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This week’s episode of Kimi to Boku took a pretty strange turn. Instead of filling me up with the usual happy go-lucky feelings I’ve come to expect, I was getting so angry that I was ready to shove my fist through my monitor to smack some sense into Yuuki and Chizuru.

Since episode one, it’s been pretty clear that Yuuki and Chizuru love to poke fun at Kaname’s serious attitude. Be it a small joke or a personal attack right in front of his face; the sky’s the limit for the two. However, their usual jokes at Kaname’s expense this week were starting to make my blood boil. To put things in perspective, it’s quite amazing how Kaname managed to hold the reins over the student council while also managing his class’s preparations for the culture festival without going crazy. But throw in a pair of troublemakers who were basically pushing all the wrong buttons at all the wrong times and I’m surprised that Kaname was able to keep his composure for so long.

To sum everything up, what was probably supposed to be a really funny episode probably ended up raising my blood pressure a few points. I’m probably not the person that this episode was catered toward, since I still don’t see the humor in screwing around with someone who’s stressed out. I’m also a firm believer in supporting those who are giving something absolutely everything they’ve got and shoving those who get in their way off a cliff.

However, even with all this negativity flowing about, there was still something that I did enjoy. That “something” would be how spot on the writers were about how hard you can fail at using a copy machine. Starting with placing Yuuki and Chizuru placing the paper down the wrong way, it was amazing how the joke didn’t stop and continued straight into the realm of paper orientation. While 99% of the world probably didn’t find it as funny as I did, I was satisfied knowing that the two were outsmarted by a simple copy machine. Serves them right!




  1. This anime is getting more and more boring !!…i’ve read the manga and there are really interesting stories …i wonder if the anime is going to cover them…sadly we are running out of eps ..this season is 11 eps right?

  2. “Since episode one, it’s been pretty clear that Yuuki and Chizuru love to poke fun at Chizuru’s serious attitude.”

    Hmm? You mean Kaname’s serious attitude rite?

    For me, this anime is getting more and more interesting. Love this show.
    Getting boiled up indicates that you’re really into the characters 🙂

  3. I think the way this episode made you feel is, to be honest, exactly what the creators wanted. You were supposed to feel sorry for Kaname and get mad at Yuuki and Chizuru for their behavior, and this was evidenced by the brief and powerful moment where Kaname sat down on the stairs trying to get even a moment’s rest. This idea was further shown by the final scene, which utilized Yuuki’s insult (which I’m almost positive was a joke) as a means to mask the importance of them trying to find a way to ease the burden on him by finding a way to get the copying done without him. This show’s dialog is so strong 😀

  4. I believe this episode was made to show us more of Kaname, from his perspective and such. And we had a lot of strong scenes, most of them at the end (everyone walking in the sunset, Kaname being exhausted and such). This show doesn’t tell everything, instead you have to interpret it. That’s why I love it.

  5. I was thinking this was aimed more at a younger audience, like those who probably haven’t really experienced stress and can relate more to Yuuki and Chizuru. It makes us older folk mad but maybe it just shows what happens to the other party for kids their age.

  6. I know how this feels, sometime I’m the one being messed with and sometime I’m the one doing it. Kaname said he’s accustomed to it now, I think I am too, but I agree Yuuki and Chizuru really did go pretty far and I was surprised too Kaname didn’t snap . Well I think actually he does, he does smack Chizuru hard in the end lol.
    That’s also why even if I think the character I’m the most close to in the show is Kaname, I never was a delegate/etc at school because even if everyone always used to tell I’d be good for it I know I would snap one day.


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