With the Five Kages and Madara fight sort of taking center stage again, I’m reminded of my suspicion from 65 chapters ago about how mixing the Senju and Uchiha bloodlines not only leads to ultimate eye technique, Rinnegan, but also the embodiment of the ultimate ninja, Rikudou Sennin. There’s still nothing definitive as to whether that’s indeed the case, but with the capture of Yamato way back when and the resurrected Madara possessing both the Rinnegan and the extremely rare wood element, it’s probably not too far-fetched of an idea that one led to the other. At some point down the stretch, I imagine there will be a not-so-shocking revelation about all this DNA-swapping. For now, I’m quite content with the extra characterization that characters like Oonoki are getting to make the fight against Madara a little bit personal.

Oddly enough, what caught my attention the most about this chapter wasn’t actually what happened — not even Sasuke crossing paths with Itachi — but the state of the story as a whole and what a “good” place the manga’s in with everything that’s going on. There are so many well-established developments playing out in parallel that Kishimoto is free to switch between them every chapter, leaving us hanging like he has been, and not have the transition be terribly disappointing because the focus usually shifts to something else fairly monumental. Just take the Five Kages and Madara’s fight for example. I was initially disappointed to see it put on the back burner, but looking back on everything that’s happened since then between Naruto and Tobi, one can hardly complain. I’m expecting more of the same when things eventually switch over to Sasuke and Itachi.


    1. Sasuke has dived off the deep end since Itachi died, so naturally he would not recognize the mass of hatred and emo-ness as his brother.

      Seriously, if you show a random person Sasuke now and pre-timeskip, they probably would not recognize the two either.

    1. What I find pretty cool is the mention of the First’s accelerated healing. I believe Kishi just retconned Naruto’s healing speed to being part of a bloodline rather than from the kyuubi. Or maybe accelerated healing from both the bloodline and the kyuubi.

      Not a fact. Just a theory. At least now Naruto and Sasuke parallels The First and Madara on so many levels.
      Naruto and the First:
      Will of fire, Regen, Trees (Naruto’s is a tree punch LOL), Control of beasts…
      Sasuke and Madara:
      Hatred, Grafting body parts for upgrades, Use of swords, Mind Rape…

    1. Careful, Kishi can easily swap to the Kage’s side of things again and prolong the Uchiha confrontation.

      I’m still facepalming about Karin having Sasuke’s picture frame hiding tools FOR ESCAPE! Seriously Konoha T&I; you allowed a kunoichi access to her belongings.

  1. What i find a bit deus ex machina is the easiness in which Naruto characters take someone’s cells or organs, and implant them into another body or their own’s. I mean even a fantastic series should have some logic and in this matter naruto completely defies reason. As you might recall:

    -Orochimaru implanted shodaime hokage cells into Yamato and Danzou
    -Apparently anyone can be implanted with eyes such as sharingan, byakugan or Rinnegan(in any body part): Madara, Danzou, Sasuke, Ao, Kakashi, Nagato (as far as Madara said), Tobi
    -The shodaime hokage has to be the most raped, abused, violated character in anime history, everyone has taken a piece of his body and even his soul. Lets face it, we have to feel some compassion for the poor guy. Madara led him through a hellish struggle jus to grab some of his cells; Orochimaru unburied him and used his cells to study the mokuton; also he sealed his soul in another man’s body with Edo Tensei; Sandaime Hokage sent his soul to Hell with Shiki Fuujin; Madara cloned him to produce a great mass of white zetsus, and now his damn cells are implanted into another edo tensei subject within Madara’s soul!!!!! Come on thats some pretty sick stuff Kishimoto

    1. Plain weak storytelling.

      Outside Yamato and to some Degree Danzo (character with black-white morality) the existence of the first Hokage´s corpse has just been a free-power up for villains. If you are not going to use (or guard properly) the corpse then destroy it. Why they feel the need to keep something as dangerous just for the sake of it? Konan did it with Nagato and his corpse was raped too later. Plot Induced Stupidity!

      Lectro Volpi
      1. I never understood why they don’t cremate their fallen heroes. After what happened in the past and the techniques of folks like Orochimaru (sp) they should know better. I wonder if they will pull Naruto’s parents out of their graves as well once Naruto meets Tobi?

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    1. Why are u here?
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      i saw the real one on a OP-hater site.

      This is the original

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  3. i had my own theory that sasuke would probably change back (become good anyway) if itachi talked to him
    sasuke has been manipulated by tobi ever since tobi told him the truth about the uchiha and the village, however one part was a lie; tobi told sasuke that the 9 tails attack was a ‘natural occurrence’
    the truth is, tobi (or whoever it was) summoned kurama into the village and controlled it
    naruto knows tobi did it
    sasuke doesn’t
    if naruto or someone told sasuke that it was tobi who used kurama to attack the village, things may change in sasukes eyes. however we will never really know until it’s revealed by kishimoto

    RiDOkU Sennin
  4. Bwahahaha! Classic Kishimotroll right there. Ah, I love him.
    I really liked this chapter… Oonoki is so badass I find his jutsu scary; they’re so strange and epic. Seeing Hashirama’s face on Madara’s body disturbed me… Oh, Kabuto. But the ending took the cake… Sasuke’s expression was absolutely perfect. Priceless reaction.
    Looking forward to more brick-shitting, which is bound to happen in the next chapter.

  5. I guess next chapter will be about sasuke following itachi to where is kabuto, sasuke will learn why itachi is in the real world, sasuke and itachi will go and kill kabuto so he can let itachi rest in peace, while madara is telling everyone how he get the first hokage DNA implanted with it him, madara will be about to kill oonoki, unless sasuke and itachi get on time to stop kabuto and his impure world, and sasuke will have some revelation and if the pat he took to
    The darkness is worth it.

  6. u know what? It definitely feels amazing when I visit this blog!!! I keep reading crap about Naruto everywhere… How much it sucks and stuff. I don’t get it. I think I may actually have become too blind to see things clearly. I think I’ve lost my objectivity! Then I come here… And see I’m not the only one… =D there are many like me who think these chapters are just AWESOME! I think Kishi-sensei is going beyond his limits… Like when Gohan turns in Super Sayan 2 against Cell… LOL I’ve loved this story since the very beginning. But unlike most of the people I interact with, I don’t think the shippuuden series (meaning after the timeskip) is worse than the first series! It’s DEFINITELY the opposite!!! “Naruto” has always been involved with moral issues and deep considerations, but now it really feels like it’s on a whole different level. Since the beginning of this war, I’ve enjoyed every single chapter. No ugly ones! I wonder how can the rest of the people think the opposite… Really! What I gotta say is that I definitely appreciate this site ‘cuz here I can find other people who think the same as me and I can feel at ease with myself loving this manga so much! Thanx everybody for not making me feel alone in this trip in the Ninja World =D and thanx to Itachi for making all this possible, spending a lot of time in making this the best Naruto site ever. Thank u!!!

  7. Well… First, I’m From U.A.E. Seems like here there are very few who consider Naruto the best manga. Almost everyone in various fan pages thinks it’s at least not as good as One Piece. Then there are these One Piece addicted who literally say Naruto sucks… It gets on my nerves… Some of them are dumb enough to say Naruto is even worse than Bleach. Now I read all three of them… Bleach was a good one, but never really on the same level as OP or Naruto. Then with the last saga about the fullbrings, it really sucked… Well, there are many who say Naruto has started to suck since the beginning of the war… Kishi is messing with the plot, too much power-ups, too little space for side characters… A lot of critics!!! Also, they say Kishi ruined the best character, because Sasuke now is crappy and stuff… Finally, many even say they just stopped reading it because it’s become too boring. This week OP was on hiatus and so one said: when there’s no OP I remember Naruto and Bleach are still ongoing because I read all the people speaking of them, saying how much they suck… This guy has a blog, a fan page, a utube channel… Well, to me it’s unbelieveble, because I totally think the opposite. To be honest, I found a bit boring the last OP saga about Fishmen Island and even though reading all the chapters in a raw is less boring, it’s just been boring waiting a week to find the story was still stuck in tons of flashbacks… True it’s Oda’s art to characterize the characters so much that u feel attached to them, but this whole saga wasn’t the same level of the others!!! It happened almost nothing ’till the very end… last 2-3 chapters were good. So, to be honest, it seems to me that Naruto has overwhelmingly defeated OP in the last few months… ^^ doesn’t seem the same to everybody, as it seems… But I’m happy I’m not the only one who thinks that!!! As for the critics: truly, just Neji’s fans should complain… There has been space for every side character I can think of!!! We even discover the almost forgotten Juugo and Suigetsu have put their hands on something important!!! Sasuke has been characterized so much it hurts to see people still don’t understand him… LOL and for the power-ups, seems just legit. Since the very beginning it’s been quite obvious that Naruto would one day have become the best… Hokage is the best Ninja in the village, so why all the commotion… it’s totally normal! Like if Luffy was the weakest character in OP. He is going to become the best too… It’s just that OP is just entering the second half of the story, while Naruto is approaching its end. =D

    Naruto no.1
  8. DEAR Divine

    i think you should rewatch naruto shippuuden episodes it’s really getting more and more exiting ‘ and this is just a request.

    ur fan
    NOTE :that would be great to post new naruto shippuuden episode here in this site.

  9. Kishimoto has really managed to establish himself as an extremely competent manga-ka with Naruto. Sure, there were some pretty awful bumps along the way… but he got through ’em and the manga became better for it.

    A shame the same cannot be said for some of his peers.

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      Is not my Idea. Its the Rule here

  10. Even when this manga actual redeems itself for a decent amount of time,and I can actually descibr it as pretty good again, it still gives me things to make fun of.

    I seriously want to see Itachi make sauske realize how much of fail whale he has become.

    That face… I just… DO you hear it? It’s the sound of butt hurt.

  11. Wouldn’t it have been better and simpler if Itachi just explained everything to Sasuke. I mean it would then be Sasuke Naruto vs Kabuto and Madara.

    Well cant wait for the upcoming chapters and Fights. Said really it is drawing to close but I wonder what can fit the gap?

  12. Epic episode was epic, but I hope that Itachi have his confrontation against KabutoOrochi, but looks like that Sasuke is going to be the one that is gonna save the day with the secret information that Suigetsu and Juugo get from Orochimaru`s Hideout… Hoping too for Suigetsu to have a chance to clash with his brother Mangetsu.


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