「兆しの行方は」 (Kizashi no Yukue wa)
“Where the Signs Lead”

As the animosity between Kurisu and Hibiki continues to grow, somehow Miku’s worries about constantly being blown off seem to trump it. However, it’s taken Symphogear in a very welcome direction with the conflicts being less about the Noise and more about the characters themselves, especially in conjunction with the whole conspiracy involving Ryouko and “Finne”. With the death of Defense Minister Hiroki and Genjuurou already wary of American infiltration under his successor, the story really opens up to numerous possibilities — some of which could even involved the takeover of their division.

While ominous, the thought of that looming over my head does make Hibiki’s endeavors a lot more meaningful to watch, as she was surprisingly quick to get into Tsubasa’s good books after the latter’s near-death experience. That actually came about a lot sooner than I was hoping, but it does work well as a “calm before the storm” type moment seeing Tsubasa finally accepting Hibiki as someone who has something to protect and not just a painful reminder of Kanade since I can only really see things get more complicated hereon in. I presume that Genjuurou is more on top of things than he seems, judging from the works that Shinji’s doing, but we probably won’t find out if that’s the case until Ryouko’s exposed as a double agent. Admittedly, I’m not so sure if Ryouko and Finne are the same person anymore, as there was no concept of time between the pre-opening portion of the episode and the sight of Ryouko at the base, but my growing suspicion is that they are since Finne isn’t credited as a separate character. However, one or two antagonist doesn’t change the fact that we have an actual antagonist now, along with further indication that Kurisu is just being manipulated out of fear of being alone again.

With the way things were going and Hibiki hilarious belting out all her personal info to try and reason with Kurisu, I actually thought that the Nehushtan would open up to the idea that there are greener pastures out there than a life with Finne. In retrospect, I’m kind of glad she didn’t come around right away, because Kurisu’ jealousy is serving as the only real conflict on the Symphogear side of things. What’s more, it was pretty cool watching Hibiki’s first fight with her new resolve, as she awakened a bit of her Armed Gear and really gave it to Kurisu. It looks like like Hibiki’s still a ways away from getting cool comic-book like still frames for her attacks, but I’d imagine it’s only a matter of time before she starts whipping out some of moves we saw Kanade perform. For now, all eyes are on Miku though. I’ve been quite indifferent about her character because I don’t really see what she adds to the story as another “main” heroine, so hopefully I’ll find out soon enough. I would imagine she’d support Hibiki after learning in style what her friend’s been up to, but I don’t see her suiting up in a Symphogear herself. (I sure wouldn’t be opposed to seeing that though.)

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  1. So I seem to get interested in the oddest things. When they sing their little song to put on the symphogear, what language is it?

    The only word I recognize is ‘Gungnir’, and since historically that’s Odin’s spear I’m assuming the language is Old Norse. Wouldn’t match up with the relics the others are using though.

    1. Well, Ar Tonelico used Hymos Language. It was created for the Game. It was a Mix of many Language. So, i think here is it too. Just thing as Ancient Race Crystal Empower Waves

      Like the Ancient Language the Humankind heaved in Ancient Times

    2. When I first heard those songs my first thought was ‘Hymmnos’ too. In all seriousness though, it probably is a conlang of some type, though if it’s well developed or was just thrown together at the spur of the moment is something we don’t know.

  2. I’m somewhat surprise to see Tsubasa warming up to Hibiki so quickly too but hey, I’m not complaining as long as we see Tsubasa back in action again soon.
    I’ve always been interested in Hibiki’s “special” freindship with Miku and apparently, they share more than just the bed 😉

    Seishun Otoko
  3. looking at whole Ryouko and “Finne” here guess

    1.evil twin
    4.your mama but look same
    5.same person but identity personality take over
    6.brainwash/mind control

    yea so guessing for now on it wait mid ep point.

    1. *excludes 4*
      Those might be one of those endless possibilities.

      Meanwhile, Hibiki telling Chris her Curriculum Vitae = Now I know that she’s a Virgo if she was alive IRL. In other news, I have to be a cook to be her waifu.

    2. I think it do not matter so much as the goal is clear they just want to enjoy it like mad scientists look how their creations work => well thats how it looked on prewious episode

      what is the real question- if she is making noise too?

  4. Hibiki and Tsubasa seem to be getting along pretty well considering the latter tried to outright murder the former. Well, the less angst the better, I can’t wait to see them teamup now.

    I just love how Hibiki is getting even more badass with each episode. She was practically channeling Nanoha now, trying to negotiate with Chris then proceeding to DESTROYING her when she got rejected.

    And Miku finally knows Hibiki’s secret so more interesting stuff to come. I’m glad to have stuck with this show, its at least getting more exciting.

  5. Kind of funny how Hibiki tried her hand at Befriending Chris. I’m glad that Miku knows the truth now, especially since it seemed like they were just going to make her think that Hibiki was “cheating” on her.

    Also glad Tsubasa isn’t so angry anymore.

  6. I’ve been quite indifferent about her character because I don’t really see what she adds to the story as another “main” heroine, so hopefully I’ll find out soon enough.

    One interesting thing is that normally Miku would be leading the “gonna die” list, but we know for a fact that she survives. So she doesn’t exist, like oh so many female love interests have, solely to die and motivate the main character.

    I doubt she will ever become a Symphogear, but I think she will be important to the plot…somehow.

    And Chris needs a befriending, badly.

    1. I actually have a theory on the final arc, which involves Miku. It goes like this: An injured Miku is on the verge of dying, but is saved by Hibiki who trades her own life in return for Miku’s, perhaps in the form of an organ transplant or a song that transfers lifeforce. That, in turn, would also transfer Hibiki’s source of power to Miku, allowing Miku to gear up and continue the fight against the Noise in Hibiki’s stead for the future.

      This train of thought comes from her name, Miku, which means “future”.

  7. Chris and Tsubasa can be as cute and tsundere as they want, I still want Miku to get more screentime. Not that I wasn’t loving them too, especially Tsubasa’s 100% less angsty self, but Miku is a girl that seriously needs a hug! Then again, Chris needs one pretty badly too… and Tsubasa was pretty cute with that whole “messy-side”… but… but…

    Oh screw it, Hibiki should just take them all!! XD

      1. Isn’t Nehustan a complete artifact, not just a shard like Tsubasa’s and Hibiki’s? They mentioned in ep 1 or 2 that complete artifacts only need to be initialized, then you don’t need the singing(forget the term) to make it work. I doubt anyone could just slap it on, but it’s a lot less picky than Gungnir.

      2. The Trigger of the Armor? Nanomachines

        Proof? Just see the Battle with Tsubasa. When She lies on the ground after her “Swan Song” Attack.. There is a closeup to the “Holes” in her Armor, so we can see her Skin.. And.. there are some movements…

        So, she dont need to Sing.

      3. ..and if i understand a Subtitle. Nehustan was Original Tsubasas Armor. But got somehow Stolen from her. Tsubasa was also trained from Child, to wear some Day Durandal.

        These are not Spoilers, these Infos leaked in the previous Episodes.


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