「合宿は皆が寝ないヽ(゜∀゜)ノ」 (Gassyuku wa Minna ga Nenai ヽ(゜∀゜)ノ)
“No One Sleeps at Training Camp”

I don’t really watch Haganai for any significant emotional stimulation, but I would really like it if the story behind Yozora and Kodaka could be resolved in some significant manner that warrants shedding a few tears. If you didn’t catch it, the latter half of this episode had a good deal of awkward blushing moments between the two. Some of which were so blatant that even other characters started to notice!

That said, it’s tough to feel any emotions for Yozora after she’s entered sadistic bitch mode. While she may only turn into one while interacting with Sena, it really doesn’t work in her favor. Except for providing a cheap thrill for all the guys watching the show, it makes it really hard to sympathize with her inability to make “friends” when she’s so cruel to the closest thing she has to a “female friend”. It baffles me when I think about how Yozora always pushes Sena to the point where she’s running away in tears — the first six times were funny, but it’s starting to get a little old when it happens every single time the two have anytime of serious conversation.

Luckily, there were more than enough scenes to capture your attention if the main storyline wasn’t doing it for you. While some of those scenes may be dangerously close to treading on your moral beliefs, you can’t deny that some of them were pretty interesting. With three episodes or so to go, I’m terribly happy that from the previews, it looks like Kodaka might finally make the connection that Yozora is his long lost friend. But, the bigger question is what happens after he makes that connection? Be it good or bad, I think that this may be the last change Haganai has to really get us emotionally involved — so let’s hope for the best!

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    1. It’s still hilarious to me. I view it as an ongoing display of Yozora’s unwavering bitchiness that’s just asking for someone to “break” her tough exterior and “dominate” her in return. I’m waiting for Kodaka to put her in her place.

      1. Everytime he gets annoyed and calls her omae she backs off rather quickly, so it’ll have to be one of those things where she’s emotionally amped like when he mentioned she was like the bullies. Should be a really doozy.

      2. Regardless, given how unconcerned the other members are I don’t think we should take it as anything serious- Even Sena herself, after some down time, was more concerned about exposing herself to Kodaka than anything.

        The point is, it’s only a big deal if you want it to be.

      3. While I fully agree that I’m not into Yozora’s bullying of Sena, I thought in this particular episode, Yozora sounded like she was getting off at dominating Sena. Her voice gradually started to sound sensual.

      1. hmm, or it could think it was just Kusakabe Sakura’s plan came to fruition haha.
        sorry that reminded me so much of Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan. I don’t even watch this anime why am i commenting on its blog?

    1. lol, rather than actual fan service, I think the allure to her character is the cuteness from how absurdly stupid she is, which is understandable at her age, lol, I guess that’s just how anime’s are.

  1. Hmm I think discounting her sadism is that she simply doesn’t know how to interact with people. I do wonder how much effort she is putting in. Seems like all she does is bully sena, tease maria, admire Kodaka. No real interactions with others.

    I wonder how much of it can be attributed to perhaps her shock/fear over losing her only real friend ever. I wonder what the situation is. I hope there is something more there like you said. I still hope they only stay friends no matter what though.

  2. I think the Yozora arc starts really around episode 12-ish if next episode is the summer festival one. Her personality makes more sense if you think that she treats Sena like Sena treated men back in episode 3. All the characters have their flaws, but we just have more fanservice of the other characters more than Yozora ones. However:
    She does make that swimsuit look pretty good. =)

    Btw, no mention of more MEAT fanservice with back to back episodes of flashing?

    1. You know, until seeing this review, and your post, I forgot that was in there. For some reason. Or reasons. I wonder what could have possibly distracted me from the Van Gogh imitation?

  3. they didn’t need to be so graphic with Yozora’s story >.< I had keep my jaw with my hands to keep it from falling at that scene…the feeling was the same as watching the comic side of C3 plunge into its gore side although this one was fleeting.

  4. You know, this time Yozora’s bullying didn’t feel THAT bad… It seemed to me that Sena was kinda enjoying the treatment. Although she denied it in a tsundere way. As Yozora said, “your body is honest”. 😛

    Son Gohan
    1. For a minute there I thought I was the only one that noticed that Sena was kinda starting to enjoy it for a bit (up until Yozora really went at it in the end). Besides, Sena seems to always quickly forget the abuse Yozora deals to her and most likely sees it as their regular interaction. She probably sees her as some sort of friend already; after all, the girl secretly likes being called Meat by Yozora.

  5. You know something tells me that Sena did something bad without her realizing it to Yozora when they are young, that’s why Yozora keeps teasing/bully Sena and the main reason is Kodaka. I hope by next episode, they would enlighten me with it.

    As for dangerous Maria fanservice while she’s doing that pose with her hands placed, I should have taped that.

    1. It’s well established (first episode?) that Yozora saw Sena as popular because she was always surrounded by guys, and this brought in a bit of jealousy. There might be other sources of jealousy, like her good looks, wealth, and their families’ close relationship.

  6. Let the Yozora X Sena BDSM doujins commence!
    Risque fanservice you should treat the same way as Kodaka does – ignore it with stoic “they are just kids”.
    Hands up if Rika’s idea of horror story made you lol!

  7. Yozora must have pent up issues with the closeness of Sena and Kodaka if she would come out to being the “naughty perverted girl” while giving someone a lecture about naughty perversion. I was waiting for Kodaka to rescue Sena and tell Yozora off then have them being all weird during the trip with her leaving early or something and them going to get her. But then again that plot line would be typical.

    I found the bathroom scenes funny with the escorting XD

    To be honest, as high as mighty Sena tends to speak of herself, she’s really got nothing on Yozora in terms of being uptight. Sena’s insecurities and her wanting to change really give her better changes of being a more well-rounded and liked individual. I find it to be easier for her to make lots of friends than any of the rest of the club.

    Either way, Kodaka needs to man up and follow her father’s orders of “taking goof care of her”. She’s a catch, no lie there.

  8. I can’t get myself to like Yozora…
    The thing’s she does in this anime doens’t click with me!
    I know it’s just for comedy value, but I can’t do nothing but feel sorry for Sena.
    And a other thing I can’t understand, who would be turned on, on that Sunscreen scene!
    I like fan-service for one main reason! And that’s because I find it funny and other time’s embarassing!

  9. So the past three episodes. WTF. The combined fanservice and dramaservice has me confused. I don’t know if I should be giving all of the cookies and milk or…..well, cookies (UNIVERSE) and milk (EXCALIBUR).

    And the BL image. MY GOD. It got me as much as the linkage.

  10. I would find Yozora annoying IF she would be trying to be friends with Sena, which is not the case here. I find her bitchy side quite amusing even though it’s been used in every episode simply because Sena is not a person she wants to befriend. And it would be odd if she’d quit being a bitch because they both are interested in the same guy.

    …BUT on the other hand, even if they’d be friends or whatever you call it, I don’t give a rat’s ass. I enjoy the hentai girl *o*

  11. I also agree, the way Yozora treats Sena is really getting on my nerves. Like you said the first few times were okay, then it just gets annoying. Plus, the awkward blushes were really came out of nowhere, in a bad away.

  12. the idea of rika being a perverted genius is GENIUS~! INTERLOCKS! WUUUUT! hehe… well at least it gives the show a lot of comedic value…

    man, 2 eps left and were looking at a major cliffhanger waiting for the second season to pop up, if there ever is one.

    SENAxKODAKA FTW!`! well unless Yozora makes a comeback homerun strike.

  13. I found it hard to sympathize with Yozora, even when she was talking about how, during cooking class, she would stay in the side lines while others prepare food and that they’d set food aside for her ‘out of sympathy’. Yozora could have made an effort to join in.

    As for Yozora’s torturing of Sena, I’m chalking it up to Yozora being insecure about all the girls around Kodaka (remember all those comments from earlier eps? “I guess it’s fine since she [Kobato] is his sister.” or “It’s alright since he [Yukimura] is a guy.”). Sure it’s a bit hard to stomach at times (this episode, ugh), but it happens I guess.

  14. Only a couple episodes left, hun? Looks like were either gonna get a cliff hanger ending or one of those ‘open endings’ they do when there not sure if the series is getting another season.

  15. Well, there’s a high possibility of having a season 2, since the last episodes would probably revelations of yozora’s “true” identity to Kodaka. There may not be enough episodes to cover to what happens now after this event will happen.

    For those of you who may have read the light novels, Show Spoiler ▼


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