「毎度おさわがせします」 (Maido Osawagaseshimasu)
“Thank you for Always Putting up With Us”

Now that’s what I’m talking about — throwing some curve balls to liven things up!

But before the huge twist occurred, I was surprised how enjoyable this episode was. After finally giving the Observation Club’s members some proper air time, I can’t even imagine how we went so many episodes without their stupid antics. With Sako leading the pack, it was the same good-old “dress up Raika in something that shows off her assets and lure Yuuta into a trap” trick. And even though I don’t understand the point of digging a hole that isn’t deep enough to trap its victim I won’t complain since it provides a prime opportunity for Raika to show off those assets of hers.

On the other hand, I wasn’t terribly happy about the Observation Club coming down to visit Yuuta and his nieces — especially after dreading for weeks about Sako getting the chance to get his meaty hands anywhere on Hina or her sisters! However, I was surprised to discover that Raika is the one I should have been worrying about! Sure, Sako will forever be discriminated for his looks and his lolicon loving nature but at least he’s open about it. In Raika’s case, I was shocked to see her passion for cute things come flying about. Not only does it provide a nice contrast to that awfully strange personality of hers but it makes her shine as a motherly figure doesn’t it?

So after a full helping of Raika, Sora, Miu, and Hina in one episode, what else could be left? Oh that’s right, some really interesting developments in the story! If you remember the shadowy figure that was lurking around throughout the episode, I honestly thought it was just another girl that was going to be added to Yuuta’s unique harem. But as soon as her identity as the landlord was revealed, I was shocked to see how anal she was! Because unlike all those other landlords out there (Chobits or Clannad anyone?) who try to help their tenants, I wasn’t expecting her to evict Yuuta!

With the happy-go-lucky mood ruined by the harsh touch of reality, I’m excited to see where things go from here. Seeing how Yuuta has to figure out how to deal with two young girls who are trying to act well beyond their age by trying to take time off of school, but with the immediate problem of trying to find a new home looming over him as well, I can’t wait to see how he deals with it all.

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    1. excellent idea~ Raika has already shown to be good at cooking and taking care of them. So its a good idea to kill 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak. He gets together with the girl he’s in love with and they can have a legal family together XD

    2. I agree. Though I don’t really understand what Raika meant when she answered that “he’s interesting for observation” when Miu asked her how she feels about Yuuta.

      The Story You Don't Know
  1. Well, yeah. In Europa.. Well in Germany, he would become trouble. Having only 1 Room for him and the Girls… You know, when they come into that Age… you begin to see the “problem” with the Older Sister.. I admit, i am surprised how “mature” the 10Years old is.. More then her 14 Years Sister…

    No, i dont wanna hear why… just wanted to say it 🙂

    1. Why not going back to their Old House? Well his Older Sister House. Just talk with your Aunt. And see if they are willing to Help pay the Rent… Asking could not hurt, am i right?

      1. think the problem is that his sister’s house is located some way away from his current place and his university.

        Also, even if he manages to get his relatives to help with the payments for that house, it is too big to financially sustain it. Electricity, gas, water, etc, the bills for that size of house is quite substantial. It will just become a huge burden on Yuta and his relatives (they have their own families and home to look after too).

        Even though i personally think that the landlady was being abit of a bitch evicting him out like that, it probably is a good opportunity for him to look for a place that would fit him and the girls. That room of his is really too small to contain all of them after all. The preview showing that place they are looking at seems to be a pretty good size. Seems to be similar to a 1 1/2 story apartment with ample living/sleeping room space.

  2. Looks like they’re lazy adapting this, we’re still not finished in volume 1!!! Anyway, the landlord is a good addition to create a conflict. Now, they really have a reason to leave that small apartment. Fanservice is subtle in this series considering this is made by Feel…

  3. Cute episode. Sako was surprisingly well behaved; Raika’s voice acting superb as always!

    It wasn’t clear to me what the bath bonding was all about, but I guess it’s one of those
    things that will be revealed when the BD for this episode go on sale as it was hazy now…

    I was surprised that Raika didn’t pick up on Sora’s “brother-complex”, but this has been
    in other Anime as well so I guess it’s a tried and true formula.

    A little growth from Yuuta having to find a larger place, but I don’t expect any major drama…

  4. Why would they censor the scenes that were not censored in the preview?

    Overall, a nice episode that finally gave some spotlight to my favorite girl. Though I’m worried that the pace is a bit too slow, since we’re currently around the middle of the first volume.

  5. This was a very good episode. Yay for Raika getting more screen time! Yeah, I’d probably get a nosebleed too from this:


    Even though not in one of the screenshots, Raika’s look when Hina hits her with warm and fuzzy cuteness overload when Yuuta has to leave in the middle of the cooking lessons is another moment that makes her an awesome character in this series.

    I had read a short synopsis of the episode before I watched it, and I had a really bad feeling when they kept showing her watching them at different points in the episode. Yeah, so cute and sweet, then getting slapped with reality in the last few minutes. Damn.

    Love the series so far. One of a few that I’m consistently watching every week as each new episode airs.

    1. Oh yeah, I thought the next door neighbor voice actress girl was a nice touch as someone for the girls to play with. Hopefully, we’ll still see her due to Yuuta and the girls now having to move out.

  6. Who else thinks my Lord Hina is nice? But I have to say, my Lord sure does make a mess when eating a Popsicle, so innocent. Ahaha, I love the development with Raika-san!
    That double facepalm with Miu and Raika was too much. I am with Raika-san on this one. I love Cuteness! Cuteness is everything; Cuteness is Ultimate.

    1. Yeah no kidding. That last image of Hina:
      could also kill someone with that cuteness. And… the Sora end card is not so bad either. One thing I like about this series so far is that all the girls so far are really cute (except for the new landlady. I won’t say anything else until I now about her) and the guys are really nice people (and crazy regarding Sako).

  7. I am not worry about landlord, she only act that way cause she didn’t know what his situation was, once she find out she will have more sympathy, I mean who in the world would have the heart to kick out a cutie pie like Hina.

  8. I’m sure I’ll be flogged by the many Raika lovers, but I personally don’t see why so many people clamor over Raika. This episode was almost solely devoted to developing her character, and it didnt really reveal anything besides that she’s monotone, is good at cooking, and she loves cute things (nothing that wasn’t revealed previously.) I don’t particularly dislike her; I just find her extremely boring. She has a huge chest, sure, but she has pretty much zero personality aside from her love of cute things. She has for the most part 1 facial expression every single time she appears (except for when she was in the bathtub.) Is there some great niche appeal about an expressionless, monotone girl with big boobs who gets put into semi-perverse situations by a club president? I’m sure there are reasons people find her appealing, so what are the reasons?

    1. The expressionless monotone appeal pretty much extends toward the Ayanami Rei tropism stemming back to Evangelion. The big boobs…well, not so much. You see these characters quite often in all sorts of anime like Ruri in Nadesico, Nemu in Bleach, Yami in To-Love-Ru, etc. I think another broader term would be kuudere.

      1. Kuudere is more of a girl that knows full-well she has feelings for a guy but still finds it fun to throw insults at him, as more of a joke than a mask. Not really sure what Raika-types are called.

      2. Er no, that definition probably applies more for tsundere or just plain sadists…

        Any type of (blank)-dere means that they are unaware of their feelings of “dere,” so they default toward the (blank) attitude. Like how TSUNderes are antagonistic and “spiky” (which is what the *tsun* onomatopoeia means). KUUderes are “cool” or emotionless and hard to perturb.

      3. Huh… learn something new every day. Apologies, thought Kuudere was more “cool love” where they express their affection by poking fun at the object of their affection in a joking way while always seemingly in control, more like Shizuku in Kampfer than Rei in Evangelion.

        Information is good! XD

  9. Raika can “aaaa, reeee” me anyday in that outfit all tied up. XD

    Had a bad feeling regarding the figure in the shadows spying on Yuuta & co., and unfortunately it ended up being true, i.e. landlord kicking them out.

  10. Was anyone trolled by the landlady? I swear in the scenes were she was looking up at Yuuta’s room, I couldve sworn she was some sort of stalker or has a thing for Yuuta or something, but to turned out that she was just a bitch of a landlady who evicts the poor guy. Nonetheless, I like the manga approach to this episode better, cuz it created a lot of hilarious scenes, I felt that this episode was too anti-climatic compared to that, oh well, I still love seeing Sora getting jealous over Raika.

  11. The “landlady” isn’t the the building’s owner but just the manager (管理人 kanrinin) living on the premises. So if Yuuta take this up with the real owner and explains the situation, there might be a reprieve. Or not, if the owner is just some faceless company and the contract really stipulates a maximum number of people living in the flat.

  12. Oh no! Some development that has not happened in the manga yet! I’m so not prepared.

    Ideally, I would love to see Yuuta move into Raika’s place since it’s huge, but chances are probably low on Yuuta taking the easy way out.

    PS. Sako-senpai’s voice acting really really REALLY irks me…

  13. I noticed that the mid-episode break picture of Miu, Sora and Hina is a nod to Eri Kitamura’s OP video, but I was wondering, for those who have seen the video, are the two girls with the white dresses the seiyuu for Sora and Hina? If so, that would be kinda cool. 🙂

  14. yet we’re still where chris hansen to arrest the kouta-lookalike?

    good news at least lots of raika on this ep.

    bad news is get evict by landlord yea total BOO!!!

    indeed i mention before yea expect some drama as well on it.

  15. For me, the show instantly became more entertaining when Raika enters the scene. It was starting to get a bit pale with the constant showing of the new family’s “everyday life” for the past few weeks, so it’s good to get this eviction order to get the balls rolling again.

    LOL at Sako not interested in “hags” over 12-years-old. I agree that Yuuta should be on the lookout for Raika rather than Sako.

    Kinny Riddle
  16. Well that was a bit of a twist. I was ready to chop this up an another warm fuzzy episode, until the landlady came in and dropped the bomb. In rather unnecessarily bitchy way. Being the kill joy of the episode.

    However, this may be a good thing. Since it gives Yuuta a ‘push’ to get out of the over priced low quality student housing he was living at. That are pretty much a rip off since you’re really just paying for the convenience of being close to the school. Or at least i assume he was at one, since Yuuta was able to trek to school without taking a bus/train.

    Though even if it wasn’t, cramming 4 people into a one bedroom apartment. Was just a powder cage, one awkward moment away from exploding.

    As for the rest of the episode. It was nice to see some of the side characters again. Especially Raika, even if it was just to develop her character. Though it’s a bit of a shame that she’ll probably remain just a side character. And probably not appear for another few episodes.

  17. Oh thank god some conflict/drama. Halfway through this episode I decided to drop the series, the rather forced bath scene didn’t help (Oh look, we both conveniently got dirty, time for fanservice >_>). But with them getting evicted I’ll probably watch next week to see how the handle it.
    Nice change from the Sora Being Awkward show. Sigh, I know it’s an anime but I think Usagi Drop spoiled me in terms of little girls actually behaving realistically.


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