other FP members make an appearance.

        4. It might be safe to say the writers have a solid model for coming up with these voids based on each character’s personality that can also be explained within the story by the characters themselves(meaning that they can be linked to the person by their peers, and don’t involve any symbolism or foreshadowing that only the writers could know). The problem is that the writers have done a poor job of conveying what they know(and what many of the characters within the story know) to the audience. The more each character is developed, the easier they are to link to their own void. However, many characters have not been given the attention required to establish the basic understanding needed to link the void to that person.

          While writing this response, I remembered Argo questioning his void in ep 5. His exact line [from eng subs] was “A light that brings darkness… Am I really a gloomy guy deep down?”. It is possible that his void comes from some part of his character that he has not yet come to terms with. I feel like this is evidence that the writers did in fact plan all these voids, leaving us with two possibilities: that A, they are just doing a bad job at telling us what they know, possibly due to a lack of time, or that nobody wants to know every single characters story, or B, that future events will spur some sort of action from a character that will allow us to make the connection, or they will flat out give us some backstory, and we are just being impatient and too quick to judge.

        5. So basically we don’t have any valid reason for why she has her void?

          More like, we don’t know the valid reason yet. “Don’t have” sounds like “there isn’t one” right of the bat.

          I agree with the theory that they first came up with the voids before writing the episodes.

          The Moondoggie
    36. While I can accept the whole void concept, what I’m trying to wrap my head around is how void might exist at a given point in time. What I mean is can a persons void change/evolve over time? Ayase was probably not always wheelchair bound, but her void is a pair of cyber legs – but what was her void before that? Supposedly it takes time to form a void (read that on some wiki so who knows) but if the person has a change in their ‘heart’ at some point does it manifest itself as a new void?

      I also found the moving wall thing pretty bizarre as there is nothing moving them, nor would their be track for which the wall segments would move on. Meh, I love Mirai Nikki so I can deal with plot holes now and again.

      1. All powers get more “ridiculous.” Losing small restrictions like eye contact only emphasizes the fact that he is growing as a person and as a leader. Our description of the limitations of Shu’s power came very early in the series from Funeral Parlor, and it would actually be counterintuitive if *nothing* whatsoever changed about his power.

        People seemed to be turned off by developments such as Inori not staying conscious while Shu draws her void. If you ask me, I think Shu has increasing amounts of control over the functionality of his power – since if he couldn’t knock people out with it, it’d be losing a function. This is related to the emotional “attunement” he has with the void user – so people like Gai, Ayase, Tsugumi, and Shu’s friends can remain conscious, but random hooligans and Inori (whose feelings are more or less opaque to everybody) would lack that attunement.

        Far stranger things happen with special powers in anime. Not worth nitpicking about, use your brain a bit to think about how things tie together. It’s one of the things this show does really well.

      1. I don’t think it’s that simple.

        So far, almost everyone else’s Void is related to his/her personality (e.g. Souta’s extroverted personality and his Void that “opens”). Not Inori though. We don’t really know why her Void is the sword because so far her personality has been super-bland.

        I think things will go to shit with her soon and we will have some revelation regarding her

        1. Yeah. Hopefully that bloody scene this episode will be an indication that Inori’s character will finally be getting the development we’ve all been waiting for. Though I’m guessing it’ll be after Hare’s character episode. Everyone else except iinchou and inori has had a character episode right? Out of the teenage main cast I mean.

          I wonder what kind of trait in Inori will explain why her void is a sword. Unlike the others that have an unusual shape of function her void is very conventional.

        2. @Da5id

          Bland, but almost everyone uses them. Bland, but 2ch digs moe silent girls.

          Bland, bland, bland all day long. Crazy guy…


          We don’t really know why her Void is the sword because so far her personality has been super-bland.

          I kinda remember that she’s a tool to be used for Mana’s new body right? A sword is a tool. Deadly, and loyal to the wielder if he/she is worthy enough for it. That might be just it.

          (LOLZ, too much playing Sword of Mana)…

          The Moondoggie
        3. Uh. I thought you follow Saimoe? Or is the one you follow the “International Saimoe League”?

          Anyway’s 2ch isn’t the only one thinks swords are cool. So does tons of RPG gamers, Game developers, Sword collectors and mangakas.

          And when you combine it with another bland item you mention, you get “silent female protagonist swordsman”. Total moe potential? OVER 9000!!!

          So let’s leave it at this: You find it bland, because you do. That’s it.

          The Moondoggie
        4. No idea why me following Saimoe means I go on a Japanese imageboard…but okay. I still don’t care what they think or like.

          So you’re basically saying the creators made Inori for the moe and action potential and not for any plot purposes?! WELL COLOR ME EFFING SHOCKED.

          And I’m not really sure what to make of your last statement.

        5. Yeah, Looks a bit confusing.

          So here’s a better one:

          Saimoe: Any character most favored by the otaku denizens of 2ch has better chances of winning. I didn’t say you go there.

          Silent Girls: “By fact, half of otaku 2ch digs them.” Understatement. 2ch digs any 2D girls and silent ones don’t bore them. Naturally, outside Japan, more than half don’t mind them either. And I know you know this is true. You don’t have to go there to understand.

          Swords: Personal preference, really. But I hell know most people don’t find them boring. George Lucas even run away with them by the way of Lightsabers(I love those!).

          IMO, the one that deserves being called bland is the gun: it took out the honor in a battlefield. With a sword, you need intelligence and skill. With a gun, you just point and shoot.

          Inori: She definitely has some plot: She was supposed to be Mana v2.0 after all.

          The Moondoggie
        6. Well, that’s sort of degrading to say the guns don’t require intelligence and skill. They probably require more maintenance and practice than a sword, what with all the parts to them. And they’re have been more guns in Star Wars than lightsabers.

          Lets compromise and just say they’re both equally bland weapons with how they’ve been overused in fiction.

        7. “Only one here’s” a pretty big claim, especially when you’re only comparing me to you. Anyway, I just said they were bland and overused (which is pretty much fact, seeing as they’re in over half of the shows recently blogged here), not bad. I’m fine with them, and guns, just as long as they’re used in a clever way.

        8. Quite right. You. I on the other hand prefer to replace the two said adjectives you use with Cool and Brilliant respectively.

          Swords are universal. This is one weapon that won’t become obsolete, no matter how many eons past.

          The Moondoggie
        9. Cool. Yeah, of course. Brilliant, I dunno.

          As for whether or not they’re obsolete…tell me, how many armies use swords in actual combat nowadays?

          Now if you meant IN FICTION, then really any weapon can be universal and won’t be obsolete.


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