「絢辻詞 後編 ケッセン」 (Ayatsuji Tsukasa Kouhen – Kessen)
“Ayatsuji Tsukasa, Second Chapter – Showdown”

I know I said that Tsukasa was probably going to see right through Noriko’s ploy, but I never anticipated that Junichi would have it so good right after she did. The infamous Amagami shed where kinky miracles happen makes its return! Everyone’s probably thinking it so I’ll just come out and say it: If Tsukasa’s that forceful when it comes to a kiss, imagine what she’s like in bed (which we all know happens). Forget not getting any sleep; Junichi would probably be a bit bruised and battered from all the rough stuff. I’m willing to bet handcuffs would be involved at some point.

Naturally, the mere thought of that is enough to win over hormone-raging audiences, but the many faces of Ayatsuji Tsukasa continue to be my favorite aspect about her character. There’s nothing better than the powerful independent type than knowing that you’re of the only person she confides in and will show her weaker to, as it’s quickly reciprocated by a desire to do anything for her. (I can’t believe I just typed that.) Mushy stuff notwithstanding, Junichi did do and say all the right things during this student council election, which reaffirms why Tsukasa (foolishly) fell for him in the first place. From my perspective, he’s clearly one lucky “sonuvabitch”, but not entirely undeserving of his fortuitous love life either. While he bites off more than he can chew at times, there’s almost an unspoken level of respect since it’s usually out of his comfort zone. The same probably can’t be said how being uncool lands him in an even better situation, but Tsukasa did feel that he provided the support she needed to win the election, so who am I to say otherwise?

The question is, will Junichi go down as the most enviable character of 2012 at this rate? Odds are that he’ll likely be a candidate if I choose to include such a category this year. From this first mini-arc alone, I’m quite impressed by how this sequel has captured the same romantic essence as the original — even after Junichi’s already in a relationship with each of the girls. It helps when there’s something to stir the pot like Noriko did here, but even then, two episodes aren’t a lot to work with. I’m really looking forward to seeing the other arcs now, especially Rihoko’s that’s coming up next. She was the only heroine who got “friend-zoned” in the first season (and pretty badly at that), so I’m really hoping this anime original follow-up makes up for that.

* Risa had a small cameo this episode.
* Congrats to Sae for taking second place from Noriko, who should’ve really rethought her strategy if she can’t even beat the shy first-year.
* Full-length images: 03, 08, 12, 28, 32.



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      1. Oh, I have all kinds…

        One girl. Two Girls. All Girls. Even two girls, one cup…

        (If you understood what I just said, you are one sick “sonuvabitch” or have been horribly scarred by your friends) O_O

    1. You realise you won’t live past 30 with both of them as your G/F’s, though, right? Staple wounds, entropic death glares aside, you’re assuming they won’t kill each other on sight.

      Anyway, lets get Rihoko out of the way next… I shall find it rofl-worthy if shes still friendzoned after another 2 episodes.

      Oh, and having a naturally obscene imagination, I also concluded they had sex twice this episode, like nagi suggested above. “Are you really fine with just a kiss?”. Seriously, what hot-blooded male (or Tsukasa) responds yes to such a question?

  1. So,

    Tsukasa is on ep 1 & 2, Rihoko is on ep 3 & 4, Ai is on ep 5 & 6 , Sae is on ep 7& 8, Kaoru is on 9 & 10 , Haruka is on ep 11 & 12.

    I wanna watch Morishima Haruka Chapter so badly after watching Ayatsuji Tsukasa Chapter.

    1. You’re right. Haruka Chapter will be more interesting. But Tsukasa Chapter is nice. And I like how Junichi act like a grown up person when he was with Tsukasa. But Junichi act more like a kid when he was with Haruka but still interesting. ^^hehe

  2. I really like how this episode… nice job, class rep student council president :3

    from the preview, things will pick up after Rihoko is set in friend zone… hopefully we will get to see some better development between the two… Innocent childhood friend who loves you dearly is always a treasure!!!

  3. The very fact that I can feel so satisfied (yet sad that it’s already over for Tsukasa), even with half the number of episodes (yet feeling like it WAS a 4 episode arc) shows how well everything about this has been planned and executed thus far, despite being original content which, as pointed out last episode blog, hardly seems to play out well at all. They took everything that was great about the original and simply added on more situations to allow the relationship (which, at least this time, has only been a month in) to develop even further and cement the love between Junichi and whichever girl it currently is.

    Heck, they already tried to “interject” another girl between himself and Tsukasa to throw the relationship into a distrusting flux (which usually ends badly), but we find that, unlike quite a lot of anime female leads, Tsukasa doesn’t buy it for a second (considering she can tell the type of person Noriko is for one) and is also fully willing to give Junichi the benefit of the doubt instead of just instantly going on an angry tirade, calling him a two-timer and other names while hitting him, and storming off without giving him a chance to explain (or at least not believing said explanation). All that Noriko’s attempt did was bring the two even closer together than before.

    I can only hope that the other girls are done just as well or better in their own ways.

    1. How is it horrific? If Rihoko does become a Junichi’s girlfriend, we get some long overdue WAFF. If she gets friendzoned again then we get GLORIUS INTERNET RAGE.

      Looks like a win-win to me.

  4. I think they are gonna get rid of the boring arcs first. I mean we already know how the ending is for this one if you watched the first season. So I am more excited for the arcs with the open endings. Like Rihoko (Did I spell that right). That one didn’t even have a decent ending. I wait for that one, but that doesn’t mean these first two episodes were bad or anything. Just looking forward to the more interesting arcs.

    1. Rihoko was never really that interesting…

      All roles are pretty much taken and all she got was what is left. She is last for a reason. I will find it hard to make a 180 turnaround with just 2 episodes. Unless she is direct about her feeling and take charge, she is going to get shot down again.

  5. Once you reach her weak side Tukasa can be really cute without facking it, in the other I thought for moment she was actully going to rip Noriko´s head off. If all other arcs develop this way the sequel is going awsome, I can´t enough of the romance with so different girls.

      1. @Chaos

        Which doesn’t support your statement at all because there’s only one girl in each arc so there is no harem, which means there is no harem dynamics for you to compare to real life.

      2. That´s right and that is what a like about the series so much, each time they focus in one interaction making more easy to develop each girl´s carisma, emotions and reaction. I like harem anime but one of the downsides is that not all the girls get the proper atention, this way we also have the chance to see how the male lead reacts in each scenario. Take Yosuga no Sora for example.

  6. @Seishun Otoko: that depends on whether Junichi mans up and takes charge when they get married. It’s more likely that Junichi will get henpecked by Ayatsuji-san, though. XD

    *Shoots Junichi in the face with the with the Thomposon Contender pistol (loaded with the Origin bullet) for being a lucky s*n of b*tch, and for falling for Noriko’s trickery*

    *Shoots Kurosawa Noriko in the face with a full magazine’s worth of the Calico sub-machinegun for trying to mess with Junichi and Ayatsuji*


    1. yup, this is what makes the ordinary suit&tie into sexy outfit suddenly… just dont overdo it into breathplay (but who knows what happened in later encounters that led to the charming daughter…)

  7. That’s a great addition to last years story, also the animation is really on par with the best of it last year. They really stepped it up. I totoally missed Risa as I was looking at Kaede Rihoko’s buddy. ;p

  8. After watching the episode twice, I was wondering: why are there bales of hay (you can see the bales of hay stacked in the back of the shed) inside the “Amagami-shed-where-kinky-miracles-happen”? Do they keep horses inside the school? Or is it for “other” uses? Hinty-hint-hint.

    Or maybe I am thinking about this too much?

  9. I enjoy how Tsukasa can be strong and demanding and yet show that she does care for Junichi. Its those little things that I love about this series. And all Junichi had to do was get blackmailed and beaten by her befoe she fell for him.

    Its also good how they showed the clever side of Tsukasa, since she was able to detect BS instantly. Far better than that lame Risa episode where she believed Risa’s lies.

  10. Hey Divine and the writers of Random Curiosity! Watch Thermae Romae – it might not be as epic or as good as other anime in the Winter 2012 list, but it’s an interesting look into the life of a “normal” (well, as normal as can be) architect. It’s also good for studying comparative history of cultures with bathing!

  11. Ohai Risa. Didn’t see you there.

    This really felt short. I was actually kind of hoping for a bit of a flash to the future as well. they always make a story feel much more conclusive.

    I like how they showed Rihoko to kind of tie her into the next arc. Get out of that friend-zone! Hers was the only arc that I didn’t like from last season. Definitely a good excuse for a second season to be made to make up for that.

  12. “Everyone’s probably thinking it so I’ll just come out and say it: If Tsukasa’s that forceful when it comes to a kiss, imagine what she’s like in bed (which we all know happens)”


    YOU WANT IT? YOU GOT IT! Amagami’s fighting levels!

    S RANK:

    1. Tsukasa -untouchable-
    2. Hibiki – A powered up AiHaki included

    A RANK:

    3. Kaoru
    4. Risa (Underhanded tactics)
    5. Ai

    B RANK:

    6. Rihoko
    7. Haruka


    8. Sae

    I Hope we see next week Amagami SS 2: Rihoko Strikes Back!

    Lectro Volpi
    1. I think someone in the comments in the episode 1 entry said this was gonna a follow up to the first season and will be made up of original material. Meaning it’s gonna show what’s Juunichi going through shortly after hooking up with each girl. Anybody please correct me on this one though.

  13. From the moment Juunichi realizes Tsukasa caught him and Noriko about to kiss, to when he was being pulled by the tie, to locking themselves inside that shed, to Tsukasa’s silent walk towards Juunichi before kissing him…I can only hear the “Psycho” movie theme playing in my mind. Or for a more japanese example, the first few minutes of Sephiroth’s “One Winged Angel” theme.

  14. So I’ve downloaded Amagami SS. Is it important to follow them episode by episode? I’m interested in Haruka, Kaoru, and Tsukasa – So i’ve seen everything until Episode 8. Is it alright to skip the next few arcs and go straight to Tsukasa????

    Jared Drake
  15. “The question is, will Junichi go down as the most enviable character of 2012 at this rate? Odds are that he’ll likely be a candidate if I choose to include such a category this year.”

    Yes add that, and i will also like to nominate that lucky bastard ARARARARAGI!

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