「非通知設定」 (Deleted Memory)
“Memory Reset”

It’s good to be the King. Apart from the whole crossbow bolt in the thigh thing…

This is one of those Mirai Nikki episodes that’s a little hard to talk about, because most of it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense yet and that’s actually on purpose. While I won’t try and explain any of that stuff, lots of interesting things happened that I can talk about, most of them involving the Yandere Queen (funny how it usually works out that way). To say that her relationship with her “Yukkii” took a new turn would be quite an understatement, and I don’t mean her helping him to pee-pee.

Remember all those complaints about how Yukiteru ought to just put himself in Yuno’s hands (no pun intended) once and for all, since it was obvious how everything she did was for him? Well, here’s your abject lesson about putting your trust in your stalker. In Yuno’s fevered mind, she was doing Yukiteru a favor by “protecting” him until the happy day of 7/28 – despite Hinata’s horrified objections, I’ve no doubt that Yuno truly thought he was “delighted” as she force-fed him beef stew while he was tied-up in his underwear in an abandoned hotel. Something funny is clearly going on with Yuno’s mind – even by her standards – as Akise’s involvement showed.

For his part, Akise reminded me of a cat I used to own who was smart enough to get himself into all sorts of nasty places, but not smart enough to get out of them. The hard truth is that if it hadn’t been for Kousaka’s “King” diary showing them the notion of escaping through the air duct, Akise would have died with Kousaka and Mao in that basement. How humiliating is it to be saved by “King” Kousaka? Be that as it may, there’s the odd matter of Kousaka’s diary to consider – out of the blue, it suddenly seems to have gained future diary powers, as detailed in a text from someone calling themselves “Eighth” and telling Kousaka that he’d been promoted to “Future Diary Apprentice”. We later see a peaceful scene at what appears to be an orphanage, as a little girl tells a woman with rather unique proportions (Konno Hiromi) that Kousaka was battling with Gasai and that she’d “sent three apprentices over for a little visit” to the scene.

But as usual it all comes back to Yuno, and her twisted relationship with Yuki. By all accounts he seems seriously pissed this time, slapping her and telling her to “go to hell”. Frankly, that’s letting her pretty lightly considering what she’d done to him, but as he rode away in Nishijima’s car (which had an odd encounter with a red sports car and its three riders passing in the opposite direction) Yukiteru seemed pretty determined to, as Pete Townshend might say, not get fooled again. Yuno’s behavior is odd, even for her– she seems to have no memory of Kousaka, and breaks into hysterical laughter when Akise tells her he found three corpses – two headless and one complete – at the bottom of the pit in her back yard (which inconveniently scuttled his plan to blackmail her). The only thing certain is that Yuno still seems convinced Yuki needs her to protect him at all costs, no matter what he says or does, and she isn’t going to give up on doing so – she is his stalker, after all…




  1. Apparently, Kousaka’s phone only predicts his successes. But how on earth did a dim wit like him figure out how to escape through the vent before he figured out how to escape through the vent?

    Does selective amnesia really work like that, btw? I highly doubt one can just force one’s Hippocampus to shut down for selective traumatic events. But… Kanon’s Yuuichi had that too. So I guess it’s possible in the anime world.

  2. So now we have Diary Apprentices, hmmm? My first instinct is that it’s kind of like in Fate/Zero where when a Master Dies, someone else can take control of the Servant. But this series is completely crazy so I’m probably waaaaay off the mark.

    1. Yeah, not really. As it’s been said before, once the participants are locked into the start of the game, they’ve got to play it through either to the end or until they’re killed, and no one can take the place of the players after that. It’s the reason why Tenth couldn’t transfer his diary to Hinata before this.

      1. Oh, those rules will be explained in the next episode, if I remember correctly. But what I said still holds true, even for the 8th’s diary. I’m not that into Fate/Zero, but from what I know about the Master/Servant system there, the way the 8th’s diary works is different than that, if you’re assigning 8th the role as “Master” and the apprentices as “Servant”.

        Show Spoiler ▼

      1. But I don’t understand why you put part of what I said as a spoiler. It’s basic subtraction. People can come to this conclusion without even watching the show or reading the manga.

      2. She’s listed as 8th in the credits. It’s like when Reisuke showed up. They didn’t say he was 5th in the show itself, but they pointed it out in the credits. Not only has it been inferred, it’s been very clearly stated.

      3. But it’s the principle! And people can at read numbers, so they’ll know 8th was in the episode, then put two and two together as her being the incredibly round woman who was in the first episode and ed. Plus, other people have mentioned 8th without being tagged and…

        …ugh. Nevermind. It’ll be made clear next episode anyway.

      4. Totally agree with Enzo, haha: I didn’t even notice 8th was listed in the credits (and I’m not checking now so as to no spoil myself).

        Even if it’s being too careful, I appreciate what you’re doing for us Enzo.

  3. I think I understand 8th’s ability, which explains a lot of things.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Which leaves 7 and 11 as total wildcards. It will be very interesting to see how the story plays from here. Very Interesting indeed.

    Ghhh suspense is bad for my health @_@;. next week hurry up plx?.

  4. The adaptation is picking up its pace: chapters 25 & 26 are done, but that leaves 33 left with only 12 episodes to go.

    Also, I liked the fact that Akise Aru isn’t a complete Gary Stu who always gets out of situations, no matter how dire. Solid conclusion to the arc, and I’m looking forward to the new “Pillsbury Doughboy” Diarist next week!

  5. I’m a bit troubled to say this, but….I was very disappointed with this episode. I know that the plot is meant to be ridiculous and absurd, but the whole premise of this episode was a bit off-putting.

    First of all, I was incredibly disappointed that Kousaka’s phone had a magic transformation into the ultra-convenient savior device. It came out of nowhere and cheapened Akise’s character (the only character I actually like). For all his brilliance, I can’t believe Akise didn’t realize there was a ventilation shaft that could have been reached that way. For him to have been saved by Kousaka’s sudden diary transformation is a real let down.

    Second, I’m also a bit peeved that new characters in the form of “apprentices” are suddenly being introduced. I’m not expecting a perfect plot from this show, but it would be nice if it followed it’s own internal rules and logic. The point was this is a competition among 12 people, and this feels like a way to pad out the story with more conflict simply to save the final diary owners for later.

    It just reminds me of what happened to Death Note. Remember how that show was amazing when L was there? And remember how the show changed with Near and Mello? I’m getting the same vibes here, though I admit it is far too early to pass final judgment. I just hope the plot picks up from here.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Hopefully, there won’t be as many deux ex machinas after this episode (though I have a weird feeling this hope will be in vain). The reference to DN is also legit. There were too many instances of “are you serious?!” and “wait.. what about so-and-so…?” and “why did this scene just totally contradicted (or ignored) the char’s personality and intelligence level?”

      I feel the introduction of apprentices (which doesn’t make sense, as this isn’t necessary a guild organization and all of the original diary holders are, in a sense, apprentices to become god anyway) was a bit of “ahaha… just kidding. Read the small print!” material.

  6. I find it underwhelming the fact that Mirai Nikki’s pace usually is taking on one Diary Holder at a time. I’m guessing that by the end of the next two episodes, 8th will be down too…

    The best part IMO was when dealing with the Clairvoyance girl. During those episodes, six (!!1!) diary holders were involved there, so it was a real thrill to watch what would happen next.

    After that, though, basically one Diary Holder came at a time to have a chance at killing Yukki and Yuno…It wasn’t boring by any means, but in the end it lacked the suspense the Clairvoyance-girl-arc had, because in the end you knew the ‘good’ guys would always survive.

    I guess now 8th and 7th will fall eventually, and I predict that 11th will be the Final Boss-ish…That is, the person who looks like a business man in the Ending sequence.

    Then comes the real interesting part: 1st vs 2nd?

    1. I really agree with you here. I miss the pure chaotic insanity that permeated every fiber of the first several episodes. To me, Mirai Nikki is at its best when it doesn’t give you time to think about just how absurd the plot truly is (which, in a way, is how I felt about Code Geass). The show needs to bask in the glory of its disorder to truly shine.

    2. Then when do you expect ninth to go down, I mean she is still in the game to and you seem to forget about her while I think she will go down together with 11th or maybe even after him but I think you are right about 7th and 8th to go down next.

      1. Not to worry, the new op “Dead End” by Faylan has long been confirmed. The CD will be out on January 25 according to her blog, so chances are new op and ed will be aired for the next episode.

        They are switching the singers for the op and ed, should be interesting.

  7. Yuno must have played Skyrim in her spare time. Otherwise, Kousaka could have gotten a hatchet buried in his throat rather an arrow in the (knee) thigh.

    Stay classy, Yuno. =)

    I wish we’ll get more Uryu Minene scenes next episode. I just can’t enough of her. Tsundere Terrorist Bomber with a Cosplay Fetish and an Eyepatch Of Power. Yeah.

  8. So, Kousaka went from kicking through a window to crawling through a vent. Interesting.
    But, if I remember correctly, didn’t he the arrow in the shoulder, not in the thigh(knee)?

    As for 8th, I wasn’t that surprised of her appearance, but her voice kinda ticks me off. She sounds way too childish for a 30-something woman. I doubt it would grown on to me.

    1. Damn it Yuno! Why couldn’t you aim a few inches nearer. Why oh why? That would probably make a proper arrow to the knee joke.

      That said,”I used to be King, till I took an arrow to the thigh.”

      Or this version,

      “I used to be a Jedi, till I took a light saber to the knee, the other knee, my right arm, the left one and burned in molten lava.”

  9. Oh well, we have identified the 8th, and it seems she somehow has a distributed network of “apprentice diary holders” acting in pretty much same way as the cult members acted for the 6th. Her motivations are unknown for now.
    All you Yuno fanboys, I wish you nice little vacation in Yukkiteru’s place, chained in basement, force fed, etc. Have fun!
    I am also really curious who is the 3rd skeleton… Did Yuno have any siblings?
    Also it’s been a blast to see Kousaka being useful for a while. I wonder if Hinata and Mao will have some future “moment of greatness”

  10. If Akise threatened Yuno to call the police and tell them about the corpses in her yard, why dafuq didn’t he just call the police in the first place to come and save them?! He himself said it will take 30 minutes for the room to be filled with gas. I thought they didn’t contact anyone while they were down there because there was no reception in the basement or something like that. Am I missing something?

    1. The whole premise of sending bunch of kids on search and rescue mission when police should have been doing it is stretching my suspension of disbelief… think of it as of “zone of competence” targetted at teenage audience – oh and Akise should have called for backup as soon as gas started flowing in. Instead he tried to reason with person that is clearly insane.

  11. I’m surprised Yuno didn’t grab a knife and stick Kousaka in the back given his back was turned for so long.

    Yuki getting caught by Yuno is really his own fault. As i mentioned back in ep 4, don’t turn your back to her and don’t call her insane but she remains his best weapon and chance at surviving the game. You just need to push her buttons correctly which isn’t hard since her priority remains Yuki and her being happy

    Zaku Fan
  12. Yuno fell into a trap of trying to follow Kousaka’s diary. Relying on the diaries, both own and enemy is obvious weak point of the diary holders, as demonstrated few eps earlier by Akise.

    1. When I saw 8th silhouette in the credits I though she was a mascot… Oh course me first though was “IS SHE REAL?!?!?”

      It will be interesting to see what her story is as I was assuming all the diary owners were human at least…

      1. Yeah, 8th’s appearance is…bizarre, but the Diary Holders are all human, yes. She just really stands out among the others. When I first read it I got the feeling that she was just supposed to be a heavier woman, but Esuno Sakae flubbed the character design. Then in a bonus chapter, some random passerby in the manga observed her and offhandedly questioned if she was human lol… So I don’t know if he was just making fun of himself or really designed her with that intention haha.

  13. This part of the story always bothered me to no end. Yuno kidnapped and held Yukiteru prisoner, that is, I’m fairly certain, a crime universally punishable by prison time or worse, and yet she gets off with a verbal barb and a slap? Even with Nishijima, a police officer so close by?!

    No. Just no. That is f*ckwit stupid for the sake of plot convenience, pure and simple.

    1. Possibly, Yukiteru declined to press charges. Perhaps in Japan, kidnapping is punishable only if someone presses charges? Does the act of kidnapping require the survivor to define his “vacation time” as something without his consent?

    2. From what this episode showed, no one knows if really Yuno kidnapped Yuki. As long as Yuki hides the matter (we eloped, we were just on a trip and lost track of time, we were just banging all week long, blah blah), Yuno is fine.

      Nishijima will defer to Yuki on this as he is now aware of these wielders of special powers so if Yuki does not want to pursue the matter, Nishijima will just accept that there may be some hidden and valid reason on Yuki’s part for doing so.

      Zaku Fan
    3. Kids just ignored her, and Nishijima wanted to evacuate them first and foremost(quite sensibly). Yuno is already wanted for being involved in all the other cases – even if just for questioning. Oh and it seems now the literal skeletons in the closet will come to light too, as Akise doesnt have any reason to keep the knowledge as bargaining chip (having proven that it doesnt work).

  14. “By all accounts he seems seriously pissed this time, slapping her and telling her to “go to hell”.”

    –> Does he really tell her to go to hell?
    To me with my pretty much nonexistent japanese knowledge 😉 it sounds more like “Like hell I care/I could care less”, which goes in the same direction, but doesn’t sound that harsh to me.

    1. Well, in all the translations I’ve seen, “go to hell” works most there.

      If I remember right, the word he said was “shiru-ka” which I think means “I don’t care!”. But in my opinion, “go to hell” would have more impact in that scene.


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