「ちょっとマイウェイ」 (Chotto Mai Way)
“My Way For a Little”

Out of all the girls, Miu has probably been the most neglected both in terms of screen time and character development. Seeing how Hina has stolen most of the audience by being.. Hina and Sora sweeping up the rest with her older sister charm, I was afraid that we’d never get the opportunity to get a closer look into Miu’s life. But after eight episodes of build up, I think this may have actually been the best possible time to bring a magnifying glass over her character.

I never expected that the devilish girl who takes any opportunity to mess around with her older sister would be the “perfect” girl at school. In terms of the three major traits you can have as a middle school kid — popularity, grades, and athletic ability — Miu apparently has all three! And unlike most other heroines who have nothing else to back up those highly sought after traits, it’s nice to see Miu take into consideration everything that’s changed in her life. Especially little things like learning the value of money. But after getting a glimpse at what makes Miu tick, I wasn’t expecting that simple gossip would be something that would be able to penetrate that tough exterior of hers.

But when the going gets tough, it just means a little help is needed and if I were to pair Miu with one of Yuuta’s colorful friends, Nimura also would have been my first choice. However, I was afraid that Miu and Nimura’s “date” would end up being a quick band-aid to Miu’s depressed state — something that was going to lack any kind of emotion or oomph behind it. Luckily, I couldn’t have been more wrong and once you look pass his playboy attitude, there exists a really considerate gentleman who can easily understand and console the female heart. Starting their date off with small things like a trip to the aquarium to raise Miu’s spirits and finishing it by fixing “Cinderella’s” glass slippers, I was very content with the little mini-arc the writer’s constructed for Miu.

After an episode dedicated to Miu, it would make sense that next week’s episode would focus on Sora. Judging from the preview, it looks like it’ll probably follow the same pattern as this weeks: a day at school, meeting up with someone (in this case Raika), and then a happy-go-lucky ending that’ll leave me wanting the next episode to come that much faster.

Full-Length Shots for Your Consumption: 18, 20, 21, and 22.



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  1. Poor Ono Daisuke, no matter what character he’s voicing, he still gets rebuffed by Kitamura Eri. (Think Working)

    Seiyuu jokes aside. Miu is certainly the most interesting of the three sisters. I was starting to get a bit weary of Sora’s tsundereness, and while Hina is adorable, she steals too much of the spotlight for anyone else to shine.

    Hopefully my impression with Sora will improve next week as it’s her turn after Miu to show us her life at school.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. To be honest, I’m starting to wonder whether Sora’s really a tsundere or shy. At least for me she’s a bit harder for me to tell compared to the usual tsundere. Either way I still think she’s sweet person so I hope next week episode will be a good one since it’s about her.

  2. Agreed. This series reminds me of the innocence of A-channel with an overdose of cute.

    I’m surprised that the girls are still attending their same school – wouldn’t it make sense to
    enroll them closer? But, they were trying to show their daily struggle in their new life, I guess.

    The writer’s treatment of Miu was well done and actually pretty realistic, IMHO. Nimura
    was the perfect choice and that they wove in the Cinderella arc with the shoe made it all
    the more sweeter.

    Of course, Sako made his appearance, even if it’s being compared to a big fish in an
    endearing way, which was funny.

  3. Watching this show makes my lolicon level increased. Thanks to Sora, Miu, and Hina’s cuteness. Oh, and nice pick of full-length shots too, Takaii.

    Good lord Miu’s date doesn’t end up like Tomoki’s initiation tests on Sora no Otoshimono Movie…

  4. To a random viewer just looking into the screenshots without the context, it might be a guy taking his niece out on a Sunday…

    …that or a brother treating his step-sister some fun time…

    that aside, great focus on Miu this week (that school segment alone speaks volumes already)

  5. so this ep an all miu ep

    sora & miu going to school give hina said watch out for trains.
    sora & miu on the train then get crowed & finally at school.
    miu doing usual school doing give some people talking of miu’s probs at home.
    miu bit hmm some talk with sora on phone here nimura.
    so they go around from water aquarium, lunch, etc.
    then miu see shoes give looking at glass shoes but don’t worry not buying glass shoe.
    but she got her “glass shoes” her shoes all clean up from shoe cleaner with help from nimura.
    yea long fun time with nimura back home & girls keep their secret.

    wonder what next ep going to happen?

  6. i’m impressed with the story-line..a great combination from the original manga and it’s spin-off’s..
    personally, i’m impressed with this anime..i really want to watch and wait till the end..

  7. The amount of Miu in this episode was fantastic.

    I’m glad that they also did it so well and really showed off her character, seeing how she’s changed with her circumstances and the such.

    Also nice to know Nimura isn’t just a pretty face playboy.

    1. Yeah totally love this episode because it’s about Miu!!

      Well it was pretty clear I think that Nimura is a really nice guy since he did ditch his girlfriends to help Yuuta many times. He may be a playboy but he’s definitely Yuuta’s bro heh. Well of course I can’t leave out Sako and Raika as well since they’re obviously really good friends as well.

  8. I understand they have friends, or whatever, but seriously? 90 minutes each way to get to and from school? Shouldn’t they be transferring to a school that’s closer to their current location? Seems really excessive.

    1. im probably reading too much into this.. but yuuta probably didnt want to make them change school since they have already lost their parents, dont wanna make them lose their friends as well.

    2. It’s not altogether that unusual.

      About a quarter to a third of the kids in my highschool had bus rides of about the same distance/time, and many people have a similarly lengthy commute to/back from work.

    1. UGH give at least good news no kouta-lookalike in this ep give 5 sec cameo imagine so really why is ugh no wonder give sure got voice of ryuji of toradora but this where the brain bleach?

    1. Oops! I was paying attention to how touching this episode was that I totally and completely missed all the upskirt shots of the elementary schoolers. Care to point it out? Of all the things to point out about this episode, you picked “upskirts of elementary schoolers” to talk about and then you seemingly mock it. Way to go.

      1. It just irks me that a story as this is being made so that the target demographic is going to buy it. Which means sexualizing little girls. I’m not saying that’s horribly wrong in fact it can be quite funny. But when done in a dramatic setting something just feels off to me.

  9. “Luckily, I couldn’t have been more wrong and once you look pass his playboy attitude, there exists a really considerate gentleman who can easily understand and console the female heart.”

    Doesn’t this apply to all males?

    Random Hobo

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