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OP: 「君の神話〜アクエリオン第二章」 (Kimi no Shinwa ~Aquarion Dai Ni-shou) by AKINO with bless4
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「トキメキ指数☆急上昇」 (Tokimeki Shisuu ☆ Kyuujoushou)
“Excitement Index ☆ Sudden Rise”

Forget chastity belts, the students at Neo Deava have to overcome the freaken Berlin Wall if they want any chance of hooking up with the opposite sex. It’s well worth the effort though, as there’s a sea of sexually deprived girls on the other side who are craving some mixed unions. I jest of course, but I said back in the one-hour premiere that the feverish start and subsequent mini conclusion would be hard to follow up, so I have to hand it to the writers for using the school’s strict rules against co-ed interactions in any shape or form to drive the comedy in this third episode.

Rather than try and outdo themselves, the writers dialed the tension all the way back and injected silly moments throughout. There was Amata sticking his head up Mikono’s skirt and then “impressing” all the ladies with his ultimate Aquaria dogeza (i.e. prostration) begging for forgiveness — which surprisingly worked. With that angle of approach, the end result was pretty entertaining to watch, especially with the reactions of the teachers, Donar (Suwabe Junichi) and Suomi (Kobayashi Sanae). It wasn’t completely devoid of progression either with Cayenne revealed to be Mikono’s older brother and Andy W. Hall (Toriumi Kousuke) befriending Amata thanks to his stupid ways. We were also better introduced to the other girls in Zessica’s squad, Mix (Fujimura Ayumi) and Sazanka (Nakajima Megumi), who have polar-opposite stances when it comes to mingling with guys. (Hurray for Megumi’s character; Boo for Ayumi’s, at least until someone “mixes” her up in a union with guys.)

If nothing else, this episode was a great example of how to switchover to the school life side of a series and have fun with it while not drastically losing sight of the overarching story. In that sense, we have Shrade (Namikawa Daisuke) made out as a popular yet weak-bodied Element user with the most potential, and Mykage (Nakamura Yuuichi) as a slumbering Shadow Angel whom I presume is the reincarnation of Touma. There was also some foreshadowing on what the supreme commander from Altea, Izumo Kamurogi (Yasumoto Hiroki), might be after but not a whole lot to go on just yet. The most telling bits actually come from the really awesome opening sequence, where we see more of the girl from Amata’s memories whom Jin (Fukushima Jun) also has his sights on and more of the rivalry between Amata and Kagura that sort of supports the idea that they’re the two reincarnated halves of Apollonius. For the time being, all of that is more than enough to keep my interest hooked, so I’m looking forward to seeing how Mikono gets drawn into everything next time. Seeing as she ends up piloting a Vector like Amata, I can’t see her remaining powerless for much longer.

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ED1.5 Sequence

ED: 「月光シンフォニア」 (Gekkou Symphonia) by AKINO & AIKI from bless4
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  1. Awesome OP, NTR-ed protagonist, silly moments, Aquaria doing orz, and silly moments what more do we want.

    And thanks Divine for the post and full length caps. You can now sleep. But I doubt that you’ll still reply.

  2. Amata “wining” the simulation by confusing the AI was hilarious.

    Now THIS is the Aquarion I know and love! Silly school hijinks all in the name of training for a giant robot. But with Gender Segregation. All that’s missing is Gen Fudo teaching his “stupid” lessons.

    I feel guilty for ever doubting Kawamori. I didn’t really like the characters during the first two episodes. But now that they are displayed in the school life I actually find them entertaining. I was sure I would hate Cayene but thankfully he wasn’t too obnoxious here. Andy is just bro material. Needs more Zessica though.

    BTW Divine someone actually pointed this to me: Aquarion EVOL=Aquarion LOVE. I saw what you did there writers!

    1. I’m personally leaning on Zessica because she shares some of Silvia’s mannerisms. Obviously they won’t reveal the reincarnations until later. The only who is blatantly obvious right now is Kagura’s resemblance to Apollo but I’m sure there is more to it.

      1. In the official site under Kagura’s profile it is said that his wildness and power is akin to Apollo.
        A hint perhaps?

        Amata on the other hand seems pure and innocent (but has the Element power).

        I can imagine Amata and Kagura do Fusion to become Apollo and then SSJ3 to Apollonius, lol 😛

    2. i don’t know who silvia can be. i just hope its not entirely mikono and zesicca is really her reincarnation. to be honest neither of the girls really have a good design like silvia’s :/

  3. “Okay, I’ll watch one more episode, but I’ll probably just drop it after that.”

    These were my thoughts going into this episode. The whole show is above and beyond my expectations that were based on the last series. The art style has greatly improved, the opening and endings have gone from slightly catchy to phenomenal.

    Can’t say much for the characters yet, though they do show promise. The villains are also human (or at least look human, if I’m missing something), and aren’t just brooding and planning in their secret lair waiting to strike like the Shadow Angels were (I think I remember some of them not even doing anything). Anyway, can’t wait for next week. Were more pilots shall unite!

    ,,,my god, I can’t imagine the staff has fun cleaning those pilot seats after every use.

  4. Definitely the most promising anime since Macross Frontier. Well, no wonder, since the writing team is pretty much the same.

    After a few years, another anime to feverishly look forward to each week. 🙂

  5. this’s the 2nd anime this season to show an “upskirt” shot that highly suggests that there’s nothing under there. 1st was nise-

    and a wall aptly named BERLIN…. that speaks alot

  6. I’m loving the special attack of this episode. Loving it, looks like I’ll be following this series all the way.

    Still, the songs so far were not growing on me like the original Aquarion’s.

  7. so Berlin wall?! I guess it will get cracked at some point?

    that ultimate orz was the highlight of the episode… couldn’t believe him pulled that off… and is the cat really reading Mikono’s heart? if so, then she is already fallen for him :3

    so it seems this reincarnation business is much more complicated than the last time… it is likely that Amata and Kaguya are the two halves of Apollonius, but there is also a possibility that Amata simply inherited the “solar wing”, where Kaguya is the reincarnation of Apollo…

    As for the girl side… it is way too early to tell who is who, though I want to see Zessica put up a fight with Mikono on winning over Amata first!! and someone please slap some sense into Mix… Yuri is fun to watch, but not fun to do! :3

    can’t wait for next week… and please let us have another awesome special attack as “ultimate orz”!!

    ps. is it just me or that scar face guy gives Fudo Gen’s vibe more and more? hopefully he will take over the command soon.

    1. I do believe that even if Aquarion didn’t do the orz, all of the AIs should have been wiped out. That was clearly a Bullet Dive from Prototype! And as dictated, Bullet Dives are suppose to wipe out everything on the block.

      BTW Needs more Apollo.

      Suppa Tenko
  8. Hn.. so we’ve seen a robot suplex, and now a robot orz…

    what others are we missing? XD

    OP seems to heavily suggest a Mikono/Amata/Zessica triangle in the works (and personally, I’m rooting for Zessica, even if she’s unlikely to win).

    Anyways, since I’m enjoying this show so far, should I also watch the first Aquarion? or are the two series drastically different (theme-wise, anyways)?

    1. The first series is not AWESOME, BEST MECHA ANIME EVER, it’s ”good”. By that: It has it’s flaws, but the battles are entertaining and the soundtrack is awesome. You should watch it ^^

        1. Aquarion is similar to Macross 7 in so many ways. (with real robot instead of super robot)

          Phase one – Holy shit, the animation quality, the song, the weird robot fight concept. Kawamori-sama
          Phase two – Uhhhh… new song? new plot next episode may be? WTF Kawamori.
          Phase three – Second half, everything goes to eleventy. Tight plots, more songs, more battles, sweet end games. Kawamori, you bastard, you did it again. People divided into either a)Best anime ever camp or b) mediocrity of a series camp.

  9. Ran-I mean-Sazanka rocking the ✭KIRA✭ pose!
    Another great episode and epic OP. Can’t wait to hear the full version of Kimi no Shinwa. It’s gonna have a spot in my playlist for a very long time.
    Amata and Kagura probably represent the soul and physical halves of Apollonius. The more interesting question is who might be the reincarnation of Silvia? Still can’t really see the feisty/bitchy Silvia in Mikono and Zesicca might actually be closer to that description.

    Seishun Otoko
  10. I read some comments, and people keep saying that Zessica is connected to Silvia.
    Really, the idea of two reincarnation of Silvia isn’t that bad, but i think you are forgetting who is the other main character in the whole “Sousei No Aquarion” history, with Apollo and Silvia-Sirius: I mean Reika.
    Zessica is with no doubt Reika’s reincarnation. and we will even have the triangle of the beginning: Apollonius-Celiane-Scorpius; Apollo-Silvia-Reika (remember the oav); and Amata-Mikono-Zessica
    I read a lot of opinions in other forums/FB pages and sites and all people came to some results:
    Amata is the good side of Apollo; Kagura the dark one
    Mikono is Silvia, Zessica is Reika, Andy is probably Pierre (both pervs xD) ; Mix is Tsugumi (who was the yuri character in the 1st serie); Cayenne is Mikono’s brother so he could be Sirius, but he reminds me a lot of Glen. And there’s Shrade who is phisically similar to Sirius. So I think Sirius’ reincarnation is off limits right now xD
    Well, Kawamori likes to mess a lot with his fans, for sure -_-” xD

    1. thb, if anyone is reika it is mikono with her self pitying and about how she ducks. if there has to be reika character then it can be her. cause zesicca seems too badass to be a weak person like reika was.

    2. I seriously dobubt that Reika could be Zessica. For one thing Zessica is nowhere as depressing as Reika. There are still more characters we haven’t been introduced to so we shall see.

      Although the ED does provide some possible evidence on who Zessica’s reincarnation is. Note Zessica’s reflection and compare it to this picture. So yeah…

      1. I don’t think personality is kept by the soul, look at Apollo, he was Apollonius, but he wasn’t all that heroic, he was like an animal. I think the personality is due to the environment they were reincarnated to, Mikono was powerless and always kept at home, that would explain her low self esteem.

  11. Pierre’s reincarnation is probably Andy because of his perversion and his bro-ness
    Reika’s reincarnation is probably Cayenne because of his negative Element
    if Reika isn’t Cayenne’s reincarnation, then it’s Jun Lee because of his Spirit Photography

    i hope Rena is still alive in Deeva even if 12,000 years has passed. She’s a vampire
    the other dimension is probably colonized Atlantis judging from the sound

    1. I don’t think so. I agree with DragonShego.
      Andy is for sure Pierre’s reincarnation, but why are you saying that Cayenne is Reika’s reincarnation? ._. And Jun lee??? As Cayenne??
      Nope, I have to remind you that Reika is a MAIN character (as we all seen in the OAVs), so I think Zessica is Reika’s Reincarnation, too. Cayenne is probably Glen, or Sirius.

  12. I really like the anime. I think it’s good but they really need to scrape off that song when the Union happens. It gets me all the time when I hear it, makes me laugh my head off. It’s like a song from Sailormoon or some 8 year old heroin cartoon. The name too is funny. The Love Attack?(First episode) I mean C’MON by just watching the anime I can already tell it’s for ages 16 and above so at least make the name less childish and that triangular thing which comes out at the end of the attack.

    Good story, weird music, weird animation but fine with me, weird names.

  13. I love it when Divine said, “there’s a sea of sexually deprived girls on the other side who are craving some mixed unions”. I can’t help but laugh a bit. Nice going there Divine. Good choice of words.

  14. I can’t help thinking that this love-at-first-sight between Mikono & Amata reminding of Appolonius & Céliane is too fishy to be true. It’s too easy, it’s too obvious.
    What if Mikono was something like the other half of Amata’s soul ? Ok I recognize they don’t really match as Appolonius’ reincarnation but… I can’t believe they are the long lost lovers. The hint is given much too early. There must be something else.

    1. What’s buggin me even more is that Kagura’s chasing after Mikono. So she really might be Celiane. But, craaaaaap. That would be lame.
      And what about the other-girl-we-don’t-know-anything-about ? The actress ?

      1. We do know her name is Silvia de Alicia.

        She sings.
        Amata seems to know her.
        Flying to the skies, through a dimension gate?
        Embraced by Aquarion, a part of it?

        Seen on holograms in Altair, a galactic songtress? 😛
        Or she originally came from there.

        Or just another reincanation.

        Well, it will surely be revealed later on.

  15. Just wondering… is the show really only going to be 13 episodes. I thought I was going to get 26 episodes of Sousei Gattai for sure. Seriously. I thought I would lol. Also, agree with the notion that Amata and Kagura are 2 halfs of Apollonius reincarnation or in the very least if this was the case Kagura is Apollo reincarnated (his human form 12,000) while Amata is Apollonius reincarnated… argh it’s hard to explain in words for me at the moment being very jet lagged… what I’m trying to say is his shadow angel reincarnation and human reincarnation was split into two beings. After all, I can’t really think that Apollonius had a dark half.

    Also, I’m wondering if Sylvie and Silvius were both reincarnated, despite being half reincarnations? Or did they unite into one again?

    Sora no Kaze
  16. Altair compared to the Shadow Angels are much technological advanced and less mythical.

    Altair and Vega.
    The 2 worlds.
    The mother star?
    Is Altair the original Earth?

    I suppose references and speculations can be made from the opening.

    Been seeing a lot of that triangle on a stick symbol, on books, grave markers, on window grilles.

    Suomi looks as if she knows nothing.

    Amata, repressed memories or altered memory?
    Interference by who or what?

    Amata grew up as an Element among non-Element.
    Mikono grew up a non-Element among Elements.
    Opposites but both lonely people.
    Amata found his place but Mikono…

    Wonder will Paperbag Shoujo be just a background character.

    Why is Amata’s vector shown on screen in his cockpit?

    LOL! I would like to see the DOGEZA in SRW!

    I suppose the hologram girl and the girl in Amata’s memory is Alicea?
    Is she an angel, a personified version of Aquarion?

    I wonder if it is Gen Fudo who called the Commander to sortie Type-F in the first ep.

    Many things to think of 😛

  17. I’m really loving this. I know it’s early but I do believe that the initial plot is a lot better and more solid than the first series, except they’re not fighting godly beings. I mean, the characters are quite more likeable. But that’s just my opinion. If I say that Aquarion EVOL is better than Guilty Crown, then it is a fact.

    The Story You Don't Know

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