「風と火と水と鴨川と」 (Kaze to Hi to Mizu to Kamogawa to)
“Wind, Fire, Water, and Kamogawa”

Sometimes I really have to stop and wonder if it’s okay for Rinne no Lagrange to be this awesome. ‘Cause like, there are other anime that are airing, some of which are by XEBEC’s parent company Production I.G, yet they just keep plugging away with their perfect blend of mecha action and high school humor, and now take the story to a whole other level that’s out of this world. Exactly what happened when Muginami lashed out at Madoka and caused the Jersey Club president’s good intentions to erupt into a flower blossoming-like effect is up in the air, but the reactions from everyone — especially Balance T. Moid — pretty much speak for themselves. Based on what I’ve seen, there’s little doubt in my mind that this is what the series tagline “Flower declaration of your heart” is in reference to and what Villagiulio cruelly turned on Muginami in an effort to trigger. I also presume this is what the Vox legend foretells, even though it doesn’t seem like anything bad happened to Madoka (based on the preview).

Speculation aside, I am fairly convinced that Villagiulio was shooting to kill Muginami in an attempt to set off Madoka, judging from his “this works as well” line when Muginami didn’t hesitate to defend the “brother” who kicked her to the curb. As such, it looks like I need to re-evaluate my original suspicion that Villagiulio is merely playing the “bad guy” role, despite how hilariously charismatic he continues be with energy drinks around Kirius and Izo. While I haven’t ruled out the possibility that scenes like that are an attempt to portray all the characters in an amiable way, effectively making it harder to discern whose side to take, it is pretty hard to overlook the fact that he was willing to kill Muginami for his ambitions. For now, that puts him much more in the antagonist category than the antihero one, though I fully expect the backstory of the fallen De Metrio royalty to alter my perspective on him next time. Quite frankly, between Villagiulio and Moid, I actually find the latter’s motives a lot more suspicious — even in spite of everything that’s happened — especially since it’s hard to trust anyone who doesn’t open their eyes in anime. Youko’s own suspicions only compound my own too.

As for the goofy moments that are littered throughout, such as Souta’s reaction to Youko eating his cup of noodles and then tossing away his disposable chopsticks (which I presume he wanted to keep and re-use), they’ve become such an integral part of the series that things would feel out of place if we didn’t even see those random moments when things get serious. In my mind, that just speaks well of the formula we have here that is somewhat reminiscent of STAR DRIVER, so it’s promising to know that Lagrange is getting the same two-cour treatment (albeit after a season break). Even now, this series remains one of my favorites this season, if not my absolute favorite.

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  1. Oh Muginami… what are we going to do with you? Villa tried to kill her and she knows it, yet she still tries to slug things out with Madoka while spouting off some of the most jaded, baseless lines I’ve heard in anime in a while. She’s just too interesting to hate!! Glad we get her backstory next time, along with hopefully a rundown as to what’s with the Flowers o’ Pain falling from the sky.

    Also, no episode of this show is complete without at least one “wan” from Lan, though Madoka’s “I WILL END YOU!” face in the meeting had me laughing for a solid five minutes. Poor Lan though; energy drinks don’t seem to agree with her, but she’s still an adorable trooper!

    1. From the teaser It seems Villagiulio raised from an early age, at the very least to make sure she didn’t starve in the slums after he fell from if royal position.

      Hers comment in episode 5 to Madoka about how fun Madoka’s normal life is sounds like someone that didn’t get the opportunity to live a happy childhood were simple necessities of a modern life were absent for her.

      That being said I wonder if Villagiulio already was aware that Muginami was compatiable with the Vox before allow her the make the contract. The Rin-Ne seems to be the prize everyone if after.

  2. Find it interesting how Madoka purposely folds up one side of the jersey.

    @Divine: I am on the stand that Villa did not expect Muginami to come. He thought she would be away from the battlefield. And he did not seem too happy to fire at her. For all we know, he might have been aiming to miss all along, cause it did not seem that Lan’s fire made his aim off. I replayed that scene a number of times.

  3. Looks like the Voxes now have weapons, although I liked it better when Madoka was going all fisticuffs on the enemy ovids.

    Madoka is really a Super Robot pilot trapped in a high school girl’s body isn’t she? With the way she just blazes through with little thought and all impulse she might as well scream out her attacks. It may not be the smartest thing to do but it does make Madoka entertaining to watch. She really makes this show.

    Despite the serious tone of the episode, I always admire how the show can inject some comedy in between. The scene where Madoka is told to get out off the cockpit was great. The Kiruis’s energy drink scene also had me laughing.

    Can’t really blame Muginami for trying to defend Villa. Judging from the preview she really was attached to him. I did like how Madoka FALCON PUNCHED Muginami for that act, though judging from what happened it didn’t end well. It does show that Madoka isn’t infallible as she failed to reach out to Muginami.

    It seems the first part of the legend has come true(The Green One will tear the skies) and Moid isn’t even trying to not look evil anymore. I just like how the plot continues to thicken.

    1. With the way she just blazes through with little thought and all impulse she might as well scream out her attacks.

      Like I said: She fits in an SRW game better any anyone else in the cast.

      The Moondoggie
    2. I do like how Muginami turned Madoka’s enthusiasm on it’s head. She basically slapped Madoka in the face by pointing out the major flaw in the “Relentlessy enthusiastic” character archetype. That is they fail to seriously reflect on the feelings of those they help. They just watch, assume and act. While that has a positive side it also can backfire just as easily.

  4. no regrets deciding to pick up lagrange. frankly speaking…. i have to agree with you divine, how this’s turning up much better than the other series. frankly speaking, if the plot and the development of the other series was impeccable, it might compete for the top position this winter (my personal list though). kinda wasted how the popularity of the illustrator and the songwriter got laid to waste IMO

    back to lagrange, it really feels nice to watch an original anime. no doubt that there are other anime that are adapted from games/VN/LN (shaft’s adaptation of monogatari series are simply inexplicable) that are great to watch as well but original anime have a sense of novelty in them.

    just like how madoka was.

  5. “Sometimes I really have to stop and wonder if it’s okay for Rinne no Lagrange to be this awesome”

    I was wondering the same up to the first minutes of this episode. Madoka and her “let’s get going to beat the crap out of that guy” just answered the question for me. She just became my favorite character this season, and this show easily shares the top spot with AnoNatsu in my list.

  6. Gotta love this anime. I’m still waiting for Muginami’s little personality tic, like Madoka’s Maru and Lan’s Wan. I don’t know why, but I’m actually expecting someone to actually die.

    1. Of course she would punch people, she tried to do it last episode. Hell, she flipped over a table just to get at Villa. Only her Uncle’s intervention kept it from happening. Kind of wish she wasn’t stopped though, seeing Madoka deck a guy would be glorious.

      1. I cannot even express how happy it would make me to see Madoka deck Moid. He has it coming, even moreso than we’re probably aware of.

        Honestly, I won’t be fully happy until Madoka lands a fist in Villa’s face too. No mechs, just a good-old-fashioned sock to the mouth.

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Rinne%20no%20Lagrange/Rinne%20no%20Lagrange%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2023.jpg

    Ah, Space!Kotetsu, firing his BFG just like Gundam Virtue and all other BFG-equipped mecha. I love shout-outs to other mecha series. XD


    And those gold particles feel like a shout-out to the GN Drives and GN Particles of Gundam 00. I can’t wait for Madoka to declare, “Ore wa Vox Aura!” and go postal on KISS.

  8. https://randomc.net/image/Rinne%20no%20Lagrange/Rinne%20no%20Lagrange%20-%2006%20-%2005.jpg

    That’s me studying for exams.

    This is easily my favourite show of the winter season. All of the characters have a certain depth to them that makes them very enjoyable to watch. It’s nice to see this show find the perfect balance between comedy, plot, and action.

  9. Here’s a formula for you. The Princess, the Commoner, and the Pauper for the girls. I’m not surprised that Lan and Muginami rub each other the wrong way at first. ^_^

    Also taking notes as to were the suits have revealed area on the girls to coincide with the contract marks was an interesting design touch. Actually I sure Moid, has brought some crazy replicator technology with him as Muginami suit was whipped together quickly. lol

  10. Thank you Yuuko. Finally, somebody seems to notice that that Balance T.(for Tick) Moid is not the ever helpful alien who wants to protect the Earth. Ever since the first time I saw his ever grinning mug I’ve had serious doubts about his true intentions. You can never trust characters with a perpetual smile plastered on their faces.(e.g. Kyubey)

    And lol at Madoka always failing to get Villagiulio’s name right. He should probably get a nickname or something so Madoka can shout it correctly when she’s flying towards him to give some ass-kicking. 🙂

  11. This really has become a much better show than I anticipated. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a gung-ho mecha pilot done this well. Having started in anime with Evangelion I almost find it unusual to have a mecha series without dollops of angst…Madoka is a refreshing protagonist.

    This episode, along with the 6th episode of Moretsu Pirates, is like the real turning point for both Tatsuo Sato series this season. They were both worth the wait and the slow eps!

    1. Another thing (and the one section that might be downgraded A LOT):

      Hitlist for Rinne no Lagrange (ie. the “most like to be killed off” list):
      1. Souta and/or Youko – ie the people that dug way too deep to get out
      2. Bridge crew (the commander included)

      most of the other secondary characters’ also fair game (lower percentages though as they are not involved directly)

    2. Those faces are just genius! Anyone who wasn’t sure if Madoka was made of win, there ya go!

      Lan also reasserts her status as adorable-under-any-conditions. About to vomit, but still making people go “DAAAAAAAW!” XD

    1. Then Villa pulls a Darth Vader on Madoka. There is no mention of her father and we all know her mom’s Alien.

      Madoka corners him and is about to cut him in half. After a whole lot of dialogue and wham revelations…:

      Villagiulio: Madoka, I am your father….
      Madoka: D:

      The Moondoggie
  12. Wow, this show really can’t do anything wrong, even if they tried.
    And Madoka is now officially Noriko status and manlier than Captain Falcon.

    I foresee the next internet meme: you do NOT piss Madoka off!

  13. I was surprised that Muginami would continue to defend Villagiulio after what happened.
    But then I thought she’s still hoping – and in love… It was interesting that Madoka, in order to
    protect Muginami, would not let even Muginami sway her from teaching Villagiulio a lesson.
    In Madoka’s mind, lines were crossed. I realize that this Anime’s characterization of these
    real emotions is the superb strength in this series and why it connects with its audience.
    I’ve seen real-life emotional situations like this – Lagrange’s writers are no dummies, IMHO.

    I have to re-watch this ep, though, I admit I’m not quite sure what happened at the end and
    the significance of the flowers. But then, what would be the point if everything were immediately
    known… Lan’s an interesting character, too in that she appears to have very little real-world
    skills (swimming, etc.)

    I’m interested to see if Youko will play a larger role – she seemed dead set against her being
    a pilot in the first place for reasons that are not yet explained.

  14. That guy who “does not open his eyes” has the “I am the actual bad guy” sign written all over his face. Damn it.

    I don’t actually understand why this show is supposedly entertaining, however. Perhaps it’s because I like “heavy” materials and find Rinne no Lagrange too similar to a slice-of-life show to be fun.

    By the way, not all anime/manga characters with closed eyes are evil… for instance:

    – Broke/Takeshi – Pokemon
    – Yuuji’s Mom – Shakugan no Shana (not 100% sure since the series isn’t over yet… but I am highly skeptical that she would play an antagonistic role)
    – Shino – Kannagi
    – Eru – Shugo Chara!
    – Modoka (most of the time) – Magic Knight Rayearth, xxxHolic, Tsubasa RESERvoir Chronicle
    – Shiraishi – Lucky Star
    – Yamazaki – Card Captor Sakura

  15. Are these still the Aftershock Waves, of Gode Geas?. Where “Good” Guys, are the Villains?
    I bet he is the Culprit, for let the prisoner flee. Lie to the Girl, so that the 3rd Vox could join them.. Looks like he wants all three Voxes in Action, to perform a “Miracle”?

  16. So far it seems like Villagiulio isn’t the real villain-that they could go down the path of “he is fighting them to make them stronger so that they can fight the real villain” or that the earth humans don’t know the true intentions of the aliens that are helping them.

    1. Perhaps, it is so…

      The Earthlings dont know, how they are being used to bring out the Monster of these 3 Voxes…

      But, is it not that they need the Power of these 3 Voxes to save their Planet? So, it can be used to Create Life or Destroy Life.

    2. It’s a Mecha series, so the giant robots automatically have some dark secret that’ll be revealed and push the world to the brink of annihilation, then Madoka will punch Midori in the cold-metal-face and say “I OWN YOU!”, and the world will be saved while she rescues Lan and Muginami along the way for a yuri-fest.

      Good times, good times.

  17. Oh well, what an epic episode…
    Where do I start?
    Epic villainous HAREM NIGHT? courtesy of Villagiulio
    Epic “Smug snake” face courtesy of Moid T. Balance? (I guess T is for treachery…) He is almost channeling Xellos at the point of recruiting Muginami to pilot Vox Ignis.
    Jokes aside, girls themselves keep getting better and better, to the point that entire enemy fleet of mecha is curbstomped on the way to the endboss Villagiulio, and only thing that saved him from the same fate was Muginami defending him and unleashing “flower berserk mode” from the Midori.
    I am getting vibes that Villagiulio while quite ruthless (shooting to kill definitely against Muginami) is actually after noble goal of stopping the prophecy via destruction of the Voxes. That Moid is probably not such a benevolent ally to Erth forces is quite obvious, though.

  18. Man, and we thought LAST episode.. or was that two episodes ago.. er. Has there BEEN an episode that just hasnt been MaruMaruMaruMaruMaruMaruMaruMaruMaruMaruMaruMaruMaruMARU! XD!

    <3 Lan. <3. We share a hatred for Energy Drinks WHOO! Everything she does, I just end up loving her more. Why is this show so good. this is seriously criminal <<…

    Bring on next Week! WHOO! (Maru, wan, Desu!)

  19. Oh you crazy Japanese with your energy drinks. I’m with Kirus. Horrible!

    So interesting developments this episode and more to come. Divine, you heard incorrectly or the sub was incorrect. Lan’s planet (or is it a group of planets?) De Metrio was formerly allied with Villagulio’s planet. Villagiulio was royalty but not the same as Lan and her brother who are De Metrio proper. Something happened before then and now such that Villagiulio is now the head of Kiss, a criminal organization. Judging from the previews something happened to the planetary alliance that caused Villagiulio to live in an post apocalyptic landscape with little Muginami. His clothing suggests he was a soldier. Did De Metrio betray him? Was it Lan’s brother who was leading the fight? I think Lan’s brother is going to become an important character in all of this. So many questions, yet I feel the pacing is right. This is an awesome show!

  20. He was aiming for the base, not Muginami. I don’t think destroying the Vox units is actually part of his plan. His beam hit just a klick away from Pharos.

    Remember, at the beginning of the episode he gave the Pharos crew an ultimatum, destroy the robots or he was going to destroy Pharos.

    The Vox units went up to engage him so he decided to take out Pharos. Lan’s blast threw off his shot into the path of Muginami and the beam ended up hitting a kilometer or less away from the Pharos.

    At the end of the episode it was revealed he was out to make the prophecy come true as his intent was to make the Rinne bloom. According to that prophecy or stone tablet… you sort of need those three robots ALIVE. So… he was obviously aiming to kill everyone on the Pharos, not the girls.

  21. I was really disappointed with that battle with the ton of robots. No real sense of danger or urgency, just Madoka destroying them with no sort of effort as if she was playing Dynasty Warriors on easy with an overpowered character.

    I see that almost everyone here thinks she’s badass but I don’t see anything that makes me feel that bay.


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