「告白 sacrifice」 (Kokuhaku)

I think I died a little inside watching the latest episode of Guilty Crown, as one of my big reasons I’m still enjoying the series was snatched away before my very eyes. Why damn it why? I actually know why, but I choose to feign ignorance when it comes to killing off Hare to set Shuu down a path of self-destruction where he has little to no remorse for anyone. Some may say that there were death flags everywhere after the fact, but I disagree as this very episode didn’t really suggest that Hare was going to die. If anything, her indirect confession to Shuu looked like it was going to give him the confidence to lead the students of Tennouzu and save everyone from getting executed by the Anti Bodies — not turn over to the “dark side” and manhandle Inori like she was nothing more than a tool and then proceed to beat the crap out of Souta. I will commend the writers for this unexpected turn of events — and for getting me teary-eyed at the sight of Hare’s body after hearing her extremely touching final words — but they’re a far ways from redeeming themselves for sacrificing Hare, even if this new direction with “Evil Shuu” (as noted by his scarf) somehow turns Guilty Crown into a smash hit.

I’m sure a lot of people will be blaming Souta for Hare’s death, much like Shuu himself did, but I actually see it as a tragedy that resulted from things well beyond his control. I don’t find it all that unbelievable that the F rank students would recklessly try to prove their worth after finding out that vaccinations would be prioritized based on Void Resonance values. Instead, I’m finding it kind of unbelievable that they were so understanding after catching wind of it, as widespread panic in a fight for survival is more in line with what I imagine would happen under those circumstances. The same goes for the rest of the student body pinning its hopes on Shuu as the new student council president, which somehow quelled the commotion last time and managed to maintain order in a time of crisis. In comparison to a small group of students acting on their own to try and prove their worth, the situation probably should’ve been a lot worse with a deadly disease going about, so I really can’t see what happened to Hare as anything but tragic. After all, if there’s anyone who should be blamed, it’s Shuuichirou and his Anti Bodies who’re mercilessly killing people. Souta? He already feels responsible for Hare’s death so he’s already suffering with that sense of guilt looming over his head.

Where things get interesting is how Shuu takes Hare’s death, blinded by his rage after losing his queen — effectively losing sight of all the good parts she saw in him — and misdirecting his anger at all the wrong people. The preview suggests that he’s going to put the Void Ranking System in full effect, cruelly discriminating between people based on their worth, which has me wondering who’s going to be the righteous protagonist in this series if Shuu becomes the antihero. I suspect that everyone will prioritize bringing Shuu to his senses; however, part of me is curious to see what this series will turn into if he never really comes around. With Shibungi turning out to be the mysterious hand playing chess — and someone whom Segai looks like he wants to let go to stir things up — plus Daryl and his fascination with Tsugumi getting some more build-up (much to my dismay), there are actually several ways the story can still progress without Shuu reclaiming his seat as the righteous protagonist. I gather we’ll get a better idea next time, once we hear what Ayase, Inori, and the others’ take on Shuu is.

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    1. I could feel it coming but still sucks.

      (sorry Divine but there were indeed death flags from at least as early as last week’s “If you get hurt, I’ll heal you with my Void”)

      …while the more cynical amongst us would say it was even earlier than that – can’t help but feel her death is a simple way for them to get her out of the way for them to maintain their Shuu/Inori OTP. With the convenient “void of the week” quality of the writing as it has been, then it wouldn’t surprise me.

      I was set on waiting until the full run of GC before I decided on its quality, but 15 eps in I still am not too impressed but maybe from here things may actually go somewhere.

      (also any attempts at DarylxTusgumi triggers my gag reflex).

      1. Awesome turn of events…

        So long a Shuu has a definite role, be it evil jackass or kickass hero, I’m happy. At least he’s not the wimpy, insecure guy he used to be…Finally!


      2. I actually thought this made the show better. The last time I saw the main character turn out to be the show’s antagonist was Death Note, so it’s…refreshing to see something like it again.

        Yeah, Hare dying sucked, but oh the results. I’m pretty entertained by the sheer audacity of pushing a plot like this, and I hope they stick to it. The shows that do things differently are always the most memorable.

      1. @Cybersteel

        Shu then pulls a Raiden and screws reality: Shu is more GAR and wiser, Gai gets along with him better, Inori’s more expressive and the final boss turns out to be Yahiro after all.

        The Moondoggie
    1. Oh great, now they lost their only healer. Good going there Souta. Shu should’ve implemented the system from the get go.

      Souta’s void is actually pretty decent being able to open anything but the dumb fuck didn’t know how to use it.

    1. shuu: where…is…hare..? is she…safe? is she alright?
      emperor: it seems in your mediocrity…you killed her.
      shuu: I… I couldn’t have! She was alive; I felt it… I… Nooooooo!

  1. I’m having trouble finding the biggest idiot here, Hare or Souta:

    Hare: Apparently, loves Shu for being quiet and soft spoken, but wants him to be “king” despite him clearly not having any influence as a leader. She likens him to a fairy tale king who apparently wasn’t that great of a role model and, if the story she described is any indication, wasted vast amounts of money and resources. She wants him to turn out like that, but also holds his life above her own enough to heal him first even when her injuries are far worse. Was healing herself first not a viable option? IMO, she gets my sympathy for being dragged into this mess by Souta, but she was partly to blame for her own death.

    Souta and Class F: Okay, I think I get this one…they just want to be useful and their voids have to be good for something…but between them, they have a camera that opens things, a water bottle, a spoon, a bottle opener, a shovel and a comb. Throughout the episode, Souta’s been jumping the gun, waiting to blame Shu for even considering the Void Ranking System, and then he somehow gathers a group together to go off on their own without orders, endangering everyone and inevitably getting Hare, their ONLY HEALER, killed. The blame for that is 100% on him. He deserved the beat down he got from Shu and then some.

    Other points of (probably overreacting, but MOSTLY NOT) RAAAAAAAGE:
    -Tsugumi’s fang keeps changing places!
    -How did Class F get ahold of the rankings right after the meeting? Did Shu leave it there? Did he throw it out? ANALYZING ANALYZING ANALYZING
    -Yet another episode where Inori is nothing but a tool. Blah.
    -Wow, Shu. I know you’re not the brightest protagonist, but you couldn’t have thought of using the “fake your own death” machine from last episode to buy you some advantage instead of wasting it the very next chance you get?
    -Class F Rep Yuuji Sakamoto would be ashamed! Be PROUD of your idiocy, Souta! Void Ranking doesn’t show your true power!

    Now as for the episode itself:

    It was pretty obvious Hare was going to die from the preview, but overall the pacing of the action was pretty nice. If you get over the stupidity of most of the characters and turn off the logic center of your brain for the majority, this episode made it clear that “Shu’s Army that is really led by Yahiro” is in dire straits for time and had to form a plan, and hopefully they can do that now that everyone understands the consequences of insubordination FINALLY. The action was fast, and while some scenes seemed played for dramatic effect (I.E. Hare’s death), it helped show the tenseness of the moment, and, though at the cost of a fanservice character, moved the plot in the right direction. This is the first time where I can’t just rag on Shu with a clear conscience, because this time he wasn’t in any way at fault. But now he’s the surly visage we see in the opening, ready to kick ass and take voids. Let’s just hope that’s a good thing.

    1. I think the F class got it because Shu looked at the paperwork and rejected the ranking idea – then he carelessly threw it into the garbage can.

      You can clearly see that the pages got torn when Souta was holding them.

      1. But if they found it in the trash, that should have been a clear sign that he WASN’T going to go through with it, right?

        I guess they’re in Rank F for more than just their voids…

    2. Clearly you didn’t notice that Shu was injured to the point of unconsciousness and was charred all over due to shielding Hare from the bulk of the explosion.

      Also you didn’t seem to remember Yahiro’s comment that Shu’s well being comes first above everyone else. Why? Because he’s the only person that can actually draw out the voids. You know, those things they need to fight with.

      What happens if she healed herself first and the void disappeared? Who’s going to save Shu now? None of the people at the school can do shit without Shu’s void powers.

      1. And you’re forgetting that voids don’t disappear unless the user goes unconscious or let’s them disappear. Ergo, it was more imperative that Hare heal HERSELF first, to make sure the void didn’t stop healing Shu halfway. Plus Shy’s had main character plot armor since day one. Do you really think he could’ve died from this sort of thing? Severely injured, sure, but not killed.

      2. Plot armor is a meta-concept and has no bearing on character’s motivations inside the anime. And Shu looked like he was about to kick the bucket any moment – if Hare had waited, he’d likely have died. And she loves him. So her motivation here is totally transparent.

    3. I’m a bit frustrated. Not because I really, really liked Hare, and not because Daryl proved himself as useless again, but Hare’s death feels like just a really convenient way to leave Shuu and Inori together at the end.

      Not to be a dick, but it’s pretty obvious what’s going to happen in the next 1-3 episodes. Shuu’s going to rampage throughout the next arc until he is confronted and returns to his past self once more. Is there a chance he doesn’t snap out of it? Sure, but I doubt that the writers will even consider taking that route.

      1. If I may add to those predictions about the next few episodes:

        -School kids are scared of Shu and follow him out of fear, bully kids from Ep 13 are now secret police thugs for Shu and abuse their power like a motherfucker.
        -Shu eventually comes to his senses when putting anger into everything ends up not working and/or when one (or more) of the girls (or Yahiro) confess their love for him. If this girl isn’t Inori, she will be shot down, but get their point across.
        -Daryl tries to prove his worth but then gets cut down by Shu instantly, comes back a couple episodes later, being enhanced by Haruka and given a newer Endlave, which ends up as the mid-boss for the final battle. However, newly good again Shu will beat him with the power of friendship (I.E. using other people’s voids repeatedly). This won’t be the end for Daryl though, because he’ll hook up with, or at least be redeemed by Tsugumi in the end FOR NO REASON.

    4. This show will be getting many “Most Disappointing” awards from several blogs. It’s just unfair to compare GC’s plot to Code Geass.

      Currently watching it for its production values and the internet hilarity. Sad cold fact: I don’t see myself recommending this to anyone in the near/far future.

      Guilty Crown, the show that took itself too seriously.

      1. Shirley = Hare (Both died; pushed MC to the edge.)
        Lelouch = Shuu
        Inori = C.C.

        They planned this from the get-go. Even with the allegiance thing when C.C. and Lelouch pledged they would stand together, in GC OP #1, there was a lyric that went along the lines of Inori saying even if the whole world goes against him, she will be at his side. “I’m yours.”

        Seriously, the lyrics are a spoiler itself haha. It’s all coming together now~

      2. @Richard

        “Popcorn show”, “So Bad It’s Good”, “Z Movie”, “The Room”…it’s all the same shit. Let’s just see how fast they can run this burning ride straight into the ground.

        @ UJelly

        Actually, Gai = Lelouch+Gendo from Evangelion, Shu = Suzaku+Shinji. And yeah Inori = Euphy + Rei…and I think some Lacus Clyne too.

        Ayase = Kallen + Asuka
        Arisa = Milly
        Kanon = Nina + Hikari (the girl who had a crush on Toji, and she was also a class rep)
        Souta = Rival + Kensuke (annoying side characters with cameras)
        Yahiro = Rolo + Toji (sick or dead siblings)
        Yuu/Daath = Kaworu + V.V. (Mysterious…and that’s about it)
        Tsugumi = Mari (fanservice for fanservice’s sake)
        Haruka = Rakshata + Misato (Rakshata for the scientist aspect, Misato for the weirdly flirty guardian)
        Daryl = Jeremiah – awesome or redeeming qualities
        And the list goes on…

      3. Mmn, Such a shiny show, but it’s all in the cover.

        This is one book, that is all glitz and no substance. Er, well there’s plenty of substance, it’s just really hard to like the substance. Back and forth from week to week. Show Spoiler ▼

        The future for this series looks dark, too dark :/.

      4. @UJelly
        Haha, I see your point. And come to think of it, if you read Supercell’s My Dearest lyrics, it fits Hare very well for this episode given that she said it herself that she was willing to stick with Shu despite all the hate he will get. On the other hand EGOIST’s song, Departures, now suits Inori given that Shu will show her less affection from now on and we all know that Inori will be longing for him.

        The Story You Don't Know
      5. @Ujelly

        Y’know, I hope you realize that spoiler tags exist. I didn’t expect to get Geass spoilers on here, but as someone who hasn’t watched R2 yet, I must say I’m incredibly upset that now I won’t be able to view it the same, while expecting the worst the entire season.

        Thanks. You’re a pal.

  2. This is probably the only time that Guilty Crown will ever make me emotional.

    I felt the tears listening to Hare’s last words, even if Shu didn’t take the word “king” properly from her =.=”. And now my favourite character’s gone. Whyyyyy T.T

  3. All I can say “PLS DON’ DROP THIS DIVINE”. orz. ;A;

    Anyway, I really think that its either Sota or Yahiro who will get the bad ending in the proceeding episode. Though I really want Yahiro to die!!
    And also I think its one of the girls who will snap Dark King Shuu out with some sense or everyone dies and rebels against Dark King Shuu thus making “TRUE KING Shuu”.

  4. OM@G, why childhood friend always get killed!? I prefer her over tht Rei clone!!!!

    Leaving the angst aside, this further cements the connection of the Void with the A. virus… Why does losing your “heart” equal to corruption? And this ep really made void drawing looks a lot lk rape…

    Hare should NOT save him. And I got a feel tht this may (hopefully not) turn this into angst show with EoE end.

  5. ” Since old times there were hundreds of kings, some were good, some were bad; but occasionally there were some who stood out.
    They had one thing in common: they all fought for the dignity of the weak.”

    This is probably what I would say if I were to convince Shu to stop his bullshit.

  6. there isnt the chance that she new shu so well and knew how he would react if she died and let herself die on purpose for the sake of shu becoming a bad ass and saving every i guess thats just stupid

  7. Evil/Psycho Shuu is more awesome than Cowardly/Quiet Shuu minus the whole “I’ma rape Inori” thing.

    If anyone could share such a tender moment with Hare like that and not go completely psycho for being cockblocked right after then you’ve got more issues than Shuu.

      1. They could have done that fine with just him beating Souta to a pulp. The rest of it was just for shock value. HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE shock value.

        But it wouldn’t be the first time…

    1. Eh… Am I the only person who thinks that Shu was 100% justified in forcibly taking Inori’s void? They were all about to be gunned down and he did what he had to in order to fight them off. If anything people should be criticizing her for trying to stop him when everyone’s lives were at stake. Did she WANT them all to die there or is she just a total moron? You be the judge!

  8. Evil Shu! Coming up next! Now all I need is the R’lyeh text scrolls and the location of it’s temple to enslave humanity. : )

    So I was right all along that this show would be about breaking the King. See Shu’s eyes in the last three clips? That is quality evil/hate right there folks. Now I know people love that “good triumphs over evil” trash and all, so a reverse would be a welcome change, at least to me. The world he lives in deserves it anyway. Souta’s idiocy was instrumental, But not to worry, I can see he’s likely to follow after. Hare’s death is an important push towards that goal of getting here.

    Something revealed to me in this episode is that if you destroy a person’s void, he/she dies with it. Seems like Hare’s void was shot and she got crystallized. Will Shu use this at his advantage? Is this the birth of the Guilty Crown? Naysayers can pick holes or rage on Hare’s death, but they can’t blame this one on Shu. This time, he has every right to get angry. As long as another Dark Lord in anime is born I am in content.

    The Moondoggie
    1. A right to be angry doesn’t mean a right to manhandle your friends. Raging on Souta and abusing Inori against her will is all pretty unacceptable.

      I don’t mind the turn of events but Shu’s actions are no way justified. He always takes things the wrong way. 😛

      1. I get that this is an anime and all – whatever goes. But not condoning abuse and taking out your anger isn’t idealist…it’s a very basic necessity to being human. I don’t think Shu’s current actions will help prevent deaths – if anything it’ll cause more mutinous actions against a harsh, unforgiving and abusive leader. Just my opinion. =P

      2. I get your approach. But then what I see is a harsh leader who is now more competent than before. He now knows being kind gets you killed. Even if he’s harsh would anyone complain if he leads them to victory?

        The Moondoggie
      3. Moondoggie, with all due respect, I think you might be jumping the gun a little here. We don’t have any solid evidence yet that Evil Shu is going to be any more competent than before. More driven and determined? Yes. But that doesn’t necessarily make him a better leader. For all we now, he’ll just be going to go around half-blinded by rage all the time and not make sound decisions, though I honestly doubt it’ll be so extreme.

        More likely, I agree that we’re probably going to be seeing an an immediate spike in effectiveness as the new determined Shu takes decisive action and gets some results (e.g. getting those goals done that the students were saying weren’t ready yet, obtaining supplies, etc.)What concerns me more is what the long term effects of his new attitude will bring. Since the void ranking system puts a value on everyone and Shu was talking about “getting rid of the trash” it sounds to me like a lot of students just got “Expendable” written on their foreheads. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot more of them dying in the immediate future only to be written off as acceptable losses. But is that writing off justifiably harsh or simply reckless indifference? I don’t know if Shu’s head is clear enough right now to make that distinction.

        From a realistic standpoint, yeah, you probably have to make some sacrifices to survive a situation like this. But when do losses become unacceptable? When the goal is to save as many as possible, a victory where (worst case scenario) less than 10 students survive feels pretty hollow, even if that really was all you could save. When you take the stance of victory at ANY cost, you have to realize that the cost might be high indeed. And even if you’re willing to pay it, that doesn’t guarantee your victory by any means.

      4. While I agree that we should draw a line to how much we can sacrifice for victory, I cannot see anything wrong if Shu decides to rule with an iron fist. If they disobeyed his rules and they all died, as a voted leader, the failure will reflect on him and he will hold himself responsible. He’s not an idiot anymore but as you saw here he’s still angsty.

        The Moondoggie
      5. If ruling with an iron fist can get some *truly* good results then ultimately it may be for the best, kind of a “tough love” kind of thing.

        My concern remains that this attitude adjustment still hasn’t made him a “proper” leader; it might just make him a dictator. I think it’s quite possible that rather than shouldering any future failures, Shu will just push the blame onto the “trash”. Or rather than taking a pragmatic approach of ‘I know I can’t save everyone and some sacrifices will be necessary, but I’m going to try and save as many of you as I can’ he’s going to jump straight into ‘Some of you have worth and some of you don’t. I will save the worthy people but the unworthy are on borrowed time’. And given his power, it’s not a simple matter to challenge him.

        Obviously, only time will tell whether he’s changed for “better” or for “worse”.

    2. they have stated it , void is the form of the persons heart which also can consider soul. if the soul got destroy or leave , , of the course the body contain the soul dies with it

  9. When Shu was punching Souta, I’m sure what he was ranting was also directed at himself. Hopefully, evil Shu will at least be more productive than pussy Shu. I’m fine with morally ambiguous decisions as long as the results are good (ie. Gai’s methods). Gai also seems to be alive maybe judging from the chess game bet.

    Random thought: Souta’s Void could possibly destroy/unlock the surrounding Red Line wall?

  10. RPG mode: how to leveled up/promote shuu into new class:
    1. Take Hare to dangereous suicide mission with souta, note: inori must not be present at the mission
    2. save hare from explosion and getting hurt(die) instead of her
    3. she will revive you by sacrifice herself (in sad way too) *damm you GHQ i will kill all of you someday
    4. Force void out of inori (in rapist style) and destroy endlave in rage mode without emotion
    5. beat the shit out of shouta even he apolgize
    6. shuu will promote from pawn to tyrant/king depending how you choose at the end
    p.s. Hare word at the end of her life just……. sad ……..*sniff*
    “shuu i will give you my first……” and hare kind oousama is gone
    bye hare your kindness always in my heart…..*sniff*

  11. Well this is the first anime i seen the protagonist changes his personality so often. I cant help myself but to feel that Hares death was kind of forced /of course/ and out of place. I dislike this anime more and more.

  12. It really sucks Hare had to die, but it did one good thing, it finally made Shuu man up. I could never stand his wimpy idealistic personality. Its nice that he’s finally throwing emotions out the window and doing what he SHOULD do for the grand scheme of things, something Gai would have done. You could say he’s one step closer to being like Gai like he always wanted.

    The only thing I didnt really understand is why Inori even tried to resist letting Shuu extract her void. I mean, ok, giant robots roaming about trying to kill you all. Shuu trying to get weapon to pwn them, why are you hesitating when you were always fine with it before? Just because Shuu looked scary? Seems like a dumb reason to hesitate letting your void drawn.

    1. I hope they do, but maybe it’s just inconsistent characterizing, which is equally likely. In any case, while manhandling her isn’t right, not sure why Inori suddenly has a problem with it now when she’s told Shuu she can use him many times before. She’s made herself into an object the entire series that it’s a little jarring to see her protest.

      Well in any case, if the writers get the ‘main girl’ to stop being a goddamn cardboard in exchange for killing off Hare, it won’t be equivalent exchange, but at least it’ll be [i]something[/i]

  13. This is interesting.

    I think Hare envisioned Shu to be a kind “king” (or leader) who cares about others. However, a truly effective leader cannot be utilitarian – some sacrifices have to be made at each step.

    Shu wasn’t such a person before Hare’s death. He held great power, thus great responsibility to bring everyone out of the predicament; on the other hand, he also wanted to be a “good” person (by his standard) and be nice to everyone. This is why he was conflicted over the Void Ranking System as well as Gai’s manipulative ways.

    Now he wants to disregard all of these, I wonder how long he can last before being tour apart emotionally.

    1. Also, Shu’s power stems from others’ Void. For all we know, Shu himself HAS NO VOID. I think in maybe 1-2 episodes the student body will revolt and overthrow Shu. Now that Shu’s strongest ally, Hare, is dead, I think it will probably be up to Inori to save him once he gets into trouble.

  14. This was actually a decent character episode. See, establishing a girl like Hare and maintaining consistency in her interactions and behavior made her death actually feel sad. Especially since we saw how she could see Shuu’s good qualities since before everyone started looking to him for leadership.

    Unfortunately, 1 episode does not make up for the stream of other poor characterizations, forced drama, deus ex style solutions and general inconsistency in the story. But I’ll admit they took a step in the right direction here.


    Hare was my favorite as well, her little scene in the place that where Shu hands out when he’s emo mode… touched my heart, had someone IRL like that… she passed in a car accident a couple years ago. Truly a touching moment for me.

    Though I like the “Power Level: Over 9000” Shu, I think, due to his divinity, he should’ve been able to do more for Hare.
    Conversely, Rank F just bailed on everyone… Capt. Shu should’ve shown them the potential of their Voids since he’s capable of using them to their max potential, I believe he’d be able to teach or “tease” maybe is the better word, the voids of the rest of Class F, so they have something to work up too… Anyways, my 5 cents..

    <3 I'll Never Forget Ya' Hare

  16. Why GC WHY????? Why would you let the most sweet girl of this series die?
    She finally confessed to Shu, and this is what she get’s for it? This was really not diserved… So bad I died a little inside…

  17. So now from this point on we get to see a cold and badass Shu? I guess I can’t say I’ll miss the old him, seeing as I preferred his personality when he kicked ass in ep.3. Although I hated the fact that Hare had to be the sacrifice or the cause of it all, which is really really damn IRONIC! Especially since Hare herself wanted Shu to walk down the path of being a “Kind” King, but her actions only led him to the path of being an evil one. I guess the both the OP and ED songs really are spoilers to what kind of path Shu and Inori might walk down on in the future.

    My guess is that Inori gains emotions and start being kind (remember she is pretty damn cold and ruthless, she did kill those students last episode who tried to take her clothes off to see if she had a tattoo) while Shu who used to be kind and weak now turns to be cold and badass, damn quite an opposite or role reversal for the two. At least that’s what I’m guessing will happen especially since Inori seemed to really resist against Shu from taking her Void and Shu forced it out from her. I guess Shu’s harem will just be a fleeting dream seeing as one of the girls are dead now, and surely I doubt that Ayase would stick around with Shu’s change in personality, perhaps becoming twisted.

  18. I believe we all know Shuu is going down the evil/dark path with the new OP but I didn’t expect them to kill off Hare as a trigger for that. Seriously, there are a lot of better way to do this… :/

  19. I’m mad. Really mad. Killing Hare would have pissed me already because its just an obvious weed out for an Inori END. But the the plot contrivances here were so forced I wanted to punch my computer screen.

    Apparently low score Voids not only make you “useless” they also you give one brain damage. Souta should have been asking Shu about his plan and ask for an escort. Plausible right? He might even be able to prove the worth of his unlocking Void and debunk this stupid Void Ranking system. But nooooo lets give him PLOT INDUCED STUPIDITY and let him lead a party of students armed with kitchen utensils against Attack Choppers and Giant Robots. And the real kicker is that those dumbass students agreed to it.

    No one stopped them!? How far did they even have to be on foot when Shu found out? Why didn’t Shu take someone along who had a weapon!? ARRRGGGHHHH my brain!!!!

    This is really what gets to me about this series. Its like it finds something interesting to do then ruin it with bad writing. Last episode things looked good but then it takes one characters sudden drop in IQ to make the whole episode so dumb I want to slam my head to my desk.

    But you know what? **** it. Maybe know that Shu’s pussiness is stamped out, maybe we might get some actual awesome things happening. I just can’t believe it had to be due to a dumb death of a characterful that doesn’t annoy me.

    1. Shu wouldn’t have let the F ranks go get the vaccines, If he could do it by himself and get more vaccines for the school he would have taken a strong group and tried – but obviously he saw it as a suicide mission and didn’t take that course of action. The F ranks didn’t have that sort of information (meaning – this mission is doomed to fail AKA killer robots and choppers) and they were scared shitless! I don’t know about you, but If I was told that i’m going to be discarded anyway – I’ll make a run for it! Is it better to die slowly from the virus because you weren’t given a vaccine? The poor fellas just wanted a shot at life.

    2. If he could do it by himself and get more vaccines for the school he would have taken a strong group and tried – but obviously he saw it as a suicide mission and didn’t take that course of action
      That’s BS. There was no scene to indicate that, or whether Shu decided that.

      The fact is the whole reason for Hare dying hinges on Souta suddenly forgetting this thing called COMMON SENSE about walking into a war zone with nothing to defend himself or others. If they were any smarter they would have taken their chances on the safer schoolzone. There are only two ways to explain this idiocy, bad writing or that the characters have brain damage. Frankly I’d go with the latter, maybe because I’d like to believe the writers can’t be this consistently lazy.

      Let me fix this entire episode:
      -bla bla retarded ranking system is retarded
      -bla bla Vaccine Crisis
      -Souta complains about the ranking
      -Souta suggest to Shu to look for vaccines outside
      -Shu is happy for a third option and assembles a search team than isn’t made of useless voids
      -bad stuff happens *insert fight scene here*
      -explosions happen vaccines is lost/not found
      -somebody dies (maybe Hare or someone else)
      -Shu realizes his decision to go out was bad, loses idealism

      Basically same result hapens but without the horrible contrivance of plot-induced stupidity.

    3. I do not really find Souta’s actions to be “stupid.” Well, they are irrational in our POV; but if I imagine my high school, teenage self in his shoes, I would do the same thing (or something similar, i.e. try to do something heroic, not thinking about the possibility of Anti-bodies going after me).

      It’s psychological instability (they’re 17-18, think of those hormones!) – or “brain damage.”

  20. So Shu absorbs dead people’s Void. Yahiro saw this, hmmm… It will probably take another’s character’s death to bring Shuu back to the Light side of the Force. I’m betting Souta or Ayase. Most likely Ayase as the writters will be killing any girl that gets in the way of the Shuu and Inori pairing.

    Cold analyzing aside… HAREE!!! Why are ninjas cutting so many onions in my room…?

    1. Don’t know what you meant by him absorbing it but I wouldn’t mind that. As convenient as it would come off I would like to think that we still have a bit of Hare left in Shu, kind of like she’s literally in his heart if her void remains with him. It’s so sad that her body just had to shatter as well. ):

  21. GC Producer: *crying* Of all the things you could kill EP 15 Writer, why would you kill one of my moe? HUH?!
    Get out of here now if you don’t want me to go King’s mode on you!

      1. GC Producer: Dammit…I gotta take all this anger out on something….EP 16 Writer! Your sole job will be to kill off the next character that gains a cult following! Let the fanbase feel the despair I felt from EP 15 Writer!

        EP 16 Writer: But sir! Hare was the most popular character in the show! The fanbase and even the hatebase are in an uproar!

        GC Producer: Then kill off all the nameless extras until I say so! Don’t stop until they’re all dead! Except for Shu and Inori!

  22. After the episode ended, I rethought about the meaning of “Guilty Crown”
    My original thought:
    “Crown”: Shu’s power has been referred as the power of kings
    “Guilty”: Guilt from using people’s hearts as weapons
    “Crown”: Shu changing to become a ruthless king
    “Guilty”: Shu could have been blaming himself the most after Hare died, and feels guilty over her death.

    Anyway, looks like voids are linked to the virus. Now, I’m suspecting that the virus wasn’t a “virus”, I think the crystals appear on them because their void was destroyed somehow.

  23. Uhhmmm by the way… Shuu, if the situation lose control again and ends up that Ayase and Tsugumi got caught in a similar situation like Hare in this episode; Please don’t ever let that happen or else… all hell break loose…

  24. Hare… ;^; Using her last bit of strength to crawl over to him. Sweet girl. You really will be missed. At least you died saving the one you loved. Can’t be many better reasons to go out for (in an emotional sense). I really wish they hadn’t made me like you so much. It even started to look like Shuu would finally reciprocate her feelings. HARE!

    I cry at the Rank Fs’ carelessness. I can understand the fear of being seen as useless and being treated unfairly but if they just thought about the situation a bit. There’s no time to be screwing around. It’s frustrating to think that they, like Souta, might actually have very powerful voids which could have been utilized had they done what they said they were going to do when they lied to Shu. i.e. train. But they go out holding things like *@#ing water bottles, not having any clue on what they were going to do. Why do people have to lose every ounce of logic they have in crisis situations? Maddening.

    I love how Shuu looks as a tyrant but I hope he doesn’t become unlikable. Hare wanted you to be a kind king Shuu. Next episode looks really bleak. lol can’t wait. (:

  25. Oh man… I hope guilty crown won’t get bad ending… even Inori can’t seem to stop Shu now. I’m really sad that Hare died.. she’s a really good girl even though I like Inori better but….! Damn you Souta no vaccine for you from now on!!

      1. Inori doesn’t really have a personality. She only has a role to fulfill and that is to be Shuu’s bitch, to put it very bluntly. I don’t think she’s turning against him anytime soon.

  26. You all might be against it but I myself am digging this new Tsugumi/Daryl ship.
    I can’t articulate why but I think it has the potential to be cute. Tsugumi’s gonna have some role in Daryl’s heel face turn at least even if a romance doesn’t play out.

    Oh Mah Shoe
  27. I’m sad.( ;.;)

    This all reminded me of Code Geass R2 turn 13, it made me sad too.
    While the blow was softened with that Hare’s death actually served a clear purpose unlike that of Shirley’s, I’m still sad. She was even more my waifu than Shirley was.

    Oh well, back to the real world where none of them even exist.

    But I must say, Shu’s last line was deliciously Lelouch-like.

    1. Shirley’s death did serve a purpose actually, in Code Geass she was Lelouch’s last link to humanity, so to speak, his last chance at turning around from everything and having a quiet life. With her death he went over the deep end.

      It’s similar and different from the one here in Guilty Crown. Lelouch was on the path to destruction already and Shirley was his chance to turn back. Here, Hare’s death is the factor sending Shu down his own path to destruction.

      Anyone else notice how Hare turned all Apocalypse Virus before dying? Is it possible that continuous void usage actually hastens the effect of the virus on the person? Thus Shu’s Kingship and his power base, the voids, is actually literally sucking the life out of his subjects.

      Per chance the title might be alluding to that? His own guilt that he “sacrifices the people to gain power to fight”?

  28. Shu played until now the lawfull good approach because he had very good intentions. But by killing the ONLY PERSON that really believed in him was way too much to handle. And Shu is tired of being one of the few good ones in a place that’s full of egotistic idiots who only care for themselves (Souta being the first of them). This is like Nolan’s Batman: the Shu right now is not the leader they need, but the leader they deserve. Keido, Daryl and Segai are now in the most wanted list of the king, and right now, he’s not one to take prisioners.

    A last thought for Souta: he’ll have to live the rest of his life with the thought of being the responsible of Hare’s demise and the fact that his own stupidity may result in the death of many other innocents as Shu is right now. Way to go, Souta!

  29. My tears can’t stop dropping when Hare die… Souta it’s all your fault!!! Apology won’t bring her back!!! Shu beating the crap out of him is the best thing I see Shu did!!! Now I just wish they wont kill off anymore character(Tsugumi*My favorite* seem to be in a danger zone with the Tsugumi x Daryl thing, I got a feeling something bad might happen.)

    I also have to blame half the responsibility on Shu inability to make decision, he choose to run away instead of solving the problem!!! And WTH drawing all the F rank void out for no reason!!!

  30. i knew this will end up with a major character death geez you should’ve at least have tried to make a better replica of code geass
    and woah rape
    ok so we have baddas Shu finally kind of love him better this way

  31. I don’t see any reason to blame Souta.
    He’s not the one who decided to joyride out into the danger zone with just the healer and no offensive power at all.

    Really, in all of this, Shuu is the idiot.
    If he had a quarter of a brain, he’d equip Ayase’s flying boots, Inori’s OP weapon, maybe some kind of shield or defensive Void in his left hand, and just go to town.

  32. Good for you Souta. You have virtually no character development, and I couldn’t see you actually feeling upset. You will forever be known as the guy who killed off a well-admired girl and started the enforcement of the ranking system. Hmm, I wonder why I feel no symphony for you. Another issue I had was the lack of any consistency with Inori’s personality. (−_−#) I don’t dislike this series, but this episode came out nowhere.

  33. Was I the only one who saw a bit of KIRA in Shu’s last shot?

    You have to give it to them – I was flinching and gasping throughout this episode, which didn’t happen at all in previous ones, and the impact was marvelous! Remember hesitant Shu from the first arc? The shy Egoist fanboy who ran from responsibility? Well what do you know! He just Void-Raped Inori and beat the crap out of his closest friend, and is about to establish the Third-Riech! With all this show’s flaws – If that’s not character development, I don’t know what is.

    Really looking forward to the next episodes! 🙂

  34. My reasoning for why the helicopter did not kill Hare

    Show Spoiler ▼

      1. i agree with acolyte since yahiro was holding an MP5 and it’s rounds are pretty small, and the rounds that broke hare’s void was pretty big so i doubt yahiro was the one who shot hare’s void.
        besides i don’t think yahiro is dumb enough to piss shu off, even out of revenge for his brother i doubt he would kill hare just to let the ranking system pass since if shu found out yahiro killed hare he would know that shu would try to kill him.
        just my 2 cents.

      2. We only see two holes in that scene, both of them too large for an mp5. I am no bullet impact expert but would a shot from an mp5 bullet actually cause a very visible mark on the ground from that distance? I mean its velocity decreases as soon as it leaves the barrel to its eventual terminal velocity. He was a quite a distance away. Re-visiting the video I think there probably is not enough evidence to come down either way.

  35. it disappoint me, that hare who is one of the main character die in after 3 ep of new 2nd op. then what is the point putting her in the new op/ ed , when she going to put out of commission. her death kind of remind me of shirley from code geass where is the starting point where the main hero start to be yandere and become more resolve, and sudden change of character ; e.g lelouch (code geass)

  36. Oh my freakin’ god!

    When it was starting to get good, this death happens. Now we all know: more 3 or 4 episodes with Shu being a drepressed idiot. Then something will happen, like Inori crying because she has stomachache or Shu talking to the ghost of Gai, and he will be like: “oh, I was wrong, I’m leader, I should act like one, I have to be a good person, for the sake or everyone! Uuuuh!”


    1. It seems he’s going to be some sort of psycho with his people or going on a rampage and fuck all who gets in his way, I don’t see him whinning shinji style. And I’m gonna love it.

  37. I don’t even know what to think anymore. This is one of those car wrecks that no matter how hard to try, you can’t help but look. It’s like 5 anime in one already and it’s only 2/3 of the way over.

    I guess he got over his thing about not wanting people to hate him. After he ranks people, uses their voids with indiscretion (perhaps forcefully like Inori), treats everyone like trash, kills and destroys everyone and everything – how do you reconcile that later on. I mean, when this is all over I see him having a hard time getting someone to run and buy him some bread for lunch.

  38. Who is it that the former Funeral Parlor chief advisor / tactician or whatever (w/e his name is, the one found playing chess with Segai) is referring to in this episode when he says “Can I assume you’re telling the truth when you say that when I win this game, you’ll let me see him?”

    Perhaps Gai isn’t dead?

    Btw, I’m glad “dark Shuu” is back (well, a different form of “dark” this time around). Things should be more interesting now.

    1. Oops, I didnt mean to reply here.
      Anyways, Gai will stay dead. The only wil he’ll appear again is if that other void user pretends to be him.
      Btw. I wonder if he also has to draw that particular void power from someone and if yes, from whom.

  39. I find it pretty comical a bunch of people are accusing Shuu of “rape” when all he did was take voids against peoples wills for the first 10 episodes.

    Geez, he needed the strongest void and wasn’t in the mood to ask. Inori won’t even remember it when she wakes up. What I have a beef with is why Inori would try to resist him in the first place.

  40. So it took Shu 15 episodes just to man up, and to make this series much more interesting. Even though some of the scenes are a lil too dumb and absurd, I’m actually enjoying this past few episode of CG, too bad they killed the only character that exhibit some kind of emotion in this series. Anyway, I still think that Gai is still alive and he will be the one who will beat that crap out of Shu and to make him come to his senses and make this into a happily ever after story!

  41. The way I see it, GC is going in the right direction with Shuu going from Neutral Pussy to Lawful Good to Chaotic Good.

    But damn it costs 10+ episodes and 2 of the best characters. Too high of a cost if you ask me.

  42. GAH. WHY HARE.

    In that aspect of watching Guilty Crown I’m a little similar. Hare was one of the things that drew me back to GC. But now it looks like I would have to settle for seeing more shocks, it seems.

    The value for shock was decent and Shuu’s transformation was half expected. However, what I’m more interested in now is how Inori herself changes or handles this situation. The rough manhandling on Shuu’s part bodes ill, but eventually he might wake up from this emo-ing and get his act together.

    And all the while his friends start disappearing one by one, if the ending is any indication.

    1. Let’s see… the order of death would be… Hare, Souta, Yahiro, Kanon, then Arisa. If the ED is correct. It doesn’t raise any death flags for Tsugumi and Ayase… So Yay!

      Jared Drake
    1. Let me point out to you that stuffing a person’s girl into a fridge isn’t ripping Code Geass off. Shirley doesn’t mean anything to the glory of Lelouch-sama. Hare’s death, however, is proven instrumental to bring out the Fuhrer’s full potential…

      The Moondoggie
  43. Why? Why? Hare ;____;. Inori has to be Shoe’s pair FTW + Shu (stupid) “development” = Hare’s death. Fuck you, Guilty Crown writers D: D:. Now the fucking doll has the way more free…

    “Hare believed in me…
    She said I had a lot of good points.”

    Too deep, Shoe…

    Hare ;____________;

    1. Correction: the CLONE doll of his psycho sister who he had no basis hooking up with.

      I dunno about anybody else here, but I am still gonna throw a fit if ShuXInori actually happens. There really wouldn’t be any point.

  44. i dropped this show at episode 3 because the main character was so pussy. But then i saw the screenshot of shu watching his friend die right before his eyes and now am looking forward to shu going on a killing spree.

  45. with the order of death from the ED reversed…I’ll place my bets for the next character to die: Souta, as he has the void that is the most useful to Shu (if they decide to break out of the wall-in), with Yachiro as the killer, before Shu kills Yachiro in return afterwards


    and that resonance gauge, maybe it wasn’t supposed to detect how good of a void a person has, maybe it was to measure how far the virus has gone within the person


    …and you have to wonder, how many more deaths does Shu have to witness for him to act like how Gai was…(note: I’m not counting the Shu shown for next week’s episode)

  46. If you really look at the overall picture up till now Inori was more a a crush turning into romance but when Shu is down Inori is unable to connect with him. Hare and Shu known each other for quite a while and she loved him even during the time he was socially akward and when he was down Hare was able to connect with him and bring him back out of his depression. Now I wonder who will be able to fill that gap in Shu’s heart.

  47. And with Hare death the Kind King is no more.

    Now it’s just evil Shu, God I’m just glad that she at least some what manage to confess her feelings. I would have been torn asunder if she didn’t or couldn’t. MY GOD… WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE HARE?!?!?!!!! I don’t know if anyone else was like me, but every moment, I was like, someones going to come and save her… Shu going to wake up and save her… to no avail, despite my hopes… I knew the outcome was going to be a terrible one which sadden me even more (ESPECIALLY considering the fact that at least one character in a lot of shows that I’ve been watching have been killed off already near the beginning of this winter season til now).

    I can’t really blame Souta, cause he was honestly trying to help out by getting out of there with everyone, so Shu wasn’t cornered, other then failing to see Daryl on the side ready to blast that car away. Now if only they decided to just hide instead. What’s worse is, I think is that out of those that did agree in the Void Rank System, are now worried about what Shu going to do with it in his new state of mind. If anything, now comes the reign of the Black Knight, and boy is Shu in that mindset right now after losing his Queen. No mercy, no glory without sacrifice, and only the successful will be beside him. I really hope that Inori… or even Hare spirit (like in Gundam) will manage to change his ways.

    Also… seeing the Funeral Parlor Vice Commander play chess with our other antagonist… I really want to know who “him” is…, so either way, the next things we need to see is, who “him” is, what Shu is going to do now, and the main goal of everyone else… cause it can only get worse (in terms of the situation everyone is facing) from here until we see the silver lining that will bring this show back to it’s happy ending.

    Sora no Kaze
  48. Hare confesses to Shu this episode without Shu really rejecting her, but it was clear from the beginning that Shu is paired with Inori, so poor Hare was pretty doomed after that confession. I think she triggered quite a few deathflags before the end of this episode (and the title “Confession:SACRIFICE” gave it away anyway last week). Too bad as she was one of the more likable characters.

    Also, Daryl/Tsugumi is the worst pairing I can remember in years of watching anime. I mean, just who came up with it? Ugh. The guy who was enjoying brutally killing innocent people and even killed his own dad for silly reasons, gets handed a candy and now can’t stop thinking about “that runt”. I don’t mind the writers trying to show some kind of “bad guy -> good guy” transition, but they’re just doing an awful job at it.

    1. Actually from Shu reaction to Hare’s death it seems pretty clear he will not reject her. Chances are Inori’s relationship with Shu is in trouble if Hare still lived because Shu will be faced with more difficult situations as the school president and Hare will be the one helping him through each one.

  49. Alas, poor Hare. You were an interesting, fun and likeable character and as those have no plce in Guilty Crown you had to go. I guess this way it’s easier for the writers to justify Shuu x Inori now that the more sensible choice is out of the question.

    Souta is definitely a moron, but I’m unwilling to completely absolve Shuu of blame here. Maybe if he’d responded to the F rank group’s questions with a confident “We are not ranking people by strength, that was Yahiro’s dumb idea which I have rejected and will continue to reject” instead of a half-hearted denial accompanied by shifty eyes then they wouldn’t have stupidly felt the need to go off and prove themselves. Or if, when they asked for their Voids for training, instead of just going “Here’re your useless Voids, go to town,” he’d grabbed Ayase or someone to help train them and actually show that he has confidence they can improve. (Heck, for that matter, since there’s apparently a hospital or whatever with more vaccine that the F rankers were headed to, why not send out a mission to go get the extra vaccine himself? I mean you’ve got, among others, a ton of neato weaponry, a camera that unlocks all doors, a giant defense shield and a wand that makes copies of people. Why are you even hanging around waiting for the government to play nice when you’re sitting on that kind of arsenal?)

    Also, I really hope the “him” Shibungi wants to see is still-alive!Gai, just because I spent the entire first half of the series shipping them for my own amusement and I will laugh and laugh if the show continues to support my imaginary ship. (Shibungi x Gai: utterly imaginary, and yet still makes more sense than Shuu x Inori.)

  50. I’d like to point out, as much as I dislike killing of Hare, that it was necessary for her to go if we have to see any other deaths (otherwise she would just keep patching up everybody…)
    Therefore I expect more people to follow her and Shu possibly becoming king without subjects…

  51. Also, where was this sort of reaction when Gai got killed?! Lol, who cares if my childhood friend/adopted brother was killed by my sister?


    1. I think that it’s because she was closer to him than Gai was. Sure, they were childhood friends. But it was so long ago that the reaction to his death is deadened. Hare, on the other hand, just had an emotional moment with him. Where she praised his virtues and gave him the only piece of encouragement that he wanted. Everyone else wants and pressures him to change. Hare was the only one who liked the old Shu with pure intentions. (Unlike Souta)

      I’d go on a rampage too if the only person who loves me for me and doesn’t want me to change dies.

      Jared Drake
      1. But then why, the instant the body goes cold (or in this case, shatters) is Shu’s instinctive choice to do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Hare had been telling him all along, and start adopting a “fuck all, you’re all trash, kindness is dumb” mentality?

  52. Okay. Time to delay watching. Other than the death flag, I also saw the rage flag with the annoying guys coming at the top of power. After all, that’s closer to reality right?
    To save myself from raging the next 2-3 episodes (I assume that’s how long those annoying guys who tried to turn funeral parlor in will exercise their power) I’ll be reading summaries from randomc +_+

    So… do we prefer the spineless Shuu or the ruthless Shuu?
    I assume the series will be closer to the end when Shuu finds confidence in himself and be able to make the decisions he himself trust in, and Inori will be involved in healing him back while she find her ‘self’..


    And what Rakkyo said above.

    The way I see it, GC is going in the right direction with Shuu going from Neutral Pussy to Lawful Good to Chaotic Good.

    But damn it costs 10+ episodes and 2 of the best characters. Too high of a cost if you ask me.

  53. Gotta admit, when Shuu said, “You’re right. It is your fault.” I felt like cheering. Then he started punching Souta and it wasn’t until he shielded his face that I felt Shuu should stop. And he did. Then he pushed away Yashiro. Another win in my book. Even though watching him manhandle Inori was harsh, I’m still glad he finally stopped being so nice

    1. That thought crossed my mind too, and here’s what I came up with:

      If Inori had died instead of Hare, Shu probably would have given up. Sure he ‘likes’ her for all we know, but does he truly know her enough to go on a rampage? Losing Inori is like losing (and I hate to say it because I really, really want to see her grow) a favorite toy. Without that toy Shu is helpless and therefore he’d probably give up (If it did go that way, that’s when Hare would step in to save Shu from his self loathing). Losing Hare is more like losing heart. Without it what else is there to do but to kill stuff?

      1. So if I’m understanding this correctly:

        Shu Plus Hare Minus Inori: Shu is without a major strength to his fighting force. Sure he still has Yahiro’s sheers (which has been used as a valid substitute in the past), Ayase’s jetboots, Tsugumi’s cloner, Arisa’s shield, and Hare’s healing ability, and they may still have been able to make it out of the wall and fight off about half as much of the GHQ, but it wouldn’t be as fact or effective. They’d probably have more casualties too. However, even at Shu’s worst blunders, Hare would be there for him to keep him at least emotionally stable.

        Shu Plus Inori Minus Hare: Still has all the fighting power without AS MUCH the emotional support. No kind voice supporting him means he starts screwing with everyone and using more forceful tactics to get out of the wall (assuming his objectives haven’t changed).

        Well, I guess even though the first option would be more ideal and better for the characters wellbeing…it wouldn’t be as interesting as the second.

      2. Exactly. Without Hare’s death there wouldn’t have been nearly as much potential development Shu could go through. Inori’s death would have just been blah considering many of the viewers don’t really like her all that much to begin with (that mostly has to do with the fact that she is seriously underdeveloped. So much lost potential!) followed by Shu raising up the the next hypothetical level. Hare’s death allows for Shu to not only raise to exponential levels, but also allows for – hopefully – more development for Inori. At least that’s what I tell myself. Plus, the more trouble the characters have, the more entertainment for the viewer.

      3. Aaaaah, okay. That’s a good point. I just hope it can overcome all of these doubts I have about pretty much all of them neglecting their logical paths of development.

        C’mon GC. You’ve got the right path. Just keep it up…

  54. You know, for all this talk of him going on a bloody rampage, he basically just destroyed a few unmanned mecha. So… Yeah.

    Can’t say I’m a fan of that. It’s much more dramatic when mecha are piloted directly. And much more satisfying when they are destroyed.

  55. Is this the second time Inori was treated badly by Shu? @_@
    I find it hard to believe that Inori was so easily pinned down by Shu, when a group of guys were trying to check for a tattoo on her from the last episode. And she killed them!
    Yes it is tragic that Hare died; she was a good girl. Now no one will treat Shu that nicely anymore. I’ll miss her character in the story. T_T

    random viewer
    1. u got point there , she able to take up 3 person at one time in previous episode but got pin down easy by pussy shu. i guess she the only person who true ‘love’ shu and will follow him Show Spoiler ▼

      . inori somehow remind me of yuno gasai.

  56. Emperor Yahiro: Shu, You want this, don’t you? The hate is swelling in you now. Take your Void weapon. Use it. (gestures to Souta on the ground) he is unarmed. Strike him down with it. Give in to your anger. With each passing moment you make yourself more my servant.
    Shu: (trembling in shock glaring at Souta’s fallen form) No.
    Emperor Yahiro: It is unavoidable. It is your destiny. You, like my brother before his death, are now mine.
    Shu: They killed her… they are all trash to me now, kindness is weakness and i shall rule over them with an iron FIST
    Emperor Yahiro: (rubbing his hands under his hood) Good. Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you.
    Me: this wont end well…

    1. Yahiro: Give yourself to the Void Side. It is the only way you can save your friends. Yes, your thoughts betray you. Your feelings for them are strong. Especially for… sister. So, you have a incest obsessed sister! Your feelings have now betrayed her, too. Gai was wise to hide her from me. Now his failure is complete. If you will not turn to the Void Side… then perhaps she will…

  57. Looks like he changes the way he fights at the end.

    Nice Shu: Usually runs at Endlaves recklessly.

    Evil Shu: Just cuts the entire area recklessly.

    Also, more ad-hoc writing with more CG than GC.

  58. So this episode turn out to be interesting, at the expense of one of the most interesting character the show has to offer…

    And Shuu kind of turn into next lelouch…?

    Well, guess i’m more prefer tyrant Shuu than hypocrite Shuu.

    1. I think i would lose a little faith in humanity if they showed me Hare getting gunned down in addition to her lying her own pool of blood. Thank god they didn’t put her through that (extra) pain.

  59. I have to say, I was sorta sad that she died and all ( I mean, a healing void? It’s sorta the most important right now when they are all cut off from the rest of the world ) but other than that, her only prominent role is to cheer Shu up and give fanservice to the fanboys. No offense to everybody here, lol. It’s true that Shu/Inori is the OTP, so they had to get rid of the clingy childhood friend first. I’m insensitive right now, yes, but it’s the truth. Besides, she reminds me too much of Orihime from Bleach (Healing and -ehhem-) and I don’t like either person.
    Great episode though, I really do agree with you about the ‘who’s going to be the new protagonist now that the main guy has turned evil’. I’m going to guess it’s going to be Inori, or by a LONG LONG shot, Daryl (I see redeeming features in him).
    Besides, I actually like Daryl and Tsugumi.

  60. Stupid question: Where are all the other civilians (that aren’t students) that are trapped in the quarantine zone? I remember a scene showing some civilians being shot when they first showed us the wall but after that, nothing.

    Out of it
    1. Some dead, some in hiding? Hopefully they were smarter than Souta and friends in not exposing themselves to endlaves and shooting helicopters. Even more could have been killed by the virus already if they didn’t get any vaccination medicine.

      1. So there *are* other civilians in there?

        I’m somewhat surprised that the students have been keeping to themselves, staying in the school the whole time. Same thing with the civilians. Or at least, that’s how the show seems to be portraying it.

        Also seems kinda weird how the students seem to be the most organized group in there.

        In fact, this all feels so wrong that I’m sure I missed a scene that explained this. After all, I’m usually half distracted while I’m watching this show.

        Out of it
      2. Can’t say for sure, but just because they haven’t shown any yet doesn’t mean none exist. They’re just simply not the focal point of the story. But like I said before I think most of them have already been taken by the virus or killed which is why the area looks so dead as it is. I don’t expect them to show me random shots of a starving family or whatnot.

        The students have been keeping to themselves because it safer to do that than splitting up. The school acts as a good base seeing as it has all the school supplies, space and facilities to house them. I guess its also a good spot to contact outside people such as Arisa’s grandfather.

        I didn’t think they were so well organized last week lol. But who are you comparing hem to? School is generally meant to be an organized place so I don’t think its impossible for them to be so. They have announcement systems and already designated leaders to lead them in the mess so as long as everyone calms the fuck down. It should be fine.

        What kind of scene were you expecting? Honestly asking. I personally didn’t think they needed to explain it seeing as a lot of it could be inferred.

      3. I also inferred that a majority have been killed by the virus.

        “The school acts as a safe base”.

        Considering how all the skyscrapers became dilapidated, I do agree. But if the school really is in much better condition than all the other buildings around, it would be likely to draw outsiders in. It happened in Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 – schools were used as a base for handing out rations and providing shelter for the injured.

        “…it has all the school supplies, space and facilities to house them.”
        “good spot to contact outside people”

        All the more reason outsiders would want to come in.

        But who are you comparing them to?

        The fact that there is no other group to compare them to kind of gives us the impression that the school kids were the only ones that have formed any sort of coherent group. If there was a more organized group, the school kids (or at least some of them) would probably opt for that one. So this all requires a suspension of belief on my part. I mean to believe that adults that have grown up in Japan’s rigid, hierarchical society with a communal mindset would just dissolve into complete disorder while in comparison, a bunch of school kids manage to designate a leader, handle food rations, vaccine rations, etc.

        Now, I’m not too surprised that they never addressed this stuff. After all, this *is* a show about and targeting adolescents (only people under 18 have voids right?) but the way the story set itself up just made this particular aspect of the situation feel unnatural.

        Out of it
      4. I guess it did technically draw outsiders in Ayase’s episode. But aren’t we assuming that most people in the area are dead and also moving from one place to another is dangerous seeing as there are scouting shooting helicopters? I don’t expect rioters to come into a random school. The students are only there now because that’s where they were when shit went down. I highly doubt that the school is the only building in good condition either. Rather than comparing it to Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, I think of it more like your average zombie flick. People could also be drawn to shopping malls, hospitals, town halls too but your movement is limited if you want to prevent yourself from getting eaten…or in this case shot.

        Unless the students go out to explore, which can be pretty dangerous judging from the events this episode, they’re not going to be joining any other groups. But like you said yourself shows like this just require a little bit of suspension of belief. In real life the students would probably be in more disarray, but who is to say that its impossible for them to know how to organize amongst themselves? Also remember they’ve been stuck in the school for a few weeks now and its not like the show hasn’t already addressed the part where the students were confused and reckless.

      5. “I guess it did technically draw outsiders in Ayase’s episode”

        Yeah, I was trying to avoid that. It’s rather sad how the main outsiders seen thus far have a mentality lower than school kids wouldn’t you say? (“We’re gonna teach those happy school kids what a harsh world this is” *rolleyes*). But hey, I know that was just a (crappy) plot device to help develop Ayase.

        But aren’t we assuming that most people in the area are dead

        Hmm, somewhat hard to believe that *everyone* save students in the vicinity is dead but sure, I’ll take that. People under 18 were more resistant to the intial outbreak?

        I don’t expect rioters to come into a random school.

        Neither do I. Which was why those during Ayase’s epiosde were face-palm inducing. I had expected on some sort of contact with more civilised outsiders though.

        moving from one place to another is dangerous seeing as there are scouting shooting helicopters

        It certainly is after they announced that wall plan but prior to that there was no obvious immediate threat. Hell, the students were holding a school festival out in the open.

        But you make a valid point on the restricted movement after the shoot on sight order was implemented. This still leaves me questioning the behaviour before it though.

        [Sidetrack] And heck, it makes me question why the antagonists don’t just raid the school since they know voids are their greatest threat. Do an air strike. Snipe out Shu. Sure Inori’s void is something to behold, but it’s not exactly hard to assassinate one person who isn’t empowered by voids 24/7. I’ll just guess that the clown of an antagonist is just playing around, trying to give off the impression that he is well versed with ancient tactics. Or maybe he wants to distill Shu’s power out of him and is keeping him safe. But then you would just organise a kidnap party. Or maybe he just wants to observe Shu’s power. Or maybe I’ll just accept that creating character motivations is not this series’ strong point.

        who is to say that its impossible for them to know how to organize amongst themselves

        I wasn’t denying that. Just the inference that adults can’t create an organised group in times of chaos. But I’ll go with your reasoning. They made their own group and never interacted with the school in the time of confusion. Then their access to anywhere away from their immediate vicinity was completely barred off after the order for a purge. Antagonists also never mention groups other than the students since lol, what can they do against military equipment and a wall of destruction.

        Out of it
  61. This episode was good drama wise, but looking at it objectively, we knew it was coming since the new opening, so I still can’t call this a great series, considering how predictable it continues to be.

    1. wait. So you’re calling this show predictable based on the fact that they PURPOSELY gave you the clues in the opening? Sure this show is predictable at points but most of the time its done through foreshadowing, as badly written in as it may be. Even with Hare’s death this episode, people are calling it predictable!as if they didn’t force feed you the death flags…

      If anything there’s too much hand holding in this series.

  62. while i’m a little disappointed that shuu ouma has been made into an antihero, i think it’ll make the series much more interesting. At this point, I can’t even guess what will happen next. i mean, just before this episode he was the obvious “good guy” in the anime. but now that he’s turned all heartless, there no telling where the story will go. Right now I cant really picture him being persuaded by his friends and going “oh lol nvm i’m good again, let’s be nice. derp.” But at the same time, i cant really picture him being a cruel king.
    also, i loved hare. im really sad she had to go. at least she had a little time to shine before she died…

  63. Why could’nt Hare just heal herself first and then heal Shu, hell her bandage whip thingy could extend and wrap around objects as big as a bridge, why can she just wrap both of them? pff plot >.>

    1. You just don’t understand, only Shu can use the full power of the void. Hare can only use it in small area or 1 person at the time, and you can see that Souta can only open canned goods. pff <.<

      pekpek ng shota ko
      1. Oh, I’ve never thought that some frequents here are fellow countrymen. Anyway, I can only think that he’s using that [username] on purpose, since I still believe RC is still one of the good places for intellectual anime-related discussions.

  64. Based on all the comments, I concluded that a lot of you guys do not like tragedy. (I am not sure if its half ass tragedy with happy ending or a real tragedy where everything is lost.)What motivates one more than hatred? Hare’s death was kind of down going however she was the only one that can give Shuu a very heavy impact when she dies. The other characters’ death may cause hatred or sadness for Shuu but will never make him abandon kindness and bring him to such of hatred.Since the death of other characters would not possibly be like Hare’s ( where its because of her kindness and other one’s stupidity) hence he did say kindness is useless. I don’t think Inori’s death will ever be caused by her kindness as well as other’s ignorance. Same goes with all other characters.

  65. Huh, given how Hare kinda reminds me of Shirley from Code Geass ( the type who secretly but obviously has a crush on the main character) I guess I should have seen this coming. As for Shu, man his guy can’t catch a break. After finally shaking off his wimpy personality now he is in danger of falling into the exact opposite end of the spectrum.

  66. Saw it coming the more the episode went on, but I was sad to see her die all the same.

    Shu’s freak-out and misdirecting his angst/anger towards Souta, treating Inori like an object (the sexual abuse undertone was anything but subtle), and implementing the ranking system next time are all things that disappointed me regarding him, but then I’ve become hard to please since GC killed off Gai, so who know – maybe this’ll be as you speculated and Shu will gain some interesting points in the future.

    As for the foreshadowing of Daryl x Tsugumi, I personally couldn’t be happier. I think a psychotic-yet-somehow-human tsundere clashing/hooking up with a realist tsundere will give both of them something they need – a genuine, close bond which they seemed to lack growing up.

    Wondering if the “he” Shibungi referred to will turn out to be Shu, Kenji (just where are you hiding, you lovable SOB?), or Shoichiro.

  67. Sorry, I still can’t being myself to like this show at all. Shuu’s “resolution” (if you will) felt unbelievably forced, as did many other things in the episode. The pacing has been so terribad so far it almost hurts, and it’s astounding how Shuu has STILL has no substance what-so-ever. They’re just going to pill all of the dead guy’s traits onto Shuu, instead of developing him into his own individualistic character.


  68. Now the big question who will be person Shu can confide with now since Hare is gone??? I highly doubt Inori and Yahiro doesn’t seem like a person he can confide with and on top of that it seems Shu also lost it.

  69. Oooohhhh, I’d love to see this show turn into a chronicle of Shuu’s slow descent into madness, a la Citizen Kane. I only really “felt” Hare as a character during this episode, and I think she’s done her job well, barring the dying bit. I really really wanted to tear up at the end, but I was watching in public, so no dice.

    That said, I was thinking that this show was a bit immature, but now it’s crossed that line. We’re not quite in Death Note country yet, but the morbidity/seriousness level is at around Code Geass level now.

  70. Next episode.
    Shu will overuse P.O.W Daryl’s void next episode.
    Yahiro is still working with Segai.

    Next two episodes.
    Shu will eradicate the enemies at the expense of some Rank A students and finally wins the battle. The other King is smiling while he saw what Shu is capable of.

    Next three episodes.
    Shu will enforce some laws for Japan.

    Next four episodes.
    Souta and a lot of them will start a rebellion against Shu’s Void Kingdom.

    In the final episode.
    Shu and Inori will both disappear in the end.

  71. lol fail :p come on guys lets try to transform Shuu in Lelouche xD give him the same eyes and make him angry at evrything :p if only he was like that from birth like Lelouche now its just pathetic

  72. Goddammit why did they have to turn Hare into a Girlfriend in the Refrigerator. There are other ways to accomplish this sort of thing you know. You don’t always have to kill off the best character.

  73. imo Hare’s death is like Shirley’s death in CG. Both were nice girls who had a love interest for the protagonist; and their death were stepping stones for the protagonist’s character as well.

    1. One thing I don’t really get is why Hare crystallized instead of just bleeding to death. I’m really in love with this Shu but atm it’s hard to get over Hare’s death because she was definitely by far my favorite female character. Kind of sad that most kind thirdwheel girls are always dead or left out from the action…


    Looks we skipped all the way from R2 Ep 13 to R2 Ep 22!

    So basically, they substituted one dictatorship with secret police that have mechs, with one that’s only made up of one high school and the secret police have super weapons. And some how it got this bad in “JUST A FEW DAYS”?! Goebbels Yahiro is clearly the one pulling the strings and Adolf’s Shu’s just a manic mental case at this point! Meanwhile It’s the end of WW2 all over again!

    And Eva Braun is just…lost it along with the rest of them. You know why I’m not gonna strike that one? BECAUSE HER NAME IS EVA.

  75. Ok so now:

    Shu = Lelouch + Gai + The Fuhrer
    Inori = Mana (Total Yandere) + Eva Braun
    Yahiro = Martin Bormann + Marcus Junius Brutus the Younger(coming soon)
    Gai = Jesus(preview! look at the preview!)

    Shit! This is getting more awesome!

    The Moondoggie
      1. Yeah, but Goebbels was head of propaganda, and organized all the discrimination and pogroms against German Jews, much like Yahiro has been pushing the abuse and discrimination against (Anne) F-ranks.

  76. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for ruining the episode for me. Oh boy lets post a really revealing screen shot as one of the main pictures that shows up. Oh I wonder if she dies. She looks like she is going to, and Oma looks like she just died. Ok that’s real great. Not to mention Another which was also ruined for me 2 weeks ago. Seriously. Not following this blog anymore, Done with my TV shows getting ruined.

      1. Sorry I wasn’t clear. The 6 episode pictures posted were revealing. Sorry if I can’t help seeing them. I was looking for post on a certain anime, as I do like to read the blog, but skimming over the main page should absolutely not give me spoilers. In no way is that fair. Please don’t take shots at my intelligence.

      2. I understand how you feel, but I take precautions against accidental spoilers because they have ruined series for me too.

        My concern was that you were basically insulting the blog authors instead of asking for something to be done about the problem, or doing something about it on your end such as blocking images temporarily or whatever.

      3. Sounds like you deserve those shots to your intelligence. I’ve never had a problem avoiding spoilers here because I know ahead of time that they’re gonna have revealing screenshots.

        You know how I avoid that if I really don’t want the story ruined? I DON’T COME HERE UNTIL I’VE WATCHED THE DAMN EPISODE.

        You’re the one making this a huge problem if it’s taken you this long to realize this trend.


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