「再誕 the lost christmas」 (Saitan)

Did I just watch the finale? Because it sure felt like I watched the finale. Every subtle development that’s been built up so far culminated to a finale-worthy conclusion — and in ways that were fairly satisfying too. The only real problem I had with the feverish pace were a few sub-developments that tried to push the melodrama as much as they could, such as the whole marriage ceremony between Shuuichirou and Inori complete with wedding rings (the purpose of which still isn’t entirely clear), Gai’s ability to stay conscious after his Void Weapon is drawn (is it because he’s already infected…?), and Gai asking Shuu to stab Mana through him (undoubtedly just for added effect). Minor nitpicking in the grand scheme of things really, as there was precedence for everything else that happened.

Of course, that impression is highly dependent on the individual. If you see Guilty Crown’s story as nothing more than a running joke after the not-so-agreeable first eleven episodes, that negative connotation will naturally make you biased toward anything that happens from here on. Objectively speaking, everything that transpired in this episode was heavily foreshadowed time and time again, going all the way back to the very first episode, so there was nothing that felt terribly forced or out of place. Even the big revelations that Mana is Shuu’s older sister and that Inori is some “instance body” (read: emotionless clone) to “revive” Mana were firmly rooted in the previous episodes. Coherency definitely wasn’t an issue, assuming you were willing to give the series the benefit of the doubt at this point, and I dare say that the writers even rectified my qualms with Shuu’s character to a certain degree.

I mentioned last week that the one-hour “special” recap left me feeling that there was a disparity between the story that the writers wanted to tell and the one they ended up telling, and this episode more or less reaffirmed that sentiment. The original intention is clear (and almost painfully so): Shuu was more confident and reliable than Gai when they were younger but after Mana came into contact with the “stone that started it all” and was possessed by an almost alien-like desire to reproduce with Shuu, he was left traumatized when he called Mana a “monster” and caused her to go berserk and resonate what would later become known as “The Lost Christmas”. Gai, a.k.a. “Triton”, with his newfound determination to become stronger like Shuu, ends up forming Funeral Parlor against GHQ’s Anti-Bodies who seek to harness this unknown power at any cost, and in turn, makes Shuu wish he was more like Gai even though it started the other way around. The last part was the most subtle yet interesting development, as the reversal of roles not only makes it (somewhat) easier to accept Shuu’s flakiness so far, but is also instrumental on where things go from here now that he’s literally inherited Gai’s mantle.

One possibility — though a bit far-fetched in my mind — is that Shuu regains the confidence he once had and becomes the new leader of Funeral Parlor. I don’t quite see that happening since he lacks Gai’s strategic prowess, but the preview does suggest that he’ll be asked by Ayase to help with something once the story picks up two weeks later in the next episode. Things are dialing back to the school life aspect, but there’s a “new threat” setting their eyes on Shuu and others. What that entails is anyone’s guess, but will likely involve Yuu in some way after he was revealed to be “Daath” of the “Grave Keepers” and was quick to one-touch kill Shuuichirou in a typical villain-kill-villain scenario. That was a bit cliché, but worked well in signifying the end of the first major arc, much like how Segai’s proven to be “above” being on anyone’s side like I’ve been anticipating he would be. Anyway, I quite like how this first arc turned out, particularly the implication that Gai had an unrequited love toward Mana despite her psychotic-like treatment when they were younger, and given how I wasn’t expecting there to be more than one arc to begin with, I’ll be looking forward to where things go from here.

* Netorare in my Guilty Crown? And among kids? Damn.
* Want. Do not want.
* Gai referred to Haruka as Shuu’s “new” mother, so I wonder if that means he was adopted. It would explain why Shuu calls her by her first name.
* The English portion of this episode’s title is supposed to be “the lost christmas” but was shown as “temptation” in the actual show. I assume this is a mistake since episode seven was titled “temptation”.
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  1. Netorare Old Man Shuuichirou? Hell no! Immortal Gai/Triton must deus ex machina out of that!

    They threw a lot of rushed background into this one episode almost like they want to end it early. I feel like they could have split the Shuu flashback portion into one complete episode to cancel out one of Shuu’s pointless emo ones. In the end, the episode just leaves more questions like Mugi-style-eyebrows-Daath’s involvement.

      1. The number of times I’ve heard an anime stole the plot from Elfen lied is ridiculous and makes me think elfen lied has the most generic bullshit story ever


        People are simply overusing the expression. So b*tch, please.

    1. Basically, Shu dive in to save Inori who was gonna be sacrifice to resurrect Mana (Shu’s older sister and cause of the Apocalypse Virus). Mana partially awaken try to killed Shu. Gai and Ayase rush in to help Shu. Shu regain his lost memories. Shu pull out Gai’s Void which has the power to use other Voids which open Inori’s Void. Gai rush in to kill Mana, but is fatally wounded. Bad Guy try to interfere, but killed by girl. Shu jump in to help Gai, but is ask to stab through him to avoid the fate of Gai earlier which kill both Gai and Mana.

      Everything crumble to the ground as Shu escape with Inori, crying in the end for Gai and Mana.

      1. Actually Gai (or rather Triton)’s void was FORCING other voids to appear without having to draw the void out in-person…(gotta like whoever is doing the subs for Funimation, cause they’re going a good job)

        I’m rather surprised on how a person being able to stay conscious while having their void drawn out by holding hands of the void user – even though I haven’t seen Shu holding hands (usually he literally hold them up).

        and FINALLY, the whole flashback sequence revealed…and it is epic(-ly traumatizing).

      2. Regarding the ability to have the target stay awake when their void is drawn. Gai was smart in keeping the information from Shu. If he doesn’t hold their hand then they forget that Shu drew their voids.

        Jared Drake
  2. I really, really wanted to like this episode. They at least tried to do better in exposition especially with flashback which I liked. They also tried to make Shu a bit more like a hero. But everything was just poorly paced. What we got was a flashback, a villain motive rant and a story arc climax crammed into ONE episode.

    What was the point of all the drama about Shu saving Inori alone then have it immediately ruined when Gai suddenly appears with Ayase out of nowhere? How did he even get there so fast? Worse, Gai then proceeds to accomplish nearly everything himself. Thanks a lot for having Shu’s thunder stolen writers! Was I supposed to be sad for Gai when I found him to be one of the weakest part of the show? At least he’s gone now, maybe Shu can actually be relevant.

    This could’ve been a great way to end a story arc. But that way its presented feels like it’s rushed and not well though out. Probably because the preceding episodes were rushed and not well though out.

    1. if i remember right, at the start of the episode dying Gai tells Shuu: FOLLOW THEM!!!! which Shuu complies with. then Shuu is getting damn busted up, Gai shows up and says: see i can’t leave you alone cause you fuck shit up!

      i was like: wth didn’t you tell him to go?!

  3. I dont think there was a problem with with this ep. The pacing may have seen too fast when you’re watching it, but the real problem is because of the poor build up. If they didnt waste the last 7 or so ep on absolutely nothing, this ep would have been the perfect conclusion to almost everything.

    Just A Random Guy
    1. I’m willing to bet if people didn’t have any major qualms with the previous episodes, they would’ve loved how this one turned out. A predetermined disposition from the hole GC dug itself into makes it very hard for the series to impress.

      1. Yea I would’ve loved this episode if they hadn’t kept things too hidden from the start and randomly introducing a super powerful character with same power as Shu and then switching sides randomly. I think they also take too many ideas from the Bible which makes this even worse since they basically copied the entire “fall of humanity” from Genesis and replaced the forbidden fruit with a rock instead…and the opening song with references to the crown of thorns and all that is simply inappropriate…

      2. The thing that really turned me off to this episode was that every changed in an instant.One second we have angsty teenagers worrying about girls and American sterotype characters, the next we’re in some kind of occultist, Netorare wedding in the middle of a sea of blood and an incestuous, yandere sister. The shock impact was certainly great, but no one could have seen any of this coming given the tone of the past episodes.

        In my opinion, the only way that someone can love a climax to an arc is already having enjoyed the stuff leading up to it. Only after successfully setting up characters and the setting will someone really be able to say that they loved a climax episode. GC did not do this.

  4. The concept and the elements that defines what Guilty Crown is (environment, characters, story) are all really compelling and really interesting; I find myself willing to be invested into a world they have created. And the revelation behind Shuu’s past is an interesting turn; it’s strange to find that Mana is the source of all of Tokyo’s problems, and there’s no explanation on that (though we still have 10 episodes left, maybe we’ll find out?)

    The major problem is just the writing and how they planned the whole story. It feels like a major miscalculation, and a major oversight. It’s like they thought putting together redjuice’s amazing artwork and designs with supercell’s music and then a great hyped up premise, and it should just gel together into a great anime.

    Clearly they didn’t iterate enough on the story. It feels like it needs a rewrite; this is Guilty Crown Alpha, they need a Beta, then a final release. I am utterly lost.

  5. I dropped this at ep3 (I just come here to troll since I’m bored), but judging from the screencaps, I think this series has finally gone up a gear. It was just Kyon-Facepalm up till recently, but with this ep it seems the overall level of fail has finally made it worthy of the much-revered Jean-Luc-Picard Double Facepalm.

      1. “I only watch Guilty Crown because of the pretty pictures…uhurhurrr”. Saying you only watch it for production values doesn’t make you sound smarter it just makes you more vain. GC isn’t even up to Shinkai level and it definitely isn’t as compact as a movie so why people bother sticking over halfway through for what they proclaim to be a shitty show? Are you tsunderes are just plain tsuntsuns?

      2. Why Kaichi?

        Well because they feel smart doing it. Maybe they just want to ride a hype or something? I have been asking the same question over and over again but they never answer why? Weird right? Why watch what you proclaim is a shitty show? Production? Go watch Gode Ceass, Angelic Layer and Mai Otome at the same time then. Because you started it already? Tsk tsk. Get a psychiatrist, you may have OCD.

        People who hate GC hear me! Why are you here when you hate the show and then come here to complain week after week? Are you guys just plain stupid or what?

        The Moondoggie
      3. It baffles me too. Some have tried to ‘explain’ it but its more along the lines of “I want to facepalm” and “I want to complain”, because that is so productive. You’re right. There are plenty of good shows with good production values AND story AND characters. If this one isn’t doing it for you in any way, go watch one of those.

      4. I know a couple of guys admit they hate pain when having sex, yet they admit they do find it kinky. I just applied the same trail of thought to your proposal: You hate it, but you come back for more… XD

        The Moondoggie
      5. @Da5id Well from me it doesn’t really apply to shows like GC given the tone of the series. It’s serious and at least attempts to have a real plot. If I really felt it was that bad I’d imagine it to be more painful and cringeworthy to even stand watching than laughable.

        Well whatever gets you off.

        I still don’t think it’s very mature or respectful. I pretty much stopped going to places like MAL because of the established group of trolls who come back every week to complain and mock the people who do like it. They try to justify themselves with “freedom of speech” bullcrap or make it out like fans can’t handle their so-called criticism. Well I guess in comparison RC is still several times better, so I have that to be thankful for.

  6. “If you see Guilty Crown’s story as nothing more than a running joke after the not-so-agreeable first eleven episodes”

    I do, and to be honest GC has become one of the BEST running jokes EVER. I mean
    Giant eyeball-tentacles? Fuck yeah!
    Staged Wedding? Fuck yeah!
    The two main characters are actually stepbrothers? Fuck yeah!
    MC1 has to stab MC2 to kill his sister who has gone mad? F U C K Y E A H!
    Next episode will be about aliens invading Japan to murder Yahiro because he bears a terrifying weapon? fuck ye .. no but I wouldn’t be surprised.

    1. That said, Gai fufilled his role as Kamina of the story, and it was very touching how he died…I just don’t understand why he left Shu like that.

      “I want to get stronger…bye.” You know how you can get stronger? STICKING WITH YOUR BROTHER INSTEAD OF DESERTING HIM FOR YEARS AND LETTING HIM TURN INTO A ZOMBIE.

      Also, calling Mana “Eve” because she was the first one to carry the virus…I think you’re getting your biblical allegories mixed up.

      1. Mitochondrial Eve… has something to do with genetics… Also reminds me of Parasite Eve videogame where the initial event started with an incident on Christmas Eve. Quite similar to Guilty Crown where people die but instead of turning into crystal thingies they spontaneously burst into flames.

        Chillax Mang
    2. Signs of Yandere…. I’d have Yuno do third impa- Oh wait! That a spoiler XD

      Blood on her face while doing that? Hell Yeah!

      While Gai became a much more sympathetic character by the end of this episode, he was never actually able to establish himself in likable-character territory.

      Well he was too much of an a-hole to begin with. What’s his roundabout way of doing things. 😛

      The whole wedding thing was creepy as hell…

      Oh? I guess it is. And rightly so since this felt a final episode, just like how many end-of-the-arc episodes are.

      The Moondoggie
  7. They should’ve done the relationship between Shu and Gai better, because it’s very similiar to Gantz Kurono and Kato, one wanting to be the other at different times. Surely if they did that, the excuse of Shu being a pussy wouldn’t be so hard to believe.

    1. I think a better pacing for the story is that if they started on the childhood episode where Shuu is all ‘strong’ and stuff. That way we could somehow relate to him on how he’s been a ‘coward’ ever since Lost Christmas. My 2c.

  8. what an turn out event same as takamura family from mawaru penguindrum., but seeing the final episode, gai’s coat flew to shu, so does him automatically become the leader of funeral?

  9. I really enjoyed the episode. Even though it raised a lot of questions, it’s still got plenty of episodes to explain them.

    The marriage ceremony was pointless though, and they should have at least explained how those with the apocalypse virus are a “superior race”, because without that explanation Shuichirou’s goal kinda falls flat. And what was the point of having Shuu kill Gai? And why did Mana suddenly stop attacking during the flashback (taking place in real time) and when Shuu got Inori’s Void?

    At least the show’s got the atmosphere and pacing about right, so I’ll be looking forward to the coming episodes.

    1. Also, why was Shuu in a floating bubble when the tower was collapsing? He should’ve flown on the sword like in the opening.

      The english song playing when Gai and Shuu attacked Mana was a nice touch. I’m surprised no one mentioned it yet.

  10. I think this episode was pretty good though I am really confused what this show is trying to be. It feels like this episode is what the series is about but half the episodes prior kinda lost its way. I think now is the perfect time for GC to stop fooling around and get serious.

  11. What I gathered from the void release without passing out thing, was that it was said that Shuu had obtained the New King’s Mode. Probably the second level of the void genome. It was a random power up on GC’s part. I would’ve liked it explained further. I guess if you have direct contact with the person your taking the void from You can take it from their body without passing out. Before he took the void out I saw a big “Seal” around Shuu and Gai. This was probably the ascension of void capability.

    Otherwise this episode was great in my opinion. Could’ve been explained further but what can you do. The OST was kickass when Shuu and Gai worked together. If this is on the best anime of 2012 I’m sure this will get the best soundtrack spot. and best animation spot. But also the biggest disappointment spot for the lack of plot and pacing.

    Best Void
    1. Or Gai is just too cool to pass out from getting his own void released. “new king mode” wasn’t capitalized in Funi’s subs, so I don’t know if that’s its official title, if it even exists. Besides, how is that an improvement? Most of the people Shu has had to get Void’s out of NEEDED to be passed out for him to work covertly (or wherever Gai told him he needed to work covertly and failed). If they’re awake and UNWILLING as is usually the case, things are going to get much harder.

      What can you do? You can explain further, that’s what you can do! This show isn’t getting the best of anything unless it shapes up NOW.

  12. Gai’s death didn’t draw any tears from me. They could’ve done a lot better, since I normally get weepy over charismatic BAMF deaths.

    Overall, I am really glad I have been giving GC the benefit of the doubt, especially with the foreshadowing and its “self-sufficient” world that lays out all the information one is meant to know directly on screen. This was a really great episode, and really brings back a lot of the praise from the first episode. It hits a lot of key points to understanding the story by tapping into anime elements that we are intimately familiar with – such as Shu’s role in the grand scheme of things. It elegantly explains why Shu’s character was so jittery and inconsistent: who knew he was so good at lying to himself? But despite that not being such a strong way to unfold one’s character, even if we continue to write off Shu’s “development” as poor screenplay, we are left with important tidbits about that nature of Voids, Shu’s power, and of course, Funeral Parlor. The fact that GC is perfectly coherent but *still* manages to piss off even the most forgiving of watchers is… somewhat impressive, I suppose.

    I will still maintain that GC’s plot, as built around its premise, is superior to far more acclaimed series, including Code Geass. Unless you have tvtropes pulled up next to you so you can call out “cliched literary device!” as it occurs, it’s evident that the storytelling elements GC gets flack for are used all the time, and often more poorly. I only say this because I want people to be able to enjoy what they watch, and the mindset one takes going into an episode or show goes such a long way in determining that enjoyment.

    The inconsistency in analysis that the average watcher puts into this series, compared to, oh I don’t know, anything else, is just ridiculous. Despite the undeniable weaknesses in storytelling, I haven’t found a compelling reason to drop this show just by enjoying the not-so-subtle hints that held the big picture together. That was rewarded this week by an amazing episode that had just one facepalm moment (Gai’s masochism).

  13. Kind of odd that Shu chose Inori over Mana. It would seem that the revived Mana would be sane but controlled by Shuuichirou aka mid boss; if that were the scenario, eliminating mid boss would be a simple solution. I guess he had hots for his sister and is a fan of the emotionless doll type =X

  14. I think that they should have built that stuff up more consistently throughout the entire series instead of suddenly revealing the entire mystery in one episode. Like in code geass, at least the start lelouch has some of his memories although they were actually fake ones, but that became apparent gradually as the series progressed and how he finally discovers the truth about his mother’s death. However I did not notice ANY…ANY kind of hint throughout the rest of the series in GC that revealed bits of the mystery at all. The entire lost christmas thing was kept a mystery from the start, and that was complete failure cuz the entire show was based on what happened on that day, but no one said anything about what happened…its like everyone just pretended it was a well known fact then they release shit 12 episodes later…wtf? This series would’ve been SOOO much better if they just stop being so selfish and actually show us more info as the series unfolds and not tell it all in one damn episode in a sudden flashback. wtf?!?

      1. but I’m pretty sure Gai knew what happened…since his entire resolve to get stronger was from that day…and so I’m guessing the funeral parlor should know…but it’s like he kept that an entire secret from everyone else and was asking shu to “remember” when he obviously knew what happened on that day.

  15. I think Gai was able to stay conscious after having his void pulled out is because Shuu held his hand while pulling it.. and maybe because portal guy said something about Shuu being in a new mode after regaining his memories. Before Gai died there was a scene of them letting go so I interpreted it as Shuu sharing some of his power to use voids with Gai.

    Gai’s void is awesome.. did he and Mana really have to die (what a waste for story)

    As one who liked all the previous episodes of GC, I didn’t really like this one. Shuichirou’s wish wasn’t clear and he failed too easily after all he’d sacrificed for it. Portal guy’s intentions = ???. Inori and Mana didn’t really do anything.. -_-

    1. Well the fact is that the writers didn’t make it entirely clear WHY everything that we’ve been told about voids just suddenly doesn’t apply in that moment…instead of us having to make guesses at things would’ve been way better if they just made it clear. Also that random guy who came to steal inori was kinda strange…he just popped up out of no where and its like they didn’t have enough characters and needed to make one up to get the first arch to end so they can start the second arch…

      Well i can tell you that shuichirous wish was quite clear…he wants to repopulate the earth with a new advanced human species with mana. And he will gain a lot of benefits of course from being the “father” of a new crazy powerful species.

  16. I whined about this on a different forum but I will whine again here.

    This episode is terribly written. There is no reason at all for Shuu to stab through Gai to kill Mana. Absolutely no reasons at all – not explained, implied, whatsoever. Basically, Gai told Shuu to stab through him, and Shu was like “sure!” and went ahead with it.

    Gai’s death, however, is not very surprising. He is way too smart, that if left untouched, will seem overpowering against any antagonists.

    Also, how the heck did Gai know that Shuu’s power grew and drawing out his own Void will not make him unconscious?

    Why the heck would Gai suddenly want to leave the Orma family and become stronger? I know it seems to be because of Mana, but it’s totally not clear and it seemed that he just bolted himself.

    1. Good to know I wasn’t the only one that thought this episode was terrible. It was kind of like watching a train wreck in slow motion; you just can’t look away even though you KNOW it’s going to be disastrous. Terrible plot contrivances aside, the childhood portion of the episode was just ugh, ugh, ugh to the extreme. I kept trying to make sense of it all inside my head, but just couldn’t. Mana is just batshit crazy and I don’t know when and where Gai fell in love with her since in his narration of Christmas Eve it clearly seemed like he was trying to warn Shu, about the “Mana he didn’t know”.

      And when did she ever call out for help? That little bit in the church? It sure seemed like she was still a psycho. What was she originally like? We don’t know when she was infected so we can’t even be sure the first time we see her with Shu is when she still had all her screws straight.

      Those scenes were supposed to work to justify the actions of the main characters, but I’m not sure it did. It just brings up more baffling questions and I liked it better when we were just shown glimpses and we could just judge the rest of it for ourselves. Because now it feels awkward to see Inori and Shu in same scenes, knowing Inori was just a clone of Mana. Blood-related or not, banging the clone of the girl you called your ‘Big Sis’ is probably not normal.

      And lastly, yes Inori, Gai is probably thanking Shu… for freeing him from this trainwreck of a show.

  17. I don’t know. While Gai became a much more sympathetic character by the end of this episode, he was never actually able to establish himself in likable-character territory. Still though, this was a pretty good episode, and was up there in the top of Guilty Crown eps (and okay, yeah, that’s not saying much but still).

    But you know what? They really need to throw away the miraculous “person-happens-to-have-right-void-at-the-right-time junk.” What I really want to see most is Shuu using the voids that he already has as creatively as possible.

    1. What I’d like to see is who had that refrigerator void from episode 3, and see how that gets thrown into the plot.

      Seriously, is it like a hammerspace kind of thing? Is it the same thing with all container voids? This show has some interesting concepts, but it sucks hard at utilizing them into the story.

      1. Well there was a vase void too. Maybe that’s how they feel? Seeing as how the Void Genome is like those Swiss Army weapons we commonly find in anime or games.

        But I still want to see a vehicle void. Heh, that’d be too damn cool.

        The Moondoggie
      2. “I feel like a fridge. I act all prim and proper as a box, yet inside I feel so lonely and cold…” So emo….

        “I feel like a vase, a hollow work of art.” XD


        “I feel like a scope. I can see you no matter how far you are from me.”

        The Moondoggie
      3. I had to interpret their character using their void only so I’m not expecting it to be even 60% accurate….

        And don’t say “justifications”. Say “theorizing” instead.

        The Moondoggie
      4. Ripped this off my anime list, and it’s hilarious.

        Shu gathering his friends to save Gai
        Fridge guy – “Take me with you”
        Shu – “Not enough space in the jeep, sorry.”
        Yahiro – “Why? So we can keep our sodas cold?”
        Fridge guy – “No, so you can preserve your dead brothers corpse.”
        Yahiro – *sobs* “You…jackass! AHHHHH!” *runs off*
        Fridge guy – “Sooo…am I in now?”

    2. Gai was a poorly developed character, he came of as a jerk for most of the series. The flashback was something he really needed to be more sympathetic. Problem is he gets killed in the same episode. So rather than come of as a sad, tragic death it felt like some cheap attempt to squeeze some tears from the audience.

  18. Wow…I.. just had an amazing revelation.

    A whiny protagonist with memory issues, traumatized over killing a friend. An artificially created, emotionless girl who the main character is attracted to. A red haired, spicy mecha pilot, who kicks the protagonist’s ass for being a total puss. A genius mastermind who loses his main girl to the protagonist. And finally… the Eve who started it all.


    1. it seems we have arc-ending finale, with Shuuichirou in the role of “disk 1 end boss” – and conveniently dispatched by another villain
      much has been answered, and now Gai has cashed in all the death flags, Shuu can take the command of what is remaining of the FP and start being awesome (hopefully)
      still liking Segai and his independent-minded almost Xellos-like attitude…

  19. Good story over all. I’ve never been on the hate GC bandwagon, thou I have taken rides on the so bad it’s good go-cart from time to time. Inori and Shu crying at the end pulled a few manly tears from me. Then I realized the most important thing of all.

    Zero Tsgumi. Mentioned once. No screen appearances. Total Episode Failure.

    1. Embarrassed to admit but a teared up a bit too at then end. Not so much because Gai died since I never really cared for him but actually just seeing them cry. They also look so pretty when they cry. Delicious delicious tears. P:

      1. GC Producer: Okay EP 12 writer you’re fired! EP 13 writer come here!

        EP 13 Writer: How am I supposed to cover all the mess they’ve made in the city?

        GC Producer: Is that even a question?! Put Tsugumi and Ayase up there and go back to school life like nothing’s happened!

        EP 13 Writer: okay.jpg

  20. GC is a bad show I ever see. Only you see special efects, nothing about a good story behind the all animation. It’s very lackless in my opinion. It’s oficial, I drop this series now…

    1. Try the rest of Japan…

      The storyline did state that Jpan became a federation under the real of GHQ of each general. So there must be other regions and other GHQ generals to fight against. Hell, they still get another cour. So they will either live it easy, smoke a lot of pot, and have plenty of kinky sex or fight another GHQ general somewhere else.

      1. There are those who pushes for Japanese independence such as that old man who hires Funeral Parlor. The reason I just pointed out GHQ is that not all of the people in power seems to support GHQ.

        The Moondoggie
    1. Kid got molested by Psychobitch. Psychobitch is a sadist and enjoys bondage. Kid discovered he’s a masochist during the whole process so he fell in love with Psychobitch. That’s it in a nutshell.

  21. My guess… Daryl is gonna be the new void user and be one of the next arc’s bad guys. They focused waaaay too much on him to just be thrown away now. Consider this: https://randomc.net/image/Guilty%20Crown/Guilty%20Crown%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2017.jpg and what he did to the mother who accidentally touched him. Would you want to give this guy the ability to call on voids? No. But it would make a good villain.

    Also. Parasite Eve Mana. Crazy. But I did make the connection several episodes ago. Heh. I don’t know if I’m just that good or GC is too predictable. Probably the latter.

    Jared Drake
    1. High five on the parasite eve connection, though the only similarities between GC and the game is the carrier host of weird genetic condition, christmas, magical genetic powers, and mad scientists trying to force human evolution.

      Wait a minute… what was the GC plot again? What was the goal of that GHQ anti-body dude? Thought this was a poilitical power struggle using an apocalyptic virus… I’m honestly just watching GC for the lulz and not paying attention to the story.

      Chillax Mang
  22. Ugh. Creepy wedding. Seriously dislike. That is just one hell of a wedding, seeing that you’re proposing not to the actual girl >_>

    Aside from that, I watched this just last night, and it really made me cry seeing Gai part with Shu just like that. They’re best friends, and Shu’s memories returned only in this episode. What a short reunion… RIP Gai Tsutsugami, you shall be remembered.

    And hey, Mana can be really cute you know, even if she’s acting all crazy. Well…except when she actually…wore blood as her lipstick. XD”

  23. Good episode except for the fast pacing. It’s episodes like this that make me think Guilty Crown would have really benefited from having a normal 24-26 ep run like most 2-cours.

    Is it we safe to assume that Shu regained all his memories and not just partially? I still want to know more about the past. I feel a bit of disbelief that Mana died so fast. It doesn’t feel right that this is the last we see of her…

    When Inori and Shu were crying over Gai’s death together it felt like one of the more real moments between them. Hopefully Gai dying takes a positive turn and pushes them towards the right direction in establishing a bond.

    Like you said it felt like a finale episode, I wonder where they go from here. I sincerely hope the second half lives up to the early hype and throws any negative predispositions people have from the first half out the window.

      1. It is 22 episodes. I mean if it had those few extra 2-4 episodes most other 2-cour animes have they might have been able to pace the show better. I feel there was a lot of in the episode that they could have expanded on particularly Shu and Gai’s past relationship. It was kind of like. Here’s the past->oh look they were friends->Gai dies. Make me feel something more when he dies.

        I didn’t cry, but I did tear up just looking at them cry 😛 I easily tear, probably because I’m a person that loves crying.

    1. Yep, 22 episodes doesn’t sound like a good scope to finish things up. And hopefully Shu and Inori can have some legitimate romantic moments now instead of just making a relationship out of nothing.

      I know the comparisons have been done to death, but in Eureka Seven, what made Eureka and Renton’s relationship believable was the fact that they actually had moments outside of the action scenes where you could tell they were connecting. Renton may have been a dork for most of the series, but he never had to stick his hand inside a girl to get her to like him.

      1. Yep a lot show could have been executed better had there been a bit more build up and development. If they thought they couldn’t fit the content into 22 I would have preferred them doing it at the right pacing then pulling an OreImo or Bakemonogatari where we get extra episodes for a more conclusive ending. Otherwise, they’re just damaging the anime as a whole.

        That’s what I’m hoping for. I was actually looking forward to the romance aspect when the series began then it kind of just dwindled away. Maybe now it can turn into something meaningful with Gai and Mana gone. I’d also like to see Inori start developing as an individual being right about now, not as Mana’s body double or Gai’s right-hand (wo)man. Same goes for Shu.

        Hopefully Shu and Inori’s more or less superficial relationship from before was intentional by P.IG as a contrast to the true connection they could have from now on. I don’t want anymore “I belong to you. Touch my chest.” to “LOL I was actually lying to you. Go away.”

      2. Episode 6: “No wait, don’t go away. Sympathize with your boss. I still don’t care though.”
        Episode 7: “Now watch me do cute stuff while I eat all your food and leave my underwear around and make my robot clean up.”
        Episode 8: “Also, I’m gonna try and hook up with your friend. LOL JK it was a mission Gai gave me! Oh, you were jealous? I’m not gonna show any signs of caring.”
        Episode 9: “lol what? Sorry talking to Gai.”
        Episode 10: “Well, I guess I’m a little worried…anyway, later.”

  24. So guys and gals, if you read the lyrics for the ending song. It goes perfectly with Shuu and Gai. Hold my hand, bro. Oh joy. /sarcasm.

    BTW, Inori looks awkward crying.

    Don’t worry GC, I’ll be with you til the end of your season.

      1. Looking good and looking awkward are two different things, I’m saying that Inori looks awkward because all the while she’s been the ’emotionless’ girl and then suddenly emotions. :/

  25. And now Shuu calling Inori a monster makes a lot more sense. Personally, if they had the exposition in a preceding episode rather than this one it would have been better. But yeah the whole first season was riddled with horrible pacing to begin with. Someone mentioned how Gai left right after Lost Christmas wanting to be stronger. I like how he left, then immediately the soldiers came in to pick up Shuu and seemingly ignored Gai. Come on soldiers, he couldn’t have gone that far for you to not see him!

  26. I wonder if they brought guys from BONES to do this episode since it felt completely like one of their series finales. The direction and infodump really could have been handled better but you have to give this cliche driven series props for pulling a BONES finale mid-season. I don’t think that’s ever been done before.

  27. Dawm it, now that Gai is finally dead I feel a little a bit sorry for him, I mean he was one crazy bastard but this episode let some insight in his misarable mind. By the way, I´m with all of you the development is crazy as hell, you don´t what is going to happen next but that´s what I like about the show, completely umpredictible, I know is not perfect bit who cares just enjoy the ride.

  28. There are several plot holes in this episode:

    1) Why killed Mana?
    2) Why did the gun shot back at Triton?
    3) How did Shuuichirou died so easily?
    4) Why did Shu stab Gai?
    5) How can you be conscious when your void was drawn?
    6) How on Earth is Gai and Shu the same age?
    7) Why did Inori have Mana’s soul?
    8) What did Shuuichirou gave Scarface?

    1. Half-ass answering:
      1. She’s a threat, being the eve/carrier of the virus.
      2. Gun was designed that way? Rebounded I don’t know, kind of like how the virus protected Gai lol.
      3. Cause he is a boring old lecher villian. Go away Shuuichirou. I didn’t actually notice that he died.
      4. Because it was more “dramatic”. Gai was dying anyway as he stated. I don’t know if Gai’s body was actually meant to be blocking Manas given the design of the cage.
      5. Gai asked Shu to hold his hand. That’s the reason I believe he stayed conscious. Someone else thought so too.
      6. Ask the character designer, but the character designer is awesome so don’t you dare question him. Also Gai went off to “become stronger” on his own personal journey that would explain why he doesn’t act like a normal teenage boy but more independent and mature. He didn’t lose his memories either i.e he’s a manly man with a traumatic past.
      7. Something along the lines of a clone. The full process and details of that aren’t really known.
      8. I don’t know what Shuuichirou gave Scarface so I don’t know what this question is asking.

      These aren’t even plot holes. A lot of things are implied if you just think a bit. You don’t even have to think deeply. Look up the definition of plot hole before you say anything next time.

      1. For all we know, the bullet actually gave him a split personality that gave him the ability to instantly become a badass and gather a bunch of guys and two moe mecha girls, without having to explain how or why he did it in the first place, while his adopted brother spirals into depression.

        That was what the bullet was for. Totally.

    2. See, THIS is an example of people MAKING plot holes just so they can complain. Most of these questions give the impression that the asker A: Wasn’t actually paying attention during the episode, and/or B: Is impatient about getting things answered that don’t need to be answered yet.

      So, Guilty Crown fans, stop comparing people who actually pay attention to these kinds of “haters”. Just because most of the people on this blog give negative critiques of a show you like, doesn’t mean there isn’t something very wrong happening with the show’s execution. I’m willing to wait until the end to see how Funeral Parlor jumps back from this shocking development of losing their leader…but I’m agitated that we’re already halfway through the story and we don’t even know what FP’s actual goal is. I’m also interested in what significance, if any, Inori has left in the plot, but I hope that she’ll gain some character outside of “silent clone” so she and Shu can start to develop a recognizable relationship.

      We’re not haters. We’re not trolls. We’re not masochists. We’re not picking on you. We’re not doing this to “look smart”.

      We’re anime fans. And we’re gonna call out something when it sucks.

      1. And I say do it once then quit it. Anime fans? More like anime critics. Do you know what critics do? They live off by bad mouthing every little thing.

        I say “You don’t like the show? GTFO!”

        The Moondoggie
    3. @Da5id: What? You can’t answer these? LOLZ.

      1) Why killed Mana? Because She’s crazy, infected and will probably destroy the world again if Shu refuses to marry her.

      2) Why did the gun shot back at Triton? Mana’s trap. Reverse firing guns are easy to make.

      3) How did Shuuichirou died so easily? Who says he died?

      4) Why did Shu stab Gai? He’s trapped and dying anyway. Mana won’t have time to attack with Gai on her way.

      5) How can you be conscious when your void was drawn? Gai told him to hold his hand when drawing the void. I suspect because of that.

      6) How on Earth is Gai and Shu the same age? Anime magic, or how people age in anime. Gai might be just naturally tall and Shu a shortie. How IS Komoe a teacher of highschool students when her body is that of someone younger than Index?

      7) Why did Inori have Mana’s soul? She doesn’t. She’s the interface to communicate an wake Mana’s soul which will be transferred to Inori.

      8) What did Shuuichirou gave Scarface? Info of the void and the virus probably.

      The Moondoggie
  29. 3 things i like bout the show –

    1) redjuice characters
    2) redjuice characters
    3) redjuice characters

    3 things i dont like bout the shot –

    1) so what’s the story?
    2) so what’s the story?
    3) so what’s the story?

    in conclusion, its the 3 things that i like about the show that keeps me going w the series. wish it’ll pick up from here

    and yea seriously, who wouldn’t want an older sister like mana? ahahaha!

  30. Despite gaping plot holes it is still best episode in these series. And i still refuse to believe it is more than 12 episodes. No, really? It looks like bloody finale, what more to say here?

  31. Gai died, I did not care. He has been acting cold to Shu and ordering him like a bitch for half the series. Now, you suddenly tell me that they were actually childhood friends and you want draw out some emotional impact for his death? No, just no.

  32. As for why Gai was able to stay conscious, it was heavily implied that Shu has “unlocked” a new King mode after he regained his memory (based on what Gai and Yuu said). Still, since this came out from thin air, I still feel that it is rather forced…

  33. I was actually not expecting Inori to be rescued this episode and instead have the plot dragged till episode 22. However, I think this was still a satisfying ending to the arc as it relieved the suspense that had piled up since the previous two episodes.

  34. The subliminal message of this series is the horrible genetic consequences in incest.

    And my rants for this show are:
    1) They still haven’t answered who is that young boy who kidnapped Inori and why he has powers.
    2) Genetically speaking, Inori is still Shuu’s sister. So, it really brings a new boundary to incest relationships.

    1. 1. You don’t really expect them to reveal everything about one of the major villians only a little over half way? That’s more of a last five episodes thing. Give it time.
      2. I was confused about this and what Inori was. Is she an artificial vessel for Mana’s soul, a genetic clone or what? Might have to watch again cause I don’t remember what they called her. Either way I said it before but I doubt Mana was ever Shu’s real sister. Given their different appearances and the possibility of adoption as Divine pointed out it still seems very unlikely.

  35. Excuse me, did I read “not-so-agreeable first eleven episodes”? THIS episode was total and complete BULLSHIT compared to the first eleven episodes which totally rocked the shit out of many animes from last season.
    It was like a finale because every-single-damn-thing was crammed in 20 minutes… Gai and Shu knew each other and were best friends? Gai not going unsconcious because Shu grabbed his hand? wedding? incest? Shu using an awesome power out of nowhere and not using it again when not having a weapon?
    WTF GC?!
    Honestly, if I’ve ever been mad about an episode or complete series is with the one that I just saw and that almost made me puke.

  36. I really hated this episode even tho the past 11 didn’t bother me that much. They revealed so little before and all of a sudden this much this episode. Yet you still feel like you don’t understand what is happening at all. What’s with this “death” guy? one touch kill? this strange marriage ceremony can force Mana to make babies with you? Before you know it, this arc is finished already. They definitely should have taken some time out of the previous 11 episodes to tell the story in this 1 episode.

  37. When I first entered the military, there was this bunkmate who helped me out with various things, right from day 1, when I was still trying to figure things out. I didn’t know who he was, but I didn’t want to be looked at as weak, so I didn’t really accept any of his help or talked to him. A week went by, and I was still kinda overwhelmed, while the other guys had already settled into the new life. That bunkmate proved to be quite popular among the other platoon-mates and sergeants, and was appointed as IC of the platoon. He regularly asked me if I had any problems, so I guess his personality was why everyone sorta looks up to him, including me.

    Some time in the second week, everyone in the bunk decided to exchange contact info and write them on a list. When I received the list, I saw the full name of that bunkmate, and was surprised that it was the same name of one of my old friends. So I asked him if he used to go to my school. His reply was the same as Gai’s. “You finally remember, huh.”

    Turns out he recognised me right from the start, even though it has been at least 10 years since we said our farewells. But he didn’t let me know all this time because he realised that I saw him as a stranger, and he thought it would be embarrassing if it turns out I wasn’t who he thought I was.

    I had a friend just like Gai. But I wasn’t like Shuu, and there was noone like Mana involved.

    1. Wow, so your life was better written than Guilty Crown! I kid, but that’s still a pretty cool story.

      And even though we never saw Mana in actual combat, I have doubts that anyone with her instabilities would be allowed anywhere near the military.

      1. Which is exactly how you instigate. Why leave comments at all if you don’t take them seriously? Either way, that comment was uncalled for. They guy’s telling us about a personal moment in his life while he was in the armed forces and your only response is “lol, that was like, boring”. Just because he doesn’t share your taste in cartoons? Really?

      2. You don’t have to endure anything. You throw around this argument of “If you don’t like it, get out”, except that you continue to stay and mock everyone who disagrees with you like you’re fighting the good fight. Unless you actually enjoy screwing with people and wanting to be contrary (which I’m pretty sure is the case, considering all of the replies you sent all at once, and all the grief you’ve caused on posts of completely different series) I suggest you get the hell out of here now, because the mood about this show isn’t changing anytime soon.

      3. Actually, that is how I think about you guys: You all claim that this show is bad, even though it’s so baseless. And then you do it again next week. Weird is you guys have been complaining about this show for more than 12 weeks now without dropping it? Why is that? Why watch a show you hate?

        Unless you can give a very competent reply don’t give me that talk. And why should a fan leave his favorite show? Shouldn’t YOU guys be the one who leave?

        The Moondoggie
      4. There are other sites other than this one that blog the show. Sites that might possibly have a more positive view of the show than the people here do. You don’t need to keep coming here in particular and confronting people who just want to give their opinions. A fan should leave when he starts giving the series he’s a fan of a bad name by being so obsessive and defensive about it.

        And if you really think these claims are baseless, then you have either not been reading them or we are watching two very different shows. I can’t speak for everyone here, but here’s my take on the show: It has potentially interesting concepts which are wasted by poor use of character development and execution of plot devices. The show has potential, that I can admit, but with only 10 episodes left, it’s running out of room FAST. I’m going to watch it to the end so that I make sure that I didn’t stop before it got to the good part. If you use that logic (and don’t go into any of your masochistic BS that you’re projecting), then everyone here who’s complained about it is also a fan.

        Now, just give it a rest. Stop acting like people are going after you personally, and just watch the dang show. And if you don’t like how things are going here, feel free to leave anytime. It’s your call.

      5. Pfft. Escaping with the “other sites option”. You haven’t given me a competent answer, so my stand remains. An anime fan should leave when he starts to dislike how a show starts to turn out.

        And like how I have been telling you I don’t find the pacing “disturbing” like you guys. The show is pretty decent, with it’s portions of cool from time to time.

        I’m going to watch it to the end so that I make sure that I didn’t stop before it got to the good part.

        LOLZ. What’s that? And if you didn’t like how it turned out in the end? You gonna rant till your fingers bleed?

        The Moondoggie
      6. To quote a fellow commenter (side note: they hated GC too): Don’t like a show? Great! Don’t like it! You don’t need a reason, just don’t watch it and ignore it.

        That’s one approach for it.

        lol you two really need to stop fighting in these GC threads.

        And Moondoggie, I doubt as much as you want it that they will stop. As you’ve said its been over half the series, some people clearly don’t care if their comments a harming the fans’ enjoyment of discussing a show. On another side note, I do remember you being that spoiler guy in some of the other shows last season. Ugh its like karma, except innocent people get the flack for it too. I sincerely hope you’ve stopped that cause it was no better than what these guys are doing here.

      7. Look, that was a different case. If they don’t want me to comment back, they shouldn’t comment in the first place. Like your friend said: hate it then ignore it. That’s why I ask people who claimed they have dropped it as to why are they here?

        The Moondoggie
      8. You’ve already invalidated my opinion based on how I’ve badmouthed the show, so I’m pretty sure even if I give the most logical opinion in the world, you’ll still blow it off as “hating”…

        You don’t get to decide what an anime fan should or shouldn’t do. I didn’t say that anyone here SHOULD be calling GC out because it’s wasted potential, I just said that’s what they’re currently doing. So again, you’re trying to project. You think everyone should discuss shows in your particular fashion, and then you mock them when you don’t like it because you think it’s flawed. I’ve talked to GC fans about the flaws and they were far more civil than you. So let me tell you how your system’s flawed. If a fan judges an entire show based on only a couple of episodes, he’ll never get a good idea of what the show’s about.

        And I couldn’t agree more, Dizzy. Although I’ve yet to see comments like this actually affect people’s enjoyment of the show, I accept that it’s possible. So I’m gonna try to not enable Moondoggie anymore, and hope that it has some sort of effect.

      9. Moondoggie: Haha I remember people being pretty pissed off about it. Didn’t really care cause it didn’t effect me. I do think you should have respected those commenters in not spoiling them when they didn’t want to be spoiled kind of like how you want people to stop making snarky comments about GC since they know it annoys people like you.

        Da5id: Just to state I am a fan of the show. I do acknowledge it’s weaknesses but still find myself entertained despite and am hopeful for the second arc to change some things around. It kind of depends on the comments. Don’t mind negative criticism as long as it’s stated maturely and within reason, which I think many are. I don’t particularly care for the random people who drop in when 1.it adds nothing to the discussion and 2. they’re not even watching it. (Optional 3. They’re not even witty.)

        Yeah they don’t necessarily effect the enjoyment of the show but perhaps more of the discussion? Sort of reminds me of those kids on YT that come to ‘watch’ videos just so that they can make unintelligent comments such as “Justin Bieber sucks” even when it’s not related…

        At least it’s easy enough to ignore them, but I do agree with Moondoggie thats unnecessary for THOSE people not to be here.

        lol good to hear that. Don’t retaliate Moondoggie!

      10. Haha, well I at least hope that my criticisms HAVE been within reason and actually made a case (and are hopefully witty too). Again, it’s not so much I hate the show, just that I want to do better, but find it lulzworthy when it doesn’t. That said, totally looking forward to the last ten episodes.

        I honestly wish people who didn’t have anything nice and/or backed up would leave as well, but it’s just something I’ve learned to accept about the internet: There will always be trolls.

        And it’s not like I don’t know where he’s coming from, since I was defending Gundam AGE fiercely from attacks before it started to shape up, I just wish GC could too…but hopefully episodes 13-22 will fix that!

      11. I’ve talked to GC fans about the flaws and they were far more civil than you….
        ….If a fan judges an entire show based on only a couple of episodes, he’ll never get a good idea of what the show’s about.

        I don’t know which group of “fans” you talk to but it looks like they’re the more recent fans who started liking the show already near the middle of the series. Those who says, “Ah this show sucks, dropped.” And when the show starts the more awesome parts they go, “Whoops! The show is being talked about. I hear the episode’s awesome. I’ll pick it up again.”

        Pretentious fakers, Those are the types who only watches anime “to ride a hype”…

        And your right, when someone judges an entire show based on only a couple of episodes, he’ll never get a good idea of what the show’s about. But seems like you didn’t notice this phrase applies to you: You had stopped watching GC since you hated and then started again for some unknown reason. Maybe because you are afraid you have judge this show too early?

        And no, you are not a fan of a show when you have done the things you did for GC. A true fan would have forgiven it’s faults, if there are any. A fan would leave silently when the show isn’t to their taste anymore, much like how I did when Fate/Zero and Mirai Nikki started to bore me, out of respect for other fans.

        Haha, well I at least hope that my criticisms HAVE been within reason and actually made a case (and are hopefully witty too).

        And no. No it didn’t. They didn’t convince me, they lack total proof.

        Don’t retaliate Moondoggie!

        LOL, you haven’t said anything I deem worthy of retaliation anyway.

        The Moondoggie
    2. Ive seen these kinds of story style one too many times in Japanese entertainment.
      I can just say the problem is the show,and how it is SHOWN.

      This clearly isnt really a case where the audience is entirely at fault for having the wrong expectations and approaches for enjoying it.

      Moondoggie,ive seen your kind of defender fanatics all too much too.Your kind is alwys the villain in such cases.Sneering down upon the unfortunate who are unable to appreciate a joy?
      That makes you even WORSE than what you claim to fight.

      Lets face it,the world is very realistic.People are pragmatics.
      People watching for the moment,for the hype? So be it.Do you have a problem with that?
      That’s the value of entertainment to them of the show.There’s nothing wrong with it.It’s a free world!

      SCREW your elitist loyalist fanatic fan ideals.
      Everyone who seeks entertainment are using the same principle.Searching for what YOU WANT.

      In fact,i think such fans should actually be applauded for their very action to express critism.
      They want to be honest with themselves much over anyone,on how they feel on it.
      That,isnt pretentious.

      They hate it,but they want to continue deep down for it got better.Isnt that just simple?
      True,their expressions can be poor,but their feelings cant be a lie.

      1. And so what if we enjoy it in a twisted way?(That’s the way i see it now.Sad,ive seen the truth of such a story style.)What if we dont enjoy it at all?

        The fact such fans actually decide to still persist,despite the fact it may never actually turn out well for them is quite courageous.

        They,in some way or another,at least TRIED to see it through to the very end.That,in of itself,it worth it.Whether we enjoyed it was another matter.

        Also,does it really matter if we are so called “smart” enough to enjoy a story style like this?
        In the very end,it’s the impressions that matter.There’s no point pretending you like something
        trying to keep it all in,and saying that you do,when you dont! That, is true pretentiousness.

        Some people can only just watch the show’s episode once,and can only see so much.

      2. Wait. What’s your angle here? So you are saying to troll people who like the show week after week is OK? Well since you enjoy cheering for fail here, I really can’t turn a blind eye now, can I?

        For if in reality you guys are allowed to comment as such, I think I’m free to just say as much about it and you guys as well. I’ll tell you this much: If a show has, despite critics, fans, then the show isn’t at fault. It’s the viewers that has something wrong going on. Maybe you just hate the show, plain and simple. But wouldn’t you had dropped it instead? Normal people would go for that option.

        Saying people who continue to watch a show they clearly don’t like isn’t courageous: it means something is wrong with you. Hoping that the show would get better? If they do, where are their good comments about the show? If, like Da5id, you come here week after week like the idiot he is saying how bad the show is beyond hope, and continue to watch it anyway, where’s the courage in that? Are you fighting a dragon or something?

        And actually, the complains people post here is more like nitpicking than real criticism. “The story’s too fast”, or “the show goes off-topic.” LOLZ. I’m telling you, I don’t see it.

        Now as for cliche. I had made a stand before: no show had been original for a long time. The genre pool had been all categorized. All tropes marked and tagged. If the posts I read about Steins;Gate is accurate, then the show has a “Butterfly Effect” feel to it. Clearly not original. So is Gundam AGE.

        There’s no point pretending you like something trying to keep it all in, and saying that you do, when you don’t, right? Then why are you guys even here? I’d go so far as to say some haters here ARE pretending to watch the show. I don’t even get your purpose of voicing out your hate for twelve weeks(actually more) in a row. If you guys are truly convinced this show IS hopeless, then you would had leaved. If you guys do think it still has hope, I don’t see it in your posts. So the logical conclusion is that you guys are just trolling.

        tl;dr I’m not the bad guys here, you guys are. You come here and enjoy badmouthing such a good show, it’s painful to just leave them without a proper answer. So even if there are many against me, I’ll be here defending a show I like. If it’s a fight you want, bring it on.

        The Moondoggie
    3. Unfortunately,ive experienced this kind of story style too many times as i said,been through the same bad experiences again and again.I just know the truth.There IS a problem.

      I’m just saying you need to rethink things a little bit.
      Such fans are irrational.But critising them liks because of via generalisation is too much.

      It IS nitpicking.But,again,why voice it out?
      Bad Impressions were made for a reason.
      Now,if not one,but many form shared the same common bad impressions of the show,there has to be “some” truth to their words.

      Also,as i said,so what if we enjoy it in a twisted way?(That’s the way i see it now.Sad,ive seen the truth of such a story style.)What if we dont enjoy it at all?
      The very action we chose to persist in it,should be worth some merit.We at least seen all the episode of the show,and can proudly,go ahead with our opinions.

      A risk is always a gain,never a loss.
      At least,it will be better then the ones who dropped it after a few episodes.

      As you said,it’s the approach.
      But have you ever asked:”Why do they approach as so and so?”

      Look at Blood C,alots of people gave it lots of flak,why is that?
      These 2 shows had one thing in common.

  38. Scary. The first line of the review is pretty damn close to my post on MAL for this episode.

    Me: “Did I just watch the last episode? Because that’s sure what it felt like.”

    Kinda creepy. Regardless, I have absolutely no idea where this is going to go from here as they don’t really have time to do another storyline properly IMO.

  39. I don’t know why everyone thinks that Mana is dead ? Gai told Shu that Mana was awakened against her will, and they have to put her to sleep again.
    About why Gai was killed –
    1. he was wounded from previous encounter
    2. he was preety bad infected with the virus
    3. he’s body was blocking te way to Mana
    After Shu pierced the sword (literally void/soul of Mana) thru Mana, she goes back to sleap, not die (if she would die than Inori with her soul would die too – thats why Shu and Inori cry only for Gai). While Gai was dying he had a vision (similar to Shu when he killed his friend’s brother) about his reunion with Mana.
    About Segai, i think he recived the last void genome.

  40. Mana isn’t dead, she went back to sleep, her yellow bubble descend down while Shu went up.
    She isn’t Shu’s real sister, to have a pink hair ? Shu’s mother don’t have it, and his father ? i dont’ think so.
    The marriage proposal was creepy, but Mana already chosen Shu as her husband when they were kids and made a promise to marry him.

  41. While the whole episode went fast in terms of pacing, I wish they focused more on the flashbacks if they want to pull of a drama or something. Anyways, I do think that Mana isn’t dead yet, she’s a spirit at the very least, spirits don’t die when their already dead to begin with. I’m presuming Mana’s soul is somewhere……anywhere maybe. She might even be on Inori, seeing as how Inori’s veil looks like it’s connected to Mana’s cage.

    As for Mana’s creepy psychotic lust over wanting to reproduce with Shu, it really can be because of the Apocalypse virus, or just the virus enhancing her aggressiveness. There’s also a chance that Mana may really like Shu that way, just that, her normal self would never initiate something so drastic as crossing the borders, whereas, the virus might have dulled her perceptions and sanity to the point that she’d just go with it. If ever it’s just the virus, why couldn’t it be Gai? Or anyone else? Why did she chose Shu to begin with?

    Mah, there’s still that chance that she may or may not be Shu’s biological sister. I do want some answers to a ton of questions that have piled up after watching this episode. But yeah, this chapter sure made me open my eyes wide and like gave me a few chills here and there.

    1. I’m not sure what to expect in terms of who is actually biologically related to whom, but I’m hoping Shu starts to see Inori as a sister/friend (without the incest) rather than a love interest. It would make much more sense in the long run, considering their interactions outside of fighting (however little they were), and would be an interesting twist on how characters like these usually end up hooking up.

      1. I know, I also don’t expect much seeing as how it can go either way, and there’s some suspicions on Haruka being Shu’s mother and all, I hope the writers’ do seal the deal on this one with a good and believable explanation.

        Shu and Inori being friends is fine to me, to begin with, I’m fine on whatever relationship they build, but from what it looks like from the previous episode, I’m doubting that the possibilities of them being friends and only friends would happen. But if that ever happens, that would somehow surprise me.

  42. This is very disappointing…. The first 11 episodes were good. Not that excellent but they’re clever and entertaining. Introducing everyone’s void and using them accordingly, Gai’s smooth and perfect execution of his strategies, etc. etc.

    But this one??? Ugghghhh!! I can’t believe that I would just drop this, i mean, with these much cheese and crazy shit going on it ruined everything…

  43. If I hadn’t known that there were 10 more episodes after this, I would’ve thought it was the finale. But that would mean a LOT of loose ends and cliffhangers, which would make me pretty mad at the producers. I cannot wait to see what else happens in the anime, because this is going to be epic.

  44. So now we know why Inori is awake in the OP while Shu uses her void. Thought it was either a power-up or oversight. I am glad it is the former. Also I noticed he is holding her hand while flying through the air so that pretty much confirms the “hold my hand while you pull out my heart” theory.

  45. Finally things come together. I was really starting to wonder where they were going with this, but now it all makes sense. They were obviously trolling us.

    They just put as much clichéd crap as possible into a single show and put some impressive eye candy on top of it, so that people would actually take it seriously.

    10/10 I say, 10/10.

    1. You know, it kinda impressed me you and Da5id had lasted 12 episodes at all. From my POV, you guys should have quit during the long break.

      And cliche you say? Which show this season, or in the past year, had an original concept anyway?

      The Moondoggie
      1. Which Madoka is that Jif. We currently have two. If it’s decon Madoka, it’s not original… We have Narutaru, Eva and Bokurano to thank for that. Rare, but not unheard of.

        The Moondoggie
      2. I found while trying to make everyone’s lives awful and eating babies.
        Shame on you…

        And Nope. I don’t find it interesting. And yes, I read it all. I can tell you were “The Guy”.

        And it’s a 2011 article… >.>

        The Moondoggie
      3. I wasn’t exactly trying to hide that fact…but okay.

        And what does the year have to do with anything? I that article was what you were getting at with all your posts, that GC is the best anime ever and people are dumb for not liking it.

      4. @Da5id

        Uh no. What I was referring to as dumb is that you guys come back here every week just to complain. We get you hate the show. If people are just gonna come back every week just to say the same bad thing while waiting for something good to happen, with nothing good to say, I’d be better if he just keep his opinion to himself.

        The Moondoggie
      5. Except that it isn’t as cut and dry as that. Even the haters love the animation and music. It’s the story and characters people have a problem with.

        And regardless, what does it matter if people have a negative opinion about the show? Why do you care if they’re wasting their time complaining? This isn’t rhetorical, I honestly want to know why this one show in particular matters to you so much.

    2. Moondoggie,if you are interested in our perspective,(which i think can explain),just listen.

      Its human irrationality.I trust,that at least,Da5id is trying to sort his feelings out on the show.It’s a emotional mess.
      What you said IS true.But as i said,if so many people share the same common negative perspective,naturally would’nt it make sense that there has to be some truth to their words?

      As you said,we dont like it.We aren’t true fans of the show.In that sense, we are fake fans.
      But have you ever wondered,why isnt it so clear cut to such fans the message the show isnt for them?

      Because it isnt.That’s why.And you know why?

      1. I don’t need to know why, actually. You people had been posting it for weeks now.

        If then you claim that the show isn’t cut for some people, then why those people just admit it isn’t cut for them and stop watching and posting here?

        And saying that people are trying to sort out their feelings for the show is rather weird. Are you saying that they are emotionally attached to the show? What are they, tsundere?

        If you people think what you are doing is right, then no one’s stopping you(except me), go on. Because no one’s stopping me answering any criticisms the way I want it to answer.

        The Moondoggie
      2. So you dont know why.

        Hahaha,you are right you know.It’s like love/hate.It’s so funny i find myself laughing at it,the whole affair after it’s over.

        See,as you said,if the show isnt for us, why are here? Why are we still persist,despite knowing it’s not truly for us?
        Why did we even do it in the first place?

        Have you ever thought that?

      3. It’s really a matter of perception,but frankly,in your words….

        If a show has, despite critics, fans,dont you think something is really wrong the show?
        Given the kind of reaction,that incited lots of anger and hate,that means something is really potentially offensive about it.

        That really should’nt be the way a story should be like.It’s supposed to be having fans,despite critics,not the other way round.

        You also admitted it several episodes earlier.The directors dont WANT to make it appealing.It’s on purpose.
        So,by wasting time,and having no real reason to like it,you can potentially offend people who want a engaging and compelling well pace story and those who like action and plot.

        To fans who want such things,it’s like a middle finger to them.

        Get it yet?

      4. …has, despite critics, fans…
        …having fans, despite critics….

        What I said was ” If a show has, despite critics, fans, then the show isn’t at fault. It’s those who watch the show. And I should tell you that the two above has the same meaning.

        The directors wanted Shu to be despised. Not the show. And like I said, I like the show because the story and the characters in it are intriguing. I have no problems with any other aspect of the show, like the story pacing. For those who cannot find it in GC, can’t they just go elsewhere? Like I said: “Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.” It is not me who is wasting time here, it is those who don’t like the show and is still here. It is their comments that are insulting to fans, not mine. GC doesn’t deserve the crap they throw: it is compelling and engaging enough.

        The Moondoggie
      5. Now you are getting to it.

        Like Da5id says,it’s not so clear cut.Some fans can like just certain aspects,but hate everything else.
        Well,have you ever seen critics out there actually despise stories because their characters are totally unlikable?It happens out there.That’s what’s happening now.

        Sorry i was trying to say,that a story should not actually be potentially so controversial,where not one,but a good mass of audience can be offended.If that happens,it means the story may have a real problem.

        Eg,The Golden Compass being accused of having anti-Catholic themes.

        I’ll have to tell you.We ARE expecting the wrong thing.But frankly,i still continue to persist in my ideals against such a storytelling style,because i just know i can’t view such a work like the way you do.

        It just does not come to me naturally, to analyse and theorise on what’s going on in the show,for i only seek mainly instant gratification from excitement.

        You getting any ides why such fake fans even came here in the first place yet?

      6. Like Da5id says,it’s not so clear cut.Some fans can like just certain aspects,but hate everything else.

        Sure they do(/sarcasm). So where’s the comments pertaining to that? None right? Not even Da5id has commented one good thing about GC. He only makes posts that makes fun of it, and they aren’t even witty.

        You getting any ides why such fake fans even came here in the first place yet?

        Because they’re the type of people who watch anime just for the hype. The type of people who would just follow what others say, like zombies.

        The Moondoggie
      7. “Even the haters love the animation and music {of GC}” So yeah, that takes care of that.

        But seriously, guys, the next episode’s coming out in a couple days. Can’t you just hold off on this until then?

      8. As i said,impressions.
        Since this is a comment type of thingy and not a wholesome blog post,they only said what they felt for majority of the show.Did’nt i say their expression is quite poor due their emotional mess over the show?

        Good news stay indoors,but bad news travels fast.
        Lets face it,actually,we are all just enjoying the show alone mainly.

        Half correct.

        They came because of the hype,but that reason does not explain why they reacted that way.
        What I Watched/Expected/Got meme really applies.

      9. Did’nt i say their expression is quite poor due their emotional mess over the show?

        Sorry. As tempting as it is, I don’t like the idea that Da5id is an emotional wreak over the show.

        About their expectations. If a show has not lived up to their expectations, is it right for them to throw crap at it every week? Where’s the sense in that?

        The Moondoggie
      10. It isnt.It makes no sense from a logical stand.But remember,human irrationality.
        Remember how i said that still persisting on it was pretty courageous?

        Rather than continuously weep and hate about it stagnating there,why not just struggle with it to the end,and sort out your feelings?

        Da5id,ive been through this so many times,with so many of the same kind of stories.
        I too,was confused like you over such stories.
        (Confused.That is the key word,which points towards the very real problem of the show that started this mess)

        I did’nt like it,but yet i still felt i liked the story deep down for what was good about it to us.However,no matter how i persisted on it,it continued to dissapoint.

        And i just know how it will end for fans like us,and how we will see it.

      11. Not entirely.We dont really mean malice,like Da5id kept trying to say.We just struggle to try enjoy the week per week installment,but it does’nt do the job.
        (But you are right,this show isnt really for us.)
        And you missed the point made just now.

        WHY did they react this way?
        WHY did they expect so and so?

        Well here it is.
        Such a story style is quite deceptive and ambiguous.Thus,their reaction is like betrayed.
        Since we agree we dont see the same thing,this is what happens.

        Take Da5id’s questions about the voids in these comments as an example.
        You could see the deeper meanings of the void’s significance in the show,because i think you gave it quite some devoted thought.You understood and liked the how GC’S story style presented itself.

        For me,i just can’t go through such a process when watching Guilty Crown.It just does’nt come naturally for my approach.
        All i can enjoy is what i can take value in the action,the music,and all i feel that is worth of GC,is that it’s only worth watching every episode once,and not giving a 2nd thought.

        Sorry,no matter how meaningful the moral of a story was,if i was’nt happy with how the story presented itself,it still fails in my book.I believe that how we think.

  46. Not just this show actually, I actually hate all hatedoms for any anime or manga or game I liked. Nanoha Force, GC, Strike Witches, Gundam Seed, etc. I defended each one because I like them and that I think they don’t deserve the crap people throw at them.

    The Moondoggie
    1. Lol, The Moondoggie is mad that people criticize a show that he likes even though this is a forum where anime viewers discuss their opinions with others to get a well rounded perspective on the shows that they are watching.

      Intentionally creating arguments by being rude to people who have a different opinion to you is childish, please have respect and courtesy for others.

      1. 1. This is a blog, not a forum.

        2. I rage because they continually do it… for weeks, mind you.

        3. If critics aren’t obligated to show courtesy to fans, why should fans be obligated to show courtesy to critics?

        The Moondoggie
    1. That picture speaks the truth,Da5id.

      See,the problem is that with a story style that GC uses is that it’s trying to be this artist’s idealistic deep philosophical insightful “work of art” ,but unfortunately it failed.

      People did not understand it,but why was that?
      “Authors who are too obsessed with originality often end out committing the sin of looking down on their audience.”

      It was not presented in a compelling and comprehensive manner that masses could understand.
      People could not relate to what was happening to the show easily.

      1. it’s trying to be this artist’s idealistic deep philosophical insightful “work of art”

        No it’s not.

        It was not presented in a compelling and comprehensive manner that masses could understand. People could not relate to what was happening to the show easily.

        Which part of the story is it that hard to understand? The plot was straightforward as it is. It introduced the characters clearly, told us who they are(except for the link between Gai, Shu and Inori/Mana), told us where they went, what they did and what happened to them. Sure that, even though they aimed for originality, they failed, given being original in any plot is impossible now for any work anyway, they still have a solid clear story here.

        The Moondoggie
      2. The plot can taken literally as it is.However,it’s open to many interpretations.Too open that is.
        Hate Shu,or pity him.
        Did’nt i say if a work can warrant controversial critque,there may be a real problem with the story,intentional or not?

        But that isnt the problem.It’s not what was shown,it’s what was not shown.
        The way it was presented was unconvensional for most stories.

        The reason why it’s so hard to watch, is because there isnt a proper sense of progression of the story’s plot within audience’s minds.

        Things just happen,without much detail or explaination.It is thus hard to actually get a feel of anything in the show.Add the fact the characters are unlikable,you have it.

      3. Actually deciding to hate Shu or pity him is not a matter of plots that are open to interpretation. First, that is a matter of mileage – people have a variety of different reasons to dislike Shu, whether it stems from his lack of personal resolve, or the seeming inability to hold a unified persona consistent with the events around him (as of episode 13, it seems like this has been solved). Second, that distinction in and of itself is a false dichotomy – because his character flaws are multifaceted, one can hold different opinions about each facet.

        Second, I really like the presentation of GHQ and their inability to actually control FP. It is important to note that GHQ is not Brittania, hell-bent on global subjugation and using any methods necessary to achieve that. It originally meant to be a multilateral peacekeeping effort, and as such, exhibits the fragmentation you would expect of such an organization. The portrayal of different antagonists – Daryl, the misled child whose aggression and insecurity stems from lack of parental love; Dan, the boisterous, gun-toting, and overly-energetic American; Segai, who injects as many ulterior motives as possible while following GHQ regulations, so on and so forth – reflect that GHQ is not a war machine. For many of the antagonists, it’s a mere case of a bit too much power gone awry when nobody is policing them. There is a more sinister streak, as illustrated by Yuu and Shuuichiro, but it is clear that they do not act in unison with the rest of GHQ. The most important thing to take away is that the morals and motivations of GHQ has been played fairly clearly, with a major exception. Not the same can be said about FP, so it is unsurprising that can fight on the same level.

        As for individual characters, I found it difficult to empathize with Gai, which is rare. The two episodes leading up to Gai’s death trouble me the most, not the ones where Gai is establishing his relationship with Shu. That would have been a great time for Shu to start regaining his memories, because in retrospect, remembering his old ties with Gai would have made his reckless charge to reach Inori a lot more compelling. Actually, since Inori was just reversing the Resonance, did she really need “saving?” And while this is a pretty major qualm, I find that this truncated relationship is a lot more damaging than the supposed “plot hole” of Gai conveniently knowing who has what void. If you’re going to be *that* nitpicky about his abilities, why don’t we go back to re-evaluate the “convenient” powers of every other single protagonist in anime history? It is clear that Gai is a tactical genius, and while he is questionably able to predict the actions of others, that should make visualizing and memorizing peoples’ voids an incredibly simple matter.

        I really don’t see all this inconsistency you folks are just blabbing on about. The biggest problem with GC is that the beginning arc told an incredibly fragmented story by pulling elements from your action/political intrigue and shounen. As soon as viewers built expectations, Shu’s character would seemingly regress or fly off in some random direction. That stalled character/plot development, and that turned off viewers – which is a huge problem. Beside that point, though, many criticisms are indeed unwarranted and generated by ill sentiment and disappointment snowballing. I’ve said this many times, but if everyone applied the same analysis to GC that they did to other shows, very few shows would escape being ripped to shreds.

        The story being told has indeed been self-contained and requires NO outside research or even great extrapolations. Pretty much why Divine has been hitting the nail on the head with his analysis, though I disagree with some of his criticism. The foreshadowing is often conveyed through subtle means – such as the environment, character expressions, or eyes – which is why I continued to watch this show seriously and treat the overarching plot as the backbone of the show. While character interactions suffered, the plot progression partially mitigated that. With the revelation in this episode completely shattering the “inconsistency” in character development, GC really can move forward in an objectively “good” manner that should please viewers if they decide to approach the show with a mindset of actually enjoying it rather than nitpicking.

  47. LOL! Seems a lot of people don’t get it. You don’t reason with fanatics because they are F.A.N.A.T.I.C.S. Everyone has been shooting holes in that crap of a plot for so many episodes now but notice the fanatics don’t dare to say anything then. Now they fall back to the “GTFO if u dunz likez itz”. LOL!

    Oh because this is on the recent comments bar, more of this = more of me! LOL!!

    Guilty Clown
    1. Everyone has been shooting holes in that crap of a plot for so many episodes now but notice the fanatics don’t dare to say anything then.

      Or, you choose to ignore their posts.

      Problem with you people is that you only have a collective opinion, like some Zerg hive mind. And all your complains are always to the tune of “LOL, this show is terrible, too fast pacing” or “too slow” or “they don’t give us more detail”(who the hell would ask for more detail rather than wait for more detail?). Nitpicking.

      The Moondoggie
      1. But you don’t read them, you generalize them.

        “People praised the animation and Original Soundtrack? Who cares! They said the story and characters sucked, and that alone is enough for me to take personal vendetta against the flamers FOR ALL ETERNITY instead of letting people enjoy the show in their own way. The show’s getting more exposure? Who cares if people don’t completely comprehend that this story is INCREDIBLY WELL WRITTEN. IT’S MY OPINION, SO IT MUST BE A FACT. You say you like PART of the show? IMPOSSIBLE. If you like part of it, then you like ALL OF IT. It is impossible for me to see a story three dimensionally, so it is clearly as black and white as SIMPLY liking and disliking something, instead of doing comprehensive analysis. Don’t like some of it? YES YOU DO, YOU MASOCHIST TSUNDERE. Dislike ANY of it? GTFO, my opinion’s the only one that matters. No, I will not go pester some other blog! Why?…..um…fans rights to yell at critics?”

      2. That’s because I checked.

        I re-watched the show the moment I saw the complaints. That was during episode 1. I watched the show again and I cannot justify any of the claims that this show is as bad as some people say it is.

        Past episode 6 the same people are still complaining and still saying the same thing. By this time, I expected people who didn’t liked it to just quit the show, since they’re past over the episode 4 mark.

        But no, they’re still here. Past 9 episodes they are still claiming that this show is bad. And while I admit they failed being original(I cannot stress the “Originality is dead” idea) I cannot find any other evidence to justify any of their claims. By this, my deduction, is that you guys are just a bunch of haters, nitpicking on a show.

        Da5id: What I’d like to see is who had that refrigerator void from episode 3, and see how that gets thrown into the plot.
        Seriously, is it like a hammerspace kind of thing? Is it the same thing with all container voids? This show has some interesting concepts, but it sucks hard at utilizing them into the story.

        Wasn’t it clear, past episode 5, that the materialization of the void comes from the Void Genome inside Shu, transforming into something that reflects the person’s feelings?

        As for the fridge, it was played for laughs. Remember that both fridge and vase didn’t appear again, unlike the lock-picking camera. So why would they give description to an item that is played for laughs like the fridge, owned by some random guy, than to a more portable Ceckhov’s Gun, like the camera, owned by a person Shu knows.

        The Moondoggie
      3. Except that the voids like the “lockpicking camera” and “gun that gets other voids out but also shoots things” are part of a complaint you have not addressed, which has even surpassed: the convenience. The fact that Shu is able to pull out the perfect void at the perfect for every single situation presented in the show is an example of Dues Ex Machina, which, if you didn’t know already, is a completely contrived moment of pulling the most appropriate thing out of nothing…which is literally what Shu does every single episode. Past episode 3, which was more about finding a void for the sake of identification rather than using it, this is no longer passable. Locked in a prison for helping terrorists? Good thing there’s a guy in there with a void that can CONTROL GRAVITY. Need to fight off a mech? There’s a guy with a void who can make A BLACK HOLE. Taking down a satellite in one episode? Put a gun on a sword and somehow it’s stronger! It’s like they can’t decide between making it a Mac Guffin or a Chekov’s gun, so they just make it a “void of the week thing” as if some of these couldn’t be applied to other situations. After the Gravity Gun and the camera, why did they even need any other voids? The show is relying on the concept of voids entirely too much, which is evident in that the only thing Shu’s friends contribute to the plot is that they all have voids that are conveniently useable whenever. The reason I asked about the fridge guy was because it would have been much more interesting to see it be used than any of the ones we’ve seen so far that are so ridiculously overpowered that it stunts any sort of progression in character development. How the hell can I look at these people as actual characters if the only useful thing they do is let Shu stick his hand inside them?

  48. Except that the voids like the “lockpicking camera” and “gun that gets other voids out but also shoots things” are part of a complaint you have not addressed, which has even surpassed: the convenience. The fact that Shu is able to pull out the perfect void at the perfect for every single situation presented in the show is an example of Dues Ex Machina, which, if you didn’t know already, is a completely contrived moment of pulling the most appropriate thing out of nothing…which is literally what Shu does every single episode.

    More like he was put into the contrived moment… By Gai, who can see voids and seems to have a recorded list of them, presumably stolen from GHQ. The exception is when Shu was imprisoned in GHQ HQ, which is just pure luck.

    Past episode 3, which was more about finding a void for the sake of identification rather than using it, this is no longer passable. Locked in a prison for helping terrorists? Good thing there’s a guy in there with a void that can CONTROL GRAVITY. Need to fight off a mech? There’s a guy with a void who can make A BLACK HOLE. Taking down a satellite in one episode? Put a gun on a sword and somehow it’s stronger! It’s like they can’t decide between making it a Mac Guffin or a Chekov’s gun, so they just make it a “void of the week thing” as if some of these couldn’t be applied to other situations.

    The Gravity gun was just Shu’s luck, be it bad or good. In FP’s HQ, any 17yr old there would have been useful. He just had to pick the one nearest to him. If you are to protect yourself from an assailant, which would you choose? The trashbin’s steel cover near you, or the gun several meters away?

    And the “put a gun on a sword” thing should be explained this week(sneaked a peek), along with why Gai is awake when Shu pulled Gai’s void.

    After the Gravity Gun and the camera, why did they even need any other voids? The show is relying on the concept of voids entirely too much, which is evident in that the only thing Shu’s friends contribute to the plot is that they all have voids that are conveniently useable whenever. The reason I asked about the fridge guy was because it would have been much more interesting to see it be used than any of the ones we’ve seen so far that are so ridiculously overpowered that it stunts any sort of progression in character development. How the hell can I look at these people as actual characters if the only useful thing they do is let Shu stick his hand inside them?

    Because that’s the main phlebotinum of this show, the Void Genome, which functions by sticking his hand inside people. It’s supposed to be overpowered, being a developed weapon. Everyone wants it, “Scarface” was “rewarded” with info about it last episode, episode 12.

    As for “stunts any sort of progression in character development”, I don’t think it was of any hinderance to character development at all. In fact, it was thrice used to develop his relationship with people around him. But since Shu’s current dilemma is with FP it was used to balance his developing relationship with Gai and Inori mostly and his friends at school.

    Which I think is where you are having problems with. Like “butter scraped over too much bread”.

    The Moondoggie
    1. But it gets old when half of the show is about him being put into contrived plots. And there is no evidence of Gai having a list of voids with him, and even if he did have it, how? It’s not like Shu can ask him now. For that matter, how did he put together Funeral Parlor in the first place?

      And the writers set up Argo in the episode to be the guy Shu uses, so they would’ve worked him in regardless of where he was siting. The point of that wasn’t “any void will do anything useful”, it was that “ARGO WAS IN THIS EPISODE. HERE’S HIS VOID, AND HERE’S HOW IT’S USEFUL”. Hell, the whole point of an initiation for Shu was pointless to begin with. They forced him to go with them, after he did more than they ever could, then came back when they completely fell apart when he decided to leave. They literally can’t do anything without him.

      It was not explained this week at all. Neither was the hand holding thing. I’m starting to think, like Inori’s creation, “the rock that started it all” and the voids themselves, it probably won’t get explained much at all.

      Segai, you mean. And it didn’t balance anything. He dragged his friends along on a dangerous raid without giving them any sort of reasoning or information. Hell, his whole reason for coming back was because of Inori, a girl who, besides looking like his sister, acts nothing like her, and has no connection to him. Their whole relationship and chemistry is forced again and again to make tension without any substance behind it, like most of the romantic relationships in the show.

      And I guess that simile works, if the butter is proper explanations and the bread is the constant suspension of disbelief the show forces on us.

      1. Contrived by Gai, you mean. And I think we can all agree that Shu cannot act alone, even if we wanted him to. Seems like from obtaining the Void Genome onwards, all of Gai’s plans revolves on the Void Genome. This could also explain the sudden pathetic-ness FP experienced after they got Shu.

        Attack GHQ -> Steal Void Genome -> Troll GHQ with the Void Weapons.

        Which explains why they needed Shu to join FP.

        And what do you mean Void Evolution(if my Nihonggo is accurate enough) doesn’t explain it?(No need to spoiler that, I think. It will be posted anytime now anyway)

        You can also interpret his going back as his infatuation to his idol. I really don’t think Shu “loves” Inori in the early episodes. Which is why they try to build that up. As for dragging his friends, it was never said Shu forced them to come.

        The Moondoggie
      2. The point is it gets old. And even now that Gai is dead, Shu has made no steps to making a change in his own abilities and confidence, let alone enough to lead FP. I really hope that doesn’t happen…wouldn’t make a bit of sense if you think about Shu’s character.

        It also explains that they didn’t need Shu at all, they needed someone to have the Void Power. Shu just happened to get it. And I know, he’s the main character, he needed to get it to be relevant. But honestly, I wish he wasn’t.

        Of course I don’t need to spoiler it, no one’s even paying attention to this post anymore. And whatever Void Evolution is, it doesn’t explain anything. How in the hell does holding someone’s hand keep them awake? Why did Gai know this the entire time and not tell Shu until right before he died?

        Oh yeah, that makes SOOOO much better. “I WATCHED ALL OF YOUR MUSIC VIDEOS, LET ME JOIN YOUR GROUP OF FREEDOM FIGHTERS.” He doesn’t even love her now. Or rather, he has no reason to, just like how she has no reason to love or even like him. They have nothing in common, no emotional connection other than the fact she’s a clone of his sister and there are 9 episodes left. And whether they went by choice or not, the only reason to go they were given was “because they believed in Shu”. Would you help a terrorist organization, well-intentioned or not, because your friend said they believed in him?

  49. IMO, Shu really don’t want anything to do with FP activities. He likes, likes not loves Inori, yes but he doesn’t like FP, and Gai. It was just his bad luck he was there when his idol as the Void Genome and is in need of serious help.

    Why did Gai know this the entire time and not tell Shu until right before he died? Well, Shu never did ask. Gai seems like the type who would not give out valuable info without a reason or if he wasn’t asked.

    “I WATCHED ALL OF YOUR MUSIC VIDEOS, LET ME JOIN YOUR GROUP OF FREEDOM FIGHTERS.” He never said that. And yeah, he doesn’t even love her now, now that he remembers Mana, which is squick as hell.

    As for his friends, I had the impression they were there to save Inori too.

    The Moondoggie
    1. It was just his bad luck he was there when his idol as the Void Genome and is in need of serious help.
      It was just his bad luck he was there when his idol and the Void Genome and is in need of serious help.

      The Moondoggie
      1. Of course you don’t find it getting old. You wouldn’t be defending it like a religious zealot if you did.

        Regardless of what type of character Gai is, it was poorly timed. There were plenty of other more appropriately timed moments to disclose this and they never happened. When the info came out the way it did, it just added to what the entire series has come off as: contrived and unrealistically convenient. Even if this was Gai’s plan all along, he should have spent less time testing Shu and actually trying to beat GHQ. Not that he needs to try to do that, since most of the employees there are saturday morning cartoon villains who can’t accomplish anything, let alone takedown a group of teenagers. How are they the villains again?

        Yeah, and in Episode 10, Inori didn’t say “THE WRITERS ARE MAKING ME FALL FOR SHU BECAUSE THE PLOT DEMANDS IT” but it didn’t make it any less true. And the new opening is still pushing them hooking up, despite the squick. I really hope you’re right about that and that he doesn’t love her now or ever, but if the writers have their way…incest will wincest.

        And they had even less reason to save her.

    2. It was just his bad luck he was there when his idol as the Void Genome and is in need of serious help.
      It was just his bad luck he was there when his idol is in need of serious help.*

      Offtopic: I seriously need glasses.

      The Moondoggie
  50. You can’t send an untested product to the market, in the same way you can’t send an untested person to war. And you protesting it was badly timed, I’m willing to put it of as personal taste.

    Not that he needs to try to do that, since most of the employees there are saturday morning cartoon villains who can’t accomplish anything, let alone takedown a group of teenagers. How are they the villains again?

    More like GHQ didn’t take them seriously enough until it was too late. That’s how I see it. They can stop FP, but they will never be able to get rid of them completely.

    Yeah, and in Episode 10, Inori didn’t say “THE WRITERS ARE MAKING ME FALL FOR SHU BECAUSE THE PLOT DEMANDS IT” but it didn’t make it any less true… …I really hope you’re right about that and that he doesn’t love her now or ever, but if the writers have their way…incest will wincest.

    OK, on this one: If they DID turn to incest and you rage, I promise I won’t stop you or comment on it.

    The Moondoggie
    1. Yeah, I guess it is. All I’m saying is it could have been brought up earlier, like say episode 6, and had the same impact and it would’ve been fine.

      FP snuck into and destroyed multiple key locations, including a high security prison, and can take down several of their Endlaves with an outdated version of it and a scrawny kid with a sword. Not to mention stopping the second Lost Christmas event. They’re either being idiots for not taking them seriously, or they’re being idiots for not knowing how to deal with them before. They weren’t even able to stop the same scrawny kid from driving right through their defenses and reaching their headquarters, and it ain’t because the kid is that skilled. Yuu seems to be the only competent member, and that’s only because we don’t know ANYTHING about him.

      HAHAHAHA! We finally reach something close to common ground after days of arguing, and it’s about how incest is gross. Well, we gotta start somewhere.

    2. You know,that reminds me of Assasins Creed Brotherhood’s villain Cesare Borgia.
      Cesare Borgia in the game was like hardly a villain,after his debut,he did nearly nothing much to the Assasins.

      So in the similar vein,one could say GHQ were poorly written villains.

      Don’t you guys see the problem yet?
      Such a story style is so poorly done,it’s like the story was patchworked to be presented.
      It only sounds good on paper concepts,but in execution it fails.

  51. Waaah! I feel the urge to rant on the new OP and ED! I’m sure Chelly’s the one doing the OP and Koeda for the ED but WHY SO WEAK?? I love Supercell but what happened?? Esp. the OP the animation is fantastic but the song can’t keep up with it, so lacking of powerful emotions the PV displays. And of course Koeda’s annoying “crying” style is still there on the ED. When she’s not doing that it sounds perfect. I’m so frustrated, I really want to like them like how I love Nagi but…. :((

    1. Hm. Listen with your good headphones, at 0:52 the piano comes in on the B-pedal point and it’s absolutely enchanting. Despite its simplicity, it provides a clear, “pure,” pulsing sound that cuts above the rest of the oft-dissonant melody and anchors everything together. That really does so much for the song, I absolutely love it.

  52. This is a surprisingly good episode, it certainly didn’t disappoint one bit, also I got a better impression of Shu now…their is a reason for everything after all. Now that it seems that it ended I’m looking forward for any future development of this show. After weeks of rather disappointing episodes I’m glad I didn’t gave up on this show, now I’m looking forward to this.

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