We’ve seen our fair share of princesses in this show, from Liliana to Millia to Sara, but it seems like we’re going to get another addition to our royal collection. Vincent drops a hint that we may be seeing Empress Sophia of the Anatoray-Disith alliance once more. This doesn’t really surprise me since she was a very important character in the prequel, but what she could be doing is anyone’s guess.

While we’ve seen the Urbanus and Vincent, Dio and Alvis are still missing in action. I’m sure they’re fine though (otherwise Vincent wouldn’t have looked so relaxed). What good would having an Exile be if you didn’t have the key?

Luscinia seems to have found what he was looking for. It seems to be similar to Glacies’ Exile (being ground based or grounded). I’m sure it’ll be more powerful. If this turns out to be the granddaddy of them all, I’m sure it’ll have some sort of weak spot for Fam and the gang to exploit in the coming battles.

I previously gave Vasant the benefit of the doubt by saying she seemed to really care about Sara and her image, but she came off as very manipulative this episode. I still think it’s better than being led by the nose by Lucisinia who seems very preoccupied with power. You can’t help but feel bad for Sara though. Being that young and being taken advantage of sucks. There’s really nothing she can do.

I still can’t get over how badly constructed Fam’s personality is. Yes it’s been 16 episodes but she’s still very obnoxious. It’s just everything about her. She might be a brilliant sky pirate but she has zero tact and her arguments really piss me off since they are childish. At least her usual talk of the Grand Race was used in a semi-meaningful way this time (to assuage Sara’s concerns).

This anime’s serious tone and Fam’s childish demeanor clash too much. I would much rather prefer more of the former. Fam comes off as an early version of Lavie from the original series. The difference here is Lavie grew up and understood that they were fighting a war, while Fam keeps insisting on taking it lying down. I’m still disappointed that she isn’t developing. This show’s major fault is her inability to grow as a character.

Even though all the “character development” was sorely disappointing, this episode wasn’t a complete waste of time because it gave us a hint of things to come and serves as a good setup for another fantastic aerial battle at Boreas. Hopefully next episode will include the return of the Silvius (probably to save the day). The preview shows us some shots of Claus but they don’t look very encouraging since they look like flashbacks.

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      1. If by “nailed it” you mean “made an absurd on its face comparison for no other reason than to bitch about a show you don’t like and should have just fucking dropped already”

        So yeah, he “nailed” it.

        Fam is not the most amazing show ever, and definitely not as good as the original, but get over it already.

      2. way to jump the gun there, just because I find the picture hilarious and oddly fitting doesn’t mean I hate the show.

        As a matter of fact, this is one of the few shows this season I’m actually still watching, even though I do occasionally wish a stray bullet would end Fam already so she can stop ruining the rest of the show 😛

    1. Didn’t you already post that pic a few eps ago? Either way, definitely worth repeating, simply because that single image has more substance than 16 eps of this crap Lesbo Exile: Gratuitously Irritating Fam

      1. That’s not fair to the series itself. Fam aside, the show has done a VERY good job in fleshing out the world the show is set in, as well as the people that populate it. If Fam wasn’t the titular character (or male for that matter, as she’s easily like your typical idiot shounen hero), people wouldn’t be annoyed as much.

      2. @Myssa Rei

        ABSOLUTELY AGREED. The amount of world building is astounding and I feel like people are missing out on that.

        Like with Glacies, the Ades meal with Sara spoke volumes. While Glacies seemed to be bountiful despite the lack of wheat fertile fields (or perhaps they were out of season), Ades seems to have historically struggled with growing enough food for their people. The table looked quite bare for the empress’ meal.

        It also says much about Sara herself that she eats the same food as the common folk.

        Also, the alliance that was made with Turan was clearly not simply to reach out a hand in a noble gesture. The Ades side clearly planned to have the pre-Turan refugees be allowed to return to present day Turan, making the alliance that much more real and logical. Though it could point to domestic conflict and/or sectarian violence down the road.

        I think a large part of people not enjoying the show are because they come in every week to watch the episode and think “Fam better not suck this time!” and inevitably being disappointed instead of “what can I take away from this show?”

        At this point at 16 episodes, I don’t see any viable road for Fam to radically change into a more serious character that many want. So let’s sit back and enjoy the LE universe at play or spend your time watching something else that won’t make you red with fury.
        Life’s too short.

      3. Aye. I can certainly agree that most aspects of this series so far are pretty solid, and sophisticated enough for those with an acquired taste.

        It certainly was not easy to catch the subtle hint when Fam commented about how the Ades palace looked spartan, and the meal was not grand either. Then when tied with how the Exile returnees seemed to live a more posh lifestyle, we can see why Ades people can be racist to the returnees. Luscinia utilised this sentiment well, he certainly explained it clearly in episode 2 to Millia, Fam and Giselle. And possibly, the speech given by Augusta about purging of the aristocrats at the start of episode 7 was written by him or Alauda.

        Those refugees are most likely the current Gonians ousted by Turan Exile returnees. They could be the reason why Lilliana went along with Luscinia’s plan -out of guilt and atonement- and why the Turan military are uncomfortable seeing them. Millia was certainly sharp enough to detect something’s amiss, but the soldiers tried to cover up by simply asking her to ignore them. Kudos to Millia, she certainly has substance.

        Nevertheless, it is baffling how the most important character is the weakest link in this series. It doesn’t sound ridiculous to say there’s maybe more people annoyed with Fam more than those who hate Luscinia, the prime antagonist.

        It’s a damn shame, but it’s a lost cause. At this point, it’s near impossible for Fam to win back the viewers’ approval, so we have to make do with what else the series has got to offer.

        Aside from Fam, I find it difficult to detect serious fault with the series. There are some minor mistakes, but easily overlooked if given benefit of doubts, although admittedly they can be annoying if it keeps reoccurring. Some may say the series lack suspense as we’re always given hints of what’s going to happen. Eg when Fam’s vespa was shot by the 3 Federation vanships, it’s obvious as daylight Dyan will come to her rescue because some airtime were spent on her. Or how we know the war between Federation and Glacies will boil down to Exile vs Exile from the pre-war briefing. They’re true, but it’s not a serious fault. Have to bear in mind the series need to be made easy to understand for the wider audience.

      1. This is throwing the baby away with the bathwater (to quote Guardian Enzo), combined with a bit of rose-eyed nostalgia. The previous Last Exile was an adventure story with a war as a backdrop, and in this aspect things haven’t changed much in Fam. The setting is great, the conflict is compelling, and we have a very colorful cast of supporting characters, and even the villains have some degree of depth to them, which I have to remind you Delphine DIDN’T HAVE.

        What HAS changed is we have a titular lead though that’s pretty much the same naive and idealistic little girl that she was when the show started, where in the previous Last Exile we had Claus, who was a potato (don’t deny it!), but still managed to show some growth by the time the climactic battle against the Guild rolled in.

  1. Agreed about Fam’s personality. The other characters are showing growth and developing maturity and she’s still the same kid she was in episode 1. It’s kind of frustrating really, overall I like this show almost as much as the first season but Fam is just murdering it.

    That said I still liked this episode because OMG SOPHIA! One of my absolute favorites from season 1. I had completely written her off at this point, assuming we’d never see her again, if she seriously comes back I am going to be so, so happy.

    1. this is kinda what I don’t really understand from the anime writing wise: all of the characters that have been introduced thus far have all been a certain amount of character growth since episode 1, and then we have the broken record that is fam. after watching this episode I’m now wondering if fam has some kind of mental issue that keeps her from developing and growing up like the rest of the characters or is it really just an over sight of the person doing the writing and I’m just over thinking things…. :\

      can’t wait for the next episode, maybe we can finally get some answers on what the anatoray characters have been up to and maybe a little something from what happened at the end of the manga 😀

      1. Fam has a Trauma

        And the “Evil” Guild One, too. He will force peace to the World, trough Power

        Looks like the Persons with “Weight” in this Show, has all some kind of Trauma in her/his Past

        “Last Survivor”, “Lost Mother”, “Lost Dream of Happiness”, “Lost Queen”, “Lost Sister” Insert here your option

        Only one so far, is Fam’s Partner. She has not lost anyone. She still has her Family

      2. Please recall that Fam is an orphan. To quote someone who said it better:

        Fam’s almost stupidly naive clinging to the concept of family comes a lot from the fact that she is fully aware that she doesn’t have a blood related nuclear family. She is essentially adopted and knows this. She keeps the story of her parent’s passing in her mind, and carries that locket/pendant/whatever as a constant reminder that her origins, the truth of her heritage, is all but a mystery to her. I won’t be so quick to blame her sheltered naiveté when I find it abundantly clear that this girl has her own scars as well.

      3. That’s fine and good Myssa, she has her reasons, but we’re 15 episodes in and the main character of the show hasn’t shown a single bit of character growth thus far. That’s bad writing. Giving a character understandable motivations for acting so childish only works if you then use the situations in the show to have her learn and grow, and so far they haven’t done so. I feel like this show would be a lot better if the main character wasn’t even in it, if it was just about Millia’s problems and the war. Hopefully that will change by the end (it took a while in the first season for Lavie to stop being such a pain in the ass too) but they kind of need to think about getting on that if they’re gonna do it.

  2. I get what they are trying to do with Fam, but it definitely isn’t working as well as they’d like.

    On the one hand, this IS war, and Fam is not accepting this as well as she probably should.

    On the other hand, she IS right that revenge as a motivating concept is not what they should be going for.

    The main problem is that Fam lacks any sort of filter between her brain and her mouth.

    1. I Agree, but (if i understood the Raw) the Scene in the Discussion with the Other countries, the Men said it all. (as i said, so far i understood Japanese) Something about “Nakama”. I think he told something “We can’t forget the Deaths of our Nakams, Girl!”

      Correct me, if i am total wrong please

    1. I can guarantee that if you look over my posts, I included the caveat that it was far too early to judge the show, and if it ended up being crap, I’d be more than willing to admit it.

      And, while I don’t think the show is “crap”, its certainly not as good as it could be, and has a myriad of flaws in its character writing (though I think its pacing is pretty decent).

  3. i was hoping that next week would be the start of the battle….. but if they’re gonna show snippets of what happened 2 yrs prior, i guess im just gonna live with it.

    seriously speaking, fam doesnt seem to fit into the show. where’re all the level headed casts????

    1. where’re all the level headed casts????

      As a note, “casts” is not a synonym for “characters”

      Also, Fam is not the only main character, I’d like to point you in the general direction of her two girlfriends, who spent most of the episode telling her to keep her mouth shut.

      Milia and Gisey are both quite level-headed.

  4. The story is continuing apace, but I’m still a little worried at Fam’s lack of meaningful character development at this phase of the series. Her role seems to be the only light in a sea of darkness, but the way she’s written — whiny and naive — doesn’t really work too well. And this is from someone who usually likes the role of unflappable and plucky female lead (and incidentally someone who’s uploaded more than 70% of ALL Last Exile: Fam art on danbooru…)

    Amusingly enough, if Fam was your typical MALE idiot hero, she wouldn’t be getting as much flack, since we’re used to male idiots.

      1. Indeed. Her attitude seems to be in line more with shounen heroes like Luffy (at least in his early pre-Whitebeard War way). However judging from the concept art that’s come out (from the artbook, I have a zip of it if you want), Fam being a girl has always been the plan. It’s that the execution has been lacking; while Luffy even at his most idiotic can be oddly endearing, Fam just comes off as immature and naive at times.

    1. The main reason she gets flak is because of the massive precedent that the original Last Exile set. And it’s inevitable because of the way they present it. They are clearly trying to reach out to the hardcore fans that hunger for more of Last Exile.

      But at the same time, they MUST know that they are not doing themselves any favors with a character like Fam for the hardcore fans. So the only logical conclusion is that they are aiming to capture a new fan base to add to any core fans that stay, maybe even aiming for children under 14.

      When all the core fans come in expecting more complex and developed narrative to match LE 1, they are off put by the wonky bonky that is Fam.

      Unfortunately, LE Fam suffers withering fire because there was an LE1 and they didn’t meet fan expectations.

    2. well if you put it that way… one such character that comes to mind is Naruto. the difference however is not their gender but the degree of passion. Fam’s got zero intensity, hence she’s not that very compelling a character no matter how stubborn they may be. now, if only she took pointers from one notoriously annoying-at-first Youko of Twelve Kingdoms…

  5. Did anyone notice Sara’s MOE look in several scenes :)?

    It’s a shame this series doesn’t have the depth it’s capable of – it’s not necessarily issue’s with
    Fam either. We have to keep in mind her character is only 16 years old.

    (I believe) I can understand the writer’s metaphor of the Grand Race – it’s the light at the end
    of the tunnel; something to look forward to – hope. Fam is the writer’s way to evangelize this idea.
    Some parts of the writing are excellent – the finality of the exile against Glacies. It wasn’t necessary
    to show us how it utterly destroyed Glacies, we only had to see the aftermath and the reaction
    of some of the “victors” to know…

    IMHO, this series has trouble woth all of the characters relating to each other – another good
    example of this is Dian’s reaction to Millia. I can see grouping Millia as the same as her sister;
    Dian lost everything – family, home, comrades, etc. Yet I got no shock from the dialogue.
    There was no further mention of Millia’s resolve to put down her sister – that’s a big decision!

    Did anyone pick up the hint that maybe Millia’s in a bad place now? I’m referring to the dialogue when
    she asks about the people returning to their land – how her questions are basically blown off?
    Also, comments like it’s better if you’re with us, etc… I’m not 100% sold on Sara’s guardian, Vasant,
    although Sara is genuine…

    Remember, only Luscinia methods are being questioned – not his goal… This is interesting…

    1. Fam = Shinn Askua 2.0

      I DARE you to find two main characters with less in common than those two.

      Look, guys. There are plenty of things you can criticize this show for, but don’t just make up random shit, ok?

      Also, Destiny? Thats SOOOOO 2004.

    1. I think it will be a Land Based Exile alike thing. Perhaps the MotherShip Prototype, perhaps it move on ground or Flight in the Air, but i think that it cannot do Spaceflight like the Other “Moons” Exiles. Because they have use it in the Past to get Away from this Dying Planet, too. Somewhere and Somehow, they existed a Writing about this Ship. Where should Lucinia get the Knowing of it? And getting the Key. All that sound Logical to me.. Flashback next Episode? Perhaps they need more Time for Fighting Animations or “Story Line” (yes a little hidden criticism from me)

  6. Oh, did you noticed it too?

    Well, looks like the Clacier Fraction understand Fam’s language and can even Speak it 🙂 Or at Last one of these Fighters

    Hehe, i bet they oversaw this in QC 🙂

      1. You got a point, so it’s only Dion that dont understand their Language. Perhaps a good first step. If they begin to build up Friendship. Right now, the hurting of losing their people is stronger then friendship.. or in other words Revenge is stronger then Friendship. I am just Happy, that they dont kill them right away. And their Hate is directed only to her Sister

  7. It seems to be similar to Glacies’ Exile (being ground based or grounded). I’m sure it’ll be more powerful. If this turns out to be the granddaddy of them all,

    Or it may be a factory that pops them out. Just think of the possibilities to enforce peace on Earth! :p

  8. Fam needs to grow up. It’s as you said, she’s fighting a war and needs to read certain situations better before she starts spouting nonsense.
    Many are saying next week’s gonna be a recap episode but I certainly hope they shed some light on Claus’ and Lavie’s fate too.

    Seishun Otoko
    1. Actually if you noticed, she has been very conspicuously NOT fighting a war. It’s the core concept of her character that she doesn’t plan to or want to fight. Her vespa is completely lacing armament and she also carries no firearm meant for hitting people.

      She has not, since the inception of the series, actually fought and killed anyone directly. If we want to really broaden the possibilities, when she fells Ades ships claudia pipelines, she may or may not cause casualties. But even then, her conscience is safe in the fact she cannot know and cannot control how they abandon ship, as well as it saved more lives than simply having the ship blown up.

      This sort of psychological rationalization can be compared to WWII bomber pilots when ordered to target civilian centers, knowing their targets are factories and whatever but knowing that civilians undoubtedly live in houses a block away from those factories.

      If she had to kill someone, that would for sure rattle Fam’s cage and probably accelerate her growth about as fast as if she had two or three people she know die, which has also not yet happened.

      If there was any way to blow Fam into a grim minded kid, it’s to have her witness death first hand.

  9. Am I the only one who thinks that almost all of Fam’s arguments are totally in character and well thought out in design by the studio?

    Putting aside whether or not you dislike Fam’s character, the way I see Fam is that she is a staunch critic of both war and the darkest undercurrents of human emotion that are always excused by society during times of conflict. Like her interruption of the blood lust in the war room was definitely a well made scene. If only she could be just a little less silly…

    For the record, many of the design heads that are currently working on the Last Exile project are known for their record of ignoring characters and emphasis on visuals and world building. So if you wanted someone to blame for your rage…

    The studio did a great job with the Ades side this time around. Sara maybe a young ruler but she was clearly hesitant in moving against Luscinia, understanding the possible consequences as well as being wary of other misplay, making the drastic 180 degree turns more believable.

    It’s also a deeper insight into how Sara, like all child rulers, is only an empress in training and everything orchestrated thus far was the design of Luscinia and other court officials, thought backed by Sara’s authority and seal of approval.

    We also learn of the Ades struggle with resources and the harsh wasteland.

    I personally thought that while individual character development may have been lacking the world development is fantastic and progressing full swing. As always visuals were top notch and we learn so much about the LE universe through the thousands of details.

    1. Kinda agree with you here.

      Also note that Fam didn’t speak a word during the discussion on strategy and tactics and warships. She KNEW this is a war and the battle is inevitable.

      But when the council degenerated into a chaos of blind hatred and bloodlust, Fam stepped in trying (and failing) to calm their emotion. Not the brightest move, but heck it take guts to do so.

    2. No you’re not. Fam’s arguments are still in character BUT my point was that she isn’t growing at all.

      I probably should have made the comparison between character development and world building to make my argument more clear. The show’s major flaw permeates throughout other parts of the show such as world building though.

      I agree that world building has been steadily picking up. A few nice touches in this episode for example are the explanation of Boreas as a strategic point, the explanation of the food by Sara, and the glimpse of the world map (although very blurry and hard to read because of the language)

  10. lol my brain has completely ignored and filtered Fam as if she never existed! makes things a lot easier. btw i thoroughly enjoyed the part where she got cornered and got told off by the adults in attendance at that conference/meeting.

    1. You honestly supported the terrible bloodlust atmosphere as opposed to Fam’s humanist argument? It’s one thing to be caught up in the heat of battle. Soldiers act and say certain things under the mental and emotional stress. But the way that those ‘adults’ were acting was way beyond that.

      I won’t discuss how dangerous a sense of righteous vengeance with a mob mentality is. But I will say that these are the sort of emotions and unchecked passions that rationalize ethnic purges, genocide, and justified war under the banner of avenging past grievances. The Nazi party played heavily on these explosive emotions, monopolizing the hate of an entire people and plunging the world into a terrible era of conflict and loss.

      In Fam’s defense, she admitted herself she doesn’t have the authority or the experience / expertise in military affairs to act or speak out. But does that change the truth behind Fam’s feelings? If anything, this scene highlighted Fam’s humility and in spite of her inability to convey her feelings effectively and persuasively, she courageously spoke out. Meanwhile many of the adults are arrogant with their inflated sense of importance, blinded by anger of their loss and hate of their enemies. Their interest isn’t how to better the situation but indulging in their revenge fantasies made real.

      As Fam said, everyone knows the inevitable fight is coming and fight they should. There should also be punishment meted out where it is appropriate. But the way they went about the war council it shounded like there would be a lot more indiscriminiate violence than anything else.

      Hate begets hate and violence begets violence. People wonder why Fam won’t shut up. And it’s because so many people are so quick to forget or refuse to listen. Soldiers are not responsible for stealing the lives of their friends and comrades and robbing them of their homes. War is. It is a sad thing that they choose to wallow in self pity and close themselves off to the suffering and pain of others as though their pain is more deserving.

      The only winners in a war are the ones who were never in it to begin with. And the people who suffer the most are never the ones with the guns.

  11. This episode would have been so much better without Fam. Millia’s more cut out to be main character :/

    So about the next episode, second adjourment, am I right in assuming it’s not like the first one where it was a boring regurgitation of the past episodes, but actually showing what happened in the 2 year time leap? Because I’ve never been as pumped for a next episode of Last Exile 2 like this one.

  12. I think the problem with Fam is Fam is too realistic. I know some people who have the exact same personality as Fam. They are also rich, powerful, and successful. They will say exactly what they say about a situation and what they say is usually right (just like Fam). Fam doesn’t lie nor does she pretend to be something she’s not. People who are like that tend to go far in this world. I think the biggest problem about introducing them to the story is while they are correct in there ways, they tend to be very annoying.

    Fam is probably based on a real person the writer knows.

    1. “These Peoples” can be the Ray of Hope for others. But Fam should have her feet on the Ground, where a War is running. Sure, when all Fights are done, all Enemy are Destroyed All Wounds all Healed. Grand Race is the first step of living toghter in Peace, for Friend and Foe. But until this Day. Revenge, Sadness and Blood will rule the World.

      1. Let me say this Trough Sarah’s point. She has to go War with Lucinia, and Destroy his Army. To bring her Mothers Vision into the Hearts of their Peoples.

        Lucinia is not any better as some Guy of WW2. Rule the World, force the World his Law and Order. His way of “Peace”. He force it with Annihilation of other Peoples, with Blood of many of Peoples. Just for his “Peace”. Is it the Right Way for Lucinia, too? Is the Similar here on Purpose? Right now they are doing the “Guttenberg Assassination” Part in our History, some kinda…

        Forgive me, if i awaken old Ghosts.

  13. First, seems very promising the next episode, not for the episode itself but for what represents. Basically as “adjourment” means, we’re putting the ‘game’ the series is for a moment a make a recap of the events of the last season. So, I can only think that probably, the characters from the last season will have a more active participation now. Even Vincent said something about Sophia’s return (Oh, please Sylvana, get some spotlight once more!! =D)

    I only said it would be nice. On the other part, even if Anatoray, Ades and the rest of the allied forces join together, it will very difficult to turn the tables with the recent events of this episode (Now, we have an enemy Exile and… a thing that is worst than the Exile? ._.)

  14. (Post-reading the post)
    Umm… just a comment. Certainly Lavie and Claus understood the fact that they were at war, but i remember clearly that they wanted to not fight it. They had no choice. All they wanted is to remain as vanship pilots and fly through the skies as they always wanted to.

    (“We’ll fly once more… in our vanship” – Lavie)
    Kind of childish, but very simple and direct to the point. Claus and Lavie had some serious atmosphere in their interaction because of the character development (Something this series lacks), but their character profile is as childish and Fam. Lavie wanted to return to the way they were, and Claus wanted to protect Alvis. (If you watch the series, you’ll hear phrases and attitudes like this… like hell from those two!!)

  15. In case people didn’t pick it up from the Japanese title in the preview, the next episode is the second recap episode.

    As for Fam being childish, I don’t find it annoying at all. Yes, it was stupid how she spoke up in the meeting, but she’s a child, so it’s only befitting that she acts like one. Also, I think it’s pretty clear now that she’s going to be the “childish voice of reason” amidst a bunch of old grizzled war veterans who have lost sight of peace. She reminds them — and us as the viewer — of the simple bottom line that even a child can see.

  16. Yes it’s been 16 episodes but she’s still very obnoxious. It’s just everything about her.
    Chotto matte kudasai, minna: It’s episode 15! Not 16. I kinda had the impression 9.5(was it?) isn’t an episode.

    In case people didn’t pick it up from the Japanese title in the preview, the next episode is the second recap episode.

    So it’s 15.5? Maybe we can finally see Claus. But if it turns out to be a recap of the last series then meh, me not watching it.


    So Fam’s your not-so-typical-idiot-female-lead?

    The Moondoggie
  17. These comments make it evident that people are sexist even towards anime protagonists. Fam can be akin to Naruto’s ideal of peace. Yet we have people bashing on Fam from the get go because the protagonist is a girl. As someone already said, change Fam’s gender to male and see if there is just as much animosity being thrown at her. It’s really sad.

    1. Actually i would be equally if not more annoyed if Famu where to be a male lead. The reason most people hate Famu is because she keeps shouting “Grand Race!” The way she expresses peace is too childish. She ignores all the reality that is going on and only focuses on the ideal world without the transition. Things don’t just happen, they have to make it happen. Even if that process is to teach others that they need to break that cycle of hatred. Although it is true that we should be more tolerant because she is still a child. But that does not mean that she should not mature which we see no signs of it.

    2. Oh, bull.

      I’m a woman and a staunch feminist, and Fam is beyond awful as a main character regardless of her genders. I’m more irritated at the producers for shoving her into the lead role of a series that deserves far, far better than her: read Lavie. Sophia. Al. They were characters — these girls are just merchandise. If you’re going to get mad about “sexism”, look at the people who made this show and demand to know why they thought it was better to create lolicon-bait than female characters with agency like the last series.

    I agree with you that Famu haven’t matured and her overly childish personality is annoying. Even so, her mentality on achieving peace is the correct one. Continue war will only deepen the cycle of hatred. They have to learn to let go. And letting go does not mean forgiving or stop hating. But accept what has been done and hate from the heart not through physical means or violence. War will create innocent casualties which brews the next generation warheads.

  19. Once again, the political/military aspects of this show far outstrip the character development. At some points in this episode Vasant was coming close to becoming akin to a Grima Wormtongue-esque advisor for Sara, and I like how the show has once again dropped us into a morally grey area. Yes, Vasant is manipulating the trust of a young child, but I think it’s implied that she at least feels guilty for having to do so. While I find it hard to buy her “last Chaosian” line from the last episode under the circumstances, she’s still reacting to what was essentially a calculated purge of her people. I also like that Sara is not demonizing Luscinia, which brings him back a bit to a slightly grayer side of morality (though the diabolical laugh at the end there kind of undid all that).

    I kind of feel like more time should have been spent on Luscinia and Lilliana’s search for whatever superweapon they uncovered. Perhaps less time could have been spent on bland, one-off characters like Dian in exchange for a better look at Luscinia’s relationship with Liliana and how their ideologies compare. At any rate, things finally seem to be getting back on track. The battle for Boreas will be epic and we’ll hopefully see the return of the Sylvius and the Anatoray-Disith forces when things start looking bad for the alliance.

    If the Grand Lake was the Sarlaac, then Boba Fett–in the form of Tatiana and the Sylvius–just climbed out of ti.

  20. I don’t think Fam’s flaws would not be as indicting, if she were not the main lead of the show. I mean, it is named after her. The appeal of the previous LE was that the graphics, appearance, and the vastness of the entire world with interacting personalities were all done relative to the development of both Claus and Lavie. In other words, the ‘grand world’ around them never suffocated them nor did it feel as if though their personalities were so incongruous to what was going on. Even when you saw instances of either Claus or Lavie acting ‘out of step’ or ‘in defiance’ what they should do given their environment around them, they were grounded and understandable that the disparity wasn’t so baffling.

    There is only so much resistance a character’s m.o. can produce against very life-altering events until any sort of backstory or explanation is insufficient to explain why such a disparity should continue. If wanton death and destruction and emotional turmoil by those around her are not going to invoke a moment of clarity, just exactly what event are the writers planning that would accomplish such a feat? It is almost as if though it is setting us up for something anvilicious that would propel Fam’s character in considerable growth and development such that she exhibits so much agency as to single-handedly overturn the outcome of the convergence of all these events. Obviously, that is what many people expect and rightly so, but it will have to be a catalyst of epic proportions so that it scales with all the other previous events for which Fam was immune character-wise.

  21. @Offtopic

    What was the Purpose of this “Facebook alike Buttons” again Divine?

    Even if i am right, someone dislike me. However, if he finds salvation trough it. Be it. But i dont mind this Ratings. I even not have a FB Account

  22. i saw Part 16 Raw. And my Point, that they making the Story Line Hong Kong Style (i heard it in Ano Natsu de Matteru – 05) is proved

    Now we got an Full Episode of a story Summary of Last Exile. Is this the Preparations for the Final?

  23. CLAUS AND LAVIE ARE ALIVE THANK GOD! Couldn’t wait for the next post.

    Surprisingly, even though it was a summary episode, it had plenty of juicy bits. Mostly in the last 60 seconds.


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