「僕たちが選ぶ運命のドア」 (Bokutachi ga Erabu Unmei no Doa)
“The Door of Fate We Choose”

For once, an episode of Mawaru Penguindrum felt like it answered more questions than it presented. Oddly enough, it didn’t seem to culminate the twenty episodes of development that came before it though. Most of the revelations were concerning the make-believe Takakura family, continuing the tried-and-true trend of shocking the viewer with twists. In addition to the fantasy realm of changing fates, the series has now dipped into the supernatural realm by suggesting that both Sanetoshi and Kenzan are already dead. In terms of sheer shock value, there’s no arguing that it had a profound effect — particularly for me who loves twists where we later learn that certain characters are actually ghosts — but in this case it feels a bit misplaced in the grand scheme of things.

I like the eerie vibe of metaphysical planes of existence — in reference to mysterious penguin hat, the Central “Hole in the Sky” Library, and the Child Broiler — however, meddling from beyond the grave just feels like they diverged from the surreal fantasy aspect that’s been built up and “cheapened” it a bit. That impression comes almost entirely from the fact that I never thought ghosts would come into play, and my skepticism even when Himari walked into the true form of the restaurant that Kanba just came out of. I was thinking “ghosts” even before Sanetoshi said it, but didn’t want to believe it because Mawaru Penguindrum seemed to be “above” this common plot device. With the inclusion of ghosts, the story has opened itself up to an endless number of possibilities on what’s “real” and metaphysical, and the last thing I’d want to find out in the remaining three episodes is that a lot of what I’ve seen is just in the minds of a few people who have been interacting with ghosts (most notably Sanetoshi).

However, I’m not the least bit opposed to the direction the story has taken within the confines of the supernatural aspect, namely that Kanba has turned into the ultimate antagonist or sorts in his attempt to save Himari by whatever means necessary. In comparison, both Keiju and Yuri look like they’re repeat victims of the Kiga Group, with Kanba as the second coming of Kenzan. To bring Kanba to his senses and save him from the same fate as his real father, it’s nice to see that Masako — who confirmed here that Kanba is her biological sibling — is on the same page as Himari. I mentioned before that Masako’s one of my favorite characters in this series, so I’m looking forward to the opportunity to actually root for her from a story standpoint.

The one thing I am a bit disappointed about is the fallout from Shouma’s fight with Kanba, which led to a rather depressing parting with Himari. I was hoping to see Shouma rejuvenated by the sight of the scarf Himari’s held onto for all this time and work with her to bring Kanba around, but he was clearly too heartbroken/traumatized to keep up the Takakura family act — especially after Kanba had the tabloid writer killed. I get the feeling Shouma will come around for the finale though, where he’ll hopefully acknowledge Himari as his soulmate too. My only other “concern” so to speak is how the emphasis on Momoka’s diary and the idea of changing destinies has greatly diminished in the second half of the series. Sanetoshi did mention that his original terrorism attempt was thwarted by Momoka, but that didn’t suggest that either Momoka or her diary will have any further role in this story. If ghosts really do exist now, I say a “Momoka intervention” is in order, preferably in a grown-up form.


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  1. I feel sorry for Kanba. He’s doing everything he can to save Himari (he doesn’t even know it’s in vain because the medicine won’t keep working) while Shouma is just being useless. I hope there’s a good ending for Kanba.

    1. Pick it back up. Ikuhara has a unique storytelling style, but it was way worth it. Sometimes the best shows start of weird or boring, but end up being awesome. (I dropped Madoka Magica after one episode, then picked it back up after others told me it was NOT cheesy shoujo and they were right)

  2. It didn’t really delve into supernatural territory, Divine. Allow me to explain.

    Didn’t you understand that Kanba was hallucinating/deluding himself in that bar? There was no one there, he imagined the whole thing. It even got explained in the next scene with the dialogue “An illusion caused by a strong desire to see someone again”. Kenzan’s body, however, was there yes, as seen by Himari. Sanetoshi is more of a deity-like existence like Momoka. There’s no ghost element, you just got played by Sanetoshi.

    1. I don’t know about getting played, since that’s actually the way I understood it as far as Kanba is concerned. Sanetoshi on the other hand I’m not so sure about, hence why I’m willing to buy into the supernatural side of things for him. Lots of people interact Sanetoshi as opposed to Shouma’s parents. What makes you think he’s a deity-like though? Do terrorists become deities when they die?

      1. I think he’s like a deity in a sense that he’s not just floating around talking to people. It seems as though he has more power over people than a normal ghost. Isn’t he apparently the one who gave himari the hat? the medicine? Ghosts can’t really do that can they? To me, he’s some sort of supernatural being (that’s not a ghost), or he’s actually just a very manipulative ghost.

        But what strikes me as odd is the fact that he wasn’t ever in the arctic photograph until upon further inspection. It’s like he was “there” but never seen. To me, this says that he was never there to begin with, not ‘alive before, dead now.’ What this means is up for debate lol

    2. The delusion theory doesn’t seem to add up if you consider that Kanba leaves with a wad of money. Moreover, Himari sees Kanba leave the shop with one of those shady trenchcoat people in tow. Something concrete must be happening in the shop; it’s more a matter of who’s involved that doesn’t seem to be clear.

      1. Sanetoshi’s talk with the real doctor gave a lot of hints to his true identity. He’s a ghost in a metaphorical sense because despite being no longer in this world his “will” continues to haunt the living. His terrorist actions caused a lot of pain to the childs and friends of his group members and victims; the Takakuras, Ringo’s family, Tabuki + Yuri and Masako’s family. His group has the money to prolong Himari’s life which also affects Shoma and Kanba which in turns, affect Kanba’s real family who still cares for him.

        The Takakura parent’s “ghosts” are even more obvious. They’ve been dead for awhile and I’m sure the trio knew it but deluded themselves into thinking otherwise in order to continue the life that was perhaps the only time fillde with mutual love and happiness that they’ve had as children.

      2. ^

        I like this idea of the wills of the parents still being around and affecting the children. It would explain Kanba’s delusions of his parents and Masako’s delusions that her grandfather has possessed Mario.

        Sanetoshi, on the other hand. I think that he is actually a ghost trying to continue his terrorism for whatever reason. I’m surprised that Momoka hasn’t shown up yet, but maybe she has been reincarnated into one of the characters. Maybe she could even be the hat, although Momoka’s personality and the hat’s are quite different from what we’ve seen.

    3. I agree, at least with regards to Kenzan. Kanba is being guided by his delusions, taking the form of an alive Kenzan. Sanetoshi on the other hand is ‘supernatural’ in the same way that Momoka was/is. I wouldn’t describe Sanetoshi as a ghost but he’s definitely not a normal human. That’s my take on it.

    4. Kanba is deceiving himself in this way. All he thought is he can save Himari with money and their ways, he’s totally deluding himself. I’m probably thinking if Kanba is ady nuts. I was actually routing for him on Episode 18 but looked what happened.

  3. what a depressing episode…
    I wasn’t feeling well after it :s

    I fear that we will have a finale episode where someone use the diary and erase all that happened (or even more) since the beginning of the show :/

    1. My pet theory is that the world will be resetted back to ‘our’ world where the sarin gas attack happened instead of the bombings.

      Now just wait till this theory gets completely jossed like the rest of my theories.

    2. i put my money on Ringo using the diary to erease it all, just because of the opening as she clearly gets burnt in the same fashion as Momoka but really hope it wont be the case. i got used to the twisted ways of this show.

  4. I don’t see a good ending for this without a deus ex machina involved. Poor Shouma, the son of a terrorist who made a make up family with an abandoned girl and the son of a dead terrorist.

  5. Some of the surprise twists this episode really got to me (the ones I wasn’t aware of) and I really liked that the dollhouse-look of the Takakura house was actually a literal metaphor, if you get what I mean.

    For now, I can only hope Shouma does something, Momoka gets involved in the finale, and Ringo gets some kind of happy end.

  6. To the people who might wonder why Kanba doesn’t just take the money from his rich sibling Masako instead of going the terrorist route:

    He probably feels contempt for the Natsume family while at the same time admiration for the Takakuras. The constant approval he receives from Kenzan, whether it’s his ghost or just Kanba’s imagination, is also a decisive factor in him not questioning his actions. Simply put, that’s the door of fate he chose.

    1. Can someone explain to me the whole situation with the families?

      So the flashback after the ED showed Kanba getting adopted by the Takakuras, and Kanba’s biological father is the blow-fish guy. But Kanba still had Mario and Masako in his family, so why did the Takakuras only adopt him? Also, from my perspective the Takakura dad seemed to want either anarchy or an end to capitalistic competition. If I’m interpreting that correctly, why would he have been acquainted with one of the richest men in Japan?

      Ever since the 2nd cour started, I have gotten lost a lot. The only way I see these issues getting resolved is if everyone in the current “fate” has been taken from random fates and put all together into one (kinda of the Steins Gate world lines). I guess the ending would then be using the diary to get to the “Penguin Gate” fate line that makes everything okay or something…

      1. The “blow-fish guy” is Kanba, Masako, and Mario’s grandfather. Their father was killed ten years ago in the gas attack. He was also deemed a failure by their grandfather, which may explain why he joined the Kiga Group. As for why only Kanba was adopted, that we don’t know yet.

      2. The grandfather still saw potential to Mario him into the perfect Natsume successor. As to why Masako wasn’t adopted, she feels a responsibility to save him from that fate. I also get the impression she adhered to the formal training she received in the Natsume house hold in fact she succeed her grandfathers will for a successor perfectly. *__*

    2. The funny thing about that is if it’s a Door of Fate, he didn’t choose it. Kanba doesn’t realize that his father is just telling him what he wants to hear, and I think we can take this for granted. You can see it in the scene at the bar, where he just went along with his father’s line of dialogue instead of questioning it. Kanba might seem to have his own point of view, because he acts a lot, but this is just another illusion in a series full of illusions.

  7. Shouma still has something left in him; I have no proof of this, it’s just what I want to see happen.

    This show continues to punch me in the heart and has done so for since the “ED” break at episode 14. Up until then it was cool, and had a macabre sense of playfulness to it; barring the whole Ringo/Project M business. But the Princess of Lies episode swung this cat into a whole new place, and since then it’s been one punch after the other.

    It’s my hope that the story is finished with revelations now; it’s time to bring this to a close. I know there is more to show, I just want it too be finished.

    Project M seems to have been left by the wayside, Unless it really stands for Project Momoka. That would be interesting.

  8. I have to agree that the whole ghost thing really seems to cheapen everything, it just really doesn’t feel like it belong. You know what else was cheap though, having Natsume hunt Kanba’s ex-girlfriends and then reveal that she’s actually his sister, I mean, wtf. I makes no sense.

    And why in the heck is Mario even a character? There is enough going on here to anchor Natsume to the story without her younger brother.

    And while we are at it, why did we spend 8? episodes on Ringo chasing Tabuki?

    Don’t get me wrong, I look forward each week to the next episode but…

    Jack Spicer
  9. =o Does this greenlight Kanba’s future death then? Or will there be a Deus ex Momoka somewhere down the line so everyone will have a happy ending? I mean, Utena’s ending wasn’t exactly happily ever after…

    As for what Sanetoshi mentioned this episode; does Kanba actually have the ‘power’ to see ghosts, or is he just delusional?

      1. Sanetoshi said he was more of a ‘curse’ than a ghost, so he could be a manifestation of the reality that the kids can’t ever seem to get away from what the Takakura parents have done, or from the role society has put them in. And also for the desperation Kanba feels with regards to saving Himari.

    1. It’s delusion alright — Or perhaps a combination of both. We can’t rule out the possibilty that he can see ghost. Heck, we have Momoka, who has god-like powers, changing people’s fate, so having someone who can see ghost probably wouldn’t hurt the series.

  10. The only thing haunting Kanba at this point is being called a failure. I think we are seeing the beginning of his unraveling. Nothing good can come from his actions. Killing was the line he shouldn’t have crossed. And to think, Himari might be the one to pull that thread.

    I agree with the point on Mario. Dude, why are you even here? I made a guess earlier that he might be a ‘rescue’ similar to Himari; perhaps giving some symmetric tie between Natsume and Takabura, but that guess isn’t standing very strong right now.

    Why else would our good “What happened to the Mouse” Doctor make an appearance, but to perhaps confirm that the Kenzan was nothing more than a delusion? It seems fair for us to watch Kanba enter into an abandoned seedy building to make his Kiga contact, that’s the underbelly of things. Now, it seems more than likely that underneath his calm determined demeanor is the heart of a lunatic in the making. I might wanna revisit my “Hamari might be the one to pull that thread” comment above; I’ve written Kanba off, but not Himari.

  11. Oh, no one has seemed to mention the inclusion of the Teddydrums. Cute little toys or something else? I’ve always thought they had a bit of a ‘pregnant/giving birth’ metaphor going on about them.

  12. I asked for a Kanba episode. I got what I wanted, except I didn’t expect it to be even more awesome xD

    there were already LOTS of hints that those 3 weren’t blood related, so there really is no surprise there.

    3 episodes left. They should have enough time to wrap this up in a fabulous max way

  13. Ikuhara loves illusions. Just look at Utena, which has a shape-shifting witch, an upside-down fantasy castle and (in the movie) an entire school fabricated out of nothingness. So I don’t think it would be out of the ordinary to say that Sanetoshi is using Kanba’s hallucinations to manipulate him, whether he himself is creating those hallucinations (in that case, did he do the same to Tabuki?) or whether he is simply banking on Kanba’s insecurities.

    Since this show has been harking back to Night on the Galactic Railroad from the very beginning, though–not to mention Schrodinger’s cat–I think it’s wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that the boundaries between life and death play a very important role in Penguindrum. So I wouldn’t say that Sanetoshi being a “curse” is that cheap, really, since death has been hanging out in the background of this show since the first episode where Himari “died” at the aquarium.

  14. If Shouma really won’t do anything and just be there being useless then I don’t know what was the point in this arc with soulmate thing. Himari quickly switch sides, did she ever really concern about her soulmate? I thought that it has a greater meaning. I know about Kanba’s situation and I also worry about him, but I’m feeling a bit fooled now.

  15. I think Sanetoshi being a “ghost” isnt a bad thing. He said himself that hes not exactly a ghost. I view him something similar as Momoka. Momoka was presumed to be dead because of the attack, while Sanetoshi is presumed to be dead because he became a terrorist responsible for the attack. If any case, this puts cements the idea that those two are on the same level, but have opposing views.

  16. I have a feeling Ringo will be the one who snaps Shouma out of his depression, much like what she’s done nearly the entire series. Everything about those two screams destiny, and I’m not even much of a shipper for that pairing.

    Himari choosing to stop Kanba is seriously amazing. Kanba’s nothing but red flags ala Anakin Skywalker at the moment, but I think his death is just too obvious at this point. I’m not sure if it’ll be him or if it’ll be Shouma who bites it in the end, if anybody does at all.

    1. I can’t see Shouma saying to Himari anything soulmate related, really…he thinks of Kanba and Himari to be his precious siblings, and he never showed any signs of being attracted to her, to me it’d be a huge wtf at this point. With Himari we had a whole episode dedicated to who her soulmate was but…Shouma didn’t even react to the scarf, or anything, he is just devastated about how Kanba has become and that their family is broken. He didn’t even care to keep Himari by his side…it’s true I can never ship them, since I’m all for Ringo but it would not make good sense…what the heck is a soulmate anyway.

      I’m sure Ringo will do something now. Shouma is too weak right now, and who better than Ringo to help him?

      1. The soulmate angle in this show is interesting, in that Tabuki and Yuri both thought of Momoka as their soulmates (so it’s obviously not restricted to just one person), and now we know Himari thinks of Shouma as her soulmate. The difference being that Himari confessed she’d been in love with Shouma since she met him, but she isn’t allowing it to govern her life like the aforementioned two. Regardless, Shouma clearly doesn’t think of Himari as a romantic option, and this late in the game, the only feelings I can see believably reciprocated in this show are between Shouma and Ringo (if anybody ends up paired off in the first place). And really, I think Ringo brings out the best in Shouma. He’s currently in an emo slump and Ringo is going to have to abuse him to get him to snap out of it and put the pieces of his family back together.

        Given how one of this show’s major themes (if not the theme) is family, I’ve a feeling the show will end in a bittersweet recovery of the familial-like bonds between the four main characters. Really, I can’t imagine what else is next, but I’m enjoying the ride to the finale.

  17. It’s really quite an amazing plot in how the crazy stalker girl turns out to be the most normal person in the entire series. Ringo is pretty much on the outside of everything (despite being Momoka’s sister), and she is the only one that can give Shoma or others a chance at becoming normal again.

    *~shibireru ne~*

  18. More answers than questions from MPD? That’s indeed a good surprise. I’m quite disappointed that Kanba has turned into an antagonist and I have a feeling things are not going to be all rosy towards the end. The cliffhanger surrounding Yuri and Kejiu’s fate this week is pretty unsettling and it happens just when Yuri finally come to terms with her feelings for Tabuki too (or it seems).

    Seishun Otoko
  19. Only this series could pull off a love triangle between a “sister” and her two “brothers”. There’s fodder here for every shipper imaginable. Really great episode, I loved the direction.

  20. I’m not sure how powerful Sanetoshi really is. In Utena, Mikage thought he had agency but he was really only a ghost — the battles he instigated had more to do with people’s inner demons than with anything Mikage made happen. Likewise, is Sanetoshi actually making anything happen here? Or is he just watching as people’s actions are shaped by their memories of the past and of the deceased that live on through their thoughts and actions. He’s like Schrodenger’s cat, huh? If Sanetoshi wasn’t “present”, would the characters act any differently? It’s like Kanba’s parents – if they were still alive, Kanba would have been raised to carry on their legacy, but with their death he still carries it on through his memories which makes him carry out the actions they set in place. Maybe Sanetoshi is just an embodiment of the desires that the lost loved ones in each character’s lives have created, and the actions he appears to set into motion are the actions the characters take to keep their memories alive in the present. :/ Anyway, that’s one way to view this whole “ghost” thing.

    1. From what we’ve seen so far, Sanetoshi is extremely powerful (he has absolute control over all the characters’ fates), but he can’t use his power directly like the other characters do, because he’s not alive anymore. As for Mikage, both him and Akio were ghosts, because if you notice what Akio’s name means, it’s phoenix, a creature that’s reborn from its ashes. Neither one of them had real agency, if you want to put it that way. I think this series will progress a lot differently from Revolutionary Girl Utena.

      1. Mmm, and whereas Mikage was only partially fooled by illusions, Akio was totally consumed in them, absolutely drowning in them, and he can’t escape them under any circumstances, because he was born with an inferior personality.

  21. another wild card might be Ringo… (or maybe that is just me thinking that). It is indeed heartbroken to see Himari part with Shouma… first san-chan, now them, I really hope the story won’t get any more depressing on that front.

    as to the ghost stuff… it is indeed a shocker that the restaurant turned out to be deserted long ago and the guy dead, but it is still interesting enough to keep me hooked… hope the story will have a strong finish.

  22. For my crack theory I think that Himari’s hat holds Momoka’s personality/spirit/memories kinda like when Mario was temporarily taken over by his grandfather, though I don’t know whether that was Masako dreaming and whether that actually happened, I still think the hat has some sort of significance since it kept pushing for Shouma and Kanba to focus on the diary and it seems to be not working toward the same goals as Sanetoshi

    Der Fur Shur
  23. Speaking of Keiju and Yuri, I would have never thought their “family” with Momoka would foreshadow the Takakura trio in this way. I was keeping my eye on those three as it did occur to me that this show from the first episode would have foils/mirrors in other people. The Double H colour scheme was just to similar to ignore to the boy’s.

    Momoka brought together Keiju and Yuri. One a child cast off by his mother as garbage in the child broiler and the other a girl that did make her fathers expectation and Momoka forced her way into become friends with Yuri. Shouma brought together Himari and Kandba who are part of a similar cycle of neglect. I has not been show but the last statement that Shouma and Kanba were good friends before his fathers death and adoption my indeed mirror what Momoka did for Kanba.

  24. i totally loved this episode. The absence of gags (even the penguins behaved!) really made the whole drama heavy and a lot of questions have indeed been answered. Now, i’m pretty sure the ending will be surprising so i wont try to guess it…

  25. This show…while I probably wouldn’t re-watch it, its DAM interesting and I just can’t bring myself to skip an episode because I know the plot will twist and blow my mind >.<

  26. Supernatural stuff aside, it seems that after long time of suspicion we can label pink-haired bishonen as main villain. Kanba is getting used by him, and is strolling the path towards destruction while being manipulated by illusion of saving Himari. Himari herself might become a second coming of Momoka, and derail the world salvation thru destruction plan – again, with or without diary. It will be good to have Masako on the good side, possibly with Ringo and Shouma in the tow. I wonder if Keiju and/or Yuri will survive the shadowy Kiba group agent, they could be helpful in the endgame too.

  27. Momoka’s diary is the key to everything I think. The penguin drum is some sort of metaphysical thing that can allow you do change the destiny/go back and fix the Child Broiler. Sanetoshi I still do not understand. If he really is a ghost, I have a feeling that he is orchestrating everything. I’m re-watching the last arc of Utena, and see the story telling similarities where the viewer has to add together all the random clues you are given.

    1. Dr. Sanetoshi said he wanted to set the fate back on track. It seems the Takakura family’s fate was destroyed by Kan-chan’s and Shouma’s parents, but I’m with you, I don’t get how that connects to making Kan-chan do all this dirty work.

  28. So what about the Kanbo-Masako kiss at the hostipal way back around episode 11. It was ok then since she was a ‘stalker’ but now that she is revealed as his biological sister…

    1. …as opposed to him snogging a girl whom he’s been living with as her older brother and practically raising her for years? You know, I never got that. Why incest between bioligical siblings is considered worse than that between people who’ve been growing up together as siblings for most of their lives, or even raised each other. If one’s squicky, then they both should be (or, if you’re more liberal, then nether, perhaps?). After all, the reason most of us aren’t dating our siblings is more than just the likelihood of unfavourable mutations building up in your progeny, it’s because we’d feel downright weird seeing someone we’ve grown up very close with like that. Boiling down incest to merely the biological aspect ignores the emotional side.

      Let’s just say Ikurara likes playing around with incest in general, I guess. Masako seems like quite an unusual woman, perhaps her obsession with winning Kanba back made her feel that if she couldn’t have him as a sister, she’ll try to win him any way she can. Not healthy, but not surprising in a show where everybody is seriously messed up…

  29. Am I the only that noticed the significance of the two different penguin faces?

    I feel so dumb! hahaha

    Anyways, it seems like that reporter was more than just a reporter (judging by his watch with the penguin face on it). It appears as though there is a two sided war on which method is the best way to make the world better. Satenoshi + Kiga vs. Momoka. One is the two faced penguin, which commits crimes that are ‘justified’ by the ends they pursue. The other, momoka, take on punishment to help others. There is also the differences in the robotic bears. One is black, and can be seen in the kiga group hq or whatever at the end. Himari with the hat on usually stands on the white one right?

    I thought it was cool near the ending where kanba is shown calling in a truck with the two faced penguin logo on it, while sho gives a blank look with the normal penguin logo behind him in the background.

    This makes me want to go back to the old episodes and see who / what is associated with the varying types of symbols.

  30. Kanba is a fucking idiot. It pains me to know there are terroristic people like him in the real world, who will basically do whatever you want if you string them along the right way.

    Flayed HAT
  31. This show never ceases to amaze me. Seriously, Ikuhara is a genius.

    About the ghost thing: you should never take anything literally in this show. Sanetoshi is PRESUMED to be dead by the doctor. There’s also the fact that that whole “radio” show was in some kind of “alternate reality” thing (I mean seriously, that doctor only realized that he walked into his own office when he was already there?)

    I’m more interested in the relationship between Masako and Kanba. Ikuhara does not shy away from incest, so she might really be in love with him… especially since the line in the preview used the form of “embrace” the japanese use as an euphemism for sex…

    1. I highly suggest that everyone should re-watch episodes 12 and 13. They pretty spell out that Satenoshi, ALONG with momoka aren’t normal human beings. The pink hair is just one of the indications. in episode 13, i think, Satenoshi explains that his true love (who is hinted to be momoka) is the only who can see the same scenery as him. I hypothesize that they are both beings which can bend the laws of life and death. However, Momoka “rejected” him because, quite clearly, has different values from him. Satenoshi is the one that made his rabbits coax “mary,” who is actually Kenzan Takakura to commit a taboo act in order to save his “tree” which I don’t what is yet. HOWEVER, I have a feeling it’s Shouma, his only real son that is his most precious item aka the “tree.” I noticed that only Himari and Kanba are the one’s truly being punished. They also happen to be non-blood related to the takakura’s.

      In the end, my theory is that Satenoshi coaxed kenzan into organizing the subway rail attacks in order for him to imprison momoka in the penguin hat. Otherwise, how else was he able to give the hat to himari? I’m not completely sure if anything I say is true, or even makes sense, but that’s sorta what I’m thinking right now.

  32. I don’t know if anyone will agree with me, but I think Kanba’s obsession with keeping Himari alive isn’t purely love; Shouma loves her and every though he’s struggling right now (I wouldn’t call him useless) he’s pretty much accepted that Himari will die.

    I think Kanba’s problem links back to his father. His father dies, as is seen, so first and foremost Kanba seems to resent himself a little for this, so not only does her feel the need to follow in his fathers footsteps or become his father, he also wants strongly to prevent the death of Himari, much like he couldn’t do as a child for his father. I also think it has to do with Kanba thinking himself a failure at his fathers funeral, something I strongly believe Kanba imagines and his father didn’t actually say. He could be afraid of failing, and to fail is to let Himari die and go against “his father and mothers” wishes.

  33. Divine, perhaps I didn’t watch carefully, but why do you say that what Sanetoshi was planning was a terrorist attack? Didn’t he just say that Momoka thwarted his plans?
    Then again, there might be something from the previous episodes I don’t remember.


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