「波乱の露天風吕」 (Haran no Rotenburo)
“A Chaotic Hot Spring”

Picking the screenshots for this episode was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. There were just so many good choices, I didn’t know where to start. These are the kind of hardships we’re willing to undergo for all of you. You’re welcome.

But in all seriousness, I imagine this episode will be a polarizing one. For those that have read the light novels, preferred the plot of the first three episodes and thought Princess no Rondo was total crap, this isn’t going to be your favorite episode. However, if you enjoy this series’ ecchi harem antics – even if you think they sometimes go overboard – this is a choice cut of meat just for you. Yes, the requisite onsen episode is here, and I for one enjoyed it quite a lot. Watching Saito’s haremettes go all-out against him was quite a treat, especially when it involved quite a lot of absolutely necessary nudity. Heh :3. Tabitha going back on the offensive was long overdue, but the inclusion of Henrietta kicked things up another notch. Easily my favorite part of this episode was Louise and Henrietta’s brawl in the bath. Hoo-boy, that scene is going to drive some blu-ray sales. I couldn’t decide whether they were acting like bickering sisters fighting over a toy. or bickering lovers who were about to kiss. And I’m fine with either! Let’s just say that Louise is the spoiled imouto, Henrietta is the bully/onee-san, and we’re good to go for either eventuality. If it weren’t for Saito…

On a pure comedy level, this episode was solidly enjoyable. It wasn’t as uproariously funny as episode 4, but I still laughed out loud multiple times. Saito’s Solid Snake routine was an especially nice touch, as was Henrietta’s ridiculously obvious version of the same. Saito choosing to go sleep alone and leaving the three girls to injure themselves in the night was another good one. I would call him out on passing up such a golden opportunity, but we all know nothing was going to happen, other than perhaps another Explosion. Smart man. Still, by far the funniest part of the episode was our three favorite Undine Knights stripping down and doing what had to be done. They didn’t even sneak around, which was ballsy and awesome, and probably wise since stealth hadn’t been working real well this episode. Of course, they also suffered for their transgressions, but I think it was worth it. RIP guys, and thank the gods for that rose.

On the serious side of things, two things struck me. The first is about Louise and Saito’s relationship. I was surprised by how earnest Louise was in the final onsen scene – pleasantly so. For a second there I thought she was giving Saito the green light for the Harem End – my eyes almost popped out of my sockets at that – but really she was just concerned for his well-being. It was amazingly sweet, and much more mature of Louise than we’re used to seeing. In fact, never has spoiled, tsundere, flat-chested Louise looked more like a woman than in the last scene. I just wish she hadn’t reverted to form at the last second. This would have been a really good time for her to laugh about the situation and tug Saito off into another room…though I suppose that would kill the guessing games half a season too early. Still, I can dream.

The second thing that struck me is that the plot is apparently on the way. In addition to the mysterious riders, the preview shows us the triumphant return of the Elemental Siblings, and I couldn’t be happier. Like I mentioned previously, I have a soft spot of characters who use tricks and dirty tactics to beat people with magic or special powers, so I look forward to seeing what else they can do. It also looks like we may get an answer to whether Saito is Tiffania’s familiar, though I’m already pretty sure he is. I can’t wait to see what new powers Saito will get…and what he’ll do when a fourth haremette tries to jump into his bed. Time to spring for a king size, Saito.

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  1. Everyone is going to hate Louise for how the last scene ended, once again, so let me tell you that this is entirely J.C.Staff’s fault, as they seem unable to put the word “sex” into a meaningful context, so they just went with the old method of “[Insert random girl here]” instead of adapting how it went in the novel. See spoiler for more information.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Had JC gone with the light novel, Zero no Tsukaima would have been a much better show. Yes, I’m still angry about the battle of Gallia and the ending for season 2+beginning for season 3.

      Suppa Tenko
    2. Not so out of character if you take the rest of the episode into account. Like many healthy relationships, they are both taking on what is important to the other. They account you mention is important to Louise.

  2. Impressive harem Saito, including 2 nation leaders and 1 from the elven race who hasn’t realized her feeling yet. Royal titles and hierarchy really we’re irrelevant in that hot spring. When it came to Saito, the always loyal Louise didn’t yield to Henrietta this time. From their argument, I didn’t know Louise and Henrietta got into a lot of fights when they were younger.

  3. Yeah, it was nice to see Louise NOT being so indecisive, nervous, and tsun tsun about her feelings for Saito with Henrietta this time around and actually stood up to her to defend those feelings instead of just withdrawing and getting all emo about it.

    As said though, it may have been funny at first, but the whole “convenient interruptions” bit when Louise and Saito are having such tender moments together does get a bit tiresome and annoying by this point considering they have already conveyed their feelings for eachother more than once. If it were some other, more random time (like various Rosario + Vampire moments), it would be okay and more funny, but in more serious moments like the ending there, it just irks me.

  4. Finally, the queens have asserted their claims on Saito. All hail the queens. XD



    I was waiting for either monarch to take Saito away (Tabitha was almost there! Damnit, Louise! XD), but it seems Louise x Saito is inevitable. *sigh*

  5. Wow, my goodness. It’d be better to think of Louise of a Hideyoshi instead of an actual girl. Sometimes, as much as I love japan, I wonder what is their fascination with the small breasted girl that looks like a twelve year old. Damn you RIE!

    1. Cultural differences. There are a number of people who prefer child-like figures. In Japan, in America, and even in other parts of the world.
      I mean, who decided that big breasts are better? (I do think so – but skip that) Breasts was just a sign of maternal ability :s And back then (BC..) plump girls were generally more favorable than thin girls – not the case now eh.

  6. The slap to Henrietta’s face was unexpected. Are Louise and Henrietta still friends? (It’s arguable. Much like Louise and her other ones.)
    Everyone got their feelings through to the people who needs to hear it. Nothing’s really changed much between the characters. LouisexSaito<3
    Now that the feelings, Saito's tug-of-love, and master/dog relation is over with, bring on the plot.
    This episode was like a good fresh of air. Loved it.

    random viewer
  7. So the queens lost their marbles and self respect and tries to steal another woman’s husband. Seriously funny and special mention events are Henrietta trying to contact Saito from the mirror of the secret love room, which is not-so-secret anymore(you sinful bitch! +10 points to you!), her talking to both Saito and Louise telling them both that she isn’t gonna give Saito up, and Tabitha saying she wants it. XD

    9 out of 10 points!

    The Moondoggie
  8. https://randomc.net/image/Zero%20no%20Tsukaima/Zero%20no%20Tsukaima%20F%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2029.jpg

    Ummm, Stilts, I think it may be ok if you didn’t include these sort of pics. but I am a guy, so I guess the female fans did enjoy this.

    Anyway, I am sort of shocked in how the queen is indeed losing her sense of …….something and is going after someone else’s man. Mmmmmm. not to mention this makes two queens, Tabatha and Henrietta, after Saito. If Saito would just make Lousie accept the idea of pologomy, then it would unite two kingdoms together.

    1. Correction: Polygamy.
      Well you don’t have to have a polygamy. The queens can just be his mistresses (curse me for suggesting that).
      I think the author (anime? novel) is trying to suggest that the queens really are going all out, forgetting the ‘I am there for my kingdom’ stuff, while trying to increase the humor.
      Unrealistic, true. But there’s always a possibility in reality anyway, though more like Saito x Henrietta secret rendezvous than this kind of openness..

      1. I curse you! I curse you a +1 thumbs up XD. It’s really weird that Saito gets caught often. I’d really wish he’d go all the way even if he gets caught by Loise, pulling her in instead.

        The Moondoggie
  9. I don’t know about you guys, but so far the season’s been going the way I want it o.o
    But I do want to get to the bottom of the Saito x Tifa..
    Show Spoiler ▼

  10. …part of me says that the random taco-blocking Louise is getting is justified for all her uncontrollable flanderized acts of violence. But I still feel some pity for the poor girl.

  11. I don’t know about you guys but in the subs I watched I encounted something awesome. In the onsen seen with Louise and Henrietta right after Louise called Henrietta a liar, our beloved and benevolnet Queen quoted one of the most infamous villians in cinema history by saying:

    “I find your lack of faith disturbing”. Pure awesomeness for me which rekindled the discussion of last week about Henrietta going to the dark side.

    It’s hard to feel sorry for Louise sometimes with her constant bashing of Saito and returning to the status quo. It was my big peeve in the previous season’s also. I feel most sorry for Tabitha. She seems so lonely.

    1. It actually depends on the subbing group whose version you’re watching (some subbers didn’t use that line from Darth Vader), but I liked it when Henrietta mentioned “I find you lack of faith disturbing” with a totally serious face. I was also expecting her to force-choke Louise (or chop Louise’s head off with a lightsaber), and take Saito for herself. XD

      1. Yeah I was thinking the same thing as some subbers do take liberties with their translations sometimes but lines like that just make it better. I was also waiting for some kind of fore choke or at least the hand gesture, and then Saito would show up and say: “Henrietta! Release her!”

        Henrietta: “As you wish.” I want to see Henrietta in black evil clothes.

  12. Onsen Catfight Royale! Saito is the main prize!
    for those who dont like too much fanservice and romance, the action is coming back next ep in cloak-and-dagger style with Gallian spec ops – and i hope will it include licking the Louise again – woohoo!

  13. Kugimiya Rie and Kawasumi Ayako have brought their romantic feud with Hino Satoshi from Shakugan no Shana over to this series as well.

    Seriously, despite this being labelled as the “final season”, I don’t get the feeling JC Staff is even intending to end this properly as they are doing with Shana. In fact, this series feels like it’s ended up being a playground for the Shana cast to wind-down and relax.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Actually, that’s a valid question. I mean Henrietta knows his grandfather and uncle had affairs that involves kept women, that’s why she’s not against the idea. Why then is Louise so against the idea of sharing a man with another woman when he would eventually sleep in her arms and name Louise as the legal wife? She knows Tiffania is Henrietta’s illegitimate cousin.

      The Moondoggie
  14. I’m one of those former people.
    Yeah, I’m confused. I’m honestly confused. I’m wondering if I’m supposed to find these hang-on characters amusing. Am I supposed to find Henrietta trying to sneak into the mansion again after she had been caught awesome? Am I supposed to find the fact that she doesn’t have any qualms about deciding that she doesn’t mind stealing her best friend’s lover cute? Am I supposed to think Tabitha saying that she wouldn’t hesitate to take Saito as “tough love”? Am I supposed to like Siesta?

    I’m confused, because I see this series is seriously trying to balance the idea of a romance AND a harem series at the same time and really pushing the focus on THAT after all the shit that we’ve seen Louise and Saito go through. I mean, seriously?
    I guess it’s SUPPOSED to be cute and funny, but when you think about it, all it does is make the characters look like cock-hungry bitches, without any qualms or morals whatsoever, especially Henrietta and Siesta.

    I get the idea that it’s supposed to be a medieval period, but I wouldn’t have this problem with this “FUCK YOU, I’LL TAKE WHAT I WANT EVEN (IF IT’S FROM YOU)” attitude if not for the fact that it wants me to believe that these characters are friends of sort and the fact that Louise and Saito are already in a relationship. That’s the problem really. This harem antic nonsense came too late, and it comes in large amounts too.
    I don’t know why or how I’m supposed to hope these characters overcome the trials of The Plot when they’re being terrible to one another.

    If there were characters, like some prince that is madly in love with Henrietta who did anything in his power to make her his, or hell just some commoner, who wanted Siesta, they certainly wouldn’t be playing them up like they do these characters. They would make them ugly, annoying and/or creepy. So I’m not sure why it’s any better now.

    TL;DR, This is the last season of ZnT and it’s still focused on making itself as terrible as possible, and I am a sucker for watching the first three episodes and thinking it actually learned it’s lesson.

    1. Henrietta doesn’t wants to steal Saito away from Louise, she wants share him.
      Louise already allows Siesta to stay with both her and Saito. Now Tabitha added.

      Most of the blame goes to Louise for being a bitch to him, and making a fuse about nobility issues, running away each opportunity she has and bashing him like there is no end.

      1. Well for one, Henrietta can go get her own guy instead of latching on to Saito on the rebound like she started to on season two. Secondly, just because she WANTS to share doesn’t make it any less deplorable. And I doubt that’s the case, because if it were, she wouldn’t be sneaking into their house at night half naked, and would have told Louise upfront. Besides that, Saito doesn’t really have any GOOD reason to have any feelings for her, not as much as he apparently does Louise.

        This is exactly what I’m talking about. There is no absolute good reason for any of the characters (Louise and Saito) to put up with this other than the fact that the writer/s think that they can balance a romance and a harem story at the same time, so dumb stuff happens, and the chaacters just sit on their hands, react and then do nothing.

        I’m not stranger to the harem genre. But a big problem is that they keep pushing Louise and Saito together like they’re married at part a, and then they’ll throw in some bullshit at part b, and I guess they want you to forget that part a happened. This is trying to fry eggs with water and oil. You just get a big mess.
        I mean, honestly. Is there any good reason at all why Louise would put up with the a character that constantly haunts her, interrupts her during intimate moments, derides her figure, makes suggestions that she’s inept.
        AND is trying to take/demand that she share her apparent boyfriend? Not everyone is into polygamy. It would drive anyone insane.
        There is no good reason that Louise puts up with it, other than ‘this is a harem series now, so we have to have this happen’. But wait, the queen wants a piece of Saito too, so she’s probably in on the whole thing anyway.

        And more importantly Louise hasn’t treated Saito like that since like the first season, hell, I’ll even give you the second. The only time she gets mad at him is when it comes from harem antics, where somehow he finds his hands and face between someone’s legs and chest. You saw the earlier episodes of this season, right?

        Ultimately, what I’m saying is, that trying to have a harem AND a romance between the same character base at the same time, it can’t be done. It just can’t be done, unless you don’t mind people having to question your writing prowess and your character’s brain power.

      2. First of all, there is no poligamy is the other girls plays the role of mistress and Louise the one who is legally married. Louise’s mother is is the illegitimate daughter of Tristain’s previous King.

        “And more importantly Louise hasn’t treated Saito like that since like the first season, hell, I’ll even give you the second. The only time she gets mad at him is when it comes from harem antics, where somehow he finds his hands and face between someone’s legs and chest. You saw the earlier episodes of this season, right?”

        She does, and keeps doing, and her current behaviour is running away from wherever she is at when something bad happens in regards to Saito or anyone else. Didn’t she throw away any sign of development when throwed another tantrum on Saito when he accidentally touched Tiffa’s breasts on this episode? And it wasn’t even his fault.

        “Ultimately, what I’m saying is, that trying to have a harem AND a romance between the same character base at the same time, it can’t be done. It just can’t be done, unless you don’t mind people having to question your writing prowess and your character’s brain power.”

        Tell that to the author, I would like you to take a read to the novels because so far Louis has accepted Siesta long time ago and in the last novels accepted Tiffa, yes her, as other girl to tolerate as long as Saito doesn’t forgets about her.

    2. “Ultimately, what I’m saying is, that trying to have a harem AND a romance between the same character base at the same time, it can’t be done. It just can’t be done, unless you don’t mind people having to question your writing prowess and your character’s brain power.”

      *looks at the PDF’s in Baka Tsuki…*

      I find your lack of analysis… disturbing.

      The Moondoggie
  15. @STILTS: Five if you include Henrietta who al wants her share :p.

    I’m disspointed this picture didn’t include Henrietta’s sexy back and ass 🙁


    OH, and THIS face:

    Wow, it shows what us the anime watchers feel when thinking about Loise childish body. Queen, GJ!

  16. man , thi siepisode is funny! especially when henrietta and louise catfight over saito(and that eyes of henrietta denying something)but man the last part is kinda sad,when would saito and louise have a full *** scene with no interuptions? man been watiting for that for 3 and a half season already. anyways,this is a funny episode.

  17. This is why I like them doujins. Plenty of alternate routes to be discovered. Man, I’d love to read a realistic doujin where Saito would do Henrietta, Tabitha, Tiffania, Siesta and Louise and we get all the stuff on the distrust and jealousy brewing between the characters (in a serious way) and all its implications as would be expected of the dynamics of such relationships.

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