「流離 Dear…」 (Ryuuri)

“Okay… I’m way too tired to be writing about an episode like this, so you guys can have first crack at it. I’ll have a full write-up tomorrow.”

I didn’t intend to make my original note to be as sarcastic as it ended up sounding — as I was simply too tired from work to put together a coherent post for such an episode full of “interesting” developments — but it does touch upon my ever-changing impression of this series. While Guilty Crown does continue to entertain and spark lots of discussion in some form, it’s almost as if the writers have very little regard for how they go about it. They’re throwing out a lot of sudden plot twists that come completely out of left field and feel like obvious attempts to win audiences over with sheer shock value. Some are all right and have some form of precedence, which is key in my eyes for believability and continuity sake, whereas others just feel tacked on, creating a dissonance between what the series looked like it was going to be and what it eventually became. It’s as if Guilty Crown is a “work in progress” with a rapidly evolving storyline, and the writers themselves have lost sight of their original vision. When on-the-fly writing is done in a humorous way, it’s all fine and dandy, but not so much when it’s for an original series that’s taking itself seriously and showed so much potential five months ago.

If we’re talking specifics, Gai’s return and use of the Leukocyte orbital weapons to hold the world hostage is actually something I can get on board with since it has precedence in the form of prior build-up. The same goes for the questionable yet growing interest that Daryl has in Tsugumi, and Arisa happily being a tool for Gai in any way, shape, or form. I even liked how Gai did us a favor by sacrificing all of Shuu’s former followers without a second thought, as they were slated to die at some point in my mind. I’m also okay with the sudden implication that Kenji may have struck a deal with GHQ, since it seems like something his character would do. What left me scratching my head though was the way Arisa’s grandfather was scripted to show up only to allow himself to be killed. Did he simply outlive his role in the show and didn’t deserve any more screen time, or was I supposed to feel sympathetic to either situation there? I’m still not sure. Then there’s the recent introduction of Kurachi 「倉知」 (Kawashou Miyuki), whom everyone treats like she’s been here all along yet seems like she’s only here to fill in the depleted ranks in Funeral Parlor. Her name has yet to be mentioned in the show, which is why I mistook her for the nameless girl in episode 16, and I really don’t see what she adds to the story at this point, other than being the one who pointed out that Daath is an organization older than Freemasons and Zionists — yet another head-scratching revelation this late in the series.

In terms of more notable developments, I’m still having difficulty accepting Haruka’s inconsistent stance on trying to run away from Shuuichirou before and working with him now — to the point that she actually hopes chopping Shuu’s arm off will free him from his fate. That kind of inner turmoil just didn’t seem appropriate, nor did it come off all that sincere, even with Ouma Kurosu coming into the picture. Will Haruka’s guilt lead her to do something significant next time? Perhaps, but it won’t wipe away all the other less agreeable stuff that’s happened up to this point. Last but definitely not least is the “awakening” of Inori. I can’t say I feel the need to actually transform her into an actual monster beyond the lingering Mana presence — going back to what I said earlier about plot twists for the sake of shock value — but everything leading up to that point with her attachment to Shuu wasn’t too bad from a characterization standpoint. If nothing else, Shuu looks like he’s ready to become useful again, as hinted by the black and green arm in the opening sequence, and the preview suggests that Haruka will be the one to get a hold of the third and last Void Genome, so it’ll be interesting to see how this roller coaster ride of a series ends.

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  1. I had to rewatch this episode to gain a better understanding of it.

    I am not sure if I am supposed to take in whatever the writer throws at me for granted, but the part about Mana stating that Inori wants to kill Shu was serious WTFsauce to me. This episode does establish, however, that Inori is not possessed by Mana, per se; she can willingly go berserk by herself.

    However, it felt unsatisfying that there were actually very little about Shu this episode. In fact this episode was all about Inori, even though I felt it would be more interesting to look at Shu since he just lost his power. If you ask me, the pace is a little bit off. Maybe in the planned story, Shu will immediately get a new arm and new power once his character develops further; the writers were simply unwilling to make Shu lose his power in the previous episode and then immediately regain it (one way to make Shu gain some power this episode is to let him witness Inori charging at the Enclaves and have a replay of Episode 1).

    As for Arisa, I feel she is guaranteed to die in this series now that she killed her grandfather; however it seems that she has problems with Gai as well, so it’s kind of hard to tell which side she’ll be on (i.e. whether she’ll die for Shu or die for Gai). Regardless, knowing her Void’s power, I feel that she will play the Mu la Flaga game and block an attack for someone and die in the process.

    It looks to me that Keido will try to “marry” Inori again and Shu will probably save her somehow. I am worried, however, if Shu has any means to even get close to Inori. I feel that the next episode Shu will probably gain his power back using some super contrived method since he is now officially without allies.

    1. By the way, if I am not mistaken, this is the first time we saw a picture of Ouma Kurosu (pic20). It seems that he looks almost exactly the same as Shu… so I suppose Shu is probably NOT adopted even though Shu always calls his mom Haruka. Unless, of course, Shu is Kurosu’s son from a different marriage, but I *serious* doubt that.

      Maybe Mana was adopted? I don’t know. I am a little conflicted about whether or not ShuXInori (genetically the same as ShuXMana) is actually an incest or not. I am hoping that she was; considering how “easy” it was for the Ouma family to adopt Gai.

    2. God… this show…

      Okay… I’m way too tired to be writing about an episode like this, so you guys can have first crack at it. I’ll have a full write-up tomorrow.

      I think everyone who watched had the same feeling Divine – where do you even start when you are given an episode like this?

      – Their on-going attempt to have Daryl x Tsugumi actually be a thing? (ugh…)
      – “Surprise everyone — here is some random secret organisation that has nothing to do with anything that we are just gonna throw in”
      – “Surprise everyone — Gai is the leader of our super secret organisation”
      – Arisa’s Grandad – “I wanted to get you out so I could trade you off to some dude but I couldn’t pull it off — you sided with the dude who gave you info on how to get out and so i’m going to kill you” (wtf?)
      – Inori’s random convenient “Its ok because you are you” flashback that came out of nowhere? (this would have actually meant something if it had actually happened in a previous episode)
      – Inori’s personality that came out of nowhere?
      – Inori’s transformation that came out of nowhere?
      I don’t even know what to say about this show or its writing anymore.
      …At least Nanba and his douche-bro got voided though.

      1. Too many things out of the blue in so little time. I think the story was expected to go this way and I don’t dislike it, but at least writers should had put some sense and time in explaining all these changes with the flow of the story in maybe 2 episodes, and so many bizarre things… When I saw the samurai grandpa on fire I laughed like I was watching a Tarantino’s film xD

        At least Inori is still cute in monster mode. It’s something.

      2. I love how they compared the secret organization to the Freemasons and the Zionists. Really, GC? Really? The Freemasons are a charitable fraternity and the Zionists aren’t even… just wow. -_-

      3. If only these developments came nine episodes earlier….

        But um. Yes. Xena Inori? still wouldn’t need that I’m afraid. There’s just so many better ways to portray her as a ‘monster’ than crazy super Saiyan hair, battle grunts and questionable battle movements. It’s called subtlety, something they assume viewers are too stupid to get.

        Also, the whole exchange was Arisa’s grandfather was just laughable; what was the purpose, other than to raise a bunch of death flags for her? She seems to have degenerated quite a bit this episode, and I’m pretty sure when she dies, she’ll die for Gai, by Gai.

        And Da’ath? Well. 18 episodes earlier would have been nice, GC.

      4. And Arisa’s reaction towards killing her own grandfather “I accidentally killed my grandfather!… oh well, let’s do what Gai-chama wishes”

        She was always nervous about every little thing happened to her in the past and now her grandfather tried to kill her and accidentally killed him and it is like nothing happened xD

      5. Objection! Inori’s transformation didn’t come out from nowhere. Its just that one of the split personalities of the writer watched Mirai Nikki and found Yuno wonderful, so a dash of Yuno was added to the GC stew. GC is a cook as you go style

        Zaku Fan
      6. How about the We are going to really really really bomb the heck out of Japan, no wait, we have Gai on the scene at ground zero, dramatic tension right?

        What I found ironic; or totally apropos given the show in question. When Gai created his Super Void Missle to take out the nuke attack and the bomber, we all knew that would Super Cancer the heck out of the void holders, Gai didn’t seem to care, and really neither did we.

      7. Did Inori’s transformation really come out of nowhere? Yuu did want Shu to gather voids, for Mana’s sake (right?). So perhaps Inori’s transformation is related to that.
        But hey, since when does this show make much sense anyway.

      8. @ptolemaios00

        Kaballah? Is there a possibility that Gai is Jewish?

        Well I guess the comparison to Zionism kind of makes sense now. But when were Zionists suddenly a secret society. From what I understand, it was a political movement led by persecuted Jews to migrate to the Middle East. And what do the Freemasons have to do with anything? I doubt that the Japanese viewers would know much about this, but these producers should really fact check their information rather than just throwing out random English terms in an attempt to sound esoteric.

      1. your all wrong my friends.
        This is a different world line created by okabe rintarou when he accidentally changed world lines, amano yukiteru and gasai yuno is acutally ouma shu and yuzuriha inori in this world

        -shu became much more of a wuss than yuki in this world line
        -inori is a more powerful yandere than yuno who can change to a beast in this world line

      2. Surprise, surprise! Shu is actually a clone of Kurosu Ouma!

        As outrageous and completely stupid it would be, I… probably would not be all that shocked if that does turn out to be the case .__.’

      3. My spoiler : Mana is the queen of blade split came from meteorite when Jim Reynold activate Xel naga artifact to reverse Kerrigan and that why Mana is a psychopat who only think about reproduce cuz she is a queen and blah blah prologue for starcraft II : Heart of the sworm side story.

      4. @Umadbro

        This show can be an AU of many series. The nearest I can see w/ complete characters is Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin. Shu is AU Will and Inori is AU Isabella. Also like Inori, Isabella is a clone with Game Breaking powers.

        The Moondoggie
    3. It looks to me that Keido will try to “marry” Inori again and Shu will probably save her somehow.

      …or she could ‘become’ Mana like she almost did before. The next episodes looks to be called Rebirth so that might make sense. With this show, though, I don’t assume anything anymore – I wouldn’t bat an eye right now if Optimus Prime showed up and attached a Autobot arm to Shu.

      On that note, wouldn’t Shu have died of blood loss after getting his arm chopped off – a tourniquet is not going to help that much there? Whatever.

      Oh orbital weapons platforms – that trope never gets old. There just always seems to be an array of geosynchronous laser weapons chillin’ out there somewhere. I also wonder what legitimate use they had prior to their role as planet-wide hostage takers and why one country has control over all of them most times. Someone needs to make a list of all the shows with random orbital weapons platforms – start with Eureka Seven.

      1. You won’t die that quickly just because someone cut your arm off.

        The reason is complex, but the most important reason is that when you suffer such trauma, your blood pressure will drop very quickly… so you won’t actually lose *that much* blood. Obviously first aid is still needed, but it’s definitely not a death blow.

      2. I know that this shit is going to happen again since stupid shu didn’t kill the bad guy just go and slice a robot does’t mean you are hero or a king stupid.

        Code geass , Gundam seed and Macross are 1000000000000000 xinfinity better than this anime.

    4. Honestly………….to start off.
      1. I didn’t know this was witchblade. The two series are actually pretty similar now…..
      2. Even though this show sucks I still enjoy watching it even more than some of the others that are actually good.

      3. Gai is so f****in stupid…..wth ( erryone in this show is)
      4. Isn’t it a little pointless to be a decoy so someone ( who you knocked out so they can’t) can get away?
      5. The old dude with the sword had a pointless death
      6. Im glad the school rapist died………….
      7. I wish they would remakae this show with better pacing, character devolopement ,and removing the useless parts ( not really)
      I like it though…suprisignly

    5. Really? You need to rewatch it to understand? Come one there’s no need for that cuz no matter how many thousands of times you rewatch it you will never understand cuz this series and their writers are just stupid and you guys are stupid enough to follow this series

    1. At the end of the episode I had this voice going through my head. It was the announcer from the Blizzcon Costume Contest and it went like:

      “Inori Yuzuriha as Kerrigan, Queen of Blades.”

  2. LOL, oh divine, aren’t we all a little bit tired when it comes to writing about our pent-up frustrations regarding this anime?

    Well, I actually found the opening to this episode pretty well done though, since it made Gai’s entrance quite epic with the crashing plane exploding right behind him.
    Personally, I think Gai looked pretty cool in that scene.

    As for Inori, I thought she was looking good…until she started fighting those endlaves…

  3. So EIGHTEEN episodes in they finally give Inori a personality and then actually make her do something awesome. Really writers? There is no way that can be Inori so I’ll just dub her BIZZARO Inori. But hey, I actually like BIZARRO Inori since she actually does stuff while our “protagonist” spends the episode doing nothing but mope (Isn’t is sad Shu?). They actually might be going somewhere with this…. oh wait she was captured and reduced to a Damsel in Distress. Didn’t we go through this already? Good one writers, for a minute I thought you might actually make her more than a plot device.

    Daryl’s betrayal ended up being dumber than I thought. “I blame Gai for everything” made no sense and it still pisses me off that they never addressed the fact that he is a violent psychopathic murderer. Arisa becomes even dumber because the plot says so. She didn’t even seem to care that she just killed her grandfather. What horrible character development. I hope she dies.

    There was one great scene though. The sleazy douchebag students finally die HORRIBLE LINGERING DEATHS!!! I actually cheered there, it was long overdue.

    1. Guilty Crown’s approach to characterization is much like setting your hand on a hot stove. Eventually the pain goes away due to nerve damage. In Guilty Crown’s case, I’ve become so accustomed to extreme inconsistencies in characterization that I stopped noticing how no one seems to display the right sort of emotional arc for what they experience.

      GC characters always take an abrupt turn in behavior instead of a measured course of action made believable by properly framing events.

    2. It’s just too bad that the writers didn’t spend the first 18 episodes developing the characters properly. The plot is not bad (aside from characterization) and the sound track is amazing… if only… 😛

    3. There should be a Disclaimer at the beginning to warn you to have a glass of water at hand to wash down the bile episode induced:

      Daryl x Tsugumi that writers are trying to ship is barf inducing alone in its right since they’re putting one of the few (probably only likable character at this point) with Mr “i’m always sulky and angry since “they” made me kill my father when it was actually the same father actions in question that pushed me to kill him in the fist place”

      Gai is a Douche, just more open and indifferent about it? check

      Shu’s Mom thinks its better to her son to get freaking MAIMED so he can live a “better life”. Uh wow… and how did shu survive a served arm without bleeding out for so long before carried into hiding is beyond me

      Arisa follows Gai like a lost puppy but is not content with just being a pawn and wants to be in a “closer” relationship with him (even when his actions clearly show he’s not picking any favorites if he have to kill someone to get the job done) and will surly regret later trying? go for it

      Disgusting brothers death was soothing for a few seconds, then there was that “one girl” who was infatuated with Shu who could have added to the drama but was offed just as fast.

      Funeral Parlor was once one group under Gai, cool, then he “died” then Shu “would” be the leader, still with me here? then the group splintered into who was for Gai and those for Shu (which was forced) and the apparently Gai’s 2nd in command have other agendas I’m not too sure about and Gravity Gun guy is having a stiffy being allowed to blow up stuff

      Did they use “the Rock” on Gai since he no longer calls himself “human”. Did he always wanted to be a “monster” them?

      And about Arisa’s grandfather? I am positive that the moment she shot him that the other guards that was behind the limo attacking in the fist scene would have retaliated since there is NO scene showing them actually being killed in a gunfight, everything just STOPPED after that…

      The Grandfather is just as bad a Gai when it comes to ‘pawns’ only old, his granddaughter having her own (even if bad) opinions be dammed

      Shu… Oh Shu I could give you a hand (facepalm) but right now you have next to NO ONE to help you and will be against next to impossible odds without your Dues-Ex Void, well at least you have Inori… oh wait

      Uh oh, Inori just Evolved into BIZARRO INORI!
      Bizarro Inori uses Slash! its very effective!
      Robot uses Self-destruct! minimal damage!
      Gai uses Void Arrow! ITS VERY EFFECTIVE (trows pokaball)
      Captured BIZARRO INORI!!
      Shu uses Self Pity! its not effective at all….

  4. lol.. Too tired to write.
    Anyway, you know what guys… Now I’m totally fine with Inori jumping like 10 stories in ep4. Still doesn’t explain why she had to wear that overly exposed outfit though. :p

  5. Haruka’s shower scene makes me think Gai is just putting on an act but I can’t say so for sure, since he was more than willing to just wield together several voids and use them as a disposable weapon.

    I can’t figure out Arisa anymore and at this point, I have lost all sympathy for her character. She kills her Grandfather by accident so she….continues to stay with Gai and continue to hunt Inori? I guess it’s because with her Grandfather dead, she has nowhere else to turn to, but that death was so ridiculously anticlimatic and accomplished nothing other than make grandpa Kuhouin look cool.

    Inori being an actual “monster” was a surprise development which I liked. Her lack of emotions more or less got fully explained, though I never really minded that part of her.

    Lastly, I really hate to admit it, but I almost sympathized with Shuu though I attribute this partly to Inori actually showing emotion for once.

    1. I don’t know about you, but it felt to me that Inori has always been a monster… ever since Episode 3 when she jumped onto a 20+ floors building. I was certain even back then that she wasn’t merely a human.

      1. We knew she was a clone. She could’ve easily been a clone with extraordinary human capabilities. Thing is, there wasn’t much indication that she’d be some half-bird thing. The past few episodes suggested that Mana possessed her in a way, which seems to be partially true although Inori is in control of whether she can turn off her berserk mode on or not.

    2. To play devils advocate maybe Gai chose those students because they betrayed Shu and were abusing their power of the student population. <- But that would also imply new Gai is psychic or he came in with full intel. on what was happening at the school.

    3. Well Haruka certainly gets an award for worst mother ever.

      “I want Shu to lose the responsibility of the king’s power, so I’ll clone his best friend and have him cut off his arm, even though there’s a very likely chance my son will die from shock, blood loss, and/or infection. And of course I don’t want to come off as to clingy, so I’ll just abandon Shu in the middle of a war zone with little to no food, water, and medical supplies.”

      Yep, doing all that certainly makes it seem like she has Shu’s well being in mind.

  6. I’ll have to say that this was the BEST episode of Guilty Crown so far. Everything made sense, people-that-deserve-to-die died, people-that-did-not-deserve-to-die did not die (Hare~ T_T), characters did not act out of character (looking at you, Shu), Inori sang, Inori kicked ass, Inori Inori Inori. What more could you want? This is why Gai should have been the only protagonist in the first place. It may be an empty hope, but here’s to next episode keeping it up.

    (I got lazy too and just commented with what I reviewed in my blog already)

    1. Who are you talking about? If you are referring to the three students Gai killed this episode, let the record show that I really like Ritsu. She wasn’t an asshole like many of the other students in Shu’s elite guards.

  7. Stand strong Divine. Besides, this is Guilty Crown, don’t feel any rush to get an article out fast, seems fair since GC doesn’t feel any rush to improve their writing 18 episodes later.
    Just 4 more…. 4 more….

  8. I know I’m ready to facepalm everytime I watch this show. But facepalm under 5 minutes? That’s a new record! Gai combined some Voids and then turns them into ONLY ONE missile? Gai, you’re a new main badass for heaven’s sake! Turns the voids into slaughtering machine and have some flashy moves like badass Inori this ep!

    But I’m REALLY grateful for watching Inori kissing Shu! Finally! Oh, and eventhough she’s beaten up too fast, don’t forget badass Inori too!

    Off topic but, have everybody watched Steins;Gate ep 25, Mahou Sensei Negima Anime Final, and Gyo,new horror anime from Ufotable? You guys should check it out. Especially S;G and Gyo. FYI, The mangaka of Gyo is Junji Ito who creates Uzumaki, the most disturbing and scariest manga I’ve ever seen.
    O writers on randomc, pleeease blog it…

    Sorry for my crap English.

    1. Considering that one missile was enough to wipe out all the others. The question now is if Gai can replicate that feat, since it shouldn’t be possible. If it is, then I know I got ripped off in my childhood; I should have gotten Void Genomes instead of Lego Blocks.

      1. I don’t even know what any of their voids were, let alone how putting them together makes a missile.

        According to this show’s wikia they were:

        Fist+Tazer+Bolas = Seeker Missile

        Where’s the freakin rule book on Void usage? Is the ranking system even applicable at this point? 3 Episodes of intense drama over something that never shows up again…holy shit.

  9. this series is seriously the biggest emotional roller coaster i’ve ever experienced. as much as i like the supporting characters, it pains me to see them betray shu or become corrupted themselves. as much as i hate shu, i also like him at the same time and want him to succeed in whatever he’s planning to do.

      1. Remember back in Code Geass when we first met VV? How many episodes did it take to finally realize that VV is not a girl? How many episodes were needed to learn that he was Show Spoiler ▼

        So yeah.

        What is REALLY, REALLY upsetting, is that back in Episode 2, Gai said there are THREE Void Genome users. So far we only know two, Yuu and Gai (after Shu was retired). So there is actually ANOTHER PERSON with this power.

      2. Just as suff said. I think they’ll answer it eventually, just like how you guys were asking WHERE THE HELL IS KENJI? before, it’ll probably be the same with WHO THE HELL IS YUU? I just wonder how important Yuu will be at the end of it all.

      3. Haha sorry to break it to you Da5id but I do remember back in an interview they said if GC sells well, they would consider doing a sequel, ova or a movie. And from what I’ve read in other posts it has been.

        They should answer at least the bare minimum for Yuu by the time this season ends though. I wouldn’t discount it yet. And if they don’t, then what an oversight that would be. What a sad thing that would say about Production I.G.’s competence.

      4. …I guess…I guess from a business standpoint, that would be a good idea…sells a lot, why not make more, right?

        ‘scuse me, I’m just gonna go cry in a corner…this is just so messed up.

      5. I think this show is slated for a sequel or at least a movie. Even Blood-C is going to have a movie, I don’t see why this can’t.

        Beside, there are plenty of material left for at least a movie. And it won’t be the Gundam SEED Destiny kind of sequel… it’ll simply finish the things that are not resolved.

      6. Let’s find out how that Blood C movie goes first before we go putting our hopes on it…I finished marathoning the whole series today and there is a ton to answer for.

        So the last remaining school friend that didn’t do anything wants to be a politician? WHOOOOOOOO CAAAAAAAAARES.

      7. The difference of Blood-C is that they already planned the movie ahead and actually the real deal; the tv series is just a set-up and a prequel to the movie. Both the tv series and the movie were produced at the same time and alongside each other.

        So if Guilty Crown wants a movie then the series has to have good sales and accepted well. The first volume sold 10k so I don’t know if that’s enough to warrant a movie. However, both Shu and Inori got first place in the recent Newtype male and female character polls respectively so maybe it’s possible?

        But I don’t think there’s enough material for a new season. There’s already a VN Lost Christmas for prequel so I think most things is already explained in the prequel.

        Another Gal
      8. @Another Gal

        Wait. You’re saying Shu actually won a character poll when compared with every other male character from this season? Inori I understand (her entire existence is otaku pandering anyway), but Shu? What is Japan thinking?

    1. Where did you guys hear Guilty Crown was selling well. I hear it’s been critically panned everywhere with poor ratings. And with little fanservice there won’t be much DVD sales either. There’s no way they’ll recoup their massive(given the quality of the animation and CGI) production budget…

      The OST ought to sell well though. Best anime OST I ever heard.

      1. Well Guilty Crown’s first volume did break the 10,000+ line, so from a business stand-point I think it’s a success but I agree that considering how the animation values are quite high and this show is also heavily advertise the profit would be marginal at best (assuming the series will maintain that sales number in the coming volumes).

        A rather informative blog that looks on the meaning behind BD/DVD sales is here: http://animapple.blogspot.com/2010/12/info-misconception-breaker-dvdbd-sales.html

      2. Question: For that link, are they regarding total sales or sales per volume? Whenever I see BD/DVD sales I’m not sure whether they are cumulative or not, honestly not very familiar with the sales side of things.

  10. I’m an amputee, and even I didn’t feel bad for Shu. I mean, it’s good he’s back to his old self, but that’s like being glad George Lucas didn’t make more Star Wars movies. I’m glad they didn’t make him worse, but now where back at the initial problem. That problem being Shu can’t do anything without someone telling him what to do. Hopefully, now that he LITERALLY HAS NO ONE TO TELL HIM ANYTHING, he can do something redeeming. Finally.

    And Inori, you may want to rethink saying you’re your own person when the majority of your lines this week was the main character’s name. “No, I am not crazy! I just have my love interest’s sister’s voice in my head telling me to rape him.” “I’ll stay be your side forever. Later! Shu Shu Shu Shu Shu.” And then there was that Codename: The Beast form which…I don’t really have anything to say about. Other than it didn’t really do much except take down the giant mechs that are only good for killing women and children and go down in one shot. Then she gets captured. Hey, look, she’s the damsel in distress again! We also finally get a scene of Shu and Inori outside of fighting and actually bonding…except it’s a flashback. Too little, too late, GC. Still doesn’t justify the clone incest either.

    Meanwhile, we have Arisa still being a bitch and committing parricide, Argo, Tsugumi and Ayase making a break for it (flee likable characters! get to different series!), the enforcers getting their asses served by Clone Gai, and Daryl blaming Gai…for Daryl killing his own father.

    I think this show has a vendetta against likable characters. Example: Arisa’s old man. He comes in and starts wrecking Gai’s group’s shit, and gets killed instantly. At least Kenji’s back. I don’t know why he’s back, but at least he’s doing something. Remember he’s a serial killer so…yeah, it still doesn’t make sense.

    As for the preview: Look’s like Haruka’s gonna die, and Shu will recreate Episode 12.

    And hang in there, Divine! Take care of yourself!

    (remember, I do the page long stuff for the odd-numbered episodes)

    1. Actually, although Shu seemed to be not knowing what he was doing throughout the series, there was one thing which he was absolutely FIRM on: saving Inori.

      It doesn’t matter if it’s Episode 1, 3, or 11, Shu ALWAYS tries to save Inori. He really cares about her…. but I am not too sure what is so good about her that makes him go through so much to save her.

      1. That’s really the big question here: Why do these two care about each other so much? Apparently all of their romance development scenes happened off screen, and Shu can only bring himself to like her songs. I don’t even know what questions to ask anymore, it makes that little sense.

        Oh well…let’s just move it along here, people.

    2. From what I understand, Kenji’s controlling the leukocytes.

      I’m beginning to think that Segai doesn’t actually have an agenda beyond ‘wanting to know stuff for the sake of knowing’. Your statement about Daryl pretty much summed everything I thought about that scene XD

      1. Ah, okay. I guess that makes sense. He’s a known serial killer and never had any real connection to FP. So after all this time, he’s one of the only people who’s stayed in character. And now he’s more powerful than most of the characters. Oh Kenji, how I’ve missed you.

        Looks like next episode will be the last chance to see what exactly Keido’s and Segai’s endgame is. I still have absolutely no idea where this show is going, but it better be somewhere.

    3. Dude. Is it weird that I felt bewilderment while shedding a few tears at Inori’s monologue? I’m so emotionally and mentally fucked up at the moment.

      I’m like… O_O

      But damn. It’s episodes like this that make me imagine what could’ve been. So. Much. POTENTIAL.


      Oh well. I’ll just enjoy the remaining episodes. I do get some entertainment out of watching this. And… I want watch Shu kick their asses.

      Jared Drake
      1. Well, I mean…it was where her development was supposed to go. It’s what I and a ton of people have been wanting from her, so I can’t say I’m ungrateful. I just wished they had done it soooooooonneeeeeer. It’s like this show’s trying to cram 50+ episodes worth of material into 22. Angel Beats had this problem, C: The Money of Possibility and Control had this problem, Blood C had this problem (among other things). KNOW THE LENGTH OF YOUR STORY BEFOREHAND. I’ve even seen stories that have had the opposite problem: the story’s too short, so the other half feels like a second season with more of what we love. Tiger and Bunny, Hanasaku Iroha, and stuff like that.

        Even the new “monster” form felt pointless. Same with Daryl’s supposed “ability” as an Endlave pilot. We’ve never seen Daryl succeed at any sort of battle when the combatants weren’t innocent bystanders he just felt like killin. Similarly, Inori’s super form has been implied to be able to take down civilians and schoolmates, but we never saw it up against anything of note up until now, where she loses in an instant. We should’ve gotten an episode where she goes into this form in front of everyone, kicks ass, and then everyone accepts her at the end. Development on her part in terms of not being a monster, and find a purpose in helping everyone as her own person instead of just let Shu grope her and take her sword. But no, we just get this.

        2 hours of material left. Let’s see how much more important details they can cram into this short window.

    4. You’re an amputee?

      Forgive me if it seems that I’m looking down at you, but I pity amputees. When I look at amputees it feels incomplete.

      But you are on the same track as me if you don’t feel sorry for Shu, even if the reasons are different.

      For I think Shu should finally understand that the world he lives in is shit. That there are only a few that really cares for him. That if he doesn’t take the world in his control, he will know no peace. The final step for Shu? He must feel hate for the world.

      The Moondoggie
      1. Yep, lost my left foot to Osteosarcoma about 4.5 years ago.

        And that does sound a little like that, but I know your manner of speaking now, so I know you don’t mean it that way (at least I hope not). It does feel incomplete at first, but you get used to it.

        Probably. Although, my non-pity is more from a “you reap what you sow” sort of stand point. When he tried to turn of his cellphone with his right arm, I actually snorted a bit.

        And at this point, I’m pretty sure Shu knows all that already. Though I am interested to see if he actually does adopt a “fuck this gay earth” mindset. It’d be just as out of place as I’ve thought of everything else that developed recently, but it would be an exciting way to take the finale.

    5. It’s a shame; I was looking forward to a lengthy critique, but it seems I’ll have to wait till next week. But that’s okay, since two weeks’ worth of GC will have accumulated in the interim.


  11. I’m waiting on some sort of big reveal centered around whatever process they’ve used to make Inori/New-Gai linked to Shu.

    Given the mysterious origin of the original Gai, the cretaion of the New-Gai, all of the crazy stuff around Mana and the obvious stuff with Inori you just have to go with the idea that Shu isn’t the one normal kid in the whole “family”. None of these people are human, or at least naturally or fully human.

    I’m fully expecting Shu to have some sort of new crystal arm burst out of his stump when he confronts Gai.

  12. Inori was so badass until she took an arrow to the…heart?!

    Everyone looking for Kenji, there he is, and true to his character (the mass murderer Segai described). I wonder if the writers are trying to make us sympathize with Haruka using the rather delicious fanservice. Either way, guess we now have confirmation on what happened to Shu’s dad, the king that started this all (or something along those lines anyways). Still Haruka, worst mother ever. And she just got death-flagged…. See ya o/

    Gai also drew out Yuu’s void. Yuu, the Void Genome user… something feels wrong here o-oa and Arisa… how is it that her void hasn’t changed yet? o_0 semi-death flag for her. Hope it gets fulfilled soon though.

    And I was right about the students~! Lambs for the slaughter~!

    Overall, I’m quite happy with how this episode turned out. Your thoughts, Divine?

    1. Nice observation about Yuu… I totally missed that and I was kind of puzzled about whose Void Gai drew to disable Inori. So I guess it *IS* possible to draw Voids from a Void Genome user.

      This is kind of important… this means Shu should have a Void… but it wasn’t detected back in Episode 14. Maybe his new hand (as seen in OP2) is actually his Void. Since Gai’s Void can draw Voids, I don’t see why Shu’s Void cannot.

      1. Hrmm… that’s a nice thought; Shu’s hand is his void instead of being some random power-up. I wouldn’t want his void to be similar to Gai’s, however.

        Gai’s void, the void extractor, very much fits with Gai’s personality in being uncaring in how he manipulates other people (on the assumption that CloneGuy is the real Gai).

        Shu angsts about using other’s Voids and manipulating them… so I wonder what his voidhand will be. Maybe a void to shutdown all other voids (complete opposite of Gai’s)?

      2. I’m not so optimistic, to think that’s Shu’s void. From what we saw Inori/Mana can make moving crystals out of nowhere, so there is no evidence that Shu can’t or Inori won’t make one for him. Shu’s void… if we will ever see it, will be most likely some Deus Ex Machina type of something.
        By the way, Inori just made Shu sleep exactly the same way as Yuu did with Shuichiro some episodes ago… Does that mean, that Inori is the third void user, or we are just getting trolled… again?

    1. LOL! Protip watches this when you’re drunk. My wife says that I’m laughing and enjoying it, well that was she says. But I don’t remember a thing expect that Cool Grampa (“very samurai” just as Enzo from LIA says it.) Too bad he died.

  13. I, for one liked the ‘monster’ Inori. It’s cool how powerful she is, and she’s (finally) showing some emotions.
    I always hoped Shu would be a proper good guy (not a useless good guy or bad guy), but after being disappointed with him so many times, I’m not sure I wanna hope he’s gonna become useful still.
    Although I like Gai as a good guy, kicking the arses of all the bad guys, he’s not bad a bad guy either. But he’s really overpowered now, isn’t he? He got the brains and the power, and a small army to back him up.

  14. Scumbag students died and I cheered. I even rewinded that scene a couple of times. That glasses girl, wasn’t she supposed to be madly loyal to Shu? I was expecting something from her to add to the plot (despite not even remembering her name) but not only she also betrayed Shu but she died trying to avenge the scumbag students. Ayase didn’t even give a look to Shu in his pond of blood and went directly to Gai, well at least they’re not going to be hamming her in as a late arrival to a love triangle. Shu is apologizing to everyone despite them all betraying him, nice. Inori gets some background story, yay! Berserk mode was pretty cool but a little out of nowhere. Sure its been hinted because of the nature of her void and how he attacked Arisa but when she suddenly transformed there was a moment in which I went “…dafuq am I watching?”. Oh, and Arisa… beyond redemption now. I was cheering for her Grandfather (wasn’t he badass as hell btw?)but hopefully Gai will put her off her misery.

    Can’t put my mind around the whole Gai issue. Even he is saying he’s not who he used to be. Maybe he’s being controlled by someone or is just someone else wearing his skin because this just doesn’t make sense, even for GC. Fun stuff.

  15. I…I don’t… have an opinion on this episode.

    Well. Not much?

    Do I have an opinion? My brain is muddled up atm. I don’t know what to think.

    I laughed at the missile portion. Nice entrance for Gai though, but the combination void was… wow. This episode, of course, was Inori centric. Something that I’m sure a lot of people have been waiting for. Since it gave Inori some character development.

    But, isn’t it a bit late?

    Also, I suppose they gave some build-up to this moment. The last few episodes had “Mana” moments. Unfortunately… You know what? I don’t have the words. No words. I don’t know what to think or what to write.

    I will write this however. I inexplicably shed a few tears near the end. Yep. I did.

    And I look forward to the ass-kicking to be laid out by Shu. As a matter of fact, I was amazed that I didn’t feel time pass as I watched this episode. I was actually quite sad that it was over.

    https://randomc.net/image/Guilty%20Crown/Guilty%20Crown%20-%2018%20-%20Large%2042.jpg < This.

    Is it just me or do they make him look older with that “resolve” face of his?

    My-o-my… Mr Ouma. You’ve been through a lot haven’t you?

    Oh. Arisa? Fire and Brimstone. Bitch. Fire and Brimstone.

    Jared Drake
    1. Better late than never? I really wish I could edit out some portions of the first half to fit in more Inori development. Sigh. It can never be said enough, this show needed more episodes. Just not enough.

      I did shed tears at the end and not in an ironic way, so glad I wasn’t the only one, unless you were.

      Looking forward to what becomes of Shuu now. I just see the whole king act as a false alarm to Shuu’s character truly developing into a respectable one and that his biggest change will be now.

      He does look older, thought that was Yahiro for a second when I was watching.

      I don’t even know if Arisa is redeemable anymore. I hope she’s not but if they can do it with Daryl…GC just seems like the type of show that will try to redeem everyone no matter how far they’ve gone and if they can’t be bothered, they’ll kill them off haha.

    2. I was waiting 18 episodes for that moment. Shuu finally growing some balls and willing to seriously fight back. He had to lose his friends, his arm, his power and lastly, his girl for this to happen.

      On the other hand, a happy ending for Inori and Shuu becomes even more distant unless she manages to exorcise the dark passenger inside her and survive, but that is unlikely to happen.

  16. I had my arms crossed and my head tilted to one side quietly watching until Inori transformed into a completely different character and started taking out mechs. My eyes just about melted. I’ve been on the fence about this series with so many people complaining about it. I mean I couldn’t really complain because I keep on watching it. But wow, Inori’s transformation was something not from this series at all. It was so out of no where.

    It was honestly painful, even more so that she goes full blow GUYVER, only to be stopped 10 seconds into it. And so easily! If she goes guyver why let her get taken down so easily? Make her start to really shake things up and almost start a 3rd lost christmas, THEN take her out with GUY ARROW! …sigh… Not like diss… not like diss…

    Oh Guilty Crown…. sigh… so much I’d like to say but won’t. I’ll still continue to watch though, like everyone else here, I’m curious to see where the heck this is going… well, yes I already know the answer… NO WHERE… but I want to see how they get there I suppose! HAHA

    (in a mighty voice) “You know series is only okay and at times painful to watch, yet you continue to do so”…. (points) “M!”

  17. They killed off the bad student heads so easily and so fast. I wanted to see them suffer. At least up to the extent for they realize what they made others go through.

    So far, Gai haven’t killed any innocent person yet. He just ignored everyone else and told the rest of the world not to interfere. Not sure what his objectives are yet but i still believe he isn’t evil.

    I expected Inori to have a dark past but i they way they put it in doesn’t feel right. I get the feeling that her being a mutated clone was a last minute decision. But i get the feeling with this that the current Gai is also a mutated clone. Since he said he is not the same Gai of the past.

    Well if they can change Inori during the last minute; sure they can do that with Shuu. At least that is what i foresaw from Shuu’s facial expression at the end of the episode. The crybaby Shuu is going to all of the sudden man up in a non-nonsensical way. The excuse: to rescue Inori.

  18. Oh well…I really shouldn’t have expected too much. After all, most of the remaining 6 episodes here can be labeled ‘damage control’ even if they were to turn out decent.

    Where do I start? The bad, of course.

    -Daryl’s sudden betrayal. WHAT. THE. HECK. That’s just about as worse as Rey za Burrel turning on Dullindal in the last few episodes of Seed Destiny. I understand he has some connection to Tsugumi, one which was shoddily put up, but what the heck? The dude has just been officially made Dumb Character number Umpteenth in this show. Besides that, it was TOO convenient, considering that Gai made Ayase and Tsugumi choose either a moral or a physical death. Boss gives you impossible decision to make. The answer? A out-of-nowhere betrayal that conveniently saves everyone’s asses. Good going, writers. So good I feel like puking my brains out over this alone.

    -Dear oh dear, Arisa….Though I’d personally like to verbal slap people for calling her a whore, she definitely didn’t redeem herself here. She just shot and killed an awesome Gramps who has the ability to take gun-toting Tools down (where did these guys come from anyway?) with two swords and proceeded to showcase to the viewers her nasty little bouts of jealousy that I could do without.

    Granted, she has made that decision and has to go through with it coupled with her hopeless (and shallow) feelings for Gai. It doesn’t make what she has done any less distasteful, not when we don’t see any remorse for it. Maybe it will be shown later, but this is just…bad.

    -WHO. THE. HECK. Is Yuu?!?

    -Kenji, the forgotten plot device for Shuu earlier on, is suddenly shown again. There better be a point to us seeing him there in support of Gai.

    -Inori’s transformation and newfound resolve. I’m not against her finally starting to have a personality, but what I’m really against is how…off it felt. Simply put, it felt too sudden. We had absolutely no idea and the viewers were given no preview of what she could be (the only person who might have been written to do that possibly being Gai only) and suddenly she goes Symphogear on us. As for her resolve…I simply find it ironic that Shuu had to keep finding that time and again, while this girl here with personality almost as rich as a mannequin found it within an episode.

    Things that interest me or are at least decent:

    -Shuu himself. In defense of this guy, he has every right to mope. The very fact that he doesn’t go insane after all that he’s been through is credit enough for him (and Inori).

    Then there were those little scenes where he simply moves away from the food after seeing a kid eyeing him. Some negative opinions here will simply dismiss it as him just wanting to be alone, but subconsciously this guy’s heart for kindness is still there somewhere.

    -Inori’s little monologue and subsequent actions: Though the timing felt wrong, I liked the scenes by themselves. The flashback was a nice little touch (though we could use more of those) and leading up to her fight, it’s nice to note that Inori’s was actually doing something that defined her – singing.

    -Gai’s announcement sounded like irony to me. The first time he did it was to declare a war against the authorities who oppressed the country. Here he’s doing it as the oppressor.

    -What’s the ‘Fate of the king’ supposed to be? It better be something really terrible, or else I’ll have one more character to slam. No mom with any ounce of humanity left in them would let their son go through all that crap for something trivial like ‘The king’s going to be left all alone.’

    1. I think GC has 22 episodes, so there are only 4 left.

      Given the epic setup of the GC world, there are plenty of material for a sequel… if the show can actually gather enough interests from viewers for a second season.

      1. As you can see here you can already expect the Movie and the VN will be a “Japan only” thing. Seems like Japan loves this show.

        A second season feels like an overkill though. They should end the story here and the Movie should be a prequel like the VN.

        The Moondoggie
      2. My bad. I just assumed. Looks like it’s going to be even harder to make this series less….bad.

        What I was thinking is perhaps they might consider making a novel out of this. It would make more sense simply because it is another great platform to fill in all the assumed exposition we see on screen, such as for the feelings, emotions and internal monologue of our characters. (e.g. Using this on the budding feelings between Shuu and Inori would be great, IMO).

        I’m for a movie too. A movie that’s WELL DONE, that is.

      3. @bitch

        Proof of that? When I saw Shu and Inori in the top 10 characters of the week along with Yuuki/Yuno respectively, I think the Japs think otherwise.

        Leaves me with the impression this show is meant as a Japan-only thing :/

        The Moondoggie
    2. Okay, this is going to sound far-out but the thought just hit me when I read your post.

      You know how Gai mentioned that there are ‘three void genomes’ in the world? We know one of them is in Yuu, the other was in Shu but is now with Gai, so where is the third one?

      At first I was thinking Shu’s father had- and died- with it, but what if it was actually in Mana? And to, er, preserve that genome, Inori was created.

      The “fate of the king” I’m guessing is insanity… though Shu didn’t really show any signs of going insane like Mana did. Still though, even if that was the case, I dislike the way Haruka went about it.

      Kenji following Gai…well, if they really were from the same seedy, world-dominating group, then that does make sense, if a bit out of the left field in the reveal. I’ll google what the “Da’at” is sometime later I guess.

      1. Checked that out. Da’at apparently means ‘Knowledge’ in Hebrew and in Kabbalah, it is apparently the location where all ten sephirot in the Tree of Life meet. there are quite a few interpretations on what it really is depending on the topic though, but perhaps the one that talks about unification makes the most sense.

  19. Better late than never? I really wish I could edit out some portions of the first half to fit in more Inori development. Sigh. It can never be said enough, this show needed more episodes. Just not enough.

    I did shed tears at the end and not in an ironic way, so glad I wasn’t the only one, unless you were.

    Looking forward to what becomes of Shuu now. I just see the whole king act as a false alarm to Shuu’s character truly developing into a respectable one and that his biggest change will be now.

    He does look older, thought that was Yahiro for a second when I was watching.

    I don’t even know if Arisa is redeemable anymore. I hope she’s not but if they can do it with Daryl…GC just seems like the type of show that will try to redeem everyone no matter how far they’ve gone and if they can’t be bothered, they’ll kill them off haha.

  20. this episode satisfied all my needs : inori confronting mana , shuu comforted by inori ,getting to see a picture of shu father and to not forget the kiss scene
    in the end a bad ass Inori is the best to bad she is not good enough to beat gai but hey shu’s the hero here so let’s leave all the credit to him.
    hmm glad she finally got to show some emotions and guts inori your officially starting to be liked by me
    as for shu i expect some great actions next chapter
    and what that a deja-vu next episode i don’t want that they always end up bad
    all i hope this anime will not end withot answering the question WHAT IN THE WORLD IS SHUU VOID ?cause i expect something big that if it’s truly exist or maybe he is the only one void-less.

    1. I don’t think knowing Shuu’s void is an essential question but it would be nice to see what kind of void our protagonists’ forms. Maybe his void will even have something to do with his “Rebirth” next episode, but to be honest I think he’ll just get his powers back through Haruka’s help and the use of a new Void Genome rock. Gai said there were three and only two have been used so far no?

      But yes bad ass Inori is awesome and that intense burst of emotion. Who cares if its a little sudden, it feels kind of rewarding that we’re finally getting SOMETHING. I’m not complaining anyhow.

      1. But then haruka said “now you’re not burdened with the power of kings Shuu” so yeah I’m not even sure if she’d be willing to help him regain his powers. hmm. Can only guess how he is going to be “reborn” all I know is that I can expect it next episode.

  21. Another rather entertaining episode. Based on what I got out of the preview for episode 19 my speculations are something like this.

    Prequel/sequel confirmed. Shu obtains the 3rd genome beats the hell out of Gai, goes back into the past somehow, becomes Scrooge from the upcoming VN by Nitroplus and tries to stop the first Lost Christmas from ever happening. Adapted by I.G in 2013

    Ok that’s not really what I think will happen but kind of what I would hope happens. Seeing as the sales for GC are pretty damn good though I.G will probably be making a prequel, movie or ova. Maybe a sequel but that’s probably least likely imo.

    1. Honestly, that would be pretty cool. I doubt half the people here even know who Scrooge is. Also how are the sales now for GC? I know Vol 1 has already sold like 12k and vol 2 wasn’t far behind.

    2. Or rather, Shu dies at the end of this series, and someone makes a clone of Shu somehow. Then it’s the three of them together again, just clones: Clone-Gai, Inori (Clone-Mana), and Clone-Shu.

      I guess we’ll see if the series has anything left in it to set up a sequel, but we already have THE WHOLE WORLD involved in the conflict, so I don’t know how we can get any bigger than that. Unless……..


    3. I’ved already guessed that, if the writers of GC did what I thought they did, the probability of a time void existing is around 3.006%, which is significant.

      No this isn’t bull: If you think about it, when you write down the most basic forms of super power and try to pick a random one, the probability is bigger.

      But obviously, the pool here isn’t small. And I’m putting my coin on the square that says “Shu will not time travel”.

      The Moondoggie
  22. Who exactly is Yuu by the way? He’s the Daath gravekeeper right? I remember him showing up suddenly one episode without explanation and I thought I missed an episode but I checked through my files and it all seems to be there. So, who or what exactly is Yuu and was it explained or was I just so zoned out that I completely missed it? I just remember him suddenly showing up and then there was a mention of Daath, which I have no clue what that is exactly either, and then he has some sort of power that lets him warp and he kidnaps Inori away.

  23. Actually, if you notice, Gie didn’t pull void using his void weapon this episode. He launched those triangular beams directly from his hand.

    So apparently Gie’s got Shuu’s power now and he can pull void remotely.

    Besides, they’d better explain how Inori got Shuu unconscious by just touching his fore-head.

  24. Wow indeed, it’s one of the “wtf did I just watched” episode again among the recent episodes the series is moving through like a train heading ever so close, so fast, onto another train…

    That aside, this week’s point form summary: Show Spoiler ▼

    – feels like a Code Geass episode with all the unveiling of super weapons and powers from more than one side
    – So who’s using who now? As there’s Arisa who’s been used by Neo-Gai, who’s been used by Yuu, who may be used by GHQ, which may be some quasi-mythical group weirder than the freemasons.
    – Oh Inori, you finally showed some deep emotions, on top of embracing that crazy side and powers of yours…
    – from my guesses from last week I got pretty much all of my prediction correct, somehow…

    Next week’s prediction:
    – Shu’s getting his void powers back, and Haruka’s going to be involved in the process.

    Ps. This is all typed up from my Blackberry… (Ouch, my thumbs…)

  25. I don’t understand how everyone other than Inori, Haru included, leaving Shu (in death and in allegiance) only makes him more sadistic and tormented
    when Inori leaves him, he literally makes a resolution in minutes. It’s as if Inori is not good for Shu.

    Also, even though it’s quite rightfully defining the title of the series, this Lord of the Flies turn of events has me grimacing throughout the whole episodes. After so many episodes focusing on their friendships, especially.

    I can admittedly say this is becoming more unique in its own right, but that in no way is making it stand out as a better series any more in my book~

  26. LOL Divine…. Wht the time over there cuz it like 6pm now over here.

    On the episode:

    Another Deus ex Machina…. they really can do anythin they like. *cough*void missile*cough*
    Wnt up with Inori and her crazy outfit… errr… power tht come out of nowhere?
    Arisa kill her grandpa just for her BF? I hating you now.

    Aide frm tht, this ep is satisfactory. Now I wonder wht Shuu will do after he lost his arm…

  27. I don’t think anyone see’s the big picture whit this anime.
    This isn’t a story about heroism, courage and happiness, this is a tragic story and a story about that everything can’t go your way.
    Sure you can complain all you want on Shuu on how pathetic he is. But you guys seem the forget something.
    Shuu is just a regular teenager, and all the responsibility he just keeps get thrown at isn’t a easy job, and no one else could do it with an instant, and all the things that’s happened in his life isn’t something you can just walk away from and say that everything is okay. And he is not perfect, he has done a lot of mistakes through out this serie’s, but that is what being a human is all about. Making mistakes and learning from them!
    He isn’t superman and he wasn’t even prepared for any of this.
    And nobody can’t say that they haven’t made big mistakes in life that they wish to fix

      1. Kira Yamato is also the Ultimate Coordinator. And probably the nth coming of Jesus. >.>

        Just saying that you don’t compare Kira with anyone: he was born a winner. You have to distract him like hell just to beat him while piloting Freedom.

        The Moondoggie
      2. Agreed with Moondoggie; you can’t just compare Kira Yamato with anyone. Even on the social aspect, he already had friends willing to stick with him no matter what. and @Moondoggie: an outdated Freedom repaired with parts they found lying about… Still, cool Kira is cool, imo :’D

        Shu…er…lol? In a sad way, I mean.

      3. @Beedle

        But because Kira has the sense, which surprised me, to actually customize the unit’s controls for himself, Freedom, with outdated parts, can still move better than brand new units.

        With that, I ask: Why the hell didn’t past Gundam pilots customized their mechs controls so they can control it easier?

        The Moondoggie
      4. @Moondoggie:

        Eh, apologies for the rather late reply :’D

        My answer to that is they didn’t study programming like Kira o/

        iirc, in the beginning of SEED, Kira said something along the lines of “this OS is crap” regarding Strike and then proceeded to rewrite it. Kira’s also been responsible for updating his gundam’s systems (mostly due to him actually making the system, but also because the Archangel was undermanned), unlike the other pilots who have other technicians perform the maintenance work for them. I think, eventually, it became a habit for Kira to check his unit’s OS whenever he boots it, though that might just be conjecture on my part, anyways.

    1. Tragic Characters are only good when written competently. This requires slow build up and emotional investment to the characters.

      Shu suffers from poor build up and poor characterization. There is no emotional investment to have with a character who is so inconsistent in his portrayal. Then the writers just hand every tragedy to Shu so fast and so suddenly that it becomes difficult to take seriously. The writers might as well put a neon-colored sing on top of Shu saying “FEEL SORRY FOR HIM!!!!”. This is NOT how you apply Murphy’s Law to a character.

      So no, I don’t buy the its “supposed to be a tragedy” excuse. Shu is pretty much a parody of a tragic character. He’s not relatable or understandable at all.

      1. Understandable? Yes. Relatable? No. He can go blame the writers for that and pull out all their freakin’ Voids, then toy with them before breaking them up. *Insert crazed Shuu laugh*

      1. Well yeah, I was okay with spikes coming out of her hand and her going berserk knowing that she’s partly Mana and all that, but that transformation takes the cake and really caught me off guard.

  28. GC Producer: Hey, what just happened? Like really, what just HAPPENED?
    EP 18 Writer: Well sir, calm down for a moment.
    GC Producer: How can I be calm with Gai stitching out voids like a freaking seamstress, you continually pairing up my Tsugumi with homicidal Daryl, an out of nowhere flashback that should’ve been included in one our earlier episodes…
    EP 18 Writer: Uhm I can explain, we the writers could…
    GC Producer: Shut up for a minute, okay? You were already paid to write all this non-sense so listen to me for a while. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT? When I say that, I mean freaking Inori?! If you were gonna establish that she’s a monster, well do that pretty early, not like when we’re left with just about 6 episodes to develop!
    Seriously, I feel like we’re the laughingstock of the internet right now.
    EP 18 Writer: We still have Blu-rays to sell and that’s good right? And I killed cannon fodder like mad and Nanba too just like you said!
    GC Producer: Oh whatever, I guess you really did kill cannon fodder eh. *double facepalm*

  29. My rant in order to get off my chest till I feel like I cannot sleep at night:-

    What is GHQ done to Gai?! He’s now under GHQ control!! And now under the new boss, that unknown Blondester the death-keeper who had NO explanation whatsoever, Arisa has also joined the GHQ lead, NOW THEY GOT INORI AGAIN!! HOW COULD YOU!! It’s over for shuu…. It’s over for Inori… *rages*

    Here’s what’s gonna happen next week at ep19:-

    Ayase still devastated despite GAI is now under GHQ’s side
    Flashback of Haruka & young Shuu
    Inori is now captured by GHQ again. BASTARDS!!
    Will shu have a seek revenge against GHQ despite what they done to him by having a new right arm?

    Only 4 eps to go!! GOD, I hate myself & I feel delusional once again.

      1. Or a very active apocalypse virus in an early stage of infection. Bad writing triggers the second stage where they fall apart as characters, and the third stage completes the cycle in making them fall apart as crystals.

        Things fall apart. The show is a particularly poignant example in that it has the courage to do the very thing it portrays on a grandiose scale. Falling apart.

  30. @Divine

    This is why you don’t over-exert yourself. Haven’t we told you to NOT FORCE yourself blogging and taking care RL matters at the same time.

    Take rest Divine.

    Anyway the twist is very nice at that end. While I have seen how Mana seems to live inside Inori last episode, to just pop out like that near the end is a surprise. Kudos to the writer.

    I still hate Gai though. WTH is with that crossbow, that shoots arrows instead of bolts. Or is that a bolt that is just huge? Whatever it is it fell “Manori”, though she seems ok in the preview for the next episode.

    And Shu, Shu, Shu. What ya’ gonna do? You need to pick up the pace if you wish to screw everyone once and for all.

    The Moondoggie
    1. Yeah rest Dude. I’m glad you even posted the pics. Frankly no one would blame you if you didn’t write anything. Everyone who commented is enough. It’s days like this I really do miss Code Geass.. Well I’m off to watch BRS & then my surprise favorite of the season: Inu x Boku SS [Comedy GOLD!]

  31. 130 comments and Divine hasn’t even written a write-up yet.

    Shower scene + Haruka flashback in the next episode + ominous walking in absurdly sexy b lue outfit with gun in hand = death flag for Shu’s hot mom. She’ll probably shoot someone down in order to save Shu next week.

    Besides that, I really don’t know what to think of this episode…

  32. I know whats going on now.

    Shu is an alien and so is Mana. Its not incest if they are aliens, just like QB enjoying QB isn’t wrong.

    Gai’s mind controlling everyone now so that’s why they act out of character. Previously its was Mana mind controlling everyone.

    Gai, Shu and Mana are aliens who are looking to take over Earth and obey a hidden secret group of ultimate aliens known as the Righters. They make whatever the Righters want to happen, happen by, yes mind controlling everyone.

    Its the only answer

    1. Makes more sense if Mana is the Alien who was found inside “the rock that was meant to be” ala Superman and the “new” Gai is a clone of Gai with Alien DNA and Inori is a clone of Mana with human DNA and Shu is the clone of his father with Alien/Human DNA.

    2. Gai: There can be only one Big Boss!
      Inori: Shu, Answer Me!
      Inori: Shu?
      -You have Just Created A Time Paradox That Makes Sense Please Reload Previous Save-

  33. This episode was absolutely ridiculous [I literally ran to this site to see what people were thinking]… Honestly, I don’t know who’s more stupid. The writers for creating this mess or me for continuing to watch! -see you next week :-\

  34. At first, I was reading them comments, one by one. Then I noticed the amount of comments was allready near 200! And I stopped reading. I get this really mixed up feeling for GC. One part of my mind says a lot has happend, the other part says nothing really happened. There’s so much random devolopment, I have no clue what’s important to the story and what isn’t. There’s just no clear plot devolopment and I believe it all drives us crazy.

      1. Sadly, instead of putting herself in Shoe’s Pants, she resorted to placing herself in Shoe’s shoes.

        Slightly less disturbing on a visceral level, but on a plot level anything goes at this point.

  35. Interesting episode. Here’s a rundown of stuff that finally got reasonable explanations for their ridiculousness:

    >Inori’s stripper outfits
    She can turn into a spiky crystal covered monster capable of cutting down endlaves solo.

    >Inori’s sword void
    She’s a half-baked psychopath. Lack of empathy towards others seems to be a common trend among weapon shaped voids.

    Gai & GHQ
    >His funeral parlor resources
    >His stealing Inori from GHQ
    >His knowledge of the void genome and its location
    >His knowing Keido and their timing when stealing the meteorite
    >The leniency towards Shu and funeral parlor
    >His resurrection
    Da’at secret organization. They used Gai and Keido to put their plans into motion. Funeral Parlor was a decoy for main GHQ to chase around.

  36. Also, I don’t know if this has ever been mentioned, but am I the only one who feels like they can expect… better from the music department? I don’t meant he OST, since the tracks are great, but I don’t know… Inori was marketed as a bloody songstress. Yet we’ve only heard Euterpe and that other rendition of Departures.If they only made her a singer to ‘increase her appeal’ or whatever then fuck you producers, but if not then it’s a detail that’s just sort of sitting there, shamefully underused. Why even make ‘EGOIST’ if you’re not even going to use it within the show, outside of OP/ED.

    I realize this isn’t Macross, but shows like Symphogear manage to pull off the whole ‘singing in battle’ thing quite well and I’ve always felt like EGOIST was just sorely underused (especially with supercell!).

    Has anyone else felt that way?

  37. Kind funny this show has the most posts even though everyone seems to hate the damn thing.

    Guess it’s at the point that nobody gives a damn anywhere and this is the place to blow off steam.

    On that topic, how do you guys even keep watching? I dragged myself through the “first season” and after that no matter what I tell myself I can’t sit through another episode.

    1. Tell yourself you’re doing it to see how bad the end will be.

      I did that for Blood-C, it worked. And Blood-C is the worst anime I’ve ever seen in my life.

      (You won’t necessarily not feel regret from doing that though…)

    2. Oh I watched Blood-C all the way to the end. Just to see carnage at the end. I rewatched the “rabbits grinding people in the bag to soup” scene over 10 times because that stuck out the most in the entire damn show.

      But even with this I cannot pick up this show again, not for lack of trying, every time after 5 minutes I close the player. It’s that bad.

  38. People that think Inori powers came out of now where don’t seem to be watching the show.
    What did people think she stab Arisa hand with .
    There was allot of lol parts in this ep but if watch GC by now you guys should expect something like this with Inori .

    1. You’re obviously unhappy people are finding fault with GC but i want to ask you this very important question.

      Did you find Dan Eagleman’s plan of firing missiles, failing and having no contingency plan, allowing the next scene to be Gai at his HQ (implying Dan packed up and went home after that) to be perfectly plausible? Remember Dan is a colonel (with is a pretty damn high rank) in a paramilitary organization.

      If you did, then good for you. If you did not, then you should be unhappy with yourself for finding fault with GC.

      Zaku Fan
      1. Because there is no excuse of “it will be explained later” as Dan is very likely dead permanently and the stupidity level of this scene (among many many others) is so high, i would like to see how people can rationalise it away.

        Zaku Fan
  39. Sorry guys I can’t jump on the hate wagon this episode. I don’t think this episode was entirely that bad.

    First of all,
    Throughout this entire episode, the writers did do a good job in making me sympathize for Shu. The entire time I wished that Shu become badass and beat the crap out of everyone. Even I felt that the episode left a really good cliffhanger and I was pretty sad that it ended there. I’m really looking forward to next episode.

    Second, (I might have over analyzed this but…) I literally went, “OH MY GOODNESS, INORI SAID SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF SUPERCELL’S ‘MY DEAREST’ TO SHU.” That’s when I went over all the openings and endings of this anime over a few times and encourage some of you to do so too. This is when I noticed how important they were to the storyline. This was also when I can “kind of” forgive them of the previous 17 episodes. I mean, if you look/listen to “My Dearest”, it lays out a lot of the things that recently happened to Shu in the lyrics.

    Third, through listening to EGOIST’s “Departures”, EGOIST’s “The Everlasting Guilty Crown”, and pretty much all the songs in this anime, I found how important this “hand” is to holding things dearest to you. Now, is it kinda funny that Shu only has one hand left… This “symbolism” if you want to call it that, came into play in episode 1 already when Shu didn’t take Inori’s hand puzzle thing.

    So in the end, I felt it was quite a decent episode. I sympathized for Shu and now wish for him to become bad ass. I can totally see where Inori’s emotionless-ness comes from since she is pretty much an empty void which is holding a weapon (I could be totally wrong on this). And because of the songs by ryo, I saw that this anime was somewhat laid out to us at the beginning of the anime. So it didn’t come to me as a surprised when Inori changed into a… monster? Now I know I can’t rely on the music to justify this episode but I think I can cut this anime some slack.

    But there were still some points that was really bad. Out of nowhere, Gai was able to form a nuke with a defensive mechanism. Arisa somehow knew Shu a long time ago and the writers threw in a new picture beside Shu’s family picture. Then we have Inori’s resolve that was too sudden, out of nowhere and can someone correct me on this? Was the flashback scene to Shu’s house new? When Shu asked Inori why she was a sword… or was it in previous episodes?

    But all in all, not bad of an episode.

    1. After I watched the episode, I noticed the same thing. The scenes where Inori showed some emotion, and especially when she basically quoted “My Dearest” were touching. In other news, about you guys complaining about Shoe moping around, at least he’s not whining. I would rather him be quiet moping, than complaining about something >.>

    2. I don’t hate this episode. Heck in fact, Shu deserved some good screentime after all the crap he went through. It’s just the spontaneity of the events that make the “twists” lose their effect.

      I completely saw it coming that Inori would undergo some “transformation” even fairly early on. But because of how the focus keeps rapidly shifting from one thing to another, the new developments tend to lose their intended impact. The depiction and how her “inhuman” mode acts also doesn’t feel as well-thought out as it should be (even if the concept was probably planned from the beginning). Also doesn’t help how it got removed out of the picture haphazardly too (mind you, I’m not ruling out the possibility of Inori acting like that again).

      Guilty Crown has interesting and sometimes even great ideas. It’s just how it’s paced, laid out, and written that tends to be jarring at times that it often gives people that unintended “WTF” reaction. I don’t care if it’s “unoriginal”, as long as it’s written well then I’d actually give it some praise.

    1. It’s kinda like Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room”. It’s so laughably awful that we’re having so much fun watching and laughing at how bad it is.

      Dear Divine,

      PLEASE make a drinking game for this series,

      Love, us.

    2. Deep down in our cold hearts lies a tiny-tiny hope that somehow at the end of the show it will in some way surprise us and give us a satisfying ending.

      And we’re all tsundere for Guilty Crown. Maybe?

  40. WOAH, simply just… WOAH!!
    After last episode, i was thinking to myself… hey! The story gonna be taking a big turn here, things are going to be nice for once!

    But no…Guilty Clown have once again trolled everyone..
    It actually took alot of my willpower to prevent myself from fast forwarding when daryl rebelled hate for gai/love of tsugumi.. that part of the episode is simply just URGH!

    Dear producer, its fine if u wanna give inori some void sword wielding powers..but that super saiya goku transformation actually shocked me…in a bad way ( i basically let out a short bust of laughter) And then there is this budget saving animations of her cutting down the endslaves..feels like a b-grade movie..
    When the ED song finishes, i was still in a stun mode of, “Huh, what happened for the pass 24min of my life?”. I am actually looking forward to how Divine is going to blog this train wrecking episode

  41. For some reason, I hate Amata (from EVOL) and somehow Issei (from DxD) only because both of them is voiced by Shu’s VA. Kaji Yuuki, great performance! You make me hate 2 main protagonists this season. Congrats, seriously!

  42. Just gonna say this: That random child who wanted Shu’s food is the best character ever. No backstory. No development. But hey, at least the kid knows his priority.

    Who knows? Maybe the kid’s great stealing ability is connected to his heart and his void happens to be (dun dun dun) an arm? I wouldn’t even be surprised if this came true. 😛

    1. A true ninja that one. It was pretty amusing how he didn’t just try to steal the food while Shu couldn’t see him but opened a package, started eating it and wasn’t seen again.

  43. I swear, this is by far one of the worst anime productions that I have EVER seen. The lead writer of this show, Hiroyuki Yoshino, can’t write a series to save his own life (he was an assistant writer to Code Geass and Gundam SEED Destiny, and did the series composition for Dance in the Vampire Bund). Honestly, it really shows how inexperienced of a writer he is. The story makes no fucking sense, the characters are un-relatable, unlikable, and constantly break character, there are holes the size of the Grand Canyon in the plot, hell there is absolutely nothing about the writing of this show that makes any sense. The character designs are cool and the animation looks great, but these things don’t count for shit when the writers can’t even come up with a good story. Not only is Guilty Crown by far the most disappointing anime of 2011-12, not only is it the worst of 2011-12, but this is hands down one of the WORST series that I have ever seen in my life.

    It sucks because I was actually REALLY looking forward to this series. I would much rather see Tetsuro Araki, the director of this series, direct another season of Highschool of the Dead instead of this garbage. And I liked Highschool of the Dead, lol.

      1. It’s not really fair to compare Queen’s Blade with Guilty Crown. First of all, Queen’s Blade isn’t that plot-driven to begin with. And second, Queen’s Blade’s story can still be followed unlike GC.

      2. Queen’s Blade is actually pretty decent :/ I even find myself skipping the fanservice recently just to see the plot, and it’s much, much easier to follow than GC. And I actually teared up Show Spoiler ▼

        in that OVA. Disregarding the blatant yuri, it was a very sweet moment!

        Heck, even their character development was believable! There wasn’t any random backstabbing ‘because the writers said so’, and even Claudette’s descent (or ascent?) to tyranny was within the realms of her character; a strict enforcer of her own justice.

      3. Queen’s Blade is bad. It’s just a character-driven porn for breast fetishists. Kind of like Seikon no Qwaser, but worst. I LOLed when a friend of mine showed it to me. I told him he digs saggy gag boobs and moms.

        His response? “Mature women aren’t bad…”


        The Moondoggie
      1. And you confirmed racist? Yep.

        Honestly, I think it’s just the west that says GC is shit. Recently I feel that the western fans just suddenly became critics rather than fans and persecute anime more than discuss the good parts. :/

        The Moondoggie
    1. I-I’m freaking SPEECHLESS! How did Shu-polish surpass Araragi freaking san and Gar-Rider?? Louch Lamperouge too!? kill me now… The GC staff put something in Japan’s drinking water didn’t they?

  44. Some parts of this episode I liked, some parts I wished they did a lot better.

    Gai : It’s interesting to see the contrast between the way Gai and Shu used their void powers. I personally didn’t like Gai after the Graveyard scene way back in episode 4. I never really had much like for characters who follow are willing to do anything and sacrifice anything to accopmplish their goals. Gai for me fell in this classification which was made most apparent in that episode.

    So I leave it up to you to choose which you think is the better void user. No doubt Gai seems to use them more effectively but are you ok with the cost?

    Arisa : What a needless waste of a character really. I think they could have accomplished the same effect without necessarily degrading her character too much. At the same time though I don’t think there was necessarily no foreshadowing these events and her reactions. Since the episode where she first encountered Gai she’s been rather head over heels for him. They even had that scene of her rewatching the Funeral Parlor announcement. So I’m not all too surprised that she follows Gai around and has pent up anger/jealousy towards Inori. I’m not too happy on how she got to that point though.

    Haruka : Well we don’t really know what “The fate of the king” exactly is so I’ll reserve judgement on whether her actions were really done in Shu’s interest. From the preview though it seems like she is finally going to make her move in the next episode

    Shu : Well I perfectly understand why he is like that this episode and honestly I’m not too surprised about it. It’s certainly a lot better than that stupid “My arm (understandable) My Power of the King (WTF!)” line from last episode.

    Like someone here said, we all have to remember that Shu is not meant to be some amazing character. In fact, I venture to guess that he is actually more realistic than what many of the viewers are willing to admit. The problem is people don’t always want to see something too realistic. They want to see it painted in a positive light, which unfortunately Shu usually appears in the negative. But that in itself has charm.

    It’s nice to see though the regret and the guilt he has in this episode and finally the produceres decided to just show it rather than having it needlessly said. I rather liked that touch of things. Looks like we will see a better version of badass Shu next episode. Frankly I can say I didn’t like the last version.

    Inori : Transformation was not necessarily out of no where. Just rewatch the last 3 episodes and it’s been hinted more than once. Most explicitly in the last episode where it is shown how she attacked Arisa. Then again though I always assumed that was some “Mana personality” possessing her at those times but I guess you can say even if it was her body is capable of those things.

    On the emotions, I wouldn’t say they were necessarily out of the blue either since we’ve steadily seen her expressing more of them as time went on. I guess they were trying to show Shu being able to draw those emotions out but I don’t think they did such a great job there.

    I agree though with what other people here have said. It would have been a lot better if they included some of her flashback scenes, like the one where she is talking with Shu, in one of the earlier episodes. That way it would have had a better impact.

    Lastly, it’s nice to see that the OST for this series, which for me is probably it best achievement, actually does play a big part in the story line. Nice quotes from My Dearest. If you look also at Departures and Kokuhaku you will probably get the feeling that either Shu or Inori, or both will die in the end of this series.

  45. Like, all the characters fly around everywhere I find the only character likable is Arisa’s grandfather(consistent and with a keen eye + see through Gai). Yet they just so happen to kill him off -_- Though his Katana moves were awesome while it lasted.

    Making Inori go beserk yet she can control herself didn’t really make her character likeable either(I mean after 17 eps of making her look beautiful, the least they could do was make her battle scene half as elegant as she was made out to be) I would of been alright if it was Mana in control but it was Inori herself T_T

  46. this episode is the best so far . I enjoy this one .
    Inori is Queen of blade lol. Troll anime . If you like troll anime try gundam seed + destiny serie and code geass , you won’t stop saying ‘why the main characters are so stupid.

  47. So, I still follow guilty crown, and intellectually accept that it is a waste of time, yet an enjoyable one.

    Usually, I click through an episode just to get a feel for it before deciding to watch it, and happened to catch the part with Grandpa going Kenshin mode.

    Now, I didn’t even realize who he was at the time, but just the randomness of it all made me think that this series is the BEST EVER! Why did they even take the trouble to show he was wearing shoes too! Did the creative team sit down and think “hey let’s make Kuhoin Senior enter the fight with his Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu speed.” And of course, the greatest cliche of Japan, the swordsman being taken down by the gun.

  48. Who agree with me that code geass is far better than this anime ? and much easier to understand and soo cool well about VV i know that he is a guy since the beginning you just have to watch more anime.

  49. I’ve been “bashing” this anime all season long but now I’m going to take a different take on it. Hating it won’t make anything better, so why not learn to like it at all?

    For a start, I’m rooting for Shu to go badass mode and grow a hand. Though I don’t know how, I bet the producers will find a way. They always do. Go and be like a man Shu! Your soon to grow arm is an arm that will pierce the heavens! If there’s a wall in your way then you smash it down! If there isn’t a path, then you carve one yourself! Go and make one last stand to save that girl and chase her until the end of the universe! Of course, TTGL references 😀

    Shitty story.
    A lot of plot holes.
    Lazy characterizations.
    Lame protagonists and female lead character.
    Lame supporting cast.

    I don’t really care anymore. We’ve all made it through 18 episodes of hating it, might as well just love it for the last few episodes for the sake of it. Hate me for starting to like it, I don’t care. But I won’t deny that GC is a trainwreck.

    I just really hope the writers NEVER EVER LAND ANOTHER JOB IN A MAJOR PROJECT AGAIN. Seriously, they fucked up on this one.

    The Story You Don't Know
    1. If I remember correctly you used to like this show. How far we have come that even you eventually jumped on the hate bandwagon.

      I agree with that last sentence. It pains me to think what a great anime this would have been had we had more competent writers. I had GC panned as what could have been one of my favourite animes of all time but it just took one gaping hole in the staff line up to screw that up.

      Kimi no Monogatari Shiranai
      1. I wouldn’t say I liked it, it’s pretty hard to like something especially when you were expecting something great out of it. In the last 13 episodes (yeah, I still believe it would turn out great until episode 5) I found it hard not to facepalm while watching it for all the plotholes and inconsistencies it gave in each episode. In every new episode that came out I was thinking like “Okay, what surprise will they give us today? What will Shu do today to make us bash him?”. Then for this episode 18, for once I watched without thinking of all the plot holes and hate for Shu and Inori, as surprised as I was, I pretty much enjoyed it and found myself now rooting for Shu and Inori.

        Try watching it without thinking too much of your hate on the cast and the plot holes. For once, just enjoy the damn show.

        I still hate the writers. I don’t care if they worked on big names like Code Geass, they really fucked up on this one.

        The Story You Don't Know
  50. Wow…Sorry, but I gave up on this show after this ep. I think the writers did too after the second ep. I mean, have anyone notice how the entire general plot have not moved forward ever since ep 12? It’s been shu in a school and playing his little ‘king’, while after 6 ep, it really didn’t matter.

    Just A Random Guy
  51. lol

    less than a day since Divine started this and there are over 280 comments and 11.7k views, and he hasn’t even written anything yet XD I’d be laughing my ass off if I were him :’D

    1. But he’s also Gaindolf the White. GC writers pick 3 other series to base their plot on for a couple of weeks and then move onto another 3 again and again. This cycle’s 3 was Lord of the Flies, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars, apparently.

  52. It’s interesting some people are noticing the ample amounts of symbolism and allegory speckled throughout the series. Yes, this show is absolutely rife with symbolism. Practically every Void, every action, every song, and every backdrop either explicitly or implicitly reflects the internal states of the characters and their situations at large. These symbols can then be extended to the world at large. There are even some parallels with Macbeth mixed in here, however fragile.

    Of course, none of this is particularly meaningful when the series is trying to pack so much information (of all sorts) into so little time. Loose ends and character changes crop up so frequently that they either seem hopelessly unresolved or hastily precipitated. Most of the glaring issues found with Guilty Crown surround these aspects, and even many of the flawed details (why the grandpa’s limo guards stopped shooting, why colonel Dan seemed to just “give up” after the boat incident, etc) can be to some extent chalked up to the same shortcomings.

    What’s worse is the anime’s reliance on tricks to further expedite the time-limited process. GC attempts to hasten development by resorting to numerous pre-established cliches throughout its buildup (cliches are so well known that the attendant characterization is implied), doing away with time-consuming subtlety in favor of quick cinematic cuts and character changes in order to convey both development and pivotal drama within the same scene, often falling short on both counts. When commercial concerns and conflicting viewpoints arise within the production team, as is always the case with projects of this magnitude and timeframe, this delicate imbalance is tipped erratically in every direction on an episodic basis.

    For packing a story and cast larger than a 50-episode Gundam series, Guilty Crown has a bit more fodder on its plate than it can possibly finish without succumbing to vomiting or crippling food coma, so it’s best to enjoy it on a visceral level and fill in the numerous plot holes with the power of imagination. Marathoning the anime might help in that regard, since these undersized, rushed weekly tidbits do more harm than good from a continuity standpoint, especially considering the director’s implied assumption that every single detail and character interaction from earlier would be remembered by the audience so as to be used as viable pretext for further developments, which themselves may be rushed.

    That’s Guilty Crown in a nutshell. If you can find it within your power to dignify this series with a rewatch upon its completion (assuming — a baseless assumption perhaps — that it finishes with some semblance of a meaningful finale), it may be worth your while. Just maybe.

    1. I agree it seems to me like they are packing in too much info and events per episode. If you think about it they might have been better stretching the first 12 into a 24 episode series and focused more on the development through the first half. Then if they did well enough they could have gotten another fresh 24 to properly develop stuff.

  53. Oh Guilty Crown. This episode feels like it really would’ve been great…if they had bothered to set up *any* part of it properly beforehand. Instead we have this: a Sooper Sekrit Organization Behind It All (That We Just Pulled Out of Our Asses), Inori is a monster and has a complex about it thus saying more words and having more character in one episode than she’s had in the past 17, Inori and Shu have an actual meaningful flashback conversation that sure would’ve been a poignant reminder of how close they are if we’d actually seen it when it happened instead of 10+ episodes after the fact, Arisa is now a bad guy and kills her grandfather who was kind of a jerk who only wanted to rescue her to marry her off but she still needs to die I guess, Daryl is in love with Tsugumi because they had a whopping one conversation in which she gave him a candy apple, but hey, at least we killed off those two assholes no one liked. It’s like this episode was written by someone who was given a thorough detailed outline of all the character development and story hints that had been scattered throughout the previous episodes and told to bring all those story lines to a head…and then it turned out that every single thing in that outline was changed or cut for time.

  54. Ok, who will the lamest male character of the year award go to?
    Shu OR Yukiteru?
    Hmm a really hard choice, I wonder if RC will actually do this?

    I guess at least Yukkii is actually getting better for the past two episodes, while as for Shu, I don’t know where to start. It would be interesting to see what the majority of us viewers think.

  55. As a few GC fan left, I can’t believe I’m going to say this… but this episode was terrible and didn’t really make sense. Okay, so they want to portrayed Inori as a monster, but they don’t need to do it literally, I mean what’s with those sudden pointy ears? And also about Haruka, so she done all those bad thing so that Shu will be free from his king power so that he can LIVE, BUT if you ask me her plan depends entirely on luck. I mean if Inori didn’t took Shu away when Gai is busy dealing with the bomb then he might get killed later, not to mention he even might die from blood loss. So much for a “plan”. The only reason the plan worked was because the anime’s director want is so.

    And as for Arisa’s grandfather, how he can get to that place anyway? Isn’t it supposed to be guarded by the mechs if he can get in that easily then Shu didn’t need to go through all those sh*ts. And Yahiro too, when Shu’s in pain why he looked away as if he is thinking Shu got what he deserved when he IS the one that told Shu to keep the secrets about the voids.

    All I can say for this series is… inconsistency.

      1. I guess…I honestly don’t know whether to be happy or sad about this. Usually people who dislike the show have to plead their case, like most of us have been doing for the past 17 episodes. Now all you have to do to know the show is bad is just WATCH THE SHOW. That’s got to be an accomplishment or something: “Longest Duration of Time Needed to Run Every Fan’s Expectations Straight Into The Ground”. Blood C did it in 12, GC has done it in 18. Who will break the record next?

  56. This is slowly reminding me of Nagi’s manga… The plot is just two ambitious, and they can’t really pull it through. Also, lets use every single trope we can possibly use.

    Like I’ve mentioned before, I don’t hate this show and it has an interesting setting, I just loathe the fact that the writer’s haven’t been able to put everything in place properly.

    I liked this episode. They effectively got rid of characters instead of just leaving them to vanish. The music and dialogue was moving when Inori went to sacrifice herself, and Shu’s personality pendulum just passed the realization that he needs to do something and is hopefully slowly moving towards badass.

    Inori being a monster had actually first been hinted at around episode ten when Shu called her a monster and the genome song thing. It seems the writers were trying to be vague when it came to her and Mana. A bit too vague, because they are just now addressing the fact that she was having an identity crisis and then they solved it in a single episode. Bad planning. Any hints about her uncertainty were quickly brushed aside. We could see a little bit when she and Shu were in their garden, but then Yahiro confronted Shu about the attack on Arisa.

    Speaking of Arisa, I loved her grandfather this episode. Her, not so much… She was borderline yandere for Gai, but then switched to alpha bitch once she couldn’t be with him.

    1. Yeah, it’s kind of sad how everything was hinted before in previous episodes or the openings yet the execution of it is pretty horrible.

      I mean ever since opening 2, the whole arm thing with Shu grabbing to his right arm was in the opening sequence. But then again, that maybe stretching it a bit too far… I mean, I could say this show was just a dream by a pink haired high school girl when she was laying in a bed of flowers.

    1. Does anyone remember a case of this happening before? I hear Blood-C was bad, but I didn’t watch that at all nor do I remember hearing much negative reception about it until GC came along. I actually thought Blood C was popular given that it ranked high on the RC poll when Divine was asking which shows he should continue to blog…

      Suffice to say I think GC has brought about the worst I’ve seen in RC in the whole time I’ve been reading here out of all the shows I’ve watched.

      1. You’re absolutely right, Matt. The whole week leading up to this, I’ve seen pretty much all positive comments on the shows I follow: Mirai Nikki, Rinne no Lagrange, Ano Natsu de Matteru, Black Rock Shooter, Aquarion EVOL, Gundam AGE…bleach and naruto get their own flak for their own reasons, but the rest have been pretty good to most…until this show comes around on Thursdays. Then the mood immediately changes. Either then or whenever this show comes up in one of the other show’s threads.

        It’s crazy how bad a rep this show gets in comparison…but it deserves every bit of it.

  57. If a second season comes along, do you think it will be called GC: redemption? Starting afresh without the WTF scripts or will it be simply a hardcore facepalming, hairpulling and screaming fest for viewers?

  58. Next episode preview images: Bondage, ass, man on fire
    Greatest thing this episode: End Card (what happened to Flat Is Justice?)

    I think Divine should just leave the post as it is. It is great as it is.

  59. I’ve had a revelation about Guilty Crown.

    The writers and director watched the first episode of Haruhi Suzumiya and its hilarious film festival movie. They then thought they too should lampoon nonsensical sci fi animes with ham fisted slice of life interludes. Unfortunately, upon pitching the idea, the producers having all suffered from a string of brain aneurysms considered this a brilliant idea and fed them a huge budget with a prime time slot. Unaccustomed to managing such a massive wad of cash they fouled up making Guilty Crown “tongue in cheek” bad and simply made it a straight up “palm face” bad series.

    If one examines the series closely, you can see the show’s original roots as a Level E-esque satire of sci fi high school animes.

    1. The worst part is that the concept of a Void is actually pretty interesting if you think about it. They just handled it like a sci-fi parody of a sci-fi parody would. I’ve even written a story about characters whose powers are based on their personalities and whatnot, but watching this has made me wary about whether or not it’ll come out the right way.

  60. Yo Divine, this must be your shortest post ever and the only one and only 1 post in RC’s history that will ever garner an insane amount of comments.

    Also, this post will have the honour of getting >300 comments w/i 24 hours. Dwarfing comments for madoka magica as well

  61. I wonder how the staffs gonna explain all unlogic unexplained plot holes in just a few episodes left. GC is fun to watch, laughable, many say it has horrible plot and character development, but it is really popular and one of the most commented anime in its own term. Maybe because it is a really “interesting” anime. Although it has been really disappointing, hope it can finish decently

    1. Chihayafuru? Getting better? Or Getting Boring?

      Chihayafuru could have done with a good romance. But from what I hear, it won’t be for a long time. Since I find soprts and slice-of-life anime boring to hell, I dropped it and opted for written materials instead.

      But that went boring too. :/

      The Moondoggie
  62. The scene with Inori at the end is just so go goofy. It’s got this buildup, like, “okay, Inori is going to kick some ass now! She sure is! But she’s fighting giant robots. So how’s she gonna deal with tha–

    Wha…? Wait. Wha…?


    Guilty Crown keeps doing this thing where you think its already gone completely off the deep end, but viewer, no. You have not gotten there yet. You have not even begun to understand the deep end. We have four episodes left, let us continue this dubious journey.

  63. I actually like Ayase x Shu pairing. With Inori there is still an issue with incest being Mana’s (Shu’s sister) clone or actually Mana without her memories intact. Inori could be almost perfected revival of a person that died due to losing control after being infected because her memories are not exactly intact and Gai is probably another almost perfected revival attempt with memories intact.

  64. I wouldn’t exactly say Guilty Crown is getting worse and worse with this episode. From what I can see it got better from the last 2 episodes and seems like it will get better. Next episode is titled Rebirth.

  65. I’ve only been really stalking the reviews and comments since Gai “died” but am I the only one who thinks Inori might have some alien thing in her that makes her voice particularly alluring to Shu? I…I wouldn’t put it past GC. Actually, that might make things have more sense.

  66. I take up action to go and save Inori.
    But where can I get my right arm back? (lol Shu you don’t just find arms laying around. :P)
    Getting a hold of the last void genome (oh hi third genome), Haruka flees from the 24th ward.
    As Segai chases after her, his madness confronts the fates of the Undertakers.
    Wait for me, everyone.
    I have decided to fight, no matter how far I have to go and how much I am damaged.
    Next time: Atonement/Rebirth
    The Crown of Sins shall test me.

    1. o-o that really what the preview states?

      Guess there goes my theory of where the 3rd Void Genome is…


      -calming breath-

      I just realised I was about to rant at another oddity in the, er, plot, regarding the 3rd Void Genome, but I’ve decided since episode 16 not to think about such things and just enjoy the ride.

  67. This series is wicked. It is, no one can deny it. It’s almost as wicked as Code Geass. Now, why would that be? The answer is simple! CG/GC, same shit! Even the plot is somewhat similar, and we have the great C.C/Inori too! Main character being betrayed by *only* friend, or friends, whatever. Poor shu is going to die in last episode by the hands of Gui who will be allied with him yet again.

  68. Ok I don’t get why RC is getting worked by a PATHETIC and stupid series like this, all your rage is senseless cuz this series started off to be stupid. Anyway so what’s the point? Get over it and just go with the flow, you guys have stupid expectations for this series anyways. Man!

  69. Confession! I only watch this series for Inori’s smexy outfits. I stopped caring about the non-exsistent plot, the wishy-washy characters, and everything about this series a long long time ago. It’s helped me out alot. 🙂

    1. Well he was told to rest and he is.

      To be perfectly honest I don’t even think doing a post or summary now is necessary. It’s already been discussed to pieces that whatever Divine might have to say, and judging from the tone of his one liner his reaction was on par with the majority, it’d probably be redundant now.

      Probably more worthwhile for him to just take a break.

  70. wow they even managed to throw in vampire teeth for Inori.
    Really the writers are using ALL the tricks in the book, and really lost the plot long ago (if it ever existed, that is)
    Such a waste.

  71. This site should drop Guilty Crown completely. I mean, obviously it is a sin for a “bad” show like GC got so many views/posts than other well-written anime in this blog. I am really felt sorry for those well-written anime for not getting the attention that its deserved…

    1. True. But I doubt they’ll even consider dropping it even if we weren’t 4 eps away from the finale. Notice how readership and comments have suddenly spiked up since the introduction of Guilty Crown? I don’t know site statistics but appears that way. Not to say that it’s the only reason since we had other high profile shows like Fate/Zero but can’t help but think it’s one of them.

      It is kind of sad considering that this being one of the most commented series on the entire blog (perhaps only beaten by CG?) that its only really had negative responses throughout.

      random viewer
    2. Bad? Bad is when stuff gets boring. GC isn’t bad, you are still watching it.

      Now Chihayafuru? That’s bad. Anime mirroring real life without a hint of the unknown or something too fantastic for real life = boring.

      The Moondoggie
  72. I am just so looking forward for this anime to end. With the way things are – being beaten and downtrodden – I guess this anime will have a good ending.

    If not, we’ll just have to pull out the Voids of the writers or whoever is responsible for this mess.

  73. I knew there was a reason I was so delayed in watching this episode.

    If I had watched earlier this week, I would’ve never been able to finish my homework due to a “horrifyingly shitty anime” induced coma. Honestly… I think we all know by now that the writers are on a combination of cocaine, marijuana, and LSD. This was an episode filled with random crap that didn’t make sense at all for the timing or given the events of the past episodes (all equally shitty). And all I can come up with is that the writers are all on drugs. Mawaru Penguindrum was more comprehensible than this crap and at least Last Exile Ginyoku no Fam only has one problem the hinders it’s potential (the whole female cast). This is seriously outrageous when I think about how excited I was when I first heard about this show. The original concept and plotline of Guilty Crown had soooooo much potential. This could’ve easily been one of the best shows this season. Could’ve been epic. Now all I can do is cringe and writhe in agony at the stupidity of what should’ve been an awesome show.

    s/n: Yuu is probably the most consistent and potentially interesting character and we barely see him.

    1. Sir, your comment had me rolling on the floor!

      Anyone know the BD sales of this thing yet?
      Did they manage to sell a dozen yet? I might pick up the series
      if it hits the Wal Mart DVD/BD graveyard bin.

      Thank God for series’ like Another, Lagrange, Matteru, et. al.

      1. Here’s what I found since you asked (Omitted the rest after GC)

        Here are the weekly DVD and CD rankings for January 23rd – 29th.

        *1, 18,697 18,697 One Piece Log Collection “Rocket Man”
        *2, 10,519 10,519 Gintama’ vol.7 Limited Edition
        *3, *6,653 *6,653 Persona 4 The Animation vol.3 Limited Edition
        *4, *6,424 *6,424 Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000% vol.5
        *5, *4,539 *4,539 Ao no Exorcist vol.8 Limited Edition
        *6, *3,715 *3,715 Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch DVD Box
        *7, *3,372 *3,372 Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 2 vol.2 Limited Edition
        *8, *2,878 *2,878 Guilty Crown vol.1 Limited Edition

        *1, 21,757 21,757 Tiger and Bunny vol.9 Limited Edition
        *2, 20,208 20,208 Persona 4 The Animation vol.3 Limited Edition
        *3, 18,281 18,281 Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon vol.2 Limited Edition
        *4, 13,412 13,412 Steins;Gate vol.8
        *5, *7,498 *7,498 Working’!! vol.4 Limited Edition
        *6, *7,164 *7,164 Guilty Crown vol.1 Limited Edition

        Album CD
        *9, 12,209 12,209 Inazuma Eleven Go Character Song Original Album
        12, *8,951 *8,951 Hatsune Miku Vocalodream
        17, *6,455 *6,455 Guilty Crown Original Soundtrack

        Source : http://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=396805

      2. Oddly enough, I’m sure it will be given to Americans as some epic sci-fi anime that is a must-watch for those who loved Ghost in the Shell (as if) and those who don’t know any better will probably love it. Personally, I want a hurl for the reasons I said before (it could have been so freaking awesome, whyyyyyy!!!). Don’t pick it up if you’re interested in watching something entertaining. Though I do suggest it to inspire you for the artwork. In that case, just download all the raws without subtitles and watch it like that. No use understanding what they’re actually saying. Much like pretty airheaded blondes (and I mean the airheaded ones, not the smart blondes. I know you smart blondies exist.) No need to know what they’re talking about! Just admire the prettiness and nod at the proper moments.

  74. Yeah, lets use B-2 in broad daylight, at low altitude, so any kid with a deus ex machina weapons can hit it…
    Oh and nobody noticed creation of the kill sat network and nobody in the world has ASAT weapons…
    My suspension of dibelief has evaporated.
    Other than that, it seems Gai was resurrected as total asshole just to make Shu look better. Poor Arisa, winner of worst misplaced love of the season award. BTW her grandpa was utterly badass. Sadly he brought katanas to a gunfight.

  75. Well whatever happened this episode I really liked the tone of it. It was kind of like watching the middle of a movie. Also I’ve been saying all along that it seems like they’ve been writing this on the fly.

  76. While I’m not totally on the band wagon that this show is a hot mess… there are times where I feel like the writer had one plan… only to be screwed over with the multiple plots, sub plots and elements to the story he has to insert of enter into the plot. Honest to god, some people may be like what subplots… or plot even, but I honestly believe it was suppose to be a simple oh god, Shu is suppose to gather voids… and once and for all, put an end to Keido plan, and at some point… will fall into despair only for Inori to push him to fight on… oh not to mention there might be a twist to finding out the true mastermind aka our 2nd Void Genome user. Instead… we have death of Hare…to evil king… for like one episode… stupidly, included with crazy Mana take over… for it to be sort of disregarded… and Gai coming back making it even more crazy… to wonder who the hell are you 2nd Void User… are you really the master mind or not… or is it Keido… oh wait you can’t answer that question cause we have to deal with Gai… why Haruka is on their side, Keido, Crazy Inori/Mana, Betrayal of friends and death of Hare.

    That said… I mean the plot is simple… Shu is going to save the world one way or another… it’s just gotten super messy. Twist are good… but too many just kills it… It’s like Bleach all over again. Like… if anything, it was nice they used Hare death as shock factor.. but the shortness of evil king Shu was too soon, and the fact they didn’t keep it for a while to build up resentment and betrayal among most of the student population is another problem. I mean… the hope I personally had for Shu was he would out of his tyrant mode still show some kindness to some fellow members which would have shown despite his change into becoming a somewhat tyrannical leader… he still shows moments of kindness which makes some members of the student body still believe in him. I mean I wasn’t expecting Shu to become a replica of Gai… but I was expecting Shu to become more firm, but still show that kindness that he had before, making him something different from Gai, but similar at the same time. I was picturing betrayal to be short and sweet, only for Shu friends and Inori to come save him.

    Not to mention, Gai being thrown into the mess is just… like what the heck, while they could have done a good job with it… the fact that he’s completely different, just throws out that image of him being a good leader. I don’t disregard the fact that he would be a good villain, but if he was to come back as such, there should have been a split , because he still has that charisma and not just a plain douche… creating a somewhat bigger twist and creates an element of…. is he actually being used or not rather then the blatant… no shit he’s being used or at least 75% of me thinks he’s being used.

    Maybe, they needed more episodes in order to create this, and I bet some people will disagree with what I would have liked to seen in the show, or expected… but my point is the shock factor is being overused to much. Sure it’s exciting… but it’s not meant to be overused. I’m not going to jump on the train wreck wagon cause it’s more off too many things are happening and the pace of the show is ridiculously out of control, but honestly… you should not let your small plots and shocks factor control your main plot, you stick with your main plot and add your sub-plots, elements and background where you see fit to make it a master piece. Cause right now… characterization (as noted earlier) has been thrown out the window, the pace is on speed of light mode (exagerated… but true) and additional subplots are haywire (like come on… Daryl x Tsugumi… I would have prefered to see more interaction which shows why Daryl character changes from being a douche to a jerk with a heart of gold type of person as he gets to know Tsugumi more and more rather than oh… he bumps… oh he’s interest… oh might as well save her destroying who he was suppose to be in a single special moment with Tsugumi). Regardless… I will stick with the show and hope for the best.

    Sora no Kaze
  77. 🙂

    I see that some of our thoughts are parallel.
    Croos pats Divine.
    Now I can rest assure of what I think.

    The really funny thing is that my cousin was playing the last part of Assassin creed. Things kind of bumped me that void existed it the past civilization before the world started.

  78. Disappointing? Yes. Bad? Not really.
    I dont think you can call a series that you’ve been watching for 18 episodes – BAD.
    If it’s REALLY that bad, and you still continue watching it, doesnt that mean its actually good?
    The way I see it, haters claiming to continue watching it for ‘humour’ and seeing ‘how bad it ends’ seem to deluding themselves.

    The main problem? Sudden plot twists thrown into the series out of nowhere – it would have been a much better anime if it was given 50 episodes.
    Like someone said earlier, maybe you can justify these plotholes by inserting your own imagination (which isn’t really a bad thing).

    People still like (heck, scratch that, they ADORE) Harry Potter even though Voldemort failed to kill for the n-th time (and the ending was so incredibly anti-climatic). Not a good example, but still, I didn’t think Harry Potter was THAT good of a story after the Goblet of Fire.

    The MC wasn’t that bad. Most of his angsty-teen issues could be related to many people – it’s preposterous to assume that everyone is as self-motivated and determined as (like many of the people mention) Lelouch. There is a sense of realism here, because most of Shu’s action is actually motivated by self-interest/satisfaction. Unjustifiable benevolence and altruism is not really sensed or seen in this anime – which is a good thing – rather than “Oh look I got this shiny new power – lets change the world!” (cliche)

    The anime seems to be doing quite well in Japan actually, and this could be attributed to the different preferences and styles Eastern and Western media have. Stop complaining and just enjoy the show.

      1. Yeah. But these guys are just complaining. They aren’t even taking your stance.

        My guess, they don’t see it as bad as they complain it is. These writers who made the show? They got experience such that none of us can match them. Who are we to say that it’s bad, when Japan and part of the western fans seems to enjoy it as much without seeing much disturbing fault?

        I say if you haven’t dropped the show after 20, they don’t find it really bad.

        The Moondoggie
      2. Well, I guess if they’re just complaining and not looking at constructively or how it could’ve been better, then yeah, that’s pretty annoying.

        But whether or not they have experience doesn’t make everything they do good. When you’ve seen enough movies or read enough stories to know basic story mechanics that are used to get a viewer or reader to connect and root for the protagonist as well as become involved and immersed in the goings on of them and those around them in a positive way…and then a story doesn’t have those…then it’s pretty bad at what it’s trying to accomplish.

        But people will keep watching, not because they thought the rest of it was good by any means, but because they want to see if all works out in the end. Right now, that’s still up in the air with this show, but we’ll see.

        Or they just stop taking it seriously and viewing it as a comedy. That’s So Bad It’s Good in a nutshell.

    1. Honestly, I don’t think 50 episodes could’ve saved this show.

      I’m one who thinks it’s terrible, definitely, but I continue to watch for hope. The original concept of the show was brilliant. The bare nuts and bolts of it is what grabs me and holds me. Not to mention, its just damn pretty to look at. (I’m a graphic designer and a Libra, so I like beautiful things. Lol.) But all these damn random plot devices and twists and lack of characterization or character development… Indeed, that is what makes it an annoying show and kinda unenjoyable unless you enjoy yelling at pixels on the computer screen. I’m hoping some of the writers will sober up before the end and save the show.

      I’m tempted to actually write my own version of this whole thing for my person enjoyment as a fan fiction.

      s/n: I am 100% with you on Harry Potter being “Meh…” after the Goblet of Fire. Ending sucked too. Bleh.

      1. This may sound a bit sarcastic and in a way it is but, if you are really for showing how terrible it is then why not make an original game/animated short(OVA?) with the same setting. It would just feel unoriginal if you are to make a fan fiction. And as a graphic designer you seem to be able to draw. So why not go all the way instead?

        The Moondoggie
    2. Totally agree with you on needing more episodes… nor is it a terrible show… well to me at least. The plot twist that constantly pop up are the main problem for this 22 episode show. The thing is, despite the fact that I do acknowledge the MC issues and problems, and that they can genuine exist, but the way it was going seemed to focus on growing maturity and growing more firm in his decision, especially after going to save Gai and Inori with friends, while still being himself. I thought this for sure was going to happen after Hare death where we would see remnants of his old self secretly helping people over his harsh demeanor. Of course, I can see that in a real life situation, what the show portrayed makes sense, but I was thinking that it was going to focus on the ideal direction, that one can grow into a better person, even if he was once originally motivation as long as he/she puts he work and resolve to do waht he does. Heck, it was like you don’t have to be a natural leader, you just need some resolve to organize and set out what you want to do.

      Sora no Kaze
      1. I actually like the “weak and rather pathetic Shu who struggled with all he had” at least I liked it a lot better than when he got all full of himself like in the Jun part and the Tyrant part.

        That said, their biggest mistake was actually making Shu the leader, as interesting as I find his character, he is in no real way cut out to be a leader of any sort. A rallying point maybe, someone to step in and save the day maybe, but to actually be someone who leads them on a continous basis was something he never really came across as for me.

        Stretching things out in terms of number of episodes allows them to take more time to develop the stories, characters and themes. I think the biggest problem GC has had was they tend to cram too much into an episode and leave it to the audience to put 2 and 2 together, when we know most audience are lazy and just want to be spoon fed.

        For the sake of example : Take the Hare death, if we compare it to the Shirley death from CG it comes at roughly the same time if you reduce it to proportion but it easily had twice as many episodes to develop to reaching that point.

      2. Resolve and leadership and all that growing up is difficult to swallow at once – indecisiveness is a thing that we all face, and being risk-averse (i.e. not wanting others to hate you) is encoded in human nature. (Psychologist Daniel Kahneman won the Nobel Prize in Economics for this).

        Have you ever pondered if sometimes the things that you do feels wrong even though you know it is rationally right?
        The character development is somewhat realistic in a certain perspective, but the plot twists are just *ugh*

  79. I don’t think that the Freemasons or Zionists are involved in any way, shape, or form. Kurachi was just comparing the Daath to them (since they’re all secret societies) in terms of age.

  80. Considering this page is so big it crashed my mobile browser (on a very shitty phone, I guess), I’m wondering if making extra pages might be a good idea? Something like 100-250 comments per page sound fair?

    1. And redeems characters that still don’t deserve it, while killing off characters that were actually cool. Nice going, writers. You’ve made Shu’s Void the Deus Ex Machina for the whole show.

      1. Told you guys it was a Mega Manning Void inside him. XP

        Too bad he isn’t interested in destroying the world 🙁

        Wait: Mega Manning powers that reduces your life points… HAven’t we seen this one before?

        The Moondoggie
      2. And I told you, he’s the main character, so he’s gotta be (the writers idealized version of) good until the end. In this case, that means destroying a ton of shit and killing himself to rescue a girl that he is forced to care about.

        At least they handwaved the incest theory away.

  81. I looked up the whole Daath thing just now after reading this; and I was led to this

    The Abyss. – (Daath)

    All this comes from here: The Tree of Life

    I don’t know if anyone has brought this to the table, but now I wonder how high is the possibility that writers are trying to incorporate this into whole mix of things.

  82. What I took away from this episode: Gai is back, a lot less moral but just as badass, and he’s killing off or shaming all the folks I feel deserve it, so I’m more than happy with this turn of events.

    The death of Arisa’s grandfather – at best my response was mild sadness, at worst, “um… okay. Are we supposed to care?”

    For all the inconsistencies with his character, I’m liking the Daryl x Tsugumi subplot, so I’m rooting for them in the end.

    The return of Kenji is always a good sign.

    Haruka, like her son, is a horribly inconsistent character so I have tremendous difficulty feeling anything akin to sympathy towards her at all (though at least Shu seems to have stopped the a-hole routine, he’s still hopelessly in love with Ms. Moe Moe Fanservice, which I find questionable at this point).

    Lastly: Annoyri became a Crusnik (ala Trinity Blood) with Void-wings and over-the-top eyeshadow, because as we all know: evil people wear too much make-up.

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