Of course, it wouldn’t be anime if things ever went according to plan. To be honest, I’m not all that surprised a team comprised of Gokudera, Yamamoto, Chrome, and Flan got defeated so easily – two of those four don’t quite belong. Those two characters have been rather static throughout the series in my opinion, and even strength-wise they fall quite a bit behind.

It might seem like Team Tsuna underestimated the other Vindice by a long-shot, but I still think it won’t take as much effort as Bermuda implies to defeat them since if nothing, they at least have a leg up in regards to numbers. If they attack with a proper strategy, this fight really shouldn’t be that long or difficult – they even have two illusionists, so if Tsuna’s crew somehow does end up losing, it’s going to be a highly questionable moment. It’s somewhat (barely) believable to have Yamamoto’s group struggling on their own, as that might’ve been just as well a two-man show. But if the protagonists continue to lose even after the addition of the Hyper Trio, I’m going to have to question Tsuna’s decision to go up against Bermuda.

This chapter also pretty much confirms that Team Saikyou probably won’t be able to defeat Jager on their own. A sad thought, but I hope they’ll be able to get a few good fight scenes in before their inevitable defeat. Unfortunately, it looks like it’ll be a couple chapters until the focus switches back to them, as if I remember correctly, KHR! has a tendency to fix the spotlight on one battle instead of featuring several fights in one chapter as some other series tend to do. This is much better in terms of keeping the flow and tension going, and I find this approach helps keep the fights short and sweet instead of dragging for too long.

I suppose the most surprising part about the chapter was Dino exercising his boss abilities and essentially proposing their strategy for the battle – I definitely didn’t see this coming, as I just assumed it was Tsuna who would have come up with it. It’s nice to see that the Vongola Decimo still has a bit of learning to do though, and who better to learn from than Reborn’s other pupil? Dino has been an important, but fairly peripheral character so far, so it would be nice to see him take on a more prominent role in this arc. Seeing him so level-headed makes me think he’ll play a key part in keeping the harmony within his rambunctious team, and I suspect that’s primarily the reason he’s there. Hopefully he brought some of his subordinates around so as to not end up looking like an idiot later… In any case, looks like the big showdown between Jager and Team Saikyou are delayed until further notice!



  1. interesting chapter! anyone think this Dream team can actually stop Jagger?
    Oh and u made a slight mistake on the opening sentence BakaMochi

    “Of course, it wouldn’t be anime if thing ever went according to plan.”

    Should be
    “Of course, it wouldn’t be anime if things ever went according to plan.”

  2. somehow i wondered why Amano used Mafia as theme for Reborn
    for God sake Tsuna and his Vongola not describe how mafia at all,no the entire Reborn series
    it’s all about battle and battle
    is mafia truly do that?
    yes they did,but the reason such like territory war etc…

  3. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who thought Yamamoto was downgraded in this fight. Yamamoto + Gokudera support * 2 illusionist, should = 2 dead Vindice members.

    Hell, if anyone remembered in the future arc when Yamamoto and Gokudera actually get in sync they put up a good fight versus lighting man and his twin wolves

    Azul Flamed Samurai

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