「決戦、始まります!」 (Kessen, Hajimarimasu!)
“The Showdown Begins!”

This is the kind of battle I love. A good old one-on-one fight can be fun, but large-scale battles between groups bring out so many more possibilities, so much more tactical depth that it makes them really a treat to behold. There are just so many more options with a big battle like this. It is in a way a bunch of battles within a battle – you can find your enjoyment in the individual clashes (Koneko-chan vs the enemy rook, Issei vs the enemy pawns), or you can find it in the overall conflict. Or you can enjoy it all!

First, the individual fights. Koneko-chan’s fight was mostly off-screen, but it was still subtly awesome. Instead of standing around talking in mid-fight like so many characters do (including her opponent), Koneko calmly barreled forward and kicked some ass. And this was versus an enemy who was noted as having Queen-level strength, and who ended up asking what the hell Koneko-chan was after she was thoroughly beaten. This, of course, means that Koneko-chan has even greater strength than your standard Queen, in addition to looking quite good wearing fighting gloves (and nothing else). Then there was Issei. Two words: strip magic. It was awesome how he evaded the one who so decisively beat him two episodes ago and dodged the pair of chainsaw wielding lolis, but all this paled in comparison to the masterful use of his perverted magic. And how he practiced with Asia? Shamelessly delicious! I knew you were my hero for a reason, Issei-sama!

But on a larger scale, this episode tickled my fancy because of the tactics involved. With fewer pieces to work with (even if they all are pretty badass), Rias-sempai had to figure out how to best beat Raizer while also defending against infiltration by the enemy pawns. After all, as soon as a pawn gets into their headquarters, they could instantly Promote themselves up to Knights, Rooks or even Queens – and with more pawns at Raizer’s disposal, this could be potentially catastrophic for Team Gremory. Fortunately Rias-sempai’s tactics have been solid so far, with Issei and Koneko-chan already neutralizing – and Akeno-sempai obliterating – three pawns and a rook. Kiba-kun has also cornered three more pawns with a clever combination of low-level traps and high level illusions, which was quite well done. When you’re the new kids on the block, it’s wise to let your opponents underestimate you, and only educate them on their folly when you can do so decisively. I’m going to go ahead and write those three pawns off, meaning that Raizer will only have two pawns left once Kiba-kun is finished with them. That will greatly lessen the necessity for Team Gremory to stay on the defensive, perhaps even opening them up for a full-on assault! Which would be extremely entertaining to behold.

The problem? Koneko-chan. With fewer pieces to work with, Team Gremory really cannot afford to lose anyone, so Koneko-chan’s defeat at the hands of Raizer’s favorite grope toy could be potentially disastrous. Chances are it’s going to fall on Issei to get her back to Asia so that she can do her Twilight Healing thing. After all, it looks like the plan is to give Akeno-sempai enough time to charge up another, even more powerful attack (she can do better than that? *drooool*), and for that they’re going to need the tank.

Random thoughts:

  • Raizer may be a bastard, but he has impeccable taste in how he dresses his servants. Maids, gym uniforms, a china dress, a short japanese ensemble, and a skimpy dancer outfit? Yesplz. I would patronize Raizer’s clothing store, if you know what I mean. And I mean exactly that.
  • Silly Rias-sempai…your epic lap pillow is worth crying for. Or possibly killing Issei for. Don’t worry Asia-chan, you don’t have to be jealous. I’ll take care of the problem. *grabs a pitchfork* Oh Issei…
  • I don’t think I could survive being punished by Akeno-sempai, but I dearly want to try. When I’m gone, remember me fondly!

Full-size images: 04, 07, 12, 13, 14, 17, 23, 25, 27, 28, 31, 35. I may have gone overboard.




  1. I wonder how badass Issei can become. Almost all his power is still sealed. Too bad we will probably never find out since there are only 2 episodes left.
    It’s really good that everyone in Raizer’s team is underestimating the Gremory team. If Raizer had gone all out immediately, he could definitely have won.
    This anime has a lot of potential for a great storyline and plot. Too bad it’s only 12 episodes.

  2. I really like how the anime is going and the changes it has made. The little things pile up and make the transition towards the end a lot smoother. As a fan of the series, I just feel the need to mention these things since it might make others appreciate the anime more. Spoilered for being a little long.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. “Akebo equips Exp share”
    “Akeno uses thunder! It’s a critical hit!”
    “bitches fainted!”
    “you have gained fanservice!”
    “Issei has leveled to 36!”
    “Issei wants to learn deathstrike strip”
    “Yes or no?”
    “Issei has learnt deathstrike strip”

    1. – Issei has new points to spend in a skill tree
      – chose: Perv, Badass, Chivalry
      – Issei choses Perv
      – skill gained: +10% to critikal when using strip attacks

  4. I want Issei’s magic. I can just imagine what I would do with it. When I’m cooking, I’d be able to get all my prep work done in seconds. 😀

    On another note, the view is great when you’re looking down at Koneko-chan. All in all, this was not a bad episode plot-wise but this one was definite for the fan service.

  5. There’s no such thing as going overboard here. More like, we need moar 😛

    And funny how Issei aims to be harem king but made a technique which makes women hate him lol.
    Next episode should be even better as we’ll have more victims of Dress Break. And Kiba showing how he’s not just a pretty face.

    Stilts, go for it with Akeno, it’s worth it lololol.
    No but seriously, Akeno has more than just her S-mode. God I hope we get a s2 here so you can see.
    And +1 as well on getting jelly over the lap pillow.

  6. Lol man, I think we all saw what was coming when Issei was charging up for his special technique.

    Im kinda disappointed Koneko got taken out so easily though, considering how suppodely powerful and above queen-level. I hope she get healed soon and gets more fight time.

      1. hmmm, i dont know about that since ive never seen those but the music which cues when Rias tells the team to “commence operations” def seems lifted straight from the Narnia movies (i even rechecked them on youtube) – not a criticism, just interesting

  7. so now rating game battle is on trap & etc all set

    issei unleash his henshin snap finger dress breaker attack on twin chainsaw & drum stick indeed BEST MOVE EVER!!!

    oh koneko was fighting a rip-off hoe-ski chun-li (ONORE raiser for having 15 or many womens).

    yet IT’S a TRAP cause beating them koneko got blast by landmine cause big doobi hoe-ski.

    ONORE yet next ep battle rating going full level?

    & that lucky issei get rest of rias’ lap indeed future harem king anyone?

  8. No way you’ve gone overboard. Less is more doesn’t apply to DxD. More Rias and Akeno sempai please 😉
    Funny how the girls’ hands were “spot on” when Issei activated the strip magic XD

    Seishun Otoko
  9. two words for this episode: DRESS BREAK!!!!!
    only true pervert can use that ability… Ise, you will forever be in the pervert hall of fame…
    can’t wait to see how they deal with the next episode…
    I demand a season 2 already!

  10. yea i would look s2 of give hey waiting for funi dub on it yea i’m so going idea who they got on funi dub.

    yea if dress break henshin who else try it in real life?

  11. I stopped watching this show at ep 3 because it looked like a shallow harem-ecchi-monster-of-the-week kind of show. I see it is still covered here on RC and I would like to know if i’m missing something..? (though I highly doubt it :\)

    1. Well, let’s break that down:
      Shallow – yes, Issei is really quite shallow, but he’s got spurts of gentlemanliness. Also, he has the stupid nosebleed factor and denseness of male MCs.
      Harem – yes, Issei wants to be Harem KING, and he’s pretty much in a prototype harem
      Ecchi – …duh
      Monster of the week – no, not really

      I guess the main difference from other shows is that the fanservice and ecchi-ness are integral to the story rather than just tacked on for appeal. Example straight from this episode is Issei’s new attack Dress Break, where he literally channels his pervertedness into a strategic attack to immobilize the enemy. However, it still only differs by a fine line between stupid fanservice like ToLoveRu, Kampfer, Ikki Tousen or Queens Blade. Then again, this series still has more prominent nudity than some of those.

      Other than the fanservice, the RPG like aspect of the fights, chess pieces and Issei leveling up are appealing also.

  12. Show Spoiler ▼

    I don’t like how they change the way how he practice dress breaker from the novel, is a lot more funnier the way he did it in the novel. I was dying of laughter when he explain how he practice it and everyone look at him like -_-…………………idiot, pervert.


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