「ゆるしません!」 (Yurushimasen!)
“I Will Not Allow It!”

I really like the way Papakiki handles the problems that are given to its characters. Some of you may call it a cop-out but I loved how so many different things were all tied together in such a cohesive manner. Who would have thought that a few side characters would have had such a huge role?

But to have such a great ending, there needs to be enough oomph behind it to support it and boy was there a lot of oomph this week. With the burdens of trying to find a new place to live, trying to make enough money to support his family, and trying to manage his own life floating above Yuuta’s head, it was interesting to see the stress finally kick in. From verbally expressing his fantasies to screwing up at work, I guess it goes to show you that even someone as impressive as Yuuta can fall victim to reality.

As the problems kept building up, I never expected the 180 turn that was in-store after the amazingly cute and hawt eye-catches. First I hope I wasn’t the only one who missed that landlord Sawa’s mother, the same adorable grandma who we’ve seen nearly every episode, was the one who was talking to her as she was running out of the house. Had I noticed, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed the ending as much as I did, but even without catching that HUGE clue I think my mind started to catch on as soon as Sawa’s inner tsundere started to leak out after getting a good glimpse at Hina. However, the writers did a great job at redirecting my attention the moment Hina started to cry. Besides getting nervous that she’d spill ice cream on her precious bunny, I thought it was game over the moment she got ice cream all over Sawa’s clothes. Luckily, Hina’s charm turned something that could have been horrible into something amazing. Starting by infiltrating Sawa’s heart and then exposing her to the sacrifices that Yuuta’s made in order to protect his family, I felt like she was on the verge of reconsidering her position of evicting Yuuta. And as if on cue, the adorable grandma who just happens to be Sawa’s mother appears to drive the point home.

And that’s another great thing about this show — changing things up to keep things fresh. Sure, I wouldn’t mind an episode full of Hina and Sako getting beat by Raika but when the story starts to dive into deeper topics like monetary issues or living arrangements and does a good job at fleshing them out while still keeping the balance between being too serious or too silly, that’s definitely one of biggest things that keep me coming back for more.



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  1. Damn that’s gotta be hard. Poor Yuuta. As a parent that would be the most stressful thing- getting kicked out of a place and not knowing whether you could find somewhere that you can afford. Personally that would be one of my biggest fears. Amazing guy to think that would consider taking on another part time job just to take care of his “kids”.

    I’m really glad things worked out the way they did. Although Hina taking a bath with the landlord was a little bit over the top.

      1. (to Kmainichi)

        Is it acceptable under the circumstances that the land-lady is an authority figure?
        Or was that scene entirely made up – how would the Japanese audience react to that?

      2. The fact that it’s an authority really doesn’t change much- remember there’s anime reality then there’s real life. Families bathing together is very commonplace. Co-workers bathing with each other is commonplace. But a near stranger bathing with an unrelated child? No.

        Public bath houses are a different story. There’s usually a lot more people around.

  2. ok now all thing are safe & well

    3 sisters on another shop time while yuta meet landlady for more time on room.
    yuta on what to oh here raika during with his fantasy sorta got mix to saying yea mama raika?
    yuta on hmm so raika & etc show some apartment places with sora.
    room 1 hmm wandering spirits, room 2 only for yuta & sora cause kouta-lookalike doing get pwn’d by raika fan, room 3 hmm maybe.
    meanwhile landlady meet hina oh you make hina cry ice cream attack.
    then yuta go meet landlady again for room time.
    while hina & landlady bath give miu also asking for more room time.
    when yuta & sora arrive here come landlady’s mom to help in.
    so landlady let them stay give she want hina too.
    all check sora & miu on school, hina on daycare, etc all safe.

    next ep is miu ep.

    1. okay how the hell did I click submit when I’m still writing it =.=

      Ultimate Weapon Unleashed : Hina <3 <3 <3

      Next episode seems to be w/ miu's side can't wait to see the next episode
      Damn I want to see the other character tooo
      11-13 is really short T.T

      1. Wait, so it’s confirmed this is only one-cour? awwwwwwww……….

        Anyways, I wonder what Miu’s episode is gonna be about since, among the three sisters, she seems to be the most adjusted to their situation and understanding of other people’s feelings.

        On another note, Sako-senpai scares me. I know he means well but….

  3. No…my Lord…MY LORD HINA! How could this happen!?! HOW?!?!?!? That beast in a women’s body! DIEEEE!! But my Lord Hina is above violence…well at least violence that does not include bloodshed. She works with the mind…you see, she does the “Lord Hina Secret Technique!” It is called…Inception…well, it isn’t strictly speaking…leagal. I just loved it how she made the landlady succumb to her cuteness! Soon, all will bow before my LORD HINA!!! BONZAII!!!!

  4. I don’t really believe in haunted house or whatever. But sometimes I do see ridiculously cheap apartments (where a few deaths took place) back where I came from, not so much in the west though. Here in UK pretty much every house is old enough to have a few deaths =.= Makes me wonder, if it really is “bad” ¬_¬ You know, bad enough for an apartment to be cheap.

  5. Too bad about the apt that had the youkai – too bad they didn’t allow pets, like say a fat cat…

    I loved the dream sequence – and she’s taking notes! The I’m back kiss was great! If you
    think about it, he didn’t even get a chance to kiss her in his day dream – (but she knows
    how he feels, too). I loved her monotone reaction to it, too.

    Hina is definitely the Ultimate Weapon!

  6. I had to read this twice: “Sure, I wouldn’t mind an episode full of Hina and Sako getting beat by Raika”. All I could think was “did I miss something and Hina getting beaten by Raika is a thing Takaii enjoys?”. XD LOL!

    Anyway, I enjoyed the roll the grandma played and was pleasantly surprised by Sawa. Specially when she told Yuuta that if he caused trouble again she was keeping Hina. Nice defrosting.

  7. Another great episode, you can’t just get enough of the siblings. They’re all adorable in their own ways.

    Anyway, anyone can confirm if this show is 1-cour or 2-cour? I remember Takaii mentioned it’s 1-cour on episode review but Divine listed it as 2-cour on season preview or something like that.

  8. Sawa was lucky to have the whole party on her house. Otherwise, her mother would’ve chewed the hell out of her. The whole scolding was moderated since Yuta and the girls were here (I would’ve paid to see that monumental OWNAGE)
    But Hina is the Mass Destruction Weapon of choice this season. No one can stand her epic level of cute.

  9. i was pretty much at the edge of my seat when hina started to cry and almost fell off when she did. i’d have the same expression as sawa if i was in her shoes at that point of time.

    anyway, yea i agree with you guys about hina being the WMD. lets just hope that no one storms yuuta’s house to take out that WMD

    oh and a single, tsundere, hot 29 yr old megane is fine for me as well

  10. They really need to stop with the money issues. Stop living in fantasy land and put some realism in there.
    1. Inheritance. At least make an effort to get it.
    2. Child support. Go to your muncipality and fill in the proper forms
    3. Family if they offer to take one kid in each you might as well try and ask for help using that o we are so happy together routine that works on everyone.
    4. Drop out of college and support your family. It has been done by many others before you.

    1. Well technically he kidnapped them, so if you really wanna put reality in there:

      1. Yuuta goes to jail
      2. The girls get split up like originally intended

      Now how good of a show would that make?

    2. 1. Show Spoiler ▼

      3. Yuuta took them without their consent. Do you think they will help him? Hell, if they ever caught him back in the Takanashi’s house, they might get him under arrest for trespassing.
      4. It was not stated clearly but Yuri WANTED Yuuta to go to college and finish college. Yuuta wants to fullfill that wish AND take care of the children just like how Yuri took care of him while going to school.

      It’s funny how you’re talking about realism when you haven’t give some more thoughts about what was presented in the show. Not only that, it’s funny how many episodes ago some were complaining about realism and how money was never brought up and now money somehow becomes “fantasy land”?

    3. Aargh number 2 disappeared.

      2. He pretty much kidnapped them. He does not have rightful custody of the children. HOW WILL he get government help? The Takanashi family pissed me off but goodness as least they did not call the cops on Yuuta since they’re willing to give him a chance and see if Yuuta is up to the task.

    4. Well, i would say that too. But with this Episode the circumstances changed a bit. He got support from his Friends, or he learned not to do all alone. And take the Help

      Well, but i am curious how long he is going with that. School, work, work, Home.. Is there enough time for “School Homeworks”? And if he came from a Night Job. Will he not awaken the others now, when they need to go to school, too?

      I know. But that are little “pieces” to fill a future Story, dont you think?

      1. and i get the felling. That until know, the Sisters dont have Problems. Or they dont wanted to make Problems for him. But, i sense (from the Preview) that the Problems outside the School begin to rise. Hopeful he is not to focused to bring just Money back at Home. They need someone that understand their Needs and problems. And he has a lot to learn…

        Now, we get the line. Where he learn to take care of their “Souls”

    5. Well It never bode well with me, when they say we going to take care of one kids..
      he thinks, they are going to different parts of galaxies…

      not two blocks down the street…. walking distance separation

    6. Truth. And it seems like a few readers don’t seem to be able to take it. I’m fine with seeing Yuuta struggle with finances, but really, why put yourself through something you don’t have to? And for those who say that he can’t approach his relatives because he kidnapped the 3 girls, take another look at episode 7.

      Yuuta meets up with one of his aunts (in fact, she seems to have visited him), and from what I inferred from that scene, the relatives aren’t keen on the idea of the girls staying with him, but neither are they about to ostracize him or hand him over to the police. If I could say otherwise, they’re just adults being adults. They want to help, but don’t know the right way to do it.

      So the solution to this problem: Give the money to the Yuuta, and the Yuuta will raise the girls. But before the relatives can give the money to the Yuuta, the Yuuta must first let the relatives know that the Yuuta has the financial problems. Then the Yuuta will get what he wants.

      That’s not even considering the other valid points made by Outcast. Certainly, child support is one way to go. It might possibly mean that the girls may have to split up, but I’m sure Yuuta could give that speech of his that he gave when the relatives tried to split them up, and convince them authorities to work something out. That’s what point 3’s about, no?

      From the way things are going, Yuuta’s going to have to consider that last option. You wanna be a man, you’ve got to make manly decisions. If you’re gonna think that you can live for yourself while caring for others, you’re mistaken. The way I see it, Yuuta has a few options:
      – Give up and let the relatives do what they had initially wanted
      – Try his best to convince his relatives to help him out, but allow the girls to stay with him. Or approach child authorities for help.
      – Not involve his relatives, rely only on himself and maybe his friends to get by, and that would mean devoting more time to caring for the girls. How else to find more time than to stop schooling?

      You now know where that 1 thumbs-up came from, Outcast.

      1. The meeting with his aunt means something else. What it means is that he is currently in a state of PROVING he is someone who is capable of helping and raising the children. The relatives will not help him until he can prove to them that he is able to and that is WHEN they will join in to help.

        Child support… you think it’s that easy to just go make a Touma speech and expect the authorities to easily help them out? Well… it’s still a legitimate try so there’s no harm. Besides the relatives did not even agree with him yet. He did not convince them, he just ran off with the three girls.

        Manly options… what? Anyways if he gives up and let the relatives do what they had initially wanted, then than goes against the very theme of the story so that’s a no go. Convince his relatives? That’s a no go because he just ran off with the three girls and they’re nice enough that they want to see him prove that he can and is capable of taking care of the three girls (as evident by his talk with his aunt). The last option is the one he is going for. It was mention that his grades are slipping. He still wants to go to school since that’s what his dead sister wished for. He made a manly decision (lol) that he will do both. Now let see how he will solve the problem of raising the girls without having to quit school.

        Also that 1 thumbs-up came from me.

      2. I don’t think his relatives are THAT unreasonable. You make it sound like they’re just wolves waiting for Yuuta to mess up somewhere for them to devour the 4 of them. Why wouldn’t relatives lend a hand? Sure, he took the girls away without the permission of the elders in the extended family, but as I previously explained, that meeting with his aunt is proof that his relatives know where the girls are and what Yuuta did. If they already know where the girls are, why don’t they just take them back and do what they had initially intended to do? I think it’s because they trust Yuuta. It’s either that, or they don’t actually care about Yuuta and the girls. I’d say there’s more reason to choose the former. So if they do trust Yuuta, why wouldn’t they want to help? If they were that concerned about the girls in the beginning, they’d be more than willing to help them out now, when things seem even more dire.

        Child support… The authorities would definitely help out. Whether it’s the way Yuuta and the girls like it or not really isn’t up to them, but you can’t afford to have people attend to your preferences when you’re desperate, can you? At this point, the family togetherness is, painfully sad but true, a luxury. No one likes to see a family torn apart, but survival should take priority. I’d rather see the girls be taken in by 3 different families that send the girls to the same school and meet often to let them interact than to see Yuuta and the girls in some alleyway taking refuge in cardboard boxes or something. It’s not only a sad sight, it’s also plain stupid. And I know that yuuta isn’t plain stupid, considering how far he’s made it. So yes, the authorities wouldn’t just leave them alone if Yuuta were to approach them, and things can be worked out. Slowly, but surely.

        By manly DECISIONS, I meant that Yuuta can’t just do things like “go with the flow” and say “Things will work out by themselves”. Sure, it may happen once or twice, but is he always going to be that lucky? That’s unrealistic thinking. He needs to decide if he’s going to take care of the girls, or if he’s going to focus on school, or if he’s going to do both. If he’s planning on doing both, how’s he gonna do it? And I’m talking about actual solutions, not “wing it and hope that I make it to the beach episode in one piece and see the girls in their swimsuits”. As much as I like being entertained by 3 girls getting off easy because they’re cute, I’d appreciate a lot more so a series where characters actually think out realistic solutions to sticky situations, and make sacrifices to achieve these solutions. I think it makes for a more satisfying series that way. Not “cry and look cute until people give in” .

        And I’m ignoring that last part about the thumbs-up.

      3. That’s what I meant when I said that they trying to see whehter Yuuta is really capable of doing what he said. He just ran off with the three girls without their approval. I’m not saying that they’re wolves but if they help him, it would mean in a way that they approve of him doing what he did. Instead they just check him and see how he’s doing so far and see if he is up to the task.
        Child support… you don’t know that. Of course you like to see the girls be taken in by three different families but that’s not the core of the story. Yuuta did what he did just because when his parents died, people were trying to separate him and Yuri. Yuri did not want that and said the same lines of “family should stay together” and against the other people, she raised him herself. He’s definitely not stupid but that’s what he decided in memories of his sister who worked hard and raised him. I still agree that it’s a legitimate decision to ask for support but I definitely don’t think the girls should be split up. Doing so would go against the very theme that the story is trying to talk about.
        The last point you made is very debatable at this point. From what I see, he made his decision to go both to school and take care of the girls just like his sister went to school and took care of her. What he need to do now is how to do both well and I think that’s what the story will slowly lead to just like how it did not deal about the money issues until later. Everyone complains about how unrealistic the series is even though it several times deal with those issues later. The problem I think is the pacing of the stories so some people were bothered how money was not talked about in episode 2 or 3 when it finally was talked about in 4 or 5 (for example).
        About the thumbs up, I’m sure that was me because I was using my phone and accidently click thumbs up and I can no longer cancel that thumbs up or down. That’s why I was thinking that you saw that thumbs up but did not do a thumbs up yourself.

  11. A bit off topic from all the Hina talk (lol), but Sora was also pretty awesome this episode too by the fact that she wants to go with Yuuta and also being very understanding and was somewhat of a voice of reason when Yuuta wanted to get another job to get the apartment with the nice view.

  12. Ok so I’m pretty sure Hina couldn’t have been fathered by the same person as her sisters. It’s quite obvious to me she was conceived by pure HNNNNNG, for no mere mortal could possess that much cute.

  13. Hina has the power to resolve any conflict. Got a problem? Look, Hina is cute. BAM! solved Shit, at this point I’m beginning to think her tears can cure cancer…though no one would ever date make her cry just to get them. That’d be worthy of the Tsukihi death-by-awl punishment.

    1. I’d like to see a show of hands of who’s up for adopting Hina!

      I liked the look on their faces when she said if he messes up again, she’ll take Hina.
      I’m not used to seeing that kind of tongue-in-cheek humour in Anime (at least without
      the wink)

  14. I honestly felt like I was about to burst when I saw Hina cry. I feel bad whenever I see and/or hear a young child cry but it’s even tougher when it’s someone as adorably cute as Hina-chan!

  15. Unfortunately Takaii I already had a feeling the grandma was gonna play a bigger role since she showed up a second time in the series. I already assumed it was her that was talking to Landlady Sawa. Now I couldn’t really hate her for the eviction after knowing Yuuta taking in the girls did go against his contract. Maybe she just wants to keep things in order by being strict with the rules. I’m glad she softened up after making Hina cry. Last time something became rage inducing was when that Shinkan Shoujo girl made Yayoi cry in iDOLM@STER. Really Ms. Landlady Sawa, for anime standards, you’re still attractive(the glasses are a big big bonus). And she’s worried at 29yo? She’s never heard of Denpa Onna Erio’s attractive 39yo mother then.

  16. Well, there IS a reason for Hina’s irresistible force.
    We are designed to view little children as cute and instinctively try to protect them. You can blame God or evolution, but the fact is there.
    Now that is out the way, I’d take “Welcome back, darling1″ Raika anytime… Yuuta, stop daydreaming and make it happen!

  17. This show continues to be so much fun to watch every week. Hina’s cuteness can and will reduce anyone to a soft and cuddly state. More Raika too please. Yeah, she and Yuuta are perfect for each other. It is nice though that even the side characters are getting a decent amount of screen time in this series. Again, I think the voice actress girl is a pretty cool side character, though we only saw her when she was talking with Sawa this ep.

    So it looks like we’ve completed the first arc of the series, and next ep is a Miu ep. People who haven’t tried out this series yet really should give it a shot. Do it for adorable little Hina, or else you’ll make her cry.

  18. After all those hardships and others to come, I just hope that Yuuta will find happiness. A happy family with Raika and the kids, and finally their own kids!

    The Story You Don't Know
  19. When my little sister was her age (around that age anyway), her cries = head swinging.
    That’s right folks, i’ll swing her her around until she stops crying. Doesn’t work half of the time, but i still do it. Don’t get me wrong, i like kids and i’m not an S but i STILL do it. My little sister and other kids don’t seem to like though, so every time i touch ’em they would get pissed off. Yay for the most unliked guy in his little sister’s kindergarten.

    BTW seeing hina cry really makes me feel like putting my hands over her and swing her head around.

    Anime>Sleep Otaku

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