「デイジー死す」 (Deijī Shisu)
“Daisy Dies”

There was a lot of Inami action this week. More importantly, there was also a lot of Aoi action this week. In their search to try to help Inami cure her androphobia for the umpteenth time, Aoi and Popura devise plans to use traps and reverse traps. Kotori is out of the question because Inami wants to do it on her own without Souta’s help and knowledge. When listening to Souta talk to Kirio about the times he helped Inami, it was pretty funny to see that half of those time he was dressed as Kotori. Reverse traps are out because the only eligible traps at Wagnaria would be the slender folk Inami.

Sometimes there are things you wish you never said. I’m sure Aoi was eating her words when she said setting records takes sacrifices. The sacrifice this time was actually Daisy herself as Jun uses it to save Hiroomi from certain death. It’s not often you get to see a man’s face the moment his life flashes in front of his eyes and he accepts his fate. There are also times when there are things you don’t want people to see. In Souta’s case, that would be when he was having his little moment with Inami in the break room. He always seems to get in these situations. This show continues to provide a plethora of awkward moments for our cast.

While Kirio is pretty oblivious to many things (such as the fact that he’s pretty much a stalker), he came to a pretty quick conclusion on the status of our main pair’s relationship. The episode made good use of Kirio’s brief moment of genius. It really contrasted with just how clueless Souta is when it comes to emotions. He waited 2 hours for a text presumably from the girl he likes (a lot) yet he equates her to a pet. If you’re looking into the unwritten rulebook of “cool” then this is an example of something a guy shouldn’t be doing.

What I found really interesting this week was how Aoi cried for her mother when she was locked out of Wagnaria. Despite the hints at a deeply strained relationship over the series’ run, she still longs for her mother’s care. Kirio wasn’t around to hear such a thing unfortunately. That also works out in our favor since we don’t want her taken away!

I feel like this week’s episode really focused on the slice-of-life aspect of the show more than the comedy. It made the jokes seem like they developed naturally instead of being forced or lacking throughout. Next episode seems to be the last of the season fortunately (or unfortunately).

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    1. I agree. At the beginning (1st season) it was kind funny to watch her man-punch problem, now its just annoying. I don’t like watching episodes with the only focus on her and Souta. The episode with the chief and her mobile, was for a change realy nice. I like those kind of episodes, Inami does rly suck. Always the same. Not funny anymore.

  1. Love how Aoi and Popura’s plans always ends in failure XD Inami being depressed about her, as Popura claimed, “slender” frame was a good laugh, especially with the manager and Aoi rubbing it in without knowing about it and Popura trying to make things sound better.

    I wish a spinoff of Working!! featuring Souta’s family would be made. Souta’s interaction with the rest of his family are always highlights of the episode.

    Looks like next week Souta’s gonna be depressed that Popura finally managed to reach the sheet of paper on the wall (though I think it could be Sato playing a trick on Popula or Aoi moving it down herself).

  2. I’m glad to see Inami’s making progress now, she’s cute when she’s trying so hard not to break her record.

    Aww poor Yamada, I felt really sad when she was locked out and she started crying.

    Soma just escaped death lmao.
    Damn! Next is the final episode. A-1 better announce a 3rd season.

  3. I thought, while this season is good, it didn’t have the coherency that last season had.
    I was hoping for a second date without the cross dressing. I liked some of the secondary
    character development – especially Aoi.

    I really don’t like the lack of sense Souta has about Inami’s feelings – by now he should
    have figured it out. Really, he thinks she like someone but doesn’t know who? A person
    who has no male contact outside of work? Who else would she meet!

    Anyway, I agree his sisters are a good addition – especially Nazuna, to the stories.
    I guess we’ll see what 13 brings…

  4. Satou’s “coolness points” has gone up further by offering to drive a locked-out Aoi to stay the night with Popura without even breaking a sweat. (Too bad Yachiyo isn’t around to see what a “nice guy” he is. )

    Kinny Riddle
    1. He’s definitely shown himself to be the older caring brother in this season.
      How’d he know to come back? He had a feeling. And he kept his word about
      not revealing that she cried for her mother. Interesting clues about her
      mysterious past…

  5. Sato’s excuse of frightening Inami (and not because he was afraid of being punched) was good as was offering up Souma for punching then saving him at the last minute with Daisy. The overreaction over Daisy was also great. Yamada is the type of character that makes any scene with other characters better but the solo part with her being locked out was good too.

    Maya’s disapproving glance of the 2 lazy workers was also great

    Zaku Fan
  6. from the first season i dont really care about Inami. (perhaps because her short hair)
    but after starting to watch second season, i began to think Inami is the best the cutest character on Wagnaria.
    eh… maybe after Popura… hehe…

  7. Technically, there is no such thing as “texting” for Japanese cell phones. They have always been “smart” enough to handle internet and emails. That’s not even new functions for them. They’ve been like that for, like 7, 8 years I guess.
    So, when a Japanese guy talks about mailing with his cell phone in his hand, that doesn’t mean good old texting but emailing.

    1. While you are indeed correct about this niche aspect of Japanese cellphones, for the convenience of non-Japanese audience, it is understandable that most fansub groups would substitute the term “mailing” for a more familiar term.

      (OTOH, in recent years, because Japanese cellphones are so niche that makes it impossible for them to get exported to other countries (known as the Galapagos effect), the advent of smartphones like the iPhone and Android is seen by many in Japan as another “Commodore Perry/Blackship event” (google that yourself) that would wipe them off the floor entirely. Just today in the Japanese subway, I saw half the passengers toying with their iPhones. )

      Kinny Riddle
  8. “It’s not often you get to see a man’s face the moment his life flashes in front of his eyes and he accepts his fate.”
    I love how you put that. XD I honestly watched that scene 3 times in a row and laughed out loud every single time.

    Kirio’s entrance was also great this week. He’s so entertaining to watch. 😀

  9. Inami rips up the uniform but Souta has a spare? A mystery. The kitten text message = “My brother is a pervert” LOL Someone should make a GIF out of the scene where Souta and Jun are karate-chopping on Aoi’s head. LOL at Jun repeating that he wasn’t afraid of being punched twice and setting up Soma. Soma survived the first attempt of using him as a test-run, but was caught in the second attempt. (I think this is the second time that Soma was pushed into “danger”). I guess this really is the last time Daisy will show up again. (Another GIF idea~) I can’t believe one more episode to go.

  10. She hasn’t hit Takanashi for long time (past the limit), and want Popular and Yamada to help out with the training without Takanashi. lol @ Yamada getting Takanashi’s outfit to Inami. And so funny about Souma always listening to their conversation.

    Takanashi trying to contact with her with cellphone. And he’s waiting and lol @ his hikikomori sister. They are glad for different reasons.

    Yamada fell out from the sky!! Nice chat for Yamada and Takanashi. Yamada knows from the story Takanashi said that she likes Takanashi.

    Satou and Takanashi beaten up Yamada lol~ About being living alone and Yamada being locked outside. Satou is there to save her, who’s crying!

    LOL~~ Satou threw Yamada’s bear to save Souma!!

    Nice moment between Takanashi and Inami, then Yamada and Popular are there!!

    So sad, next ep. is the end. WHHHHHHAAAAATTT !!!!

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