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Well, just in case anyone was about to forget about it, Guilty Crown returns with this 11-minute OVA after a season and a half after its finale. The short is essentially an extended teaser to the VN Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas by Nitro+, and hence explains very little about the premise. The bulk of the content in terms of the “plot” are in the trailers instead, and frankly, Lost Christmas is what the original should have been.

Production I.G. exercises their usual stylish flair here, and the animation quality is what one would expect from them at this point – good, flashy, entertaining. Nothing new here. The soundtrack is all from the original Guilty Crown, only tracks like Bios actually sound a lot more epic here than it ever did anywhere else. One characteristic feature in the auditory department of the OVA that differentiates it from its predecessor however, is the classical pieces that play throughout the episode, which add a more somber and ironic atmosphere that wasn’t present in the original series. The original Guilty Crown was all about the heavy-handed, flashy sequences, with little to no subtlety in the way events were carried out. Lost Christmas is still flashy, but its tone is a lot more serious and there is an almost pseudo-philosophical air that pervades the dialogue, which tries to provoke some deep thoughts regarding the state of the world. I won’t say it succeeded entirely, but the atmosphere and mood it sets is on a different level than the uneven tone and strange dramatics of GC the series. The OVA at the very least feels like it has a grasp on the direction it wants to head – the Christmas metaphors and “intellectual” dialogue it throws around feel like they have a meaning that might actually culminate in something. Unfortunately, while it’s definitely an improvement, this is an OVA with a mere eleven minutes to its credit. The depth it tried to cram into that short amount of time is too close to biting off more than it can chew – this sort of stylistic directing works in an actual VN where players have all the time in the world to absorb and digest, but it’s a little more difficult to reconcile the same effect in animated form.

It helps Lost Christmas that its leads seem much more compelling and engaging though, and this is where it really steps above Guilty Crown – with very little plot to go off, and flashiness reminiscent of the original, the OVA had to win somewhere, and this is it. Scrooge, voiced by thespian Sakurai Takahiro, Carol (Asumi Kana), Segai (Nobutoshi Canna), and Present (Kobayashi Yuu) are altogether a very eclectic, but entertaining bunch of characters, and they create much of the more tense, mature atmosphere that really helps this stand apart from the original. Scrooge is what Shuu should have been (they even have nearly-same character designs!) when he took that darker turn, becoming a grittier individual that has the gravitas to carry out the seriousness demanded of his role. It’s amazing what giving a spine to the main character can do, and to add salt to the wound, cute little Carol proves the lead female can have the skimpiest outfit known to man, look like a porcelain doll, and not be so frustratingly bland – who knew that was possible? Carol constitutes every bit of the eye candy Inori was, but she interacts with Scrooge and seems like an actual, three-dimensional character whose creation seems like it was conceived with some effort. The difference between Lost Christmas’ leads compared to Guilty Crown’s leads cannot be stressed enough, and they really are the key that makes this OVA an improvement of the original. Of course, part of Scrooge and Carol’s appeal comes from the virtue they’re not Shuu and Inori, but that’s more of a criticism of the original rather than the OVA itself. It’s impossible to do everything in eleven minutes, but within that short amount of time, Scrooge and Carol have more sympathy than Shuu and Inori ever managed to wrangle out of viewers for an entire twenty-two episode series.

Segai is as strange as he was in Guilty Crown, but he still falls short of being an effective villain – he doesn’t have a larger goal in mind other than to create chaos, and in the long run, there has to be a lot more than just that desire for anarchy to become the Final Boss. He is entertaining to watch though, and flashy fight scenes just aren’t complete without his involvement. On the other hand, Present is a little more complex in terms of antagonistic forces, but her appearance is much too brief to formulate any guesses on her motives.

Lost Christmas is intended as a teaser, and despite the snarky tone of this post, it serves that role very well – the OVA itself is somewhat vapid and hollow in terms of plot, bearing some unfortunate similarity to the original. But the trailers give a more detailed overview on what the game will offer plot-wise, and it certainly seems to have more cohesive storyline with a predetermined end goal. The dialogue in the “episode” actually does have some interesting ideas embedded into it, and its style should fit the VN quite well. But the crowning gem of the OVA has to be the characters, who all seem to have the charisma and gravitas necessary to carry out a plot of GC’s caliber – all the potential Guilty Crown’s plot had as a whole can finally have a chance to be realized, since Scrooge definitely has what it takes to pull off the dark anti-hero the story calls for.

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ED Sequence

ED: 「Planetes」 by EGOIST
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Game OP Sequence

OP: 「Lost Control」 by いとうかなこ (Itou Kanako)
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Trailer 1

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Trailer 2

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Trailer 3

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  1. Beautiful ED. Beautiful everything, really. This is the difference a slight twist in execution makes – it just goes to show how tragic it is since GC’s premise is so well done and compelling that only a little bit is needed to send a viewer into bliss, yet this was not accomplished in the main series.

  2. You definitely know that Guilty Crown sucked when the “okay” 11-minute OVA teaser to a prequel spin-off visual novel titled Lost Christmas is better than the 22 episodes of the original. And that’s really saying something.

    On a slightly less negative note this was pretty decent for just a teaser.

      1. Actually, I thought that the first episode was just okay, hell, maybe a little mediocre. Many thought that the premier was was solid, but a lot of others in the anime blogosphere were on the other side of the spectrum. I was extremely nervous going into this since the main writer, Yoshino Hiroyuki, has a reputation for being extremely hit and miss, with definitely more of the latter on his plate.

        However, I never thought that the end result would be so insanely catastrophic, especially with that enormous budget and Tetsurou Araki, who’s known for being a heavily stylistic director (Death Note, Kurozuka). I won’t deny that I at least saw promise in the first episode, but once I saw episode six, I just knew that this was eventually going to spiral out of control. I just didn’t how far (or low, for that matter) it would go.

  3. And then the big reveal that Scrooge is actually an alternate future Ouma Shuu is brought to light and we’ll all start wondering where Lost Christmas is going….

    That was sarcasm, by the way. It was just something that came to mind since Scrooge’s appearance looked like an older Shuu to me when I first saw him. However, given how GC pulled plot twists from out of nowhere, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case.

    In any case, the flashiness is still entertaining. 🙂

  4. In spite of my love-hate relationship with the original, I would love to see Lost Xmas get expanded into a full series, since I’ve been hearing good things about the VN’s story. It could very well end up being to GC what F/Z was to F/SN.

    1. One could hope. The 11 minutes of LC does seem a lot better than the 506 minutes of GC, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more – maybe a more comprehensive series of OVA’s instead of a full-fledged series?

      It’s kind of funny though, because I remember reading very early on in GC‘s run (maybe even before it aired)the news about the VN, which would indicate the production staff did have some kind of plan in mind. Of course, seeing as how GC had enough plot holes to put Swiss cheese to shame, this would mean LC was meant to fill the void in terms of key concepts/storyline. Makes you wonder what idiot decided to animate GC instead of LC.

      1. Guilty Crown did seem to have a plan initially, at least until its writing team tore the show apart and each writer seemed as though they were trying to take GC in their own direction. From what I hear, the production of the show got increasingly rushed as well, which might’ve affected the writing. (Don’t quote me on this)

        OVAs are a good idea though. It worked out really well for the production of Gundam, Kantanagatari, and a whole bunch of other shows I could mention, stories with large set-pieces or ambitious sequences, and it could work in GC’s favor as well, considering GC’s predisposition for such scenes. I surprised more shows aren’t adopting it.

  5. It’s obvious that the VN is gonna become more popular than the original series. Hell, it’ll probably eventually get its own complete anime adaptation. If it does, then they should make a second season to it that retcons everything that happened in the original series since the original series was just pure dogshit in terms of writing.


    So, this wasn’t god awful as much as it didn’t explain anything at all. Although, I can say, just by seeing that much of the story, that I would be much more willing to see a series about these two, seeing as it’s not a mixture of every anime-cliche rolled into one AND the characters act like people, not cardboard cut-outs.

    And maybe through their story we’ll finally figure out what the hell Daath and Yuu are, because the original certainly didn’t explain that.

    1. Ah Guilty Crown…

      For those of us who watched it, it was like a train going over a cliff. Except all the passengers were having a drug fueled orgy as they plummeted into the abyss.

      1. Well sorry to disappoint: I don’t pretend to know more and flung things like “this anime is shitty because it don’t spoon-feed us babies like hell…” around.

        Take my cue on Space Bros: Terrible anime. No fantastic content at all. But do you see me trolling the fans with my opinion? No.

        Unlike you, I respect people. I know they like Space Bros and I decide I won’t try and ruin a night for them. That is my definition of a true fan.

        The Moondoggie
      2. I’m sorry… Do I go to other posts of anime I don’t like watching and post random crap as to why I don’t like it?

        …. Think first before you talk about me.

        The Moondoggie
      3. I don’t pretend to know more


        Unlike you, I respect people.

        when you just said

        I can still see shitty platinum mad “critics” here….

        But please, do go on pretending you are a self-righteous know-it-all who somehow has the moral high-ground. I’ll just laugh at your hypocritical smugness.

    1. Although the plot, which was rife with cheap plot devices, did suck, it’s not even the plot holes that are the problem. There are so many missteps in the direction and common sense that it feels insulting. Tetsurou Araki is usually good at producing an appropriate atmosphere (after all, he made a guy in chips look cool in Death Note), but it’s just not there. There’s zero subtly. It was poorly written, sloppily directed, and completely hilarious for all the wrong reasons, which is I loved coming back time and again. Who doesn’t like a good trainwreck?

      You know how I knew this show was going to go under? In episode 6, when Inori and Shuu were spotted by three heavily armed guards. Inori then proceeds to whip out pistols and shoot one in the face. Now here’s the kicker: everyone just stops for 2 seconds. The two remaining guards pause for even longer, glance at each other, and then slowly jogged towards Inori instead of shooting at her with their machine guns. What kind of stormtrooper logic shit is that? How can you even explain that? And later the discrepancies and poor atmosphere get worse and worse, eventually culminating in Shuu riding a segway to his final battle. Awful, just awful.

      You’re right, Guilty Crown doesn’t spoon feed the audience. It rudely grabs fistfuls of crappy story and throws it at your face, expecting you to swallow it.

      1. I don’t think you get it: Of course they’ll pause. Even a hardened veteran of war will stop along the lines of “wtf is a high school girl doing here” and “did that kid just open fire?”

        Please, the only reason why people would pronounce they don’t get the show with as much passion as Da5id is because they’re trolling.

        Yes, I am a self-righteous know-it-all with the moral high-ground: I never attack first. Always on the defense, and all for the right reasons. And I stand with what I say. What about you? Aren’t you people the one who acts all high and mighty judging anime and expect others to think like you guys? To hell with that.

        The Moondoggie
      2. I never attack first

        You’re officially the funniest man here. You were the first to call out and insult the “shitty” haters with no provocation and now you pretend to be the innocent one.

        Also, I don’t try to force my opinions on others. All I do is post and not give a f*** on what others say. I only care about comments that are full of stupid.

        Please do keep talking. The way you keep damaging you’re credibility is highly amusing.

      3. No provocation? Do you have eyes? Please read LaughingMan and Da5id’s posts first.

        If that isn’t provocation I don’t know what you think one is. You might want to take a second look at the people around you and listen closely to what they say about you from now on.

        Probably what you think are innocent words your mouth spout have guaranteed you a lot of cloaked enemies.

        Oh yeah, and remember to look at the time of the posts.

        As for credibility, yours and Da5id are the only ones with damage…

        The Moondoggie
      4. A hardened veteran would’ve shot whatever had a gun and was in an area it shouldn’t have been in, NOT RUN SCREAMING INTO ITS LINE OF FIRE LIKE AN IDIOT. What veterans do you know who would’ve done that?

        Ah, yes, the “everyone who doesn’t agree with me is a troll” argument. Who needs a valid point when you’ve got ad hominems?

        “I never attack first. Always on the defense, and all for the right reasons.”

        Your first comment on this review was criticizing everyone who has criticisms about the show, and the saying you’re not a critic, and now you’re saying you never attack first when you’re the one who attacked first.

        Defending a tv show you like from criticism does not make you automatically in the moral right, because defending a tv show on the internet has never been and never will have anything to do with morals. It’s about opinion and only opinion. If you want to talk to other people who agree with you, go to a forum where people only have good things to say about it. If you want to understand why other people’s opinion differs from yours, you can present a point and have a discussion about it with those people. If the discussion goes south, and you still want answers, ask someone who seems like they know what they’re talking about. HOWEVER, If you’re content with your opinion and don’t give a damn what other people think, you’re free to not post your thoughts online at all, so that no one will ever have a chance to respond to them.

        However, what YOU’VE done is simply sit around the same site that has a vastly different opinion to yours on this show, made no attempt to compromise, not absorbed or understood any well or poorly made point anyone has made to you and dismissed everyone as “trolls”. You’ve somehow been misled into thinking you’ve become a “crusader of justice” for this show despite continuing to provoke people by calling them trolls, then stubbornly judging them and crying persecution. I have a feeling if this wasn’t the very last thing that will ever be animated or blogged about on this franchise, this would probably never end.

        But I have to ask: Just what the hell are you hoping to gain from all of this? Do you think people will suddenly be enlightened to what you like about the show some years down the line? Or that they’ll just fall in line with what is solely your definition of a “true” anime fan in due time? Wouldn’t it be easier to just find a different blog or forum to discuss this specific show if you’re met with such adverse results here? It really shouldn’t be that hard to find at least ONE that liked Guilty Crown.

        Thank god this is the only OVA.

      5. August 2, 2012 at 4:00 am

        “I can still see shitty platinum mad “critics” here….”

        Hey, I looked at the time of the posts and you’re still the one who attacked first!

      6. Look at your post at 1:47 am.

        And you want opinions, fine! Here’s mine: I have been here since the original site from animebloggers, so I was here first, you leave. Your post has no credibility, very heavy on nitpicking(who cares where Daath and Yuu came from and any detail with it, it isn’t important to the plot) and was just made to troll.

        And what is there to compromise? This show was a good one. Nice content, nice flow, what the hell are you trolling for?

        You want to be spoonfed? Go read a fucking book.

        The Moondoggie
      7. Ah, yes, the “everyone who doesn’t agree with me is a troll” argument. Who needs a valid point when you’ve got ad hominems?

        So according to this, I think those who think Space Bros. or Arcana Familia are good are trolls?

        Sorry. No.

        Try “I think your a troll because you have the gall to complain when you weren’t watching…”

        Or “I think you are a troll because you complain every week like a dolt and threaten to drop this yet you come back again every week.”

        The Moondoggie
      8. I don’t really want to get into this, but when people express their negative opinions, they’re not (and shouldn’t be) thinking of you. If no one said anything or expressed critical flaws out of concern for the oversensitive, no one would learn anything, nobody would be challenged, and humanity would decline (awww yeahhh, anime reference, bitches). All criticism is positive; a review opposite of your opinion, if anything, is more helpful because it forces you challenge your beliefs and adds to your viewpoints, your perspective. Being exposed to other schools of thought is important, like it or not, because it adds to your window and that view naturally becomes a part of you. Nobody ever forced anything onto you. New thoughts can never take something away; all they can do is challenge you and make you reconsider.

        That being said, very, very rarely does the entire anime blogosphere come together and openly mock a show. I’m thoroughly convinced that the anime blogosphere has some of the most varied, intelligent observers on the web. And even in this wide diversity you have all these people openly laughing at something, pointing out missing plot points, poor writing, and voids in logic and common sense. While this a bold statement, I don’t I’ve ever seen the entire aniblog universe so united against a single show. Guilty Crown lead to some of the funniest, most gut busting, and oddly enlightening posts in the anime kingdom. So I’m not so sure that “you just don’t get it” quite works here, since it’s implying mental superiority over a ton of exceedingly clever people.

        Since that got pretty long, I’m going to wrap this up with a pretty personal, dirty confession. So why did I watch Guilty Crown even though it was aggressively, unrelentingly bad? Well, a certain famous mecha blogger probably put it best.


      9. Because I’m talking about my opinion of the show. I don’t think I should have to explain that a negative opinion of a show is not a personal attack on a person who likes it.

        I also shouldn’t have to explain that asking you to not attack other people for their opinions and to vent it on a site that might agree with you is not the same as asking you to move out of your house in the middle of the night.

        Or that there’s always going to be someone (or ONES in this case), that will never agree with you on certain things, and you’re just going to have to accept that.

        Or that nothing is perfect, and even the most revered pieces of literature have places where they are flawed.

        Or that you’re literally acting like a child at this point and should probably step back and think hard about whether or not you want to continue this. I would suggest not.

      10. No provocation? Do you have eyes? Please read LaughingMan and Da5id’s posts first.

        None of them have resorted to personal atttacks. You most certainly did. There’s a thing called context, learn it.

        You might want to take a second look at the people around you and listen closely to what they say about you from now on.

        Big words for someone who has loves shooting himself on the foot. And you act like I care what others think of me.

        I have been here since the original site from animebloggers, so I was here first, you leave

        I find it cute that you deluded yourself to think you own the place. I want to hug you now.

        Ah, yes, the “everyone who doesn’t agree with me is a troll” argument. Who needs a valid point when you’ve got ad hominems?

        Pot. Kettle. Black.

  7. God the prequel needs to be animated. COMPLETELY. Come on IG animate this properly and it will end lk Fate/Zero. (__> PROFIT)

    Well can’t say much til I watched it, but a dark protagonist > whiny protag. And he look damn lk Alex Mercer + Shu which is good IMO.

    And plz gv GC a break. TQ.


    NOOOOO doggie why!???? (WAIT….)

    AHEM SO THT HOW SEGAI WENT INSANE AND OBSESSED WITH VOIDS. And WOW, dog can have void too Buut… Show Spoiler ▼

    or does Scrooge has the ability to pull out void on every ppl?? Oh and there something the OVA doesn’t explain, Show Spoiler ▼

    And evil female Guy…… Fanboys of him gonna be RLY happy.

    You guys should check out the subbed demo. Its also available in Utube.

    1. I think in the OVA, Carol explained that the dog had a cut on its neck. She suspected the dog was tested on so therefore, it had a void? At least, that was what I thought she said lol.

    2. Considering Guilty Crown’s rather schizophrenic story. Shuu’s dad and Gai’s dad had worked on the precursor to the whole virus/genome thing. Perhaps between Lost Christmas and the Guilty Crown main story the bad guys had done research on additional test subjects. We know Gai served as an earlier one. So perhaps Scrooge and his loli served as some beta test subjects where the King’s power hadn’t stabilized to the point where the “King” could manually control his power.

      I actually find it more compelling that way, when the character’s power has limitations. The Dark than Black universe rocked because even the most powerful contractors still remained beholden to their “price.”

  9. Lol being around the negative comments brings back memories. I personally really liked GC although I also had alot of problems with it like everyone else. Soon after the episodes progressed I just stopped watching it for the unnoticeable plot and watched it for the animation, songs, and action. And once I started to watch it for that it got better for me XD.

    But this OVA was definitely very good in my opinion. They should just THINK about this and THINK about their plot this time and MAYBE release a reboot to GC. I would definitely watch the reboot. GC had potential and I’m starting to become in denial because it kinda let me down.

    As I said though the OVA was pretty good.

  10. nice review, Mochi 🙂 I knew you could make it to be awesome 🙂
    from the OVA and the game trailers, the game should be pretty interesting… (although I heard the plot was rather linear in the game)
    as to the plot, from what I can understand the trailer Show Spoiler ▼

    the VN demo looks awesome, so anyone wants to try a good VN should get their hands on this one, pretty sick and good 🙂

  11. It was a pretty decent OVA. Like you said way too much to cram into a 10 min OVA ._. don’t know what they were thinking but the dark vibe out did GC series 😀 Too bad Inori isn’t here ;-; but CHELLY!!!!

    I’ll try the VN out >.<

  12. Watching this OVA makes me want to rewatch the whole GC again. And no, I don’t think GC is a bad serie even with all of its flaws cause it has a message it’s trying to tell(at least to me). Inori is a failure as a heroine,character, and existence(except for her design) but the reasons as to why she and Shuu fell in love with each other, I could understand that.

    TV serie aside, Carol’s chainsaw sword’s pretty sick, much more menacing than Inori’s sword could ever be eventhough not as multifunction

      1. Inori said it was because she saw Shu as “remarkably human” or something, which I guess means she felt pity for all his screw ups and misinterpreted that as love, since she doesn’t know human emotions. In Shu’s case, it’s never explained, so we can only assume it’s because he’s just being a teenager and thinking with his dick instead of his brain.

      2. then how come it didnt happen to any other guy? its not like shu is the only boy who was nice to her, pretty sure that plenty of the others in gai’s group were at least friendly to her.
        the thing was, what made shu more meaningful to inori than any other guy like gai for example, and its not because of how much stuff he can do. how is shu any more different than the other guys? the closest indicater I got was when he stopped her from shooting, where she showed a different reaction. but still pretty small to grow this much with little to no contact(bonus points for their relationship going downhill after a misunderstanding).

        anyway for me, il just go with the reason of being mana’s will. easier to keep me from raging about the pairing.

  13. I might get the game. What I would like to see though is the LN. Too bad GC: Princess of Deadpool hasn’t been translated yet. It looks interesting to read. (This is what we said for GC TV series yet look how THAT turned out -_-. But if I do manage to read it in the future and it meets or at least comes close to my expectations I want that LN to be the new series.

    1. Eh there a LN??? Wht its about?? Is it abt Inori?? I’m curious!!

      Oh the preview 4 the spin-off manga just came out. Its titled GC Dancing Endlaves. And judging frm the preview it seems lk Ayase is the MC of the manga ^.^

      1. From the pics and character summaries I’ve seen, Princess of Deadpool has Gai and Inori in it, so unless they were both resurrected off-screen AGAIN (which I wouldn’t put past them), it most likely takes place during the course of the series.

        Dancing Endlaves does star Ayase. Chapter 0 is just six pages of flashbacks up until her meeting Hare, so it may take place after the series, seeing as the ending never showed us just what the hell anyone was doing, other than the fact that at least 6 characters survived.

    1. if you are referring to Akatsuki from Hagure Yuusha, then no question Akatsuki will win… because the sword that Scrooge wield is from Carol, who, unfortunately, is a girl after all… we all know how much Akatsuki can do facing a girl, right? and without Carol, Scrooge won’t even have a sword… xD

      but if you are referring to a different MAV’RICK HERO, then I won’t know the answer… xD

    1. I would say the same but . . . This OVA didn’t have the forced coolness thing the first episode of Guilty Crown had. The first episode filled me with dread cause so much of the character behavior hinted at some dreadful writing.

      A full series of Lost Christmas could still suck hard. But it handled the introduction the way a start to a good series should in a lot of ways.

  14. This 11-minute OVA seemed so interesting and looked stunningly beautiful that it’s making me consider picking up Guilty Crown again. I dropped it at around episode 6. 😡 But, maybe I’ll give it another go, if anything for the visuals and music.

  15. To those who say this 11 minutes is better than the whole season of Guilty Crown, remember that pretty much everyone was amazed during the first episode of GC. Don’t jump to conclusion yet.

    1. While I agree with your statement, we should also hv some positivity and not brand anything w/h GC=suck. Let w8 4 the eventual VN review and then we judge. The OVA is rather not bad I’d say.

  16. Lost Christmas is what the original should have been.

    This is exactly what I thought while watching the OVA. But then again, I was deceived by the first showing the original had. Either way, at least the characters are likeable from what can be seen of them in this OVA. Hopefully the VN doesn’t mess that up. It is Nitro+ though, so I don’t foresee them making a bad VN.

  17. The producers and writers of GC should have learned from their mistakes so if ever they are to make LC into a full anime series, I’d expect nothing less. In fact, I’d expect a lot more from what I expected from GC before it became a train wreck… which means producing more hype than what GC was able to, and living up to it.

    Thumbs up for me.

    The Story You Don't Know
  18. I don’t see the point of this. For anyone who already knows of Guilty Crown, this doesn’t really add much. For anyone who knows nothing about the show, or associated media, this is too vague to really get them interested.

    It’s a glorified out of context clip.

  19. We also have to take into consideration the possibility of a second season. The makers said so themselves that the storyline was made for 2 seasons. The plot holes must have reason, don’t they?

    1. No, the storyline actually ended the way it was supposed to. Shu was supposed to become something akin to a Christ figure and rid the world from the virus and by extension, sin. The anime had the potential to deliver something interesting but all problems came from poor execution. If the creators of any anime don’t know what to do with ideas, the same fate can befall them. The major problem I saw with GC in the way it was trying to address its premise lies in the inconsistencies when it came to Daath’s plan in bringing about the apocalypse. Most of the contradictions came from the inability to decide in how Mana was supposed to unleash the virus in the world. First it was through the sin of incest in combination with the idea of mankind’s Adam, however in the end this doesn’t apply and Mana just brings the apocalypse with a ballet dance. To be honest, I saw Mana as a victim and everything she did came from the virus’s influence. The way she died with Gai was actually a good way to end it but Gai being resurrected and becoming mankind’s Adam was completely unnecessary and only served to destroy the credibility in his character. In the end, it seems Shu didn’t really care whether or not Mana was his sister. He was trying to save her in ep 13 with Gai’s help and this was good, then she just becomes a villain. The only way I can explain the strange powers in characters like Yuu would be if I were to assume Yuu is either a void belonging to someone else, or a void born in human form through genetic engineering. Anyway, good ideas just bad execution. I hope I.G learns from their mistakes and make anime with good stories from now on.


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