「七咲逢 後編 トウソウ」 (Nanasaki Ai Kouhen – Tousou)
“Nanasaki Ai, Second Chapter – Escape”

If I were to make one complaint about Ai’s follow-up arc, it would be the somewhat nauseating sensation I get from watching how happy she is with Junichi. It’s almost like the two of them are sucking all the happiness around them and taking it for themselves. For those watching Ano Natsu de Matteru, I gather this is what Kanna feels like watching Kaito and Ichika. I can’t get in between Junichi and Ai because they’re clearly head-over-heels in love with one another — particularly Ai who quietly consented to spending a night at a love hotel — so all I can do is acknowledge their feelings and be happy for them. It’s all about taking the high road, much like Umehara who remained the better person when presented with an opportunity to sell Junichi out.

Looking back on this arc, it was a lot more starved for conflict than the previous two, relying primarily on the overzealous cram school for Junichi and the feelings of loneliness for Ai to stir things up. At times it was alright with the random bits of comedy and Ai falling more in love, but at others it felt pretty underwhelming for a romance series. I figured it was going to hard for the writers to make things interesting in this sequel since being in a happy relationship isn’t nearly as “eventful” as the steps leading up to one, so I was honestly expecting more arcs like this one than Tsukasa’s though. From a viewer perspective, the obvious downside is that there isn’t the same kind of drama as the first season when Junichi’s single and alone. However, that’s not to say this was a terrible original follow-up, as we got plenty of “lovey-dovey” looks, a very cute Christmas Eve date, and implication that they finally did the “deed” when Junichi got his own place. It just a very different type of focus, given the stage Junichi and Ai’s relationship had progressed to.

Curiously enough, the writers don’t seem to be giving us any definitive endings like they did with the time skips from season one. Whether or not that’s to keep the door open for future mini sequels I don’t know, but it’s definitely something I wouldn’t mind seeing more of to really make these continuations worthwhile. I’m actually kind of disappointed that we didn’t get to see a time skip for all the heroines in the original, so I was secretly hoping that we’d see some more now. This was especially true for Rihoko since she had the worst ending in the original season, but seeing as we didn’t get one for her, I can’t say I’m keeping my hopes up for the remaining arcs. Regardless, I am looking forward to Kaoru’s next time, because she had the sweetest confession. That was probably my favorite moment in the original series.

* I so called that jacket as a Junichi’s Christmas gift! He actually looks pretty good in her jacket too.
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  1. Everything is sexier with Ai… because Ai is Love. Nuff Said. Even Divine acknowledge this.

    > Ai who quietly consented to spending a night at a love hotel
    > they finally did the “deed” when Junichi got his own place
    > It’s almost like the two of them are sucking all the happiness around them and taking it for themselves.

    Divine’s words are true story, bro.

    The Moondoggie
  2. Just give Ai a whole season arc. DO IT.

    Hell, I wouldn’t even mind if they had a whole season that was just continuations of other routes that eventually lead to Junichi leaving them to get with Ai!

      1. Gee if only there were actual mangas devoted to each Amagami girl…. oh wait.

        Incidentally, I highly recommend that manga with Ai, because she’s actually funny and awesome and not the dull bore the anime has chosen to portray her as.

  3. Wait… we have the Kaoru arc next? What happened to Nakata Sae? Aren’t we going in reverse order this time? Not like I care much btw. The Sae arc was my least favorite in the last season.

    Jared Drake
  4. I thought this arc was pretty boring to be honest even though I like Ai a lot. Better than Rihoko’s but not by much. It just didn’t seem like there was a lot of payoff at the end.

  5. If I’m not wrong, isn’t this ending the “best ending” from the original game?, if I recall right, but with some changes here and there (I hope I’m making sense to you guys), either way this episode was nice, and I thought that Sae’s arc was next, so…? whatever, Sex Hair arc will do and I’m not complaining about that. Sae-chan can wait a bit. 🙂

  6. They should have left out his friend scenes of trying to find a girlfriend for more date activities or something. But that was an awkward moment of him trying to “pick up” his teacher.
    Junichi definitely got extra points for running all the way to Ai. More points for the present. Date looked awesome. Sweet kiss at the end to conclude everything. Thumbs up!
    Were those fireworks for Christmas or for News Year?
    I guess they moved in together and lived happily ever after.

    random viewer
    1. I disagree. I thought Umehara’s whole “forever alone” moments were hilarious XD Still, I wish he got a girl occasionally too. Even discounting Junichi’s haremettes, there’s Keiko, Kanae-chan, Hibiki and a bunch of others! I’m just a sucker for the B-couple, I suppose.

    1. Miss After Sex Hair is up next. Would be nice if they implied they actually did it. DOes this mean all the arcs will imply they all had sex with Junichi 0_o”(except Rihoko’s…)

      The Moondoggie
  7. There really wasn’t anything interesting in this arc. Even in the first season Ai’s arc was plagued with dull chemistry until the last episode with the awesome Onsen scene. Here there isn’t really anything as good as that. Even Junichi just said that nothing would change if wasn’t aroud, so it all felt pontless. Just mediocre WAFF scenes.

    The only thing that was interesting here Umehara being bro and Miya molesting Sae but the rest was just meh. I’m saddened that a good deal of this season feels like a bore, but maybe Kaoru’s genki personality will inject some life to this dullness next arc.

  8. I rather liked this twoshot (though that could just be my Ai-fanboyism talking).

    I enjoyed Ai’s monologue about her worries for the future; who doesn’t think about that? And Junichi is such a boss, running all the way back to Ai _and_ finishing the mock exam. Compared to the other arcs, Ai’s route always struck me as something that tackled real-life worries in relationships from both- male and female’s- perspectives.

    And applause for Umehara for being such a bro!

  9. AI IS LOVE!!! XD

    If I were the writer of this arc of Amagami SS+ Plus, I’d have Junichi and Ai have their lovey-dovey on the surface of the (school’s) pool instead of implied sex in the apartment room (or at least I’d draw it like Yosuga no Sora). XD

    I am now supporting the Sae x Miya and Umehara x Takahashi-sensei pairings because:

    1. Umehara is the unsung hero of this anime, and he is a true bro that we should all seek to emulate – for being such a bro to Junichi in all arcs – and hitting on a hotter older woman like Takahashi-sensei. It takes a real man, and a real bro, to do that. *bro-fist*

    2. Miya-chan with her “conquest” of Sae-chan a.k.a. Nikuman-chan, shall be usurping her brother’s place as casanova of this series in a future series/spin-off ova. Nishishishi! ~

    The only thing I was disappointed in was:

    Why was there no sexy-evil dominatrix Ayatsuji-san whipping masochist mock-test takers in the cram school? I thought she was cracking a whip and laughing last episode? WHY?!? AYATSUJI-SAN IS A WONDERFUL PERSON WITH NOTHING TO HIDE!!! XD

  10. Well at this point you really can’t say Tachibana doesn’t deserve Nanasaki, I mean he pulled a lot of brilliant moves this arc from the sneaking out to the coat. He was pretty smooth the entire ep

  11. Is it normal for couples to use honorifics such as “sanpai”? It seems odd to me but maybe it’s normal *shrug*

    Is there gonna be a lesbian Mia chan arc? She should really calm down!

  12. This episode gave me a WAFF. Junichi is truly a man who’s willing to risk punishment to be with his girlfriend. And love how he treated Ai during their date.

    Umehara is true bro to protect his friend from those camp instructors even though he didn’t have a date. A true bro indeed.

    Miya gets frisky with Sae. Nishishi!

    And the Redlight district scene was so funny and very awkward for everyone lol!

  13. > much like Umehara who remained the better person when presented with an opportunity to sell Junichi out.

    Sir, that’s Umehara you are talking about, a.k.a. BRO OF THE YEAR, ALL YEARS. “Selling-out” is NOT in his vocabulary.

  14. Yeah… I was cheering when Junichi snuck out XD That’s how you do it, bro!! Ai is love, and he knows it!! Plus she looks damn good in that coat. The awkwardly sweet (sweetly awkward?) scene at the love hotels was awesome, couldn’t stop grinning like an idiot. Really couldn’t stop grinning like an idiot when Junichi gave Ai a key to his place, and the ending was just beautiful. I’m such a sucker for girls like Ai being happy.

    That Umehara… after that much bro-power, he deserves the hott teacher!!

  15. I love Ai´s arc, she is my favorite of all the girls, everything about is a perferct combination of cute and sexy, mix that with strong family valious and you have your dream girl. The ending was so sweet that I could stop myself from being a bit jelous, like saying Hey Junichi live a little bit of happiness for the rest of the guys in the world!. That lucky bastard.

  16. Umehara deserves a round of applause here, imo. True bro is true bro even though they do not share the same blood but the same fap material.
    Am I the only one who thought that Umehara got some sexy time with the sensei after all?


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