「贖罪 rebirth」 (Shokuzai)

In many ways, this latest episode of Guilty Crown was a step in the right direction. However, there were still moments that I found rather irksome, which prevented it from being a complete step in the right direction. First off, let’s start with the good points. I like how Segai continued to show that he has his own twisted agenda by showing that he was “unsatisfied” with Gai’s no-nonsense use of a Void Genome and was willing to stake his life to see more of Shuu’s “light”. I also like how Haruka finally stood up against Shuuichirou, since it was more consistent with how she tried to run away from him in episode eleven, and her surprise revelation that Shuu is adopted since it explained why he never called her “mother” until this episode. Then there was Oogumo, who died valiantly and brought a tear to even Argo’s eyes. Last but not least was Shuu’s newfound resolve after Inori disappeared, which led to him using the third and final Void Genome.

In the first three cases, we got a lot better characterization of the support cast on both sides, while in the last one we got to see exactly what the writers had foreshadowed in the second opening sequence with his new Void arm. In a series that’s severely lacking in the foreshadowing department — in regards to even hinting at where things might be headed — the sight of Shuu obtaining a new arm and going back to his apologetic yet determined ways was a very welcomed development. It brought him closer to a protagonist whom I can feel somewhat sympathetic towards and get behind what he’s trying to accomplish now. The word “respectable” comes to mind, which I honestly couldn’t use to describe Shuu’s character in recent episodes.

Now as for what I didn’t like, the writers continue to leave a lot up to interpretation to explain how various subdevelopments got to this point. It’s almost like we’re expected to fill in the gaps that they’ve carelessly left behind in order to “construct” a consistent storyline. The first instance of this is the sudden revelation that Shuuichirou is Haruka’s older brother. With the way that revelation was just thrown out at the beginning of this episode and not brought up again, it felt like the series’ way of telling us to not think about all the implications of their sibling relationship in the eighteen episodes prior and wait for it rewrite our understanding of the entire story with the flashback next time. I can’t say I like the way that comes off, because even if this is the intended way of showing how Shuuichirou, Kurosu, and Haruka’s genome research went wrong and led to everything that’s happened up until this point, it comes off as a blatant attempt to correct all the problems with a poorly told story. I’ll reserve judgement until I see if the flashback fills in all the loose ends, but I can’t shake the feeling that it’s “clean up” for all the inconsistencies we’ve seen thus far.

I also have some gripes with how Kurachi was only recently introduced by “conveniently” a longtime friend of Haruka’s, how Oogumo stupidly opened the door to some stragglers just to prove that they have no vaccines (which took away from his death to a certain degree), how Yahiro flipped back to his considerate side by showing concern for Souta (be good or bad, pick one!), and how Segai’s ulterior motive ended up being nothing more than sheer bliss from Shuu sticking another guy’s “soul” into him. (Yes, I intentionally made it sound as bad as it was.) Most of all, my biggest gripe is how Shibungi’s importance to the story just skyrocketed out of nowhere, given that he has an ulterior motive bigger than Segai. There was absolutely no precedence for him wanting to make Gai a king with Funeral Parlor, but we’re expected to accept that this was the case all along and how Shibungi now feels the need to kill Gai. At some point, it wouldn’t hurt to explain how Gai was even resurrected, before the writers once again warp my understanding of everything that’s happened.

Actually, now that I think about it, my biggest disappointment is the fact that Ayase didn’t get to use the third and final Void Genome instead of Shuu. She would’ve made a great heroine to salvage this series in the final three episodes. I’m joking of course — at least partially anyway. That end card does make me wonder though…

* If there’s one area that Guilty Crown doesn’t ever seem to disappoint, it would be its soundtrack.



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End Card


  1. You know he does have a LEFT hand.. couldn’t he .. like just use that?

    Its like a pirate that lose an eye, gets an eyepatch and next day, he goes.. you know what I need that eye back~ Groooowwwww BACK!!! Tururuuu

    1. The case is actually different o.o

      That’s not Shu’s real arm; it’s his void. Think of it like a prosthetic limb. It functions like his missing limb but isn’t.

      Regardless, I still wonder how he’ll stand up to Gai. In the past, Shu needed to draw out voids to go Super Saiyan and trash Endlaves while Gai took out an Endlave all by himself while protecting Shu. And now Gai has Void Hacks.

    1. Does it even matter if they’re blood related or not at this point? Somehow it doesn’t feel important to the overall… plot.

      Another way to look at it is, Shuuichiro turned out to be Haruka’s brother, and Shuuichiro tried (and is still trying to?) marry Inori, the clone of Haruka’s daughter…

      1. /facedesk
        how does sarcasm over internet.
        I know there’s a plot, but I’m saying it’s so bad it might as well not be there.
        It’s sad that such a blatant comment needed to be explained to two people

  2. Shu’s void is pretty handy.
    /lame joke

    But that aside, it looks like Shu’s void is able to replicate voids instead of use them. I’m guessing due to him not wanting to put the void owner’s life in danger if it were to be destroyed in battle.

    1. I think it’s more like his void take the other person’s void and all their ‘weights’ as his. And other Void Genome, like Gai, won’t be able to draw out their void ever again since it’s already taken. Maybe that’s why Shu said sorry to Ayase before taking out her void.

      1. If you look carefully at the voids he draws out, they look like outlines of the real thing though. Could either mean they’re just “copies” so that the real person isn’t at risk, or you might be right and he’s drawn them out permanently so they can’t be abused by Gai.

      2. How about a combination of the two?

        As long as Shu has his Void out, it copies whatever Voids Shu extracts and, since Shu ‘bears all their weight’, their Voids can’t be drawn by other Void Genome bearers (again, so long as Shu’s Void is out). This way, nobody dies when Shu’s copies get destroyed, but at the same time Shu gets burned by, say, Souta’s stage 3 virus.

      3. Interesting. Probably this is just rewording..

        Shuu’s void draws other’s hearts (their hope, despair, power, everything) into himself.
        So he’ll know ALL about them = hence he said sorry to Ayase. For many reasons.
        Cancer is corruption of the heart/mind so he absorbs that too.

        Replica or whatever, he uses their voids through his void.
        So, he’s carrying all the weight on himself, if it gets damaged it’s his void = he dies.
        It’s much fairer than simply pulling out people’s hearts turning them into weapons.

        What is unsure is what happens if Shuu dies. Will all the voids that he’s holding die with him?
        If so, that just makes him more powerful because he knows he can’t die.

        He can also probably combine voids together at will.. things will get even more interesting from now 8D

  3. Crap! I had a whole couple pages analysis on why this episode sucked, and I’m away from my laptop when the review goes up!

    I mean, I’ve needed a kick in the pants to start writing again some time now, and complaining about this show has really been a great help. Maybe after it’s over, I can write something productive.

    Divine, when did you start blogging anime episodes, and what was your mindset going into it? Were you bored and needed something to write about, figuring your favorite currently airing anime was a good start?

    1. Um, I don’t actually like writing at all and only got into blogging with Random Curiosity. I was watching a lot of anime at the time and felt that I could provide objective impressions like Omni but with a different and more diverse perspective.

    2. Oh come on. I hear “critics” say it’s a lot better than the other episodes. For me, yeah, it was so much more fun. I forsaw that Shu will have Power Copying abilities and there it is! And it’s an arm!

      Apart form traitors still haven’t getting it all up their ass and Shu not interested in world domination and annihilation, it is better than when he was dark and all.

      The Moondoggie
      1. -People getting redeemed who shouldn’t
        -Major villain’s motivation turning out to be “looking at pretty lights”
        -Shu being forced to be a martyr for drama

        Yeah, this episode was GREAT.

      2. But the reason Joker even tried to prove his beliefs because IT AMUSES him. To him, killing people is fun. He even laughs when people die.

        The point of it is you enjoy evil. You like being evil. It makes you laugh. Another person’s pain is your pleasure. And Segai is no different from Joker in this aspect.

        The Moondoggie
      3. When you say “you” you’re talking about Segai and The Joker, right?

        The main difference I see between the two is their objectives. They both have methods to their madness beyond just laughing at killing people. They’re both incredibly well organized and passionate about those methods…it’s just that The Joker’s method had more depth than watching a guy stick himself with a needle and light up like a christmas tree.

      4. When you say “you” you’re talking about Segai and The Joker, right?


        No, just kidding. I was referring to anyone who falls under this trope. They may be different in method or purpose, but they all enjoy it. When it’s lighting up a person like a Christmas tree, or lighting up a building full of children like a bonfire, they all fall on that trope when it puts a smile on their face.


        The Moondoggie
    3. In honor of last weekend’s Oscar’s, it’s time for the first annual “DID IT BETTER THAN GUILTY CROWN” Awards. This is where we compare Guilty Crown to other anime of the Fall and Winter seasons and show how the story and other mechanics were used better in other areas. Guilty Crown has attempted to be a lot of different stories over the course of its 22 episode run, (Sci-fi, Horror, Love story, Thriller, School Drama, Dystopia) and with only 3 episodes left, let’s take a look back at how much its identity crisis has undermined the entire show overall! And I’m only doing one award per series, even though some probably deserve two or more of them. Hopefully, this’ll be the only year we(I) do this. Now without further ado:

      (I don’t think I need to say this, but this is solely based on my opinion, so I hope I don’t offend anyone with the choices I made based only on shows I watched. I mean, if this whole post in concept doesn’t at even annoy you, then you should be fine.)

      The award for “Better Use of the Shinji Archetype Protagonist and Crazy Pink Haired Heroine” goes to Mirai Nikki. Yukki and Shu both start out as socially retarded school boys, trying to get by, until ONE DAY, they befriend the most popular pink haired person in their world…who is also in love with them for some reason, and it is around that time that they gain their main super power (future texts and Void pulling, respectively). Although, while Yukki learned to use his power quite quickly and even made some friends with it, Shu’s power only seems to make him enemies, and even alienates the few friends he has. Sure, the whole “GUILTY” part of the title is meant to imply he should feel bad for looking into people’s souls, but this wears off on the viewer right before the 2nd half starts. Speaking of which, while Yuno’s motives, personality, abilities and reasons for being Yukki’s stalker are/will be made clear (based on the events on the manga), Inori’s fighting ability and singing skills are all that defines her character, and the former tends to fluctuate rather widely throughout.

      The award for “Better Story and Character Pacing” goes to Fate/Zero. This is a problem most shows with 12-13 episodes have, because their stories are really supposed to cover 26 or more. In GC’s case, it seems more like 50-52 would have been a better rate. Instead we have 22, severely limiting development of the characters or tolerance to the series’ trademark “plot twist per episode” tactic. Most character’s backstories are handwaved with a single blurb of dialogue, if they’re touched on at all, and this includes the main cast as well. Fate/Zero has only gotten halfway through in the anime, has fairly the same amount of main and supporting characters, and yet most everyone has a solid characterization and backstory. As someone completely new to the Fate franchise and oblivious to it’s supposed gravity, the amount of depth to each of them was mindblowing to say the least. The story has a sufficient amount of characters and elements that can be summed up in the remaining 13 episodes easily. With GC’s tendency to cram a ton of important details into about 10 minutes, I’m not so sure it can manage that in 3.

      The award for “Better Romantic Development” goes to Ano Natsu De Matteru. Granted, GC isn’t meant to be an entirely romantic story, but pretty much all of its attempts at it, including the main couple, are either forced or have little to no substance behind them, relying on the drama during battles to provide reasoning, which is never quite enough to make them believable. Ano Natsu introduces all of its key players early on, and focuses mainly on the motivations each character has for pursuing their respective love interest. It actually has the opposite problem of GC, in that instead of wanting NOBODY to win, you want EVERYBODY to win.

      The award for “Better Foreshadowing Character Death” goes to EVERY OTHER SHOW in the past 6 months.

      The award for “Better Use of Subtle Fanservice” goes to Rinne No Lagrange. For one, it helps that the story of Rinne is very light-hearted, thus leaving it open for more service-y moments. In this sense, the consistently solid action and characters are an added benefit to the already gracious amount of yuri undertones. GC, on the other hand (lol HAND), has a very dark atmosphere and mood most of the time, so even Tsugumi’s revered buttwaving seems at least a little out of place whenever it shows up.

      The award for “Better Use of Non Subtle Fanservice” goes to High School DxD. This…wasn’t really about comparing to GC. I just wanted to point out that DxD has awesome fanservice.

      And lastly, the award for “Better Use Over The Top Plot Devices” goes to Aquarion Evol. Now, the reason Aquarion can pull off Orgasm-Gattai sequences, thinly veiled boner jokes and MUGEN punches is because it doesn’t take itself too seriously…ever. It knows what it does is balls to the walls ridiculous and thrives on it. They know it’s ability to be awesome doesn’t require logic, simply testosterone. They know the suspension of disbelief for this show is at an all time high. Guilty Crown, however, does not. It expects, no, demands that you take the tone of certain scenes seriously and at face value, even when the scenario and actions taken by characters are just absurdly laughable. Because jumping off the ground into the open ceiling of a hundred-story prison is so realistic.

      And the award for Best Picture goes to “The Artist”! WAW, PUTAIN, GENIAL MERCI! (Seriously, it was a great movie. Go see it.)

      1. On another topic, remember those 5 things I wanted answered during the show’s last 5 episodes? Let’s revisit them, now that we have 3 left:

        1. How Gai formed/got into Funeral Parlor, which they can do now that he’s back.
        2. Inori’s past
        3. The hell is the deal with Yuu
        4. “The Rock That Started It All” AKA The Origin of The Apocalypse Virus (and Void Tech, apparently)
        5. Shu’s dad

        But until next week, that’s 0.5/5.0.

        Now, the episode review:

        Segai, Segai, we hardly knew ye. Seriously, it was your last episode and we didn’t find out anything about you. Your maniacal laughter captured our hearts, giving this show a fascinating antagonist from your debut in Episode 3. We knew you were amazed by Shu’s void powers, served as an equal adversary for Gai (at the time), and…also had a metal eye that turned around a lot and made you look evil. And yet, when you died, I felt nothing. I rooted for you all through your brilliant plan this episode, your ingenious infiltration, and as cool as Oogumo was in his death, he hadn’t contributed nearly as much as you had The final fight against Shu was your golden moment, and though I knew his plot armor protected him, I prayed you would at least get the last laugh, you magnificent Joker-imitation. And why didn’t Shu just SHOOT HIM? Did we really need the stylized “cut his DNA with the shears” scene?

        And yet, when you died, I knew nothing. As it pains me to admit it, you were merely a roadblock. A roadblock that was too likable for his own good. May he rest in peace. And thus continues this show’s massacre of its few beloved characters.

        Conversely, you seem to be keeping alive the characters who should’ve died awhile ago. Namely, SOUTA AND YAHIRO. Souta’s been denied the disease ridden death set up for him and been redeemed by doing…absolutely nothing whatsoever. Yahiro utters one line about not wanting to abandon anyone else anymore…which would be more compelling and believable from someone who didn’t have a comprehensive history of lying to friends. Haruka at least got an explanation for doing nothing but make Shu suffer for the past 7 episodes, but I really hope Arisa doesn’t get this sort of redemption, especially after that creepy stalker speech she made about Gai.

        Ugh…Shu. Still hilariously flopping around with your stump that is somehow cauterized without any sort of medical treatment. If not for that Void, the arm would have likely gotten infected long before he got to Inori. But now you’re back in the main character driver’s seat after two episodes of rest, and you continue to make me facepalm. “I know this is selfish and inconsiderate (← REAL LINE), but can I save your lives and cure your illness even though you threw me under the bus and watched me get mutilated by my best friend’s zombie? Kthx.”

        Yet again, the show relies on dramatic lines, it’s strange moral code, and explosions to carry a scene along instead of actual characters learning something. I have a feeling we’ll be dealing with this till the end, so buckle up, Michael Bay fans.

        Well, at least they managed to avoid the incest.


      2. Difference in views I guess….

        A comprehensive and in-depth story about karuta? Id rather learn the game and be a legend on my own than watch an anime as boring as that.

        And about this show being plot-driven: I don’t think a tragedy can be character-driven when we need the environment to be out of the protagonist’s control.

        The Moondoggie
      3. Well, I enjoyed Hikaru no Go. I assume that’s one the shows you’re referring to. I haven’t seen Chihayafuru, but I’ve heard the drama and character development is good in that show, which helps, because that has to take up more than half of a story focusing on a real life game, otherwise it gets boring fast. As long as the characters are well written and likable, the story can move forward, which GC doesn’t really seem to get.

        But I’m not sure you can compare that kind of show to a sci-fi one like this.

        Anyway, I’m sorry to say this, but that to say tragedies can’t be character driven because the main character isn’t in control at all times has to be one of the biggest cop-outs I’ve ever heard. If the main character had control over every situation, there would be no conflict, and therefore, no point.

        If you haven’t already (and have the time now), check out Gankutsuou, the anime adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo. The setting is sci-fi, and the story knows how to make viewers like characters it wants to be liked, and characters it wants hated, hated. The main characters have little to no power over most the events around them, which is made clear several times throughout, yet they continue to drive the plot their way whenever they get an opening. Also, the story is just that damn good, so just watch it for that reason alone.

      4. Day ahead?

        Well, I just got a look of it online. The plot is more or less the same, but the anime has a lot more focus on all of the families. Plus it’s got a really unique visual style. I just figured, since we’re comparing anime and all…

  4. I thought this episode was pretty decent compared to last week’s… (or any episode before hand)

    Just wondering, where did Shuu get that sword from? None of the characters on screen nearby seem to have a sword void, unless I am missing something… Maybe you can access their voids once you decide to ‘take all their burdens and everything’ aka. it is Inori’s sword? But it looks just like a Xenoblade sword (from the handle) imo than Inori’s… Lol. Don’t have a good look at how it looks like so whatever… Another plot hole.

    Bios rocks no matter what is on screen, but Shuu is pretty cool this episode ^.^ Character development?? Yes, finally, and it’s 3 episodes away from the end.

    So this void genome requires you to inject it instead of breaking the container (nice detail there)… And Shuu’s void right arm is going to get him killed sometime in the next 3 episodes… OHKO if it gets hit… (as seen by the other student’s voids, uber fragile) ;.; No Deus ex Machina Hare healing.(just mb he is able to recreate her void…)

    How the heck did Souta’s cancer reach stage 3? I thought they are going to vaccine anyone past stage 1… But I guess that is iust a lie… Uhh… Yahiro and Shuu needs to take resposibility for anyone who died because of that. Period.

    Last note: How the heck did Souta’s void get ranked at Grade F? Look at how much damage his void did to the truck! Class A void damage right there, like the Gai Void missile.

      1. https://randomc.net/image/Guilty%20Crown/Guilty%20Crown%20-%2019%20-%20Large%2029.jpg

        This void where he cut the robot enlave like using Inori’s void. Always thought it was seperate from what he killed Segai with (aka. Yahiro’s void) but okay, scissors it is.

        Rewatched the scene, now you mention it, it does look like Yahiro’s. Maybe cause it’s in an outline without the redish+white pattern I don’t recognize it. okay, mystery (for me at least) solved. 🙂

      2. It is definitely Yahiro’s Void. It is known from Episode 11 that Shu gains the ability to jump really high, etc., when he uses Yahiro’s Void – similar to what happens when he uses Inori’s Void.

    1. They were going by a scanner that we know nothing about that scans for usability of a void.

      In a sense, a weapon void would get a higher rating than a non-weapon void would get.

      BTW, the power of a void depends on the bond the person that the void is drawn from and the void user have. The low point is seen during Souta and Shu’s mistrust over the ranking system itself having a chance to be implemented (and what irony that turned into). The high point….ya, I don’t need to say anything.

      1. In Hare’s and Kanon’s case, your ‘weapon better than non-weapon theory’ doesn’t work but it is true how we don’t know in what standards do they rate the voids with… Your other point about how the ‘bond’ affects the void does make sense though I don’t remember it being stated anywhere. That makes me think how Shuu and Yahiro created the Void Ranking System out of ‘something they found lying around which they know nothing about its mechanics + standards’ even more stupid. =.=¡

      2. Actually the weapon over non-weapon void is still valid. Just means the non-weapon voids have to even more powerful in comparison to get ranked over a weapon one.

        If you noticed everyone who was high ranked (in Shuu’s secret service) all had weapon voids.

      3. @Tez They are bodyguards after all. Do you expect someone the person holding a water bottle or Tsugumi try to patrol the area and reinforce law? ( Tsugumi isn’t a good example since she can technically overwhelm people with tons of copied people) I personally think that we only see people who are supposed to get high ranked weapons get weapons and people who are supposed to get low rank get low rank. The bodyguards could be rank C for all we care, just assigned to protect because they hold weapons. If we know what rank the anti-gravity tool or the Kadeoscope (aka. more ranking for non-weapons), then maybe we will be in a better stance to judge the scale, but right now I don’t think we can speculate with solid supporting details.

        BTW, the gangsters (Namba and the other dude) are already part of the patrolling before they implemented the void system. So their existence in the patrol =/= A rank, but might be for their experience or possession of a weapon void.

        Some numbers we know: (Appoximate cause the numbers flicker a little bit)
        Hare, healing: ~1832
        Inori, sword: over 2000
        Ayase, flight: ~1755
        Shuu, whatever you call it: xxxx
        Tsugumi, scanner: ~1487
        Souta, lock-openner: 46 (lowest of all the ranked people we’ve seen)
        Arisa, shield: S-rank (says Namba in episode 17)
        New girl they Namba kidnapped, Clam thing (weapon): 1xx1 (Shuu said A rank though)

        F rank contains people from 198~46, as listed on cover page of F-rank list. (Episode 15) Such a bad list: doesn’t even indicate what type of void they have… Some of them I compared their photos on the list in episode 15 with what they were holding in the same episode…
        Kyoko, comb: 198
        Satoru, water bottle:172
        Hayaki, Spoon: 128 etc… Whatever their names, I had to translate their names and we all know there is no one way to read kanji esp. names

        For all we know, we don’t know most weapon void holder’s rank, but just thank high rank people includes both weapons and non-weapons and that the F rank people we’ve seen mostly own daily items as voids. So not enough information to conclude the standards for their scale.

        I’ll take back what I said earlier. The void resonance guage calculates despite how the owner weilds it: For all we know we can check someone’s void without taking it out aka. no wielder. So the scale might be based on how well the void owner uses it or just the level of the void as an item. (Or how well the person holding the measuring device utilize the measured person’s voids, but highly unlikely)

        TL;DR voids are still a mystery and we don’t know for sure if it can change shape or ‘level up’ based on practice or character development. We don’t know how the void resonance guage work and I don’t expect them to explain everything in the following episodes but please do so in the prequel. (Lost x’mas VN) kinda hope they don’t screw that up too. High hopes for that. The setting and character designs are great, but please better execute the whole thing.

    2. Pretty sure the void genome resonance rank is based on how well the void users can use their own voids when Shu isn’t using them, Souta’s rank is F because he can only open cans with it, when Shu uses it he opens complex sci-fi level locks and does damage, huge disparity of void usage. Higher gemone resonance ->higher rank-> more power

      1. I was thinking along similar lines also, except it was more of a resonance relative to Shu, which is why the scanner flat-lined when it was pointed at him. Though your explanation does make more sense.

  5. You want to hear something weird? I actually liked this episode. Yeah I’m shocked too. Shu FINALLY gets to some resolve despite the obvious death flag. I really do wish I could care more though. Shu basically went from evil, to tragic, to badass in only four episodes and I just can’t be emotionally invested when(or if) he bites it. I just hope the writers have decided to STAY with this characterization instead of having the plot-induced personality changes he suffered throughout this arc. Also we finally get to hear Bios again which adds a lot of points on my book.

    Damnit, I being too generous this episode. I need to bash the problems with this episode now. Arisa once again has a personality change because plot says so. She still has the worst character development of all characters. Funny thing is, the only thing needed to keep her consistent was to have Shu keep her at gunpoint. But nope, they want her to be sympathetic. Not buying it, she still needs to die.

    And wow at the sheer incompetence of the Undertakers. What kind of terrorist cell displays uniforms in public inside buildings with open windows? And then letting unknown people inside despite suspicious circumstances. Their incompetent security is matched only by the amounts of f**** I don’t give when they were all gunned down. They deserved it.

    And lastly, damn the writers for fooling me into thinking that Ayase would get the Void Genome. Maybe then then would actually do something new for once. But all the moments of Ayase being awesome seem pointless now. Though judging from the writers of this show, I doubt they had the balls to let a strong independent WOMAN be a main character.

  6. Another week, another shocker of an episode, as the train’s getting faster yet again for the ultimate crash…
    On the other news, Shu finally found his other iron-cast ball…after 2 episodes
    Oh, before I continue to rant, my spoiler-ific, blow-by-blow, point form summary:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    -Shu’s own void’s entriging to say the least, taking every other voids (and cancer) for it’s own, reflecting on his new determination to shoulder the bruden
    -Segai, you’ll be missed as the other coming of the Joker… well played…
    -the revelation Shu’s parents is plainly mind blowing
    -has doubts of whether Haruka is actually Shuuichirou’s sister or just adopted (like Shu) since she’s way younger than Shuuichirou no matter how you look at it
    -another correct prediction…felt half assed on that btw

    Thoughts for next week:
    -hopes next week’s flashback’s only half the episode… will ragequit if it actually runs for the full half hour…even if there’s a bigger, railgun-style bang in there
    -Is Mana really Haruka’s own daughter? (only asking that since we’ve been trolled twice with Ouma family’s history already)

  7. I have a friend. He is genuinely convinced that the recent plot developments of GC are unpredictable. He said “Now the Shu’s arm is cut off, what is he gonna do???!!!!”

    I just sat there quietly….knowing that GC is gonna pull us another one.

    1. But the nature of the arm is what’s unexpected. Some said it’s just a new arm that can do what Gai’s void does. I think only a few did expect Shu going Megaman with his arm.

      The Moondoggie
  8. Well the episode is interesting, but I feel that there is still something that is lacking. Maybe the lack of build-up for Shu’s Super Saiyan Mode or maybe it’s just my lack of interest in the characters, especially for Shu, so I find this episode somewhat very convenient.
    There are maybe still some small cringeworthy part like where, (Shu’s acting to be cool and badass like he is some kind of messiah and spouting some cheesy lines that his mom and classmate and even the enemies are too captivated to even move.)
    Anyway I still hope GC will at least try and end this properly. Maybe….?

    I guess Shu take a note from his buddy Shinji on how to grow an arm.

  9. Segai was a hilarious character! This episode made it seem like all his motivations in the series was to see “SHINY VOID LIGHTS OMG HAHAHA!!”…though I admit I liked him a lot anyway. He was consistently crazy so he we was fine. 😀

  10. This episode by itself is pretty strong. Shu finally gets an actual strong resolve to do things. I can just stop caring about how seemingly overpowered and way too convenient Shu’s void is since he’s the protagonist. (Btw if his void really is using other voids whether by copying or permanently taking them out that also explains his blank scan results)

    And Segai who was stopping anyone else from getting the Genome not being able to do anything to the one armed kid who not only takes it but also proceeds to give a monologue is obviously because you just don’t interrupt monologues from main characters.

    My main problem is not actually from the actual episode but rather a continuity problem for the series Arisa has suddenly decided to help Shu after trying to kill him just a bit ago and Shu himself has randomly changed from last episode’s depressed kid into this one instantly. It really makes it look like they planned out events that sounded cool and used a different Shoe for each one depending on what kind of main character they needed.

  11. Does anyone think of the scissors void killing Segai is a bit…. Does this remind you of anything/Freud was right?
    If so, Segai died by rape indeed.

    Leaving tht aside, where does the OogumoxTsugumi ship come out of no where? And I still don’t understand how a dying guy can be such a badass.

    Overall, a good episode tht finally grows an arm. (intended)

  12. BIOS, how I missed thee!

    Anyways, anyone else think the VAs of this show are really amazing? o.o

    HanaKana’s “DAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” in this episode sent a chill down my spine, and Kaji Yuki’s so far been able to bring out the best depiction of a self-deprecating teenager alongside typical shounen battle roars. Even Kanna Nobutoshi manages to bring out a Joker-like playfully sinister feel without sounding annoying or forced.

    To compare, I actually disliked hearing Souichirou Hoshi’s voice whenever he tried to bring out Kira Yamato’s angst (to the point where I preferred the English Dub) because it sounded forced, but Kaji Yuki’s tone is able to bring out the mellow, brooding and helplessness (or wimpyness) of Ouma Shu’s character where I now rage more about the character than the voice.

    Kinda pity Kaji Yuki though. From here-on-out until he lands his next major role in a high profile show, people will remember Ouma Shu when they hear his voice (though he’s not doing at all bad with Hyoudo Issei).

    1. Kaji Yuuki is getting enough jobs as it is that he might not have that problem. Though I can imagine people in the future complaining about how they hate his voice cause it reminds them of Shu *insert GC rant here*. Actually I think that’s already happened for EVOL.

      1. Oh true XD But lately, Amata hasn’t really been saying much apart from screaming whenever Zessica sends him flying o_- Not that I mind; I love how that show focuses on developing the entire cast. Even the recent episode 10 was a lot better than I expected especially when that song started playing 8D

      1. ooo and because I can’t resist…

        Gai: Shu, you’re right. I am evil. But I am better now. Let’s be friends again. -extends right hand-
        Shu: Gai…. =) -takes hand-
        Gai: =)… psyche >=D


  13. Anyway, this is NOT the way I thought it would turn out.

    It seems that (as I suspected) Shu’s Void can draw out others’ Void, much like Gai’s Void. So it seems that for both Shu and Gai, having a Void Genome is not very useful as they have innate ways to draw out others’ Void. This is why last week I thought maybe Gai or Yuu would draw out Shu’s Void or something like that. This whole thing about Haruka defecting with yet another Void Genome and Shu just happened to be at the right place at the right time is a little too convenient for my taste.

    Also, is it just me who really wanted Ayase to be the next Void Genome user? For a good chunk of the episode, it seemed that Ayase was really going to be the new user (which my fanboyism responds with “AWESOME!!!!”). It’s too bad they didn’t really make it that way, because in my mind, seeing how Shu’s Void operates, it might work out if Ayase has the Void Genome and draws Shu’s Void…. but alas this never happened.

    They should definitely make a sequel of Guilty Crown in an alternative universe which Ayase got the Void Genome. I would DEFINITELY watch that.

  14. bearing the weight of the voids all by himself….. concentrating all the pain and suffering of the voids himself……

    hmmm…………… where have we heard of it?

    so im guessin that at the end of the series, shu’s survival would be questioned by the viewers, inori will continue to live on and gai will be the one to “bear the weight and suffering of the void”?????

  15. Kurachi, Arisa’s grandpa has the most foolish and anti-climatic death in this show, not heros death.
    Haruka, I’m impressed that you could still chatting and drinking coffee while having a gunshot wound on your shoulder.
    Ogumo, I respect your effort for saving Haruka. Now GC lovers and haters could still see Haruka in her tight suit. The most memorable death in GC after Hare’s, maybe?
    Ayase, you are the only and most awesome katawa shoujo in Guilty Crown.
    Scarface, umm… your death might not be as memorable as Hare’s, but at least I think you are the most “unique” antagonist in this show.
    And the last, Shu. I hope you could learn one trick or two with your new ability now, i.e. use multiple Voids simultaneously, have Voids enhancement, or fuse the Voids to create new Void like Gai.

    But still, could Guilty Crown avoid the biggest dissapointment award of the year with three episodes left? Let’s see…

    1. Hard to tell. I am certain there will either be a second season or a movie. It feels to me that since the next episode is a flashback about Ouma Kurosu, there will be only two episodes of “action” left and that’s pretty much going to be about saving Inori. Who will die in this process? Hard to say. But I think Gai might die; Yuu will survive and serve as the mysterious antagonist for the sequel or movie.

    2. He can combine voids as seen in episode 6 when he blew up the leukocytes. He is just never clever enough to do it again. Hopefully losing an arm and seeing Gai do it is enough for him to be smart enough to start combining voids again.

  16. After all that has happened. Shu just does not deserve to die. He just suffer way too much while others are eating their cake. He deserve a true happiness after all that sacrifices. If Shu die. I’m just gonna say this is a really bad show.

      1. With you on this one. That Gai feels like a different one altogether. If Shu ain’t gonna waste the world then earning his happy end is the second best thing for him.

        But of course that still means he has to kill Gai and detroy GHQ’s hold in Japan. Not to mention somehow end all the mess and survive the Genome and the Virus.

        The Moondoggie
  17. You know when characters that appear within the last episode with no explanation as how Shu’s mother is associated with the mystery woman Kurachi that was Arisa’s grandfather’s secretary who I thought was heading a better managed organization that is on par if not MORE so than Funeral Parlor but all we saw was a ragtag bunch of resistance fighters (or the usual fare you’d see with the yakuza) which may not be the main force but they were on the run with overwhelming losses even when they were prepared for Shu’s mother to be arriving. Everything felt off, like the writers are doing damage control and man does it SHOW since I was expecting a bad episode on par with the last one since most of the questions were not answered and sure they did answer a few but then they added even MORE to the already growing list of potholes as a distraction but it didn’t hit me till halfway through then the (horrible) consistency came back with a vengeance as seen in the following;

    Haruka is in turmoil about how her son was and IS suffering, I see that death or amputation is the only way to remove the Void Genome from him but then why didn’t she just join HIS side (or Funeral Parlor for that matter) instead of helping the enemy (GHQ), giving them such a superior advantage and putting everyone including the same son she was ‘protecting’ in danger with said son being the only one who ‘had’ the power to counter them out of the way? Plus he’d still have his arm and with her knowledge she could have elaborated on the GHO true plans without all this roundabout way of explaining

    And what is with the enemy always having the advantage in the overwhelming number of Endlaves with everyone else poorly matched unless the Void ‘kings’ enter the scene? now everyone is getting curb stomped and Ayase who was a very proficient pilot now reduced to a ‘emotionally uncertain’ role and I for one loved her being more straightforward and willful (even for Gai’s ‘old cause’) even if it was her way of hiding her feelings she was far better at it than sulking
    Poor Tsugumi have little to be cheery about and all this gloom and doom doesn’t fit her plus her primary skill (hacking and tactical planning) have no longer been used to its full capacity since last Season
    I will miss Oogumo’s presence even if I didn’t get to see him much (Argo’s reaction was saddening to see since he usually don’t show such strong emotions) and the death they given him was on par with Arisa’s grandfather death (look cool taking out a few mooks (two each?) for a few seconds then getting killed abruptly)

    I now see as to why Haruka Ouma was never killed off with all the heel-face turns she have performed this and last season with NO repercussions (she didn’t look much like a hostage either) whatsoever plus her son being involved in Funeral Parlor (an enemy of GHQ that isn’t a well-guarded secret either) that should have put her under far more scrutiny which was blatantly ignored since the beginning of Season one.
    I know that she had some use to GHQ but I felt that anyone else trained could have easily replaced her, she already completed her role and she never got injured in the confrontation with Shuichiro and he probably intentionally missed but to what end will he accomplish by doing so? Was he that bad of a shot? He seemed surprised how things turned out since her escape so what the hell!? And how the hell DID she escape if he was anticipating her to be there?? No traps, no Facility Lockdowns since I’m dead sure that place is heavily guarded and no alarms sounded with NO GUARDS to intercept! I’m pulling at straws here! Does he still care for his sister? Or does this series revolve around one-sided sibling relationships and Shu’s father was killed in an act of jealously…

    nah the writers wouldn’t be THAT cheap, at least Mana wasn’t related to Shu by blood so the only thing creepy was her deadpan attitude when showing her ‘affection’. I still want to know why Shuichiro Isn’t DEAD anymore and how they revived Gai.

    Arisa’s fall will be painful one to watch even when I KNOW it will never end well, unless the writers put some random scene in the end of Gai defeated and dying in her arms in some act of atonement crap or her dying by his hand with her look of disbelief that he’d do such a thing then to be promptly forgotten, I feel sorry for Arisa who is infatuated with Gai not knowing who he is (no fault on her part for trying) and Gai who only saw her useful for her Void and not as a person, if her void was useless that ‘fateful meeting’ on the boat would have never happened in the first place

    Now they’re making a MARTYRout of Shu since it’s pretty hard to hate someone after they make a “selfless sacrifice” (GC writers have stooped to a new low on this one) and Segai that was an excellent schemer for the entire series that had the most complex personality lost all of his wit in the end reduced to a violent killer ruining the appearance of him having actual purpose but it seems to be that his obsession with the pretty (void) lights is the ONLY thing he was aiming at and probably becoming a Void user to see MORE pretty lights with no lofty goals of betraying his ‘allies’ for world domination planned, dying in such a lame manner with none of that amazing combat speed he displayed when killing Oogumo to give Shu some Man Points and what the hell happened with Segai’s FACE in that truck in the end? he didn’t even LOOK human anymore! oh great they rubbing glass (not salt) in the wounds by making Shu get the Cancer too (I’m not even gonna comment on the void arm thing, Rebuild Evangelion‘s 2.0 Shinji went this route, at least his made some sense)

    Gai’s old 2nd in command Shibungi was a total letdown in terms of his motivation (he was shaping Gai to be some kind of figurehead “Idol” with him controlling from the shadows) as they were foreshadowing his plans for about three or more episodes before made this revelation feel cheap, why is it that the characters motives in GC never reach the scope of the foreshadowing invested upon them? ((Would you have liked it if I made a TV series for 18 plus episodes about an evil looking man who have legion of followers and endless resources to look like he is planning to take over a nation on his way to becoming a world power only for his true goal to be revealed was about him wanting to rob a liquor store down the street in the last episode? I would get freaking MAULED))

    I agree with Gai that you shouldn’t impart your expectations on someone thinking that the person doesn’t have their own will or ‘goals’ they are aiming for and expect those to always parallel with your own ideals is pretty naïve, especially with someone that almost killed you. And what is this scene of him making death threats while chained and (apparently) useless at the moment? His character got REAL shallow even if I didn’t know much about him in the first place beside him being reliable in setting and executing plans in Gai’s stead in the past and is destined to a meaningless death that might help Shu and put a wrench in Gai’s plans but I doubt it and I’m waiting for Gai, or Yuu, OR Shuichiro to troll him when the time comes

    Is Yuu a King meant to lead or a Tool to be used? He seems to play both roles and nothing about his powers was revealed and it’s never shown to act like a leader but is pretty damn resourceful and is obviously plotting something

    Inori is still around, just hanging there in full Damsel in Distress mode, AGAIN

    Mana (the physical and ‘subconsious’ one) are sure to go AWOL at some point when Shu gets near and who knows what will happen, I have more confidence guessing what numbers I’ll get from throwing three dice form the top of a ten story building than what to expect from the next episode

    Well there’s at least ONE relief

    There was NO Daryl angst or any Daryl for that matter along with that forced ‘romance’ that GC writers were trying to ship down our throats previously
    …I have a sinking suspicion that they’re not finished trying to do that though…

  18. Gai: You people chose to build dreams on it and then chose to be disappointed, that’s all.

    Epic line is epic. It was as if the producers were telling this to us directly for getting so hyped about Guilty Crown and disappointing ourselves big time. But then again, here we are at episode 19, still watching it and stuff.

    Forced to be a hero(Wimpy Shu).
    False hero(Cooperative Shu).
    Kind Hero(King).
    Anti-Hero(Tyrant King).
    Tragic Hero.

    Shu has gone a long way, hasn’t he? I like the “take all the weight of the owner’s guilt” part pretty good. The title makes more sense now and viewers will start feeling more sympathy for Shu and I think this will be a good build up for Show Spoiler ▼


    That’s just my guess, or pretty much what most of us can see. I can’t see a way how things will end well given that Shu has accepted his fate now that he is now taking in all the weight of a person’s guilt which is pretty much a Show Spoiler ▼


    Overall, pretty good episode. If they were doing this well since the start, I don’t see any reason why we wouldn’t love Guilty Crown right from the start. And yes, I’m looking forward to the next episode.

    The Story You Don't Know
      1. At one point I was rooting for Shu and Ayase as well. But now, I’ll admit that I’m more into Inori and Shu pairing since they match each other pretty well.

        The girl who has always been by his side,
        and the guy who decided to be always let her be by his side.

        And I think an InoriXShu would fit better for the tragic ending they are heading. Imagine how heart broken Ayase would be if she were to really fall for Shu and see him die. Poor Ayase 🙁

        The Story You Don't Know
      2. OH YES. After looking at that screenie, a couple of fanfiction possibilities popped up in my head. I don’t think it would be all that bad either, except that they aren’t canon.

      1. As long as it take focus off Shu and actually explains something, I’m good.

        Hell, I’d rather go for a prequel series that has almost nothing to do with Voids and focuses on actual character development that didn’t live off of explosions and vague dialogue to pass as a good story…and then retcons most, if not all of the events of this series.

        …this really shouldn’t be what I want from this story, but it is. I also hope this whole project is represented as one big schmutz on everyone’s resume. Because that’s what it is.

        One big fat schmutz.

    1. Gai: You people chose to build dreams on it and then chose to be disappointed, that’s all.

      I think this is the case for every anime: It has always been our(the viewer’s) choice. It cannot be the choice of the staff or the producers: They were just going with the plan.

      Whether you choose to adjust your views for each anime you watch or stubbornly choose to have a one-track mind, it has always been up to us.

      The Moondoggie
      1. You can’t choose what to expect or like or hate in a show. The point is that this show set up huge expectations for itself simply by existing, and the fact that it has a ton of A-List people from the industry it comes from.

        It is simply natural for someone to be disappointed with how it turned out when considering all of those factors. It’s almost “Star Wars Prequels”-class disappointment. You may not have been thinking about that going into this series, but most of the people here were.

      2. I was talking about how a person has the choice on what to expect on a show and/or how he will view this. Not how he likes it or not, that’s a preset attribute.

        Example: People who expected GC and were disappointed has only themselves to blame as opposed to people who didn’t expect anything from GC(like me) from the start and ended up liking it.

        Or how I can only blame myself for not expecting anything from S;G and quitting after episode one, against people who expected it to be good and stuck with it through.

        It has always been a choice.

        The Moondoggie
      3. Except that all of the advertising, and hyping up would only make someone expect the story to at least be passable. Even if you expect nothing from something, you don’t expect it to cover up every actual character bonding moment with sci-fi rules that don’t explain themselves and random character flip flopping. Even if I hadn’t seen “most anticipated anime of 2011” on almost every blog I frequent, I wouldn’t expect this.

        Though you’re right, I could have just ignored all the hype and gone in thinking “I’ll watch it, look at for what it is, and stop watching if it doesn’t appeal to my tastes.” But what I didn’t expect, and COULDN’T have expected, is that it’s a story that works far better as a comedy, and a hilarious one at that. People are saying this episode was pretty good, but that’s pretty good…for Guilty Crown. They’ve had to lower their expectations since the beginning to think of this episode, with all it’s misplaced karma, artificial drama, and breaking its own set rules, as good…for this particular series’ standard of material.

        And speaking of S;G, I was in your exact situation when I first watched the first episode when it came out. It was boring and I didn’t know what was going on and I quit. Then, recently, I watched the 2nd episode. My mood about the show changed nearly instantly. And then 3rd-18th episodes. And I plan on watching the rest soon. You should too.

    1. Or maybe his void only became an arm after he was sliced up by Gai and his personality changed into the “Tragic Hero”.

      ….Though admittedly that’s a bit flawed because if a void could change, then Arisa’s void should have turned into a dildo shaped like Gai aaaages ago…

    2. It’s more like of a symbolism. Remember when Inori said that a person’s void is formed after their heart’s shape?

      Shu’s void is an arm which replaces his lost arm. Shu was “empty” and he decided to fill that emptiness by taking in other people’s guilt. In short, Shu’s emptiness is filled by the feelings of other people represented by his lost arm and his void arm.

      For once, I praise the writers for this one. It’s a pretty good and well-thought symbolism.

      The Story You Don't Know
  19. I’m quite certain Hare might come back…please?
    Like oh Gai so strong Shu is almost defeated, then poof here comes Hare in all her, nude, spiritual glory. She hugs Shu. A bright glow of light ensumes and ta daa Shu gains the strength to launch a final attack.

    GIF of Shu’s void arm fapping.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  20. If Shu can draw out everything from a person with his new Void Power. I bet he’s gonna draw out everything out of Inori including Mana. Just a speculation, but sounds just right to me.

      1. My hypothesis is that Shu can only do so willingly; you may argue that Shu was ony being polite this episode, but I think Shu can only extract someone’s Void if that person is willing to give it to him. This will create an interesting contrast with Gai.

      2. I dont think so, Shu can force take the Void of a person if he wants too. All he needs is his hands on someone chest to draw the Void out. Just like what happen to Inori in episode 15 after Hare died.

  21. Hmm…I think I actually have more positive points to share than negative ones. Quite the miracle, no?

    The bad:
    -I’m not sure if this is bad at all, but a the pacing went back a little quick to me. Then again, they don’t have much time left to wrap up GC. It certainly did surprise me that a one-armed, iron-willed Shuu could make it to the back of Arisa and get her to chaffeur him.

    -Arisa’s motives for helping me are somewhat…disturbing. Though not quite on the Mana level, if Gai hadn’t shown himself to be ruthless and was perhaps a little more innocent, I’d fear for him.

    The good:
    -For once, despite my previous little gripe about the pacing, it felt like the story was actually much more coherent the closer it got to the ending. The little flashback snippets gave the episode and some of the characters a little more depth, especially for the Ouma family.

    -Plot point about Shuu possibly dying isn’t half bad. I’m getting the vibe that messing too much with a person’s DNA is inevitably fatal and DOES make some sense.

    -Another plot point that the ‘baddies’ are finally NOT STUPID. Segai is really one of the pluses for me, though I didn’t know he had such strange…tastes. One would think that the Funeral Parlor could have been more careful, but having Segai break in and take them all out adds to the despair element and the cornering of the good guys that’s been prevalent for most of the series, or at least the second half.

    -Haruka in a skin-tight suit as a biker babe? Mmm~ XD

    -Shuu’s return was nicely set up, and I like the concept of how he’s returning to being a different kind of ‘King’ and taking up the burdens of the people whom he had drawn Voids out of. It does set him up nicely for the role of being the hero who finally comes to his senses and redeems himself through death. Granted, he might not die or his death might not be confirmed at the very end, the concept isn’t that bad an idea to put forth.

    All in all, probably one of the more solid episodes for GC.

    *I suddenly had a thought: What if the producers were trying to be ‘Shuu’ as well? Dishing out loads of below-par and sometimes even trashy episodes just to redeem themselves in the end? That would be QUITE the coincidence, wouldn’t it?

    Okay, that was purely just for fun. Carry on guys.

  22. I am the bone of my sword
    Steel is my body and fire is my blood
    I have created over a thousand blades
    Unaware of loss, Nor aware of gain
    Withstood pain to create weapons, waiting for one’s arrival
    I have no regrets. This is the only path
    My whole life was unlimited VOID works

  23. FUCK YEAH! SHU! Now that’s what I’m talking about! Man, told you guys he’s gonna Mega Man this end. Cast from Life Points, Mega Manning, Tron Lines, Shu! That new arm of yours is troperrific! It’d be classic if he does a Facepalm of Doom with it. My only qualm is that he’s still not interested in destroying the world.


    I kinda remember that I have seen this pose in another anime. I just can’t remember which one. :/

    Because you know, someone got an arm back and all…

    Like everyone didn’t see it coming…

    The Moondoggie
  24. His Void is like a Hard drive in that it can store the data of the void that it copied and use it. At the moment it looks like he can only use one void he copied at a time.

  25. I dun really care now if the plot is mess up or whatsoever
    Cause I am enjoying this one now…it’s either enjoying bec of action or joke(?)
    Doesn’t matter now

    Just please let it end now T.T

  26. This episode was pretty good, but as always so predictable. And what the heck is up with that preview? Is that Shu naked with a girl there?! Or is that his father?

    The Ice Witch
  27. I can somehow accept some “sudden” plot twists happening here and there in the anime, but there are just some inconsistencies you can’t look beyond –
    First of all is that Genome Resonance Gauge or something – I dont get why the hell they would find this on a bunch of thugs, given that Voids and the Void Genome is top-secret info – therefore, there wouldnt be much practical use for anyone with that – and they just ‘happen’ to find it on the ground (unless this is some conspiracy plotted by Da’at and that kid Yuu to encourage Shuu to collect voids or some other nonsense).

    Second of all, is WTF is wrong with Shuu’s mom? Dafuq? Alright, you resurrect an evil villain for the bad guys so that your son can be freed of the “fate of the king” (idk wtf this is), 2 episodes later, you ‘suddenly’ want to stop the bad guys by trying to attempt to free Mana and give the Void Genome to another person – Dude, I mean, wtf, if you wanted to stop them in the first place, why help them resurrect Gai?) – it doesnt make sense at all ==

    *P.S. I think Shuu’s void acts like a ‘void-saving-machine’ that can save previously drawn voids – which makes it damn badass.

    There are a lot of things that dont make sense in this anime – does the director/writer take all of us to be fools who don’t know how to think?

    Strangely, I still feel drawn to watch the next episode, so I guess this series deserves some merit…

    And what is up with Episode 20? From the preview it looks like a flashback episode – dude, seriously? 3 episodes till the end, and you’re giving us a flashback now. ok coolz.

    With that being said, I dont mind them having a second season though, at least it serves as some form of entertainment from all of my insane college work. And the other animes of this season sucks anyway (dont tell me about Mirai Nikki, I read the manga before, thats why the anime is boring to me..)

    1. About the resonance gauge, didn’t we theorize that Segai planted it or gave it to them when he gave the thugs the rest of their equipment? cause honestly I don’t see any reason why Segai would want to ‘help’ out those guys.

      I don’t know what was happening with Haruka, why she was with them in the first place. Was she being held captive or doing it willingly? I honestly don’t know. Maybe we’ll get a little clue to what’s going on in her head next episode since they’ll be talking about the past experiments and relationships.

      1. Segai gave it to the thugs, probably because the Undertaker strategist told him to.

        And for why, well, we all know happened to Shu when Yahiro started measuring and assigning ranks to students’ Voids.

  28. Ok this is somewhat a turn in the proper direction (or as proper as it can get at this point). I actually didn’t cringe as much or say “WTF!” as I did in previous episodes. This was the kind of episode I was waiting for, sorta…

    The whole thing with Arisa made me cringe and then the business with Funeral Parlor and… Oh yeah, Segai acting all orgasmic while having his life snipped by Yahiro’s Void (Who was he? Grell from Kuroshitsuji?). Those were probably the worst parts of the episode. The rest was rather okay, though it could’ve been more meaningful. Like for instance, had we any kind of build up foy Ayase trying to become a martyr (She had been thinking about it for a long time? When was this? How long could it have been when Haruka only jut got there???) Or if we had some background history on who Kurachi is and what relationship she had with Haruka. Or the big guy too. I couldn’t really feel all that weepy when he died. Where they wanted us to be like “Gasp! Not -insert random less than important character name-!”, I was like “Oh, there goes another one…”. Bleh. As for Arisa… I mean, we got small hints that she was going to become attached to Gai. But not to this extent. Now she borders on psycho-stalker with the way she talks about him. I wonder if Shu felt really uncomfortable, because I did. Bleh. Again though, I could care less about her really. She’s another one of those random elements they put in to justify sudden plot developments.

    Ok, but the good things! It was kinda cool hearing finally what Haruka’s relationship with Shu and Mana really are. She’s the cool step-mom that became Mommy after Daddy died. Very admirable, though if they bonded over the loss of his dad, why did he not call her Mom until this episode? Oh well, minor detail. This was hinted anyways from the start when we saw he called her Haruka instead of Mom. Now I wonder who Shu’s real mom is and who is Mana’s father? Who in the world’s sperm gave rise to such a twisted little monster like Mana? This is just speculation, but could Mana’s psycho-possessive attitude towards Shu be the product of neglect by Haruka? Because in those flashbacks, we saw Haruka playing with Shu by himself. Mana wasn’t in there at all. (This is assuming the writers even thought about the implications of that scene and what Haruka was saying. I hope they did…) This whole borderline incest business might just be Mana wanting to be close to Haruka, or… maybe to get closer to Kurosu? And then Shuuichiro killing Kurosu out of hatred, maybe because he wanted Mana to himself? Then you’ve got poor Gai/Triton who somehow felt something for Mana, possibly because he understood all of that mess? Ahhhh… See, these possibilities would be interesting. Now let’s see if it’s anything like that or half as epic…

    I really did want to see Ayase with the Void Genome out of sheer curiosity because of her legs. But when Shu popped up at the last moment, I did think it was a pretty cool entrance. He’s taken on this kind of Saber-like mentality about what it means to be a king now. You know, taking on all the burden so the people don’t suffer. But like Archer and Rider were telling Saber, I think it’s still a pathetic kind of king. Tragic indeed. Well, everyone say bye-bye to Shu and bye-bye to GC. I feel like this is going to be a situation where the best episodes were at the end…

  29. This week’s episode of GC finally brought some closure to several of the questions we have been asking, simultaneously opens up new questions as always, but also drops some more salient questions that could have opened up more meaningful content. But I’m going to start at the top – this was a good episode, filled with powerful images and the music to accompany it. Any preconceived biases should not prevent you from at least appreciating the artistry, and perhaps even feel a bit of the emotion as Shuu finally accepts the sin of his own indecisiveness and incompetence – not that of the King’s Power. I, for one, got those tummy-butterflies or goosebumps when the events of this episode unfolded as I expected them to, and exactly in the satisfying manner that I hoped they would.

    To begin with events: Shuu pulls out his own void and draws out an arm, a development that I repeatedly “jested” about. However, I don’t find this development to be particularly contrived, because as a main character of a fairly standard anime, he has to end up with his powers again and resolve the major crisis. In fact, the predictability lends great power to this episode by giving the viewer time to absorb the actual execution – which was filled with lights and general badassery. However, I am bothered by Arisa’s willingness to not only leak Inori’s location to Shuu, but also chauffeur him. I may have missed what Shuu used to convince her, but I found Arisa’s creepy stalker-like determination to find out anything and everything about Gai to be a terrible reason to aid the enemy. I really can’t tell why some characters in GC just have such a hard time having a personality and maintaining it – and Arisa is the newest member of that club. I suspected last week that her grandfather allowed himself to be shot and killed by her, so that she would see the light of her impure feelings. I don’t know if she is supposed to maintain the slightest milieu of nobility, but I think part of that peeked through when she called out Shuu’s name after he tumbled out of the van.

    On the other side of things, Segai managed to demonstrate some of his cunning, as well as his expertise with a blade – unfortunately, I felt like we were really sold short on his death. As he was one of the last “interesting” and also cryptic antagonists, many of us had speculated that he was a man who somewhat operated beyond the reach of the law, even turning upon his own men in order to fill a somewhat perverse and voyeuristic interest in the Shuu and his void powers. He left us with a particularly interesting point of plot consideration: he deleted the photo he took of Gai drawing Kerriganori’s void, stating that it felt wrong somehow. Was this his assessment of the difference in the “art” of Gai’s and Shu’s void powers? Or was it simply he being creepy?

    With his premature death at the hands of Shuu, a much stronger case is made for being nothing more than creepy. His murderous and playful instinct appeared to be nothing more than a twisted sexual interest – for him (and tacitly, everyone else in the cast), having a void drawn was a very sexual act. In light of the infamous Toothbrush Scene, I think he can get away with having that thought. Unfortunately, that’s all that we are given of the great Segai. No boss battle, no existential-crisis-inducing dialogue. Just a whole lot of excitement about someone’s void being inside of him, and a really cool scene with his evil eye grinding to a halt. Whimsical to the end – but he was quite the dynamic character and could’ve made a much larger “bang.”

    Finally, we’re left with Shuu, whose determination to finally hold himself accountable took form. By plunging the syringe filled with the void genome into his heart in a fashion that would make even the most resolute drug addicts wither with envy, Shuu consumed the third and (presumably) final void genome while most likely sealing his own demise and also stealing the heart of Ayase in one fell swoop. Unfortunately for our favorite Katawa Shoujo, Shuu has his eyes on someone else. Going beyond the terrific amount of fireworks that Shuu generated, him retaking the King’s Power fully elucidates the “guilt” that adorns the title of the show. It is not necessarily the guilt of peering inside of people, or even using them – it is the guilt of self-doubt, of inaction, of overreaction, that all contributed to the deaths and resurrections of this show. While this revelation is a welcome one, there is one more pressing issue at hand: Who’s the bad guy here, and what’s the point of whatever they’re doing?

    Apparently, one of those things include dressing up Inori again. Now, it’s only natural to be a bit jealous of her ability to look good in gravity-defying outfits, but twice? Inori is again clad in wedding attire. Can we construe Shuuichiro’s failure as him getting spurned? I’m glad that Mana/Inori doesn’t haven’t a thing for creepy old uncle figures, but is Gai supposed to be the young zombie stallion who is going to win them over? When I saw this, I kind of facepalmed for a second. Is this really a rehash – a take two, so to speak – of the first arc’s events? Because genomic resonance didn’t work, did Shuuichiro and Gai just opt for the path of least resistance: an intergalactic fleet of Void Rays (I mean, Leukocytes) pulled from the ether world? Who knows.

    With the relationships between Haruka, Kurusu, and Shuuichiro looking about as clear as the one between Gai, Mana/Inori, and Shuu, and with that relationship looking about as clear as the one between Shouma, Himari, and Kanba (though one set is dramatically different than the others), I really don’t know what to expect anymore. Well, that’s a lie. I expect there to be a lot of pretty explosions, and some kissyface between Shuu and Inori. And then…

    No, Mr. Ouma, I expect you to die.

    1. Gloriously wordy. It made my day when you mentioned Shuu “plunging the syringe filled with the void genome into his heart in a fashion that would make even the most resolute drug addicts wither with envy.”

      There are at least a few secondary connotations to the drug addict parallel, intentionally or otherwise, that aren’t so honorable for Shuu’s image. 😉

    1. Even if Shuu wanted to let him die I’m certain he would’ve needed the void in the first place. Shuu needed a quick way to get into the truck without having to do the cutting work and Souta’s void was the best way. Remember any sickness the person has is almost immediately transmitted. It isn’t thought out. But your right. Souta messed up big time and should’ve died. I won’t lie I was actually happy to see him so messed up in the cancer and even more happy when Tsugumi said there wasn’t a way to help. Souta even made Shuu become the Anti-Hero and causing everyone to turn one him. And he has no right to betray him either. Just like all the others in episode 17. If it weren’t for Shuu taking action, most of them would’ve be dead. And they repay Shuu with betrayal just because of something Yahiro caused. If Shuu wasn’t tough then noone would want to listen and walk all over him like Souta and Yahiro did causing confusion. Yahiro shouldn’t even have came up with the idea cause he knows NOTHING about voids to begin with. The power level of a void doesn’t matter it’s the quality of it and it’s strengths. Souta’s void is an exceptional one that should’ve been classed higher. (Hate to say it)

      Void of Death
      1. I’m pretty sure that Souta being F rank was just the writer wanting more “drama” from the betrayal of friendship. The same things that happened to him could have happened to others but we would have care even less. I mean while we don’t know what they do, the other F-Ranks had some of the most stupid looking voids ever and Souta really didn’t belong next to them. (I think one had a spoon or something) Unless there is just A rank and F rank with A being good and F being bad which I guess could always be the case in GC.

      2. Except for the fact that Shu didn’t need his void in the first place. He could have simply sliced the top of the truck, bounced off the opposite wall and landed in it, then killed Segai. Using Souta’s camera held no significance other than to take away Souta’s illness and establish Shu as a martyr,which are both just forced devices made to change our opinions of both characters.

        Souta’s virus is gone! I guess that means it’s okay that his idiocy got Hare killed, right?

        Shu got his void powers back, killed a villain and took on his friend’s burdens so he can protect the women he loves! He’s sure grown, hasn’t he?
        No, he’s just doing dangerous stunts, making dramatic speeches and thinking with his dick more than his brain like always does, except that this time he’s not thinking straight and possibly suicidal.

        Our protagonist, ladies and gentlemen.

  30. Did anyone else notice that while Shu was killing / talking to Segai, that truck kept driving? For like a minute. So, really it should have splattered Ayase while they were talking.

  31. To be honest, I dropped this series at episode 06, but still continue to read the blog hoping one day the series will pick up and I might continue to watch it again.
    However, I now come to this blog to see you guys comments and guess what, its goddamn hilarious.

  32. Well, this episode was somewhat better than the previous ones. If GC had done a better job of telling the story with the previous episodes, I would have actually liked this episode quite a lot. But as it stands, I don’t see how it can possibly redeem itself with only a couple episodes left.

  33. Day ahead?

    Well, I just got a look of it online. The plot is more or less the same, but the anime has a lot more focus on all of the families. Plus it’s got a really unique visual style. I just figured, since we’re comparing anime and all…

      1. It sure does…

        Anyway, I just read the majority of the manga. Turns out it retells how the Count takes revenge on one of the families…but that’s it. It’s probably a more faithful adaptation of the book (i’m not really sure about that), but for what I was talking about in terms of a character-driven tragedy, you’d have to go with the anime, which is on Funimation.com currently.

  34. Well look at that, Shu got the last void genome, who didnt predict this?

    Anyway this episode was better than the last few, as its actually making me look forward to the next episode of GC for the first time ever (shocking I know).

    There’s just one thing I can’t get over with:

    WTF is up with Gai?

    Like ok, his character has pretty much been established as the cool calculating leader of Funeral Parlor. We then find out later that he was Shu and Mana’s childhood friend, and during the climax when they were fighting against Souichirou, he sacrificed himself, telling Shu to kill him along with Mana, sounds pretty heroic right?

    Then out of nowhere he comes back and apparently it turns out he was some kind of special hidden society member all along who was using Funeral Parlor? That just makes absolutely zero sense whatsoever. So what, are we now supposed to forget his childhood days with Shu and Mana all the sudden to support this new change in development due to inconsistent writing? How the hell does he just come back as the villain all the sudden? His goals and actions now just don’t add up with everything he’s done as the leader of Funeral Parlor.

    I mean yeah we could just shove this off as incompetent staff writers who cant write a decent cohesive character plot. But damn, isn’t this a little TOO obvious of an inconsistency or am I missing something here?

    Also, WTF is up with Arisa’s sudden obsession with Gai now? Makes no sense, again. Then Shu just cheerily walks back to the group that betrayed him, and everyone acts like they all cool and nothing happened. Um, what?

    1. So true, bringing Gai back was an idiotic idea =.=”
      They should’ve mentioned Da’at way earlier on. (15 episodes earlier would’ve been nice).
      And Shu should’ve sacked up way earlier on. (15 episodes earlier would’ve been nice).

    He died with Yahiro+Shu’s void inside him *rolls on the floor* XDDDDDDD
    Too bad we never got to see what his void was. Fireworks of void lights? *dies laughing*
    I actually liked him XDDD wwwwww *cannot stop laughing at his face*

    I expected Souta to be more guilty of all he did to Shuu. CAN OPENER JUST DIE ALREADY!!

  36. Now that I think about it… I wonder would it be better if they split this series into 2 season and 24-26 episodes each so they have more times to tell various background stories instead of just cramming everything like this?

    IMO, the overall story of Guilty Crown is quite good (Void idea, for one, is great), it’s just they don’t take times to explain anything at all.

    1. This is true. If GC had 50-52 episodes, it would have far more time to develop characters and not make it seem like their sudden decisions are the cause of the writers being drunk on Japanese Listerine. Or maybe the sudden revelations about who’s related to who would be spread out instead of cramming a ton of vague hints into one episode. Or maybe the main and side characters would get whole episodes dedicated to them explaining their motives and backstory.

      Maybe then, the story with so much potential wouldn’t seem like such a cluster-F.

  37. Insert Protagonist with power of kings [Check]
    Insert mysterious girl, who is strangely hot, to give hero the power of kings [Check]
    Insert kind and cute girl who like the protagonist and yet dies a terrible death [Check]
    Insert Knig-,combat robot that moves on land [Check]
    Insert childhood friend who fights against protagonist [Check]
    Insert Diethar-, Yahiro [Check]
    Insert a world superpower that just happens to oopose the protagonist’ ideals [Check]
    Insert hot female pilot who is coincidentally the best fighter on protagonist’s side [Check]
    Insert wheelchair girl [Check]
    Insert Protagonist’s real aim which is to gather everything bad on himself. [Check]
    Now, all you need is a cat and the cast is complete.

    Hello Code Ge-, hello original anime.

    I forsee Shuu’s dad and real mom are actually dead but alive then shuu kills them.
    Gai is also going to change sides.
    So is Ayase.

      1. Well Guilty Crown is doing fine BD/DVD sales wise, but base on what I read from different sources, this series is heavily advertise and you can already see to the series itself that huge amount of resources is poured on this show, so I guess they will have profit but not as big as let say Code Geass(?)

        As for BRS, the merchandises of this series is selling like HOT-cakes even before this series (I just know because I also bought the figmas) was announce, because the appeal is really high since that BRS theme first landed on Youtube/NND way back, you will know just how well this BRS is selling well because BRS has been re-produce multiple times in different variations and types (figures), PSP game, OVA, and eventually these. As for BD/DVD sales I don’t know just yet because the series isn’t release yet.

      2. Well, obviously BRS is gonna sell, since it had a following years before the anime came out.

        As for GC, I guess it makes sense it’s selling fairly well. It’s made for the otaku audience, which are a small group itself but very big on sales influence.

  38. I’m late to the party, aren’t I? 🙁
    Been sick :'(

    Here I was expecting fairly positive reviews from fellow commenters because I myself ‘quite’ enjoyed this episode but nay, that’s expected. I don’t know if this was mentioned but this is really VOID ex MACHINA in the works. I mean if Shuu hadn’t receive new void powers, what’s he going to do with one arm to save Inori VS the whole GHQ? This really bugged me, way too convenient.

    1. To quote Sea Slug Anime Blog:

      “It’s basically a vacuum, eating up everything around him, absorbing the pain, suffering, and even Apocalypse Virus. In short, Shu sucks.”

      1. I lol.

        Then Shuu has to SUCK HARDER (sexual innuendo not intended but the fact that he fails as a character, YES) harder than our vacuum cleaner, cause that’s a lot of things to take in. And thus he’s conveniently Guilty of everything. The plot CHICKENS!

  39. Yes, this is the moment I´ve been waiting for 19 episodes, Shu finally becomes a true king and uses his power by his own choice and not because someone else or the situation forced him into doing so. Also I agree with you Divine, the only think without flaws in this series it is the soundtrack, my God it´s always amazing. By the way guys, who thinks Shu is going to use his new right arm to kill Gai´s illusions.

    1. That’s Yuu, the 2nd Void Genome user who we know absolutely nothing about. Other than he is short and MYSTERIOUS.

      Last we saw him, Gai pulled out his Void, which is a bow and arrow…for some reason. We don’t have any sort of grasp on his personality, so we can’t even begin to understand how the two correlate, similar to how we have no idea why Kenji’s Void is a Gravity Gun. Or why those enforcer people’s voids could be combined into a seeker missile.

      In short, there’s a lot of things we don’t know about these things, and they better do a damn good job explaining most of it in the last three episodes.


        But yeah, it was good that it answered some stuff. I'm glad they took focus off Shu for the most part, though it still leaves somethings up in the air. Maybe next they'll explain what D'aat is trying to accomplish by killing everybody in Fourth Impact. (they're really making these EVA comparisons way too easy…)


        I mean Kurosu Ouma… trying to “kill” with the Apocalypse and make Shu and Mana the 2nd Adam and Eve…

        Kurosu trying to kill the world… Kurosu means “cross” or “kill”.

        Kurosu is “crossing out” humanity by “killing” everyone…

        Bad Nihonggo to English puns are bad… XD

        The Moondoggie
      3. But he made the Genome to save everyone. It was Keido who was a “cross” person who “killed” Kurosu. AUGH, TOO MUCH ARBITRARY RELIGIOUS SYMBOLISM. They might as well have called the Apocalypse virus “The Rapture”. It would fit too, because people disappear when they get it.

      4. But he made the Genome to save everyone. It was Keido who was a “cross” person who “killed” Kurosu.

        Oh? Heh, then I got mixed up…

        Too early for me to try watching anime without subs I guess. XD

        The Moondoggie
      5. The Genome I think. At least that’s what the Funimation subs said. Besides, Kurosu wasn’t a bad guy, as far as I could tell. Hell, we got to know him better in 10 minutes than most of the characters in this show.


    1. Keep trolling dreaming Da5id… ShuXInori is canon whether we like it or not.

      It’s like how people deny the existence of the Umineko anime even though it was beautiful… the uncensored version is just divine.

      The Moondoggie
      1. I’m not saying it’s not canon. I’m just trying to make it seem more…progressive, rather than bland and boring.

        Don’t you think it’s more compelling that the main character fell for a transvestite?


        (also I’ve yet to see one person deny the existence of any whole anime before, so I don’t think that’s a simile that can be used here)

      2. Wow, you really like trudging in the darkest, weirdest parts of the internet…

        Anyway, that guy clearly acknowledged its existence! Anyway, that’s just being a poor sport. I hated the Fullbringer Arc of Bleach, but I at least can acknowledge it existed, if for no purpose than to sell more volumes and give Ichigo his powers back.

      3. Tell that to fans >.>

        And since your a writer, I recommend you check the place out. They are the reason I think that nothing can be original anymore since the place had Literature cataloged.

        The Moondoggie
      4. I’ve been to TVtropes. I actually tried to write a comic with a couple friends that was basically supposed to be a parody of Shonen manga with EVERY SINGLE TROPE THAT COULD FIT CRAMMED INTO ONE STORY. We outlined it out towards the usual point those kind of stories do a timeskip, but we only got 3 chapters completely done before the magic fizzled out.

        And of course nothing can be original anymore, but the old stuff can at least be moved around in an original way that works as a story. Style can never be substituted for substance. That is the lesson GC teaches aspiring writers.

      1. That’d be cool, but there is not really much to argue about with GC. Pretty much everyone agrees GC sucks.
        I guess we could argue who does more 180 personality changes. I think it’s Ayase right now.

  40. i just hope shuu ultimately really dies in the end. I’ve never wanted a main character to die more than i want shuu to die. I fear the writers will pull some sort of sh!t out of their ass to make this a happy ending. But i’m hoping that shuu sacrifices himself to save humanity, or jsut dies.
    I hate when writers say someone will/did die and they DON’T! It’s the same for when gai suddenly came back… I kind of expected it cause the whole series so far was a big wtf moment so it’s only natural that this wtf moment was followed by another wtf moment.
    Yea… if shuu dies in the end with no one to save him and the world is safe… then i’m content. Or everyone dies. i’m good with that too.

      1. I suppose you talk about Code Geass right ?! I thumb up for Code geass is better than BRS but I love Yuri BRS even I don’t understand a damm thing.
        Seriosly guily crow is not really that good . 50 episodes will do just like code geass.


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