「焼かなイカ!?」 (Yakanai ka!?)
“Won’t You Grill!?”

There are so many ways that you can finish the sentence, “You know you’re a bad person when… “, but I never thought I’d be doing so with, “…you let your little brother starve while you’re busy stuffing your face with meat.” I didn’t forget poor Takeru though, as I was wondering why the camera never panned over to him when Eiko was busy trying to slow down Chizuru and Ika’s feverish pace. I saw him at the beginning, so I actually wondered if his inclusion was some sort of animation mistake. However, it looks like the skit was banking on just that, as Chizuru wouldn’t even go so far as to purposely screw over her innocent younger brother, especially when he was oblivious to the fact that they completely forgot about him. At least he got a plate of the good stuff all to himself. Judging from the marbleization, it was likely Matsusaka beef too. The spoils go to the patient ones, you gluttonous pigs!


「護らなイカ!?」 (Mamoranai ka!?)
“Won’t You Defend!?”

If one of the goals of Chizuru’s self-defense demonstration was to turn Gorou into a closet masochist, then I’d say she did pretty well in that regard. Well that, and possibly giving him fertility problems in the future. I said back in episode eight that Gorou’s in desperate need of some more screen time, and while he reaffirmed why that is here, I have to hand it to Chizuru for setting things up with her “invitation”. Not many guys can resist a cute girl telling him to “assault her” with everything he’s got, let alone a Japanese man who’s helplessly in love with said girl and only able to resist his true desires by reminding himself of “morals” and “principles” — you know, the trifling stuff that always gets in the way. If you ask me, it should be criminal for girls to innocently tease people with a double entendre like that, because you can only tempt a “healthy” young man so much with forbidden fruit before you need to start blaming the fruit if anything should happen. *cough* Oh yeah, Ayumi was cute this episode too, especially when she gave her dad an inadvertent beat down. Girls these days… they rebel so fast! *sniff*.


「寒くなイカ!?」 (Samukunai ka!?)
“Isn’t It Cold!?”

Like ’em or hate ’em, the MIT Idiot Trio opens the door to a lot of over-the-top comedic scenarios. Only with their crazy inventions can Ika Musume have a skit with snow on the beach and totally run with it. Throw in all Kiyomi and all her friends, plus Cindy whom we haven’t seen in a while, and we have a very “believable” hot pot party inside an igloo. The only thing I would’ve liked to see is an all-out snowball fight for some good ‘ol slapstick laughs, but seeing Ika nearly freeze to death and start hallucinating kind of made up for it. She was pretty cute in her snow jacket too, as seen in both the OP and the ED this week.

* Full-length images: 10, 11, 15.


OP/ED10 Sequence



  1. Image 11. Poor Goro. Oh well, At least he’s got Chizuru watching over him in the hospital.

    Man This week. All sorts of Chizuru Death Glares. ^w^. hadn’t had enough of those recently.

    Image 3. ahahahaha XD *dies* Eiko went shoujo, and never came back. Her continued futile efforts were pretty dang hilarious.

  2. This episode was very funny, with the first and third parts being most excellent. The first part reminded me of Gintama’s hilarious Nabe Shogun episode, with Eiko pulling out all her tricks to get at the meat. The 3rd part was a good mix of the manga’s contents. Ika’s invasion club members must find being in her club incredibly interesting with the shenanigans that happen around her

    Zaku Fan
  3. The snow was funny – and on a serious note, proof that global warming is a farce!

    I guess this is a 12’r too like the first season – good development of all of the
    characters. I’d like to see this continue on to a third season of light-hearted fun.

  4. You’re giving Chizuru too much credit – she was only to happy to see Takeru starve, it was only because everyone had stuffed themselves that he got the good stuff at the end. Tortoise vs. hare. And I grew up with 2 older sisters, so I speak from experience.

    You know those wolves from Ben To? Replace the bento with Ika Musume and I am the wolf. That’s how I’m like right now. Show Spoiler ▼

    In my case, I thought Takeru went to sleep as they kept stuffing themselves for hours but the fact they forgot about him sure was funny yup. It felt like a Yakittate Japan!! version of yakiniku when Eiko started rambling about it. Eiko turning into Shoujo mode like the first time she tasted that ink. That sure was fun…

    Someone please, could you make a .gif of Ayumi getting up of the chair after Ika Musume tickled her. I’ll try to do it myself too.

    I think I am traumatized by Ika Musume’s snowman… She sure knows how to make weird stuff… Also lol’ed at Eiko’s ” So Takeru finally learned how to manipulate her too”
    Blond twintails girl was on tv at the end again

  6. hey, Divine.
    is it possible for you to do an ending outlook at the animes you guys watched once the season ends? like the retrospective look except only after the season ends.
    cause I want to see yours and the others comment on series that arent being blogged. or maybe just the ones no one is blogging but is being watched to avoid having to cram so much and more easier than the retrospective look.

    1. This is unlikely unfortunately, as December is always a hectic time for me as far as the site goes. In addition to the usual final impressions on series and the next season preview, there’s also the year-end post.

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