「ドオルニエルの乙女たち」 (Doorunieru no Otome Tachi)
“De Ornielle’s Maidens”

Ahhh Zero no Tsukaima F, you were doing so well. I know you’ve got a lot of source material to churn through in not enough time, but was this episode really necessary? It reeked of filler. Filler that was in the light novels perhaps, but filler nonetheless. I just didn’t feel the drama. I guessed from the get-go that this was going to be a minor conflict that would be resolved by the end of the episode, so it didn’t have any bite. If there were signs that the mistrust would linger, then that would have been important. If Henrietta showed signs of going full tyrant and taking Saito for herself (with the army, if need be), then that would have been important (and awesome). But this? Half-hearted. Zero no Tsukaima F, I am disappoint.

A few more gripes. The whole Tabitha-becoming-Queen thing was reset even more. She’s down from “going to become the Queen” to “going to become the Queen eventually”, and now all the way down to “I’m still deciding.” I see no point in this. I was fine with her delaying her ascension to pursue Saito some more, but she won’t be selfish and turn down the throne, so why pretend?

Also, Louise. I’m getting pretty tired of her massive inferiority complex when it comes to royalty, and Henrietta in particular. I’ll admit that this is a pet peeve on my part, as I’m not too fond of royalty in general…except the kings of Bhutan, who willingly moved their country to a constitutional monarchy and promote the measurement of happiness with their Gross National Happiness index, which I think is a great idea. Random world history, in an anime blog? Gasp!

*coughs* Anywho, where was I? Right, not fond of royalty. So yes, this is a pet peeve, but Louise is a rare and powerful void mage who has helped save multiple countries in the past few years. She also manages to deal with Siesta and Tabitha going after her man just fine, but the second Henrietta makes a play she is ready to give up? Grow a spine, girl. It doesn’t matter if she’s a queen, not to mention significantly more well endowed than you. Trust Saito enough to listen to him and then confront Henrietta for trying to steal him away! Love is not for the meek of heart, even if it’s really cute when you do it.

So, what was good about this episode? Other than the return of Saito’s weird suggestions, him going into super creepy rapist mode and Siesta’s epic cockblock (nyan~), I found the tragedy of Henrietta and Tabitha’s situations interesting. I know a lot of people will probably dislike Henrietta after this episode, but I’m reminded of the pressure the Kingship was on Fate/Zero’s version of Saber. I can understand Henrietta not wanting to bear a whole country’s weight alone, of the shackles of royalty wearing her down as she tries to be the perfect Queen that everyone wants and needs. That doesn’t make what she did right, of course, but I give her kudos for going after what she wanted without needing Tabitha and Kirche to talk her into it. I still think Henrietta needs to sit down with Iskander for a while and learn how to be a proper king, but at least she’s on her way.

So, was this an enjoyable episode? Meh. There were enjoyable parts, but overall it felt like a misfire after the solid action of the first three episodes and the hilarity of the fourth. The drama was mediocre, the comedy was sparse and there was no action to cover for these deficiencies. This was the weakest episode of this season by far. Still, it looks like next time will be the obligitory onsen episode, so I imagine there will be plenty of hilarity to enjoy. And maybe we’ll get back to the plot, eventually. Maybe. Hopefully.

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    1. The reaction might’ve been understandable, but it’s her running away without talking and presuming to know Saito’s feelings that has just gotten old at this point. How many times are people gonna have to challenge her feels for Saito for her to put up a decent fight instead of just whimpering into a corner at the first sign of competition?

      1. A fine question, my fellow viewer. But let me explain. It is a bit long, though.

        This is the first time Louise has witnessed her best friend and her lover kissing. It cannot be compared to Siesta or Tabitha coming onto Saito. Why, you asked? That’s because Saito was clearly kissing back. And it was a serious situation, not something like Saito groping another girl. Which is precisely why she ran off. She was confused, and so decided to trust her eyes more than what she knew of Saito’s feelings for her. Which makes this second part relevant to the first half of the episode.

        In the first part, it was Saito who was reminded that he was only a noble in name. He did not have the appropriate mannerism or the teachings that a noble was educated with. Saito understood his weakness very well, but he told Lousie what’s important was his feelings for her. In other words, he knew he wasn’t good enough for Louise, but he was convinced his love for her was enough to overcome any obstacles. But then the kiss happened. And Saito was disappointed in himself. That’s why he couldn’t chase after Louise to get her back. For that one moment, he was no longer convinced that he deserved to be with Louise, seeing as how he also have feelings for the Princess, no matter how small it was.

        In the second part, it was Louise who’s reminded that there were other girls of much higher standing who have feelings for Saito. At the same time, she was convinced that Saito was also interested in the Princess. Even though she was a noble, she could never match the Princess in terms of reputation and wealth, family backgrounds and all the other things that were important for a noble. But she was free to love whoever she wanted, unlike the Princess. Kirche also explained that what Louise witnessed could easily be a one-time only thing. A spur of the moment, where Henrietta couldn’t control herself and wanted to ascertain Saito’s feelings for her, whereas Saito accepted her feelings for reasons that even he himself might not know for sure. Hearing this, she decided to go back for Saito, because she believed her love for Saito was greater than anyone else’s, and that she was the only one Saito loved.

        Yes. Louise ran away from the fight, knowing she couldn’t beat the competition. But Kirche psyched her back up, and now she’s back in the ring. And this time, she took actions.

        I hope you enjoy this in-depth analysis of the plot of this episode and appreciate it better now. =)

      2. @Dusk

        Didn’t Louise already witness Saito kiss the queen in the previous season? You know in that magic mirror masquerade thing where they all turn into ppl they “most respect” and Saito kissed the queen because he mistook her for Louise. Its getting repetitive that she has to run off feeling all insecure every time she witnesses a “misunderstanding”. It was alright the first 3 times but her insecurities and her wafer thin trust in Saito is getting old. How many times does a man have to risk his life for her (and even die for her) for her to even at least give him the benefit of the doubt and listen to the other side of the story first before passing judgement? Someone please tell me that they’re not that ridiculous in the novels so I can have hope that a better and truer adaptation might happen one day.

      3. I’ve already mentioned that she decided to trust what she saw due to the sudden shock and confusion. Also, just as you’ve said, the previous time, Saito kissed the Princess because he mistook her for Louise. This time, there was no such excuse. And further more, she didn’t know that Henrietta, her best friend, was really in love with Saito, until now. It was not a misunderstanding. It was Henrietta’s true feelings. When Saito said he already has Louise, she announced that she would be fine with just meeting Saito at that place occasionally, as friends. Louise did not hear this part, though.

        But in all seriousness, it didn’t matter. She saw enough, and in her state of mind, she decided to back out. And Saito contributed to half of the problem when he choose to let her leave, which Louise took as his confirmation that he has feelings for the Princess. The most important thing is, Louise wasn’t even angry with the two of them, which is already far different from the previous quarrels they had.

        I don’t understand why you think this is so ridiculous or unbelievable. Especially when you seemed to have watched the previous seasons and thus, should have a clear understanding on the character’s personality. One thing I hope you will refrain from doing is think that the story would be better if it was different. At the very least, I can tell you that this situation is in the novels, albiet slightly more detailed and with some difference towards the ending. I’ve just browsed through vol 16 just so that I can tell you not to be too optimistic. If you want to know how different it is, let me know and I will summarise for you. And then you can tell me if it really is better for you.

      4. @ Dusk

        Yes she didn’t misunderstand the queen but I suppose I classify her not hearing the whole conversation as a misunderstanding since she doesn’t get to see the whole picture. You’re right her personality is consistent but I was hoping there would be some sort of character development where she learns to have more faith in Saito. She was starting to do that in the episode where the Ondine knights dig that onsen peeping tunnel lol. She was willing to hear his side of the story first before passing judgement. You’re right though, the queen thing is a bigger shock so I’m not comparing apples to apples.

        Regarding the story being different, I ask since its common for changes to be made when a light novel gets adapted into anime. Other posters have mentioned certain material being skipped. I was curious to know for the material they didn’t skip, how faithful were they to the source material? In any case, you’ve answered that question for me. Thanks! 🙂

  1. In Saito’s defense, that was a damn dangerous situation to be in. Girlfriend isn’t talking to you, then the Perfect 10 of a Queen just full-on presses you for some lovin’ while basically naked. Any man who isn’t a saint probably would’ve gotten swept into a kiss! XD He did basically tell her it was a mistake though, so props for trying to end it so fast!

    Poor Tabitha though, this is the second time she’s had to play the “I’ll take him” card to get Louise out of a funk. You can just feel how much it hurts Tabitha this time too. She’s too good of a girl not to become the queen for her mother, but it’s plainly killing her. Why do the quiet yet infinitely sweet ones always lose out? 🙁

    Sidenote: Saito isn’t good enough for Louise? Did the blonde idiot miss how Saito’s nobility now, or how Henrietta, the friggen queen, has given him her approval how many times? Maybe how he’s the hero who stopped a few wars? That beginning just felt so ungodly forced it was ridiculous.

    1. Agreed. Characters like Eléonore tend to forget how royalty and nobility got their positions – generally by being the biggest, baddest, most murdery bastards around. They didn’t wear fine robes and take afternoon tea, they wore blood-soaked chainmail and killed everyone who was on their land before they got there! “Proper” manners are just for those who forgot how they got there.

      1. Eleanor’s just Louise taken to ludicrously extreme levels. Which is saying something because Louise is almost a charicature of a tsundere at times.

        Why did we have to have Eleanor, and not the significantly more awesome, hotter, and bustier eldest sister? (who’s name escapes me and I do not give enough shits to look it up)

        Also, this episode was dumb in general.

      1. Well in the novels:
        Show Spoiler ▼

        So yea they could have spent a good 2 or 3 episodes resolving this crap if they’d decided to animate the whole arc. =____=

  2. I like Henrietta a lot more than Louise and not only because of her “assets”; her personality is much more likeable (kudo’s to Kawasumi Ayako). I wouldn’t mind it one bit if Saito decided on her in the end; she apparently still has feelings for him, so not all hope is lost…

  3. They’ve already strayed far from the light novels. I don’t understand why there is an obligatory onsen episode EVERY SINGLE SEASON. Isn’t it getting old now? It’s not like Saito’s never see the girls naked before. He pretty much started to have sex with Louise before he said stupid stuff, he took a bath with Siesta, he was attacked by naked Tabitha, and had to pretend to have sex with Henrietta to avoid the guards.

    I really wish Henrietta is the protagonist, but alas Louise is cute too.

    Suppa Tenko
    1. Oh btw, images in Random Curiosity has been loading slowly when I click on them recently. Is there a coding/server problem or is there something wrong with my computer? It’s never happened to before.

      Suppa Tenko
    1. There aren’t many episodes left and no big bad final boss in sight. I hope the rest of the series does not digress into Louise vs. Siesta vs. Tabitha vs. Henrietta vs. Tifa each week before he finally chooses Louise and throw in lots of fan service. We got lots of that last season.

  4. For one I have to disagree with Stilts a bit. I found the Henrietta issue to be more interesting than some tripe “Hollywood over the top he’s mine” drama where things either drag out artificially or devolve to force. It shows a different side of romance (not cheap puppy love) rarely seen in anime, IMHO a more sincere one where things are not black and white, tsun tsun or dere dere. Kirche was surprisingly mature and clear in her explanation to Louise and to me that made the episode.

    What I really found perplexing are Eleonor’s expectations for Louise. Saito is a legendary familiar who has ascended to be a land owning noble and personal knight to the queen of her country after saving her and the country several times over. Furthermore he is the hero of the Battle for Romalia which is their religion’s most important city.

    Thanks to all that Louise has been promoted to be a successor to the throne! What more could Eleonore want. I kept waiting for Saito or Louise or even Siesta to put her in her place, but alas it did not happen.

    1. I’m still trying to figure out why they even bothered to dust Eleonore off. Was perfectly happy with her 30+ episode absence. Like you said, she needs to get told what’s up, cause she’s obviously missed the last what, year’s worth of country/world events?

    2. Thanks to all that Louise has been promoted to be a successor to the throne!

      Unless the author decided to screw with us and made Henrietta bear Saito’s illegitimate child. In that case who is the rightful successor once Henrietta gives up the throne?

      Yes, I have been reading too many ZnT doujins and fanfics of SaitoX(every female linked to him).

      The Moondoggie
    3. “I know a lot of people will probably dislike Henrietta after this episode”

      LIES. I started to like her more for not being a delusional noble like Eleanor or a girl like Louise who throws tantrums each time the rain falls.

  5. https://randomc.net/image/Zero%20no%20Tsukaima/Zero%20no%20Tsukaima%20F%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2022.jpg

    Great Scot, the Queen has nice tracts of land. If Louise is Lemon-chan, and Tiffania is Melon-chan, then what is Henrietta? NTR-chan? Look at her nightgown! It’s practically made for sin! XD

    I’d like to a three-way magus fight between Louise, Tabitha and Henrietta. One of these women need to take Saito away from Louise and declare him king of the nation and marry him and produce and heir, whether it’s the Kingdom of Tristain or Gallia. Either that or get on with the plot already.

    1. One of these women need to take Saito away from Louise and declare him king of the nation and marry him and produce and heir, whether it’s the Kingdom of Tristain or Gallia. Either that or get on with the plot already.

      Or he could marry Louise and just have an affair with the Henrietta, Tiffania and Tabitha. Then get all four of them pregnant and mysteriously disappear. LOLZ, new series!

      In concerning Herietta, she did mention she doesn’t care anymore: she’s going all out. Personally I’m also cheering for her. A queen in love is something to fear: she won’t care and will use any underhanded means to get her man. Henrietta feels so sinfully sexy.

      The Moondoggie
      1. Makes me wish Henrietta’s “prince-cousin-love-interest” *cough*incest*cough* didn’t die in season 1. At least she would have remained a reasonable authority figure. Now it’s as if Henrietta will throw away her royalty (or use it), friendship with Louise, and shame, just to get Saito.

      2. What I found interesting after it sank in was that Henrietta basically said she was okay with being the “other woman” to Louise if that’s what it took to be with Saito. That just blew me away. She knew that chances were they would never be together open, so was willing to back off publicly if Saito would still meet her privately. Wrong as it might be, that’s a whole new level of devotion from Louise, and that’s damn sexy!

      3. @Aex yup, that’s what Moondoggie said, and what was told by Kirche
        You may equate the queen-in-love as a bachelorette’s party. Because you know after that, you have to appear devoted, the pressure made you.. basically.. blow up :s

  6. Wah this episode feels so sinful: a secret lover’s room! Complete with bed and a tranpo-mirror. I was thinking how much sinful acts have been dome in those walls. And when Henrietta appeared in that nightgown I went thinking “Definitely Henrietta is the mistress type”.

    Man. Saito scores with three royalty, one noble and one maid.

    The Moondoggie
    1. This episode will spawn a whole lot of fanfiction plots and doujinshi (both safe-for-work and not-safe-for-work) at the next comiket. I can practically feel it. The Force is strong in this one.

      Three Royalty – Henrietta of Tristain, Tabitha/Charlotte of Gallia, who is the 3rd Royal?
      One Noble – Louise
      One Maid – Siesta

      I also want Agnes-chan to be in the harem. She did spend a sweaty-afternoon with Saito trying to teach him how to better use his sword. Plus she has a hawt zettai ryouiki. Haha.

      1. @Dusk: Thanks for reminding us. Oh yeah, Tiffania the Half-Elf. I remember Queen Henrietta mentioning that Tiffania is somewhat related to her (Since Tifa is descended from the Royalty of Albion and Henrietta is cousins with the late Prince Wales of Albion)? Which means she’s either a Royal or Noble. And it looks like the whole “Is-Saito-Now-Tiffania’s-Familiar-Too?”-issue won’t be resolved for a few episodes.

      1. Update: Screw it. It’s an anime original after all. Looks like they jumbled the events in the final 6(or 7) volumes. Maidens of Des Ornières is the first chapter of Volume 19 But the events are all from Volume 16.

        So this is their idea of original? While I like the story’s progress, they really should have used more original episode titles.

        The Moondoggie
  7. You know at least with Siesta she’s upfront about it. I don’t see what’s so commendable about Henrietta backstabbing Louise. Just because she has ‘something to lose’? Yeah. Righttt. Proposing to meet him behind her back like a filthy mistress. Bitch please. And to think I liked you so much in the first season. And why is NTR suddenly awesome when its the guy that’s being taken away? Yes technically Saito chose Louise but its not like he didn’t kiss Henrietta back. In fact he moved in on the kiss with her. Yes this is devotion at its best. Even if they went all the way I’m willing to bet that Louise would probably still forgive him.

  8. The idea of Iskander and Henrietta having a face to face sounds like a recipe for awesome. Then again I think adding Iskander to any scene would make it more awesome…

    As for the episode itself I can see where Henrietta is coming from in a way, her job being so high profile and stressful. So her snapping a bit and going after Saito isn’t completely unnatural, hell if it stops the alternative of her snapping altogether and becoming a tyrant then Louise might have to make do. Points to Saito being a man and turning her down even after getting swept up in the mood and not just trying to sweep it under the rug like it never happened, hormones can be a pain sometimes.

  9. So hypothetically speaking, if we took our favorite Void magi out of the pic, if either Henrietta or Tabitha (after coronation) decided to go all out for Saito… it would be a war that would destroy both countries!!! Just a random thought, not really thinking about the protagonists taking or not taking action here. I just can’t see Saito sitting idle in that scenario, in contrast I would see him more likely take up arms against both sides. Just a random, although tasty, thought.

    Slightly less random – Saito had a serious moment of weakness there. If any man or woman reading this has been in a similar situation who knows if any of us could have walked away or stopped with just a kiss … (never mind the magic mirror and pimped out “magic” bed for that matter)… It was a VERY real situation and unfortunately a very real outcome, complete with self loathing on Saito’s part… though Saito got off easy (too easy). Henrietta was putting out some serious “MAKE BABIES WITH ME” waves that men go all jello for… trust me. She could have gone from broke if she wanted to right then and there… egads… imagine Louise spying that?!?!?!?! *my heart just broke* AND I like Henrietta as well… this is the hard part about harems when you flesh out the characters to the point of actually relating… EEK!

    I’ve always loved this series in general but I never thought I’d actually relate…. that is probably the strangest statement I’ve ever made, especially since we are talking about a harem/fantasy anime!!! … I’ll stop while I’m behind …. eek!

    1. I was a bit frustrated with how easy Saito got off here myself, but I guess they figured they had to speed through this to get to more plot. Curse you single cour!

      In the light novels, I’m fairly certain this resulted in Louise running off to a convent and Saito being convinced by the others to go track her down and apologize. He was a lot more clear that he was rejecting Henrietta after that as well….

      1. Heck yes. 20 minutes is not enough for that -_-
        I think they want to finalize the season as soon as possible..
        But! They can do spin-offs or OVAs to describe this =) More freedom to studios to not go chronological. (AAAHHH Now I want some OVAs..)

      2. @DereforLouise: I know right?! It stuff like this that pulls at my heart strings… when the underdog girl (like any of these girls would be underdogs HA!) actually takes a bold step… no leap! And it succeeds, to some extent. Actually I find it strange that I even consider the other girls underdogs now. Considering that Louise was always the underdog and outcast (Zero) within this world. Hmm I think that’s why I like Saito and Louise so much, but I can’t help but root, just a little for the other girls. But I digress… 😀

        Anyway I agree, curse you single cour!!! And thank for filling me in on the LN version! I haven’t read any of them, but it sounds like the consequences were far worse than the time restricted anime could allow. Would have loved to see that played out though! Uh oh, the J and K Drama genes are boiling!!! HAHAHA! 😀

        @acolyte: Agreed on OVA’s!!! WOOT!

  10. PLEASE an ORIGINAL ENDING is the option here. What I want to happen at the end of this 6 years old series. I was hoping that Saito impregnate Tabitha, Henrietta, Tiffa, and Siesta. Then travels back to his home world with Louise and marry her to start a family with Siesta joining as well. Harem no Tsukaima end.
    This episode just tells me Saito might get away with it since why would he kiss the queen, he initiated it, not even forced.

    Queens don’t need Kings as long they have children from the person they like.

  11. Hmm hmm.. I like this episode. You have to be mature to accept what’s going on.. This is how reality is like. Some marriages last because one party chose to ignore the other’s trysts.

    However, I can see how the original ZnT fans would rage over this. To me rather than a filler material, this helps strengthen the relationship between Saito and Louise (of course, with Louise being herself again at the end)

    If you want the characters to ‘grow up’ from the childish, slapstick comedy, this kind of situation is actually what you need. It can be a trampoline towards Saito’s personality and reaction to situations (or, similar situations) later.

    I can’t think of any better story progression than this episode, even if it’s an anime original. But this is definitely less understandable for kids, in terms of the ‘topics’, and it’s ecchi right, so haven’t you been warned it’s 18+? 😉

  12. I really liked this episode! Because it showed how much Saito need’s Louise in his life, and Saito could choose any girl from royalty, and not royalty to be his girl. But he would choose Louise everytime.
    And I really don’t have a grudge against Henrietta for what she did! Yes, she wasn’t a good friend for Louise, but being a queen over a big nation can be a very lonely job. So I have a little sympathy for her!

    1. I hate these episodes except probably a bit differently. We know he’s going to end up with Louise so it just acts a filler, except its filler that’s making me doubt the sincerity of that inevitable ending. If they’re going to be the final pairing I don’t want to be questioning their love and loyalty to one another. Love triangle drama is probably one of my most hated tropes.

  13. I don´t know about anyone else but I really enjoy the episode, It develops an issue it´s been never been fully explained: Henrietta´s feelings for Saito. I don´t find hard to belive how everything went down since Louise behavior is easily explained by her inferiority complex, she has a hard time apriciating herself because everyone around her told her she was not as pretty and as talented as her sisters, that belive grew in her with the years. Now put Henrietta, Louise´s closest friend and acording to her standards the very definition of beauty and royalty, something she belives will never posses, the shock was so great that she thought her only option was to give up Saito if he truly loves Henrietta.

  14. Wow, to think that ZnT F was once pretty decent (for it’s regular standard) and now it’s back to this stupid bullshit again. I’m really torn on what this episode is tring to do. It’s okay for Queen of Whores to come down on Saito, and Louise is at fault for feeling bad that her supposedly lover is cheating on her with her “best friend”, the Queen? I mean, what the hell?

    I mean, this shit wasn’t like Siesta’s antics that we’re forced to deal with. He went down right into it. This episode should have ended with him begging her to take him back, not the other way around. I mean, honestly.

    That’s really the problem with this show. It’s trying to somehow balance being a harem series and a romance at the same time, and instead we get this terrible clash of themes and ideals. I really don’t know how one is supposed to believe that these characters are going to be able to take each other at face value anymore.

    There’s no GOOD reason for Louise to put up with Siesta’s nonsense. She could just have her thrown out. I mean, let’s face it. She’s a pretty important person, and unless the idea is that Henrietta put Siesta there to cockblock them all the time (which wouldn’t be surprising), there’s no good reason why she can’t do it.
    Why is Henrietta not struck with, even a moment’s hesitation about using a magical mirror to come down on her best friend’s man? The same mage that you keep asking to risk her life for a country you can’t protect herself?
    Why does Saito not have any convection towards the woman he supposedly loves? How many times are we going hear him talk about how much he loves Louise and then turns around and does THIS at the drop of a hat?

    Why? Because it’s a dumb harem series, and it knows it. So it doesn’t have to care about these details, just as long as everyone is smiling in the end.
    I honestly feel bad for Louise here. Somehow, Saito cheating on her is her own fault. It’s like some sort of bad joke.

  15. In This serie there are two girl that i love the most first Hanrietta and Second Louise . Poor Princess hope she will love someone there are many people in the world ( Love is War you don’t have to run in the mine field pls new Yusha come on!

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  17. I, for one, am on the Henrietta boat.
    Always have, always will.
    I’m a bit surprised that you were disappointed with this episode though.
    Admittedly, the anime IS made more lightheartedly so viewers would expect the usual
    flashy action, cutesy love, and hilarious comedy scenes.
    Compared to the LNs where the drama really comes across.
    That being said, I really liked this episode. Maybe the most so far this season
    just for touching on Saito and Henrietta’s relationship.

  18. Always had a thing for a Queen and her Knight. Especially a Queen whom by circumstance cannot be allowed to marry that Knight despite her feelings for him. Its the kind of stuff that made Romeo & Juliet such a fantastic literature. That forbidden love thing, secret rendezvous and its implication as an essentially “taboo” thing.

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