「もてなさなイカ!?」 (Motenasanai ka!?)
“Won’t You Welcome Us!?”

How much would someone have to pay you to have one of these bad boys installed in your home? I was actually expecting the worse from Minami Kaze Owner’s description on how to use his custom toilet, namely that the bowl was going to be the giant squid head’s mouth, so the actual reveal wasn’t as bad as it was in my mind. I guess I really need to get my head out of the toilet (bad pun intended). As for the Owner himself and his no nonsense hospitality, it wasn’t as amusing as it probably could’ve been, but I found some amusement in the implicit seiyuu connections I drew from Koyama Rikiya voicing him and Kawasumi Ayako voicing his daughter Ayumi. Don’t get me wrong, Ayumi is ridiculously cute and can run away with a skit by just being in it, but their no-nonsense Master/Servant-like relationship had me thinking of another pair voiced by the same people this season — Kiritsugu and Saber. Hmm… it looks like I have to get my nose out of Fate/Zero too.

* Fake Ika Musume heads invade the ending sequence this week.


「記憶喪失じゃなイカ!?」 (KiokuSoushitsu Janai ka!?)
“Isn’t That Amnesia!?”

I said it before and I’ll say it again: Never trust an opportunist who’ll stab you in the back at their earliest convenience, or in the case of Sanae and Cindy, turn Ika into their personal plaything. I do have some respect for those two, in the sense that their shame knows no bounds when it comes to Ika. I salute them for their memory manipulating efforts — particularly those of the full-length variety — though Chizuru deserves some praise for making Eiko blush to Ika’s “Onee-chan”. That did not just happen. Mind blown, with all season one images flashing before my very eyes, literally.

* Golden Axe Janai ka!? Sega’s getting a lot of love this season with Ben-To’s author being a big Sega fan too.


「入部しなイカ!?」 (Nyubu Shina ka!?)
“Won’t You Join the Club!?”

If the Invasion Club is about dressing up Ika, sign me up ASAP. It never hurts when they bust out the first season’s opening theme too, karaoke invasion style. I didn’t find this skit all that funny either (it was more on the cute side), but it was fun watching Ika get along with Koyomi and crew (i.e. Tomomi, Yuka, and Ayano as a quick reminder). Koyomi looks like she has that glasses-off hidden appeal going on as well — when she’s sick no less. It’s getting somewhat close to Ayumi territory. I presume Eiko’s line at the end about Ika being a squid is a play on the saying that idiots are too dumb to catch a cold. Still, what Ika caught was nothing compared to the “shrimp fever” she had before. That was so bad it was good.

* Full-length images: 03, 05, 10, 15.

Note: It should be obvious by now, but the reason this post is so late is because I was busy finshing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword as quickly as possible. I didn’t even watch this episode until now.




  1. How much would someone have to pay you to have one of these bad boys installed in your home?

    Seriously? You don’t have one already? I think it’s funny that she actually used it, too.
    I normally dislike toilet humour, but this was acceptable and tasteful.
    I loved the surprised voicing that Eiko made after pretty much everything the Owner said.

    The 2nd skit ending left me hanging, but the trolling was fun.

    The 3rd skit was sweet and really well done.

  2. The first part was okay but served more to explore the characters of both father and daughter. The second part was great. THe Golden Axe reference popped up for me as well and everyone trying to exploit poor Ika’s confused state was funny, topped by Ika reasoning that Eiko was her sister.

    The bad part was when she tried to pull her hat off and almost succeeded. That looked painful and dangerous, especially when she leaked ink. That kind of killed the comedic vibe. Looked like the final part was not going for comedy but just showing Ika and Friends. Eiko did make some amusing tsukkomi lines though

    Zaku Fan
  3. Nice. Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought about the seiyuu connection between the owner and Ayumi. She really should appear more. Can’t get enough of her and Kawasumi Ayako’s voice 😀

  4. Hooray for another shout out to Sega 😉
    Golden Axe was the very first game I completed on Genesis and I can still remember how proud I was of my accomplishment at that time, that was until I challenged Sonic which was great fun but a serious pain in the ass! I sometimes wonder how well will I fare on these old school games nowadays.

    Seishun Otoko
  5. This episode was quite enjoyable for long time fans. Not sure if people who watch it for the punchlines would enjoy it as much. To me, this was sort of a “fan service” episode in that sense.

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