「泣いてたまるか」 (Naitetamaruka)
“I Won’t Cry”

With everyone’s emotions jumping from one end of the spectrum to the other, this week’s episode was full of laughs and surprisingly touching moments.

Boy was I wrong when I thought that Sora and Miu were okay with letting their entire world get turned upside down. Seeing how they seemed unfazed when they faced anything that reminded them of their parents, I was afraid that Yuuta was the only one who being affected by what happened last week! As I watched him try to be considerate of his nieces’ feelings, I was surprised when it felt like all of his effort was just going to waste.

And as things continued along, it felt like everything was going wrap up pretty smoothly — especially after Yuuta and Miu found a few good solutions to having four people living in an apartment designed for one. With the living arrangements settled and zero accidentally seen naked bodies, who would have expected such a bombshell of a surprise was waiting to explode just before the episode ended?

Like most huge surprises, all it takes is a few of the right words to light the fuse. And just as Hina started asking about her parents before anyone could interrupt her, I had a feeling things were about to go downhill. But even as Miu rushed out and Sora was trying to hold it in, I was once again surprised with how well everyone handled the situation. The biggest part for me had to be watching Sora try to maintain her composure as the oldest sister as she somehow fought the urge to just break down in tears. When you take a second to really think about the situation she’s facing, it’s really touching just how hard she tries to preserve the mood and contain her feelings even when the death of her parents are just as strongly eating away at her.

As everything settles into place, I can’t wait to see just how well everyone fares once they all re-enter the real world. From figuring out what school Miu and Sora are going to attend to who’s going to babysit Hina during the day, things aren’t going to get any easier for our new father. But as we saw when Kouichi happened to stumble on Yuuta and his nieces, hopefully everyone we’ve seen previously will be able to help him out. Except the mega-otaku-hentai guy.

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    1. The more I thought about that, the more I realized that Sora has lost every parent she ever had. A mother, two step mothers, and her father. Even though one of the step-mothers left from divorce there is still a sense of abandonment and possibly even a feeling that it might have been her fault that they broke up. It’s amazing she hasn’t had a melt down yet. If they do this show right it’s bound to happen.

  1. Wonder what’s with Sora’s obsession about keeping Kouichi away from the bathroom for about an hour whenever she has finished using it.

    Is she really that concerned a non-fetish-inclined guy likw Kouichi would give a damn on how she, ahem, smells? lol (the same cannot be said for his “mega-hentai-otaku” mate)

    Kinny Riddle
      1. Good point. I can imagine a 14 year old girl would be very embarrassed about that and would
        do something like that to protect herself. I don’t think anyone wants an in-depth documentary
        about those things in this series, but I hope that they are handled and not glossed over
        as these are important facts of life. Otherwise, the series looses its value and realism.

        It’s also reasonable for the girls to experience delayed shock from loosing their parents,
        which is why they appear to be taking it better than one would expect. I haven’t read the
        Manga, but that would add some interesting dynamics to the series.

        Usagi Drop did a good job (death, loosing a tooth, friendship) of some of these subjects (of
        course, in the context of her age) and made the show feel real.

    1. Damn, what on earth was I drinking just now before I wrote that post above? I completely confused Yuuta with his ike-men buddy Kouichi.

      Since I’m at it, why do I get some Working seiyuu vibes when Kouichi and Miu were flirting with each other at the karaoke box?

      Kinny Riddle
    2. She dropped a deuce and did want him to smell it or hear her going and making bowel noises (now that she knows there are thin walls). She has a crush on her uncle and does not want him to think less of her because what comes out of her stinks (we all in the same boat).

  2. I’m getting a headache trying to imagine how 4 people (2 of which are pubescent girls) can live in a small 1 room apartment while being financially supported by a university student.

    I suppose the other relatives can help with the money problems but I imagine the anime is going to push Yuuta into doing everything.

    1. For the short term, I’m sure the only need for more money is to feed the girls, which shouldn’t be all that much. I mean they already have their clothes, toys and stuff they can bring from their house, and I’m sure their school fees and stuff are already taken care of.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. There are many ways his friends can help him take care of the girls even if is not handing out money, for one his friend can help him babysit while he go to class that way he can save money on daycare, two treat the girl to a meal or two help save food cost, and three help with the girls homework then he save on tutor. There are many ways his friend can help him without lending him money.

  3. Hina is such a wild card. She’s both endearing and painful to watch. She steals the scenes with her innocently cute antics, but I also looked away from the screen when she casually asked about their house and their missing parents. She makes such a big impact and she doesn’t know it yet. It’s nice how real the situation is portrayed, like when Yuuta realized later on what he was getting into wasn’t going to be easy and kudos to Miu and Sora for really trying to stay strong. No regrets picking this up.

    1. Fortunately is not like Usagi Drop, and is less slice of life and more comedy, because you know, Usagi Drop was a big commercial fiasco like Wandering Son. Bds sell barely 1000 at bd.
      If you want a second season you have to hope they stop to derail from original material and stay more close to the novel.

  4. What about life insurance, wills, and inheritance? It stands to reason they the girls would actually inherit their entire parents estate and money. I certainly see his sister putting something into the will about keeping the girls together. But we haven’t heard any of these things. Also, the issues with Miu’s mother’s family, I’m sure we’ll see something about them. Not even contacting her mother due to racism… Wow.

    1. Not everyone has wills ready, do you have yours at hand? And some manga-reading people told me that they didn’t keep the house for some reason that’s supposed to be revealed later.

      1. Oh I forgot some other thing, as absurd as it may sound, there are many people out there who doesn’t have life insurance. It’s most likely because people tend to forget they are going to die one day or just flat out refuse to think about that.

      2. If you’re beginning to think about life insurance then get a fast and easy quote from several providers at once at IntelliQuote. You don’t even have to give much information to find out exactly how much different plans would charge for the same policy. Click here, the answer is seconds away: http://bit.ly/zd0GgT

    2. Good point. But (I don’t know Japanese law) they were declared missing, if I’m
      not mistaken – in some places a certain amount of time must pass before they could be
      declared legally dead.

  5. I love this show …n-n-n-n-not just because of Hina

    Lu-na-cu-lar sparkle!!

    Correct me if I’m wrong.. this one got 26 episode right??
    Well w/ that kind of pacing 12-13 is enough…but pls. dun say 12 🙁

  6. Well, i dont mind the setting of this Anime. But to take 3 Girls to your Home, you will need more Money to buy Food, Cloths and other things, where as Single was enough. That dont count anymore. Hope that the rest of the Family support him with some spare Money, and dunno. A “Kid” playing Father for 3 Girls… Is it allowed in Nippon? Or is this here just Anime Rules Universe?

    1. Erm… that’s the whole point of this show, you know? I’m sure your questions, which are all valid, will be addressed in future episodes. Although, I can at least tell you I have my doubts on any relative giving him money. And the way you phrase your last question; did you think he was adopting them? Because he’s not.

      “Anime rules universe” or not, I’m just glad all 3 sisters are living together.

    2. Well, “kid” is a relative term. He’s nineteen so he’s out of high school, able to marry without permission (18 I believe in Japan from Toradora!) and he is Hina’s closest relative. The other girls are problematic since he really doesn’t have any legal connection to them. Would be better if there had been a will or something giving him guardianship.

      1. Actually, 19 is still not enough to adopt. If he wants to adopt them, Yuta would need to be 20. Also, he would need a source of income and lots of money for the fees to qualify as an adoptive parent, according to the laws in Japan. But since he’s only acting as a guardian, there’s really no legal issue that I can see. I mean, he’s not even a legal guardian. So, unless someone reports them to the family court and that becomes the plot for the final arc of this series… we should just forget about it for now and go with it.

  7. Does anybody else think the voice acting in this series is exceptional? I am blown away by Sora (Uesaka), Yuta (Hatano), and even Koichi (Ohno)

    (now Hina…is another matter…unfortunately)

  8. I’m a sap… I’m so torn away by the fact that the parents are gone and the family drama. Heck, I don’t care what friend say about oh stupid fanservice… it’s not even that bad in comparison to some other shows. This goes right down to family values. The fact that Hina still didn’t understand the situation captures the whole age and maturity between the children of losing a parent. It’s going to be extremely hard to raise the three of them, plus where would they all go to school.

    I dunno about you all… and I’m probably going to fail with my prediction as the possible likelihood of this coming true is like below 1%… but I’m hoping the parents are just missing as sea and found at some point.

    Sora no Kaze
    1. I don’t really consider it fanservice anymore. I mean nowadays, there are so many shows basically stuffing ass and boobs right into your face. All without the solid support of plot and sparsity.

      Suppa Tenko
    2. I assume they are just missing and will be return at the end of the series as well since they could be written off as dead and not just ‘missing’ if the author never want them to return.

      But then again, they could be dead since the chance of survival is quite slim. And it’s more flexible for the author to decide what to do with the plot in the future.

  9. I like how this anime is not taking the more realistic route like Usagi Drop but is trying to combine the normal anime appeal to a serious situation(I hope that doesn’t sound to weird). Anyone else get this weird vibe that the mega-otaku-hentai-guy is going to be super helpful. I mean, he could just be like on the outside but he might actually be this super-organize-get-shit-done kind of guy.

  10. What do you think Yuuta’s “club” is going to do when they find out about this? Probably not stand idly by.

    When is this guy gonna find time to study?

    Wasn’t too impressed by the “boob clutch” scene in the tub. But this is ‘feel’ after all, and they live and breathe fanservice, so I suppose considering them, this wasn’t too bad at all.

    Yosuga no Sora this ain’t.

  11. I don’t know how he’s gonna support all 4 of them as a student. Seeing how his sister seems to have been his primary means of support, I’m assuming he still has to pay for classes (hopefully this semester/term/whatever is already paid for), food for 4, and pray that his landlord is forgiving and he doesn’t get arrested for violating building safety and hazard standards.

    I can’t imagine what’s going to happen when he has to start paying all the other necessities of life, daycare possibly for Hina and school supplies and misc stuff for the other 2. Life is gonna be hard. But hey, they are together, and that’s what’s important. I just hope they can survive ;_;.

  12. I gave this one the 3 episode test… hmm, not really bad. I liked the plot twist, but the fanservice is disturbing. If they could minimize it a little it would be perfect. And Hina-chaaan~ :3


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