「かれんビー 其ノ陸」 (Karen Bii Sono Roku)
“Karen Bee Part Six”

Everything in this series is just a tease. Just when we think we would finally see Araragi’s fateful kiss with Karen and the consequences on their relationship, the show doesn’t even bother with it other than revealing only half of the poison was transferred over. The teasing didn’t stop there either, as we’re reintroduced to the characters that are masters at it: the tsundere. N-Not that I’m complaining or anything… because Nisemonogatari has some of the most original tsundere characters in anime, including one who turned out to be one of the kinkiest ones of them all.

With Oshino no longer around to guide Araragi, he’s been fortunate to be able to rely on his harem instead for help and advice, even if they help him in the most tsundere of ways, like Shinobu does. Since they’re the ones who are helping Araragi out this time, I’ve really enjoyed the reversal of roles as it has added a great deal of depth to each of the characters. I think as a sequel, one of the best things that this series has done is to keep a great deal of focus on developing all of its characters. This series continues to play to its strengths, avoiding the trap that many sequels fall into which is changing things up too much and going away from what made it a good series in the first place.

Hachikuji, Nisemonogatari’s version of Edogawa Conan, has benefited greatly from the development given to her in this sequel. She continues to surprise me with her profound advice, especially her lines pertaining to adults. One surprising development that I admit I never saw coming is that she’s actually a tsundere. Remember Kanbaru’s theory that Araragi is secretly in love with Hachikuji? I think I’m beginning to understand why she said that, because Hachikuji’s words sting him more than even Senjougahara’s. Who would’ve known that she actually wanted to be sexually harassed by Araragi, and that her “no” was actually a “yes”? Even if Hachikuji does recycle one of Senjougahara’s insults, her inclusion into the ranks of tsunderes is a welcome one nonetheless, and I hope she’ll be back to lend a helping hand in Tsukihi’s arc. I have an uneasy feeling about seeing Hachikuji again though, as Araragi’s parting monologue combined with their farewell scene bathed in white light paints an ominous picture of her future.

On the other hand, we’ve always known Senjougahara is a tsundere, albeit an unconventional one. She did have some more conventional tsundere moments in this episode though (“I’m only polishing these shoes because I want to!”), but they don’t diminish her appeal in the slightest. In fact, her appeal has only increased to even higher level now that we’ve seen more hints of her dere and sensitive sides, like when she’s confessed to in the most GAR manly way possible. Speaking of that scene, as a guy, I’m was also thinking of killing Araragi out of jealousy, but instead, I think I might just settle for liberally stealing his lines to use in my wedding vows someday.

A tsundere like Senjougahara is always bound to be misunderstood, but I felt that she was even more cryptic in this episode than usual. I’m not sure I understand the logic of revealing her request/condition of Araragi after they take care of Kaiki, but teasing usually is never really a bad thing – the exception being when it’s foreshadowing the death of your boyfriend involving the telescope he gave you for your birthday. Despite all of Senjougahara’s tsundere-ing, she’s right though – her personality is simply another matter right now (which is funny, because her personality is the last thing on my mind while she says this). You can’t help but feel for her after hearing what Kaiki did to her and her family. I agree with her reasoning here – the result of Kaiki’s machinations is not why he should be punished, because after all, her parents were most likely fated to become divorced; rather, it’s the malice behind his actions that deserver her punishment. And more than anything, it’s a chance for Senjougahara to take that last step in resolving her past, which has influenced so much of her identity and personality today. This may be an arc named for Karen, but it can almost be equally thought of as the conclusion of Senjougahara’s arc as well.

This all goes to show that while the tsundere might be derided by some as being a stale archetype, these characters can still be quite original and memorable in the hands of a capable writer. I don’t know if I can ever adequately explain why people love tsunderes, but like Araragi says, sometimes when you love someone (or something) so much, you don’t need a reason to love them.

* Another one of Shaft’s easter eggs
* Haven’t we all wished for a save point in real life?
* Forget Araragi dropping his towel, this is the scene which made Tsukihi realize how much of man her brother is
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  1. How dissapointing that the incest wasn’t addressed. Maybe next week?

    Hacihkuji was hilarious though. “You didn’t sexually harass me! You’re not Araragi! Who are you!?”. She’s like the weirdest spiritual guide ever, especially since she really does provide profound advice for Araragi.

    Senjougahara steals the episode though(doesn’t she always?). I just can’t get enough of her constant teasing and affection. Also its nice to see her weaponizing some stationery. I missed that part her.

    Speaking of which why is Hitagi so submissive to Tsubasa? Because I’m suddenly getting dirty, kinky thoughts again. Damn my perverted mind.

      1. But hasn’t this already been addressed? I can’t help but feel that there’s something deeper here that we don’t know yet.

        And speaking of Hanekawa, along with the cutting of her hair, she seems to have freed herself somehow. The helping of Araragi’s sisters even against Araragi’s will, the evil ticket she gave Araragi — she’s opened up a lot.

  2. verdant did you rush when writing this? I’ve spotted bunch of spelling mistakes in your text, and English is not even my native language..

    “Speaking of that scene, as I guy, I’m was also thinking of killing Araragi out of jealousy”

    1. even with my crappy English i can tell it should be

      “Speaking of that scene, as A guy, I was also thinking of killing Araragi out of jealous”

      you should read what you write before you post it, just saying.

  3. This episode was awesome and it is a good thing I never the episodes dull.
    Isn’t Hachikuji already dead? There really aren’t many things that could happen to someone already dead, so I’m pretty sure the whole farewell scene was just additional build up for the ‘Just Kidding’ line from Araragi… Unless that was just the subs being mistranslated. While I did prefer silent Shinobu silent, the tsundere version is starting to grow on me.

      1. I have read the LN, there were a bit of her description, but nothing too important… and no way they are going to make an illustration of her… that would jeopardize her loli status 🙂

      2. Oh that’s a bit disappointing. Perhaps I’ll have to wait till SHAFT animate it to see their interpretation. Though it’s going to be a while. I wish SHAFT/Shinbo would just focus on this series so that we’d get 1-2 -monogataris per year.

  4. Tsundere Hachikuji, Senjougahara and Shinobu. If tsundere Sengoku shows up next week, I will fall over dead on the spot…with a smile on my face! Everything is better with more tsundere. No exceptions!

  5. I’m really interested in what Tsubasa has done to Senjougahara to make here act that way towards her. haha Also, Please explain to me what the easter egg is in your post.

    So far, Nisemonogatari has done a swell job at being a sequel to my favorite show. The main reasoning for this is that, the dialogue has evolved so much, I mean, Araragi doesn’t just bend over to Senjougahara’s attacks, HE FIGHTS BACK! It’s like the fight scene between Gara and Rock Lee in the first tournament (which is honestly the only thing I liked about that show) but without the Physical battles. SO EPIC.

    Again thank you for a another great post. Keep up the good work


    1. Thanks for the appreciation! =) In regards to the easter egg, the fence is made of the letters N and G, so I took that to represent NisemonoGatari, but Divine has also informed me that NG is also commonly used to denote a blooper scene/reel.

  6. best Nisemonogatari episode up to date! the execution is so good that I think I have found some new appreciation to the story… (back when I read the LN, I didn’t like this arc so much)… Araragi, you are such a MAN!!! and Gahara-Sama is the best Tsundere heroine ever!!!!

    As to the supposed kiss scene… all I can say is that there wasn’t much description in the LN to start with (or they won’t be able to animate the show as the author joked about), so don’t feel too bad there… nobody missed anything in that department 🙂

    Hachikuji Conan Maoyi as a tsundere?! that is awesome 🙂 and I can promise that this won’t be the last you see her (although the comment by Araragi sure sounds like spoiler to me). As to her advice… just try to remember Maoyi’s age, and you can see where she is coming from (I know it is hard to do given her tsundere loli status)

    Last of Karen Bee next week… then comes the even more awesome phoenix story 🙂
    ps. I know I will cry when Gahara-Sama cuts her hair… Early goodbye to that beautiful long hair… 🙁

    1. Because it’s badly written fanfiction/teen fodder. out of all the movies Breaking dawn was actually good at point. Me and my mom watched all of them and time we both wanted to gag at the stupid. I mean you can love all the dialogue in Stars Wars either…

    1. Actually, I don’t think Shinobu is still affected by sunlight. If you’ve read Kizumono, at the end it says she has so little vampire of her left and she is very much close to being human.

      1. ok, I will offer a explanation to this based on my understanding of the LN… Show Spoiler ▼

        Show Spoiler ▼

  7. Actually, I don’t think Shinobu is still affected by sunlight. If you’ve read Kizumono, at the end it says she has so little vampire of her left and she is very much close to being human.

  8. Hitagi just shot up in the my affection scale. Overtaking Hanekawa by a mile. Seriously speaking, this was the first order of the day when I got up yesterday. Pretty much set my tone for the day.

    I have to courageously admit that before this, Rin from FSN was my favourite anime girl of all time. Now Hitagi has beaten her flat. Only Hanekawa and Nadeko are her competition. Way to go Hitagi and will you be my girlfriend? I don’t mind being teased around by her!

    1. Yeah, it’s Shinobu Fascination for me. Followed by Nadeko Fascination then Karen Fascination. The most compelling, and so far the most under-used characters of both series. I also tout Mayoi Fascination; but that goes against the grain of my previous statement, her being a great use of a character.

      1. Can’t help but notice but when Ararararagi talks to Shinobu he gives out these ‘sincere’ smiles which he rarely does to other girls (If I can recall correctly one of them is when he went stargazing with Senjougahara).

      1. …Shinobu in one hit…

        I’m planning on getting the latest Soul Calibre; my intent is too use the awesome custom character generator to make my own Loli Brigade. This is a lark; no idea how short or flat the customization goes. But I guess we could also emulate Hitagi. It could be an interesting match.

  9. I think Hitagi’s tsundere crown is in jeopardy! That ending with Shinobu was just too awesome! Hitagi is still my favorite though, especially when she’s just going all out like this episode. Or maybe it’s just the Koyomi x Hitagi couple I love most. It just works so well its a joy to watch, especially when Koyomi leaves her wide-eyed and love-struck! 😀 I am interested to know as well though, exactly what Tsubasa did to scare Hitagi into one step short of voluntary servitude… that must’ve been an amazing conversation! XD

    Mayoi… screen time given to you is never wasted! Still no Shinobu though. “Ka Ka”!

      1. I remember Hitagi mentioning her lack of self-esteem in the first season, but she said it with such a straight face that I thought she was bluffing/trying to score tsundere points. Think she mentioned it during their date under the stars.

    1. this whole episode is about tsundere… and as I said in an earlier comment, the kiss scene wasn’t greatly explored in the LN either… (so that they can safely sell the LN and animate the show), so don’t be so disappointed :3

  10. Araragi is one of the MANLIEST character in anime, I just find it awesome how he can spout those lines to Senjougahara, in any other anime I don’t even expect a male character to complete the word “suki” it’s like su…su…suuk…..

  11. So Tsubasa Hanekawa finally did it! In order to steal Koyomi Araragi without confessing to him or forcing him to love her, she simply did the next best thing! Which is to enslave his girlfriend Hitagi Senjougahara and make her obey whatever she wants, I guess in this way, what Hitagi owns (ie. Koyomi) will also be Tsubasa’s possession! She really is a genius!

    Is Hitagi hinting on doing the deed with Koyomi? The line, get some sleep cuz you’re gonna need it, kinda thing seems to be hinting something naughty.

    1. A Genius? No. She does not know everything. Only the things she knows.

      But i feel Hanekawa is trying to move on in her life. As stated by Senjougahara.
      And in Japan, cutting hair is a girl’s way to deal with moving on from heartbreak. Refresh look refresh body refresh mind or something.

    2. that line about sleep is highly debatable… some say they did, some say they didn’t (as much as I like the first, I actually fall into the latter based on what happened in later LNs). From my perspective, it sounds more like a tease than anything else (you can also think of it as Hitagi showing concern about Araragi’s health with the poison inside)

      1. Wow you mean there’s actually going to be room to interpret that they did do it?! That’s pretty unexpected considering Hitagi’s backstory and the stargazing-conversation. Thought we’d need another “Hitagi Something” arc before she was comfortable enough with herself for that. And it’s pretty obvious Koyomi would wait till pretty much forever for her.

        …Not that I’d complain if they took their relationship to the next level!

  12. They were really working Gahara-san’s appeal this episode that I had problems keeping up with the dialogue D:

    As for Gahara-san’s “you won’t be able to sleep tonight, no matter what the outcome is”, I’m trying not to get my hopes up, considering how much we’re being teased!

    Still, I guess this is the reason why Senjougahara has her hair cut in the Nise pvs; she’s letting go of her past. Good one on you, Gahara-san! Just hope her tsundere-ing won’t change too much XD

    And Shinobu…please turn back into Kiss-Shot! I fear I’ll end up in jail soon D:!

  13. So that’s why Araragi lost the enthusiasm to sexually harass Hachikuji upon seeing her again, as the shock of having kissed his own sister probably hasn’t left his own system yet. lol

    Senjougahara dere mode + sexy pose = Brain melting due to moe overdose.

    And it’s never tiring to hear Shinobu-chan go “kaka”.

    Kinny Riddle
      1. You may have a point, though I was thinking more of Araragi’s conversation with Kanbaru in the aftermath of his “raep” in episode 4, when he concluded that his “true love” is most probably Hachikuji. lol

        Kinny Riddle
    1. yes, it will indeed be a painful wait… since there are actually 2 of them… (still reading the second of them) though I actually want to see the new Tsubasa arc and Kanbaru arc more than anything else…

  14. Long hair, short hair, I’d take Hitagi and her teases any time 🙂

    It’s really good to know that she still have that “magic” she had back in the first series. And I like how Araragi’s character is developing very well too.

    The Story You Don't Know
  15. Great episode again, though I cannot wait for Tsukihi’s chapter.

    Reminds me that there are figmas on the way for Hanekawa, Tsukihi and Karen. Gotta hope that Hanekawa’s has her Nisemonogatari hairstyle without glasses.

  16. I also feel like Hachikuji is up for the chopping block. That scene seemed to foreshadow her demise. After all since the first episode this season, Kyoumi asked her if she was ever going to disappear.

    I also want to see the next arc and considering how things are going and that there is only 5 episodes left, I’m guessing that it will be continuation of this arc.

    1. This arc ends next episode, then we switch to “Tsukihi Pheonix” for probably the remainder of this season. As for Mayoi… it’s harder to get rid of a spirit than you might think in their world 😛

  17. I just plainly in love with Nishio Ishin’s Bakemonogatari series, and I did finish some of the LN like kizumonogatari, bakemonogatari and kabukimonogatari(didn’t read nise though coz I was hoping to let the story surprise me through anime) XD
    I need more shinobu in action =)

  18. It feels more like a light novel than an anime. Can’t remember the first season to be so boring . 6 episodes and nothing really happened. Its like talking, eye candy more talking and again eye candy. Nothing against sweets but i want some action 2. Hope in the next episode will happen something other than talking and posing.

    1. I like this season better. The first season was imitating Setsubou Sensei style too much. They had too much text plastered all over the places. This season they actually gave proper animated actions to the characters.


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