「さらけだせ」 (Sarakedase)
“Expose Yourself”

Whoa whoa whoa. Someone needs to step in and tell Mix that Zessica can wear whatever the heck she wants. Let’s not get hasty now and tell her to cover up that midriff of hers. As far as I’m concerned, she’s free to tease us about what color her “underwear” is and tear off her clothes in battle to get a better feel for her surroundings (naked Gundam Newtype style).

After seeing what went down this episode, I’m even more convinced that Aquarion is one of the few series that can get away with something as ludicrous as ripping clothes off in the middle of battle and still remain fairly respectable at the end of the day. Part of the reason is because the sexual connotations are so firmly rooted in the over-the-top premise, but the main reason (at least for me) is because of Macross creator Kawamori Shouji and Macross composer Kanno Youko’s involvement, which has once again brought us a visually and aurally amazing original series that just warrants a certain level of anime “street cred”. We don’t have an anime with poor production values that’s milking fan-service here; we have a mecha series with relatively high standards that has earned the right to tease us with a reluctant Mikono to its hearts content.

While it was somewhat awkward when the plot started working toward removing social inhibitions and going with the flow; it was all clearly fan-service-filled humor — much like the orgasmic robot combinations themselves — making it easy to get on board before long. The characters’ embarrassment and resulting dialogue were hilarious, especially Donar’s reaction to Suomi’s understanding of how it’s exciting to be watched (my “lol moment of the week”), and the action itself didn’t disappoint either with Jin fighting in the flesh (and seemingly getting killed). The inconsequential developments also gave us some great looks, including Yunoha’s not-so-subtle feelings and Zessica’s very overdue ones. All welcomed developments for me, as I like what I saw from a bashful Yunoha and I’ve been eagerly waiting for Zessica to realize how she feels.

On the more plot-centric side of things, we finally learn what Altair is after and why Jin is (was?) referred to the last child, though I’m not sure what to make of finding one girl to help repopulate their planet. Their goal does vastly differ from the Shadow Angels in Sousei no Aquarion though, so it may make more sense to treat EVOL as a completely separate series that simply borrows ideas from the original. Whatever the case, Mykage evidently has something planned for Kagura, given the way he’s purposely making him jealous, so I’m looking forward to seeing what that entails. Granted, I’m not nearly looking forward to it as much as the next episode, where it looks like Andy finally gets through to Mix. The fall of a mighty tsundere is always a sight to behold.

* I laughed when Zessica tore off most of her pilot suit and all Mikono tore off was a sleeve. Mikono has a ways to go if she hopes to end up with Amata instead of Kagura. The competition is unrelenting.
* Hmm, how wrong would it be to refer to Amata and Andy as “hole buddies”?
* Full-length images: 08, 22, 23, 26, 38.




      1. He’s referring to Mashiro-Iro Symphony.

        Well long story short, the girl that everyone thought the main character would end up with from the start turned out to be false. He ended up with someone else instead.

        Though considering that show was based off an eroge, the switch isn’t totally that surprising i guess.

      2. hmm… replied to this yesterday, but it didn’t take apparently.

        Anyway, I wouldn’t count Zessica out yet. The funny way in which they’ve finally introduced her real feelings has placed her in serious underdog status, which isn’t a bad place to be in a love story.

        Also, if people are right about who Amata and Kagura are reincarnations of, they really should put Mikono with Kagura, because if they don’t it actually retroactively makes the original series ending even more sad, since the lovers won’t get their happy ending 12,000 years later.

        That said they do seem to be pointing towards Mikono heavily, but this franchise has ties to macross, and minmei seemed like a shoe-in in that series until near the end.

        Personally, I like Zessica better, but Mikono’s okay so I’m fine either way.

      3. @deafvader: QUITE TRUE! That was unexpected for me! In a GOOD WAY! Why? Because Jared Drake is right, almost 99% of all animes goes with that given pairing of main guy x main girl, but there are RARE 1% animes where it is unexpected (especially in a harem series like Mashiro) for the main guy to end up with a different girl rather than the main girl.

        Another example other than Mashiro is Akane-iro and also School Rumble.

        I can only name like 2 in my mind right now, and even if i go through the list of animes where the main guy doesnt end up with the main girl that it would probably be a very few like less than 20.

  1. speaking of sexual connotation…

    I found it very witty when they did the rock paper scissors attack. To me, the rock paper scissors implied that their “no guard attack” had something to do with probability…

    In this case, the probability you’ll end up with a baby if you go no guard. lols

  2. I really enjoyed this episode and I have really liked the Amata x Mikono bits.

    Also, did anyone else noticed that at the end of the opening, yunoha was added to the group shot. She is sitting in front of Cayenne, so it’s a little bit hard to notice.



    That said, I love how this show goes over the top repeatedly and never takes itself too seriously.

    Unlike, you know, a certain other show…

  4. After watching this episode, I’m more convinced that Kagura really is (or a part of) Apollo. But then again, if Kagura really is Apollo, then why would they be shipping Amata and Mikono to this extent.

    Well, I just hope Apollo and Sylvia will fulfill their love after 12,000 years.

    The Story You Don't Know
    1. They really haven’t done anything with Mikono x Amata since episode five, since then its been Zessica doing stuff to Amata to make Mikono jealous. If anything, I’d say they are making it pretty damn obvious that Amata is reacting quite strongly to Zessica now, much more than he was before. On the side they are building up Kagura’s rivalry/jealousy with… Jin, of all people.

  5. Aquarion continues to be stupidly awesome. How many shows actually have a Giant Robot beating its enemy with a Rock-Paper-Scissor Punch while all its pilots are nearly naked? Aquarion EVOL can!

    Interesting the that both Aquarion and Lagrange have a scene involving no clothing in the same week. Still, Zessica is the best character in the show being continuously entertaining to watch. Though now that she is actually attracted to Amata, I’m going to miss those moments where she teases Amata.

    As for more reincarnation discussion, I’m starting to think Sazanka may be Jun. Her Photography HAS to be part of her element power.

    Also, we should make a drinking game whenever Amata ends up floating. How long can a person last then?

    1. Aquarion is a Super Robot Show. Being stupid and silly is mandatory. Gaogaigar’s giant hammer, Mazinger Z’s Breast Fire, even Gurren Lagann’s Drills are all incredibly stupid. You know what else the have in common? They are all INCREDIBLY AWESOME!

  6. This episode was just chock-full of WTF moments. From the concept of stripping used to power-up your mecha, to Sazanka producing the results of her element power namely those juicy photos, this weeks Aquarion EVOL left me feeling entertained with every scene. My “lol moment of the week” has to be when the the Aquarion launched that “No Guard Attack” and Jin was screaming how he couldn’t believe he lost to such a stupid attack. I mean, a rock, paper, scissors punch? Even I was screaming at my computer on how such a lame-ass attack defeated Jin even with all the preparation he made beforehand. The reactions of the people at mission control as the 3 Aquarion pilots were stripping in their cockpits also had me in stitches. Special mention for that guy who reported Zessica’s rising spirit level while blushing furiously at the spectacle on the main screen. 😀

  7. Amata will be one of the biggest dumbass if he just don’t pair up with Zessica. She is a super hot lady, and she has the assets that would make most men turn, especially her nice body figure as well as cute and promiscuous personality.

    Chaos Raiden
      1. What? Being a tease is called having character depth now? The only thing she’s been doing these past 3 episodes is making Amata fly. NOT because of her personality, NOT because of her nonexistent character depth and fighting skills, but ONLY because of her boobs. If she’s ever going to gain some character depth it’ll be now since she’ll stop thinking of Amata as the guy who flies because of her assets, but as the guy she actually likes.

        Mikono on the other HAS developed as a character these past episodes. One example is that she’s actually piloting now, and the only thing she could do in the first episode was sit on Amata’s lap and cry.

      2. hahaha and what character development does mikono have? being a bitch? getting jealous. being annoying?

        lets see zessica is strongly determined but still can be weak at times. she doesn’t like to see her comrades get hurt. she helps mikono and amata in battles. she is funny. she is cute and naive. she is a ace pilot. she is friendly. she wanted to be friends with mikono but mikono was being a bitch. a major one, so she teased amata cause she knew it would bother mikono.

        get off your mikono high horse cause she dresses like a nun. if mikono is supposed to resemble silvia or celiane she needs to grow a personality.

        also, FYI, celiane was not a modest dresser in the least. so if amata is attracted to zessica it has something to do with that also.

      3. Let me see as well. Mikono has insecurities due to an overbearing and protective brother all her childhoold. She starts out weak but later after worrying about Amata and her brother decides to pilot even when she does not know her element power. Even when ZEN said “you are useless,” she replies with “even if I’m useless, I want to do something” which signify her growth. She’s not funny but she is still cute and naive. She likes Amata but since Amata is flying for everyone, she feels a bit jealous but not negative (of course he would not like me… I’m weak) as she did initially so it shows that she is no longer as insecure after she starts making the choice to pilot. Although she hesitates at times, she still pilots and try her best (this episode she was nervous about ripping off her clothes but in the end overcomes that just to work with the others. she does not let her personal feelings get in the way). She’s not an ace pilot but still a capable pilot.

        “she wanted to be friends with mikono but mikono was being a bitch. a major one, so she teased amata cause she knew it would bother mikono.”
        Wait what? Mikono was being a bitch at that point but because of that, it’s alright for Zessica to continue to tease Amata and Mikono over and over again for revenge? Either way, Zessica is just being a tease and it’s not about revenge. If it was, then Mikono was being a bitch so Zessica is being a bitch back which is not what you want to say right? In addition, even if Zessica was teasing Amata and Amata was flying all the time, not once was Mikono mad at Zessica so it is a bit different than the usual where the girl would get upset and attack the other girl which results in a catfight of some sort.

        “get off your mikono high horse cause she dresses like a nun.”
        Read that part again outloud. Does that sound funny? It should. How the hell does a normal shirt and zettai ryouiki = nun. Hell no. It should be:
        Zettai Ryouiki = Hotness
        Midriff = Hotness

        You want a nun? There’s Suomi! And the extra goody is that she enjoys being stared at when her clothes comes apart. Donar: Huh?

    1. Zessica doesn’t have a promiscuous personality. She was “Meh” after the boy gattai, never got a single spark of attraction in her own ring back in that electroshock episode and only teased Amata to troll Mikono. Not until this episode she was interested in anyone. A lot of guy seemed to be after her in the mixed classroom but she never blushed or looked interested them.

  8. Hilarious! That was like the best episode of the entire series!!! Still the final move is a Rock Paper Scissor Attack!!! HAHAHAH XD

    So want the next episode right away!!! Mix Mix Mix!!! I’m interested to see her reaction when combine!!! X)

    Note: Finally able to see Mikono Skin!!! YAHOOO!!!

  9. This show missed a golden opportunity. Amata bought Andy’s picture. That could have really led to a lot of misunderstandings. And a lot of comedy. It’s a shame that the storyline was basically swept under the rug.

    1. Especially when Andy then came out proclaiming Amata to be his “hole digging bro” (apparently it sounds worse in Japanese) but I’m guessing the aftermath is getting delayed til Sazanka’s focus episode.

      Best wtflol moment: Shrade getting swept up in the mood and strips too. Namikawa Daisuke is voicing all them strippers this season. 😀

  10. I like Zessica, but all she’s been so far is the scantily clad fanservice chick who only serves an object for the male viewers to drool over (no offense guys). And since I’m not a male… I’m much more excited for the episodes where I can see the interaction with Kagura and Mikono… humm Amata too. For now, my favorite characters are: Kagura, Amata, Mikono, Andy, Mix, Zessica … in this order.

    1. Please don’t give us guys that crap. Zessica serves as an ace pilot, a “buddy” foil for Mikono and one of the few people who is willing to befriend anyone. At this point she has more personality than Mikono.

      1. I agree that Zessica is a foil to Mikono which is why those two seems to be the “main” heroines with Amata. However, I would not say she have more personality than Mikono at this point because she’s still the same person who loves to tease and a tomboy. Mikono is a person that’s tend to be negative although she gets character development and is now more courageous and willing to pilot even though her element power is unknown at this point. We all like Zessica and all but to disregard Mikono’s own personality and development is not the right way to do it.

        @ Chaos Raiden
        Woah woah. Amata will be the biggest dumbass if he does not pick the hotter girl? That can be quite subjective actually. Mikono’s nice figure + Zettai Ryouiki. Either way to call Amata a dumbass if he does not pick Zessica is too much. Hell if you talk about hotness, there’s also Mix but we all know Mix x Andy right?

      2. You know.. i said “I Like Zessica”, but i don’t think she is “all of that”. She is really a good pilot, but nothing different from others. About Mikono, in her entirely life she was overprotected by his brother, isolated in his family for having no element power… her personality could not be someone other than this. I don’t think for show your personality you need smile or do fanservice scenes all the time… but anyway… each person has their opinion 😉

      3. My point is that saying Zessica presence in the show as nothing but fanservice is BS. She has already displayed her roles in the story and spent the last three episodes showing more facets of herself.

        I never disregarded Miokno development. The problem is that she has spent the last episodes doing the same repetitive jealousy. Its getting old really fast.

      1. Erm, having an out-going personality doesn’t mean you have ‘more personality’, it just means you have a different personality.

        Funny you should bring up the word ‘generic’, because up to this point Zessica’s character has done exactly what it says on the box, and with the exception of the ghost story incident last week, we haven’t really seen a different side of her at all.

      2. @Chaos2Frozen

        Mikono’s character is a pretty generic shoujo heroine torn between nice good guy and wild bad guy. Down to the ‘I’m useless and not special at all’ yet everyone wants her and cute pet. Zessica’s not super original, but she’s a lot *less* generic than Mikono so far. She’s the Tease, but also a Bro character; she’s shameless but also shy and cares about her ‘cool’ image. She is flawed in trolling Mikono back after she was a bitch at her. She’s also being consistently an action girl, but shows signs of insecurity (episode 7).

        We haven’t even gotten her background and backstory yet (unlike Mikono) and she’s being slowly and nicely developed. Heck, her romantic feelings weren’t so out of blue. Mikono likes Amata and maybe Kagura after they exchange one word with her. Zessica takes a few episodes to get to meet Amata, fighting alongside him and seeing him *naked* to be smitten.

      3. @Moriae

        I don’t think you understand what ‘generic’ means, it’s not just because you like a certain set of characteristics then that makes a character less ‘generic’. Let me summarize for you, Zessica is the ‘genki’ girl character that we’ve all seen before, Mikono is the ‘Yamatonadeshiko’ character that we’ve all seen before.

  11. Reincarnation Theory Time!
    with the new details and events given to us in Episode 8
    and with Zessica joined in the triangle…

    Appolonius –> Amata (Base on Hair and Eye color of Appolonius)
    Apollonius –> Appolo –> Kagura (Base on Hair & Eye Color of Appolo, he can’t smell amata, and his attachment to Mikono)

    Celian –> Zessica (Base on the Ending song where she had the same armor of Celian)
    Celian –> Silvie –> Mikono (She’s familiar with Kagura (Episode 7), her smell attracts Kagura and Being affected in the Movie (Skies of Aquaria (Episode 1))

    Both Hair Color and Eye Color of the girls is altered
    (With Zessica; Hair Color (Green) Eye Color (Violet))
    (With Mikonos; Hair Color (Violet) Eye Color (Green))

    We can also deduce that:
    Sirius –> Zessica

    Until Next Episode~

    1. but shrade is almost looks a lot like sirius

      but wont it be twisted when this happens?
      Celliane -> Sylvia -> Zessica
      Celliane -> Sirius -> Mikono

      reason 1:
      song ending; zessica’s reflection looks like celliane
      reason 2:
      negativity; celianne’s negative side was reincarnated to sirius. look how much negative mikono is.

      based on above kagura/amata x mikono = apollo x sirius from previous gen

      i think im having a massive migraine!

  12. for some reason i keep getting the feeling that amata has a girl’s soul from previous life. namely silvia’s. why is he so attached to mikono is the same as silvia’s attachement to sirius. it might be completely absurd but fudo gen did say 2 souls can be 3 and other crap from the previous series.
    amata – mind
    mikono – body
    zessica – soul

    of celiane.

  13. There were so many great things this episode!

    From pictures, to old secret ED book, to finding out why the other people go to Vega, to awesome battle, to Mykage inducing Kagura to be jealous like Souma was, to Zessica stepping closer to be the reincarnation of Celiane (that pitch black armor in the middle of the battle is much more than a hint), to everyone ripping off their clothes to GO TIGHT.

    But last and not least


    go for it Andy, my friend you deserve it.

  14. Fujoshi is the winner of this episode 🙂 I would pay 1,000 of whatever that currency for that photo 🙂 so maybe her ability is to create images that she saw? how else could she get all those pictures?
    this series has taught us one thing… Gattai without the insert song and being naked is not good Gattai… (good that they brought back the old OP2 from the original as well)
    and of course, Andy will get his fair share next week… Mix, here we go (though apparently Amata is also involved… hopefully he won’t steal his hole brother’s target)

      1. Well Celiane was the human woman Apollonious fell in love with.
        That is the legend of what happened 12000 years ago in Aquarion (the first series, it would be aprox 24000 years ago in this one)

        in that legend Angels ate humans so that their beautiful garden could bloom, and humans then banded together to fight against the Angels. Celiane was one of the humans fighting the Angels, and Apollonious was an Angel. They fell in love.

        there is more to that legend, but that’s the basics.

        and the Armor Zessica has in that picture is awfully similar to the armor Celiane wore.

    1. that phrase is from the original series, in case you didn’t know…
      and funny how they have around 2 Gattai phrases in the original, where as in this sequel, each episode have a different one 🙂

    2. The original gattai phrase…
      The first one we heard would be
      “Nenshin, Gattai, Go! Aquarion!”
      Theres one for emergencies.
      And the most memorable would be
      “Sousei Gattai, Go! Aquarion!”
      (Apollonius seems to use this though.. He told Apollo to shout that)

  15. I found it a little disturbing how they plan to repopulate their entire race with one female that is able to survive the warp-gate back to their homeland.

    Poor Mikono…what a terrible future you will have if they succeed.

  16. It’s very hard to decide which girl to root for atm, but it ain’t frogger for sure =X.
    Mikono gives more of the damsel in distress while Zessica is more of the outgoing girl next door.

    Kinda tough, I’d give the edge to Zessica

    #1 iirc she made Amata flew the most times
    #2 her face was in Amata’s man region last episode

    Mix is finally in the mix in the next episode. Come at me!

  17. The debut of Mix and Andy in a Gattai mixed in the same episode brings me back to my mind the fact that in the first episode is unique in that we see the F-type Aquarion, would not return to see this one again? , it would be great to see another team, without Amata, train another Aquarion and fight in team, better than the first episode, with two forms of Aquarion.

  18. Haha this episode. I don’t know if they’re serious or not. It’s like watching macross frontier with aquarion. But they’re focusing too much to the shenanigans of the cast rather than the plot. Nothing really happened to this episode except that being nakkid makes your senses higher. THAT’S IT. I’m not surprised if masturbating helps achieve Aquarion’s true powers… sheesh

  19. Now Jin, I hope you brough some Continues with you and did press start before the timer ran out, episode 8 is too soon for you to get blow up, wait till the midserie climax at least to do so. Sazanka is selective about her yaoi parirings it seems, she only go for the best. Yunoha may turn out to be a more important character than just the floating frog gag as she has secured her position in both OP and ED. And at last, Zessica don’t you dare listen to Mix, you’re too good for clothes and I’m sure there wasn’t a guy in the command room who would say otherwise. I have no idea what went through your head at the end of the battle with Jin or why it happened but getting flustered made you super cute, more! Oh and Zen, because you’re the only one around that understand what the heck is going on doesn’t require you to put a stupid show each time, even if they’re all idiots.

  20. I gotta admit that I prefer the original Aquarion’s plot to this one. For one thing most of the people the angels abducted didn’t die and wouldn’t it make more sense to invade the earth if they can’t bring anyone back? I’m just saying that these villains are pretty lame.

  21. I’ve always been leaning to treating EVOL as its own.
    Don’t want to be borged down with guessing and reconfirming reincarnations every week 😛

    The unguarded vs the heavily armored.
    Nice contrast.

    So I suppose Jin is the youngest in the whole of Altair population?
    Or does Altair have cloning tech?

    With the motive of Altair cleared, I wonder what is the relationship between Izumo and Mykage?
    Or Mykage and Altair?
    Maybe some more history lesson will be planned further on 😛

    Fudo seem to know much about Altair mechs.
    Will it be explained?

    The motive of Mykage is still unknown.
    Will he do something to Altair? Make them slaves for whatever he has planned?
    Will he take action in the second half of the show?
    More organic mechs then?
    For now he seems to be ‘training’ Kagura.

    I suppose Mykage knows a lot too and can be like Fudo there naming the enemy mechs.
    But he chose to just watch.

  22. Agree that Aquarion somehow works with Kawamori at the helm. Any other and it would be a fanservice freak show. It takes itself seriously enough, but it doesn’t forget our heroes and heroines ARE 14-17 years old. EVOL definitely seems to be setting itself up as it’s own serie/original plot. I’m glad. I didn’t want a rehash of Genesis of Aquarion. Plus this DOES take place 12,000 years later. Time had to have changed some things.

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