「Face to face -二人-」 (Futari)

So if Steins;Gate can win fan polls for “Best Romance” of 2011, can Another with them for 2012?

Yeah, I’ll get to all the X-Files stuff in a minute, and there’s certainly plenty of it this week. But really, Another would never rise above the level of interesting intellectual exercise if that arrow were the only one in its quiver. Fact is, this series is great at telling a story and developing its characters, and that’s what elevates it to the level of masterwork. I loved all the scenes between Kouichi and Mei – they were some of the very best out of a very good six episodes, and they weren’t horrifying at all. In fact, they were some of the most natural and involving scenes involving two young teenagers getting to know each other I’ve seen in ages. The slight awkwardness between the two of them was perfectly portrayed, but so was the fact that a barrier between them had come down. When you’re 15, nothing brings you closer to someone than the feeling that “we’re in this together”. And a healthy dose of sexual attraction doesn’t hurt either.

The two of them were certainly adorable together, both in reality and in the brilliantly executed fantasy sequence where Kouichi and Mei ballroom danced their way through the classroom – which was all the more effective because it’s wistful and outrageous humor was such a radical change of pace. But what these scenes really did was validate my feelings from the first few eps, which were that this was a sad situation more than a terrifying one. It looks as if Mei was the natural choice to be isolated because she was already a social misfit, with an odd mother and an artificial eye. Fact is, it’s ironically much more humane to have two students be “dead” than one – because this way, at least, they can support each other. The theory that two sacrifices is better than one may not work for the “phenomenon” (I’ll join Tatsuji in not calling it a curse) but it seems like a good idea, just to reduce the likelihood than the designated student will crack under the pressure – as Tatsuji tells us happened as recently as 1996.

Several of Mei’s statements during this sequence stuck with me, though their exact significance (if any) I can’t quantify yet: “I know I’m not dead.” “I’m just another of my mother’s dolls.” “It’s sad when people die.” I haven’t abandoned the notion that she could ironically be the Another, though it’s a long-shot. We know she had an eye tumor and her eye was removed by surgery at four years old, during which she had a near-death experience. Her mother thought a conventional glass eye wouldn’t be “pretty enough” and gave her the doll’s eye. But what the anime seems to want us to think is that Kouichi is the Another. It’s strongly implied by his father Yousuke (who by the way is voiced by Kitagawa Takurou) that Kouichi was actually in Yomiyama 18 months earlier, but once again, phone static cuts in before the truth is elaborated – he seems to be about to say (unconvincingly) “Oh, you’re right – my mistake.” and then the line dies, and we cut immediately to “Who is dead?” drawn by Misaki on the scarlet desk.

Fact is, I think this is a misdirection or a troll or whatever term you like – it’s much too obvious, for one. For another, Tatsuji tells us (and there’s documentary evidence supporting this) that those outside Yomiyama are unaffected by the phenomenon. Therefore Yousuke’s memory wouldn’t have been altered, and I think a father would remember if his son were dead. In fact, I think that’s exactly why these conversations with Yousuke are in the series at all. So what does this tell us, if not that Kouichi is dead? Well, perhaps it tells us that he really was in Yomiyama 18 months earlier – and it’s his current memories that have been altered to make him think he wasn’t. Implications of that are hard to pin down – if his memories have been altered by the phenomenon, why does it need him to believe he wasn’t in town? Is there someone or something he would be aware of otherwise that would clue him in to who the Another is?

Tatsuji’s testimony – like Mei’s last week – is full of information, some of which I think can be accepted as fact. But again, there’s enough in it that doesn’t add up to make me cautious – as with Mei’s version, I suspect there may be as much to lead us further away from the truth in his words as towards it. He confirms the hypothesis I reported (but did not think of myself) that the original Misaki was in fact a boy, Misaki Yomiyama (same as the town? Hmmm.). His house burned down in May, killing him, his parents and brother. Tatsuji blames himself for opening the door to death by the seemingly noble charade of treating Yomiyama as if he hadn’t died, and blames himself for “running away” driven by guilt and fear – by becoming a librarian instead of teacher. He’s systematically documented the phenomenon, which he equates to an earthquake or typhoon – deadly but not malicious – and tells us that students, family members up to twice removed and (only) Class 3’s homeroom teachers (the current one, Kubodera-sensei, appears about to snap and off himself spectacularly in front of the class as the episode ends) are all in danger, but they must live in Yomiyama. The countermeasure typically has a 50% success rate, and sometimes no one know why it fails. Records are useless while the phenomenon is occurring as they’re altered along with memories, but revert once the term is over.

Here’s where things get dodgy for me. Tatsuji says that the Another from 1996 was a girl named Asakura Mami, who was actually a student in Class 3 in 1993 who died during the phenomenon, but that during the term her name disappeared from the 1993 roster and appeared on the 1996 roster. If everyone’s memories are reverted back to normal after the phenomenon ends, though, how would Tatsuji have remembered that – remembered it well enough to write her name in the margins of the 1996 roster? Unless I’m missing something that doesn’t fit with his theory – perhaps he’s somehow immune to the memory alteration? It does seem likely that everyone thought 1998 was going to be fine, because they had enough desks – until Kouichi showed up, and they were indeed one short.

The challenge at this point is sorting everything into three piles – the relevant, the irrelevant, and the misleading. I believe multiple weird things are happening in Yomiyama, and not all are connected with the Class 3 phenomenon. Something – I suspect unrelated – is seriously off with Mei’s mother Kirika (Harada Hitomi) and her doll studio. Kouichi is obviously at the center of the Class 3 phenomenon, but I honestly don’t think he’s the Another for reasons stated above. However, the issue with his father acting as if Koichi had just left Yomiyama 18 months earlier strikes me as crucial, and that implies a central role for those connected to him – namely his mother (who supposedly died 15 years earlier), his Aunt Reiko, and his grandparents. If his memory has been altered to tell him he’d never been to Yomiyama since his birth year, then the memories of the other students would have been similarly altered – and that would explain the lingering sensation that they knew him. Somewhere in that kernel of an idea is where the truth to all this lies – or so I’m betting as of right now. Ask me again after next week and you might get a different answer. In any case I’m having a great time watching this unfold, and independently from the mystery Kouichi and Mei’s relationship is developing into one of the most involving and charming of the year. I look forward to watching that progress just as much as to solving the riddle.




  1. I’d do the same thing, walk around the room during class, flash people, draw penis’ on the black board while the teacher is talking, ect ect. If they’re going to ignore you might as well make the best of it.

  2. Oh My God!!!

    I don’t know what to say! First, the continuation from the previous episode was amazingly seamless.
    We know about her eye and her relationship with her mother. I love the growing bond and tenderness
    between them Kouichi and Mei. The classroom dance had me roaring – then I realized that it was his
    daydream (which reminded my of many of mine when I was in school).

    We learned more about the rules – they don’t always work… More answers but still many questions.

    What’s with the static – did something tragic happen to his father? For a 24ish minute episode,
    I felt as though I was watching for an hour – they’ve pack so much in!

    But at the end – I wasn’t expecting that at all – I figured it was maybe a bomb!

    Can’t wait for the next episode!!!

    1. If Kouichi asked me to dance in the middle of the classroom because we were scape coat I’d do it!!!

      In fact being treated like the odd duck in public school like Mei I wish I had her confidence. But then again being completely cut off from bother her peers and the school rules must be liberating when you already feel somewhat isolated already.

      1. @The Moondoggie: rejoice young man, I’ve suggested that idea to my friends who make doujinshi. Your wish will finally be granted (speaks in Kotomine Kirei/Joji Nakata voice)

      2. SO I took a stroll in AnimeSuki and some bloke posted this. I was only half joking when I suggested the idea there. I never thought someone had the gall to make it real.


        Fell free to downvote: it’s my stupid idea anyway… >.>

        The Moondoggie
      3. @Moondoggie: lol, it would take enormous efforts just to ignore them doing that in class.

        Who knows, maybe Kouichi doesn’t want to die as a virgin? I couldn’t stop getting these Katawa Shoujo vibes while watching, as Kouichi and Mei were getting closer in their own little world. Don’t take the Kenji Setou end Kourichi!!

  3. I’m starting to think Koichi is not an only son. Well, he now is but he wasn’t 18 months ago.
    He had a brother who died when he almost died too. Lost memories because of trauma. His father’s mistake about being back to town. How his grandfather was in mourning when he arrived.
    It seems to me they have all the pieces ready for a Deus Ex Brother theory.

    And maybe the Another is just one of the deceased students from the last time it happened.

    1. Interesting, but I’m suspicious of this, given that his mother died 15 years ago (and I’m not dismissing that until given compelling evidence to reconsider it). I suppose it’s possible that Kou-kun had an older brother (or sister) in the class of ’96 that died, and that’s why his memories have been altered to tell him he wasn’t living in Yomiyama.

      1. Is it weird to name your second child KouICHI?

        Anyway, if the theory is what you described, I actually think Kouichi may have a twin. That seems to make more sense, especially when they showed us that conjoint twins doll in episode 2.

      2. Interesting point about Kou-kun’s name, but I’ve been thinking Mei might have been the one with the twin because she made all those comments pointing towards a duality of her existence earlier. Also, she mentioned her “cousin” that died was extremely close to her.

      1. I noticed that too I was like “what did he just say!” Reiko was in high school during the event. She probably felt at fault for why her sister died and from her reaction now was probably traumatized from it.

      2. I did not notice that, I had to watch it again just to see it. So, what if Reiko was the one who died? Which makes my theory even stronger (few post down), Kouichi’s father had a momentary relapse to his real memories so he told him he was there a few months back (this “relapse” could have just been what was mentioned about the phenomenon being like a cellphone if your far away from the town you will get less “reception”, which explains why his father could remember it for a short time), since he knew Reiko and she died while she was there then he wouldn’t remember being there for that time. Then again, I don’t remember anything mentioning that the “another” could be someone not in the class.

      3. Last episode I was thinking Reiko would die. Now I am starting to think she is the “Another”. Two years ago she was the teacher of class 3. That is the same time as when Kouichi would have been there if it has indeed been 18 months since he was last there. Which seems likely as other people say he looks familiar (remember the first couple episodes). The fact that she was both the teacher of class 3 two years ago AND was a student in it 15 years ago and just “can’t remember” stuff screams suspicious.

        The only thing preventing me from going “ITS HER!” is I don’t know if the “another” can be someone other than a student. You don’t have “extra” teachers. (Though her job is technically as a second teacher)

      4. @Bijyu: except I think class 3 is the only one with an assistant/secondary teacher. They said the “dead person” was always associated with the class, and teachers count, so Reiko is a definite possibility. Actually, add everything up and I agree she just jumped to the top of the list.

      5. I think that it might not be that Reiko is dead, but the fact that that year Reiko’s class managed to stop the ‘curse’ mid year. My guess is to do that they had to find out who the ‘Another’ is and kill them. That may be related to the blood stained shed we saw a flashback of in one of the episodes.

    2. I was leaning towards something like that but I think it might be that when he was in town, as his father mentioned (which might be just his memories coming back for a moment and getting him confused) he met someone, someone who died that year and is now the “another.”

    3. I think that if Kouichi was in Yomiyama 18 months ago, he may have met Mei and Misaki.

      Looking at his reaction to the Mei lookalike doll in Episode 2, he just seems so…devastated despite not really knowing her that well (and how he called the doll Mei instead of the usual Misaki). But if they met before and he had some residual memories, could that explain it?

      I’m still trying to figure if Mei’s green eye is supposed to be a red herring or something related to figuring out who the extra person is.

  4. At the beginning of the episode the flashback show the students saying Kouichi isn’t dead because his hands are warm. I wonder how true that statement was? If true, then not only is Kouichi alive, but next time a character says “wow, that person’s hand is cold” might mean we know who the dead one is…

    As for the calls…they could be a false sign: what if in the year and a half ago that Kouichi was in town his father died?(and Kouichi either died too or a bit later, at the start of the series) We never see the other family members talk to his father. Of course, that could just be because they’re not close but still…

    I guess the good thing about having the anime and the manga reach the same point is that I won’t be tempted to find out the ending…

      1. That makes me think what Enzo just said about the memories being affected. Wasn’t the countermeasure president trouble because she couldn’t remember how he met him before? Was she not the one to check if his hands were warm? Isn’t it odd that she didn’t come to class the first day? Hmm……Could she be the Another?

  5. I’m glad that I’m not the only one that feels that we could have some sort of romantic relationship between those two, but if I was serious about it, I would say that it is highly unlikely considering the mood and atmosphere of the situation.

    Anyway, I have a feeling that the class is going to blame them for what is about to happen since they are acknowledging each other etc.

  6. “If everyone’s memories are reverted back to normal after the phenomenon ends, though, how would Tatsuji have remembered that – remembered it well enough to write her name in the margins of the 1996 roster?”

    Even though the records and their memories return to normal their memories of the “dead one” from that year don’t disappear, that’s how the guy has been going back in and writing in the dead one’s name to keep track.

    They have to remember the dead one or else there isn’t the same shock like there was in the original incident when the original Misaki showed up in the class photo.

  7. Hmm. This was indeed a fun episode. I actually had o pause the video and facepalm when the two started dancing. I’m also wondering if there was any symbolism between what Mei was saying when she was looking at Kouichi with her good eye, and when she was ‘looking’ at him with the eye-patch/glass eye. Could’ve just been interesting camera angles.

    I’ll agree with the theory that Kouichi was actually there 18 months ago, but isn’t the most likely possibility that whoever died during that year is probably the Another? I wonder if talking to someone also alters there memories, which would explain why Kouichi’s father got confused. I think that only the first roster where whomever died is changed and then reverted back, so they only have to go through the old rosters and look at the surviving kids.

    The Kouichi/Mei ship was strongly sailing this episode.

  8. This episode made it pretty obvious to me who is the dead one, though this theory has some flaws due to lack of information, but I think it’s pretty likely, so I wonder how you didn’t catch up on that one in your post at all.
    So here goes, as I said, theory only: Reiko is dead
    Bird goes: WHY REI WHY
    Grandpa goes: Poor Reiko
    Let’s say Reiko died as calamity 15 years ago, that might be the reason why Kouichi’s mom also died, maybe on the same day even.
    Now, if she is the Another this year, it makes sense that noone remembers her dying 15 years ago. Instead, they all remember her to be alive until the end of the year. Except for the grandpa, for some reason.
    Another, bigger flaw of my theory is of course, that she isn’t a student of the class.
    But I will stick to that theory for a while now. It’s gotta be her who draws the class closer to death.

    1. Yes, that is a possibility indeed, and I do think she’s at the very least connected to all this. But here’s the problem I see – so far I don’t see any convincing evidence that the Another isn’t a student every time. It could be possible, but what evidence do we have? And if Tatsuji’s theory about the class roster is accurate, how in the world would you ever know who the Another is if they never show up on the class roster when they return from beyond the grave? If Reiko is the Another the school records wouldn’t be altered, because she’s not a student. And why would you be short a desk if the Another doesn’t need one?

      1. Don’t know if it’s a convincing evidence considering the source but in episode 5 when asked who the dead people were Mei said “the people connected to the class who have died over the years”

        The way she said it makes it sound it’s not limited to students.

      2. But, my fine GE, they WEREN’T short a desk this year until Kouichi came! As I understood it, that’s why Mei wasn’t made nonexistant until May; they thought they’d gotten lucky and there was already room or the “dead”! Plus I’m also of the belief that “connected to the class” means teachers and assistant teachers, of which Reiko is the latter(regardless of how poorly the anime shows it).

        Oh we’re getting somewhere. The only problem is… does it even matter if someone know who the “dead” person is? :/

      3. Hmmm if we take all this to be true and put it together, it actually does make sense.

        Assuming Reiko=Mikami-sensei and she died before being the homeroom teacher 18 months ago, which is when Kouichi came back because for her funeral and why the parrot and Kouichi’s grandparents talk like that. Now she’s back as the Another and the desk short being a teacher’s instead of students, which means the Phenomenon has been in effect since April.

        The only problem I have is who died in April then? Does Mei’s cousin tie in here somehow?

        And yeah, does it matter if Another is found out? What are they supposed to do once they know who the dead is?

      4. Yeah, the “April” death is still weird since cousins aren’t supposed to be in danger… if she was Mei’s sister it’d make sense, since the countermeasures didn’t even start until May 1st, but the cousin status throws things off…

      5. Let’s hold this theory until we know more about Mei’s cousin, if it turns out they are sisters or something like that I think we can be certain our theory is right. Then the only thing left to ponder is what to do now with Reiko, grab her to a lab and start dissecting her? lol

    2. Interesting. So people’s memories and even records are altered. What about animals? Animals are “supposed” to be able to sense ghosts. The bird might be a clue. with a limited vocabulary (and bird brain), what is it trying to tell us?

    1. I think the addition of more desks doesn’t matter much. It’s the fact that they’re interacting with someone dead and the only known method (which is flawed anyways) to counter the acknowledgement is to treat someone as nonexistent.

    2. Plus the event is trigured by and extra person added to the class roster. In fact that extra person is probably the Another and not a miscount on the initial class seating plan for the year. Kouichi was added mid-semester when the event has already begun.

  9. https://randomc.net/image/Another/Another%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2012.jpg

    So everyone clamoring for KouXMei pairing got their wish.

    Is there someone or something he would be aware of otherwise that would clue him in to who the Another is?

    Tagged as I know you know the ending. ~GE
    Show Spoiler ▼

    The Moondoggie
    1. The general idea is that the Another doesn’t know it’s dead, isn’t it? So why would it be trying to hide a fact it doesn’t know?

      Since I know you’ve read the novel, please don’t answer that here. It’s more of a general question.

      1. Sorry. I meant the curse is hiding the Another’s identity. I kinda made it that the Another = the curse. My mistake.

        And no GE. As much as I know, I still have not seen the ending… because I’m actually lazy and would just watch the end, the PDF is sitting lazily on my offline PC’s desktop. I guess I’ll just PM you next time 😛

        The Moondoggie
  10. This is to Virox. I definitely think you may be onto something, nice job noticing the small details. But there are some pieces of the puzzle that doesn’t seem to fit together.

    If Reiko is like you said the Another, then there has to be a seat for her to make the seats short like the start of the Phenomenon, but she obviously can’t be a student.

    She must also have died relating to the class before, but from what we have seen of Kouich’s family tree so far, there’s nobody that related to her directly that can cause her death.

    If she is indeed the Another, then that means she is right now involved to the class somehow, but there’s no evidence of that.

    There’s something bugging me though of what Mei said back in start of episode 2, “It may have already begun”. Did she say that as a caution or does she know the Phenomenon will start this year, and what does she mean by “already begun” and why does she say she isn’t the Another. She seem to know something, but isn’t telling Kouichi or us. Ah that’s off topic…

    Ok well to make your theory work, she must to have died relating to the Phenomenon of the class, but she couldn’t have been a student or related to a student (unless we find out more about Koichi’s family tree), then she must have been a teacher since Tatsuji confirms that been the teacher is dangerous too (confirmed this episode as Kubodera is about to go haywire).

    If we go by that angle then somethings actually make some sense, like the words of the parrot, grandma and grandpa, also it would explain why Kouichi was here 18 months ago, attending her funeral and the short desk being a teacher’s instead of student’s.

    But problem here becomes that if she indeed came back, she must still be a teacher of the class, and so far there’s no evidence of that, unless they are deliberately not showing all the teachers.

    One more problem is that if she as a teacher is indeed the Another, then the countermeasures of treating Mei as non-existent probably would not have worked since it’s targeted at students, then the Phenomenon must have happened beginning April instead of May when Kouichi transfered, but so far there has been no confirmed deaths in that month.

    Well your theory is interesting and not impossible, but we’re lacking too much information to confirm it. I still think Mei is hiding something though with her “it may have begun already”, something that can either confirm your theory or destroy it, dammit Mei, spit it out grrrrrrrrr, oh wow this is getting way too long, didn’t mean to make it a freaking essay.

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

      2. Show Spoiler ▼

      3. Show Spoiler ▼

      4. Show Spoiler ▼

      5. Indeed. I’m spoiler tagging the whole thread, because I can’t rule out the possibility that this is a relevant fact the anime is deliberately withholding at this point. If you replay, please spoiler tag the specifics of your observations on this topic.

      6. DCLXVI,

        It’s happened fairly recently: Urobuchi Gen, loved for his awesome dark writing, tried to keep his involvement with Madoka a secret so people would be trolled hard, and I vaguely remember his name being omitted from the credits for the first two episodes. Unfortunately, the staff list was leaked on April 1st the previous year.

        They didn’t hide it with Symphogear (or maybe it was a case of inadequate hiding). And Another might be trying to fool us, like this thread’s theories.

      7. This episode confirms my theory even more back from episode 4’s post. And lol the anime is caught up with the translated mangas.(I watch the latest episodes, then read the manga to observe any differences) Except they cut off the end of this episode where Show Spoiler ▼

      8. Show Spoiler ▼

      9. Show Spoiler ▼

      10. Show Spoiler ▼

      11. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. The EN wiki article too writes the same.
      The JP wiki kept the 2 characters(?) separate.

      As the anime and manga are based off the novel with is finished.
      I guess the novel would be the ultimate spoiler source, otherwise we can just wait for it to unfold.

      Well if that which is discussed is true, I hope they would also discover the logic of the phenomenon.
      Hope that its not some open ending or something that is left to the viewer’s imagination.
      Somehow most Japanese horror movies end this way to me.

  11. Honestly this show has a excellent delivery! We have a bunch of clues but pretty much have no idea what to make of it…

    I thought the Mei would have a better idea of who is the dead person was, I had a feeling her lost Eye had a connection to the dead… Guess Im still under the impression Mei is too cute n silent to be just a completely normal girl

  12. I loved this episode, so much more lighthearted and charming. The dancing scene hit me like a sledgehammer it was soo out of left field I was too shocked to laugh XD.

    What struck me most about this episode it the relationship between Mei and her mother. Particularly the line where Mei says: “I may be flesh and blood but I’m not real”, and “I’m just another one of her dolls.” This led me to believe that Mei might be an illegitimate child, reminding her mother off too many bad memories to get too close to her. She needs a hug.

    I think the cellphones cutting out might be related to the memory alterations and such. I only happens when information is being passed(obviously)but specifically when it’s information that theoretically would contradict their altered memories. When the nurse(can’t remember her name sorry) was talking to Kouichi about Mei’s cousin I think it’s possible that if he was in Yomiama 18 months earlier he might have met Mei’s cousin.

  13. Well this was a queer episode, with many things that I was not able to anticipate, and the build-up to the end of the episode was magnificent.

    If I could, I would give anything for Kouichi and Mei to live happily together, but that is not possible, for terror looms and shadows a horror protagonist even after the struggle has come to past, and seeing the final scene… things are going to become much worse.

    Gaze of Providence
  14. The cellphone cutting out and Dad “misremembering” after the static, the grandpa that isn’t all there mourning BOTH daughters, that damn bird, the way she seems to be physically pained when she’s pushed to talk about the past… Reiko, I knew there was a reason I didn’t like you!! When you weave together what we have, it actually makes a bit of sense. She’s Kouichi’s aunt by blood and she’s been class 3’s assistant teacher at least twice, so Kouchi’s Dad’s memories can be affected through her and the curse could’ve definitely killed her already. The “one and a half years” could’ve been a funeral or something. Plus the grandpa being a bit addle-minded might mean that the memory-altering aspect of the curse isn’t in full swing with him. There’s also that bit about them having enough desks for the “dead person” before Kouichi transferred in… an assistant teacher doesn’t need a desk.

    Sure it’s far from concrete, but hey, what about this show isn’t?

    On a happier note, Mei is still adorable even if she does have mother issues. Kouichi definitely isn’t opposed to the idea of them getting friendlier, and I’d say she doesn’t NOT like him. Now they just have to survive the year and then be off to see artwork together in Tokyo! Hey, I can dream that at least they get a happy ending here…

      1. Hm, well I guess the curse doesn’t need to go through her to screw with the memories of Kouichi’s father since Kouichi is his son. Over-thought that one XD

        And I was talking about her dying while she was connected to the class in previous years as the assistant teacher(or possibly full teacher), which the librarian confirmed she has been.

  15. I think is the countermeasures girl is the another, my reasons:

    1. She was late the day to explain everything to Kouichi, beacause that was actually her first day in the school, but nobody remember.

    2. She said “Are you sure I haven’t see you before?”, maybe beacause Kouchi knew her in 1996, before she died that would be 18 months ago, but neither of them can remember now.

    3. I didn’t see her when Mei was chosen as the non-existant, we can asume the ones in that moment are real students.

    iceknight of the kingdom
    1. I dunno which reference is that but just for the fun of it:

      This place, what lies beneath the grounds they walk in? > Dirt.
      What lies in the air that they breath? > Possibly Oxygen… >.>
      What lies in the waters that they drink? > Cthulhu? LOL, no. Please.
      What shadows their every step? A curse, obviously.

      The Moondoggie
  16. wow, I checked the wikipedia entry and man. It’s FULL-ON spoiler there. Basically it tells you what you need to know (like who dies and who’s the “another”). Fun time. I don’t mind it myself, but stay away from there if you don’t like to know it in advance.

  17. Grandpa: “My poor Ritsuko…my poor Reiko”

    *I had a Newtype-flash when I heard Grandpa speak of Reiko as if she was dead* Grandpa, you’re a genius!

    Kouichi-kun should start channeling Kamijou Touma and say (after a long monologue on friendship, righteousness, and how he will protect the people dear to him): “If that’s the way this ‘curse’ and these ridiculous school rules for class 3 works, I’ll break that illusion of yours!”

    *cue Imagine Breaker hitting Reiko-san in the face and dispelling the phenomena*

    And then he lives happily ever after with Misaki Mei in Tokyo. But unfortunately I am not the writer of this anime.

    1. I also had a ‘HUH’ moment there, what do you mean ‘poor Reiko’ she’s sitting right next to you, or is she?

      I think at this point it can only be Reiko who is the extra person. The reason the class wasn’t short of a desk is the extra is not a student but a teacher. She was a student when her sister died, then she died when she was the teacher 2 years ago, Kouichi came to attend her funeral but his memories have been altered to make him forget that.

  18. -Meixkouichi is my fav couple of this season! but why they must ruin it with deathflag, like that someday conversation! itsuka….. is like tealling they will never meet again
    -that dance is very good twist love it, at least i can see mei in happy mode now..
    -misaki 26 years ago is a boy??? all piece is set now , i can already see the ending….
    -ummm….. as for preview for next ep…. IS….. THAT……TEACHER……PSYCHO……?
    p.s dont mind my bad english


    I thought that the only people whose memories become altered were the people related to Class 3? If Tatsuji was already a librarian by that time, he would have been able to remember the phenomenon just fine, though I guess he wouldn’t be able to document it.

    And there’s still that bit about the summer vacation of 1983. What happened during that year that made Reiko believe the phenomenon stopped? Ritsuko must have died because of Reiko being in Class 3, but whether that was a coincidence or not (unlikely, but it might be a curveball) depends on if she died before or after summer vacation, when Reiko believed the phenomenon stopped.

    I think the way that they find out who the dead person is after graduation is when they meet them later and the person remembers nothing about their time in Class 3. If Kouichi was in Yomiyama a year and a half ago (summer vacation of 1996?), which we can probably take as fact because his father is likely not affected by memory alteration, could he have met some of the students in the current Class 3 when they were in their first year, possibly explaining how they “know” him? Maybe it was him who convinced the ignored person in 1996 to demand acknowledgement?

    So many questions..

    1. Nope, the people who are in the TOWN have their memories altered.

      Reiko, I think, died during the summer vacation. When you think of summer you think of swimming. I think she drowned. But that’s just me babbling lol. Which is why she doesn’t remember stuff from her year and think it stopped midway. Just my theory.

      1. I was thinking, in an earlier episode Mei said that she doesn’t like cell phones because it makes it so you can be reached anywhere. The curse or whatever may not have affected Kouichi’s father before, but when there was a discrepancy between his memories that his son was in Yomiyama a year and a half before and the altered memories, it may have made “corrections” by way of the cell phone. Normally I’d think it too silly to be possible, but from what Mei said in the doll shop it seemed like it could be the case.

  20. Well, I have nothing to add vis-a-vis the plot, everybody has already posted any observations I may have made. And we all know by now that this show is awesome so another post describing exactly why it’s great would be pointless. So I’m just gonna say, Kouichi is a lucky bastard. 2 people being ignored pretty much guarantees they will be best bros by default, and his default-bro JUST SO HAPPENS to be an extremely cute girl. Pretty jelly right now, not gonna lie.

    1. …people being ignored pretty much guarantees they will be best bros by default, and his default-bro JUST SO HAPPENS to be an extremely cute girl…

      This. Add the fact that the girl must have been lonely too. Now when a lonely guy gets to meet a lonely cute girl….

      *starts singing Survivor’s “Ever Since the World Began”, which might be the greatest song that’s compatible with KouXMei scenes so far*

      A new idea for an AMV… check!

      The Moondoggie
      1. I’m more concerned on the situation where they did get together and the curse(or whatever it is) kills them both. The end could be some sad tragedy where Mei dies together with Kou.

        *This is me wishing for more romance anime…*

        The Moondoggie
  21. I admit there were a few times during this episode i went ‘awww’ during some of the Kouchi and Mei scenes. It wsn’t until they went to the library, that realized that something messed hadn’t happened yet. And that something will, or get started before the end of this episode. Which ended up being the case, as usual.

    I’d go into speculations or theorize on how this could end, but what i have to say has already been posted…in triplicate.

    However, it was a bit strange that the teacher would bring such a large bag, to hold such a small knife. I mean it wasn’t something like a machete or a sword and could have fit in a normal size bag. For a moment, I thought it was a riffle or a shot gun, given the bags size and the loud thud it made when it was dropped on the desk. And the fact that the teacher was fiddling with the bag for a few minutes, putting it together or something.

  22. LOL at Kouichi’s fantasy of dancing in the classroom with Mei without worrying about any consequences. Since they’re being treated as invisible, they might as well milk the most of it.

    This so reminds me so much of that hilarious scene from Stargate SG-1, where O’Neill and Teal’C, stuck in an infinite time-loop, decides to do all sorts of outrageous stuff as they know whatever they do will have no consequences whatsoever (due to the nature of a time-loop resetting everything).


    While being treated as non-existent isn’t exactly the same as being in a time-loop, I could see the logic in trying to get away with doing something outrageous as those who are pretending are forced to keep up the charade for fear of their lives.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. that reminded me of the dance scene from the “Groundhog Day”… arguably an inspiration in both cases 🙂 I’d so go on and troll epicly my class if sentenced to “nonexistence”, and if I had another girl to share that fate… The dance would be tamest thing we would try 😛

  23. I’m still in the process of reading the novel, though I’m now far ahead, so I now what’s about to happen next.

    Though I feel PA Works ought to have arranged for the cliffhanger to start AFTER Kubodera-sensei does what he is about to do with that knife of his. Now just pulling his knife out and then cutting to the cliffhanger, it just doesn’t feel as terrifying as the previous deaths, which all happened right at the end of their episodes.

    Kinny Riddle
  24. Kouichi and Mei are too cute. The dancing scene seriously came out of nowhere, but I loved every second of it. It almost makes you forget about the whole “people dying one after another” plot.

    Also, I think that Mochizuki is the undead classmate. Up until now, everyone who tried to tell Kouichi that Misaki is real or explain the curse of Class 3 died almost immediately. Yet Mochizuki gave Kouichi the note saying “ask Misaki for details” and the copy of his class roster, with Misaki’s name on it, in episode 5. One full episode later, he’s still alive, which is more than we can say for Sanae or Takabayashi. So not only does Mochizuki not die even though he believes that Misaki is real, but he was able to give Kouichi the note, telling him to go find out about the curse from Misaki, and the class roster, which let Kouichi realize that Misaki really does exist. I find it strange that while Sanae and Takabayashi die right when they’re about to state that Misaki is alive, Mochizuki was able to directly recognize that Misaki exists and provide Kouichi with proof that Misaki is real without dying horribly in return.

    Since Mochizuki acknowledges Misaki and leads Kouichi to learn the truth about the curse even after Kouichi’s deemed an “extra person” by the rest of Class 3, it seems like Mochizuki’s not as afraid of the curse as the others in his class. I mean, he broke the class rules: “don’t treat Misaki like she exists” and “ignore Kouichi because he’s an extra classmate from now on.” The class rules supposedly keep the curse from affecting the rest of Class 3 (including himself), but Mochizuki still breaks them by sending the note and roster even though three people in or related to the class (Yukari, Sanae, Takabayashi) died as a result of the curse only recently. I can’t help but think that Mochizuki is less afraid of dying from the curse then the others because he’s already dead.

    I mean, lot of the names in Another have hidden meanings. Kouichi’s family name, Sakakibara (the same as a certain real-life murderer), is supposed to signify how Class 3 “associates him with death,” which could explain why they act strangely when the classmates visit Kouichi in the hospital (they could have suspected that he is this year’s “dead classmate”). Even the town’s name, Yomiyama (夜見山), is significant: even though the kanji are different, the “yomi” (夜見) in “Yomiyama” sounds the same as “Yomi” (黄泉), which means “the realm of the dead.” Note that there’s a dead (but corporeal!) classmate in Yomiyama. Mochizuki also has a meaningful name: the “Mochi” (望) in “Mochizuki” has the radical “亡” in it, which literally means “dead,” while the “zuki” in “Mochizuki” can mean “month.” When you consider that the “curse” of the extra undead classmate results in people in Class C and their relatives turning up dead, every month, Mochizuki’s name seems pretty suspicious…

  25. DAM this anime is amazing. Between the heart-stopping adrenaline fueled dramatic dying i really hope Kou gets to live out his fantasy with Mei before everyone they know and love dies a gruesome death in front of them.

  26. I seriously had to pause the part where Koichi and Mei started dancing and skip that part. It made me laugh at the same time, embarrassed for them. I had to facepalm. But then again, the ship of KouxMei sailed smoothly this episode, amirite???

    I am having this weird feelings towards the next ep… it somehow shows that the psycho teacher killed someone… and I guess this was the part in the manga that everything will have a shocking revelation. Are we near an ending?! The manga only has 18 chapters or so… and we are already on chapter 11. Crap, we’re still in episode 7… but I guess they’ll wrap it up the way in the manga did.So yeah.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    I did not see the “Koichi’s fantasies” part coming. In the manga, he simply blushed when Mei bid him a good morning.

    1. I liked, it was a way to understand Kouichi toughts. In the novel, as narrated in first person, one always knows his thoughts, but in an anime adaptation those monologues are losts. Still, the music and the randomness of the dance was too creepy for this horror show.

      The novel are 15 chapters, split in two parts (“What?..Why?” ch1-9, and “How?..Who?” ch10-15). So the last chapters are considerably longer. This episode covered from end of ch9 to end of ch11, so we are on the final run. But it can differ from the novel. I see already something coming for Akazawa, and maybe that Ayano girl.

      The thing is that in this episode we changed sections, we know “What?” happens, and “Why?”, what are the triggers. Now Kouichi &co. must discover “How?” does this happend and “Who?” is the another.

  27. The way the bag sounded after being put on top of the desk made be think it had some kind of a bomb, then the way the teachers hand moved to take something out of the bag made me think it was a gun, but then he pulls out a knife? How heavy is that knife or are there other tools inside the bag?

  28. @The Moondoggie: That’s not a crazy idea, Kouichi also thought it xD. In the novel, they don’t dance, but he thinks it 😛Show Spoiler ▼

    This episode was quite loyal, didn’t notice anything anime original (except for flashbacks already noted, like, it was Kazami who handshaked Kouichi in the hospital, not Akazawa).

    @GE: Yes, that thing of Chibiki remembering the another one of 1996 also bugged me. But it wasn’t clear in the novel either. First, Chibiki always speaks stating first “as long as I remember”, “if my memory is right” and empathize his position of “observer”. What is sure is that while the phenomena is in course, everything is fixed even memories. So while the wheel is running, nobody can notice. But only when the end finished and she appeared in the photo, things started going to its “original form”. That is where things are different, as he says the students and their families inmediately forgot about her, but he, as an observed and being distant, took longer to forget, enough to notice she had died in 1993 (he was doing those records for a while). Kouichi and Chibiki thinks of that as a “shared dream”.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    PS: I also would liked the cliffhanger and blood at the end of the episode.

  29. Misaki Mei:


    That slender, silky smooth pale-white leg. Those beautiful eyes. That jet-black hair. That DFC.

    Kouichi picked a good love interest (assuming they do get together sometime in the future; Sakikabara Mei sounds nice, doesn’t it?). It’s like seeing Ayanami Rei all over again. Evangelion tried to make Rei a creepy girl, but the fanbase had other ideas (like turning her into a symbol of moe).

    1. Misaki’s seiyuu is Takamori Natsumi (高森奈津美), whose roles are mainly supporting characters with the exception of one OVA. It seems like Misaki’s her first major role in a series. Personally, I love her portrayal of Mei and wouldn’t mind hearing her voice in future series.

    1. No, he says it clearly. “死者:浅倉麻美”. The “another” in 1996 was Asakura, who died in 1993.

      The one who was ignored by the 1996’s class was the boy who couldn’t hold the stress and broke his role, thus breaking the “charm” (Kouichi noted it when counting only 7 deaths that year, when it’s supposedly “1 or more” per month). IIRC his name was Sakuma? Not important though 😀

    1. If you are talking about them not telling Kou about the curse, it’s because the topic is double-edge: Talk about Mei and the charm will be undone. Don’t talk about Mei and they won’t be able to explain the situation to the new guy.

      I’m worried about those kids who called Mei “sempai”. If they were to be put in Class 3 in the future…

      The Moondoggie
  30. … I feel like we jumped into one quest of answers only to fall into another quest. Seriously, after we’re revealed so much back story, we’re still left with the fact… are these events supernatural or not. The worst part is… the possibility that Kouchi was in Yomiyama a year and a half ago. Could he be a ghost, probably not likely given the set of rules, but there always that set of rules. Also, it seems that Kouchi memories have been altered. There doesn’t seem to be any true situation in sight, as it seems even records are changed before hand. If anything… we’re pretty much screwed unless they figure out who’s the person killing everyone. Of course, I’m still hell as bent to believe that these are not supernatural events, but this just makes it harder to discern truth from lie. I’m starting to wonder, does Kouchi mother’s death 15 years ago and birth to Kouchi stop the curse? If we’re assuming things are supernatural. There also a good reason why people won’t remember such stuff, like traumas, but besides that, the fact that everyone’s memory is distorted… could this be an experiment. Or it could be even worse. Anyways… my senses are tingling, Reiko has always been suspicious… both a a possible person to die, and the fact that it seems her memories are most affected. If the deaths did apparently stop midway that year… then is Chibiki lying, or has Reiko memory messed with? or is there something more to the story. If this is suppose to be a flag… then perhaps Reiko has all the answers we need. And something really bad happen that year… enough to warrant poor Ritsuko… poor Reiko from our Grandpa. FIND OUT FROM REIKO!!!!! FIND OUT!!!

    Sora no Kaze
  31. The writer for this is a God. Who would have thought to completely(almost, the ending pulled a school days) devote an episode to relationships void of horror. Instead solidifying the relationship between Mei and Kouichi. It was so realistically portrayed and cute that the two finally have eachother. Plus the comedy was so unexpected and hilarious. What a show! My God! Truly well done. Haven’t seen a show like this in YEARS! Well Shiki was damn good too. Damn Mei is so HUMAN now… Brilliant

  32. that bird is seriously creeping me out >:( if its of no use to the plot, i seriously wished its not there…. but i guess that’s a compliment for the studio, making this show creepy.

  33. people watching this anime in gogoanime WARNING PLEASE DO NOT LOOK AT THE COMMENTS. some fking dude decided hey let’s ruin it for everyone. There are major spoilers. And if u hate spoilers dont look.

  34. Just thought of how they could give this a “good” but totally unsatisfying ending, but I’ll put it in spoilers even though I have no evidence it’ll happen and hope to gods it doesn’t so no one yells at me 😛
    Show Spoiler ▼

  35. Man, those Mei/Kou moments were very beautiful =03. I’m also find it refreshing that Kou hasn’t yet to spiel any crap about how it’s wrong to ignore Mei or himself or anything like that. There isn’t any ridiculous blushing or awkwardness that accompanies those types of moments. Just a wonderful view of companionship.

    As far as who the “Another” is, thinking it’s not so obvious, and Kouichi is not it, I think it is Azakawa who is the ghost.


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