I’m still unsure as to whose side Sasuke will take when he rejoins the battlefield, as I still believe he’ll come around at some point, so it’s good to see him make a brief appearance this week to build up some reader anticipation toward his eventual return. He’s been sidelined for some time now after inheriting Itachi’s eyes, making his stretch of chapters a while back all but a distant memory.

On the Jinchuuriki side of things, Kakashi and Gai’s arrival did little more than even things up a tad bit, but where they lack up in sheer power, they make up with their experienced analysis of their opponents. This chapter made it fairly clear that the scale of this battle could be drastically tipped if Naruto and co. could find some way to disrupt Tobi’s control of the Tailed-Beasts. Naturally, that’s easier said than done, but it does give our heroes an angle of approach in this uphill battle. After all, if the Five-Tails was any indication, all the Jinchuuriki would quickly turn on Tobi if given the opportunity. The real question is what the Nine-Tails will do now that Naruto’s in a pinch (literally).

The Eight-Tails hinted that the Nine-Tails has grown more fond of Naruto than he cares to admit, and as his way of “helping” in this battle, he chose not to sleep and not inadvertently take any more of his chakra. The cliffhanger suggests that he’s on the verge of lending Naruto more of his demonic chakra though, which I would personally be disappointed about if it didn’t happen with all this build-up. The Nine-Tails clearly hates Madara for controlling him in the past, so I can’t imagine it sitting well with him to see his other fellow Jinchuuriki controlled the same way by Tobi.


  1. I’m wondering how Tobi could control the 5 tails with a chain much like Kushina Uzumaki. I thought his dominance over them was through his sharingan. Maybe the chains were just added effects?

      1. I got a wild theory. What if Tobi is an Emo Naruto from the future? In the future, Naruto developed a VERY forbidden Time-Space Jutsu that allowed him to go back in time to the start of the ninja era. His goal: Eradicate all hatred by making himself the villain. Emo Naruto has Future Sasuke’s sharingans which he took when he killed future evil Sasuke after he failed to “bring him back to Future Sakura-who ended up getting killed by Future Sasuke”. Emo Naruto has gone back in time and is re-enacting the past with his new powers, but fears revealing himself, because he might disrupt the SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM!!! Another hint: Naruto is a goofball and Tobi acted like a “goofball” when he was first introduced until he got all serious.
        Thus Tobi = Future “EMO” Naruto w/ Forbidden Space-Time Jutsu and Sharingans/Rinnegan

        Might also explain how Pain Nagato got his hands on the bodies of six people Jiraya had once met. Emo Naruto/Tobi orchestrated his old master’s death!

  2. I see what you guys did there. And later on, it would revealed that the Nine Tails is actually a busty woman before. Using the Flame of Recca’s flame dragons as previous flame masters.

  3. It’s obvious that in this arc, Sasuke will have a fateful encounter with his resurrected brother who then manages to convince him or at least try to persuade him to rejoin the “good guys.”

  4. Sasuke is on his own side. I’m sure he would kill Tobi and will want to destroy Naruto later on.

    I am also interested if Mr. 9 will help Naruto transform into the full version soon enough. But what I am pondering is why isn’t Mandara using his eye on either of the two.

  5. no doubt this is one of the better chapters for me. I think its about time Kyubi and naruto unite completely and start making a little progress in this battle with tobi and his slaves. Kyubi already made it perfectly clear he picks naruto over tobi. Still alot of power spaming for me, hope we start to see a little more strategy and precision.

    1. I doubt it will be a I love naruto shift as much as a I don’t want to be used by madara as a ways to destroy the world with the moon eyes plan thing. Plus pretty sure the third hokage knew that the fox wasn’t inherently evil but actually just trying to live without being used as a WMD.

  6. bigger issue is that if all the tailed beast users are zombies does getting rid of pains control lead to the tailed beast themselves dying, if not they will need new people to inhabit after the dust settles. So back to the turmoil of tailed beast going crazy.

  7. I’m still confused about the 9tails being controlled by madara..

    when the 9 tails was controlled he was controlled by the man with a mask, IE tobi so how does he know what the real madara chakra is like if madara was actually dead when he was controlled.

    Hoping to see naruto turn into the kyuubi just like how BEE turns into the hachibi

  8. Why do I feel like Suigetsu and Jugo are still alive simply just to become villians for the new arc or ninja children. I’ll cry if that’s the plan.

    But back to the main point:
    The new 9 tails attitude is so cool! He’s like a better Vegeta!

    Azul Flamed Samurai
  9. Wow, this is getting interesting! Nine-tails is definitly gonna turn out for the better! Naruto and nine-tails UNITE! Can’t wait; also, seeing Sasuke is cool, loved the Suigetsu and Jugo Cameo! Absolutly love those guys. I think Itachi will have to run into Sasuke somehow. I think he is the only one that can get to Sasuke now. If he doesn’t, no one will. Or Sasuke finds out he and Naruto are long lost brothers, if that is the case, shoot me now Masashi!

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