「生命のアジタート」 (Seimei no Ajitaato)
“Agitato of Life”

“Oh god, let me do it with a girl for a change! I’m sick of these sausage-fests!” says Andy, as he’s forced to miss out on experiencing this. Poor guy. Supporting characters never have it easy in the face of main characters, but boy did he get ripped off there. Complete highway robbery, Aquarion EVOL style. Not only that, he missed out on what might be the first and last union for Shrade, who sometimes makes me wonder if he’s really only teasing Cayenne with his “invitations”. It could’ve been the best of both worlds for Andy, in many senses.

Of more interest is Shrade’s backstory about how his powerful musical Element brings out the worst in people, which coupled with his weak body, makes him unsuitable for actual combat. The first time he tries, he “unlocks” Aquarion Spada and gives Kagura’s “Misla Gunis” 「ミスラ・グニス」 a good whipping and head-chopping, only to wind up on the verge of dying. While that was an interesting look at Neo Deava’s top student who unfortunately can’t participate in battles, I actually took more interest in Kagura’s infatuation with Mikono and her “stinky sweet” smell, because Mikono is starting to remember his primal ways. Their familiarity with one another more or less supports the idea that Kagura and Mikono are the reincarnations of Apollo and Silvia, whereas Amata’s familiarity with Kagura hints at the possibility that he’s the reincarnation of Apollonius. If that’s the case, it would leave Zessica as the reincarnation of Celiane, much like her reflection in the ending sequence seems to suggest.

For now, reincarnations from two different Aquarion legends — one from 12,000 years ago (i.e. Sousei no Aquarion) and the original from 24,000 years ago — seems to be the most probable explanation in terms of the main cast; however, things aren’t quite as clear on the antagonists’ side of things. Izumo appears to be quite fond of Alicia, a girl from Amata’s past who’s now in some form of stasis, but he’s not the least bit fond of Mykage. Jin seems to have the same disposition, considering his device from last episode, so there’s evidently some tension on the Altair side of things. All the while, the only person who looks remotely like a Shadow Angel is Mykage, so any speculation about them will probably need to take all of that into account. At the moment, I have nothing (though in my case that’s largely because I still haven’t finished the original series yet).

What I really want to know is what the ominous funeral wedding is foreshadowing. Both Cayenne and Amata have seen that vision now, so I’m wondering if it’s just hinting at their eventual demise or if there’s a lot more to it than that? Either way, I am not the least bit opposed to an Amata x Zessica pairing, should things be headed that way.

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      1. haha this who’s a reincarnation of who business is so retarded…can’t they make this show not based on reincarnations? It would be quite repetitive…since they gonna reincarnate again anyway wtf.

  1. Well credit where its due, Amata earns alot of Man Points for grabing Mikono and jumping off the tower. Hopefully he can keep that awesomeness throughout the series.

    I do find it strange that Kagura can’t recognize Amata’s smell. Brings a lot of questions about what exactly Amata is, since he seems to recognize Kagura. Also interesting is how Kagura thinks Shrade “smells like her”. Maybe Shrade is Sirius? He certainly feels like Sirius, the only difference is he isn’t as annoying as Sirius, and he does have a tragic past.

    Aqarion Spada is great though, its nice to see an alternate form that doesn’t suck. Thing even has a sword whip. I wonder if Gepard will actually have a chance to look good.

  2. 12,000 years ago Apollo and Silvia where separated by an major event, i suppose
    Show Spoiler ▼

    For the smell Kagura doesn’t recognize it because
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I haven’t seen the first anime, but I agree about the smell thing.
      People can’t sense their own (natural) smell, or it’s like they don’t have any.

      That would explain why he said that to Amata

  3. Whatever it may be, Mr. A must end up with Ms. A and Mr. B must end up with Ms. B. What I’m trying to say is that if there are actually two sets of reincarnations, Apollonius must end up with Cayenne and Apollo must end up with Silvia.

    Though the idea of the main characters “breaking” their destinies sounds pretty good, it’s blasphemy for the fans of the original series. Like I said in the page of episode 5, what made Aquarion as epic as it is right now is because of its theme: Everlasting Love.

    All these time, these 12,000 years
    I know Aishiteru~
    Eight thousand years from the time that
    I’ve met you my love grows strong than ever before
    Words can’t say of this time
    I’ve been waiting to share my love with you~
    I’d give you my life,
    I would give you the world to see you smiling every day
    One hundred million and two thousand years
    from now Aishiteru~
    I want you to know since you came in my life every day, every night
    you give light into the darkest skies

    And I’ll say it again: For me, what made the original series as epic as it was, was its theme and its OST which fits it perfectly. The real message of Sousei no Aquarion was to show how strong love can be, that even a thousand years isn’t enough to stop it. So breaking the characters from their destinies will be a really bad move for this series.

    Epic love is Epic. 12,000 years for the win!

    The Story You Don't Know
  4. i thought he was gonne use the sheild as a violin.
    im sure Kagura can’t smell Amata because they are halves of a same person, Zessica might be another half of Celiane, It’ll be interesting if Kagura ends up with Zessica He’ll be sniffing people and Zessica can just tease those getting sniffed.

  5. I think Kagura is a better main character than Amata right now. I find it interesting that he calls Aquarion a “Metal Angel”. I’m sure there’s some twist coming about the 2 worlds and how history got messed around in those 12,000 yrs.

  6. Apollo x Zessica? Is that possible, or a mistake? I thought Apollo’s from the legend? Also, who/what’s Altair? Sigh… I’m really confused by the backstory. The current focus on just Mikono, Kagura and Amata is fine though. Maybe what I really need is to watch the original series. Or at least, just the movie version.

  7. I’m thinking that the name altair and vega have something to do with the legend, in japanese these are Orihime and Hikoboshi and they’re supposed to be 2 lovers separated who can see each other one time a year.
    i can see this having a role in the story because it looks exactly like the apollo and silvia, they meat each other and wait 12 000 years.
    But man Kagura is cooler than Amata but i’m not found of him stealing Mikono, that’s too NTR for me.

    1. I don’t mind Kagura getting Mikono since I’m cruising in S.S. Amata/Zessica. In my opinion, Mikono doesn’t look as much into Amata relative to how Amata cares for her. To me, Mikono looks more like she’s pushing her inferiority complex on Amata, and even this episode is quite vague on where her feelings lie, since I found her words to be too neutral.

  8. For some reason Shrade apparently smells a little like Mikono. Which is weird. I find it funny that the episode Shrade is added to the ending he apparently dies.

    I wonder what is up with Mykage. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. If I remember it correctly….

      Show Spoiler ▼

  9. You do realize that Silvia and Celiane are the same person correct?

    How could Silvia who was also Celiane no longer be Celiane just because of a reincarnation when they were the same person to begin with?

    Ditto for Apollo and Apolloninous, we’ve already seen that the reincarnation can split be split in half but never that it no longer makes them the same person.

    As for Amata and Kagura they’re probably both Apollo as Amata has Apollo’s wings and memories of Aquarion and Kagura has Apollo’s instinct and senses. This is probably the reason why he can’t smell Amata because they smell the same.

    Though I’m skeptical of Zessica being another half of Silvia because both Amata and Kagura don’t react to her, they aren’t drawn to her like they are to Mikono.

    1. Of course I do. I have been talking about split reincarnations in my past couple of posts after all. I’m just starting to think they take after one person more. Even if Apollo and Silvia were reincarnations of Apollonius and Celiane, it’s not like they didn’t have their own personalities.

      1. Even then both Apollo and Silvia’s had some similarities between themselves and their predecessors. Such as the attraction they had for one another, which is something that was apparent from the moment they met. However, Zessica hasn’t gotten any that attraction, instead she has to use her sex appeal in order to attract Amata, she has to go out of her way for it. Also something to remember is that Zessica herself hasn’t shown any interest in Amata the way that Mikono has in Amata, or Silvia had in Apollo.

        Also Divine you don’t know reincarnation works, a soul can be split in two however, it is still the same soul, there is no new soul or new personality being created by the new incarnation, its always the same person. Actually the personality has nothing to do with it, its the soul that matters. Therefore when the reincarnation dies and reincarnates, the person who results from the reincarnation is still both the previous reincarnation AND the original soul, even if it split in half, then both of the people who result from it, are still a part of the original soul.

      2. This is just getting silly, because 1.) no one can really say how reincarnation works down to that level of detail because it’s not even a proven concept and 2.) even if we were to assume that souls can be split, this is just over semantics regarding how each derivation should always be referred to as the original soul regardless of how many times it’s been split.

        If you want to argue that, then I’d like to propose the possibility that Shadow Angels and humans existed before Apollonius and Celiane and that they’re reincarnations of someone before. At some point, I don’t think it’s wrong to refer to someone as the reincarnation of their last reincarnation, especially if they’re only a fraction of their original soul and becoming less and less like it (as you claim to be possible).

      3. The idea of reincarnation comes from religion, and even then I haven’t seen a religion that has tried to define you way you have.

        That’s because that’s how reincarnation works, there is no drop off point for the original soul. Its always going to be there. There is no math being done here. Though I also gotta wonder why are you even bringing up Appolonious and Celiane, in the first place, when the series hasn’t done that? Only Apollo and Silvia have been brought up, but you’re getting ahead of yourself by bringing up a factor that the series itself hasn’t even mentioned (heck considering the events of the previous series it may not even be a factor anymore).

        The way how you’re talking about the reincarnation is…
        –Amata–(based purely on personality)
        –Solar wing
        –Zessica(even though the series hasn’t even hinted at this)
        –Sirius–Shrade(hinted at due to the similar smell between him and Mikono)

      4. @Chan
        You said yourself that reincarnation is defined differently on different religions, yet you claim that one person’s view of reincarnation is wrong. The definition reincarnation can be very vague, depending on one’s point of view and there’s no telling which definition of reincarnation is right or wrong. And you’re getting ahead of yourself by saying you’ve never heard of a religion that goes with that perspective of religion. How long have you lived dude? Did you even know that there are a lot of unknown and unwritten religions simply because their believers became extinct? What I see is that you’re not being open-minded and is shooting down every idea that contradicts with yours. That’s ignorance.

        At this point, disregarding different views about reincarnation, one could tell that the writers are really trying to make the viewers think that there are really two sets of reincarnation. Whether they are just trying to mess with us or they are really going with the idea of having two reincarnations of different time lines, nobody can tell for sure. Heck, nobody can even tell why there are two worlds now.

        The Story You Don't Know
      5. @Nellie

        This show is its own ‘literature’, dictated by its writer. If it followed the concepts of other’s works, then I doubt it will be very entertaining. For works such as this that try to establish concepts, what’s needed is continuity.

        I quite like the idea of Amata -> Apollonius and Kagura -> Apollo.

        In Sousei, its been shown that souls can be ‘split’ Show Spoiler ▼

        so on the assumption that Apollonius = Apollo (ie one ‘soul’ inhabiting one body), then a ‘split’ where Amata and Kagura take on certain traits more strongly doesn’t seem unlikely.

        My personal view on Sousei though is that, while Apollo was Apollonius’ reincarnation, Apollonius’ soul was bunking with Apollo’s, that is, two souls in one body (or a soul and a half if you want to get into the semantics). In this scenario, then it’s still likely that Amata inherited the ‘full’ soul of Apollonius, and Kagura Apollo’s.

        Then we also have the 12,000 year ‘lag’ in between reincarnations. I like to entertain the theory that the reason why there is such a wait is because the souls get fragmented, and it takes 12,000 years for the fragments to come together by ‘the hand of fate’. Yeah.. that sounded better in my head.

        I guess the bottom line is to keep an open mind about concepts and if you had to nitpick, then focus on continuity.

        Lastly, @Chan’s, maybe the reason why Divine’s been mentioning them (Apollonius and Celiane) is because 1) This whole series _is_ about their love story, 2) This whole mess started _because_ Apollonius decided to side with the humans because of Celiane, and 3) because the writers said that some of the characters are reincarnations of the previous cast, that is, Apollo and co. (it’s a given that Apollonius and Celiane will be reincarnated).

      6. ooo forgot to address a few more points xD


        Maybe the reason the series hasn’t mentioned Apollonius and Celiane yet is because their story happened 24,000 years ago. Episode one already established that not a lot of people care for Apollo and Silvia’s love story 12,000 years prior. For all we know, the lore about Apollonius and Celiane is already lost. 24,000 years is a long, long time.

        As for Zessica not showing any interest in Amata, well, I don’t know about most people but, when I find myself being the third wheel in a forced situation, I don’t throw myself at the girl, no matter how hot she is, especially when the other two have clearly shown an interest in each other.I just try to get along, chat about something neutral to keep the lovey-doveyness of the other two at the minimum.

        I could be reading too much into Zessica’s jealous reaction, but maybe she’s actually interested in Amata? It’s either that, or she’s really just a cheap slut.

        In any case, the next episode should clear the air and raise the flags.

        Odd though. When I first started watching this, I thought the writers would blatantly throw Zessica at Cayenne, as per typical set-up (and one I’m quite against)… Sort of like Sirius and Reiko. Though the OVA did show me why it’d be a weird idea for Apollo and Reiko to date. Lulz at the height difference, especially with Apollo permantently slouching. It’s hard to take a romance seriously when the woman is depicted to be twice as tall as the male, I guess o.0

      7. @Chan:

        Correction: Only “Apollon” and “Silvie” have been brought up, not “Apollo” and “Silvia”.

        If I don’t bring up Apollonius and Celiane then it’s getting even further away from the point you’re trying to make.

        Also, the series has hinted at the Celiane < -> Zessica connection like I mentioned in the post.

      8. @ Beedle

        Zessica is in a weird place right now, a bit unorthodox for the standard fair of anime.
        1.) She knew she was the third wheel and went with it. (Usually, its resisted by said wheel, not played with to its fullest.)
        2.) The third wheel’s affections tend to be established very early so that the main duo can be played against/with it as a point of drama (irregardless of direction, this is what’s happening in the other triangle), and build up a bit of pity for the third wheel. This hasn’t happened at all in earnest (though Mikono has been getting jelly), and at best you could say there are some hints that Zessica is starting to develop an attraction to Amata but has as of yet to do so.
        3.) All the jealous clingy girl characteristics usually associated with a third wheel are manifesting in Mikono, not in Zessica. (At least not yet…)
        4.) Looks like Zessica will fall for Amata unintentionally, which isn’t rare per-say but it is an unusual way to establish a third wheel (and at the rate we’re going, its going to be a fairly late establishment. The next episode should raise some flags but I doubt we’ll see anything conclusive/solid until the episode after, which puts us around episode 8 or 9 for the completion of our second love triangle).

        Coming into the show, I expected her to either be the obligatory third wheel right from the start or related to the plot but not a part of the central triangle. (Amata/Mikono/Kagura is much more common given the above standards I just laid out and was, as I find a bit peculiar about Zessica’s situation, established right off the bat.) So the timing around her developments is a bit confusing…

      9. @The Story You Don’t Know
        I’ve said all of the religions that I’ve read up about.
        The writers haven’t at all, its just people who have seen the Sousei, and like Zessica who have made that theory, however, the story itself has made no effort to bring it up. That’s how people end up being trolled by Kawamori, they come up with their own theories (which are frequently unsupported by the narrative) and then when the story reveals that they’re theory is incorrect then viewers who supported the theory say that Kawamori trolled them.

        @Beedle that was what Sousei no Aquarion was about but not Aquarion EVOL, on top of that Sousei actually ended their story. Their promise was fulfilled in the last series. It would be redundant to bring them up again.

        Its not only that but Zessica didn’t show an interest until she saw Mikono’s interest in him. There is actually a brief moment when you see Zessica give off a look like she’s being left out and then right after that she starts chasing after Amata.

        @Divine I don’t really see how that was a clue that she is Celiane, as Mikono doesn’t has the mirror image either, or Amata, or Kagura. If that image was implying what you’re saying that its implying that she is Celiane (the mirror image doesn’t even look like Celiane–Celiane was a blond–, but Zessica) then the other three should have reflections as well. There is also the fact that for all you know she may just have a separate personality, or a part of herself that she keeps locked away from the view of others. Zessica’s background is more comparable to Shrade’s piano, which hinted about his character.

        Sousei was actually fairly obvious about who was who, like most Kawamori works if you’re getting trolled by it its because you came up with you’re own theories, which may or may not have brought up (except for Macross Frontier tv series which was really the script writer’s fault).

  10. Poor Andy. He got ripped off bit time over here. No one in the right mind would miss out on an opportunity Gattai with Zesicca.
    I don’t think this is the last union for Shrade. The show needs to keep the fujoshis interested somehow and we know Sazanka wouldn’t be pleased if that was the case 😉

    Seishun Otoko
  11. Really like the theory you’ve put forth here Divine though I can’t bring myself to agree with it completely. Something just feels off.

    The way the show uses the ambiguity over who is the reincarnated Apollonius is brilliant. Great use of the lore.

  12. So what everyone is saying is that, Altair is the original world of Aquarion (Celestial Genesis Era) and Vega is the world created by Aquarion’s Genesis punch which is the main world of Aquarion (Holy Genesis Era). Mikage is Touma’s illegitimate child that was conceived when he was fighting(more like having smex) with Aquarion.

    That being said, Kagura is the reincarnation of the nature loving, nicer hippy Apollo while Amata is the reincarnation of the rude but braver hobo Apollo.

    Suppa Tenko
    1. Kind of pretty much…yeah.

      After the original Aquarion series, humans are given greater freedom to thrive after defeating the Shadow Angels. So their technology progression in 12,000 years should be closer to what we see in Altair than in Vega. I’m thinking Fudo is just a red herring to lead us to think otherwise.

  13. Did anyone catch the bit at the beginning? When the “restraining bolts” were powered down and that one girl took it off and chucked it like “Fuck this shit”…

    I swear I laughed for much longer than necessary, as you can tell.

  14. The basis of Aquarion is soul mates throughout time and space though. Until the two souls can be united they will keep reincarnating every 12,000 years. Like Sakura and Syaoran without the multiple universe stuff.
    All in all I am loving Aquarion EVOL.One of the better series this season. That seems to be what is happening though, Mouretsu Pirates and EVOL the two “silly” series actually seem to be much better than the other hyped series. (besides Another) Unions are silly as ever, but you are still somehow sucked in to the characters and mysteries. But seriously Kawamori, if you can make an Aquarion sequel why can’t I ever get my Escaflowne Part II?!! Hitomi and Van deserve to be together too.

  15. Alrite. Here are some of my speculations on what’s going on in this series (There may be spoilers from the first series show reader’s discretion is advised)

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Point of contention: Kagura smelled most of our cast(Andy, Cayenne, Zess, Mix, Sazanka, and Malloy) and showed hardly any interest in them at the start of the show, so none of them smell to him in the same way as Mikono does, which leads one to suspect that she is special to his sense of smell for a particular reason (similarly she is shown to have a connection to him). Another point of issue, the first thing Kagura smells in this episode is Cayenne and tosses him off because he’s not Mikono. Which means whatever he’s smelling in any of them, now that he’s looking for a particular odor, he smelled more of it coming from Cayenne than from Zessica and, subsequently, Andy. If Zessica and Mikono are some sort of split, Kagura would have been much more keen on it in the first episode and in this episode (as he’d have foregone Cayenne entirely), and you’d imagine that (like Shrade) they’d have a similar odor.

      I can see where you’re coming from but its a bit strange to me.

      1. Yea. That’s the part I was least sure about, but I am pretty sure there is a connection between Zessica and Mikono and their relationship between Celiane and Silvia but the show has not given us much to work with yet (Granted that it’s only the sixth episode). However, maybe because of my Amata x Mikono bias, I am relying on this whole mess of identity as the writer’s way of trolling us and will eventually clarify that Amata and Mikono will end up together haha.

      2. I have no doubt that they have some sort of similarities (the inversion of color is pretty telling) but it doesn’t seem that they are *that* similar when Kagura is concerned. This was his first time meeting Shrade, so the revelation of his odor being similar to someone else’s makes sense, but for Zessica to all of a sudden start smelling like Mikono, after we’ve had previous encounters between the groups where Kagura hasn’t taken any interest in her smell… just doesn’t flow all that well. The scene may be a hint that Zessica has some similarities to Mikono in something deeper down, maybe now that Kagura has the scent he’s more keen to it, but that doesn’t change the fact that the differences from his point of view are quite staggering and he gives Zessica as much thought as he did Cayenne once he found what he wanted.

        Basically, Kagura’s infatuation/focus on Mikono has been more or less solidified/set in stone with this episode, and chiseling out a new direction would take a bit of work, and would raise a few eyebrows too if not handled carefully. It would be an overly convenient/contrived plot device to resolve the love triangle with Kagura suddenly finding Mikono’s smell in the other triangle’s other member. Timing wise, we’re about where central pairings should start to take form. Kagura’s made his stake, Amata seems pretty determined, Mikono is torn, Zessica seems like she’s going to get Cupid’s Arrow next episode (whether she likes it or not), Mix/Andy/Yunoha should be coming up soon.

      3. I think the “odour” of the souls depends on their feelings.
        You know how some people have strong body odour and some has almost no body odour?
        Zessica’s soul probably did not have such a strong smell since she wasn’t feeling all negative.
        Mikono’s soul having a stench would make sense since she felt useless and stuff, having negative feelings would give her a stench which make it easy for Kagura to find her, and Mikono’s smell probably blocked off the smell of others or Kagura thought that all that smell came from Mikono.

      4. Mikono was happy when he hunted her down at the end of the last episode, though. She might have been getting jelly, but her emotions are entirely unlike what they were when they first met, and he could still smell her across an entire city. Comparatively, he found Cayenne to be a more probable smell than Zessica, seeing as he grabbed him first and foremost, and then (!) had to go even further to double check what Cayenne smelled like after he’d caught him.

        I just think the whole chase/smell scene is being looked into too deeply. Kagura may have simply suspected that Mikono was in one of the vectors, and chased them down to check as I can’t really find a good explanation for why he not only chased down Cayenne first but then had to double check what he smelled like. Its established (one episode prior) that Kagura can smell Mikono halfway across a city, with an acute accuracy, so how would he get confused or even have the need to double check, if he was actually following her scent? Easiest explanation is that, in being around one another for at least a week in-story-time, that our characters have rubbed off on one another. Or, the other simple possibility, is that he stopped relying on his sight and just hunted by smell (not a particular smell) and, once he’d caught someone, checked who they were.

  16. I agree with Chan.

    Why do people think that Apollo/Solar Wing Aquarion and Silvia/Sirius are not Apollonius and Ceriane? Is the definition of reincarnation getting muddled here? Apollo IS Apollonius. Solar Wing Aquarion IS Apollonius. The same goes for Silvia and Sirius being different parts of Ceriane. They can’t separate from them because they are them. The souls of the originals were just split in two.

      1. My attempt to draw charts… (ignore all the “…….” used for spacing purposes). XD
        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. This is just over semantics as I’ve already said above.

        If Apollo is Apollonius and Amata is Apollonius, then logically Amata is Apollo.

        Conversely, if Apollo is Apollonius and Amata is Apollo, then Amata is Apollonius.

        Both are founded upon the idea that Apollo = Apollonius, and both come to conclusion that Amata is Apollo and Apollonius.

        I wasn’t even talking about “order of inheritance”, but since you proposed that idea Hikaru, sure, let’s go with that since it makes things more interesting. Let us assume that Apollo was only a partial reincarnation of Apollonius (say anywhere from 50-80%) and the remaining part of his soul wasn’t reincarnated until another 12,000 years later as Amata.

        Do we actually care about picking it apart at this minute of a level? (…because I sure as hell don’t.)

        I wanted to refer to Kagura as the reincarnation of Apollo because he clearly takes after him more. (Last I checked, Apollonius barely wanted to set foot on the ground, let alone crawl on it on all fours.) However, by doing so I’m not saying that Kagura’s not Apollonius, because well, Apollo = Apollonius.

        The same goes for Amata, and how I want to refer to him as the reincarnation of Apollonius because he doesn’t take after Apollo. This doesn’t imply that he’s not Apollo, because well, Apollo = Apollonius.

      3. Perhaps an explanation would be that Kagura is the reincarnation of the part of Apollonius that became Apollo while Amata is the reincarnation of the part of Apollonius that was in Aquarion.

      4. Even the motif of touching the ground is working in your favor for this, Divine.

        Amata’s powers keep him off the ground, his wings are at his ankles and ready to lift his feet from the floor upon which Apollonius would rarely wish to ever step foot. On the other side, Kagura is very much like Apollo, he’s got all the beast motifs to his character, moves like a dog, and has a primal vulgarity to him that wouldn’t fit the more proud aspects of Apollonius.

      5. @Divine
        Actually we don’t really know what Apollonious’s personality was like or how he behaved considering that he wasn’t around for us to see that. All we do know is that he did have an animalistic qualities (as Rena pointed out in an earlier episode–the idea that Apollonious was regal was a misconception that Sirius and Silvia had). Also didn’t Apollo fly in the first episode, and also didn’t they imply that his wings may have been chopped off when he was young anyway?

        OAV/Movie Apollonious’s feet don’t touch the ground however, Apollonious in the OAV/Movie isn’t the Apollonious in the tv series (Apollo’s personality is also different in that OAV as well so that should have been your first clue), since the events form the OAV/Movie take place in an alternate universe, and this season is the sequel to the tv series not the OAV/Movie so the information provided to us by the OAV has nothing to do with season (yes this includes Scorpious).

      6. Can somebody clear things for me? I was pretty sure they were following the original series, not the OVA because if I remember it correctly, Apollo, Sirius, and Toma never “pulled the earth back together with Aquarion and its long arms” in the OVA. Since they were referring to that event in this sequel, I thought that they were following the original series for sure. Can someone tell me how they got the idea that this one follows the OVA?

        The Story You Don't Know
      7. Actually they did pull the Earth back together tv series episode 26, but they didn’t pull the Earth back together in the OAV, they just punched the ground and revived the Earth that way.

        So them saying that the Earth was pulled back together is from the tv series not the OAV.

        I just re-watched both scenes. Also nobody in the OAV and there was no promise.

  17. The reason why I started watching this show in the first place was Zessica, so I certainly don’t mind her getting more screen time. Seems like we’ll get to see a bit more of her cute side next time around. :3

  18. I do support the view of @SnipingAllTargets that both Amata and Kagura are the split reincarnation of the same soul of Apollonius/Appolo. And Mikono and Zessica as the split reincarnation of Celiane/Silvia. Based on the inverse eye color of both group. Amata had red hot eyes and orange hair while Kagura had red hair and orange eyes. Same goes to Mikono and Zessica.

    And Next week is gonna be filled with Zessica’s cuteness =)

  19. I kinda don’t get why people watch this when they haven’t even seen the first season, you miss a lot of references and such to the first season…

    That aside,
    Show Spoiler ▼


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