「せんぱい」 (Senpai)

Anime romances can be aggravating due to their tendency to dissolve into an endless chain of misunderstandings in order to stretch the story out. Yet, as anyone who has been in a romantic relationship for more than three-fifths of a nanosecond can say, misunderstandings happen. A lot. Ano Natsu once again shows us the way by having our two potential lovers misunderstand one another, but instead of just laughing it off once the misunderstanding is resolved and returning to the status quo, they grew closer. Yes, instead of taking the Love Hina route, Kaito and Ichika-sempai come to a better understanding of one another, with very d’aww results.

But before we get to that, let me back up. The episode starts with Ichika-sempai finally revealing that she’s an alien, and to the other character’s credit, they take it quite well. Sure, they were amazed – anyone would be – but they didn’t freak out, start screaming, or tell her to get away and never talk to them again, all of which are stupid things each of us have seen characters do before. They just go “Wow, didn’t see that coming. Yeah, we’ll keep it a secret. So…can we look around?” Heh, nice. Hell, Kaito even claims he knew already, and that he wasn’t surprised at all. Strangely enough, that’s what surprised me. Sure, he has good reason, but I didn’t expect his memory to snap back and for him to accept it so readily. Still, I’m glad. These characters don’t sweat the small stuff, and instead save their attention for the really important stuff – who loves who. Because that’s really what we’re all here for anyway.

The focus of this episode was on the misunderstanding between Ichika and Kaito. It’s not a misunderstanding about some singular event, where Kaito accidentally groped Ichika-sempai after stumbling in on her changing. Rather, it was a fundamental misunderstanding about each other’s feelings, fears, doubts, and motivations. You know, the kind that actually happens in real relationships. On the one hand, there’s Kaito. He took the whole “Sempai is an alien” thing pretty well, and now he’s ready to help her find her special place, so he thinks he’s pretty much in…but she rebuffs him, going off to search alone. As for Ichika-sempai, she’s convinced that she will have to leave the planet soon, even though she doesn’t want to, so she avoids getting closer to Kaito in order to avoid hurting him…and herself. Neither of them understands what the other is thinking, or even what they themselves are thinking, so they cannot come together.

I don’t think I can quite explain why this was done so brilliantly, but perhaps that’s the reason…because I can’t explain it. Misunderstandings in real relationships are oftentimes so vague and hard to grasp that you don’t even know what the problem really was until you’re sitting at home (alone) months later snuggling with an industrial-sized tub of ice cream and watching reruns of Three’s Company. This is even more true from Kaito’s point of view – he truly was doing most things right, so his frustration was understandable – but Ichika-sempai’s dilemma was so understandable that I didn’t begrudge her it. Though, perhaps that’s just because I’ve made that exact mistake before myself. Fiction is best when it holds a magnifying glass up to life and lets us see reality in ways we might not have seen otherwise, and that’s what is done here…with very real misunderstandings, and very real problems. The whole alien bit is just thrown in to spice things up.

Now, enter the cupids. On the one side he have Remon-sempai. Where usually she’s just amusing herself, I immediately realized that Remon-sempai was not messing around here. She immediately castigates Kaito for being childish, for only thinking of himself and not of Ichika-sempai…and as usual, she’s right. Meanwhile, Kanna is in the middle of ripping out her own heart in order to tell Ichika-sempai what she needs to hear: that she’s scared, making excuses and running away. But most of all, she tells Ichika-sempai that she really does have a choice. I’m not going to lie, of all the girls in this show I’ve always preferred Mio, Ichika, and Remon-sempai to feisty little Kanna, but she rose immeasurably in my esteem here. She’s right. You always have a choice. The other options might be crappy, but even in the darkest of hours, you always have a choice. Even not making a choice is a choice in and of itself, and it was the self-destructive one that Ichika-sempai was making. And, for all the damage she did to herself, Kanna made her see that.

But there’s still the elephant in the room – how can there be a happy ending for these three? With Kaito and Ichika finally together, only two of the remaining three can be happy…and those two will feel terrible about what they will have to take from the third in order to obtain that happiness. I don’t know, I truly don’t know. Someone is going to get left out, and where before I was hoping Mio would end up with the Tetsuro prize, after her selfless act on behalf of the one she loves, I can’t stand the thought of Kanna crying again, all alone.

Only a few more episodes to go until this one wraps up. I imagine we’ll hear more from Ichika-sempai’s alien friends, but as usual it’s the relationships that have me eagerly awaiting next week. Will Kaito and Ichika-sempai’s relationship survive further extraterrestrial intervention? What will happen with the tragic three? All I can say for now is that I hope, before the series ends, that Ichika realizes where the place she’s looking for was all along – right next to Kaito. Oh man, I’m such a hopeless romantic for saying that. Someone get me tissues and an industrial-sized tub of ice cream. I have manly tears to cry.

Random thoughts:

  • Am I the only wondering whether Ichika-sempai’s species is fully, uhm, compatible with humans? I mean, it’s a big universe out there! The, you know, parts might line up, but, uhm… You know what? Never mind. I’m just embarrassing myself now.
  • Here’s a question for you: do you all think this show be as good if Ichika wasn’t an alien? The way I see it, it would be almost as good, but not 100%. There actually is a narrative reason for Ichika-sempai to be from outer space – escalation. In the original Romeo and Juliet, it was enough that the two lovers were from rival families for the tragedy to work. Now, that seems weird to many people, as few nowadays care whose family their significant other comes from. If it were written today, the lovers would need to be from warring nations, or brother and sister (hey, this is an anime blog) for the same effect to be achieved. Same thing here. The story would still work if Ichika-sempai was from Canada, it just wouldn’t have quite the same punch.
  • Ahh, the sound of glasses touching when you go in for the kiss. Hello, high school memories. *grabs the ice cream*

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      1. We might need a couple of phoenix downs as well as a combination of the final attack materia along with Phoenix materia. Also, we’ll need shell and barrier casted on the whole party for the season finale.

    1. Her actions are probably the one of the more discreet ones in terns of going after what she loves especially in this episode (when she urges Kanna to be honest with Kaito) and everyone, besides Tetsuro himself, are aware of these feelings. This is one of the subtle examples that really separates this show from other romance shows I’ve seen. These different degrees of subtle and bold actions are things that really refines this gem, and I’m truly glad that I ran into this show.

    2. Yeah this love triangle thing really keeps everyone on their toes. They introduced their love quite early in my opinion, which leads me to think there must be a great hardship for them in the last few EPs… cause I don’t see why they’ll conclude the main character storyline 3 episodes ahead of the end.

      At this point, I’d say having ichika going back would be the “happy end”.

  1. I’m slowly going over to this side vs Nisemonogatari, in terms of not being able to wait for the next episode.

    Ooh. It’s just so damn interesting how their “Love” is finally realized and brought out 3 episodes before the season ends. There are just so many possibilities of what can happen next as there are just so much tension within the great cast that this show has.

    But anyway, thank you for the post. “)

    1. I think this is about equally about Nisemonogatari pushing you away as this show pulls you toward it. (About the only thing keeping me watching Nise is the amazing, absurd eye candy to go with the currently awlsome proceedings.)

      1. Yes, you are absolutely right, although Bakemonogatari is my favorite show and that Nisemonogatari has done a great job at being a sequel for the first half or 3/4 of the show, but thats not important. What is important (especially for this thread) is how this show is one of the better romantic comedies that I’ve seen since Toradora. ^ ^

  2. sigh… so much heart break with the rest of the three. poor tanigawa, mio and testsuro. Tho we could see this train coming at full speed miles away. i wonder if the end will be like onegai teacher. :O

    1. I always hear about this show being compared to Onegai teacher and I’ve never really seen the show before, would you believe that, besides the Alien idea, which was apparently the same as Onegai Teacher, this show is very very similar to the series in terms of its plot? Sorry for being ignorant T_T

      1. The plot is somewhat different, but there are several characters that are alike and the setting is almost identical. There are quite a lot of not so subtle references as well, for instance so did we have Remon-chan basically quote her other self when she was alone at the steps.

      2. I actually checked out Onegai Teacher and Onegai Twins after hearing about the similarities but there’s really nothing besides the setting (and Remon). I much much much prefer Ano Natsu. If you’re expecting a similar story or relationships, don’t. :p

      3. Yosuke Kuroda wrote the sceenplay, Taraku Uon designed the characters, and music is by Maiko Iuchi from I’ve. All of them fulfilled the very same roles in Onegai Teacher and Onegai Twins.

        Make of that what you will.

  3. By the way, in terms of being surprised that Kaito “already knew of Ichika’s identity” I would say that I completely agree with you. But I just remembered that the show did prepare for us viewers for this realization when they showed him looking through his reels and seeing what happened the night they met, I think like last episode or two episodes ago. ^ ^

  4. oh, last but not least, there’s just something so damn natural about Kaito and Ichika senpai’s kissing scene that you almost forget that this was an animated series (Yes, even slightly topping the Kissing scene from Stein’s gate ^ ^). Definitely my nomination for best couple of the year. = D

    1. It was really sweet and heartfelt. I cheered for them and burst out laughing when I saw something shining across the lake. I immediately knew it had to be Remon. Her timing was perfect. She’s still doing what she does best but I respect her for what she did with Kaito. Metaphysically slapping him upside the head was the right thing to do.

      1. As twisted as she is, we all need a Remon-Senpai in our lives.

        When life gives you Lemons, take a “metaphysical slap” as Bertman4 said it, and everything will be alright.


  5. ;_;

    I like how everyone’s stalking one another. Tetsuro with Kanna. Mio with Tetsuro and Remon with Ichika and Kaito. But it’s not as creepy as it sounds and appears though. And that’s what I like.

    >Random thoughts

  6. F****k this show is amazing!
    Dude, give me some of that ice cream too…
    I’m anticipating but grimacing what will happen between Kanna, Mio and Tetsuro.
    Thank you from the heavens above for Kaito and Ichika. They’re the cutest damn couple I’ve seen especially them two wearing glasses. With three episodes left what more awesome are in store for us..?

  7. The tenderness in this episode, the emotions—felt both real and more importantly for fiction, earned. Kanna’s outburst was not only perfectly paced and timed, it came at the right point in the overall story. This series could easily have been much worse, even with the same plot, if it weren’t for the little details, the quality of the acting (I haven’t heard enough about just how great the voice acting is), and the nuanced script. It shows you can take pretty standard elements and make something really great.

    1. You’re right, the voice acting is superb. Tomoatsu Haruka is doing especially well, Ishihara Kaori gave an especially fine performance this episode. The thing is, even picking out the seiyuu that are giving amazing performances is hard…they all are! Truly masterful.

  8. Hi, new here.

    Agree 100% how this show presents the relationships so authentic, unlike most other anime that ends up pissing you off.

    Pretty sure that Lemon isn’t an alien like others have suggested, but probably has experienced something close to “tetai.” She says similar things to which Kei had said in Onegai Teacher, such as “moving forward.”


    This show is so obviously (and I probably shouldn’t even take the time to mention it) tied to the Onegai-verse. Alternate reality, extension of, whatever. They’re not even hints. “Priority #1” was mentioned in an episode preview. I am desperately looking forward to where it’s all revealed. I hope the blatancy is more than just fan service. I love this show.

    The “series” needs to keep accelerating. There is A LOT to be explained. For example, Onegai Teacher, space-time put aside, possibly takes place in the year 2032 or so, assuming Mizuho is 23 and her father procreated with her mother in 2009. I’m still assuming that this show happens around or after Onegai Twins and that Ichika is the unmentioned middle sister. And that she’s looking for Lake Kizaki.

    Just another thing I loved – how technology is not emphasized, giving the rural setting. Hard to know what year it really should be, or if people care.

    By the way, am I the only one who thought that the “twins” were abandoned on Earth for whatever reason? Another tangent. Still think that story had more to it than we know (and what about Onegai Friends?! – I never got to know that show).

  9. Does anyone else get the feeling that we are gonna see a very familiar face soon? A magenta-haired face perhaps? And that a certain former high-school student of aforementioned face has the perfect video evidence and government authority?

  10. Seeing the last scenes at the lake, plus the timing of the ending song makes my heart stopped, and skipped it’s beat… GOD that’s the scene I’ve been waiting for after 8 eps.

    1. So good right? I’ve never shouted for joy over an anime before… a hockey game… maybe, but never an anime. And literally, when she showed up, I was like… omfg… it’s going down… Then when the kiss went down, I literally fist pumped and was saying “Score one for Kaito”. Bahhhh

  11. While everything on Ichika’s train just moved at light speed..

    I’m still up in the air what to make of Tetsuro..
    All that happened so far, he haven’t moved a foot from his initial position.
    Mio, kanna, ichika and kaito all pretty much got everything they wanted off their chests.

    Either of them, neither is fine too.. but I wish he moved his ass towards something, being just a lamppost for people to lean when its raining is not that cool…

  12. Awww glasses love.

    I really dig this series. Such a fresh wind compared to all the romantic comedies which always follow the same plot.

    There’s only one feasible solution for the three: Mio X Kanna, I don’t care about Tetsuro, he can get together with that happy-go-lucky chick he met in Okinawa.

    P.S. Remon gave some more hints, for those that still needed them, that she’s Ichigo Morino when she alluded to the Standstills she suffered from after she had castigated Kaito.

  13. Great post there Stilts, really. Sometimes I come here and just read the comments but this post of yours was a fine read, I agree with everything you said there.

    This show is brilliant.

    1. I get it! That’s why I’m taking an indefinite leave of absence. I-i-it’s not like I want to write for you guys… I just happened to have 1,500 posts that I wrote in my spare time and thought you guys might want to read something to pass the time! *tsun tsun tsun*


      No I’m just kidding. Nice post Stilts. I actually read it before watching. You probably could’ve shaved the caps down to 36 by removing 25, 27, 30, 32, 35, and 39 though. (There’s also a creditless cap of 41.)

      * Edit: I updated some of Stilts’ caps and adding an extra full-length image.

    2. @Divine: I was actually very surprised that you didn’t return to do blog this one… it seemed you were very invested in this anime since the beginning and this happened to be a very significant episode. But please muscle your way in to blog big episodes every now and then, Divine!! I’m sure the other writers won’t mind

      1. It’s definitely one of my favorite shows of the season, if not the favorite, as romantic comedies are still my #1 genre.

        As for muscling my way in, it’s not fair to the other writers if I just swoop in to blog episodes with big developments — not after they’ve covered the series week after week to get to that point. While the reverse kind of happened here, Stilts is actually doing me a favor by taking over coverage of this series.

  14. Yea, I agree with you leo kiko and stilts. Leo- that the post was great. Stilts I agree with you about Kanna. She just raised herself in my eyes big time. She did what she did out of love for Kaito- to make sure that he didn’t get hurt even at her own expense. It took guts to do that. Dakedo Kanna wa hontoni kawaisou..

    I’m glad that Ichika senpai and Kaito-kun were finally able to get past their gokai and really understand what each other was feeling. I was so happy that I was frantically clapping when it happened. Kanna wa hontoni kawaisou..

    Amazing how the writers can evoke such emotion.

    Just as a note it is senpai, not sempai. It is an n sound not m- it is un but can sound like m. I need to set up Japanese on my iPad. ><;

    1. I actually made that change. “Sempai” is the preferred English spelling, since the English language never has the letter “n” followed by a “p”. That sound is always written “-mp”.

      I know it sounds stupid to apply English language rules to a Japanese word, but they actually do that in Japan with all the English signs for train/subway stations and various other place names.

      It blew my mind when someone in Japan explained that to me for the very first time. “Oh wow, English really doesn’t have a word with an ‘n’ followed by a ‘p'”.

      1. That he would, but if Japanese speakers can’t pronounce L’s, English speakers probably can’t be bothered to distinguish between “m-p” and “n-p”.

        “An-pan” is technically a combination of two words though, so his name would be pronounced correctly.

  15. Aside from the amazing writing exhibited in this episode in this amazing series, I’m amazed
    at how elegantly facts about KxI are fluidly introduced that set the base for the final arc.
    IMHO, I believe he’s going back with her.

    There’s so much depth in this episode that others have focused on; she takes charge of
    the situation: she doesn’t panic and heals him, she limits the number of people that
    know her secret by moving them away to another location, she explains herself directly
    and clearly, and she’s drop-dead gorgeous in her native attire (missing caps of her beautiful outfit).

    …but I think that there were clues that I believe he’s going back with her. She says that
    she had to give him something from her body to heal him – an advanced alien technology.
    She say she’s glad they are compatible. It’s mentioned, too that he’s been orphaned, so
    no Earth-ties. Also, there will probably be another ship now that it’s known that the
    rescue pod was destroyed.

    With that alien technology, I don’t think she’d be able to leave him on Earth; likewise
    I get the feeling that she’s important on her home world in some way – so she can’t stay.

    Another has excellent audio backing the story, but this series has done a wonderful job
    in this area as well, it its appropriate way. It’s been mentioned about the glasses clanging –
    did anyone feel Kanna pound on her chest (heart) when she was pouring out her feelings to Ichika? Wow!

    I could easily go on – I really want to see the final destination this series has planned for us…

    1. I don’t know that I agree with your evidence. Kaito does have earth ties, and very important ones…his sister, his friends, etc. Also, while Ichika might think she needs to go back, that doesn’t mean she actually does.

      …but that said, I wouldn’t be sad to see that kind of ending. I’m dreading the potential tragic ending, but that would be a less expected but still happy ending. Could be nice. I suppose we’ll find out whether that’s the case soon.

      1. Good points – I based my theory on the episode’s showing that he
        is without living parents, so I didn’t know it the writers were setting
        that for something in the future. So far the series has been consistent
        with details introduced in previous episodes have later significance.

  16. Am I the only wondering whether Ichika-sempai’s species is fully, uhm, compatible with humans? I mean, it’s a big universe out there! The, you know, parts might line up, but, uhm… You know what? Never mind. I’m just embarrassing myself now.

    You know, and why She insists to looking for this Memory She have on Earth? Perhaps She was on Earth when She was little, and she can be a Half breed.

    1. There Romance is still timed. Until the research came to Earth, looking what happen to the Rescue Drone. She said it

      So, this Anime, has an Natural Ending. And Perhaps all “Sadness” will end too

  17. I just realized why Kanna’s interaction with Ichika was so powerful.

    For the first part Kanna just wouldn’t look at Ichika until finally Kanna looks directly at Ichika and says “tell him that you love him…”

    It was that unwillingness to look at Ichika that conveyed so much- and then to look at her with such intensity and gritted teeth before launching into Ichika – really displayed raw emotion. The way the writers and animators also used body language was amazing. From the gripping of the purse strap to shoving hands in pockets- combined with artful dialogue and music made you feel the trepidation, jealousy, anger and finally sadness.

    I continue to be amazed at how good Japanese writers have gotten at getting one to connect with characters and to actually care about them. It’s definitely an art form and some are very good at it. Ano Natsu has hit it out of the ballpark and now is one of my favorite of all time. Yes-even more than Toradora. Thank you for picking this series up- because I wouldn’t have on my own.

  18. There’s no sign of your infamous line in this post.

    I’m sad. 🙁

    (Still haven’t had the balls to watch this episode yet… dramas make me cringe in horror way more than those horror flicks do. They would be impossibly hard to watch without a pause button…)

  19. This episode was even more fantastic than the last! I finally got the push I needed to really like Kanna- her speech to Ichika. But now it’s either two of the tragic three get together, or Ichika has to go home and Kaito doesn’t get anyone either (but I reeeaally hope that won’t happen).
    I literally shrieked “Kya!” as the last scene played out, too. It was wonderful, so I really hope that wasn’t just a nice little treat to make us feel better about something terrible to come..

  20. Wow when did this show come out of no where and become so awesome?

    Oh wait………..IT WAS ALWAYS AWESOME!!!

    God im a sucker for good romance animes – hand me the ice cream

  21. LOL at Kaito realizing that wasn’t his first kiss at all. But still FTW for being THE MAN in doing the confession to the girl first. (No chauvinism intended in this post 🙂 )

    You could say the characters are pretty genre-savvy for accepting Ichika’s real identity pretty well, being born in a generation that grew up watching these sorts of sci-fi for breakfast.

    They say a picture tells a thousand words. This does it for me. Poor Kanna having to force herself to play the villain in order to nudge Ichika the right way, with Tetsurou and Mio ending up as “emo-collateral” as a result.

    Kinny Riddle
  22. Am I the only one who thinks Remon was much more serious than the rest of the team took her when she said because I’m a part of Men In Black? It’s pretty likely that there is an actual base for Ichika’s fears in some kind of actual organization that knows about aliens and makes sure they don’t damage other planets.(Regardless of whether they’re named Men In Black)

  23. Great post Stilts-keep up the good work. For now I’m thinking of Ichika as one of those ‘aliens’ that are just humans living relli far away :3 no comparability issues at all

  24. Thanks God, finally they did it!
    I hope if Ichika doesn’t return home, her planet will not send troop to destroy earth because of misunderstanding…nah such plot only happen in other genre…

  25. That last scene was too good. Ano Natsu continues to impress me a great deal. The entire episode was really well written, and it logically (and emotionally) built up to the consensual kiss. Something anime seems to shy away from.

    This was one of the most satisfying episodes from a romance anime I’ve seen in a long time. Nothing felt forced at all, and everything fell into place very nicely. I especially like how both Ichika and Kaito took initiative in the relationship. Neither were being dragged along by the other, but both moving ahead in the relationship equally.

    THIS is why I like romance animes, not boring and overused accidental perverts/ misunderstandings that last for seasons.

  26. Kanna~! her situation is so sad because un-required love happens all the time IRL and you can relate to her pain :'( Tetsuro will probably end up with Mio, but Kanna is still broken hearted! What will she do? Just “walk it off” and keep being part of the gang? It’s so sad I don’t want to reach the ending of the show so I wouldn’t have to watch her suffer anymore.. Introducing a new character to come in and sweep Kanna this late in the show would be ridiculous.. How will she be happy?! D’: Please writers, save her poor heart!!

  27. Holy crap! I was right before! Remon really is Agent R! Ufufufu…

    Okay, not really, but I love how she continues to be a troll whenever possible. I thought she would go the whole episode without doing something, and she acted like a responsible sempai giving Kai advice. But she still has to get in the last laugh at the end. Ufufufu…

  28. You knoww, theres just something about Nagi Yanagi’s singing that really adds alot more into the emotion of a scene that makes it just so damn memorable.. Theres the kissing scene from this episode and of course, theres the stargazing scene in Bakomonogatari.

  29. So now we have 3 outcome how this story gonna end.

    1. The agent from space come and take ichika away, ending 1.
    2. The agent from space come and take ichika but in the end she came back, ending 2.
    3. No alien agent business but the injury that kaito got is somehow become serious and now she need to figure a way to save him.
    4. No alien agent business but the injury that kaito got is somehow become serious and now she need to figure a way to save him, but he die in the end.

    Most likely we will get ending 2, if not ending 3, ending 1 is very unlikely, ending 4 might happen but is almost as hard as winning the lottery.

    1. 5. They finish the movie, and then Remon-sempai reveals that she really is an MIB, and zaps Ichika. Then she’ll pull out some sunglasses, say “Welcome to Earth, ufufu~,” and make millions selling the movie.

      Hey, I wouldn’t put it past her.

  30. Ichika X Kaito is pretty much decided now.
    Tetsuro must make up his mind now. And whatever decision he makes, someone is going to be left alone and crying. Worst case scenario being all three ending alone and heartbroken.
    Mio and Kanna have an interesting dynamic in itself, friends, rivals and sleepover-mates. Was Kanna ok with naked girl on futon next to her?
    Remon is sure in the right place when she is needed, to give advice… But her masterpiece of trolling would be if she was really MiB.

  31. I promised myself i wouldn’t cry but my manly tears started pouring!! This anime is epic! One of my favorite already 😛

    Great I found this site, it’s awesome, ANO NATSU DE MATTERU FTW!!!

  32. Stilts, I don’t know If you’ll read this comment, but the at least half (or more) of the comedy bits wouldn’t have worked if she were from Canada or somewhere else. That would be the hardest hit to the series if she was just another Human being.

  33. Mio wanted Kanna to get with Kaito SOOOO bad. The whole sleepover scene, she was really encouraging Kanna to not give up. She must REALLY want Tetsurou for herself. Unfortunately for all of them, Ichika had to get in the way and cause some pain for the other three. Exciting!

  34. “Ahh, the sound of glasses touching when you go in for the kiss. Hello, high school memories.”

    1. You wear glasses?
    2. Damn it. It’s bad enough that i never had a girlfriend, now i just had to know that romantic events like that DO happen. Curse it all.

    Anime>Sleep Otaku
    1. I do wear glasses, and I did then. And yes, that does happen. And don’t worry! Keep reading Random Curiosity, and you’re sure to get the knowledge necessary to get a girlfriend!

      (Disclaimer: that probably won’t help.)

      1. You *always* gain 10 points for knowing when to take off those glasses. Knowing how to avoid the sound of grinding plastic is an adult’s survival skill. (But yeah, it was cute in the anime.)

        Just don’t squint at her if you do take your glasses off. Kills the mood.

  35. Ah… My heart was pounding all through out the show. Though, maybe it was the 3 cups of coffee I drank before watching.
    I think it’ll be a bitter sweet ending. Senpai’s gots to go. Kaito x Kanna, Mio x Tetsuro.

    But whatever it is. It’s going to suck… Because I won’t see Kanna anymore T_T

  36. Stilts send 20 boxes of tissues while you are at it. This show is going to break my heart one way or another but I stand in my predictions: TetsuroxMio-KaitoxIchika, I´m so sorry for you Kanna but can´t control who they fall in love with.

    1. The thing is, so many people are anticipating that ending that I worry it won’t happen just because so many people are anticipating it. These writers are tricky like that…

    2. It might end up differently. I’m going for the tragic route on this one (I’m eyeing AnoHana *hint hint*). Ichika leaves and may or may not come back (Most likely the latter). Kaito is left waiting.

      Now 2 possibilities can occur for the other 3. Either Tetsurou and Mio get together OR Testsurou, Mio, and Kanna simply remain friends as Mio lusts after Tetsurou, Tetsurou still eyes on Kanna, and Kanna still loves Kaito. Back to square one.

      And of course, Remon doing what she does best. Trololol.

      Tatsuyuki Nagai, am I right, sir?

  37. Believe me; you’re not alone on that task right there; I’ll cry too.

    I read your preview with the six-picture tease for this episode, yet I’ve to wait one more day to finally see this episode (stupid me for not watching it yesterday). It blew me away entirely with so much pain and sadness in the air for those broken hearts (for now) after the outcome of Ichika and Kaito’s love confession for one another. Can you imagine? The girl you love stole your first three kisses, but then gives you gladly the next two (from many more to come). I’ll be more than glad to take his place and be in a situation like that. I’m no fool to believe we can have the same experience in real life, yet we can’t ignore when the love of our live knocks our door.

    Well, three more to go. Let the drama begin…

    Syaoran Li
  38. I’m telling you Remon is an alien herself…look how casual she just sat behind the ship’s console and examined things. As for the episode damn that was heavy material…I really do hope this works out somehow with the tragic three.

  39. Everything is great for this show except for that feeling that I have that sometimes it irks me when other people have to spell it out to you what exactly you need to do as if they know you more than you know yourself. This series is a good example of it, things are moving forward for the main not because of there initiative but because they got a good deal of mouthful from other people. As for the good points, as usual brilliant animation and soundtrack. Also, I’m glad that the reaction of the people when Ichika is an alien is everything I have hope for. Good episode is good.

  40. My eyes welled up when Tetsuro covered Kanna’s eyes with his hand when she was crying, it was such a raw emotional scene. It will never end well for those three :/

  41. Stilts i can just feel your energy from this post. Idk if it’s your display icon or your writing or just your sheer awesomeness..great post! 😀

    Going for a MioxTetsuro ending..HE’S INTO SHORT HAIRED GIRLS OK

    also this makes me miss my b/w film photography class and want to buy a Polaroid camera..

  42. Um… what the heck did Rinon throw in the water? Rinon says “na” and specifically makes a motion with her/his right arm as if throwing something. There was a distinct but faint “plop”. It created ripples in the water. (about 21 minute mark)

    It looked liked the scene when Ichika was talking about what she was looking for at the very beginning of ep. 2.

    I noticed this on my third viewing of this.

    1. It may be a stretch but it’s those two ripples that make me think something is going on. And the way Rinon does something like that makes me think it’s significant.

  43. absolutely beautiful episode.

    For those of us who watched Onegai Teacher. We see some threads from that tale weaved in here “Keep moving forward” the clearest one I pulled out.

    Ichika: “I’ll confess”
    Kaito: “No, I call dibs.” XD. not the exact translation, but amusing to me o3o….

    Kanna’s been hosed from the get-go, but they’ve handled her side of things beautifully. Can’t claim it as identical to koishi herikawa from ages past… … … Mmn what I’d do for moar Yanagi Nagi vocals. (rambling. oh well. ONTO NEXT WEEK >D!.)

  44. “Am I the only wondering whether Ichika-sempai’s species is fully, uhm, compatible with humans? I mean, it’s a big universe out there! The, you know, parts might line up, but, uhm… You know what? Never mind. I’m just embarrassing myself now.”

    Carnivorous alien Vagina.

  45. As I see it for the remaining three; I can’t see Tetsuro going for Kanna as a serious relationship. As he has stated to Mio; “Kanna is just a childhood friend”. Mio has already confessed to him and little by little, every time he’s seen Mio since then, his face was fluttered. I know he’s holding back and only being a pillar of support for Kanna’s unfortunate love struggle for Kaito but I just don’t see any other way than Mio + Tetsuro. I’d like to believe Mio was crying at the end for Kanna’s heartbreak and not Tetsuro’s choice to comfort her. if that’s not the case…then the latter reason for her crying would be selfish yet understandable seeing as he hasn’t given her his answer to her confession of love for him. Another note: MAN, I absolutely love Remon, always comes in and moves things for at the right time, and yes her reference to her “other” self in the original was a great way to connect the similarities but also a true saying. Never Stop, Keep moving Forward.


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