「交差点」 (Kousaten)

I’m probably starting to sound like a broken record, but for the third week straight, this third and final installment of Shakugan no Shana delivered an excellent episode. Amongst all the awesome oozing out of the episode itself, there was something that really surprised me in a good way — as all the different elements of the episode started playing out, they blended in such a beautiful way that I nearly got those “Oh my God This is just so good” chills.

However, if there was one thing that was a little disappointing, it would have to be the renewed focus Yuuji’s group got. Other than serving as a blunt reminder about their long journey down the path created by the God Gate, I was a little let down with how unexciting their current situation was. Not only was there almost nothing revealed about their current situation but you’d think that the Flame Hazes who sealed away one of the strongest King of Guze would have been a lot stronger! That said, I still have faith that the moment Yuuji does reach Sairei no Hebi’s body things will get a lot more interesting.

I don’t know about you, but I never expected that Sophie Sawallisch’s sting operation was as grand as it turned out to be. As I saw not one but thirty or so planes circling around the now grounded Seireiden, I wasn’t expected for what came next. In what I would call a glorified example of how the Invasion of Normandy should have went; it was simply breathtaking how concise Sophie’s plan was. From the hundreds of Flame Haze leaping from planes to the impromptu castle that served as their landing point — it was pretty amazing how grand of an entrance they had.

To top things off, after weeks of watching an absolutely powerless Shana, it was fun to watch her unleash some of her trademark flames on some unlucky Tomogara. Other than a few reused fight animations, her fight between Uvall had to be one of the best I’ve seen throughout the entire series. With a new outlook on life combined with a whole slew of new moves, I’d have to say that Yuuji’s going to have an unpleasant surprised waiting for him.




  1. The anime simplified the way how Sophie obtained the exact coordinates of where Seireiden was hiding. In the novel, Sophie received an anonymous telegram tip-off from none other than Pheles, who could sense the Reiji Maigo inside Yuuji after their last encounter. And as Yuuji was inside Seireiden before he disappeared into the God’s Gate, she could decipher where Seireiden has stopped its tracks.

    The part with Seireiden being grounded was sort of an unplanned bonus for the Flame Haze army, as Wilhelmina made good use of the intel provided by Rammy to infiltrate the “engine room” and sabotage its levitation.

    Shana’s new moves was just as epic. Though it’s still nothing compared to next episode, which Takaii should no doubt provide us with soon.

    Kinny Riddle
  2. Shana’s new skills are so gosu! No need for special training or powering up for a few episodes, the ultimate unrestricted spell of love does it all~ I don’t care that people find the concept of the power of love being cliche because love is the very driving force of life itself. Life without love is meaningless and the power of love can drive a human being to fight against all odds to reach towards a better tomorrow.

  3. Fantastic episode.
    Is it just me or is this Sawallisch woman portrayed as the antagonist here?
    I’m totally on the Ball Masque side – also decarabia (the eel) is pretty cool.

    I love it when the good side – evil side border blurs as it is the case in this
    3rd season.

  4. “I’m probably starting to sound like a broken record, but for the third week straight, this third and final installment of Shakugan no Shana delivered an excellent episode.”

    you’re gonna sound like a broken episode for the next episode too! a month long of shana awesomeness.

  5. It’s funny that Shana got a powerup when Alastor is not with her. It almost seems like Alastor is actually decreasing Shana’s power, in similar vein as Fai’s tattoos in Tsubasa which actually keeps his power in check.

    Maybe Alastor will become an antagonist. That would be pretty funny.

    1. Shana did have to gather resolve only from within herself without Alastor for her to rely on, so your argument may have a point. However, as you say Alastor can be said to keep Shana in control especially during the previous seasons where we all know how hot-headed our Flame-Haired Red-Hot Eyed Hunter is. You could say that all this power-up for Shana is a result of her maturing, which she just did beautifully.

  6. Sorry Im kind of confused isn’t episode 11 already out? It was amazing. Margery with her hair down was absolute win.

    Im getting confused feelings though. I’m cheering for Bal masque now that Yuuji joined, but then again I love Shana almost as much. I have no idea who I want to win and no idea are the bad guys anymore. I almost hoping decarabia fecor and all the rest of them don’t die more than the random flame haze I can’t empathize with like the german castle builder or sophie the battling nun.

  7. Fantastic, this is how every Shakugan no Shana adaptation should be, all of the elements of the great war are present and developing nicely. I only have one question. where the hell are Sale Habichtsburg and Chiara Toscana, those two are very important Flame Hazes that must have been introduced ages ago, does somebody know if they are going to be a part of this adaptation? It must because their role is huge in the novels.

  8. so that’s it? this is the last episode of shana 3?

    so many questions left unanswered > what will happen to yuuji then? < well one of those questions is this… i could read the LN but, that's hell… i want to see it animated…


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